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Comments by scoobybooze2

The Old Post Office, Shrewsbury

Stayed here for the weekend in a comfortable room at a very reasonable rate. Staff very friendly, ale on good form and food very good. Would stay here again!

11 May 2022 13:00

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Ended up in here on both nights of our weekend stay in Shrewsbury - brilliantly hard-working bar staff, beer on good form, legendary pork pies, standing room only until after about midnight, but the locals are very friendly and accommodating about hutching up to find older drinkers (self!) a comfy seat.

11 May 2022 12:52

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Pleasant enough pub with a good range of ales. Surprisingly empty for a Friday night, and the barman called Time at 10.30 - just like the bad old days.

11 May 2022 12:46

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Great place - my idea of a real pub. No frills, just great beer and a very warm welcome from the lady behind the bar and a big, friendly black Labrador who apparently comes in every Friday night. My favourite pub on our weekend mini-crawl round Shrewsbury.

11 May 2022 12:36

The Bull, Henley-on-Thames

This pub was listed as one of ten on the 2022 Henley Ale Trail but is closed at the moment so to qualify for our T-shirts we had to have two pints in the last pub on the crawl to make up for it How sad, what a pity, never mind!

7 Apr 2022 15:20

The Little Angel, Remenham

Quite a classy pub which we visited as part of the Henley Ale Trail. Beer was fine, and we got talking to a couple who were originally from Wakefield. They advised us to go to Marlow and check out Tom Kerridge's pub/eatery, which we did and were not disappointed.

4 Apr 2022 12:10

Three Horseshoes, Henley-on-Thames

Called in early Saturday evening as part of the Henley Ale Trail. Pub was packed - but service was cheerful, ale was fine and the landlord came over to chat when he saw us looking a the pictures of old Henley. Super pub!

4 Apr 2022 12:03

Saracen's Head, Henley-on-Thames

Last stop on the Henley Ale Trail. Lovely landlady who presented us with our T-shirts. Ale was good, and there's a photo of Ed Sheeran standing outside the pub!

4 Apr 2022 12:00

The Row Barge, Henley-On-Thames

Quite a basic pub, but non the worse for that. Decent pint and friendly service. A stop-off on the Henley Ale Trail.

4 Apr 2022 11:57

The Old Bell, Henley-on-Thames

Things have definitely looked up since the last review in 2012. We found the Old Bell to be crowded, popular and welcoming. Ale was no more expensive than other pubs on the Ale Trail.

4 Apr 2022 11:54

Three Tuns, Henley-on-Thames

Visited on Friday evening and we were introduced to the Henley Ale Trail by the enthusiastic young lady behind the bar. Good pub to start the marathon: including non-Brakspear's pubs we did eleven pubs by close of play on Saturday. Been there, got 4 T-shirts!

4 Apr 2022 11:49

The Argyll, Henley-On-Thames

Pleasant pub, quite lively and with a nice selection of ales. Not a place for a session, but fine for the odd couple.

4 Apr 2022 11:44

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Stayed here for the weekend and it was our base for the Henley Ale Trail, although of course it's not on the trail as it's obviously not Brakspear's. Drinking here was the usual Spoon's experience and the rooms were perfectly acceptable if a little plain.

4 Apr 2022 11:41

The Angel On The Bridge, Henley-On-Thames

After reading previous comments, we were a little unsure what to expect from this pub, but were pleasantly surprised. The staff were friendly and polite and although the drinks are pricey, it's only what you would expect in a place like Henley. Would definitely visit again.

4 Apr 2022 11:36

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Visited at lunchtime on a Saturday and received a pleasant and friendly welcome. This was our third pub on the 2022 Henley Ale Trail and we were not disappointed. The sort of pub you would cheerfully have as a local.

4 Apr 2022 11:32

The Clocktower, Torquay

Have been in here a couple of times recently and have been very pleasantly surprised by the prices - less than£7 for a double Havana Club and coke and a pint of Doombar. For the same round, with inferior rum, I was charged £13 - check - £13, in The Sloop in St. Ives a few days earlier. Worth a visit if you like down-to-Earth basic boozers.

10 Mar 2022 15:30

The Proverbial, Harborne

Has been closed for a complete refurb, involving stripping out the entire interior. Will be interesting to see what the next incarnation of this venue will be.

7 Feb 2022 16:05

The New Inn, Harborne

Has undergone an extensive refit/refurb recently and is now run by an enterprising young couple who are keen to put the New Inn firmly on the Harborne map. They are doing an excellent job, both in the food and ale departments, with regular live music dates. They really deserve every success.

7 Feb 2022 16:01

The Navigation Inn, Kings Norton

Has now been taken over by Sir Tim Wetherspoon! Reportedly spent 2.5 million quid renovating it. Now looks fantastic, much enlarged, but sadly the clientele is still much as described in previous posts - totally chav central! Went there last night to check it out, and will not be returning in a hurry.

30 Jan 2022 13:25

The Rum and Crab Shack, St Ives

Sadly, no longer serving real ale and trading mostly on its now ubiquitous nation-wide fame as the home of "Dead Man's Fingers" spiced rum. Still has a good atmosphere however and an interesting food menu.

21 Oct 2021 17:04

The Hobsons Choice, Woodgate Valley

Has been closed during the pandemic and is looking almost derelict - probably unlikely to open again, I would say.

8 Jul 2021 16:21

The Balcony Bar, St Ives

Called in a few weeks ago while in St.Ives. They'd had a serious fire in the kitchens the day before but everything seemed to be organised and coping well with the COVID regulations. UNFORTUNATELY there is no longer any real ale at this venue and the food was a little disappointing - maybe it was just an off-day as it's usually ok.

30 Oct 2020 10:08

The Cobham Arms, Halesowen

Had a meal and a couple of pints here this week. Hadn't been here for about 30 years when it was on the local darts circuit.Pub is now very smart, pleasant, and quite well-frequented for a Monday night. The food was average, the beer was fine. The barmaid was very friendly and cheerful. Would use the pub again.

18 Dec 2019 11:24

The Black Horse, Halesowen

This pub is now unfortunately closed.

18 Dec 2019 11:20

The Junction, Harborne

Refurbed yet again! Still incredubly popular. Food is excellent, and it is advisable to book if you want to eat, especially at weekends. Ale choice good, if on the expensive side. Has a large selection of gins, in keeping with the current fad for Mother's Ruin.

6 Sep 2019 16:49

The Stonehouse, Quinton

Demolished some years ago - now a housing development.

6 Sep 2019 16:34

The Sportsman Inn, Harborne

Getting even better - recently had a Beer and Blues weekend with live music and great selection of unusual ales. Popped in to have a quick one with a mate but was so impressed that we stayed about three hours. Keep on doing what you're doing!!

6 Sep 2019 16:31

The Canal House, Birmingham

Used to be The James Brindley, which was a not-too-bad venue. Now a plastic olde worlde place more geared towarsds food and trendy gins. Only one real ale - can't remember what it was as it was nothing special. OK for a quick look-in I suppose, but not one to stay in for too long.

30 May 2019 13:27

Beer and Bird, St Ives

Was packed when we went (it was the Easter weekend) including lolts of family groups with kids, but you have to expect that at holiday times I suppose. The food was what you would expect as well, but not bad. Beer and spirit selection very impressive, and the later part of the evening when the place cleared a bit was helped along by a friendly and very knowledgeable barman. Will be going bac k in the future.

25 Apr 2019 11:40

The Pilchard Press, St Ives

Always drop in here during our visits to St.Ives and it never disappoints.Last week we popped in for a quick one and ended up staying until closing time, as a group of local singers were giving it their all in a fair impression of the Fishermen's Friends.Great atmosphere and great beer. Full marks!

25 Apr 2019 11:34

The Golden Lion, St Ives

The back room has had a major makeover with an impressive new bar-back and re-arranged seating. Beer always reliably good, and the food is excellent, both in terms of quality and value. Deservedly popular - advise booking a table for eating at weekends.

8 Apr 2019 10:52

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

Now no longer serving cask ale. No reason to go there at all.

26 Mar 2019 11:02

All Bar One, Brindley Place

Looked in here for about 10 seconds - all the handpulls have gone. No point going there at all now.

26 Mar 2019 10:58

Pitcher and Piano, Birmingham

Popped in yesterday for the first time in about two years. No real ale anymore. Walked straight out again.

26 Mar 2019 10:55

The Hand and Dagger, Salwick

Have been here a few times over the years and always found it to be ok. Nothing special, but decent food and ale.

15 Mar 2019 11:34

The Green Man, Harborne

Has had another refurb, with the seating configuration being the main alteration. Continues to serve a variety of ales in good condition and food at reasonable (for Harborne) prices. Usually busy early evenings at weekends, but quietens down after about 9.30pm.

7 Mar 2019 13:18

The White Horse, Harborne

I have been a regular in this pub for over 30 years, and for the last 20 have enjoyed the company of Socks,the pub cat. So it is with sadness that I have to report that last week she passed away. She was a ripe old age for a cat, but was still fairly agile and loved company. She will be sadly missed by all the crowd in the Horse.

25 Feb 2019 13:41

Sadler's Brewhouse and Bar, Lye

I recently went to a "Brewing Day" here and was well impressed. Last Friday however a group of us went there for an advertised "Peaky Blinders" evening.We paid £25 a head to have a table in the VIP room. What a disappointment. Everyone there was in period costume, fine, but there was absolutely nothing else remotely connected to the Peaky's era. The band churned out covers of middle-of-the-road pop, the only food was a pulled - pork burger at a fiver a throw and a veggie option, we got ONE free small glass of Prosecco because we were in the VIP room. We thought the whole deal was a bit of a rip-off, to be honest. Sadler's have latched on commercially to the whole Peaky Blinder bandwagon - they could have made a bit more effort!

25 Feb 2019 13:34

The Kings Arms, Harborne

A block of expensive apartments is now occupying the site.

3 Feb 2019 19:09

Cherry Reds, Birmingham

Popped in here quite late in the evening and found it to be a very pleasant venue. Food was good and reasonably priced, although one of our party had to send it back as it was stone-cold. She was offered a free drink as well as a fresh meal. Three real ales on from unusual breweries. Nice place - would visit again.

1 Feb 2019 10:12

Brewdog Birmingham, Birmingham

Went here for the first time for one of their tutored beer-tastings. Absolutely stunned by the prices.Having said that, for £20 a couple we got 5 third of a pint tasters along with different cheeses to go with them.The session lasted 90 mins and the lad doing the explaining was knowledgeable. An enjoyable evening, just a great shame that all the beer tasted the same as it's all keg. Brewdog do two real ales in cask - surely they could put them on in this city-centre venue?

1 Feb 2019 10:07

The Kings Highway, Oldbury

An ASDA is now on the site.

1 Feb 2019 09:59

The Redhill Tavern, Hay Mills

No longer a pub - seems to have been converted into a pair of private houses.

24 Jan 2019 16:05

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Came to Great Yarmouth for the day last Saturday after a long absence. Popped in this 'Spoons and was amazed by the size. Is it the biggest one in Britain? Unfortunately I was driving that day so had to content myself with coffee, but was very impressed by the place. Will be back in summer and not driving next time!

14 Jan 2019 10:29

The Sumners, Fulwood

Has been demolished!!

8 Nov 2018 11:32

Old Plough Inn, Shortlanesend

Went here with some friends who have recently moved to the village. Good solid pub grub, pleasant ambiance,friendly staff, a dartboard, community library...and ale in good condition.What's not to like???

19 Oct 2018 16:33

Hill Tavern, Clent

Agree with other reviewers - looks semi-derelict and was closed at 6.00pm on a weekday evening when we called. I think I did once get a pint there about 20 years ago - from what I remember the interior was dismal and cheerless. A pity it's such a mess, as it's in the ideal location as you come into Clent after a walk over the hills

21 Sep 2018 12:34

The Flying Horse, Arnold

The whole place, pub and snooker hall, has now been redeveloped as a bar/diner called "Sprinters". Two or three real ales available, food reasonably priced and comes in MASSIVE portions. An eating rather than a drinking place, and very popular with families, especially Sunday lunchtimes.

30 Aug 2018 12:30

The Abdication, Nottingham

Popped in for a quick couple the other evening to find that the pub was celebrating its 4th. birthday! Free grub and great beer and cider - a gem of a place!

30 Aug 2018 12:22

The Old Spot, Daybrook

Is now part of the Greene King empire, has had a complete refurb and is now called "The Cooper's Brook".Food still fine, and ale in good condition.Service very good.

30 Aug 2018 12:20

The Punchbowl, South Quinton

Demolished a couple of years ago.Now a block of retirement apartments.

25 Jun 2018 09:30

The Sportsman Inn, Harborne

Has had a complete revamp and is now called "The Hop Garden". Decor is sort of shabby chic and puts you in mind of a sort of surfers/beach bar. The commitment to real ale is hugely impressive with a frequently-changing range of offerings from a whole load of interesting and lesser-known breweries. Well worth a visit!

19 Jun 2018 11:57

Butchers Social, Harborne

Further to previous posts, I've been in here once since it reinvented itself. Sadly, no real ale and prices exorbitant! Food however reportedly excellent!

19 Jun 2018 11:46

Hillyfields, Harborne

Recently re-opened as the "Copper Fox". Nicely refurbed and does a nice line in Indian food. The Tandoori mixed grill is enormous and delicious. Two real ales on on our visit, Wye Valley HPA and Doombar - both in good condition. I was wearing a CAMRA Kernow T-shirt, and the manager/owner asked my advice on future guest beers. I was happy to oblige with some rather selfish suggestions!

5 Apr 2018 13:16

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