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Comments by Jack_Carter

The Shelley Arms, Oxford

Some joy riders ran a stolen car into the Aunt Sally once. Speaks volumes.

19 Nov 2006 23:57

The Denton, Newcastle

A good large bar with a wide variety of beers. The decor is nice but not overdone. It attracts a *lot* of fit women.

27 Oct 2006 16:00

Yates's, Epsom

I walked past this bar the other day and saw four pikeys standing outside it admiring a pit bull terrier one of them owned. Speaks volumes.

27 Oct 2006 15:47

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

That eastern European barmaid upstairs is stunning! Great pub too, if a little smoky.

27 Oct 2006 15:40

The Counting House, Bank

Nice pub, but I don't understand why people crowd the passageway to the toilets when there is plenty of standing room in the massive bar!

27 Oct 2006 15:38

The George, Liverpool Street

Very smoky and very busy on a Friday night.

22 Oct 2006 14:33

Elements, Epsom

This is not a pub, it's a youth club...

24 Jul 2006 21:03

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Now known as the Duke, it's not as good as it used to be, but it's still a good place to go.

15 Jan 2006 16:54

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

Grimville, Arizona.

15 Jan 2006 16:51

The Old Bank, Epsom

This place has been renovated and reopened. It's more of a wine bar now and looks much better than before.

15 Jan 2006 16:49

The Faraday, Epsom

Been going here for a few Fridays now and it has improved a hell of a lot.

15 Jan 2006 16:48

The White Swan, Ockbrook

Brilliant drinkerie.

18 Dec 2005 14:24

The City Vaults, Newcastle

Bigg Market standard drinker = very busy with plenty of gash...

18 Dec 2005 14:20

The Fox and Hounds, Newcastle

Refurbished relatively recently. A good place to watch the footy over a pint.

18 Dec 2005 14:19

The Benwell Hotel, Newcastle

Face punching fun...

18 Dec 2005 14:17

The Denton, Newcastle

A canny drinker.

18 Dec 2005 14:16

The Barley Mow, Epsom

Went there today for lunch with work colleagues. Eight of us had food and no complaints. They've sorted the food out.

20 May 2005 18:22

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

It's been redecorated inside now. Looks good.

The barmaid wearing very little was easy on the eyes too :-)

15 May 2005 19:21

Bar 38, Canary Wharf

Is this the place where the blokes piss into a large, circular dish with six frosted glass panes separating everyone from piss-splash and cock-watching? Quite an unnerving experience to be honest. Very busy bar though and takes a while to get served.

29 Mar 2005 13:57

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

A lively city bar with an excellent view over a quay. Gets quite busy.

29 Mar 2005 13:54

The Cricketers, Epsom

Excellent food and beer. Very picturesque with charming interior and pleasant outside seating in view of the large pond. A great place for sitting in the sun with a pint and watching the ducks.

29 Mar 2005 13:21

The Symonds Well, Epsom

I've always liked this pub, as it's well-presented and has decent beer. It's been a while since I've been in there so I can't vouch for bar staff behaviour, but the times I have been in it has been fine.

29 Mar 2005 13:17

The Kings Arms, Epsom

An excellent, friendly pub. Beer is good and there's a nice selection of decent food. There's an excellent Sunday pub quiz and a monthly music quiz. Also, there's a well-presented beer garden.

29 Mar 2005 13:14

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

A great central Epsom bar. Used to have a fairly traditional decor, but now has a stimulating, colourful interior. Friendly bar staff and a nice atmosphere. Lots of space out front if you want to watch the world go by on sunny days. Shame it wasn't called the Marquis of Lorne for many hours of peurile humour.

29 Mar 2005 13:12

The Blenheim, Epsom

I used to live around the corner from this place but I never considered this as my local. It frightened the shit out of me. Perhaps the locals going in there with their pitbulls put me off.

29 Mar 2005 13:08

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Cheap beer, but gets the knock-on effects as a result: a few lairy geezers and chavsters get in here, but the atmosphere is fine (no doubt the burly, surly bouncers help). Food is adequate but nothing to write home about.

29 Mar 2005 13:05

The Rising Sun, Epsom

A great pub with a superb selection of drinks and top quality food. Only downside is the Sunday lunch: it's so good you have to *book* to get a table! Charming staff and a few harmless CAMRA beardies reside here, but also attracts a cosmopolitan range of clientele. Highly recommended.

29 Mar 2005 13:00

The Faraday, Epsom

This place is excellent: it attracts all the filthy chavsters away from the pubs I like to drink in!

29 Mar 2005 12:58

The Barley Mow, Epsom

One of the best pubs in Epsom. A good selection of beer and a pleasant environment, with an excellent, well-presented beer garden. I had a nice meal there. The Monday pub quiz is great.

29 Mar 2005 12:56

Yates's, Epsom

I'd rather spend a night in the company of piss-ridden, pissed-up tramps downing methylated spirits than drink in this chav palace.

29 Mar 2005 12:52

The Albion, Epsom

This used to be a great bar before they added the big screens and the shocking carpets, but it is still good. It's more of a footy bar now, although I wouldn't describe it as intimidating. Last time I was in there an old fella collapsed on the floor in a drunken heap. Not known as a pikey haunt.

29 Mar 2005 12:43

The Old Bank, Epsom

When this place was open, all it needed were swinging saloon bar doors and a piano player at the back that would stop playing as you enter, as the assembled throng stares in a threatening manner at you. A truly unpleasant bar. Hopefully they can sort it out and not make it a chav-magnet.

29 Mar 2005 12:35

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