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Red Lion, Bracknell

Last visit here was for a CAMRA meeting, but the beer ran out at 8:45. Staff very apologetic but that misses the point rather.

30 Oct 2012 14:35

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Now closed. Landlord has moved away.

30 Oct 2012 14:33

The Foundry, Canterbury

Had late lunch here yesterday after visiting the University open day with our daughter. Very impressed indeed - we all were. Excellent food, superb beer (6 on, we tried Street Light Porter, Haka and Foundryman's Gold, all first class beers and well-kept. Service very friendly and efficient - reminded me of places we'd been to in Germany recently for quality and service, and that is high praise. Plus 10% off the bill as we are CAMRA members.
I will be surprised and disappointed if this place doesn't make the next edition of the Good Beer Guide.

17 Jun 2012 14:10

Red Lion, Bracknell

Had a lovely meal here recently - place was very busy but the service was good and friendly. The staff will stop and chat is they have time, and they have personality, which is unusual these days. The Flying Scotsman I had was very good if a little too cold (a general comment, rather than a complaint about the real ales). My only gripe - the lovely Coffee Porter was very much on its last legs (flat and a touch acidic) so I returned it for more Flying Scotsman. No problem there, but I was unimpressed that the Porter was still on sale an hour later when I left.
Benefit of the doubt this time, just don't make a habit of it please - customers will not drink the real ales if they're on sale when they shouldn't be.

15 Jun 2012 15:20

Old Manor, Bracknell

Now local CAMRA Pub of the Year and the place was good on the award evening. Excellent beer, good range and they turn over quickly. Staff are good - service still not perfect but much better than in the past. Manager is doing a fine job. One of the best JDW pubs by a mile.

15 Jun 2012 15:16

The Old Hatchet, Winkfield Row

The management of the Old Hatchet has changed recently resulting in a change (and lengthening) to the menu. The food was good - my wife's platter was excellent. Beer still of the same decent quality. My only gripe is that a 4th beer from Fuller's excellent range should be made available, particularly a lower-strength one.

8 Jun 2012 14:59

The William Twigg, Bracknell

A pub that epitomises the rough area that is Great Hollands. How any pub selling only keg and lager for the chavvy masses gets a 6.5 score on a site called Beer in the Evening is beyond me. If you like decent beer in good company, avoid.

8 Jun 2012 14:55

Goose At The Station, Bracknell

Rough pub in the evenings, full of foul-mouthed types who spend most of their time smoking and swearing outside. Cheaper than Wetherspoons and infinitely rougher - makes the Old Manor look like the Ritz.

8 Jun 2012 14:54

Red Lion, Bracknell

Now very much an upmarket bar/restaurant, but with a distinct bar/drinking area (other Bracknell food-led pubs please note). Efficient, friendly staff, good quality food lunchtimes and evenings (enjoyable steaks). Most importantly, 4 Caledonian beers kept in good condition including some not seen usually in the area. Seem CAMRA-friendly too, which is good.
This is a pub that the area needs to balance the other pub types in the town. Hope it all works out, I will certainly continue to go when I can.

8 Jun 2012 14:51

Queens Oak, Finchampstead

First visit since the new owners took over. The pub seems more like it did many years ago with a slightly back-to-basics feel. The beer (Brakspears Bitter and Special, Jennings Cumberland) was OK and the food excellent. best ham, egg and chips we've had for a long long time. The landlady was friendly and efficient.
The main downside is how noisy the bar is (and it was only moderately busy) - no music, only conversation, but the sound is magnified and echoes too much - something on the walls to deaden this would be highly beneficial.

11 Apr 2012 10:21

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

A proper town pub - friendly, efficient with good home-cooked food and excellent beer. My Ghost Ship and Oyster Stout were simply divine, and my wife's Sauvignon Blanc was a very good one. Very busy on our visit (Friday lunchtime with a range of clientele. If all pubs were this good they would not be in decline.

19 Mar 2012 12:06

The Three Legged Cross, Warfield

First visit since this pub has changed hands. Not much change on the surface but the interior is less dark. The food (Valentine's special) was excellent - the menu looked a bit odd but it was perfectly put together and execptionally tasty.

Beer range - London pride and Tribute is disappointing. The Tribute was OK, nothing more. For a pub that supports local producers for the food, it is extremely disappointing they can't support a local brewer, when there are so many now available.

15 Feb 2012 08:35

The General Wolfe, Westerham

Decent enough pub, friendly, cosy, warm, good food, but can't quite see what the fuss is about. Only 1 guest beer on Saturday, Moorhouse's Premier (not a favourite), but the clip turned round (only to turn back later) so IPA it was. OK pint, well as OK as GK IPA is ever likely to get. My wife's wine was very nice.

Would be better with a better range of beers, and can't understand how it gets into the Good Beer Guide.

13 Feb 2012 08:30

The Belvedere Arms, Sunninghill

Friendly and efficient pub concentrating on food, which was very good indeed. Much of the pub is given over to diners, but as it's a big place, there is still a good sized area for drinkers.

The cask beer range was disappointing, with only Doom Bar being available - London Pride pumpclip turned round and nothing on the 3rd pump. That being said, the Doom Bar was in good condition. However, these beers are ten-a-penny, and pubs like this are missing out on so much by ignoring the excellent local brewers such as Windsor & Eton, Binghams and Loddon.

11 Jan 2012 10:29

The Gold Cup, Ascot

Now closed and boarded up. GK say pub is unviable. The local CAMRA will campaign against change of use.

3 Jan 2012 15:59

The George & Dragon, Westerham

Visited last evening and found this to be a pleasant pub with good food and friendly service. Beer range disappointing with Courage Best and Directors plus the ubiquitous London Pride. Rather expensive, though.

3 Jan 2012 09:15

Dog & Partridge, Sunninghill

First visit to this pub - needed a satnav to locate but worth it. Excellent food - my wife's steak was perfectly cooked as was my monkfish. And 10/10 for the sticky toffee pudding. Good service, friendly staff. Beer was good too - Pride, Doom Bar and Andwells Gold Muddler on. Tried the latter two. My first pint of Muddler was off, but it was replaced swiftly with a Doom bar and I was told when the new cask was on, and it was worth the wait. We will return.

25 Nov 2011 08:29

The Pick and Shovel, Treforest

Went here for lunch the other day whilst visiting my son at University of Glamorgan - his recommendation. Good value food (anywjere selling fish finger sandwiches has to have something going for it), TVs everywhere, decent service. Only one real ale - Brains SA - not bad. Not my type of place but see how it appeals to students.

2 Nov 2011 09:37

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

Popped in for a swift half the other night as my wife had never been in. Definitely an experience, and a good one, if slightly surreal at that. Good banter with the staff, all the banknotes still on the walls, wonderful character. Decent Abbot as well. Has to be done, methinks!

25 Oct 2011 08:40

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

From one or two of the comments on here, we visited with a degree of trepidation. However, I can report that the Old Cannon is as good as ever. We wanted to stay the weekend, but they only had rooms on Friday and all were booked out on Saturday (many places try to prevent this, and it needs some attanetin, please). However, the beer was very good (the Best Bitter less so but mine was one of the last pints out) with the Gunners Daughter outstanding. The food was also of a very high standard, and the service absolutely superb and friendly from all the staff. It's something we noticed in Bury, how friendly and efficient the staff in pubs are, much more so than most other towns. One waiter came over to check that the Gunners Daughter was OK, as we had to wait for the cask to be changed.

24 Oct 2011 09:03

The Beerhouse, Bury St Edmunds

Pretty close to pub and beer heaven, our first visit last weekend won't be the last. The quality of the beer and good friendly service put the misery of another home defeat at Portman Road to the back of our minds. Adnams New Zealand Pale and Salopian Icon were excellent, and my wife's Brewshed American Blonde was very good too. 5 more beers, and the board of what was on next was mouth watering as well.
A proper pub, busy with discerning customers enjoying top-notch beers.

24 Oct 2011 08:57

Ye Olde One Bull, Bury St Edmunds

First visit to this pub last weekend. 4 beers on, including 2 from Brewshed. The Pale Ale was excellent and just right at lunchtime. Good food, too, good service and comfortable seats. The only downside was the number of people drinking at the bar so it's difficult to get served, but to be fair, 2 chaps moved out of our way and someone passed my wife the wine list, so fair play. Why do people block the bar so much and why do staff not do something about it. A minor moan, but needs making. Overall, though, a very enjoyable pub and will be back.

24 Oct 2011 08:54

The Winkfield, Winkfield

This is a pub with potential and you really want to like it, but sadly it's just not possible. On our visit recently the food was of mixed quality (my wife's plaice was served with so many olives it completely unbalanced the dish and my fishcakes could have done with some sort of dipping source). For what you pay (quite a lot) you'd think they'd know this.
Service was poor - there was a large party in so clearly they knew they'd be busy and either warn us (so we could go elsewhere and return another day) or have more staff behind the bar and waiting on tables. On the plus side, the dessert was very good and the staff (when we got their attention) were friendly.
As for beer, Arkells Wiltshire Gold is a good beer, but when served warm and tired like mine was it just tastes very malty like any other Arkells beer poorly kept.
Verdict: could do a lot better

5 Oct 2011 08:58

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

One of the best pubs we've ever visited. Friendly, excellent range of beers (nice to try St George's beer, which was new to me), all well-kept and competitively priced. We reckoned they had 14 on. Absolutely sublime food, good value and an interesting menu. Dining room separate from bar areas which is a big plus. Varied clientele, no music, just a place to go few a few beers and have a chat and enjoy the atmosphere. A real find for us and highly recommended.

30 Aug 2011 11:31

The Great Malvern Hotel, Great Malvern

Recently stayed here for a few days. Friendly staff, good bar (Malvern Hills Black Pear was superb) also selling Bass, the ubiquitous Doom Bar and a Kinver beer. Very good food also. Music on over the weekend, good but loud (to an oldie like me). This place is a complete antidote to soulless identikit chain hotels, and all the better for it.

30 Aug 2011 11:28

The Walter Arms, Sindlesham

Another excellent meal there last evening, and very pleased to see that alongside the normal London Pride and Courage Best they had Bingham's Twyford Tipple. This was on excellent form and I hope they keep stocking it as local beers are preferable to "the usual".

24 Aug 2011 08:55

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

Friendly traditional pub which supports community and charity events. Beer is good - Vale Black Swan and Young's Bitter are permanent and there's a guest ale plus a couple of traditional ciders. Rather out of the way but well worth a visit. What I'd call a proper pub, and none the worse for that.

8 Jul 2011 12:52

The Tudor Arms, Slimbridge

Just spent an enjoyable long weekend at the Tudor Arms. Absolutely top place - excellent rooms, top notch beer, good food and friendly service. The bar was aboslutely rammed on the Friday and our tbale for dinner was in a small passage-like room, which was not too pleasant. A quiet word and that was not repeated -all done effeciently. 2 Uley beers on - both excellent particularly the stunning Pig's Ear - plus 6X and Palmer's Dorset Gold and 2 changing guest beers. Wye Valley Ginger Pride, Mole's Elmo's Fire, Sharp's Honey Gold and a Great Western beer featured during our stay. For cider drinkers there were 6 traditional ciders and perries, which were very popular.
This is a comfortable venue, and good value. The rooms have been refurbished to a high standard. I would unreservedly recommend this place to anyone. Rating of 9 - I don't do 10s!

28 Jun 2011 08:47

The Atrium Bar at South Hill Park, Bracknell

Modern bar, a bit soulless, in Victorian Mansion Arts Centre. Beer from Fullers range - Gales HSB, Seafarers plus 1 other (sometimes a guest) usually competently kept. Does food, but I have never eaten there. Not bad as drinking establishments in Bracknell go, but that isn't saying much!

22 Jun 2011 08:33

The Crooked Billet, Wokingham

First visit since the change of licensee last evening. I must say the place is much improved from its previous incarnation. It is now more "pubby" and a little more like the place of years gone by, even some of the old regulars were back. The new people in charge are friendly, efficient and clearly doing their best. The beer - Brakspear Ordinary and Special - was very good, some of the best Brakspear's in the area. Hobgoblin also available. The food was OK - perhaps we expected more from the description. We will certainly return.

16 Mar 2011 08:05

The White Horse, Tattingstone

Had lunch here yesterday with the family after a visit to Jimmy's Farm. Better value than Jimmy's! Lovely food, nice atmosphere. Beers on were Adnams, Crouch Vale Brewers Gold, Cliff Quay Tolly Roger (which I had and thoroughly enjoyed) and Red Fox Porter (my wife had this and I tried some - excellent.)

6 Mar 2011 14:07

The Iron Duke, Crowthorne

Will never reopen as a pub. Restrictive covenant so can no serve draught (or even keg) beer even if it reopens as sopme sort of licensed premises. The developer may be in some trouble (financial?) as well as all has gone very quiet....

12 Jan 2011 08:13

The Three Legged Cross, Warfield

Still very good but now selling local beers: Ascot Ales. Excellent news!

23 Dec 2010 14:40

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Still as good as ever. Food is consistently good now, and more local guest beers are being stocked (Bingham's Brickworks on last evening).
Keep up the good work, Dave.

15 Dec 2010 10:22

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Another change of licensee and it might be for hte better. Good Brakspears bitter, Hobgoblin also on. Food really good - as good a steak as we have had for ages. Good service from attentive and friendly barmaid. Let's hope it becomes a success again.

9 Nov 2010 20:52

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Monday night, dead as a dodo. 3 customers. Betty Stogs was complete vinegar but the Pride was superb. No sign of the landlord - did he see me coming?

2 Nov 2010 08:24

The Keystone, Guildford

A pleasant pub just over the river from the town centre, comfortable and friendly, despite the toddlers infesting one area and one standing right in front of the door to the gents' toilet!

4 beers - 6X, Doom Bar, Alton's Pride and Pigswill. Not sure about the Pigswill - it divided opinion, but I think it is meant to taste a bit strange! When a fresh Alton's Pride went on, it was superb. In the 2011 Good Beer Guide, possibly deserved, but there are pubs in Guildford centre which are at least as deserving.

25 Oct 2010 08:23

The Kings Head, Guildford

Walked in to meet some friends on a crawl of the town to find of the 4 ales, 2 were off. A third then came up cloudy for my friend just before I was served, leaving Hobgoblin, which I don't like anyway. No sign of any of the three beers being replaced so I left.

25 Oct 2010 08:20

The Keep, Guildford

This is a small pub of great character nearly opposite the castle in the old, quanit part of town. Good service and nice, good-value home-cooked food. The beers - Surrey Hills Shere Drop and Otter Ale were in good condition. Comfortable seating, and a nice atmosphere make this a pub worth visiting when in Guildford.

25 Oct 2010 08:18

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

This is a lovely building at the top of the High Street. The service was good, the beer range very good (5 different ales - I had the Thwaites' Wainwright which was superb). Comfortable, friendly pub which would be a better bet for the Good Beer Guide than some in the town.

25 Oct 2010 08:16

The Star Inn, Guildford

A lovely old building, sensitively restored. Rooms on different levels, this pub has much character.

However, despite being described as having 4 real ales available, there were 2 on our visit - Kent's Best and Whitstable Bay - both the same strength so not much of a choice. Quality was nothing special, the beer a little cold and the measures short. The young barmaid struggled to cope especially with thirsty real ale drinkers wanting a full pint. Shame, really, as this pub has huge potential. Shepherd Neame take note please.

25 Oct 2010 08:14

The Prince, Crowthorne

Fairly quiet pub on my visit. Friendly young barman - apparently being trained, let's hope the trainers don't train out his natural approach. 4 beers on, Youngs, Hogs Back TEA, Broadside and Old Speckled Hen. Our group tried the first 3, but all served too cold. All also pretty lacking in condition, but all at thr end of the barrel. New casks were better, but serving Young's Bitter with a tight head - no! So much potential, but if they serve the beer a 1 or 2 degrees warmer, don't beat the bejasus out of it in the line and have a slightly more exciting range (why do pubs insist on selling boring tasteless Greene King beers when half the pubs in the area sell it - often badly-kept - anyway?) then the potential could be fulfilled. At 2.71 my Youngs was decent value, however.
Not sure this pub knows it's target market, but if it can appeal broadly it must do better on the beer quality front.

14 Oct 2010 08:09

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Landlord currently in dispute with CAMRA about paying for his newsletter ad. Avoids anyone who looks like they may be collecting the money.
Shame, seeing as the pub is now in the GBG on the strength of the quality of his ales......

29 Sep 2010 14:33

Queens Oak, Finchampstead

Currently closed and "awaiting new landlord". Previous chap has now managed to close 2 pubs (Dukes Head, Wokingham is the other one). He's a nice chap, has plenty of energy and ideas, but somehow it just doesn't work.

29 Sep 2010 14:32

The Maypole Inn, Long Preston

Stayed here for a few days and this is a really nice place. An old stone building, with two bars and a separate restaurant, so solid that mobile reception is virtually non-existent (but excellent outside the front door!). Comfortable rooms (shame that the shower was so poor), excellent food and a great selection of beers. Moorhouse's Premier and TT landlord are permanent, and whilst we were there Naylors Cravenbrau, Goose Eye Chinook, Copper Dragon Scotts 1816 and Bowland Sawley Tempted were also available (and tried, of course). Robert and Elspeth run a lovely pub, all the staff are friendly, as are the locals. This is just what a country inn should be. We hope to return one day.

31 Aug 2010 16:45

George Inn, Eccleshall

A very nice coaching inn in a really pleasant village. When we arrived for lunch, it was quiet, but the staff were fridnely, the food was really good and excellent value and the Slater's Top Totty was on really fine form. Next time we're in the area, we will definitely visit again.

30 Aug 2010 17:43

The Dolphin, Stisted

Visited for a family lunch recently. The food was very good, the service was excellent. The pub is a far cry from the place it was 25 years ago when it was a regular drinking haunt. Still has the water-cooled jackets on the casks behind the bar, but the beer (Greene King IPA and Morland Original) is mediocre I am afraid.

9 Aug 2010 09:05

The Old Market Inn, Holsworthy

Popped in for a quick one recently after noticing the North Devon CAMRA POTY sign outside. Nice pub, seriously challenging car park entrance. Friendly staff, good selection of ales - I tried the house beer Best Old Market Bitter - the barmaid did not know who brewed it, the landlord keeps it a secret apparently. My wife's Skinners Figgy's Brew was also in top condition. A pub that seems to appeal to all.

2 Aug 2010 15:24

Tree Inn, Stratton

Stayed in Stratton recently and spent some evenings in here. A very historic old building, with plenty of history. Friendly staff and truly wonderful food. The beer was no more than OK - I tried Betty Stogs and Tribute. Abbott also available, but why go to Cornwall to drink it when I can get it down the road? Also had Doom Bar which, although ubiquitous, turned out to be best -kept beer they had. Enjoyed an excellent folk session too.

2 Aug 2010 15:21

Kings Arms, Stratton

Stayed in Stratton recently and spent a few evenings in the Kings Arms. An old local pub with a certain charm, marred by the grumpy landlord (may just be his manner, he wasn't unfriendly). Excellent beer - I tried the Dartmoor IPA, Otter Ale and Forge Dreckly (my wife's favourite). Ignored the ubiquitous Doom Bar. The food was OK, but nothing more. A good pub nonetheless.

2 Aug 2010 15:17

The Bush Inn, Morwenstow

Popped in recently for a quick drink and immediately regretted a) driving and b) booking a table for a meal elsewhere. Wonderful old building, full of character, friendly staff and the menu looked divine. My Betty Stogs was kept just as it should be, 2 other Cornish beers on and my wife tried the Skinners lager which was fine. A top pub, wish we could have stayed longer.

2 Aug 2010 15:12

The Plough, Congresbury

Had lunch here on the way down to Cornwall recently. Busy even just after 12. Excellent beer and food - 4 beers on including beers from Cheddar and Otter. Faggots in onion gravy excellent too. Will return for sure.

2 Aug 2010 09:01

The White Hart, Winkfield

Another lovely meal last evening. The place was quiet (no TV so no-one in to watch the World Cup), but labdlord and landlady very friendly. Hammerpot Martlet on as a guest ale - very good indeed. Must visit more often!

7 Jul 2010 08:49

The Odd One Out, Colchester

Odd One Out? More a one-off and a very good one at that. Friendly - felt like a local second time at the bar - good chat with landlord and barman and locals alike. Excellent range of mainly local beers (Harwich Town, Mighty Oak). Quirky, but splendid. Wouldn't complain if I had a local like it.

28 Jun 2010 08:19

The Hole in the Wall, Colchester

Good beer selection available here in a historic rambling town centre pub. Brentwood Blonde - an acquired taste, took me at least a third of a pint - and Caledonian Surf Sup sampled. Friendly bar staff. Worth a visit if in town.

28 Jun 2010 08:17

The Fox and Fiddler, Colchester

Narrow pub in town centre with 4 beers on - two from Mighty Oak in decent condition. Friendly and with a good atmosphere. Group of (I presume) soldiers having a few drinks when we visited including a few who had clearly suffered physically in Afghanistan. A privilege to drink in the same pub as these brave boys.

28 Jun 2010 08:15

The Original Plough, Chelmsford

Perhaps 10:30 on a hot Friday night after a T20 match not the best time to judge a pub but a bnit of a curate's egg. Good range of beers on, my pint of Marston's Old Empire was in reasonable condition, but warm rose wine? Surely it's not rocket science. A bit rowdy but not in a threatening way at all.

28 Jun 2010 08:13

The White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye

A really lovely country pub which ticks all the boxes. Went for lunch and enjoyed fine food, excellent service and sublime beer (great choice but we sampled Red Fox Hunters Gold and Silver Fox) kept cool and in first rate condition despite the searing heat of the day. Only the New Seekers playing over the pub muzak system dented the perfection. Definitely one to remember and return.

28 Jun 2010 08:10

The Blacksmiths Country Inn, Hartoft End

Now closed (11 June 2010).

16 Jun 2010 07:58

The White Horse Farm Inn, Rosedale Abbey

Now closed (11 June 2010).

16 Jun 2010 07:57

The Milburn Arms, Rosedale Abbey

Now closed (11 June 2010).

16 Jun 2010 07:56

Jagz Bar, Ascot

Pleasantly surprised by this place. Mixed clientele, and very nice sitting outside in the warm evening sunshine. Now selling Ascot Ales Alley Cat and Posh Pooch (2.80 and 3.10 respectively, which is not bad for the area). Both in decent nick when I visited, and doing fairly brisk trade in the ales.

21 May 2010 10:14

The Three Legged Cross, Warfield

Much changed from previously. Pleasant bar selling two ales - Greedy King IPA and St Edmund - the latter was in very fine form on a recent visit.
The food is excellent - good quality ingredients well prepared, not cheap but food of this quality never is.
Highly recommended for that special meal or a treat. Good service, friendly young staff. Not really a traditional pub any more but very good at what it does.

14 May 2010 14:26

The Cannie Man, Bracknell

Now selling London Pride and Wadworths 6X (and actually is!).

14 May 2010 14:22

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Another visit last evening. The place was quieter than usual and the licensees were not in evidence (Tuesdays must be their night off). 5 beers on - the Festival Mild had just run out - but the HSB and Hock were very good. HOWEVER, the food was truly awful. My wife ordered the fishcakes - they had none so she had a medium steak but wanted a salad instead of chips. The steak was overcooked and not very warm, the salad was from lunchtime (the tomato was completely tasteless) and the grilled tomato and mushroom from the menu was missing. My sharing platter was a bit better but lukewarm sausage and burnt chorizo not good at all. Will not return to eat only for a beer in future. Going downhill, seems very amateurish. Great shame, a far cry from the days of Brian and Emma.

5 May 2010 08:04

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Beer change - now selling Cornish Knocker from Skinners instead of Betty Stogs for a VERY reasonable 2.70. Excellent condition on Saturday. Still not totally convinced by the pub but good beer for the beer desert which is Bracknell town centre.

26 Apr 2010 09:03

The Dove, Bury St Edmunds

A significant find. A bit out of the way but well worth it if you like a decent pint. 6 real ales on on my visit in late March, two being dark and all produced in East Anglia. The place was busy even at just after 7 on a Saturday with no free tables. Despite this the service was efficient. I tried the Elgood's Snake Slayer which was an excellent porter with lovely coffee flavours, followed by another dark beer, recommended by the genial landlord as he pulled it through, Spectrum Dark Fantastic. Brilliantly well-kept beer and many drinkers njoying the range and quality. Definitely worth finding.

9 Apr 2010 14:47

Queens Oak, Finchampstead

This is a lovely traditional local pub in a pleasant rural setting. 4 beers available - Brakspears, Oxford Gold, Jennings Cumberland and Hobgoblin. The Oxford Gold was in good nick but the Cumberland was a bit tired - but it has been excellent on other occasions. Good food and on Tuesdays a pie and pint offer for 7 which is excellent value. Licensee Steve is doing a good job here and has a strong local following. Worth a visit if you're in the area.
Actually it is the only pub in the country called the Queens Oak

24 Mar 2010 08:53

The Royal Oak, Bracknell

Oh, and do something about the bl**dy wrong picture please!

19 Mar 2010 08:37

The Royal Oak, Bracknell

Another new licensee (!) who is determined to make a go of the place and is pushing cask ales. Old Hooky, Hobgoblin, Brakspears and Spitfire on last evening and in good nick. Two are regular and 2 are guests. The decor is a bit bland and the music too loud for a proper drinkers pub however.
Beer festival planned for the summer, and regular live music too.
If you live in Bracknell and like decent ales give this place a go and support a licensee trying to irrigate the beer desert that is Bracknell.

19 Mar 2010 08:37

Wheelwright Arms, St Nicholas Hurst

Still excellent. Nice lunch there today, the place was busy but not crowded. Good ales - 7 of 8 were on, the 6X and the Old timer were sampled and in fine form. Added bonus, 10% of draught Wadworth's beers for CAMRA members!

13 Mar 2010 19:19

The Cannie Man, Bracknell

Says it sells traditional ales (i.e. real ale) but doesn't.

8 Mar 2010 15:19

The Crispin, Wokingham

The landlord and landlady have now left and returned, allegedly, to the Jolly Anglers in Reading. A new manager takes over today, so let's see if things improve. Less beers so those that are on are in good condition, less arguing, and better attitude to customers will all be a good start!

25 Feb 2010 10:03

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Visited the Ship again recently. Disappointed that the Bengal Lancer was not ready, but both the Pride and the ESB were in excellent condition. Good food, too. One barmaid friendly and efficient, the other with a face like a wet weekend. Shame.

24 Feb 2010 11:58

The Star Inn, Bath

An absolute classic. Beautiful interior, loads of character, friendly and well worth the walk up the hill from the city centre. The Abbey Ales Bellringer was top notch, as was the Lancaster Red. Small rooms, warm fire, real atmosphere. If this pub can't get local Pub of the Year, then the locals of Bath are truly blessed! Best pub in Bath on our recent visit.

18 Jan 2010 12:32

The Royal Oak, Bath

Excellent range of beers, most were unfamiliar to me, but from those with me, all appeared to be well-kept. Definitely a drinker's pub, not too comfortable, and not one for a date! Knock's spots off many pubs in my part of the world but local CAMRA Pub of the Year 3 years running? Better pubs in Bath IMO, but still a good boozer.

18 Jan 2010 12:29

The Raven, Bath

Lovely pub tucked away in the centre of Bath. 5 ales on on our visit but 2 had gone leaving a poorer selection. Raven Gold was in good condition and very nice pint. Comfortable, good-ish service and very busy for mid-afternoon which indicates it's popularity.

18 Jan 2010 12:27

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

Popped in on Saturday. on a mini-crawl of Bath - the pick of one of the "crawlers". Characterful and friendly. The Abbey Winter Warmer was absolutely spot on. Definitely worthg visiting.

18 Jan 2010 12:25

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

Visited on 30/12 with the family and it is as good as many on here sya. The food was excellent, the service friendly (if not speedy) and the beer sublime. My wife and both agreed that Gunners Daughter is a superb beer and dangerously drinkable. We will return.

31 Dec 2009 17:25

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Cracking meal and some excellent West Berks Good Old Boy last night. Friendly pub - my conversation with my wife about Christmas No 1s had everyone joining trying to remember out when Boehmian Rhapsody was No 1! Landlord Dave in good form as usual- a proper pub.

17 Dec 2009 09:52

The Queens Head, Wokingham

New licensee Chris has taken over and is doing a fine job. Very busy early doors Saturday evening, but everyone got served promptly and the beer (particularly the Abbot) was excellent. Shame the guest beer had run out but even GK beers taste good when kept as well as that.
Good luck to Chris - he doesn't want to change anything - which should mean the Queens will continue to be one of the best drinking pubs in the area.

7 Dec 2009 08:21

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Still doing well. Very busy early Saturday evening but the service was efficient and friendly. The clientele were also very friendly giving a nice atmosphere. Only tried the seasonal ale - Jack Frsot - a bit pricey at 3.15 for a 4.5% beer, but a lovely beer in good nick.

7 Dec 2009 08:18

The Queens Head, Wokingham

Licensees have now left so changes may be a-coming! Let's hope not for the worse.

18 Nov 2009 16:22

The Three Legged Cross, Warfield

Reopening 5pm 19 November.

18 Nov 2009 16:21

Crispin, Winkfield

Now a Loch Fyne restaurant.

18 Nov 2009 16:18

The Clay Pipe Inn, Holton Heath

A bit of a find. Visited yesterday and enjoyed a nice meal and the pint of Ringwood Best I had was good - a shame I was driving. Very busy, but friendly and good value. Recommended.

19 Oct 2009 14:42

The White Hart, Winkfield

Spent a pleasant few hours in here last evening. It's a lovely old building with many original features, and appears to have a small crowd of regulars. Friendly landlord and landlady, too. The food was very good standard and reasonable value. Beer was well-kept, only Greene King IPA and Abbot but no complaints about quality. Worth visiting.

14 Oct 2009 08:43

The Britannia, Barking

Sad to see this fine pub closing. Went there first in 1976, taken by a good friend who wanted me to try Young's bitter. The first taste made me wince but after that I got the hang of it, and stayed all evening and consumed several more. Part of my early drinking history.

1 Oct 2009 08:12

The Old Hatchet, Winkfield Row

Visited for a meal and a few beers yesterday. The staff are different, but just as efficient and welcoming as previously. The beers available were Seafarers, Pride, HSB and ERSB. Seafarers and HSB tried and both in very good nick indeed.
Food good, as usual. Can be a bit pretentious and pricey but still a fine country pub.

30 Sep 2009 09:42

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Getting back to form, and now back in the Good Beer Guide. The seasonal ale IPA was on last night and was to die for. Wayne and Linda are doing a fine job.

18 Sep 2009 08:49

The Crispin, Wokingham

Now under new management, the new licensee previously being at the Jolly Anglers in Reading. The Bombardier has gone, but Loddon Hoppit and Ascot Alligator are in! The beer festival over the Bank Holiday weekend was well run with a good selection of beers. We ate there for the first time too, and the food was good and excellent value. A pub on the up!

4 Sep 2009 15:04

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

Still one of the most popular pubs in Wokingham. Guest beers seem to be getting more adventurous with a couple of Bateman's beers on for my last visit (XXXB and Summer Swallow) as well as the standard Wadworth range.

4 Sep 2009 15:01

The Elm Tree, Heath

Very nice pub close to the M1. Very busy by 12:15 on a Sunday, with good food (only had a sandwich but the roasts looked good), and beers from the Marston's range including the excellent Jennings Sneck Lifter which was in very good condition. Lovely view from the garden across to Bolsover Castle.

24 Aug 2009 08:35

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Excellent town pub with real character - the staff and locals should have equity cards (mean that in a nice way). Comfortable in a basic way, and would love it as a local. Best pint of Tim Taylor's Landlord I've had in quite a while. Downside: my wife's dry white wine was warm (not room temperature, warmer than that) on a wam day.

24 Aug 2009 08:33

The Blacksmiths Arms, Lastingham

Had been recommended to try this place, so popped in for a drink whilst passing through. I wouldn't recommend it - 3 beers on, all stronger than average ( bad if you're driving) including Old Speckled Hen which I can get just up the road from where I live. Beer quality nothing special at all, landlord's attitude poor, and all the nice seats at the front of the pub were reserved for smokers! Lovely old building in a nice village, but not what I expected and not deserving of being in the Good Beer Guide.

24 Aug 2009 08:31

The New Inn, Cropton

Stayed 5 nights here and must say it is as close to a perfect pub as you could wish for. Good value, friendly, efficient staff, excellent food (love the breakfasts), and the beer is just to die for. The quality and range of beers is fantastic, I particularly loved the Blackout Porter, whilst my wife was taken with Yorkshire Moors. Would recommend this place to anyone.

24 Aug 2009 08:27

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Under new management, and it shows! A huge improvement to the pub - atmosphere, excellent food (American style, huge portions, good quality) and decent beer (Brakspear's Bitter, Henley Gold and Hooray Henley). Friendly staff, too. Hopefully this pub will regain some of its former glories. Good luck to them.

29 Jul 2009 08:20

The Duke of Edinburgh, Winkfield

Excellent country pub. Nick and Annie give a friendly welcome to all. Good range of Arkell's beers (usually 4), usually in good condition. Good food, and a pub for everyone. Parking can be fun, though!

24 Jul 2009 08:13

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

Good honest pub, serving a good range (excellent for the area) of handpumped beers. Bateman's XB, Old Hookey, Brakspear;s Ordinary, Ringwood 49er and Young's Waggledance. Bateman's and Fortyniner were most acceptable. Should be in the GBG IMHO.

19 Jun 2009 10:46

The Bull, Barkham

Very pleasant last night, but quite quiet. 4 beers on - Courage Best, Adnams Bitter and Broadside and Fullers ESB. The Broadside was excellent. Good tasty food, but noticed that the prices seem to have crept up rather a lot lately. Still a fine country pub, though, welcoming and providing very decent quality.

17 Jun 2009 07:59

The Walter Arms, Sindlesham

First visit to this pub, and we were most impressed. Excellent (albeit a bit pricey) food, friendly service and very comfortable. Place was packed out so obviously popular.
More importantly, the beer was good - Black Sheep Best Bitter was in excellent condition, Spitfire was also good and London Pride also available.

Will be returning!

10 Jun 2009 10:45

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

The Rebellion IPA has gone to be replaced by "Binfield Best" - brewer unknown. Still a fine boozer, but not so good on our last visit as landlord Dave was on hias holidays. Apparently, Rebellion put up their prices so were told to get on their bikes!

21 Apr 2009 16:24

The Bull Inn, Bracknell

Much improved from its former days as a hangout for ne'er-do-wells, it's now "Bracknell's first gastropub". A lovely building, genuinely old, and comfortable, but lacking atmosphere at times. Excellent Betty Stogs, sells Pride as well. The food is very good, but VERY pricey. Last time we ate there the tables were not even set. I hope they make a go of it, but need to do more to attract people in the current economic climate.

21 Apr 2009 16:14

The Bakers Arms, Poole

Met friends for lunch there recently. Typical chain pub, nice building, lunch acceptable (why do sandwiches come with chips or salad - what is wrong with just having sandwich if you don't want a lot?). Beer OKish (Ringwood Best - hazy but drinkable, also London Pride and Caledonian 80). Friends said food much better than a couple of days before. No atmosphere, no character.

8 Apr 2009 08:12

The Royal Oak, Bracknell

This review is for the Royal Oak. New licensees have really changed the place. Now selling a decent range of beers with Triple fff Alton's Pride (CAMRAs champion beer of Britain 2008) selling very well indeed. Now worth the walk down from the town centre.

29 Jan 2009 14:49

The White Horse Inn, Wokingham

New menu coming in in February, 10% off on the old one for January! Beer (GK IPA Ruddles County and Abbot) in very good condition. What I'd call a proper pub, does what it does very well. Worth eating here, no doubt the boy Tom can cook!

29 Jan 2009 14:47

The Plough And Harrow, Warfield

Pleased to say that things have changed recently. The licensee is now managing the pub having got shot of most of the staff. A new chef, too, who is very good. On a recent visit the beer was excellent (Morlands Original and Speckled Hen) and the food excellent too. They are now also doing a 5 menu, which looks nice. Friendly welcome and nice atmosphere. The pub do a lot with local groups and charities, and its now well worth a visit. Much improved.

29 Jan 2009 14:44

New Inn, Mayshill, Frampton Cotterell

Visited for Sunday lunch and was very impressed. Good service, very friendly, (despite being exceptionally busy), good for families, the food was superb and the beers well-kept with a good choice including some local brews. Popular and deservedly so. Keep up the good work!

15 Dec 2008 11:42

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

Still in fine fettle, and with London Porter on, even better.

10 Dec 2008 12:57

Wheelwright Arms, St Nicholas Hurst

Kevin and Helen have just completed 10 years at the Wheelwrights, with an award from the local CAMRA people. Still a lovely pub, low beams, good atmosphere, friendly locals and a good range opf beers - Wadworths plus up to 3 guests.

31 Oct 2008 12:20

The Royal Oak, Bracknell

Why does the page for the George and Falcon come up for the Royal Oak, Bracknell?

23 Oct 2008 16:12

Old Manor, Bracknell

Popped in with the family at the weekend for a meal and a few drinks. Beer was good (as per usual) - Loddon Russet on fine form. Ordered a platter to share as my main meal and it came minus the buffalo wings. On complaining, I was told they had run out and I should have been told and offered extra prawns. The manager served me, in fact, said nothing and I got extra onion rings. However, they responded very well to the complaint and I got a free dessert. The coffee is good, too, and it welcomes families. Bracknell is badly off at the moment for decent pubs, and some competiton would not go amiss!

23 Oct 2008 16:11

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

Went for a meal there and found it to be friendly, efficient with a good bunch of regulars. Excellent beers, good food in a proper pub. Good value, too. heartily recommended.

13 Oct 2008 15:23

Ye Olde Leathern Bottle, Wokingham

Attended an enterntaining "Meet the Brewer" evening the other night. Low beams a challenge for a tall man, but the beer (Adnams, Nethergate and Sharp's Doom Bar) all tip top with reaosnbaly friendly service. can;t comment about the food, but been tiold it's hit and miss.

10 Oct 2008 12:51

The Golden Retriever, Bracknell

Visited for the first time. Typical formula eating pub - not inspired but competent. Food was good, and the service generally good. The beers I tried - London Pride and Broadside were in very good condition and not too expensive by local standards. 6X was also on. Negative points - a guest beer each in in september was promised, but there was no sign, and our desserts took ages to arrive (the waitress aopologised profusely and saide she didn't know they'd been ordered - but my wife had already paid for them!) More welcoming for those only drinking than the rival Peacock Farm - mind you that wouldn't be hard!

3 Sep 2008 08:20

The White Horse Inn, Wokingham

Martin and Vida are gone (best of luck to them) and its hello to Tom, Dave and Tracey. Beer is still in fine fettle, and the overall feel hasn't fortunately changed. New menu which looks good and at first sampling, food very good too.

Worth a visit - a pub that does the simple things well and has a welcome for all.

29 Aug 2008 10:40

The Victoria Arms, Wokingham

New licensee Ebony has made some changes, including the decor, and it is comfortable. Still two decent cask ales, (Landlord and Everards Tiger) but where's the Loddon? Some local beers would be appreciated. Still the usual scrum smioking on the pavement outside, though. Not unpleasant at all.

29 Aug 2008 10:38

The All Nations, Madeley

Superb! Always wanted to visit this pub and never managed to find it when in the area. My wife asked if I'd like to try and find it and we managed it after a few wrong turns. Real character, friendly and the ales brewed on the premiuses were to die for. Highly recommended if you like "real" pubs.

25 Aug 2008 11:16

The Robin Hood Inn, Ironbridge

Popped in for a quick beer whilst in the area. Nice, cosy pub, customers of all ages (usually a good sign IMHO) and excellent beers. The Holden's bitter and Golden Glow were top-notch and my wife tried the Salopian Golden Dream, which was also top-notch. However, this was very lively, and difficult to pull, but the barmaid's attitude was not good - sullen face and moans. If the owners sort her out they have a gem of a pub.

25 Aug 2008 11:14

The Golden Ball, Ironbridge

Excellent pub - a real find. Stayed for 4 nights - comfortable and good value accommodation, superb food, and a good range of interesting well-kept beers. Friendly staff and locals, and a lovely building. Pretty close to the perfect pub?

25 Aug 2008 11:11

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Friendly pub with a dedicated core of locals. Nice to see a pub busy with people of all ages. Good home-cooked food and excellent selection of locally-brewed ales. The Rebellion IPA was on particularly fine form.

13 Aug 2008 07:52

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Great boozer, an oasis from the usual London pub. Excellent ale (Sharp's Doom Bar on our visit), friendly locals and the largest pub cat ever! Only fly in the ointment was my wife's white wine, which would have been good if iot was served chilled. White wine at room temperature - no!

11 Aug 2008 07:55

The Dove, Ipswich

Brilliant as usual on our visit. Friendly, excellent beer - choice and quality - competitively priced food and good service. Keep it up guys!

11 Aug 2008 07:52

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

As usual, excellent. Jim keeps a fine establishment, and both Discovery and Pride were spot on. Food very good too, and good value. Despite the kitchen being busy (a party of 40 were eating on the patio) the service was excellent.

23 Jul 2008 10:17

The Railway Arms, Alton

Popped in for a quick one after the triple fff brewery opening ceremony and had a wonderful Dark Star Over the Moon. Friendly pub, well-kept ale and near the station.

20 Jul 2008 10:55

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

Barry and Jo are doing a good job getting this pub into shape. Good choice of beers - Ansells Mild, Batemans XB, Deuchars and excellent Otter last evening. The garden should be good when it is finished and they now have 3 letting bedrooms too. Good local, good beers, something of a dying breed, unfortunately.

18 Jul 2008 10:04

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Fine pub but seems to be lacking that extra "something" it had when Emma and Brian were in charge. Guest beer (Hampshire King Alfreds) available on our visit, quite good, and the Pride was good without being outstanding. Bar staff seemed very rushed and the landlady was relaxing in the garden!

18 Jul 2008 10:02

The Hare and Hounds, Braintree

Taken for lunch by my parents there. Lovely place, good food (liked by all from Dad at 84 to my younger son, 12), friendly service. Adnams and Woodforde's Wherry on - the Wherry was good but almost on its last legs - but the barmaid pulled through several pints as I was the first customer for it that day and explained to my son why she did it. Full marks! Next time we visit we will go again, no doubt.

14 Jul 2008 10:26

The Old Hatchet, Winkfield Row

Lovely country pub with a very friendly welcome from all the staff. The usual range of Fuller's ales is served about as well as anywhere in the area, and the food is excellent. The menu changes regularly. They are having a Bastille day celebrationm on 13 July too!
A bit up-market but an excellent pub nonetheless and always worth a visit IMHO.

9 Jul 2008 08:23

Zero Degrees, Reading

Visited with the family and enjoyed the experience. Good food, friendly staff and the Black Lager is to die for. On the minus side, the pint of Pale Ale I tried looked like mud - I returned it only to be told by a surly barman that it had just finished brewing so it was cloudy. He and the brewer (if that was true) clearly no nothing about looking after beer as it should stand for some days after brewing has finished.

7 Jul 2008 09:01

The Green Man, Hurst

Excellent country dining pub. Lovely old building, efficient service and good value quality food. Next time we will eat in the bar as the atmosphere was better than the dining room. Reasonable selection of ales - Brakspear, Hooray Henley and Hobgoblin in average condition.

25 Jun 2008 09:13

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Now under new management, but not much has changed. Good food, friendly atmosphere, good mix of clientele and above all excellent beer. The benchmark for London Pride in the area. Well done, Kathy!

13 Jun 2008 13:04

The Crispin, Wokingham

Much improved from a few years' back. Better quality beers with only 3 on. Beer festival last weekend excellent - good value and quality including some different beers for the area. Worth a try.

13 Jun 2008 13:03

The Bull, Barkham

Lovely country pub, friendly and welcoming to all. Good home-cooked food served in the bar or restaurant area. Licensees and staff always friendly. Good range of ales - Adnams Bitter and Broadside always available plus Courage Best and Old Peculier. Worth a visit if you're in the area. Sells the local Barkham Blue cheese - a must!

13 Jun 2008 12:59

Jack O'Newbury, Binfield

Excellent village pub - like pubs used to be. No TV or music, just friendly locals, superb ales (always 5, usually local), presided over by the genial Dave. Now voted local CAMRA Pub of the Year, justifiably so.

13 Jun 2008 09:35

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