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Comments by paulbeckett

Dial Arch, Woolwich

Went in here for a meal last night and was very disappointed as I have eaten in here many times before. Service was slow and the menu was limited in choice. Staff were pleasant enough but a bit on the scruffy side. It took them ages to clear the table On the bright side the food and beer were good. They may have to improve as there are other places to eat and drink in the area.

28 May 2016 08:44

The Swan on the Green, West Peckham

Very nice place for a drink. Tried most of their beers and was not disappointed. We also ate here and the food was very good. Considering it was the day of the village fete and they were very busy service was good. Looking forward to my next visit.

6 Jul 2014 17:44

Plume of Feathers, Plumstead

I didn't go in here for a long time because the beer served was not much good. Mainly Courage and if we were lucky a half decent guest.Now there is a new landlord in this place and he is starting to serve some good ale I will continue to go in here and support his efforts to turn this place around

30 Jun 2014 20:23

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Didn't think it was that expensive but I am used to paying London prices. Went in here twice over the weekend and had Fools Gold, Seafarers, Brit Hop and HSB. Tried the food on both visits and was not disappointed. Service was OK and the staff were friendly .

5 May 2014 15:27

Ship Anson, Portsmouth

Went in here yesterday and had a very good pint of Workie Ticket from Mordue. Other pump was Greene King IPA. Service was a bit on the slow side. The food seemed OK (Sunday Lunch) but cannot comment on the quality as I was just waiting for a friend and didn't have time to eat. Liked the pub and the atmosphere was OK. Plan to come back again

5 May 2014 15:10

The Door Hinge, Welling

Been in this bar several times and found very welcoming. Owner knows his beer and is a very engaging character. Beer is served by gravity and is kept in a cool room that can be looked into from the bar. I suggest that you visit this bar - you will not regret it.

5 Mar 2014 18:59

We Anchor In Hope, Welling

Popped in here to see the Man City v Chelsea F A Cup match. Two guests on plus Doombar and London Pride. Although it was busy I didn't have to wait long to be served. Food was being served but cannot comment on that as I didn't eat but my son certainly enjoyed the burger and chips he had. Will certainly go in there again.

15 Feb 2014 20:09

The Worsley Old Hall, Worsley

Reopened 17/12/13 after refurbishment. I liked what I saw. Bar has been moved and opened up a great fireplace. There were 6 hand pumped beers and 1 cider on offer. The menu is extensive and varied. Considering the size of our party (12) the service was great as was the food we did not have long to wait. The food was fresh and cooked to order. of us were present. I found it difficult to fault anything and I will certainly visit again when next staying at the hotel next door an suggest that you do the same.

31 Dec 2013 10:04

The Bexley Arms, Windsor

Was in here recently for a quiz night. Good choice of beers including the locally brewed Windsor and Eton Guardsman which was very quaffable. Didn't try any of the food but the locals I spoke recommended it in particular the desserts. Staff were friendly and the service was good. Main bar area in the next room seemed quiet for a Friday evening which I thought was a bit surprising. Overall I would visit again.

26 Oct 2013 10:25

O'Neills, Watford

Overall I liked this place and will pay another visit when next in the area. Food was great and the staff were very friendly. Only had time for a couple of pints which were indifferent. Like I said I will go back and try some other beers. I always give a place a second chance.

8 Sep 2013 15:25

Ye Olde Six Bells, Horley

Popped in here before going on hols from nearby Gatwick. Beer was very good unfortunately the choice was limited. The food and service was also very good and they found us a table for 6 at short notice. Will certainly come in here again. I recommend others to do the same even if you are not using Gatwick.

18 Aug 2013 13:11

The Oyster Rooms, Fulham

Popped in here on the way home from a meal in "Frankies. Typical'spoons as the beer on sale was the usual stuff. That apart I had a very nice pint of Sambrooks Junction Ale.

I may come in here again when in the area but I will check to see if there are better venues around.

28 Jul 2013 16:40

The Crown, Blackheath

Here I am again. Met two mates in for a Friday drink. Really enjoyed the beer in here especially as they had a mild on tap (very nice). Will be back.

7 Jun 2013 18:20

The Foresters Arms, Welling

This is open. Went past it the other week and there were people in there drinking. Looks OK from the outside.

4 May 2013 09:11

The Hare and Billet, Blackheath

Went in here last Friday. To my surprise and great pleaseure there was a good selection os ales (7) including a very noce Porter. Restuarnt was quiet but it was early in the evening. It was busy but the service was good. Staff were helpful and let us have "tasters" to check the beer quality. Hope to do Sunday lunch one day in here.

14 Apr 2013 11:50

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Went past here yesterday. Zapsincl is right - it is a Tescos. can tghe information be updated please.

14 Apr 2013 11:39

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

Very good pub and well worth a visit. Beer was good and served quick. Very victorian interior, yet one more to add to my "must visit again" list.

12 Apr 2013 19:12

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

Well worth a visit. Busy upstairs so went into the downstairs bar and this seemed to go on forever. Better choice of ales in the downstairs bar. Had lunch in here and the food was very good and we did not have long to wait to be served given how busy it was with punters waiting for the Grand National. Will visit again for sure.

12 Apr 2013 19:06

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Very nice pub to visit but not the best we went into last weekend. Pleasant pint but not much else.

12 Apr 2013 19:01

The Canon's Gait, Edinburgh

If you like you modern pub then give this a visit but it is not to my liking. Background music was pleasant and not intrusive (vinyl played on a turntable). Beer was passable. Overall I was a bit disappointed. May come here again if only to see if things have got better.

11 Apr 2013 18:46

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Just behind The Guildford Arms. Popped in here on the off chance on Saturday and had to stand for while before we got some chairs tucked away in the corner. This minor discomfort was more than made up by the good pint of Stewarts 80/-.
Give it a visit as just may be surprised.

11 Apr 2013 18:41

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Typical Edinburgh pub if you like Victorian architecture. Choice of ales was very good. Landlady, who was serving, was pleasant and chatty. In my opinion one of the best places in Edinburgh to go for a good pint of scottish beer.

11 Apr 2013 18:36

The Jolly Judge, Edinburgh

Very understated pub down an alleyway but it had a great atmosphere. Both times we visited were fairly busy but we didn't have long to wait to be served. Not a great choice of ale but the selection of whisky more than made for this this. Bar staff were friendly as well. I suggest that anyone give a visit as I think they will be surprised.

11 Apr 2013 18:29

The Doric Tavern, Edinburgh

Excellent Scottish pub. One of the few pubs where the selection of whiskies was mind blowing and I am speak as a beer drnker. Fair choice of beers. Service was good and the barmaid (newly trained) knew her stuff. Very nice atmosphere which was made better on our third visit when some musicians came in and played. Had food in the restaurant upstairs (see review on Trip Advisor).

10 Apr 2013 19:20

Deacon Brodies, Edinburgh

8 of us went in here last Friday for a drink before proceeding up the Royal Mile to see if we could get into the Camera Obscura. Although it was packed in here the service was quick and the staff were cheerful and friendly and we got served very fast even though there was a stag and hen party in. Two of the ladies with us wanted coffe and that came fast as well. I recommend this place to anyone who likes a little bit of history attached to a pub.

8 Apr 2013 19:30

The Last Drop, Edinburgh

Went here last Saturday evening. Very busy as you would expect so we sat outside on a chilly. No complaints about that as the atmosphere was great. Lots of stag and hen parties passing so that added to the enjoyment. Good choice of beer and whisky. Service was cheerful and welcoming so I will certainly call in here again when we next go to Edinburgh.

8 Apr 2013 19:19

The Volunteer, Plumstead

Was in here last Friday with my son to watch the Moldova v England game. Atmosphere was good and given that it was a Friday evening it wasn't crowded. Drank Courage Best as, surprisingly, there were no guest ales on. Last guest ale in there was Doombar so I am hoping it will be back soon.

9 Sep 2012 15:48

The Essex Arms, Watford

Liked ourr visit to this place. Food was very much what I was expecting but the portions were very good. On the plus side there was a great of beers and local ales. Service could have been a bit better but in their defence it was busy (Mo Farah was running in the final of the Olympic 5000 metre final) so I will forgive them.

19 Aug 2012 19:50

The Peahen, St Albans

Popped in here with my family whilst waitng for my daughter and partner and enjoyed two pints of McMullens. Didn't eat much myself but I shared a bowl of nachos with the others.From what I saw being delivered to other tables the food looked and smelt very nice. The service was attentive and we didn't have to wait long for the nachos. Overall I liked the place and as it was a nice day we sat outside but inside was nice and welcoming. Will visit this place when I am next in the area (end of Sept visiting the St Albans beer festival)..

19 Aug 2012 19:44

Great Harry, Woolwich

Welcome back. Had a great lunch in here last Sunday. Food was hot,fresh and served fast. Two very nice ales on when I was in there, the Nelsons Blood (6%) was very nice. Will pay another visit soon as I work just up the road.

25 Jul 2012 20:28

Dial Arch, Woolwich

Went in here the other day and enjoyed my visit. Good choice of beer (as usual) and the food (lunch) was great. The service was fast and friendly. Its always worth making the effort to get here. Like busker999 says its the best pub in Woolwich and I have yet to have a bad experience in there.

30 Jun 2012 13:22

The Evening Star, Brighton

Went in here for the first time last week and I really liked it. Great range of guest beers in addition to the Dark Star ones. Will certainly come here again. It's also a basic pub with no frills which is why I liked it.

23 Jun 2012 14:39

The Wellington Arms, Watford

Went in here, like the Estcourt Tavern, for the 1st time last Saturday. London Rride and Buntingfords August Ale on offer. Tried the Buntingsford's which I really liked. Place had a bit of history (see photo's on the walls) about it and a friendly atmosphere. Barmaid was a bit of an airhead but was friendly enough. The locals that I spoke to were welcoming so I will call in again when in the area.

10 Aug 2011 09:41

The Estcourt Tavern, Watford

Popped in here for the first time last Saturday. It is a Greene King place and had the usual Greens King beers (IPA & Abbott). Had a couple of pints of the Abbot which were OK. Also had some food wich was good. The service for both the drinks and the food was good so I will be visiting again when I am next in the area.

10 Aug 2011 09:35

The Crown, Blackheath

Just been back in here again. I stick to my comments of 01/08/2010. I will be in here again soon.

23 Jul 2011 12:32

The Coronet, Holloway

Went in here yesterday as it was fairly. Food was OK (typical 'spoons fare) and the service was fairly fast. Good choice of ales. Friends and family I was with were impressed with the interuor as they remamber what it was like about 20 years ago.

3 Jul 2011 12:32

The Tap, Sandown

Called in here after visiting Caulheads just down the road. Had a geat pint of Deuchars IPA (Doombar was also on but didn't try it). Staff were friendly and service was quick.

It was fairly busy as there was footie on the big screen.

Would call in again - if only for the beer.

1 Jun 2011 14:40

Caulkheads, Sandown

Popped in here as it was close to where we were staying. Food was plentiful and pleasant but not outstanding.

Dartboard and pool table were right next door to each other so you could not play pool if someone was playing darts and vice versa. Pub is situaten next door to a carava site so there was a lot of families in (noisy children etc).

On the plus side the beer was very good and they had Old Hooky and Doombar on.

1 Jun 2011 14:32

King Lud, Ryde

Did not originally intend to go in here as I was looking for Fowlers (a 'spoons place). Changed my mind when I saw the hill I had to walk up.

It was quiet so the service was quick and friendly and the food was very good and served with a smile.

Had a pint of Goddards Best Bitter and a pint of Sharps Cornish Ale - both very good. I agree with detectorman - don't be fooled by the outside there is plenty of room inside and there is a very good atmosphere inside. Wiil certainly pay is another visit.

1 Jun 2011 14:22

The Ocean Deck, Sandown

Although this is attached to a hotel this is NOT a typical hotel bar.Great views of the sea and cliff from the main bar. Had a pint of Ringwoods 49er which was top notch. Didnt try the Old Thumper (pity) coz I didn't have a lot of time.

Ladies in my party in my party had some food which was good and they did not have to wait too long for it. Despite it being busy the barman was friendly and helpful. Very spacious outside area for having a drink. Clearing of vacated tables was bit slow but I will put that down to it being busy

1 Jun 2011 14:11

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

Four of us went in here yesterday for Sunday lunch and a drink.The roast was average but the desserts were great. Service was quick and cheerful.There was a nice "feel" about the place . Had two pints of excellent Caledonian Schiehallion. Theh only other beer that was on at the time was London Pride. Will definately visit again.

30 Aug 2010 12:11

The Toby Carvery, Langley

Went in here last week (sorry for the delay). Typical carvery but for all of that the food was OK. Staff were pleasant and helpful and booking a table for 10 at short notice was no problem. They had London Pride and Wadworth 6X which were both excellent.

1 Aug 2010 10:45

The King and Castle, Windsor

Nice 'spoons pub with what would have been a great selection of ales had half of been available although that were available (Rebellion Blond and Abbot) were excellent. Food and service was very good. Will certainly visit again.

1 Aug 2010 10:40

The Crown, Blackheath

Don't know what Glasgowboy is going on about because I found the beer very good and there was a good choice. A lot better than the O'Neils across the road. Pub was clean (as were the toilets) and the service was very good.

1 Aug 2010 10:34

The Alex, Bognor Regis

I agree with the comments posted by Zuma. Called in here after reading about it on BITE and I was not disappointed. The pint of Otter Ale I had was worth the visit. The rest of my party had coffee and they said that it was very nice. A bit busy (a good sign) but I didn't have to wait to be served. Will certainly pop into this pub again when I am next in Bognor.

1 Jun 2010 21:19

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

Spent a very nice few hours in here as part of a wedding group. Service was very good and the staff were pleasant. The usual Youngs & Wells beer was spot on. Will come again.

4 Apr 2010 18:49

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Called in here on the way back from the Battersea Beer Fest and discovered they had a fest as well on the go. Great choice of beers in addition to their regular beers. Did not have long to wait for service and staff were very friendly. Will call here again - hopefully soon. My eve try the grub.

13 Feb 2010 08:37

Bridgewater Hotel, Worsley

This pub is NOT closed - check it out. Went in there and had an exceelent pint of Greene King IPA. They also had Old Speckled Hen and Black Sheep. They had a very good food menu although I didn't try any grub it looked very nice. Very welcoming atmosphere so like I said above please try it out and decide for yourself.

1 Jan 2010 12:22

Southern Cross, Watford

Very pleasant pub. It had three guests plus Adnams Broadside and Bombardier on when I was in there yesterday. Tried the food which was OK. Nice feel about the place and like the Nascot I will definately go in there again.

1 Nov 2009 15:34

The Nascot Arms, Watford

Very nice little local boozer. Geat range of ales including a very quaffable porter. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Will certainly visit again when I am next in Watford.

1 Nov 2009 15:29

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

The proper name for this hostelry is The New Cross Turnpike - please remember that. It's a good 'spoons pub. Had and excellent pint, or two, of Shropshire Gold. The bar staff were pleasant and chatty and the food was very good and the service was quick.

4 Oct 2009 08:45

The Rising Sun, Eltham

Went in here for a lunchtime drink. Peaceful sort of pub with a very nice atmosphere and very clean. Had an excellent pint of Ruddles best. Didn't try the grub but from what I saw that too seemed OK. Will definately go in here again. Hope they don't put in a jukebox as it will ruin the place.

25 Sep 2009 22:19

The Somerhill, Tonbridge

Very friendly quiet pub with a nice atmosphere. Had and excellent pint of Harvey Best. Will definately go again

20 Sep 2009 13:15

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

I agree with nuckster1511. No guests on last night and loads of "available soon" stickers. When I asked when they would be available (in case it was worthwhile hanging about( I was told a week (!?!?)). Girl serving at the time didn't seen to have a clue. Go to The Society Rooms - much better. My mark is based on the fact that the Pedigree was very good.

20 Sep 2009 12:56

The Shamrock Bar, Bournemouth

Just been to Bournemouth where I paid (another) visit to this establisment. Tried Wadsworths Bishops Tipple (very good) and when that ran out I reverted to Old Speckle Hen which was spot on.
Also had a meal in there and that was great as well. Can get a bit crowded when thaere is a goof footie game on telly but don't let that put you off as you do not wait to long to be served - even on the busy days

30 Aug 2009 14:44

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Bit pricey but the beer (Late Red) was excellent. Service very good and the atmosphere great. Will certainly visit again asap.

10 Nov 2008 12:50

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Typical Joseph Holt pub - good beer and a nice atmosphere.Went in there last night with a bunch of lads on a stag do from London and they were impressed with the beer, pub and the friendliness of the local. Will go there again when I am next in Manchester visiting family.

22 Jun 2008 17:02

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Had a good pint of Ringwoods 49er whilst waiting for someone and had to wait for that due to lack of bar staff. Food seemed OK but didn't try any of it.

1 Jun 2008 14:21

The Shamrock Bar, Bournemouth

Had a great evening in this bar a few nights ago whilst watching England v USA. Only real ale on was Ringwoods Best Bitter so not much choice unless you are a lager drinker. Although it was packed there was no problem with any of the punters.

1 Jun 2008 14:16

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Just been to this great pub. Good choice of beers after all thats what we pay for, never mind the strength. Good menu and nice atmosphere. I would make this my local if I lived in the area.

1 Jun 2008 14:08

The Ellesmere Inn, Eccles

Typical Holts pub. Good atmosphere and beer was well kept

22 Apr 2008 07:00

The John Gilbert, Worsley

Went in there last Saturday. Old Trip and two other beers on so good choice of ale. Food on this occasion was poor, bread used to make the sarnies was a bit stale. However may go here again if only for the beer.

22 Apr 2008 06:58

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Called in here on way home from London Drinker Beer Festival and had an excellent pint of Spitfire. Beer was good but a bit pricey. The food was OK and the service was great.

14 Mar 2008 18:52

Great Harry, Woolwich

Went in there with my wife and daughter. Left after one drink because my wife and daughter felt uneasy with the people in there.

22 Feb 2008 20:27

The Earl of Chatham, Woolwich

Just got back from this great boozer. Food was fresh, hot and prompt which was good for a Friday evening. Beer was good (London Pride and Youngs Bitter)and well kept. Give this place a visit when you are next in Woolwich.

22 Feb 2008 20:23

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Good choice of beer and well kept. Could still do with a makeover. Don't go in here if you want to wait ages for your grub to arrive.

10 Feb 2008 16:09

The Leather Bottle, Belvedere

Just had the office Xmas party here. Food very good and only �15.00 for three courses. Atmosphere was great and they had Wychwood Hobgoblin on hand pump which made the evening even better.

17 Dec 2007 07:13

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

Went in here for last orders on Friday.Staff were OK as it was fairly peaceful. Had a great pint of Harveys. Pub is in need of decorating.

30 Sep 2007 15:56

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Poor choice of beer so had Zywiec bottled lager (fairly good). Ceasar salad took an age to arrive. Could do with a makeover.

22 Apr 2007 12:34

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Went in here at lunchtime on St Pats day (yesterday) for the first time. This was a bog standard Lloyds bar. Apart from the Guinness there was sod all on in the way of real ale. Two of the real ales were off and the Old Speckled Hen was substandard and we waited ages for it. That said the food was fast and it was OK.

18 Mar 2007 10:25

Barton Arms, Stablefold

Good atmosphere and a good selection of real ales. Black Sheep was especially good.

3 Jan 2007 16:40

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Very busy with a great atmosphere when I was in there but it was curry night. Had a great pint of Cotleigh's Buzzard. Hope to go again as soon as possible.

10 Nov 2006 14:10

The King and Castle, Windsor

This pub was a bit quiet but it was Monday lunchtime. had a great pint of Rebellion (can't remember which one.

31 Oct 2006 15:57

The Market Porter, Borough

Great pub with a great atmosphere. Great choice of beers when I went in there last Thursday. Will definitely visit there again. Nuff said

15 Jul 2006 21:23

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Don't care what others think about this place coz I liked it. Beer good. It was quiet because it was early Thursday evening but at least you could have a convertsation without having to shout!!

6 Jul 2006 18:14

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

Typical Wetherspoons pub not far from the sea front. Sandwiches & wraps were good. Atmosphere was OK given that it was lunchtime. Couple of beers were not on but had a very good pint of Deuchars IPA. Give it a try.

11 Jun 2006 11:02

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

Discovered this little gem just recently. Have not tried the grub but it looks great. There is a first class choice of real ales, when we visited there were five on at the same time so I was spoilt for choice. Go and visit this pub because you will not be disappointed as the atmosphere is brilliant.

3 May 2006 13:36

The Donkey Stone, Manchester Airport

As a fellow Manc I agree with the previous comments. I would also add that this place is a dump. Full of people who would hold up a flight and inconvenience others for the for the sake of having another pint of crap beer at high prices.

18 Apr 2006 14:16

The John Gilbert, Worsley

Only been in here when it's been quiet so don't know what it's like when its busy. Beer fine but not much choice - or there wasn't when I was in there. Food seemed OK but didn't try it. Plenty of smooth beers.

18 Apr 2006 14:11

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Paid another visit to this pub. Went in there on St Patricks night. Amazing atmosphere and surprisingly it wasn't to packed so perhaps the freezing wind kept people away. As ever the beer was great. Didn't try the nosh but from what I heard it was very good.

20 Mar 2006 13:46

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Great pub but can get a bit crowded but it was fairly crowd free when we were in there at 4.30pm. Staff friendly. Didn't try thr grub but it looked OK. Most of the people in there appeared to be tourists sheltering from the rain.

13 Mar 2006 10:13

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Went to this pub last Friday evening so it was very packed but the location of the pub made made up for it. The beer was OK. The gents need a refurb - soon.

10 Feb 2006 08:23

Richard I, Greenwich

Nice pub and nice beer. Was there on a Friday afternoon so I was able to have a quiet pint.

10 Feb 2006 08:19

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Not one of my favourite pubs in Greenwich. Not much choice of beers but I could have picked the wrong day of the week(A Monday). Staff were a bit slow and only interested in parting you from your cash.

10 Feb 2006 08:16

Great Harry, Woolwich

Never really like this pub despite the great range of beers and lagers. Can't wait for the the DLR to arrive. Perhaps when it does it will improve.

10 Feb 2006 08:12

The Prince Albert (Rose's), Woolwich

Great atmosphere, great beer and great service. What more can I say. I suggest that you should visit it if you want any of the above.

10 Feb 2006 08:08

Bridgewater Hotel, Worsley

Popped in here as the Barton Arms over the road had no decent beer to drink. Beer in this one was OK and at least there was a choice.Very quiet on the day we were in there but the pub was clean and there were plenty of room.

10 Apr 2005 12:53

Barton Arms, Stablefold

When I was recently in there it had only lager (boo) and smooth beer,no real ale. Still the pub and staff were ok so I will probably pop in there again one day.

10 Apr 2005 12:51

The Black Horse, Nettleham

Good choise of ales, or there was when I was in there. Bit noisy as there were two large screen TV,s going full blats in the one room. Friendly landlord.

10 Apr 2005 12:43

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Great pub with very friendly staff who knew what my order was so I didn't have to keep repeating myself. Been here several times so I know what I am talking about. It is also away from the town centre so you are not bugged by tourist types.

16 Mar 2005 12:35

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

Good drinkers pub and a great choice of hand pump beers. Well worth a visit so give it a try.

15 Mar 2005 09:16

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