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Nags Head, Reading

Staff at the Nags Head, watch for customers who ask for a tab and then can't remember how much they've drunk when it's time to settle up. They'll be the same ones that go home so drunk they put their slanderous reviews on BITE twice!

10 May 2012 11:01

The Plough, Tilehurst

The drug squad raided this pub on Saturday and not before time. Coke has been the big seller in this place for ages (not the liquid stuff).

28 Feb 2011 18:00

The Butler, Reading

If you are lucky enough to get served, you will find the beer is pretty good, but it is more likely that you will hang around for a quarter of an hour with no sign of bar staff. The weird thing is that the regulars don't seem to mind and sit there for ages with empty glasses. We have a theory that the till gets so full that they can't get anymore money in it.

28 Feb 2011 17:24

Crown, Stockton

What a great pub. Pat (the landlord) is an absolute brilliant laugh! While we were there in the afternoon he produced free pork pies and chip butties for the customers. Good selection of real ale. Good good too.

The 63 bus from Leamington to Rugby stops outside every hour.

27 Feb 2011 12:29

The Boat Inn, Birdingbury

So good they reviewed it 3 times!

This is one of the better canal-side pubs. 4 real ales, good food, friendly staff (usually Matt), and it's open all day. There is a fantastic hand painted map of the local canal network (apparently painted by Dusty Miller) above the bar.

This pub is also on the 63 bus route which runs from Leamington to Rugby every hour.

27 Feb 2011 11:16

The Crab at Chieveley, Wantage

This pub is over 10 miles from Wantage and even has a Reading (RG) post code. I is also a very expensive drinking hole.

4 Nov 2010 20:06

The Castle, Holborn

Called in last friday during a pub crawl. We don't know the history but it looks as though it was once a Youngs pub but it now appears to be a free house. Good selection of real ale and nice staff. Great pub.

17 Mar 2010 14:12

The Bree Louise, Euston

Great pub, superb section of beer, quick service, interesting staff. Difficult to fault this pub.

17 Mar 2010 14:04

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Very poor selection of beer for Spoons. Better class of customer though, not a "Spooner" in sight !

17 Mar 2010 14:01

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

We went to the festival last friday, it was very good. Excellent range of beers, helpful staff, good food. The interior lacks a little charm due to all the walls that have obviously been knocked out at some stage. Good pub though.

17 Mar 2010 13:57

The Nag's Head, Macclesfield

Great pub opposite the station. Lovely building, superb floor tiling (as with most Robinsons pubs). Beer in good condition. Sky footy. Pool table. Darts.

A good honest british pub.

1 Oct 2009 18:07

The Shroppie Fly, Audlem

Well we just can't believe the reviews below.

We are at present on a narrow boat, doing the four counties ring, and this easily the best pub we have come across. In fact it was difficult to fault.

We were greeted by a lovely log fire, perfect as it was poring with rain.

There were six real ales, we tested 3 of them, Theakstons IPA, Timothy Taylors Landlord and Titanic Iceberg and they were all excellent.

We all had a meal which was also very good.

The prices weren't cheap, but then you have to pay for quality.

We imagine the Landlord and Landlady will be delighted to the Kerching family sail right past. They'll probably be spending their money in the appalling Wetherspoons in Market Drayton.

Anyway this is a truly great pub.

14 May 2009 18:36

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

At the moment this pub lies the sixth best pub in the UK according to the BITE Top 40.

Now look at the comments below.

We haven't been in the Swan Inn so we're not rating it, but we suspect something very strange is going on!

1 Aug 2008 13:52

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

6 reviews in 3 days ?

Even stranger !

5 Jun 2008 10:22

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

51 ratings and 31 reviews in 2 years but 16 reviews in the last 5 weeks.

Very strange !

28 May 2008 18:32

The Guildhall, Folkestone

Just down the hill from the excellent British Lion.

Just up the hiil from the terrible Samuel Peto (Spoons).

Sampled some excellent Crouch Vale Amarillo.

Nice pub !

6 Apr 2008 09:33

The British Lion, Folkestone

Great pub with an enthusiastic welcoming landlord.

A good selection of real ale in good condition which unfortunately included two Greene King beers (apparently the locals like them). The guest beer was from Yorkshires Daleside brewery.

This pub shares it's postcode with the also excellent "Guildhall" just down the hill and the two landlords try to complement each others beer by not duplicating the choice.

Get in there and avoid the awful Wetherspoons "Drunks Paradise" at the bottom of the hill.

6 Apr 2008 09:15

The Cat and Custard Pot, Paddlesworth

Great pub, unchanged since the second world war (apart from the gastly low energy light bulbs)with loads of interesting royal air force memorability.

Great homemade food.

Let down by a boring selection of real ale (mainly Sheperd Neame crap), but they were in good condition. If they got some micro breweries in it would get 10/10.

6 Apr 2008 08:43

The Boot & Shoe, Nantwich

Weíve got to tell that when (on the recommendation of the barman at the Crown) we entered this pub, we were very hungry. When we left the pub, we thought we couldnít have been, as we left so much. Not because the food was bad, (it was brilliant) but because there was so much of it. Even Desperate Dan would have struggled.

The beer was excellent, the customers were a great laugh and oh, that barmaid, the blonde one with page three credentials !

17 Nov 2007 14:45

The Royal Albion, Reading

Dave and Arlene (bless her soul) are greatly missed.

27 Oct 2007 10:38

Crown & Anchor, Stone

Titanic Anchor on hand pump.

Awfully knocked about traditional pub.

James Blunt piped music.

Trendy leather sofas.

We couldnít work out who owes this pub but they havenít done it any favours.

10 Oct 2007 11:02

Staff of Life, Stoke on Trent

Bass on hand pump, as good as it gets. Of course, Bass is only average these days, with all the wonderful micro breweries about. But it was good.

Itís just as boozers used to be if it hadnít been for the bloody T.V. tuned to Classic One, doing its best to stop all social intercourse.

Went to the toilets and, WOW ! Look at the ceramic tiling on the floor and in the other bars. Itís as old as the pub and in perfect condition. Get it listed, PLEASE !

10 Oct 2007 10:32

The Wheatsheaf, Stoke on Trent

All the barmaids were wearing tee shirts advertising crap beer on the front (yes, including Greene King I.P.A.) and Rugby positions on the back. The girl who served us had HOOKER in four inch letters across her back.

The rest you know, itís another J D Wetherspoons !

10 Oct 2007 10:22

Greys Corner, Stoke on Trent

Traditional pub, plus unwanted televisions no one was watching.

Thwaites Bomber on hand pump.

Big landlord, small Thai wife, Thai food.

Sign of the times.

Ended up watching telly.

10 Oct 2007 10:18

The Crown And Anchor, Stone

Titanic Anchor on hand pump.

Awfully knocked about traditional pub.

James Blunt piped music.

Trendy leather sofas.

We couldnít work out who owes this pub but they havenít done it any favours.

10 Oct 2007 10:11

Post Of Stone, Stone

Do you remember when Tim Martin declared his pubs would be free of music and televisions. This one has two 42 inch Plasmas, one switched to Sky News and the other switched to Sky Sports News, both with no sound. Why ? What is the point ? Is Tim in bed with Rupert ? I think we should be told.

My Guinness tasted somewhat metallic. It was replaced with perfectly sound Kronenborg but no investigation as to the nature of the problem.

Everything is cheap though.

But do you go shopping in a pound shop ?

10 Oct 2007 10:06

Red Lion, Stone

Nice honest pub.

4 hand pumps with an interesting selection of beers.

Good Juke Box and Pool Table.

Good Boozer.

10 Oct 2007 10:01

The Swan Inn, Stone

A pub for real ale fanatics. 10 hand pumps (9 in use when we were there) all beers from micro breweries. Beer in very good condition.

Nice original feel about the place.

Close to the canal for boaters who have run out of booze.

10 Oct 2007 09:53

The Radford Bank Inn, Stafford

This pub should have scored 10/10.

Excellent bar service provided by Hannah.

Excellent Carvery (only £3.50 at lunchtime, would you believe).

Unfortunately, it looses nearly all its points for having one thing missing, and one thing that should not have been there at all.

There is no real ale. Itís no good telling us these trendy ďsmoothsĒ are ale, they are not. They are chemical crap. Surely, in a pub this size, there must be room for Englandís traditional drink.

Secondly, the first thing you encounter as you walk through the door is a bloody Christmas Tree ! For Godís Sake, it was only the 4th of October Ė Get a Grip !

10 Oct 2007 09:47

The Bridge Inn, Brewood

Staff and locals were very helpful in finding us some food as they werenít selling any until six.

We sat in the small bar and may have missed the full menu of beers, but they were O.K.

10 Oct 2007 09:41

The Clive and Coffyne, Market Drayton

Had a passable half of Bombardier.

Noticed that they sell that god awful Greene King I.P.A. but the clip was turned round (possibly in disgrace).

Barmaid was pleasant and helpful.

Nice enough pub.

10 Oct 2007 09:30

The Oddfellows Arms, Nantwich

Good pub, the first one you come to when walking from the canal to the town centre.

Good quality beer and nice atmosphere.

Customers enjoy playing dominoes.

10 Oct 2007 09:27

The Black Lion, Nantwich

Good selection of real ales, as to be expected of a pub from the Good Beer Guide.

The locals appear to be heavily into Greyhounds, judging by the pictures adorning the walls, and the real one you had to step over on entering the place.

Good Pub !

10 Oct 2007 09:23

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Weíve got to tell that when (on the recommendation of the barman at the Crown) we entered this pub, we were very hungry. When we left the pub, we thought we couldnít have been, as we left so much. Not because the food was bad, (it was brilliant) but because there was so much of it. Even Desperate Dan would have struggled.

The beer was excellent, the customers were a great laugh and oh, that barmaid, the blonde one with page three credentials !

10 Oct 2007 09:20

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Called in looking for food at the wrong time, but the nice man behind the bar was so nice in instructing us as to where we could find food, that we stayed for a drink anyway.

We called in again following our meal, just because the man was so nice.

This is a nice pub, pretty old and has had some interesting building work done to keep it looking that way.

Ale in good condition (no Greene King).

The whole experience was enhanced by barmaids with see-through blouses (sadly wearing bras).

10 Oct 2007 09:19

The Big Lock Inn, Middlewich

It looks as though this pub is now owed by Cainís brewery, as there were four of their beers on. The Mild was sour so we had to take it back. It was replaced with I.P.A. (at extra cost). They didnít turn the pump clip round and continued serving it to other unsuspecting customers.

The rest of the beers were passable. Service was slow and disorganised.

10 Oct 2007 09:15

The Kings Lock, Middlewich

A sign outside read ďUnder New ManagementĒ, which showed, as the staff were trying really hard to please.

Lovely beer garden overlooking Kings Lock, on the Trent and Mersey canal.

We sampled 5 different meals, including Sunday Lunch, and it was quite good.

The pub was let down by selling Greene Kingís appalling I.P.A.

10 Oct 2007 09:07

The Fat Cat, Norwich

We visited this pub in January but forgot to post a review. As it is now number 1 in the Top 40 we thought we had better confirm that indeed this is a TOP PUB.

Everything about this pub is brilliant. It sits unpretentiously on a street corner, tucked away, in the middle of Victorian housing, about a mile from the city center. It has a "Tardis" feel about it when you walk in. There's a huge range of beer in great condition.

The place was heaving when we went there but the service was excellent. Everyone appear to be having one hell of a good time. No need bloody bouncers on the door!

Why can't more English pubs be like this. You have to give it 10/10.

24 Sep 2007 10:29

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

We have noticed that this pub is now "Number 1" in the BITE "Top 40", and deservedly so!

Great beer, great food, wonderful staff, unpretentious, nice customers.

Spot on!

Carry on the good work!

14 Sep 2007 19:48

Yates's, Reading

We agree with Baz. And the service was better.

12 Sep 2007 11:38

Prince Of Wales, Didcot

Put the words "GREENE KING" and "DIDCOT" together and what do you get?

HEY PRESTO --- Possibly the worst pub in the world.

4 Sep 2007 11:32

Ladygrove, Didcot

Put the words "GREENE KING" and "DIDCOT" together and what do you get?

HEY PRESTO --- Possibly the worst pub in the world.

4 Sep 2007 11:30

The Horse and Harrow, West Hagbourne

Half Pub / Half Bookmakers

4 Sep 2007 11:18

No. 8, Willesden

We have never seen so many anonymous reviews in such a short space of time. We wonder who can be writing them?
Surely not Steve and Al !!!

29 Aug 2007 09:13

The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

Detrimental to the amenity.

19 Aug 2007 01:52

The Harrow, West Ilsley

Beautiful pub. Idealic setting and well used by the villagers. Look after this pub residents of West Ilsley, and keep your eyes on the Greedy King !

10 Aug 2007 10:21

The Swan Hotel, East Ilsley

Oh Dear, another Greene King refurbishment that's gone horribly wrong.

10 Aug 2007 10:12

The Crown and Horns Inn, East Ilsley

We have just read the comment below and have never read so much rubbish in our lives. We're not surprised the author wishes to remain anonymous. This is a truly great pub selling great beer and superb food. You can view your food being cooked through a window. There is a huge range of Scotch Whisky. The staff are always friendly and are continually cleaning and tidying up. We really can't fault this pub.

10 Aug 2007 10:08

Compton Swan Hotel, Compton

A Great Business Opportunity we don't think, not so long as Greene King have anything to do with it. They've obviously got their minds set on selling this pub off for housing. Tough luck Compton, another lovely village with no local.

10 Aug 2007 09:46

The Load of Mischief, Blewbury

Greene King are doing their best to bankrupt one tenant after another, so they can delicense this pub, in order to sell it off for housing.

10 Aug 2007 09:36

The Back of Beyond, Reading

It's just another JD Wetherspoons'. If you can't afford to drink in a proper pub you can't beat them. : )

31 Jul 2007 15:37

The Lord Nelson, Wantage

It says it's a "Free House" on the sign. They're obviously too embarrassed to admit that this is yet another pub that can only sell Greene King's appalling beer. Food's not bad though!

31 Jul 2007 15:20

The Bell Inn, Wantage

Another Greene King Tenancy.

Thai landlady, Thai Food. Also English food.

Try the bottled lager.

31 Jul 2007 15:12

The Swan, Wantage

Duke Box is spelt with a "J". Indeed the Lochness Monster has left a vacant milk churn.

Occasionally has some interesting real ale.

Cocktails are their speciality.

Don't get too giddy in the Swan or you may have to deal with the rather large Landlord.

Well run pub, give it a try.

31 Jul 2007 15:04

The Arbery, Wantage

Gets rammed at weekends but well run and not too much trouble. A pubs mainly for the younger sect. One real ale and a good selection of lagers. Good food. Apparently a lovely garden is on it's way, sounds good to us.

31 Jul 2007 14:43

The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

"Time Warp" pub. 3 Real Ales from micro breweries. Pub of the Year in 2005.

Real fires in the winter, flower adorned patio in the summer.

Don't bother to play dominoes against the locals --- you'll lose.

31 Jul 2007 14:34

The Kings Arms, Wantage

Large garden, Greene King beer.

31 Jul 2007 14:18

Baron Cadogan, Caversham

Reminds me of an Airport Departure Lounge.

If you're the sort of person who considers McDonalds a restaurant, then you probably consider this a pub.

Full of the rich residents of Caversham drinking cheap beer and eating "two for the price of one" microwaved meals, too tight to use their local pub.

You'll never bump into Tim Martin here.

28 Jul 2007 21:09

The Alehouse, Reading

Nice pub, wonderful selection of beers in good condition, if a tad on the expensive side. Still you you have to pay for quality or you may be forced to drink at a JD Wetherspoons! Not much wrong with this pub!

28 Jul 2007 20:29

The Rose and Thistle, Reading

This Pub is going down the toilet big-time. Greene King seem to think that all they have to do is to refurbish their pubs every couple of years to keep their customers. Have they not thought that people go into a pub for a decent pint. We all know that Greene King beer is not good but the real ale in here is truly awful. In fact if there was an award for the worst real ale in Reading, the Rose and Thistle would win it hands down. Food pretty good though, and loads of big screens to stare at if you don't like social intercourse.

28 Jul 2007 20:17

The Hope Tap, Reading

12 beers on hand pump, great! After waiting 10 minutes to get served we asked for the Loddon Dragonfly. It's off! Can we have the Loddon Hullabaloo? That's off. How about the Hop Back Crop Circle? Sorry, we're cleaning the line. We could feel a pub version of the Monty Python "Cheese Sketch" coming on. Why don't you turn the pump-clips round the other way if the beer is off and stop wasting our time. We were informed that that was against the law. WHAT!!!

Ended up with some passable Bombardier but made the mistake ordering the "improved" fish and chips. God, if this was improved, what was it like before!

If you haven't two pennies to rub together, get in there, the drinks are cheap.

I wonder if Tim Martin ever goes into his appalling pub chain?

28 Jul 2007 19:56

The Royal Oak, Wantage

This Pub is typical of how nice pubs used to be before the breweries and pub companies started ripping them apart and "refurbishing" them. The landlord has apparently served a quarter of a century here and hasn't changed anything apart from installing some excellent beer. Voted "Pub of the Year" by the local branch of CAMRA and we're not surprised, most of the pubs in this area are owned by Greene King and have to sell their appalling beer. Here's to a great "Free House"!

28 Jul 2007 19:10

The Bear Hotel, Wantage

Please note remarks by graybagsinburyonceagain - he owns Arkells.

28 Jul 2007 18:49

The Shears, Wantage

It's got a pool table (and a dart board).

28 Jul 2007 16:26

The Blue Boar, Wantage

Nice "Old Coaching Inn", ruined by Greene King. No real ale (not even their award winning IPA), plenty of pond life. The only way Greene King can get people through the door is to spend a quarter of a million pounds on a new refurbishment, every two years. They have now decided turn the pub from "managed" to "tenanted". Let's hope the new tenant has as much money as Greene King had to waste.

28 Jul 2007 14:29

The Battle Inn, Reading

Spot the green painted building with iron bars over every window. If you don't like real ale, enjoy the company of drunken Irishmen and don't mind leaving with bloody-nose, black-eye or in a coffin (if you're really lucky), you'll love this pub!

28 Jul 2007 13:55

The North Star, Steventon

Nice old pub featured in the CAMRA infantry of "unspoilt pub interiors". Watch out for the JCB driving owner who knocks the pub over (with the customers inside) if he's refused a drink after time.

28 Jul 2007 13:24

The Abingdon Arms, Wantage

Great little local. Three real ales. Lovely garden. Gorgeous Blond Landlady is a real laugh. Not much wrong with this pub!

18 Jul 2007 18:31

The Union Inn, Saltash

Top class real ales. Interesting lagers. Great live music. No money spent on the pub since 1959, thread-bear carpet. Great bar staff. Landlord is a miserable cornish git with a very silly beard.

18 Jul 2007 18:05

The New Inn, Shalfleet

Beer OK (Goddards and London Pride sampled) in foodie pub. Can see where it makes its money. Too expensive for Malcolm from Totland.

14 Jul 2007 12:09

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Newport

Crap town centre boozer. Three real ales; tasted the Youngs and it was very poor. At least Malcolm from Totland wasn't in!

14 Jul 2007 12:08

The Bargemans Rest, Newport

A particularly unquaint riveside pub; beer good though. Malcolm from Totland nowhere in sight.

14 Jul 2007 12:07

The Yarbridge Inn, Yarbridge

Excellent selection of well-kept beer. Railway memorabilia. All enhanced by the absence of Malcolm from Totland!

14 Jul 2007 12:05

The Dairymans Daughter, Arreton

Appaling plastic pub in tourist grot spot. Decent selection of ales although one was off. Chatty attractive barmaid. Cream teas greatly out-performing beer sales mid-afternoon. Luckily no no sign of Malcolm from Totland.

14 Jul 2007 12:04

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Great pub with excellent beer. Unfortunately on our visit we were treated to the "pub bore" of all pub bores. He claimed to be only 62, and was using his bus pass to empty pubs aound the island.Malcolm was from "Pompey" and proud of it. Now a resident of Totland, they are welcome to him. Staunch UKIP member, although a big bloke a littler "little Englander" we have yet to meet.

14 Jul 2007 12:02

The Steamer Inn, Shanklin

Cardinal sin - no toilet paper in the gents. Beer too cold. Interesting naval memorabilia.

14 Jul 2007 11:58

The Village Inn, Shanklin

Ventnor Best Bitter OK. Too interested in food but a reasonable pub nonethless.

14 Jul 2007 11:57

The Falcon, Shanklin

Acceptable Tanglefoot on pretty boring pub. Reasonable pool table.

14 Jul 2007 11:56

Crown Hotel, Ryde

Only Greene King IPA. Left without bothering to buy a drink.

14 Jul 2007 11:54

Castle Inn, Ryde

Locals' pub; keen on racing Saturday afternoon. Beer OK.

14 Jul 2007 11:53

The Railway, Ryde

Good pub. Honest landlord and landlady but limited selection of real ales (Spitfire & Brakspear). Spitfire well kept four pumps unused!

14 Jul 2007 11:49

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Friendly pub with good selection of beers (6).

14 Jul 2007 11:47

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