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The Kings Arms, Fernhurst

This is under new management / ownership.
There are some differences - previosly it was a restaurant that offered beer, now its a pub, some beer - lacks imagination that does poor food.
No micros - ' what are they ' was the reply.
Clearly had a quick changeover, as they forgot to complete / undertake any cleaning prior to opening.the corners are full of cobwebs and tables are sticky.
Pretty basic stuff really.
Beer , well the usuaul culprits, nothing special, and all a bit dull.
Food - don't bother.The menu reads well, but just doesn't deliver !
Fish Friday [ pre frozen ] & fries ! - described as 'traditional'
Note to Handsome Pig, get a chef or even a cook in, who can actually cook, and deliver what you say ''on the tin''. Mashed pots is simple , but complete with lumps is just unacceptable, and plain lazy !!...& you expect us to pay for that ....
A good drive out to find it - don't bother - just drive on past - or stay with where you know.!

17 Dec 2012 15:31

Crown Bard, Rhyl

still there are no real ales on here - do they know what they are ?

yes they were planned for and did briefly appear in the beer guide- with hand pumps in place..........

this pub has gone to the wall - it needs a complete refurb, new management & imagination !
the new tenant hasn't a clue !.........just go across the road instead......its about 6 steps to something better, well a bit anyway !

20 Aug 2012 12:03

Jolly Sailor, Prestatyn

how can you give this 7out of 10

when there are NO reviews ???!!

20 Aug 2012 11:59

Five Bells, Buriton

we visited here the last couple of weekends, and saw quite a difference in the beers.
on the first time, we had Hopping Hare, not bad for a Badger ale, and stayed for a couple along with some food, all was great ! Beer good.
However on Saturday just gone, we waited over 10 mins to be served at the bar, all wintery beers on - nothing summery at all.
just who would put all dark beers on in such hot weather ?!
The manager needs to be a bit more on the ball & get sufficient Summer beer in - not palm off what has clearly been brewed too much of !
we gave up, it just wasn't worth the effort - such a shame.

20 Aug 2012 11:57

The Greatham Inn, Greatham

great beer kept here- Bowmans x 2 , Aton - Moondance, all in excellent condition, but very quiet, for a hot Summers day on Saturday just gone.
Not sure how this will survive in these times, just 3 people dining, all looked very uninspiring food.!- we didn't eat here.
we were the only 2 sitting outside, with just 3 other people inside.
Has enormous potential to be great !

20 Aug 2012 11:50

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

customer service has not improved, we tried and tested this again,nothing has changed- we found this landlady to basically be rude and patronising,she just doesn't appreciate drinking customers sufficiently.
A world class service this is nowhere near close!
just better to find somewhere else, to drink Dark Star, or make a trip to their brewery tap - The Stand Up Inn @ Lindford. Well worth a visit.

20 Aug 2012 11:46

The Green Dragon, Liphook

Tried this too, however a distinct lack of imagination on the beer front & needs a complete clean up !

Amazed it survives like this.
Liphhook so needs a decent pub !

20 Aug 2012 11:40

The Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn

Is this pub still for sale, we are wondering ......
we saw it listed a while ago, despite the landlord stating he was sooo happy here ?!

Ciders are in plentiful supply, however are often served warm, which is a real shame, as this could easily be remedied.
Perry much the same, would be even lovelier chilled, properley.

Great pub, but could be excellent.
More outside space needed, along with some good pub food.

29 Jun 2012 13:57

The Red Lion, Petersfield

Staff need to be trained / retrained / dismissed !
Rude, sloppy and slow !

Beers - ok, if you are left to finish the pint, before the glass is taken.........lacks imagination.

Food mediocre, nothing new, and just ding food.

29 Jun 2012 13:52

The Harrow, Steep

We visited last weekend, and the young female behind the bar was quite off hand with us.
She couldn't pull a pint & then lost her temper barged past us, saying she was going to get help ! Customer service not one of her skills it would seem.
Shame as it spoilt our experience, the beer was just ok, after she shook the barrel, with no real choice of either cider or perry.
The 2 beers on, were both local, but no choice of wines on offer.
Small and could do with a good clean !

29 Jun 2012 13:49

The Hawkley Inn, Hawkley

following a visit here, all a bit disappointing !

beers good yes - but we were are asked to vacate our atble to make way for diners, by the land laday day holing two plates of food for customers !!

This is a pub with real emphasis on food - certainly NOT beers & this time, can only be described as being ' buyer be ware ' .......

Unless you want to eat go elsewhere !

- overpriced & Pretentious service..

9 Apr 2012 19:55

The Kings Arms, Fernhurst

This is not a brewery owned place - which is great ! It is beautifully maintained.

There is no Fullers , Youngs or any of those awful other so called 'ales ' by the big five out of London.

We enjoyed a good pint of JW Lees, IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, and following some negotiation enjoyed some lovely food, which was excellent value for money.experiencing the specials early bird offer.
Food very good, certainly would not bother with the Red Lion or DOC, both just down the road again.!

6 Mar 2012 11:34

The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

well we tried it again on Friday evening & remain disappointed. !

Its something of a social club, with only those in very regularly being treated with courtesy and respect.

the femaale 'managing ' the food area on Friday 24th was curt, abrupt and just down right pompous !

Some serious customer service training would be very beneficial, she seems to think its ok to behave in this manner, we don't and voted with our feet AGAIN !

28 Feb 2012 08:24

The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

It is a great Summer pub, we visited twice & were able to enjoy the surroundings, however too many children have now spoilt this place!

The landlord [ we guessed -was serving early evening / late afternoon behind the bar, it seems he is unaware of hygiene regs., as he was seen [ we watched] him use his hands to put ice in glasses, and then also handle money.........not GREAT !
The bar maid can't pull a 'flll ' pint measure & twice we asked for it to be topped up, ..........staff training would appear to be nescessary!

We wouldn't eat here, its just too hoo -ray henry........and has lots its appeal, that along with the hygiene is a seripos concern.

6 Feb 2012 14:56

The Railway Arms, Alton

Excellent pub !
Great beers from Triple ff- well it is the tap after all.......and guests available too !
We tried a couple and they were both great condition- good price and pleasant service.......pity they don't doo any food, even a pie would be in a pie & a pint..........perhaps.......!?

P.S. Moon dance is really lovely & full of flavourrr........

6 Feb 2012 11:29

The Railway Hotel, Alton

By mistake we went to the wrong 'Railway' pub.............shocked is just one word for this run down establishment...........with no real ale in sight.......a handful of unfrendly faces...........and a good make over needed......we soon realsied our error and found the righ Railway.........just across the way !!

6 Feb 2012 11:25

Selborne Arms, Selborne

I too can't understand why this one gets awards........this is the second time we sat in the cold, they can't be bothered to heat the place properley and only really want to sell you FOOD !........The staff even acknowledge yes its cold & yes there is no heating where you are sitting..................PECULIAR customer service ......

NOT GREAT, - boring choice of beers, lacks imagination and a flexible approach.

Greatham Inn wins every time or just stay in Alton, its not worth driving out here its OVER RATED !......and doesn't deserve the custom.

6 Feb 2012 11:15

The Blue Bell Inn, Dockenfield

Great that we don't have to suffer youg kids in a 'pub'.
A pub is just that & we don't all want to endure this.!

I sugguest you go to a family friendly chain and use the childrens menu, and leave a proper pub to the grown ups........!!
If children are taken to pubs they have not chosen this but you as a parent have, so use your discretion and visit a watering hole that tolerates & indulges you.
As for the rest of your review, it is just negative & inaccurate.
This is a site for reviewing the main,which is served very well and in good condition, AGAIN.!

6 Feb 2012 11:00

The Angel Inn, Petworth

A great job on the refurb- with a range of seating areas.
3 beers ,all local, and the one I tried was in good condition, Arundel gold, nothing really exciting or adventours there !

Long wine list with lots available by the glass, but a limited dull menu, and on a laminated card.Nothing very seasonal on, ie no game, despite this menu calling itself ' Autumn'.Maybe someone should remind them that Autumn is game season, and readily available in the area !
Bit of a dog fest- with it would seem ok, for dogs to be running around in the bar H & S here......
Ok for a drink- eat else where,

6 Feb 2012 10:51

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

called here on Sunday evening,and were luck enough to get a table in the small bar area,which was cosy with a log fire going [ just]....good well kept local beer, [ only 2] but both in good condition.
We had the bar snack menu which was lovely, and plentiful for the price,even if a bit slow.!
The toilet - only 1 for the ladies that serves all the restauarant diners too, [got to have 50 covers plus] - wouldn't want to queue for that on a busy eevning...what happens in the Summer when numbers are really high, or do I guess it just never gets that busy with such high restaurant prices......London in the country!..

5 Dec 2011 13:53

The Rose and Crown, Upper Farringdon

Nice little pub, some well kept local beer with 4 engines on,some of the usual culprits,Alton,Hogs & Ringwood all in good condition.
Trying to push the food just a bit too much......are you eating are the words at the bar & are you gasping for beer......both a little too OTT, for midday Sat.
No bar snacks, full meals...only.
Nice garden, well kept, didn't eat here, just too pushey and although the bar area is cosy the dining area is dated and too formal for a rural pub.!

5 Dec 2011 13:44

The Blue Bell Inn, Dockenfield

Recently reopened- some new paint!- Good beer selection and some reasonable wines. They say they are planning to install 4 more engines.....
Nice fire, and could be cosy if the locals could be bothered to close the door, otherwise this needs a self closure putting in place....& some warm drapes....
Limited looking basic menu for such a rural pub, which should be going all out to attract custom,retain business and really make it fly!
The kitchen need to up their game, and put some local game on,.!.....its seasonal available & local!- it even goes in pies.......
A good start,but time will tell......if this really can beat the other eateries in the area,and be so much more than just a drinking establishment.!

5 Dec 2011 13:36

The Crossways Inn, Churt

good selection of ciders- served in a ladies glass for us femaels would make it even better.....using lager galsses with advertising does not quite 'cut it' ...
only 1 loo and not in very good working order !- lets it down.

3 Oct 2011 11:13

The Blue Bell Inn, Dockenfield

this pub is now closed, and what a shame,it was a lttle gem especially in great weather !
a bit pricey, but it keeps the undesirables out ...will it reopen soon ??

3 Oct 2011 11:07

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