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The Cross Keys, Sherborne

Today,27 feb. 2010, is rumered to be the last day of this pub,closeing down and it has been sold to shereborne school for boys, i hope the story isnt true,the same story goes for the swan cheap street sherborne !,allthough it is not to close for a few weeks

27 Feb 2010 17:34

Pen Mill Hotel, Yeovil

tried this place and i cant work out what mr bob os likes,not only this but he prefers the digby tap to the britinnania inn sherborne,and this to the royal marine !,i think it is a very good pub very good beer,staff,sky sports news in far cornner and bar for drinkers very good food

25 Oct 2009 18:45

The Sparkford Inn, Sparkford

hmmm good offers on food,shame they dont start untill tomorrow, tonight,that offer is only etc.,etc,the way i understood it is you can have the offers but only when the day in the week doesnt end with a y,good pint shame about the food part but i wont get ripped off.

25 Oct 2009 18:38

Skippers, Sherborne

now re,re opened the old new landlords lasted a good 6 weeks !,must try the new ones when im around in a few weeks

16 Oct 2009 20:58

The White Hart, Sherborne

better than it's namesake in sherborne,for food and beer and the chap behind the bar was friendly,so i will be back asap,the chips are like well something like wedges but far better,good luck to them

16 Oct 2009 20:56

The White Hart, Bishops Caundle

re opened late summer 2009,new landlord,a well kept pint of badger beer, and very good food

27 Sep 2009 18:02

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

went in there last night,shit hole 1 pint and left,VERY unfreindly and unwelcoming !

27 Sep 2009 17:56

The Queen's Head, Sherborne

wow !, food fantastic and a nice pint and good company.

30 Aug 2009 15:36

The Gainsborough Arms, Milborne Port

ive heard it is to close and get a major revamp 600.000 ,and reopen as the square and compass ! shame not a bad pub

30 Aug 2009 15:35

Skippers, Sherborne

ohh dear if you thought it was bad before then it is lots worse now to say the least,bitter has gone from 2.90 - 3.50,food is well to put it nicely dont go near the place,or if you do just look at the small blackboards held together with black masking tape is it to hide the uneven writeing,ohh but as the blackboards do say FREE CAR PARK ! ,if im paying 3.50 a pint i should think so ! ! ! and it's a pub what are this lot on !!!!!!!!!!!,needs seeing to belive it it is so bad,shame ;[

30 Aug 2009 15:25

The White Post, Rimpton

the landlord has moved,this place reopened 20 6 09,

23 Jun 2009 21:37

The Tippling Philosopher, Milborne Port

i was in this place about 2 months ago,a few mates said lets go to milborne port,so we did after the queens head one said lets go in the tip.[we had 15 mins before the bus back] there was me thinking the tip was short for the tippling philosopher untill i went in ! !,the bar is so so small,[serveing area] with all that wasted space around it what would it be like if it got busy ?, a tip.

23 Jun 2009 18:55

Coopers Mill, Yeovil

we went in here a few weeks ago for food and a couple of pints,and my god what a change ! from last time,it is like it being from the glove factory it was to the pub ? it was and that compared to what it is now, decent food didnt take to long to come and a very good pint,i'll be back here again,what a differance unreal ! ! !

23 Jun 2009 17:01

Skippers, Sherborne

sorry for repeats computer has been playing up ! ! sorry again.

22 Jun 2009 21:40

Skippers, Sherborne

sorry for repeats computer has been playing up ! ! sorry again.

22 Jun 2009 21:39

The Red Lion Inn, Wincanton

now closed down.i was going there tuesday 23,6,09,

22 Jun 2009 21:19

The Cross Keys, Sherborne

entertainment value 10/10 [there was no organised entertainment !] a tall skin head who was quite drunk, winy or vinny ? i think he said, he was harmless laugh after laugh with his noises and words he shouted i will be back and hope to see him,he isnt or wouldnt be everyones ideal company to say the least but for him it would have been a dive ! ! ! !

22 Jun 2009 20:31

The White Hart, Sherborne

ohh dear !,is it a pub or restraunt ?,trying to be both and no good at either !,over priced and full [well 6-7] of miserable people very stange,as for the bar staff you would think i was asking them to pay for a pint they looked at me when i asked for another pint i even said please,took my glass and asked for the money,then stood back as if to say who are you we arent talking to you we dont know you ! wierd and strange place on a par to the digby tap ! yep that bad.

22 Jun 2009 20:21

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

uhhh ! what a horible place ! full of toffs on a saturday night,unfriendly uncomfortable and the beer was flat, now i know why it's cheap !, i thought it would be a nice place reading the other comments about it,i wont be back thank god the britiannia inn over the road was open it didnt take long to get the horible taste of flat beer out of my mouth ! !

22 Jun 2009 20:12

The Britannia Inn, Sherborne

i went in this pub on a saturday night and it was friendly,and the beer [bombardier] was 1st class one of the best pints ive had in a while,the people were chatty as was the landlord what a nice change,i will be back

22 Jun 2009 20:07

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