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Comments by ridleyman

The Frog and Orange, Shatterling


Closed and up for auction. Future uncertain

23 Jan 2021 13:26

The Junction Tavern, Polegate

Up for auction with planning to convert all of it apart from the bar area into an bedsits for deadbeats.

Not sure if it will survive as a 'pub'.

5 Sep 2020 10:56

The Bell Inn, Ilminster


Closed and up for auction. Future uncertain.

30 May 2020 14:28

The Hop Poles, Alton


Up for auction : Future uncertain

29 Feb 2020 10:35

The Merry Boys Inn, East Peckham


Up for auction : future uncertain

29 Feb 2020 10:33

The Engine Inn, Penzance


Up for sale

12 Feb 2020 06:57

Turners Inn and Restaurant, Woodnesborough

Still closed and up for auction again, this time with planning permission to convert into flats.....seems unlikely to be a pub again.

17 Jan 2020 21:36

The George Hotel, Codford


Pub closed and up for auction with planning permission granted to replace the beer garden with two dwellings with 'potential' to convert the pub and out buildings into further housing.

Seems unlikely to re-open as a pub.

5 Oct 2019 10:43

The Station Hotel, Ipswich

Pretty standard pub near a railway a bit scruffy with people coming and going and a bit soul less.

Seems to be doing its best and had a decent rang of beers on tap...the Greene King IPA was fine.

24 Sep 2019 12:07

The Swan Inn, Ipswich

Visited on a quiet Sunday night..there were about half a dozen blokes in there who were all completely pissed. The foreign barman couldn't understand my order of an 'Adnams' and got a cider instead.....gave up

The place seems clean and bright and probably on a different day it would have been fine.

24 Sep 2019 12:03

Mannings, Ipswich

visited on a Sunday night and barely a soul in there. Two TV screens showing the same football match.

Nothing wrong with the place and seems OK....three beers on tap at time of visit Doom, and two Hobgoblins....I had the amber which was in good condition.

24 Sep 2019 12:00

The Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich

Still closed and up for sale.

Beginning to fall apart and looks really neglected bordering on derelict. The Starbucks that was in one small corner of the building has now closed down as well.

24 Sep 2019 11:55

George & Dragon, Pensford


Closed and up for auction.

Future uncertain

17 Aug 2019 10:36

The Bulls Head, Croydon


Closed and up for auction. Future uncertain

17 Aug 2019 10:27

The Swan, Maidstone


Would appear that Shepherd Neame have sold the pub off and is now closed and up for auction.

Future uncertain.

17 Aug 2019 10:12

Hare and Hounds, Blean


Traded for some time as the re named 'Blean Tavern' now closed.

Up for auction and future uncertain.

17 Aug 2019 10:06

The Pirate Inn, Alverton

Seems to have changed hands again and the new managers/owners seem a little obsessed with signs..... which mainly seem to say 'no dogs' or 'no children' and with a big sign saying 'rules' for the beer garden......

Beer in good condition but hardly a family friendly atmosphere......begs the question if you don't like dogs / kids / people sitting in your beer garden why run a pub??

22 Jul 2019 18:37

The Brickmakers Arms, Ridgewood


Currently closed and up for auction : future uncertain.

29 Jun 2019 08:57

The Crown and Sceptre, Acol


Ceased trading and now up for auction with planning permission to convert into flats.

Another pub disappears into history.

29 Jun 2019 08:54

Union Inn, Tavistock

As mentioned unusual looking place and a bit unusual inside as it still has quite a lot of 1970's style wood cladding in the one bar and pool room.

Pleasant welcome with a decent pint of St Austell Tribute and Doom on tap. The clientele are an interesting collection ranging from an old man in a purple hat staring into his beer to blokes playing pool and middle aged 'geezers' with large beer bellies propping up the bar.

3 Jun 2019 21:10

The Tavistock Inn, Tavistock

Town centre pub with one bar. Number of tables scattered around ready for food service. An eclectic collection of memorabilia on the walls and shelves.

Pleasant welcome with one ale on tap.. a local brew from Holsworthy brewery.

Decent pub deserving support

3 Jun 2019 21:05

The Queens Head, Tavistock

Large Wetherspoons offering all the usual Spoons delights.....including a hotel.

3 Jun 2019 21:03

The Halfway House Inn, Tavistock


No longer licensed premises and trading as a cafe.

3 Jun 2019 21:01

The Mexico Inn, Penzance

A gem......good food, good beer, real fire in the winter whats not to like....

1 Jun 2019 17:29

Kings Arms, Marazion

Same beer, same layout.....same over charging

1 Jun 2019 17:27

Coach and Horses Inn, Kenneggy Downs

Pub seems to be going well offers food and a warm welcome. Two beers on tap at time of visit both in good nick.
One of the few pubs that seems to have come back from closure which has to be down to a committed new owner.....hope that t works out for them.

1 Jun 2019 17:24

Falmouth Packet Inn, Penzance

Now open.....and seems to be doing well....altjough not had time to go in personally

1 Jun 2019 17:20

The White Hart Hotel, Sturminster Newton

Sold off by Hall and Woodhouse and has been closed for over 18 months.

Up for auction. Future uncertain.

19 May 2019 09:18

Turners Inn and Restaurant, Woodnesborough


Currently closed, boarded up and going to auction. Future uncertain

19 May 2019 09:09

The Dog and Gun, Maidstone

It would appear that Shepherd and Neame have sold this pub off.

Currently closed and up for auction. Future uncertain.

19 May 2019 09:07

The Royal Oak, Strood

Closed and ceased trading.

Planning permission to convert pub into a house and for additional houses to be built on the beer garden/car park granted by local authority and now up for auction as a building plot.

Times up for this pub.

8 Apr 2019 10:23

The Horns Lodge, South Chailey


Ceased trading and sold at auction. Future uncertain.

23 Mar 2019 07:45

The Queens Arms, Pitminster

Closed (although appears to have been trading recently) and now up for auction.

Future uncertain.

22 Feb 2019 19:11

Ye Olde Poppe Inn, Tatworth


Ceased trading and is up for auction : future uncertain.

12 Jan 2019 09:10

The First and Last, Penzance

Closed... not too sure what is happening....but lets not hope that its permanent.

29 Dec 2018 18:31

The Rising Sun, St Leonards on Sea


Its still called 'Paddy McGinty's' but up for auction therefore future uncertain

17 Nov 2018 16:53

Telegraph Inn, Deal


Closed and up for auction : future uncertain.

17 Nov 2018 16:47

The Old Stag, Liskeard

Yes, deffo closed and now a private house.

Like so many others I would have fancied a pint whilst waiting for my connecting train but I suspect that it just couldn't survive on the occasional punter coming in for a swift one before they get it, plus I guess that the locals in this part of liskeard never bothered to use it either ...... so hence the closure.

3 Nov 2018 12:29

The Globe, East Looe

A large pub, (for Looe anyway) virtually opposite the railway station with plenty of seating outside for a sunny day.
One large room inside which was packed at time of visit (off season) with mostly locals who were all very friendly.
An excellent pint of Timothy Taylor 'Landlord' on tap at time of visit. One of the better options for Looe.

3 Nov 2018 12:24

The Swan, East Looe

Walked past the pub and didn't go in as it looked like a big barn of a place with little of interest in it. I imagine that at one time it could have been an oldy worldy sort of venue......but at some point anything of character has been ripped out.

As others have mentioned seemed more like a cafe than a pub.

3 Nov 2018 12:19

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

A very old and clearly popular pub, with one large bar area set with an open fire on the go at time of visit (off season). Seems very popular for food as most people seemed to be eating.
Guinness or Doom were the only options at time of visit....Guinness for me which was pleasant.
One of the most interesting things noted in this pub must be the floor which has to be a good foot higher near the street entrance door than towards the rear where the toilets are.....very old ...and odd...for sure!

3 Nov 2018 12:11

The Bullers Arms, East Looe

A largish pub with one bar as you enter off the street.

Long narrow bar for service with a few more tables set around a larger area of the room near the door.
Seems very much a locals pub at time of visit (off season) who had packed the place out and were all quite friendly. Only 2 beers on tap at time of visit St Austell Tribute..which was OK and the ever present but pretty grim (in my opinion at least) Sharps 'Doom'
Nothing really that special and seemed a bit tatty around the edges.

3 Nov 2018 12:06

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

What a great little pub.

Small bar area as you enter off the street with an open fire on the go giving the place a whiff of woodsmoke. Quite a few locals at the bar who were all very friendly. Hobgoblin 'Gold' on tap, which was in excellent condition at time of visit (off season).
To go to the gents you pass through the pool room then up and down some steps to get to it.....a traditional 'urinal'..... very few of these left!

All in all the best pub that we found on a Looe crawl. Do go in if passing

3 Nov 2018 12:00

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

Visited on a Friday evening out of season, well walked past it to look at the sea.
A huge barn of a place with little of note about it or having any architectural merit. Perhaps it was a cinema or small theatre in a former life, it now looks and I suspect feels rather like a holiday camp entertainment venue. Looking through the window lots of sky sport and mostly lager on tap. Have a go if you must but I think that there are better options for a pint in Looe.

3 Nov 2018 11:54

Lamb and Flag, Canonstown


Closure now looks permanent as planning permission applied for to turn the pub into a couple of flats and to build 15 houses on the beer garden/car park.

As seems to be the case, rural pubs in particular cannot survive, (its usually the business rates that kills them), and the value in the pub is in the land and buildings... in particular the ones (as in this case) with a large car park and build houses on.

16 Oct 2018 09:49

The Harris Arms, Lewdown is now permanently closed.

(now a domestic house)

31 Aug 2018 20:28

The White Horse Inn, Launceston

Just off the town centre at the bottom of the hill...St Thomas.....

Large car park but a bit dark and 'tired' inside. Pleasant enough landlord with the usual St Austell range of beers. Landlord mentioned that it was due a refurb soon....and it needs it

31 Aug 2018 20:26

Bakers Arms, Launceston


31 Aug 2018 20:20

The Archer Arms, Lewannick

Friendly local pub with one large bar area.

Couple of ales on tap at time of visit including Exeter Brewery excellent 'Avocet' and the more common Doombar. A bit out of the way but well worth popping in to if passing.

31 Aug 2018 20:16

Coach and Horses, Appledore

Walked past to day.....still closed....still with sign in window saying 'reopening spring 2018'

31 Aug 2018 19:58

The Heavitree Arms, Bideford

Looked pretty run down as I walked past (on a late Wednesday evening)....wasn't tempted inside as it looked a bit grim with chavs smoking fags by the only door . Maybe next time.....

31 Aug 2018 19:55

The Rose Salterne, Bideford

Usual 'Spoons sort of place...big. Apparently it was an old music hall or something similar once.
At time of visit late Wednesday evening only a few punters with a couple of well kept local (Devon) beers.

31 Aug 2018 19:51

Fishermans Arms, Golant

Popped in for a pint at lunchtime whilst on a walk. Location cannot be bettered with plenty of seating outside with a view of the river Fowey.

However my pint of Ringwood old thumper was on the turn and I was tempted by the 'hot bar snacks' I ordered them....but they turned out to be deep fried things similar to the ones advertised by 'Iceland' supermarket....however I suspect that the Iceland ones would taste better.

Disappointing really but maybe I was unlucky.

16 Aug 2018 11:35

The White Lion, Bristol

A small pub eight in the centre of the city with a mixed clientele and at time of visit was able to sit outside and watch the world go by. Good range of Wickwar beers in good condition. The only downside is the gents toilet which is accessed via metal spiral staircase into the cellar which could easily be tricky if you have had one Wickwar too many....but the real issue ids the state of the toilet.....ancient and very smelly....surely its not beyond the wit of the brewery to either renew the whole thing or get the manager to clean the bloody thing properly?

31 May 2018 12:15

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Typical 'spoons pub .... a huge open space with tables dotted around.

An interesting building clearly with a lot of history and for all 'Spoons faults it has at least bought and conserved this bit of Bristol history. Decent range of beers on offer at time of visit although ordering them at the bar can be tricky if you are short as the bar is very high!

31 May 2018 12:04

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

A Fullers pub serving their usual range and done up in their a large internal space decked out to resemble a London 'gin palace' of the late 19th century..... but has zero atmosphere. Beer was of course expensive but not as expensive as the Brewdog pub across the road.
Alright but certainly nothing special.

31 May 2018 11:57

Revolution, Bristol

Big place with a young crowd with a focus very much on youth with an extensive cocktail list and loud music. Went in on a bank holiday weekend and the place was heaving, no ale but the lager was cold and the crowd were happy but clearly all smashed out of their brains....great place to pop in for a quick beer and see a different type of pub.

31 May 2018 11:52

Crown, Bristol

A welcoming pub in the centre of one of the oldest parts of Bristol. Much bigger than it looks from the outside and has some interesting photographs of old Bristol on the walls. Good beer selection served with a smile and was warm enough at time of visit to sit outside. A mixture of clientele both young an old but didn't seem particularly busy.
Worth popping in if passing

31 May 2018 11:48

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Found this pub by chance on a sunny afternoon and wasn't disappointed.
A warm welcome with a good selection of beer (forgot what I had but it was in great condition) in a welcoming two bar room with a lot of interesting photographs on the wall. Drank outside in the tiered beer garden which was a sun trap along with a quite a few others, (a mixed crowd of young an old), who had the same opinion.
A fine place to while away a couple of hours.

31 May 2018 11:41

The Bank, Bristol

A great find in the centre of the old part of Bristol city.
Happened across it and glad that I went in as there was a warm welcome and a good selection of beer, I forget what I had but it was in good condition. Visited on a Tuesday evening when the place was packed for a 'quiz night' with a mixed friendly crowd of young and old.
Well worth seeking out

31 May 2018 11:33

The Ringlestone Inn, Ringlestone


Up for auction, future uncertain.

20 May 2018 20:17

Lamb and Flag, Canonstown

Had a refurbishment and freshly painted.....however tenant only lasted about 2 months and now closed.

2 Mar 2018 13:32

The Star Inn, Penzance

The newly refurbished pub was a great success with good beer, good music and reasonable food......and then the manager left and someone else took over.
The last time I went in there were three people behind the bar...two girls chatting to each other and a barman on his mobile phone all blissfully unaware of the customers waiting at the bar....I gave up and left as did quite a few others.

Oddly enough its now closed....what a surprise.

Just goes to show there is not really a 'bad' pub its just the muppets that, at times, get to run them.

2 Mar 2018 12:03

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

Has been up for sale for some time and finally sold in the past couple of weeks for considerably less than the original asking price. The main reason for this being that the building needs a huge amount of, new commercial kitchen, installing currently has none.... just for starters .

Presumably someone with very deep pockets has bought it, (its also grade2 listed), and hopefully will spend the money to bring it back to its former glory.

9 Feb 2018 14:10

Fountain Tavern, Penzance


Large sign outside saying 'to let'.....we shall see.

9 Feb 2018 14:03

Falmouth Packet Inn, Penzance

Now closed.

However has a sign outside 'opening at the end of February under new management'.

9 Feb 2018 14:02

Coldstreamer Inn, Penzance

After recent problems including closure and some folks who couldn't run a pub if their life depended on it...its now in the hands of experienced publicans and back to being a village pub.

Always 4 guest ales on plus all the usual lagers including at least 2 'local' ones, (Stogs and Doombar at time of visit).

9 Feb 2018 14:01

The Hart Inn, Hartland


Closed and up for auction, future uncertain.

14 Jan 2018 15:38

The Elmdon Dial, Saffron Walden


The pub ceased trading a couple of years ago and is now up for sale via auction.
Future uncertain.

14 Jan 2018 09:06

Trevor Arms, Glynde

Future uncertain.
After losing the Harvey''s tie and been taken over by someone who gutted the place along with its soul, it seems to have succumbed to the inevitable and closed. All signage removed, curtains drawn and clearly hasn''t been open for some time when passing a few days ago.
This was a near perfect village pub which served Glynde very well for many, many years, trying to turn it into a ''gastropub'' for trendies down from London, (or Lewes), was never a very good idea.
I can only hope that it will be taken over by someone with some sense who will try and turn the clock back a bit.....the alternative will be a house with additional housing in the large beer garden, (as was).

17 Aug 2017 18:25

Crows Nest Inn, Crows Nest

A St Austell brewery house.

Small village pub with one bar and seating scattered around inside. Seems to be quite popular with locals and had a beer festival on at time of visit and the entire local population seemed to be there. Usual St Austell beers with a fine pint of 'Proper Job'. Car park and seating outside.
Apparently used to be called the 'Sun' but the name was changed back in the eighties foe some unknown reason, interesting selection of photographs on the walls showing mining in the area.
A good little local pub, the only fault I could find was the gents, which needs a good sluice out as was pretty grim, (toilets are housed in a separate building to the front of the pub).

25 Jul 2017 11:56

The London Inn, Liskeard

A Free house.

A large room with bar divided off into nooks and crannies where seating is available for drinking or eating. Apparently re-opened about 18 months ago with experienced licensees who seem to have a good combination of skills to run a pub.
2 beers on tap at time of visit, Doombar and and 'Dawn Patrol' also by Sharps.
parking for a few cars at the front with small amount of seating outside.
Accommodation also available.
St Neot is a very attractive village and this pub is a bit of a gem in this area.

25 Jul 2017 11:48

Hawkins Meeting House, Plymouth


Closed in 2015 and planning permission granted to be converted into an artist/student workshop after having been bought by Plymouth College of Art.

Seems unlikely ever to be licensed premises again.

2 Jul 2017 19:41

Darlington Inn, Camelford


Has been closed for over two years now, future uncertain.

12 Jun 2017 16:53

Manor House Inn, Callington

A Free house.

Welcoming local pub with one bar split into two areas, one acting mainly as a public bar, the other catering mainly for food. 3 ales on tap at time of visit all in good condition served by friendly competent staff. Locals friendly as well!
Food better that the average pub grub, all freshly cooked.
Large car park with additional seating outside.

A bit off the beaten track but if passing, well worth popping into.

11 Jun 2017 22:29

The Butcher's Arms, St Ive

Currently closed and boarded up and has been so for well over a year.

Plans have been submitted to refurbish and then re-open the pub with additional commercial buildings on the pub site.

11 Jun 2017 22:19

Safe Harbour Inn, Fowey

A St Austell brewery house.

Two bars. A larger room with a pool table serving as one bar, another room on a slightly different level used mainly for dining being the other. A still larger room on the first floor with a good view of the river used as a dining room.

Tribute and Proper Job on tap at time of visit, both in good order served by friendly, pleasant staff. As previously mentioned, the pub is well away from the main street of Fowey with all its trendy shops, cafes and restaurants and it certainly has the feel of being more a 'locals' pub....and none the worse for that.
Interesting old photographs on the wall which show the place was once called the 'Commercial Hotel'. If you feel energetic enough to walk up the steep hill, its worth the effort.

4 Jun 2017 14:36

Kings Arms, Marazion

A St Austell brewery pub.

One bar pub with a few stools at the small bar and tables scattered in the rest of the room, number of tables outside giving view of the 'square'. Serves food. St Austell Tribute and HSD on tap.

Nothing particularly special and pretty expensive beer and other drinks.
As Marazion is rather like St Ives, the landlord presumably thinks that another punter will be along dreckly so they don't have to compete on price or service and is happy to charge the same as the bigger Godolphin across the road......but at least that one has a better view.

21 May 2017 21:26

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

Had a bit of a makeover.

Still a St Austell brewery pub but what was the bar is now a restaurant and the 'pub' is now called the 'Well bar' and is on the lower ground floor presumably where a well and the cellar once was. A small pool room leads off the 'Well bar'.

Having been called a tosser by another reviewer of this pub because I suggested that it isn't pleasant to sit in a pub trying to eat a meal with drunken locals swearing all the time, the brewery must have taken the same view and banished them to the 'Well bar' with a nice large screen telly with Sky footie on to keep them happy. The former pub still has the same layout with the bar exactly where it was, but the whole place has been redecorated and now has a very good team in the kitchen producing very good, reasonably priced food, (half the price of the Godolphin at the bottom of the hill) ......and with a great view.

The beer garden is still the best in town.

21 May 2017 21:15

Sheaf of Wheat, St Ives


Has been closed and partially boarded up for a couple of years now.
Application made to demolish the entire building and replace with 5 houses.
Future uncertain.

19 May 2017 22:22

The Barge, Gillingham

Up for auction again.....but this time with planning approval to convert into two houses..
Seems unlikely to be licensed premises again.

19 May 2017 21:55

Bideford Inn, Stratton

Closed several years ago and is now a domestic dwelling.
Unlikely to be licensed premises ever again.

5 May 2017 12:51

Bullers Arms Hotel, Bude

I had heard that this pub had been bought and closed by a developer who was then forced to maintain it as a pub. Its a great story and i hope that it continues to trade as a pub.
A free house with a good selection of local beers on tap. Friendly service with a fee harmless locals propping up the bar at lunchtime visit.
A very large pub with two main areas both with the bar extending into them, in other parts of the ground floor there is a separate room for dining and another larger room set out for training/conferences.
Interesting old photos on the walls and some stuffed animals on the walls ,(hunting was obviously big in this area years ago). All in all a pleasant pub to while away some time.

29 Apr 2017 20:18

Kings Arms, Stratton

A free house.
Split into three areas, a smallish bar area, (perhaps the original 'pub' area referred to in 2007 review), a much larger area with a bar set out mainly for dining and a separate room with a pool table.
Good range of local beers on tap well served with a friendly barman. Good pub food including home made steak and kidney pie.....which was excellent.
Well worth popping into if passing and perhaps as its now the only pub in town its a must.

29 Apr 2017 20:10

Tree Inn, Stratton

Ceased trading and closed in January 2017.
Future uncertain.

29 Apr 2017 20:04

Royal Mail, Romney Marsh

Up for auction : future uncertain

8 Apr 2017 11:37

Berties Bar, Newquay

Its an imitation Irish theme bar called Bertie O'Flannigans these days, and has been for some time. Guinness is fine served from one large bar.

Still has live music at the weekends with perhaps the most useless/appalling/just pity full faux 'Irish' bands playing there this past St Patricks day.

19 Mar 2017 22:06

The Red Lion, Newquay

Large pub with one central bar with seating scattered around.

One of the best pubs in town as well run and managed with a good selection of real ales and lagers. Often has live music, particularly at the weekends.

As good as it gets in Newquay.

19 Mar 2017 21:56

The Newquay Arms, Newquay

Re-opened and now called the 'Concho Lounge'. Why I don't know, as, as far as I can tell there is no connection between Spain and Newquay or why one would want to call your pub after the slang (in Spanish) for the dregs left in a glass or bottle.....oh well.

No real ale on draft but a good selection of lagers. All redocorated and with a good selection of seating, pleasant bar staff, about as good as it gets in this town.

19 Mar 2017 21:51

The Cribbar, Newquay

Now sold off by Wetherspoons to the Stonegate pub company, (slug & lettuce, Walkabout, Yates, etc).

Currently closed for refurbishment.

19 Mar 2017 21:38

The Dock Inn, Penzance

Free house.

A one bar pub with two seating areas with another larger room leading off the bar which caters for diners.

3 beers on tap at time of visit, Doom Bar, Blue Anchor Spingo 'middle' and Potion No9 from the Penzance Brewing Company , (Star inn at Crowlas brewpub). All in excellent condition and priced at a very competitive rate. Warm welcome from new'ish managers.
Well worth a visit, even if only to try some different local beers.

13 Mar 2017 21:20

The Mexico Inn, Penzance

An odd name for a pub in the middle of Cornwall, but you have to understand the strong connection between Cornwall and the mining industry, such as here, where a returning son of Cornwall had made a fortune in the silver mines of Mexico.

The pub was closed for a year or so and bought as a free house in 2015 by a local couple who have removed the pool table, the tatty furniture and carpets and turned it into a very well run pub with excellent food. Two ales on tap at time of visit including St Austell 'Proper Job' which was in very good condition. The pub has a bar area and two further rooms set out for food. The only slight downside is parking which is limited, but well worth a detour if passing.

12 Mar 2017 11:26

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

Well the question has been answered.

The local family who opened the pub with such fanfare.....and then shut it again 3 months later....have applied for planning permission to turn the upper floors into flats and the bar area 'retail units'.

Perhaps this was the intention all along, anyway, it seems unlikely ever to be a licensed premises again.

12 Mar 2017 11:18

The Cricketers, Woodford

A McMullen pub.

A traditional set up with one bar being 'public' and the other 'lounge', a refreshing change from so many pubs where the two have been knocked into one large bar area. Busy in both bars at the time of visit, (a Friday evening), with the beer 'AK' being in good condition. I used to drink in this pub when I lived nearby and in many ways its good to see that it hasn't changed that much....although the petanque area outside seems to have gone.

Perhaps I hit it on a good night as the last few comments seem to be negative, or perhaps that's down to a few regulars who don't like the management. However to me at least, its still worth a visit even if its only to revisit a 'two bar' pub.

27 Feb 2017 09:43

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

A typically large Wetherspoon pub just off the town centre.

Very busy at time of visit and would appear to be where everyone in St Austell goes for a drink and to eat, apart from a few in the White Hart.

As sometimes seems to be the case in small market towns, the Wetherspoon pub sucks everyone into its orbit to the detriment of other local pubs who are unable to compete on price, (see nearby Hop & Vine pub now closed and boarded up).

Wetherspoons provides a (mostly) good experience.....but at what cost to other more traditional pubs?

25 Feb 2017 09:27

Hop and Vine, St Austell

A St Austell house, (formerly).

Closed and boarded up.

Planning notice outside the pub stating that planning permission to turn it into several flats has been applied for.

Appears unlikely to ever be licensed premises again.

25 Feb 2017 09:20

White Hart Hotel, St Austell

A St Austell pub/hotel.

One large bar/dining area/hotel reception on the ground floor which is pretty souless having had a 'makeover' within the past 10 to 15 years or so when presumably anything original for such a late Victorian building would have been skipped.
Friendly enough service with all the usual St Austell brewery beers.

Seemed busy enough at time of visit with the only other place in St Austell with anyone actually in it being the nearby Wetherspoons.

25 Feb 2017 09:16

The Front Bar, Falmouth

A one bar free house housed in an old fish cellar.

Very, very popular and always packed and difficult to find a seat! The reason why is friendly staff serving a variety of real ales, all of which were 'local' at time of visit and all in very good condition. I am not sure just how many there were on tap but must have been at least 8 plus cider.

Great location as well...right on the quay. Falmouth has a variety of pubs like most towns, but if you like good beer served with a smile then this has to be one of the best in town.

26 Nov 2016 10:33

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

Currently closed for a very substantial refurbishment......the place has been gutted which includes the accommodation above the pub.

Scheduled to reopen in the 'spring' 2017.

26 Nov 2016 10:25

The Boathouse, Falmouth

This pub could be easily missed if you stick to the main area of the town, but it is certainly worth seeking out and is only just off the main street.

A one bar freehouse with a quirky selection of rooms and outside space where one can enjoy food a beer and cider kept to a very high degree. At time of visit had four ales on tap including a stout and lighter beers, all served with a smile by a pleasant barmaid who new her stuff. Very relaxed atmosphere with a mixture of locals and families.

Well worth seeking out.

26 Nov 2016 10:12

Coach and Horses Inn, Kenneggy Downs

Amazingly about to come back from the dead.

Lot of recent activity and big sign announcing that it will re-open shortly.

18 Nov 2016 13:59

George, Chartham


Currently boarded up and for auction.

Future uncertain.

8 Oct 2016 12:24

The Green Room, Redruth

Now reopened under new management.

18 Sep 2016 08:37

Tolcarne Inn, Penzance

Its now basically a restaurant and drinkers aren't particularly welcome.....has one small table left for drinkers and all the others are for dining only.

Not particularly welcoming unless you want to spend a fortune on food, by all means use the beer garden at the side on a sunny day but try another pub if the weather is miserable or you want to sit inside.

8 Sep 2016 21:10

The Toby Jug, Penzance

This place was never really a 'pub' in the true sense of the word as its shop unit.

It has been many things over the years including 'the Toby Jug' this didn't last long and it then turned into a restaurant, that closed after a short while and now after a period of being empty is an Indian restaurant.....which is very good.

8 Sep 2016 21:00

Four Winds Inn, Falmouth


Yet another St Austell brewery pub closed and sold off by the company who still claim to be the 'heart of the community'.

Planning permission applied to demolish the existing pub and build student accommodation.

24 Aug 2016 20:35

The Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham

Closed and up for auction. Future uncertain.

20 Aug 2016 10:06

Mount Ambrose Inn, Mount Ambrose

Currently closed.

perhaps awaiting a new tenant to be appointed by the brewery

19 Jul 2016 19:12

The Old Inn, Mullion

A St Austell house.

A very old pub with an intruiging internal layout as there are lots of nooks and crannies in which to sit and drink or to have a meal.

Had the complete range of St Austell beers on tap at time of visit except Mena Dhu their dark stout. Proper Job in good condition. Warm welcome and pub full of a mix of visitors and locals. somewhat more expensive than other nearby pubs, but assume this represents the fact that that there is a large summer increase in population and prices are set to match.

19 Jul 2016 19:08

The Queens Arms, Breage

A free house.

The pub closed for about a year and then reopened under a new owner about 8 months ago. The interior has been completely revamped and is very pleasant. The interior consists of one bar with a large area set out with tables to have drinks at or bar meals. There is a separate area set out for eating. Outside there is a beer garden with a children's play area.
Warm welcome from the barmaid and had four beers on tap at time of visit including a very good pint of Butcombe.

Well worth a detour.

19 Jul 2016 19:02

Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes

A large pub set in the middle of the town.

Yes, its expensive but looking at the numbers of people in the place they seem to be able to charge a significant amount extra for beer but know that people will obviously pay it.

Seating outside at the front of the building with at least two bar areas and several rooms given over to drinking and tables for eating inside, which includes a restaurant room. Also provides accommodation. A busy pub with welcoming staff.

11 Jul 2016 14:36

The Church House Inn, Rattery

A free house, set in a small village in the middle of glorious countryside.

What a gem. The pub is located in the small village of Rattery adjacent to the church, no surprise there, but inside there is a surprise as the very old building housing the bar area has a new(ish) restaurant extension which has been done very well.

Several nooks and crannies of the bar area with four Devon beers are on tap including, at time of visit, Dartmoor, Otter, O'Hanlons and another one I forget...the Otter was in excellent condition. Warm welcome from the barman and the pub is now owned by a young couple who have clearly invested in the business.
Beer garden and large parking area in front of the pub.

Worth a detour and a trip down the narrow lanes.

11 Jul 2016 14:30

The Sir Humphrey Davy, Penzance

St Austell brewery did indeed sell the pub.

The pub was bought from the brewery by a local family who wished to keep it as a pub, running it as a free house. New landlords were appointed and the pub re-opened with lots of publicity about beer, cider, pub events including live music and a new food menu.....hurrah.

However 3 months later the pub is closed once more with no indication as to whether it is closed for good or is a temporary

4 Jul 2016 11:14

Star Inn, Hayle

Despite showing as being Hayle, this pub is situated in St Erth, about a mile from Hayle. It is the only pub in the village and is owned by Punch Taverns.

Has had a couple of landlords in the past couple of years and was closed for a while before the latest landlord took over about 6 months ago.

A one bar pub with two rooms leading off, one with a pool table the other set out for dining. Has a reasonable range of beers including a very good pint of Skinners Betty Stogs. Warm welcome from bar staff......however not sure that playing heavy metal music will attract that many punters, the beer garden is a lovely spot but clearly hasn't seen a lawn mower for weeks and the gents toilets need a proper clean or issue gas marks at the door. This doesn't exactly entice you to eat there as you would be thinking what the kitchen was like. Plus they now have a parking meter on the car park so that you have to pay, (although the fee is refunded if you use the pub), or you will be clamped.
A warm welcome and keeping good beer is brilliant.....but only part of job of being a landlord.

This is a lovely old pub with a largish car park in a pleasant village, it should be buzzing and maybe a 'destination' pub for food. At present it feels 'rough' and not particularly well the plan to run it into the ground and sell it off?

4 Jul 2016 11:06

The Seaview Inn, Falmouth

Off the beaten track, but worth the effort.

A large one bar pub with a magnificent sea view has a few nooks and crannies leading of the bar area where one can sit down and chit chat. Reasonable range of beers on tap at time of visit including Skinners Betty Stogs which was in fine condition. Seemed to be full of locals who were all friendly as were the bar staff.

A pleasant enough place to while away an hour or two particularly if the weather is warm as there are a couple of tables to the front of the pub where you can sit and admire the view.

2 Jul 2016 18:03

The Masons Arms, Falmouth

A Free House.

Formerly St SAustell house but was sold off by them a couple of years ago.
One room pub refurbished in a modern style with anything of character skipped. On one wall which seemed to take up pretty much all of the wall was a TV with football on playing very loudly. It was spot the bloke without a tattoo on his forehead so turned around and went out.
Didn't see what beers they had on but I suspect that it wouldn't include any real ale.

2 Jul 2016 17:57

Wodehouse Arms, Falmouth

A St Austell house.

A largish pub with one counter serving the usual array of St Austell beers. Nothing very exciting, decor reasonable with chairs and tables scattered around.

2 Jul 2016 17:49

Finn M'Coul's, Falmouth

This used to be called the Kimberley Hotel, which is still visible set in the stonework outside. It was turned into an Irish themed pub back in the eighties when this was the fashion.

It has little to do with Ireland and is a one bar smallish corner pub which has regular live music.

No real ale, strictly lager sort of place, but the Guinness was good.

2 Jul 2016 17:44

Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

A Free House.

Easily missed as its off the high street, but worth the effort of seeking it out. Entry is via some stairs and the pub/bookshop is on the first floor. A large area with tables and chairs scattered around with one bar counter running partially along one side. The book section is separate although clearly visible from the bar area.

Always at least 5 real ales on tap many of which are from outside of the county, also always at least 3 real ciders available.......all of which are in excellent condition and served by cheery staff.

If there is one pub to visit in Falmouth this is it.....a real ale drinkers paradise.

2 Jul 2016 17:39

The United Services, Gillingham


Pub and adjacent land up for auction with planning permission to demolish the pub and replace it with a block of nine flats.

End of the line for this pub.

2 Jul 2016 17:17

The Crown Inn, Oxford

A 'Nicholsons' branded pub which is of course the trading name of Mitchell and Butlers.

A one room pub slightly off the high street with a largish courtyard outside. The pub is pleasant enough and is clearly contained in a very old building with some sort of pub/inn/tavern having been on this site for a very long time, however the interior, although it looks old' is not nearly as old as the walls themselves.

Pub grub offered and several beers on tap at time of visit including a very good pint of Hopback's 'Summer Lightning'.

A pleasant enough spot to while away some time.

16 Jun 2016 18:13

The Beehive Bar, Helston

Still trading as 'Rileys Irish Bar' but now up for auction with freehold tenure. It has to be said that its recent history has been a bit chequered.

Given that Wetherspoons has recently opened nearly opposite this pub and another pub in the town has recently ceased trading following the opening of Wetherspoons it will be a brave landlord who takes this place on and wants to keep trading as a pub.

28 May 2016 09:13

The Treleigh Arms, Redruth

A Free house.

One bar pub with largish room set out mainly for dining although drinkers are welcome at the tables and there are a few bar stools available by the bar. Another smaller room off to one side set out for dining. Small beer garden at the front.

Seems to be a very popular pub for food but more of the 'meat and two veg' variety than anything too exotic. This was going down a storm with the punters, who seemed to be nearly all pensioners or near to it. This is a successful combination as the welcome was warm, (it seems to be a family run affair), and the beer in good condition.
Two types of Skinners and Doom on draught at time of visit.
Nothing too exciting but a pleasant enough spot.

28 May 2016 09:00

Lamb Inn, Ripe

Closed again, and this time boarded up.

Is now up for sale by auction, as presumably Shepherd Neame have given up on the place.

Future uncertain.

28 May 2016 08:50

The Lion and Lamb, Ashton

A free house.

A deceptive pub as it seems a lot larger on the inside than from the outside. One large room with a bar running down one side with tables set aside for food on the other side.
St Austell 'Tribute' and Dartmoor 'Jail' on tap at time of visit both in good condition, served by a friendly barman.
Seems a pleasant enough place to while away some time. Car park at rear with a nearby beer garden which is mainly a grassy area, additional outside seating at the front of the pub.

16 May 2016 22:24

The Godolphin Arms, Godolphin Cross


Pub now closed and in the process of being converted into a private house. Additional planning consent granted to build two houses on what was the beer garden. Any trace of it ever having been a licensed premises removed. Very unlikely ever to be a pub again.

Looking at the planning application not one single objection was lodged with the planning authority, congratulations to the local residents who managed to give up this village pub without even a murmur of dissent.....

16 May 2016 22:18

Queens Head Inn, St Stephen

A St Austell house.

A well proportioned pub with one large room containing the bar with an area set aside for dining. Tribute, Proper Job, HSD and Trelawney on offer at time of visit all in good condition. Warm welcome from barman and locals.

Excellent ' pub grub' well presented and well cooked.

Car park at both front and rear, as mentioned in another post, interesting photo's of Cornish wrestlers on the walls and although the pub has had a makeover in the relatively recent past, it still retains a sense of character.

Worth a detour if anywhere near.

1 May 2016 22:20

The Rock Inn, Roche

Free House.

Largish pub with large car park attached.
Entry at the front of building leading to bar area on the left with a separate area to the right with a pool table, then another room further on with another bar area and seating. This room has a large TV with sport showing. In addition there is a another room dedicated to dining. Smaller area outside with seating, although a bit of a concrete wasteland.

Two beers on tap at time of visit, Doom and Tribute. Warm welcome from the barmaid with locals indifferent.

Pleasant enough but nothing really unusual or exciting.

1 May 2016 22:13

Watermill Inn, Lelant

A Free House.

A very old building which as its name suggests was a watermill, indeed the waterwheel still turns. There is one bar in one large room which is divided by an old stone wall which clearly was once the 'outside' wall. Upstairs there is an additional space for eating in a more restaurant type atmosphere.

Three beers on tap at time of visit, Betty Stogs, Doom and a guest beer from Driftwood Spars brewery.....all in good condition served by a welcoming barman. Friendly crowd of locals and visitors.

The pub is head and shoulders above its nearest rival the 'Badger' and has a welcoming old world charm. Has a car park which seems to fill up quickly and a beer garden.

Well worth a detour and is a short distance from the Penzance to St Ives bus route.

25 Apr 2016 20:30

Trewellard Arms Hotel, Penzance

A free house.

One large bar area with a smaller room used as a restaurant leading off it. Four ales on draft at time of visit including Betty Stogs, Doom, Tintagel and another that I forget....all in good condition. Visited on a warm sunny weekend when the place was buzzing with locals, all of whom friendly as was the barman. Food looked good but did not eat. Sign on the wall saying CAMRA rural pub of the year 2014.....which I would agree with even though its two years later.

Warmed by real fire, largish car park. Worth a detour if nearby.

21 Apr 2016 18:56

The Halsetown Inn, Halsetown

A Free house.

A pleasant looking pub on a sharp bend on the Penzance to St Ives road. Internally the space is split into four main areas with a smallish bar area warmed by an open fire. Two beers on draft at time of visit, Doom and Betty Stogs, both in good condition. Warm welcome from the licensee and, unusually for a pub near St Ives, the price of beer is reasonable.

The other three areas are given over to dining and the pub has a good local reputation for food.

Large car park. Worth a visit if passing.

21 Apr 2016 18:26

Badger Inn, Lelant

A St Austell House.

A large village pub with one large bar area which is divided up into three main areas one of which contains a pool table. Has a room set aside as a restaurant attached to the bar. Has a pleasant beer garden. Car park. The focus seems to be more on food than wet sales.

The interior is nothing special, has a small screen TV, (set to sport), above the bar.

Beers in good condition, no Proper Job at time of visit just Tribute and HSD. What is remarkable about the pub is the price of beer....£4 for a pint of Hicks....bit steep for a village pub.......but as Lelant is close to St Ives, price seems no object.

16 Apr 2016 15:47

Bucket Of Blood, Phillack

A St Austell house.

A very old building with a great deal of history, and has the very low ceilings to prove it!
One bar operation which sits in the middle of the ground floor with two seating areas either side, both of which can be used for having a drink or eating. Two open fires lit at time of visit with the usual array of St Austell beers on tap, The proper job was on fine form the 'house beer' the 'bucket of blood' is clearly St Austell's HSD re-badged.

Warm welcome from the barmaid with the clientele a mix of locals and visitors.

The only downside is that the kitchen, which is off the bar, doesn't seem to have any form of air extraction unit, the only ventilation being a small window. The net result of this is that the bar area fills up with the smell of deep fat frying, (you you can actually see the fumes in the air). I imagine that if you spent the entire evening in the pub you would come out smelling like a chip.

11 Apr 2016 22:06

The Bluffs, Hayle

It is what it is, a 'pub' on a campsite which caters mainly for family holidays opening only in the summer months and Easter.

Do not expect haut cuisine if you choose to eat there as it is obviously modelling itself on Whetherspoons and serves chips by the bucketload. No beer on tap at time of visit only fizz....lagers and cider.

However, it has one of the best views in this part of the world and is worth a visit just to look at the sea with St Ives in the distance.

11 Apr 2016 21:55

Angarrack Inn, Angarrack

A Free house.

It is some time since the last review and since then that ' family brewer supporting local communities'......St Austell Brewery...... has sold the pub, in its continued policy of selling off small village pubs......not too sure which community it is 'supporting'!

A one bar pub with the bar to one side and seating around an open fire. The other side seems to be laid to tables and serves as more of an eating area. At time of visit had two beers on tap, one of which, Skinners Betty Stoggs, was in good condition. A few locals at the bar who seemed friendly enough coupled with a friendly welcome from the barmaid.

Seemed to me to be a bit uncared for and in need of a bit of TLC, surprising really given that it is now a free house.

11 Apr 2016 21:49

Kings Arms, St Stephen

Another village pub sold off by its owners, St Austell brewery.

Now converted into a private house and unlikely to be licensed premises again.

9 Apr 2016 11:52

Russell Inn, Polruan

A St Austell pub.

Currently closed, awaiting a new Landlord to be appointed by the brewery.

9 Apr 2016 11:50

Lugger Inn, Polruan

A St Austell house.

Right on the quayside, the location of which couldn't be better. Divided into two areas, one a bar area and the other more of a restaurant, all very 'olde worlde' with low ceilings.
The food looked pretty good and seemed to be quite a few people eating.....but it was the Easter holiday, as virtually every house in the place is a holiday let. Not a particularly warm welcome as the kitchen seem to shut at 2.20 and not the 2.30 advertised.....why would you want to take money off punters......sometimes I despair of the work/business ethic in Cornwall.

Beers in good condition, but as is anything to do with Fowey, the price for the same product is more expensive than another St Austell pub elsewhere.

9 Apr 2016 11:48

The Royal Oak, Lostwithiel

A free house serving food.

Pub divided into two bars one more of a 'Lounge bar' area with tables set out for food.

A warm welcome on arrival with three beers on tap, Doom, a guest beer, and St Austell brewery's answer to Guinness 'Mena Dhu', a rich dark stout. The beers in very good condition. A pleasant enough pub.

9 Apr 2016 11:39

The Kings Arms Hotel, Lostwithiel

A St Austell tied house.

A one bar pub which seems to be very popular with locals. Has a seating area in the bar with an almost separate room with a pool table.

A warm welcome and although it didn't have the full range of St Austell beers, the
beers on offer were in good condition. Doesn't seem to serve food.

9 Apr 2016 11:33

The Globe Inn, Lostwithiel

A free house serving food.

A one bar pub which has low ceilings and a certain charm, bit of a tardis as is much larger on the inside than it looks from the road. has several nooks and crannies set out with tables and has a small restaurant room leading off from the bar area.

A warm welcome on arrival with three beers on tap at time of visit.....Doombar, Skinners Betty Stoggs and a beer from Tintagel brewery. All in good condition.

Didn't eat at the pub but the food looked good and a large number of people were eating both in the bar area and the restaurant area so seems to be a popular place.

Well worth a visit.

9 Apr 2016 11:28

Earl of Chatham, Lostwithiel

Small village pub tied to St Austell brewery.

Interior divided in to two, one larger area for eating and a smaller area which serves as the bar. Inviting seating area outside at the rear of the pub.

Pleasant enough, beer in good condition, nothing particularly special.

9 Apr 2016 11:20

The Carved Angel, Earls Colne


Now called 'Oxford House' and up for auction with planning permission to turn into flats with additional housing in what was the car park.

Unlikely ever to be a pub again.

9 Apr 2016 11:10

The Barge, Gillingham


Ceased trading and up for auction.

Future uncertain.

9 Apr 2016 10:55

Bar Vasa, Folkestone


Up for auction. May continue to trade as a bar or be turned into flats.
Future uncertain.

9 Apr 2016 10:53

The Bricklayers Arms, Dover


Ceased trading and up for auction. Future uncertain.

9 Apr 2016 10:50

The Green Room, Redruth


19 Mar 2016 21:32

The Green Room, Redruth

Up for auction.

Apparently still trading as a pub.

27 Feb 2016 11:59

The Red Lion, Helston

Up for auction shown as, 'vacant with freehold possession', so presumably the pub is closed.

Perhaps this is the first pub in the town to go following the opening of a Whetherspoons just around the corner.

Future uncertain.

27 Feb 2016 11:50

The Beach Tavern, Pevensey Bay

Up for auction, shown as, 'with vacant possession', so pub is presumably closed.

Future uncertain.

27 Feb 2016 11:42

The Carpenters Arms, Kings Cross

A one bar pub which was full of what appeared to be locals at time of visit.
Friendly atmosphere with an efficient barman.
Had one real ale on at time of visit 'O'Hanlons' which to be honest I needn't have bothered with, pleasant enough pub for a quick pint on the way through to somewhere else.

22 Feb 2016 19:15

The Northumberland Arms, Kings Cross

Can't really add anything new to the last report.

Still offering no real ale with all the usual lager suspects on offer instead. Pleasant enough crowd in at time of visit most watching footie on a large screen TV, with a welcoming and efficient barmaid. Not sure if I would want to send the evening there but fine for a quick pint.

22 Feb 2016 19:03

The Star and Garter, Falmouth

OK, the planning permission was passed but instead of closing down and reverting to a private house is still a pub......of sorts.

The pub was gutted and anyone who new the old pub would not recognise its new look. There is now a small bar area as you enter and then all the space after that is a restaurant. Having said that the beer on draught was in good condition served with a smile.
In essence it is now a gastropub, and seems to be good at what it does.

20 Dec 2015 21:31

Hand, Falmouth

An achingly trendy bar with obscure beers.

20 Dec 2015 21:22

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Its now three years since the Rev Barrington Bennetts passed away and I am very pleased to say that nothing seems to have changed at all.

The front bar still has the keyfobs dangling from the ceiling and the mobiles nailed to the walls....... and still undecorated.....

This is a gem, and a very rare,untouched wet sales led pub serving well kept beer. Long may it continue.

20 Dec 2015 21:13

Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth

If you climb Jacobs Ladder steps to get to the pub you will need a pint or two to recover! A surprisingly big pub with two bars and a food area + an open fire. Could do with a lick of paint and the chef's apron had clearly not seen the inside of a washing machine for several days, if not weeks.

Seems to be very much focused on a student clientele with just the one ale on draught at time of visit, (Doombar), also very quiet, probably reflecting the fact that all the students have gone home for Christmas.

19 Dec 2015 13:55

The Kings Head, Falmouth


I remember this pub being very popular in the past but has apparently been closed and up for sale for sometime.

19 Dec 2015 13:46

The Quayside Inn, Falmouth

The first time that I have been in the pub for a number of years, (last visited when it was called The Globe), and what a difference. As many others have commented, has a very 'corporate' feel to it now and apart from the amazing location could be any pub anywhere. The ground floor bar which was so atmospheric in the past with real ale served from the barrel , etc closed at time of visit....does it ever open anymore?....the main bar upstairs served decent beer with welcoming staff but the place virtually empty on one of the busiest nights of the year. What on earth were the brewery thinking off when they revamped the place ?

19 Dec 2015 13:43

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

A very pleasant traditional local pub. Two rooms, the rear room having a pool table, the front being the bar area.
A good welcome from the barman and three beers on draught at time of visit, all of which were in good condition.
All in all a good little pub to seek out, and not too far off the main street of Falmouth.

19 Dec 2015 13:31

William IV, Madron

A good news story.....this pub has been closed for a couple of years and has now reopened a pub.

Given the current number of pubs closing and then never reopening their doors this has to be a result.

28 Nov 2015 10:00

King William IV, Penzance

Given the current number of pubs closing this is a very good news story.

This small village pub has come back to life a pub, after having been closed for a couple of years.

Great news and the new landlords deserve support.

28 Nov 2015 09:58

The Seven Stars Inn, Stithians

A very pleasant village pub with low cealings and real fires. Has one bar with another room towards the rear which has a pool table.

A warm welcome from the barmaid at time of visit, with 3 beers on offer. It is a St Austell house and had the usual Tribute and Proper Job but also had a guest beer...Timothy Taylors 'Landlord' which was in excellent condition and quite a rare beer to have on draught in this part of the world.

22 Nov 2015 19:02

King Edward VII, Margate

Up for auction......future uncertain

20 Nov 2015 20:56

The Sondes Arms, Selling

Up for auction again....... this time with outline planning permission to convert into houses and flats.

20 Nov 2015 20:52

The Swan Inn, Truro

Now closed and converted into several flats. It will never be a pub again.

Its odd that Truro the county town of Cornwall has such few pubs......and getting less by the year.

15 Nov 2015 15:24

The Newquay Arms, Newquay

Closed..... future unknown.

24 Oct 2015 15:34

The Cribbar, Newquay

A typically large Whetherspoon pub which opens late at the weekend and is popular with young clientele as has the usual Spoons cheap beer coupled with a DJ playing loud music. Good at what it does in a seaside town well known for Stag and hen weekends.

If you are looking for an inexpensive oldy, worldy pub with a log fire, interesting beer, and good food..... then Newquay is the wrong place to look for one.

24 Oct 2015 15:33

The Central, Newquay

The current layout of the pub with a mezzanine bar and all open plan bears no relation to the Central of old and is what it is......a large pub modernised to an inch of its life catering for a young crowd in a seaside town well known for stag and hen weekends. Beer was expensive...what do you expect...but in good condition.

It does what it does well.

24 Oct 2015 15:27

The Sailors Arms, Newquay

The Sailors is a Newquay institution from when it first started to cater for surfies and a younger crowd way back in the mists of time when Norman Anstiss was the licensee and it was the done thing to drink Tuborg Gold label......'steam'. That pub is unrecognisable from those days and has been knocked through into a much, much larger premises.
It is what it is ..... a large pub in a seaside town catering for a younger clientele...and does it well.

24 Oct 2015 10:44

The Walkabout, Newquay

It is what it is, a very large barn of a pub, (it used to the town's cinema), that caters for a young crowd, and, unless you are bonkers, it would not be the first port of call for a decent meal, fine wines and a good pint of beer.........but it is good at what it is a loud brash pub with a young crowd.

24 Oct 2015 10:38

Berties Bar, Newquay

An acceptable place for a quick pint, served quickly and efficiently by a friendly barman.
Not sure if i would want to spend the whole evening there but fine for what it is......a pub in a seaside town. Seems to have music at the weekend and had a band playing cover versions....reasonably time of visit.

24 Oct 2015 10:20

Steam, Newquay

A very large pub which also serves food and has accommodation. It is owned by St Austell brewery and has their usual range of beers including a very good pint of Proper Job.
It also has a large outside space with seating which has a panoramic view of the sea.
Years ago this was known as the Western Bars and was a bit dark and dingy... but some decent bands used to play there. It has to be said that the current arrangement is a vast improvement and fits well into what today's Newquay has to offer.... even though lacking a bit of the character of old.

24 Oct 2015 10:16

The Johns Cross Inn, Robertsbridge

Currently for auction.

Sold with planning permission to convert into two may not survive as a pub for much longer.

11 Oct 2015 09:09

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

Currently closed.

St Austell brewery advertising for yet another publican to take over. This pub/hotel is in a wonderful part of the world with a great history behind it but seems to have had a new publican nearly every year.....some better than others.... in the past five years or so.
It seems a shame/rather odd that such a place seems not to be able to retain its licensee's.

10 Oct 2015 18:24

Coach and Horses Inn, Kenneggy Downs

With respect to the last entry....It would now appear that it offers nothing as closed.

This pub sits on a large site and re-development must be on the cards.

25 Sep 2015 12:31

The Alma, Strood

The previous reviewer was right.

The pub is now closed and up for auction with vacant freehold possession. Future as a pub must be uncertain.

24 Aug 2015 17:06

Queens Head, Five Oak Green

2 years on and up for auction again, not sure if it has a future as a pub.

24 Aug 2015 17:02

The Gentil Knyght, Canterbury

The reviews below show that this pub has had a chequered past and was perhaps not to everyone's taste !

Up for auction and may not survive as a pub, as clearly has redevelopment potential for other uses / demolition.

24 Aug 2015 16:55

The Royal Oak, Bean

For Auction.

Planning permission granted to convert pub into a house with additional dwelling in what would have been the pub car park.

Unlikely to ever reopen as a pub.

2 Jul 2015 12:34

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

Now closed.

Bar area removed and is apparently to be turned into a post office. Seems unlikely to be a pub again.

5 Nov 2014 13:58

The Gurnards Head, Zennor

This pub is in a very dramatic location and is worth a detour just to see it and follow the coast road from Pendeen to St Ives.

The pub makes its money from food and is clearly a gastropub. As ever there are gastropubs and gastropubs...this one is superb and if you have the opportunity have a meal here. The beer is good to with a small bar area were drinkers are catered for. At time of visit three beers on tap all of which in fine condition.

The main dining area is situated away from the bar so if you are just popping in for a drink it is not too off-putting. large beer garden with a great view over the countryside.

14 Sep 2014 14:06

The Ship, Lerryn

I agree with the comment below about being a tardis. Ceratainly on the outside it looks like a small village pub, but once inside its a pretty big space with a single bar and various nooks and crannies off it including a large(ish) conservatory.

Three beers available at time of visit including Doombar and Cornish Crown, (a small independent brewer based in Penzance).

Pleasant locals and dog friendly. Its in a most beautiful spot and worth a detour just to see it.

14 Sep 2014 13:59

The Godolphin Arms, Godolphin Cross

A pleasant local pub with a friendly welcome.

One bar with two rooms and restaurant room at the rear. Beer garden. Selection of two ales at time of visit including Skinners Betty Stoggs which was in reasonable condition.

9 Sep 2014 11:37

The St Aubyns Arms, Praze

Pleasant local pub with the locals giving a warm welcome.
Seems to have had serious makeover in the past couple of years which has made it a pleasant place to have a drink. Beer in good condition with a selection of 3 ales at time of visit including Tribute and two from Cadgewith brewery, well maintained beer garden which catches the evening sun.
Foodwise, seems to specialise in steaks.

All in all a pleasant place to while away an hour or two.

9 Sep 2014 11:35

The New Inn, Manaccan

Closed and up for sale.

Clearly there are a lot of wealthy individuals in this part of the world, or at least visit this part of the world. However even this is not a guarantee that a business will survive. Manaccan is pretty remote and I guess that there simply aren't enough punters to make a go of it, particularly through the long winter months. Couple this with high business rates and high energy costs its future as a pub must be uncertain.

5 Jul 2014 21:16

The Red Lion Inn, Wincanton

Still closed.

Up for auction, future uncertain.

3 Jul 2014 12:45

Cross Keys, Penryn

The pub closed some time ago.

The pub has been gutted with an extension added to the rear and side where the car park used to be. The entire building is now a residential care home for those with physical and learning difficulties.

End of the line for this boozer.

The name lives on however as its called 'Crossquays'.

20 May 2014 21:34

The White Horse, Hurst Green

Up for auction in February (2014) and being sold with approved planning permission for conversion into two houses.

Seems unlikely to remain a pub.

Another one bites the dust.

17 Jan 2014 18:16

The Cobden Arms, Havant

The pub is closed.

Planning permission has been granted to turn it into 4 bedsits, never likely to be a pub again.

30 Nov 2013 09:16

The Red Lion, Mayfair

Along with all the other comments on how good this pub was, I can only agree. It was a warm and welcoming haven in central London.

The refurbishment has gone ahead and the property is now up for sale marketed as a 5 bedroomed house at a bargain price of £30 million. Yes, that's correct 30 million pounds, (and yes they have kept the facade).

With redevlopment potential like that it can't take too long for other brewers to cash in and the only place left to get a drink will be hotel bars. How depressing.

17 Sep 2013 08:29

The Horseshoe, Strood

Up for auction.

Planning permission granted for demolition of existing pub to be replaced by five flats and two houses.

End of the line for this pub I would suggest.

28 Aug 2013 20:08

The Smugglers Inn, Hayle

St Erth Praze isn't exactly a hub of activity and one would be hard pressed to call it a village so even more amazing that it still manages to support a pub.

The Smugglers looks a but run down from the outside but is pleasant enough on the inside. Doombar was the only beer on draft at time of visit but also seems to stock Skinners as well. The beer was in good condition. Pleasant enough landlord and locals.

One bar with a few nooks and crannnies and both a dining area and pool room leading off it. Seating area outside with large car park attached. Nothing really of note inside but clearly a very old building.

Pleasant enough for a quick beer if passing.

28 Aug 2013 17:46

The Star and Garter, Falmouth

Application for planning permission to be turned into residential use lodged with Cornwall Council.
It would seem that its future as a pub is doubtful.

17 Jul 2013 22:09

The Dolphin Inn, Penzance

Up for sale and trading with temporary manager.

Future uncertain given its close proximity of other pubs and Punch taverns inability to do anything other than screw its landlords.

4 Jul 2013 13:04

The First and Last, Penzance


Future may well be uncertain.

4 Jul 2013 13:01

The Clifton, Greenbank

Perhaps the last comment was accurate.

Currently closed and up for auction as a freehold building, therefore may stay on as a pub or perhaps more likely, turned into flats.

3 Jul 2013 08:41

Golden Eagle, Burham


Up for auction with planning permission to split into flats.

3 Jul 2013 08:26

The Star Inn, Penzance

Closed and boarded up.

The Star has been limping along for a long time now. It is a huge pub but is in very poor condition and apart from the large screen sky sports telly there wasn't much point in going in there unless you like a pub where you shoes stick to the floor and you need a gas mask to use the loo. The brewery (Scottish & Newcastle) have promised a refurbishment but who knows if this will happen in the near future. It will take a brave punter to take it on as the business rates alone are just under £50K per year let alone the rent demanded from the brewery.

Split into flats seems like an option.

14 Jun 2013 09:41

Farmers Arms, Penzance

There is no doubt that this pub has been through the mill in recent years and has attracted some awful managers and truly awful punters.

However it does seem to be improving and the new licencee seems to be trying different things such as the regular music nights and keeping his beer in good pint of Skinners was fine.

Its a one bar pub with a few nooks and crannies off it. Has a low ceiling and stone floors and could be very atmospheric given the right treatment.

3 Jun 2013 10:38

Victoria Inn, Penzance

A very pleasant pub in a beautiful location.
A Freehouse with a single bar serving a couple of different draught beers, Bays and Skinners at time of visit, both in good condition. Friendly service with stools at the bar which suggests to me that drinkers are welcome, (perhaps its changed in the intervening 5 years since 'charcy's' visit).

Has a larger room adjacent to the bar which is used as a restaurant. Pub has a good 'write up' for its food. Small courtyard beer garden at rear of building or a couple of benches outside the front door which catch the afternoon sun.

Worth a detour if passing.

3 Jun 2013 10:24

Radjel Inn, Pendeen

Not too sure about the previous entry with clearly personal comments about individuals, which to my mind is not the purpose of this website.

Anyway, standard village pub with two bars and an additional room with a pool table. One bar room is larger than the other and has some interesting photographs on the wall showing that the building was once a shop then became the 'Boscaswell Inn' subsequently renamed the, (unique), Radjel. Smaller bar room is more of a public bar.
A St. Austell pub with its usual range of beers. My pint of Tribute in good condition. Friendly service as were the locals gathered in the public bar.
My understanding of the name is to do with a Cornish word meaning a place where a fox lives. The pub seems to have got the name as Radjel was the nickname of a former licensee.

Worth popping in if passing.

29 May 2013 08:42

The Tinners Arms, Zennor

I agree with all the comments about the idyllic location especially if the weather is good enough to sit outside and one can soak up the view of the sea and the old church. Equally as impressive is the single bar with its low ceiling and wonderful feeling of history.

However like may pubs in idyllic spots that are well and truly on the 'list' of places to see and, given its proximity to St Ives, it doesn't have to try too hard knowing full well that another punter will be along 'dreckly' . So if you fancy indifferent service and grossly inflated priced drinks.....pint of 'Tinners ale', (ie St Austell's Trelawney), half a lager and a lemonade for the princely sum of £8.15...all of which were flat, then pop in.

29 May 2013 08:24

The Pirate Inn, Alverton

Now re-opened and under new ownership........and still a pub.

24 May 2013 16:13

Falmouth Packet Inn, Penzance

Was a St Austell pub and sold off by them a couple of years ago, (presumably as part of their policy of selling off local village pubs and buying ones in more trendy parts of the West Country).

Now a Freehouse and the new owners have clearly spent a lot of money on the place as it has been completely refurbished with the addition of a very large conservatory at the rear. Not all the character seems to have been thrown in the skip and the makeover has been done sympathetically.

'Bays' on draft at time of visit which was in good condition, friendly service from the youngsters behind the bar. The food menu looked interesting and had a few people eating who all seemed to be happy.

Worth popping into if passing.

23 May 2013 17:22

The Commercial Hotel, St Just

This building is a bit like a 'Tardis' being larger on the inside than it looks from the exterior.

The one bar is at the rear of the building serving a small range of beers. My pint of 'Bay' was good. Friendly service and a small friendly group of people in the bar.

Leading off the bar area are at least two further rooms which, (at the time of my early evening visit), had quite a few people eating in them, so presumably the food is good.

Nothing special but still worth popping in if passing.

23 May 2013 17:12

The Wellington Hotel, St Just

A standard local pub.

One bar pub with a few nooks and crannies off it. A St Austell house with their usual range of beers, my pint of Tribute was in good condition.

The only downside on my visit was the young chap behind the bar could do with a 'customer service' course, no please, thank you or kiss my a*rse. With service like that I will not rush back given that the outstanding 'Star' is around the corner.

23 May 2013 17:07

The Pirate Inn, Alverton

The Pirate has been up for sale for some closed.

1 Feb 2013 16:33

The Pendarves Inn, Carnhell Green

Has been closed for some time but is now about to re-open under new ownership.

1 Feb 2013 14:31

The Fountain Inn, Newbridge

Good news.

Pub now re-opened with new licensee and being run as a freehouse.

14 Jan 2013 09:13

Lamorna Wink, Penzance

As predicted, pub now up for sale as elderly publicans retiring.

14 Jan 2013 09:10

Queens Head, Five Oak Green

Up for auction in February.

Future uncertain.

14 Jan 2013 09:06

Terminus, Hailsham

Currently closed and in the process of being gutted and large extension being built at the rear of the building.

This looks more like a housing/flats development than anything to do with being re-open as a pub again.

9 Nov 2012 16:05

The Bricklayers Arms, Hailsham

This pub has been demolished and no trace of it now remains.

Currently being built in its place is a small row of houses.

9 Nov 2012 16:03

The Seven Stones Inn, St Martins

Currently closed.......and up for sale......again.

26 Oct 2012 08:54

Tolcarne Inn, Penzance

The pub changed hands in early August and is now run by a chef called Ben Tunnicliffe who is, (apparently), famous for cooking fish.

There has been a bit of a makeover of the inside and its certainly 'lighter' than it was..... the old black and white beams having been repainted a tasteful colour of grey for example. However is it a pub or is it a restaurant?

Visited on a Saturday night and only two tables were available for drinkers in the bar area, (St Austell Tribute and Skinners Betty Stoggs on tap), all the others were reserved for diners. However the tables and the size of the bar hasn't been changed so if I was eating a (very) expensive meal there I am not sure I would want to sit at a small pub table in a cramped bar with some bloke standing right next to me supping pints......however clearly lots of people seemed prepared to do so and pay handsomely for it as well.

The beer was 3.35 a pint which is still a bit more than many other local pubs.

22 Oct 2012 20:24

The First and Last, Penzance

Last comment seems a tad harsh ! Beer still tastes good though.

Anyway the pub is now up for sale and its future must be uncertain given the current economic climate.

12 Oct 2012 16:55

The Old Inn, Congresbury

A truly delightful small pub, well worth seeking out as its a tad difficult to find....only came across it by chance myself.

Pleasant staff, friendly locals, good beer and plenty of 'atmosphere'.

6 Oct 2012 17:21

The Ship and Castle, Congresbury

I am not too sure if this is a pub anymore or a restaurant.

It has one small bar area for wet sales and the rest of the extended building is given over to food. Indeed it advertises itself as 'Mezze' at the Ship & Castle. Mezze is apparently a chain of restaurants operating out of Bristol. It seemed a bit of a soul less place on my visit having long lost many of what would have been interesting features for such an old building.

6 Oct 2012 17:16

White Hart Inn, Bridestowe

A good village pub.

Popped in a couple of times in recent months when passing on the nearby A30.
Pub has one main bar which always seems to have a few locals in it and larger room which seems mainly used for food. A choice of a couple of beers plus lagers, seemed to be well kept. Barman/landlord pleasant enough.

6 Oct 2012 17:04

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

I agree with the last comment.

This pub has been poorly served by St Austell Brewery who have clearly neglected it for some time. Even though the brewery describe themselves as a 'family' business serving the 'local' community it appears they are selling off the less profitable pubs of their estate, (The Fountain at nearby Newbridge went last year... The 'Old Inn' at Ludgvan, also nearby, the year before). The brewery is clearly adopting a new policy of investing in purchases in swankier parts of the South West.

For example they have recently purchased 5 new pubs in more affluent areas of Devon...Salcombe springs to mind, (The Victoria), a town in which you would be hard pressed to find any 'locals' who didn't hail from wealthy parts of the South East and London.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this policy, (or indeed the folks from London and the South East), but save us the pious 'working for the local community' cobblers...its about money and if your 'local' community isn't wealthy enough to support the 'new' St Austell brewery then tough.

The freehold is up for sale for 200K. It may survive as a pub with a new owner but the future of the pub must be uncertain.

13 Sep 2012 20:35

Lamorna Wink, Penzance

An interesting pub with plenty of old memorabilia, most notably brass ships names attached to the walls and a collection of hats hanging above the bar, along with an incredible amount of dust. And, yes, it is a bit like stepping back into the 1960's as mentioned in a previous comment. It even has the original 'Devenish' pub sign attached to an outside wall, (a company that used to own most of the pubs in Cornwall), and ceased to exist many years ago.

Would appear to be the same elderly ladies in charge, (and small dog), although I only saw one of them behind the bar who gave a warm welcome when I visited although it was, oddly, giving its almost the peak of summer, virtually empty at the time. Beer doesn't seemed to have changed from previous listing as still Skinner's and Doom...but well kept and pleasant enough.

This is a very old pub with a strong connection to the Newlyn School of artists and features in a number of paintings by 'Lamorna Birch and Sir Stanhope-Forbes. It is probably worth going there now before the ladies become too old to run the place as the long term future of the pub is likely to be a private house or some sort of 'gastro-pub'.

An interesting, quirky pub, well worth a detour.

26 Jul 2012 12:34

The Three Tuns, St Keverne

A great little village pub with a good selection of well kept beer on tap.

Not shown for 'St Keverne' on this website but on the other side of the square is the 'White Hart' also a decent pub serving a good selection of beer, (extraordinary that such a small out of the way place can support two good pubs).

Also nearby at Porthallow and again not shown on this website is the 'Five Pilchards' and if you have a chance visit it, do....a real gem with well kept beer and what looked like well prepared pub grub....and the real purpose of the visit would be to soak up the atmosphere as its an old pub, virtually on the beach, and has a spectacular view of Falmouth Bay... a lot to take in whilst supping a pint.

23 Jul 2012 12:45

The New Inn, Manaccan

From the outside it looks like the perfect pub with old world charm and thatched roof and likely to attract the well heeled in this rather expensive part of Cornwall.

Inside however its a pretty standard village pub in need of a bit of a spruce up and oddly enough, (at the time of my visit), no beer on draught, presumably having run out and/or forgot to order some more, (2 beer pumps in evidence on the bar).

The gents is a gem though, as its seems unreconstructed from the past, being a lean too at the side of the premises with a simple black painted wall and gutter affair....very, very rare these days!

23 Jul 2012 12:35

The Gweek Inn, Gweek

Now called the 'Black Swan', which apparently was its name a long time ago. The pub has been taken over and refurbished by the couple who run the White Hart at Ludgvan, (near Penzance).

To me it seems that during the refurbishment, (more like gutting the place really), they seem to have taken away some its soul and its now more aimed at people wanting to eat rather than people who would like a drink.

Having said that the beer, (Doom), was in good condition and the food that was being presented to the few people in the pub looked good.

23 Jul 2012 12:21

Coldstreamer Inn, Penzance

The last posting seems a tad unfair. Yes it does sell food and seems to have a very good reputation for it.....but it also has a large bar area which caters for those who just want a pint.

Had Bay and Skinners on tap at time of visit...both in good condition.

Worth a visit if only for the lovely old church right opposite the pub!

12 Jul 2012 19:50

Exeter Inn, Newton Poppleford

The Exeter closed as a pub in 2010.

It was subsequently sold and converted into a four bed-roomed house, the one stipulation from the planners being that the former skittle alley must be retained as a work space.

The house is now up for sale.

It seems very unlikely that this old building will ever be a pub again.

12 Jul 2012 19:44

The Terrace Tavern, Gravesend

Up for auction with planning consent for conversion into flats.

30 Jun 2012 20:57

Crown Inn, Goldsithney

From the outside it looks up market and the 'better' of the two pubs in this small village. Inside though its not quite the same and doesn't quite live up to the exterior decor. Pleasant enough though, and is no better or worse than the Treveleyan nearly opposite. Beer OK.

The truly amazing thing though is that such a small village can still support two pubs...indifferent or otherwise....and long may it continue to do so!

20 Jun 2012 15:38

Trevelyan Arms, Penzance

Pleasant enough local but nothing special beer OK

20 Jun 2012 15:33

The Star Inn, St Just

A gem and well worth seeking out.

Beer in top form and a pleasant mix of locals and visitors in the bar area all chatting away and creating a good atmosphere. The pub doesn't seem to have changed for many years and seems all the better for it.

20 Jun 2012 15:28

St. Buryan Inn, Penzance

A pretty standard 2 bar village pub. Beer OK, but doesn't seem to have much 'atmosphere'.

At least its still open though and for a small village, (St Buryan.....yes, nowhere near Penzance), its got to be better than nothing.

20 Jun 2012 15:22

The Zero Lounge, Penzance

A cocktail bar with a small selection of bottled beer.

20 Jun 2012 15:17

The Seven Stars, Penzance

Still catering for a certain type of clientele ie those who like getting p~ss~d at lunchtime on their job seekers allowance. No real ale.

20 Jun 2012 15:15

The Crown Inn, Penzance

A great little back street pub, probably the best in town.

Recently became a brew pub brewing its own 'Crown' bitter and a slightly stronger 'Spa' pale ale.

Well worth seeking out.

20 Jun 2012 15:10

Admiral Boscawen, Truro

The picture of the pub, (above), is now a little bit of history as it is now a private house and very unlikely that it will ever be a licensed premises again.

19 Jun 2012 21:11

The Six Bells, Chiddingly

All the previous reviews mention what a wonderful pub this is......and it still is.

An increasingly rare gem given the amount of pub closures. The beer, 'Harveys', was spot on and the pub is clearly loved by both owners and shows!

19 Jun 2012 21:02

The Berwick Inn, Berwick

Hot off the press ...just re-opened with a new manager.....

19 Jun 2012 20:58

The Beachcomber, Seaford

Has been closed for some time ......but still awaiting the demolition ball.

3 Jun 2012 22:32

The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

First time back for a long time and hasn't changed at all...thank goodness, (unlke 'The Ram' up the road which is now some sort of gastro pub with ghastly clientele).
Harveys on top form as was the Dark Star, food looked good as well.

Off the beaten track but really is worth the effort.

3 Jun 2012 22:27

The Berwick Inn, Berwick

Its probably fair to say, and reflecting the comments below, the pub has had a rough ride the past few years with publicans coming an going at a regular pace none of whom seem to have been able to make a go of the place.

Perhaps as a result of this, or the brewery's lack of interest, the pub closed for business in January and still remains closed now, (June), and its future must remain uncertain. Its certainly on a sizeable plot if it was ever to be developed for housing, a point not missed by some I'm sure.

3 Jun 2012 22:18

Lamb Inn, Ripe

Apparently has been closed for some time but has recently re-opened.

Pleasant enough pub with Harveys on good form. In all honesty though it probably needs a few quid spending on it and if Sheperd Neame are unwilling to do so, which seems to be the case having closed it for several months, then its future is probably a (large) private house.

3 Jun 2012 22:08

Trevor Arms, Glynde

Certainly changed a bit, walked up the stairs from the car park and turned right to go to the snug ...and its gone...... the whole bar has been pulled out and is now a lounge area. The bar is now on the left in what was once the function room. Harveys was on top form though, although the bar counter was very 'sticky'......note to bar counter with damp, clean cloth every now and again helps no end.

I am not sure about this makeover. Clearly the place needed serious money spending on it and a lot of the original stuff, (floorboards being a prime example), have been left, but somehow it seems to me a bit of its soul had also been chucked in the skip and I can't help thinking that the focus of the pub should have remained in what was the bar and snug.

3 Jun 2012 21:58

The Ram Inn, Firle

A restaurant that serves beer not a pub.....alas.

I remember drinking in this pub over fifteen years ago when it was a lively village pub serving the community with good beer and 'pub grub'. However in the intervening years it seems to have changed into a pub catering for a different crowd....seemingly lots of people from West London with a huge sense of entitlement demanding a 'local pub' whilst braying at each other about how one simply cannot find some obscure italian cheese outside of their deli in Notting Hill. A great shame but I guess that this part of the world has changed considerably over the past few years...just look at Lewes.... and the pub survives by changing with the times, (and clientele).

The Harveys bitter was still spot on though.

3 Jun 2012 21:34

The Regent, Penzance

Closed some time ago

28 May 2012 08:55

The Miners Arms, Penzance

Closed now a private house

28 May 2012 08:53

The Crown Inn, Lanlivery

Super, tucked away, village pub. Well worth the small detour off the main road to visit. Food very good and the beer (Skinners, Betty Stoggs) in excellent condition also had 3 other beers on tap at time of visit. Interesting interior with historic photographs on walls and old well with glass cover in the entrance hall.

28 May 2012 08:51

The Castle Inn, Folkestone

Closed and up for auction with planning permission to convert into 3 houses

28 May 2012 08:37

The Phoenix, Callington

Closed an up for auction...probably why the staff were a bit iffy in the last review

28 May 2012 08:34

The Joiners Arms, Bideford

Up for auction, may or may not survive as a pub

28 May 2012 08:32

Stag Inn, Liskeard

Closed and up for sale

28 May 2012 08:28

The Watermans Arms, Buckfastleigh

Closed, boarded up and up for sale.

28 May 2012 08:27

Old Inn, Ludgvan

Pub now closed and up for sale.

Its a great shame to lose another pub country pub, and an even greater one when someone really tries to get a business together but it goes down the tubes anyway.

29 Feb 2012 20:16

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

This pub has the best views of the 'Mount' by far, especially from the beer garden. The beer (st Austell) is always in good condition.

The downside is that it is one bar and depending on who is getting drunk the converstion that can be heard throughout the bar can contain every other word as f**. .....not exactly the best accompanyment when trying to eat a (pretty sandard) meal as I was the other night.

One for the summer beer garden only I would suggst.

10 Mar 2011 17:31

White Hart Inn, Penzance

The pub changed hands towards the end of last year and is now being run by a couple who know how to run a pub properly.

The food is excellent and the beer kept in very good condition. The interior of the pub has remained the same with old wooden partitioning dividing up the eating area. Well worth a visit

10 Mar 2011 17:21

The Fountain Inn, Newbridge

Pub is now closed, boarded up and advertised for sale.

I assume that St Austell Brewery are selling it off as the turnover just wasn't enough. This is a great shame as this was a super pub selling beer in tip top condition and excellent food, (their Friday night 'pie night' deal was a outstanding).

Another example of people working really hard to make a success of their business but scuppered by high tax and an uncaring government.

10 Mar 2011 17:08

The Queens Arms, Bleadon

Visited in early evening in late July. A great little village pub, just what one would like to find anywhere in England at the end of a summers day.

Service was with a smile and the Butcombe bitter was spot on.

Well worth seeking out.

16 Sep 2010 14:30

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Visited this pub in late July.......what a great find!

It is a wonderful quirky English pub and clearly run well as the Otter beer was spot on and the service was with a smile.


Not sure how they survive the long winter months with (I imagine) few customers...but I really hope that they do as I want to go back again!

16 Sep 2010 14:11

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Visited this pub in late July.......what a great find!

It is a wonderful quirky English pub and clearly run well as the Otter beer was spot on and the service was with a smile.


Not sure how they survive the long winter months with (I imagine) few customers...but I really hope that they do as I want to go back again!

16 Sep 2010 14:11

The Fox and Goose Inn, Parracombe

Visited this pub in late July.......what a great find!

It is a wonderful quirky English pub and clearly run well as the Otter beer was spot on and the service was with a smile.


Not sure how they survive the long winter months with (I imagine) few customers...but I really hope that they do as I want to go back again!

16 Sep 2010 14:11

The Crown Hotel, Lynton

I visited this pub in during May half term and it was a great pub. The beer (St Austell) was well kept and the food was also very good.....we ate there twice but was touch and go both times as to whether we could get a table because it was so busy.

I revisited the pub at the end of July.....what a difference a couple of weeks makes. It was empty...... the beer was OK at best.....and the new publicans, (yes it would appear to have changed again), were well what shall we say....not the most welcoming. Barely got a smile out of the landlady when she served me and the landlord sat at the end of the bar holding court with a couple of locals and ignoring everyone else. Then for some bizarre reason he seemed it a good idea to put on some heavy metal music and let his children ride through the bar on their scooters.....most odd.

Left the pub shortly afterwards and visited the only other pub in Lynton which was packed......mainly with people who used to use the Crown I suspect

16 Sep 2010 14:06

The Bridge Inn, Lynton

A lovely old building with a rather quirky arrangement of windows and doors set in a very good spot next to the river Lyn and a very well run camp site, (not part of the pub).
No real ale at time of visit just some grotty keg stuff with usual array of lagers and ciders. Food looked pretty average..... I suspect the deep fat fryer and microwave were kept busy.
Is it being run down so that planning permission could be sought to turn it into what would make a very nice private house ? Makes you think.

16 Sep 2010 13:54

Green Parrot, Perranporth

Re last comment

Work now started on the pub as it would appear to have been bought by Wetherspoons and is currently undergoing a refurbishment with a view to opening in the autumn (2010)

16 Sep 2010 13:46

Kasbar, Penzance

'Kasbar' still trading but not at this address.

Now moved to Market Jew Street near the railway station.

26 Jul 2010 22:23

The Red Lion Inn, Penzance

A decent little pub which is a bit cramped inside but thats probably more to do with the history of the place than planned that way.

The pool table seems to have been taken out since the last review and it seems better for it. Very friendly welcome and was served a decent pint of Skinners 'Stogs'. Only other real ale was Doombar.

Visited on a sunny evening and one can sit outside on a bench at the front of the building and admire the view of the harbour and Mounts Bay or, even better, go through the pub and into an enchanting small beer garden.

Didnt eat here but what was served up looked quite good.

21 Jun 2010 18:29

The Seven Stars, Penzance

If you like your lager cold and your football on the telly loud then this is the place for you.

And......If you are heavily tattooed use the f word in every sentence, (that's if you can string one together), and like to be well oiled by midday then you will just love this pub even more.

17 Jun 2010 23:38

Fountain Tavern, Penzance

Very poor.

You enter the pub through a sea of cigarette butts, presumably the landlord hasn't got access to a thing called a broom. It doesnt get much better inside. Tatty, grubby, dated decor.
One table/seating area area full of, (I presume), the landlords childrens toys...most odd.
Stayed for just the one.....a pint in poor condition, warm with a strange chemical aftertaste...a travesty of a St Austell pint.

17 Jun 2010 23:30

Lamp and Whistle Inn, Penzance

It is still closed and has been up for sale for some time.

Certainly seems to be no takers for it as licensed premises therefore its future seems to be something other than as a pub.

17 Jun 2010 23:21

The First and Last, Penzance

Outstanding small pub.

Had 4 real ales on at time of visit and all in in tip top condition. Didnt eat here but the food looks to be very good value.
Loos and bar area spotless.
Clearly the landlord knows his beer and how to run a pub properly.

17 Jun 2010 23:16

Green Parrot, Perranporth

Perhaps the landlord saw the last review.

Now ceased trading and boarded up.

17 Jun 2010 23:11

Bolingey Inn, Perranporth

I last visisted this pub maybe 10 years ago. I had fond memories of it.

How times change.

I entered the pub and ordered a pint of Youngs, an unusual pint this far from London. It was at best OK, maybe the journey of over 300 miles didn't suit it. I sat outside at one of the 4 or 5 tables but soon noticed that I was surrounded by a sea of cigarette butts. I went to the loo and to do so I went back into the pub.

I noticed other details : as you enter this pub you walk along a short corridor and then have a choice of two doors both of which enter the bar area. Both doors are painted white. Both doors have a handle, both doors are covered in grime from a thousand hands that have turned that handle and pushed the door......clearly no one could be bothered to wipe them down from time to time.

You cross the eating area to get to the loo, you can smell the loo long before you get to it, (note to landlord, a loo block thrown into the urinal does not constitute cleaning).

This to me just shows poor management. At a time when all pubs need our support and in particular small country pubs, not to attend to the detail is just shameful as well as being very short sighted and just plain daft.....would you like to eat or drink in a pub which can't be bothered to sweep up the place or clean the lavs properly?

Would you rush to eat the food prepared in an on site kitchen if the 'public' areas are like this?

Come on landlord you can do better. I hope to go back again to this pub at some point in the future, but if the current landlord can't be bothered to get the small things right it might not be there by then.

17 Jun 2010 23:06

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