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Flan O'Briens, Bath

I am either getting paid to much or was too stupid to notice the prices but with live football all day a good sized pub and quick, good service i'm not complaining.

21 Aug 2007 11:36

The Hop Pole, Bath

I take most of it back. Went in on a Friday night and really enjoyed the place. One minor gripe may be that the selection of beers was a bit poor, only SPA and Butcombe Gold which are too similar. In retrospect I may have been a bit quick to judge, mea culpa.

21 Aug 2007 11:08

The Royal Oak, Bath

I'm wondering if mr Anon has actually visited the Oak! Warm and friendly staff!!! it's their slightly rude ( in a nice way ) sarcasm etc that keeps the place unique. As for average beers, 10 handpumps, beers sourced from far and wide, ok you may get the odd wrong 'un but it is down to taste. on one point we agree it does need a clean.

5 Jun 2007 15:47

The Old Green Tree, Bath

I never thought I'd have to say this but the Green Tree is now officially rubbish. The atmosphere is grim, the majority of the staff don't seem to be enjoying themselves and the beer is really inconsistant. A sad day for humanity. Never mind!!

23 May 2007 09:31

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

after a 6 month hiatus I decided to dip my toe in the Couer's water again and was mildly surprised.....It's worse than ever. Poor beer, mediocre service and the punters just give off a " what are you doing in our pub " vibe. Go to the Volly I implore you!!! It gets a 1 because I found a fiver on the stairs.

17 May 2007 08:39

The Bath Brew House, Bath

Recently called the metroplitan but it retains the soul of the midland my advice is to call a priest and do the Bell, Book and Candle routine.

25 Apr 2007 08:11

The Dark Horse, Bath

Due to close thanks to the need for more offices or flats or whatever which is a pity, a proper pub surrounded by Gastro pubs. So farewell to yet another proper boozer and farewell to one of the most foul mouthed landlord I've ever met. ( which is a complement )

25 Apr 2007 08:06

The Charmbury Arms, Twerton

Under new management so decided to take a chance and guess's still rubbish. With so many decent pubs around ( The Royal Oak, The Fleece and The White Horse are all within walking distance ) why bother.

25 Apr 2007 08:02

The Royal Oak, Bath

Bath CAMRA just voted " The Oak " Pub of the year, 'nuff said. Still the best pub in town for the real ale lover.

25 Apr 2007 07:58

The Hop Pole, Bath

Just another Bath Ales pub. The menu is slightly overpriced considering the portions you get. the beer is the usual Bath Ales selection ( whoopee ). Nice beer garden but the place lacks atmosphere. and whats thw point of having a telly when its too small to watch the sport on!!

6 Apr 2007 09:12

The White Horse, Twerton

Getting better and better, Beer garden and Boules Piste out the back. Constantly changing beers.

6 Apr 2007 09:08

The Royal Oak, Bath

Fair point and well made Henners. Bath ales don't even brew in Bath and have a fairly decent pub over the bridge for those who desire their beers. I also agree that the comments posted were not needed and hope you will not be put off Bath in the future. Just don't bring any Lager drinkers ( joke ).

6 Apr 2007 09:04

Cutty Sark, Dumbarton

Nice little pub, don't expect to much and you'll be surprised. Nice to see a real ale in a town full of Tennants Lager.

28 Mar 2007 07:54

The Golden Fleece, Bath

Rob the Landlord should get a medal. Not only is he picking some good beers he even done a cellar run for my companions and I ( a thing that happens rarely ). Great staff too, friendly and knowledgeable. Steadily becoming a favourite.

26 Mar 2007 08:25

The Park Tavern, Bath

Great pub. lovely guinness and the landlords a decent sort too.

26 Mar 2007 08:20

The Garricks Head, Bath

Ig06111985 can't get out much there are two king william pubs in Bath one on the London road/Thomas St. and a rubbish one which I believe is in Landsdown which is the king william the IV. Bath city centre has a plethora of " proper pubs " and every now and again you need to eat something more than the reheated tripe that most places pass off as food. It may be expensive but that only reflects the cost of ingredients, labour etc. And not be crammed up next to some half-daft in a rugby top drinking fosters or some other attrocity. phew I must relax more.

25 Jan 2007 08:40

The Royal Oak, Bath

Whayhey the Annual Royal Oak Winter beer Festival 1 - 4th of Feb at least 40 beers to try ( oh the stress ) Live Music, Food and Rare Beers from all over the place. Also on the 25th of Jan Burns night with Haggis and hairy men in skirts.

23 Jan 2007 16:37

The Golden Fleece, Bath

been in a couple of times and was stunned to see spitfire on handpump very well kept and tasted just right. Friendly landlord and landlady nice atmosphere all in all not bad.

23 Jan 2007 16:30

The Hope, Carshalton

I was in there once and someone threw a chair out a window then drove his transit into the doorway. 'nuff said!

13 Dec 2006 08:37

The Crystal Palace Tavern, Bath

Tourist trap. 25 minute wait for coffee and pint ( it was the coffee that took longer seemingly ).Did'nt make me feel like returning.

13 Dec 2006 08:30

The Hobgoblin, Bath

Could do with a clean. And the pub too!! Boom Boom.
Average pub beer choice ok at best ( London Pride anyone !!! ).I give it a five as I had to get a piercing to fit in ( conformist that I am ).

13 Dec 2006 08:27

The Rising Sun, Bath

No reason for exsisting. Poor beer and the rude staff are the icing on the cake. Looks promising from the outside so just stay outside.

13 Dec 2006 08:16

The Raven, Bath

Pleased to say the Mulled Wine thing was a joke ( I'm such a gullible fool ) Hopback Red Ember was nice as was the Kenysham Pixash. Barman was a bit moody though but you can't have everything.

5 Dec 2006 18:40

Porter, Bath

It's so full of students i was led to think i had wandered into a lecture on loud braying and rizla poncing, lost two lighters in one session there. Veggie " food " is not recognised as sustaining you on a drinking session.

29 Nov 2006 10:00

The Old Crown Inn, Twerton

Don't know if it's still open. it never is when I pass. Chippys good though.

29 Nov 2006 09:56

The White Horse, Twerton

Recently taken over by new management and have done a good job cleaning it up 4 beers on handpump Sharps doom bar and eden, hobgoblin and ta da courage directors ( surprise ). well kept live music on a Saturday food due to start.

29 Nov 2006 09:51

The Garricks Head, Bath

Nice inside, great place to take your mum for a drink. Beer good nice selection of spirits and the 8.50 cauliflower cheese is a myth. classic british food using top ingredients is the deal here and the portions are big enough. Rib of beef for 2 and goose fat chips and pint of Uleys forget the bill, enjoy.

29 Nov 2006 09:44

The King of Wessex, Bath

They have built an airport departure lounge planted it in a cinema and filled it with the worst that package holidays and 18 - 30's have to offer without the safe knowledge that armed police will be along to sort it out in the end. Pub games include long distance vomiting and olympic standard stupidity. JWD pubs were all that were missing from the Plagues visited upon the Egyptians.

29 Nov 2006 09:39

The Bear, Bath

A short word about the Bear, NO ! at least it's got a bus stop outside. Even better idea, go to the CO-OP buy a can of warm John Smiths and drink in bus stop. For a better night out buy a ginsters pasty too.

29 Nov 2006 09:31

The Moorfields Inn, Bath

Has had more changes of managers than Chelsea which is problem as the quality of beer is inconsistant. not bad though could do with decorating but I am led to believe that the 60's look is very big. Courage and Bass on handpump and surprise surprise thatchers cheddar valley. Have these people never heard of Westons?

29 Nov 2006 09:27

The New Westhall Inn, Bath

One of those pubs which could be confused for a working mans / social club. Never looks open but is and the sunday lunch is 6 quid for 2 courses which screams out cheap but not good. Will try one day though I expect the worse.

29 Nov 2006 09:22

The Belvoir Castle, Bath

This is a waste of bricks. Getting served is a chore as the barmaid is always doing crosswords and gets tetchy if you break her concentration. Has those strange opening hours as well. Usual suspects to drink as well as thatchers " what are you looking at Cider ". Bit of a hillbilly boozer.

29 Nov 2006 09:17

The Livingstone, Bath

Madness. This is the pub from village of the damned. worryingly cosy though. got asked to leave once which was odd cos I had'nt hit anyone.

29 Nov 2006 09:13

The Salamander, Bath

Great city centre pub, none of the social stigma attached to the green tree. good food and the choice of beer is fine. Even some non Bath Ales on which is good for them. Manager is a friendly guy who keeps the beer well and cares about it.

29 Nov 2006 09:10

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Somethings changed, can't quite tell what it is as it the same manager, same staff and same beer. that aside still one of the great Bath pubs. highly recommended as a tourist stop off as they'll be as confused as hell by the place.

29 Nov 2006 09:07

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Good pub if you don't try speaking after 4 black rats. stairs to toilet and strong cider cocktail always interesting.....What could possibly go wrong.

29 Nov 2006 09:03

Jinty McGuinty's, Glasgow

Despite the fact that it's tucked down an alley it is the busiest pub in the west end which is no mean feat given the quality of some of the others ( curlers, tennents et al ) getting a drink is a task of herculean proportions but worth the wait.

23 Nov 2006 09:47

Tennents Bar, Glasgow

The blueprint of the great glasgow pub. thankfully unchanged given the areas disposition towards things studenty. A pub so reliable you can set your watch by it.

23 Nov 2006 09:43

The Burgh Bar, Dumbarton

The burgh was once the place to go in dumbarton but has gone the way of most places in town. Pick your time to visit carefully though and you may have a good time. friendly punters, good staff and not a bad pint of 80/. try once and keep fingers crossed.

23 Nov 2006 09:37

The Glencairn Lounge, Dumbarton

Same food since the eighties. Same clientle since it opened. Allegedly the " posh " bar in town. Their welcome to it. Belhavens not too bad though

21 Nov 2006 09:47

The Yard, Dumbarton

They have rebranded Hell and moved it into an old bank.

20 Nov 2006 09:51

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