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The Kings Arms, Fernhurst

This is under new management / ownership.
There are some differences - previosly it was a restaurant that offered beer, now its a pub, some beer - lacks imagination that does poor food.
No micros - ' what are they ' was the reply.
Clearly had a quick changeover, as they forgot to complete / undertake any cleaning prior to opening.the corners are full of cobwebs and tables are sticky.
Pretty basic stuff really.
Beer , well the usuaul culprits, nothing special, and all a bit dull.
Food - don't bother.The menu reads well, but just doesn't deliver !
Fish Friday [ pre frozen ] & fries ! - described as 'traditional'
Note to Handsome Pig, get a chef or even a cook in, who can actually cook, and deliver what you say ''on the tin''. Mashed pots is simple , but complete with lumps is just unacceptable, and plain lazy !!...& you expect us to pay for that ....
A good drive out to find it - don't bother - just drive on past - or stay with where you know.!

17 Dec 2012 15:31

Crown Bard, Rhyl

still there are no real ales on here - do they know what they are ?

yes they were planned for and did briefly appear in the beer guide- with hand pumps in place..........

this pub has gone to the wall - it needs a complete refurb, new management & imagination !
the new tenant hasn't a clue !.........just go across the road instead......its about 6 steps to something better, well a bit anyway !

20 Aug 2012 12:03

Jolly Sailor, Prestatyn

how can you give this 7out of 10

when there are NO reviews ???!!

20 Aug 2012 11:59

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