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Comments by mat_tyg

The Boot and Shoe, Scholes

Quiet local that we stumbled across on the way home, and due to the private brewery the ale didn't just taste good, it was dirt cheap! Well worth a stop.

2 Mar 2011 12:56

Brandling Arms, Gosforth

Went in and it seemed pretty sound inside. Drinks are quite expensive but there's a very good variety and it caters well for both real ale and lager drinkers. The sofa I sat on was good, although another man said it felt 'like a glove on a chicken's wing'...

23 Nov 2007 08:00

The Spotted Cow, Holbrook

Does a rate nice carvery and the ale is pretty damn ace...

19 Nov 2007 12:54

The Fox And Hounds, Coxbench

Pretty sure this place has shut down youth...

19 Nov 2007 12:53

The Waterfall, Derby

Beer is a bit pricey but the quality is decent and if you only want to stop off for one between trains this is a sound place to go...

14 Nov 2007 21:30

The Walkabout, Derby

Anyone who goes Walkabout knows exactly what they're getting. Drinks are quite cheap, the food is just normal chain pub food but is dandy stuff. It's a good laugh on a night out and gets pretty busy most nights you head out. Sport is a big thing here and the atmosphere for England games is good (so long as England aint gettin nobbled that is...)

14 Nov 2007 21:28

Ryans Bar, Derby

This is tucked away behind the church, but nip in as the beer was ace when I last visited!

14 Nov 2007 21:25

Revolution, Derby

Lamest pint of lager I ever did drink in here - probably why they play on the vodka drinker so damn much...

14 Nov 2007 21:24

Metrobar, Derby

A bar, is a bar, is a bar...

14 Nov 2007 21:22

The Greyhound, Derby

It's a run of the mill pub, more for the student in you than anything else. You can collar a pint in here before heading further into town, but don't expect anything mind blowing...

14 Nov 2007 21:21

The Crown and Cushion, Derby

I'm afraid I have to agree - this aint the best pub in the world. It was more a visit to say I've at least tried it than anything else. The pint I had was ok at best, but I'd say there's plenty of other choices in Derby that are better than this...

14 Nov 2007 21:18

The Broadway, Derby

It's nothing different to most chain pubs. Same drinks as everywhere else, same food as well. If you just want somewhere to go watch the footy and have some beers, grab a pitcher of Fosters or summat and plonk yourself in front of one of the many tellys. It's nowt special though so wouldn't suggest it for much else other than the car park outside...

14 Nov 2007 21:15

The Blessington Carriage, Derby

I wouldn't say it's the worst pub in Derby, but then again you don't go here for the interior design. It's just a rock pub, plain and simple. The ale isn't the best though at times so you have to be careful what you drink. I tend to end up plumping for spirits or bottles in this place, but they tend to be on offer much more as well!

14 Nov 2007 21:13

The Babington Arms, Derby

This is definitely more for the ale drinkers than the place to start your night out. It's the other end of town to Standing Order, and away from the bars so you tend to find it's a bit quieter too. Apart from that it just seems like another Wetherspoons...

14 Nov 2007 21:09

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

First up - you don't go in here for a cheap pint of Carling. I thought the variety of drinks available was excellent, and it makes a change from the run of the mill stuff you get everywhere else.

I agree with a lot of what folk have said, they have a decent interior (perspex over the well in one room), but it can get quite cramped quite quickly, so watch out for busy times. Personally I quite liked the ales I tried but each to their own there, and everyone I was with enjoyed it so it can't be half bad. Worth a visit when in the area, even if it's just to say you've been.

14 Nov 2007 21:05

The Hawksmoor Inn, Hanley

Only ever been once but it was sound as a pound. Nice beer too.

14 Nov 2007 20:53

Chicago Rock Cafe, Hanley

Don't bother - they rip you off on drinks something cronic. Monday nights used to be 3 for 1, but don't let that convince you. Heaven forbid going there on a Saturday either - unless you have a small loan to spend away.

14 Nov 2007 20:51

The Burton Stores, Hanley

Went in the middle of a Saturday just because I'd never been before. Beer was decent enough but you get the feeling that this place was designed for 'locals', and not much else.

14 Nov 2007 20:50

The Albion, Hanley

Always had the impression it was just somewhere to go if you wanted a fight, but went in and watched some footy, and had 2 very sound pints! Nay bad barkeep!

14 Nov 2007 20:48

Bar 360, Hanley

It's just not very good. Don't have anything on tap cos it's all pretty awful. Grab a cocktail and sit down - assuming there's somewhere to sit. It's just dull in there...

14 Nov 2007 20:47

Royal Oak Hotel, Fenton

Been here a number of times, always seems to provide a decent pint. It's the best place in Fenton to watch footy if that's what you're looking for, and you can't be bothered to walk down the road to the Roebuck that is. It's recently been done up, and it's got the decking outside for all you smokers. A decent local pub.

14 Nov 2007 19:08

The Bishop Blaise, Derby

Small, overpriced, and the cider tasted more like vinegar than anything else. Not too special...

14 Nov 2007 08:26

The Dog and Parrot, Newcastle

Yeah - had a quality time in there, a few games of pool and a few ales. Found out some cheap places to go in the local vicinity as well which was good, considering the prices in there weren't all that special. You know when you walk in that this aint a trendy bar, so don't go expecting anything. It was just quite sound, and allowed for some spirited Barry Roche songs...

14 Nov 2007 08:17

Raffertys/Quins, Newcastle

We went in, we drank, we left...

14 Nov 2007 08:13

The Old George, Newcastle

One of my favourite pubs I've been to so far. Nice interior, has a happy hour as well which is always good which kicked in at 5 when we visited. Food appears reasonably priced, and the variety and quality of beer seemed high, but still wasn't too pricy even outside of happy hour. It's a good shout.

14 Nov 2007 08:10

The Friary, Derby

Cheap drinking if you have a yellow card, cheap food as well. Mind you, with it being a Scream chain pub it's very much the same as all of them really, so I wouldn't rave about it. It's been killed off in my eyes through going there far too much though, so that's tarnished it a bit...

13 Nov 2007 12:43

Markeaton, Derby

A decent place for a pint, not the cheapest but certainly not unreasonable either. The lagers on draft always seem to be spot on, and the interior's welcoming as well which helps. Unfortunately, it's very similar to every other chain pub of its ilk...

13 Nov 2007 12:41

The Roebuck Hotel, Shelton

It does exactly what you'd expect it to. Student offers, reasonable range of lagers and a few bitters, plus your normal wine and bottle variations. If there's a night on at the union down the road, this place tends to be busy until about 10-10.30, then clears out mostly to leave the folk from Royal Mail over the road and all the other stragglers. You tend to get a good atmosphere there for football matches depending on who's playing, and there's a big screen they pull down which aint bad, but it needs to be dark or you're gonna be struggling. Quiz on a sunday as well - always has a few questions that nobble you, but you're bound to get enough right to make you feel you've had a good crack at it. A sound place to go for an evening, just don't expect world beating ale.

13 Nov 2007 08:20

Black Cock Inn, Blythe Bridge

The food and variety of ales were very good, but the owner appeared to be miserable and you get the impression that if you aren't 'yokle' then you aren't welcome to be honest. It's pokey and traditional if you like that sort of thing, but the service was awful quite frankly. I won't be going back, and I wouldn't advise anyone to visit it personally, at least not until the owner cheers up...

12 Nov 2007 15:15

The Mill at Worston, Great Bridgeford

This is very much a summer pub for me. If it's sunny and you fancy a few quiet beers and a bit of grub, in a nice location then this place is ideal. There's a decent variety of beers available, and the food is varied and to a decent standard. If you're in driving distance and want to take family along, this place is spot on. I'm yet to have a bad experience there...

12 Nov 2007 15:05

Harry's Bar, Stoke on Trent

Since they did it up, it aint too bad, as you tend not to stick to the floor any more. Having said that, on my last visit it looked as if someone had died on the pool table it was that filthy. Pints have improved mind and it's open late which is always ace...

12 Nov 2007 13:29

The Cooperage, Newcastle

Tom Hargreaves went in here and said he liked the sofa, it was very comfy. They do good hot nuts and the IPA was referred to as 'splendid' by another of the fine patrons on that occasion. Vandalism in the toilets seriously tarnished my visit, but I had a delicious pint of Stella Artois, and the relaxed and cosy atmosphere made my day. Definitely worth a crack duck.

12 Nov 2007 13:27

The Red House, Newcastle

Absolutely ace, but it took about 3 hours to find my way out and I ended up in Bob Trollops looking at veggie meals. Some crazy bird wanted ice in their Newcy Broon too...

12 Nov 2007 13:21

The Black Garter, Newcastle

Can't actually believe that my pint was decent given I paid virtually nothing for it, and enjoyed not getting killed by anyone. The non-stop coverage of the racing was a delight, and definitely worth going in just to say you've come out alive...

12 Nov 2007 13:17

The Red Cow, Allestree

Pretty sound pub, decent enough beers and I spent a decent afternoon playing pool in there swigging back. Nay bad...

12 Nov 2007 13:14

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