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Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport

I visited this bar and also “the Beehive” this week, and noticed some negative changes compared to previous visit (last year): The selection of real ales was reduced to only 4 – 5 types of rather boring ales; If I remember correctly these were “Old speckled hen”, “London pride”, “Bombardier”, “Young’s Special”, “Doombar”, + one sold out. Nothing wrong said about these ales individually, but they don’t vary too much in taste. And there were no guest ales on tap. All these ale types have all been well established for many years, except Doombar, and I find it strange that this ordinary cask ale from Cornwall now seems to have been spread out all over UK. I looked forward to taste some local guest ales, but left the place in a disappointed mood after a pint of the boring Doombar at the price of pound 4,20.
How can the local breweries survive when the business is totally controlled by the big distributor chains?

28 Jun 2015 13:26

Sloop Inn, Bantham

It is not easy to get across to this pub if you are on the Bigbury-side of the river on high tide water level. The ferry connection is very poor; 10-11, and 15-16. So when arriving at the ferry quay 12.30 we were in trouble. And the ferryman did not show any interest in doing an extra trip.
We finally reached the pub at 15.10, and it had just closed.(Food served until 14.30, closing time 15.00)
It's a shame the connections are so bad. I am sure It would benefit the business on the Bantham side if more regular connections, as there are loads of tourists staying in the Bigbury-area.

1 Aug 2013 12:40

The Pigs Nose, East Prawle

Visited this pub for lunch for the first time last week. My first impression was that it looked a bit worn and untidy, so I was a bit concerned about what was to come.
But there was no reason to worry; we ordered Fish Pie, and it was delicious food. I guess at least 85 percent fish with boiled potato slices on top, served with green peas.
And they had 2 real ales on tap, from South Hams Brewery. We started with Devon Pride, and had Eddystone for dessert, both ales in top conditions. The Eddystone was tapped from a wooden barrel. A village pub absolutely to recommend.

22 Jul 2013 21:53

Henry's Bar, Paignton

Went to this pub yesterday lunchtime, thirsty and hungry. Chose "seafood platters", which we found attemting. When receiving the food plates we were surprised to find it all covered/battered, and served with lots of chips. And it tasted like I will fall junk food. We had troubled stomacs for several hours after this meal. Came to think of the pub advertising "Probably the best pub food in town". If this is true I will not bother to look for pub food in Paignton any more.
Nothing negative abort the prices and the service, and the ales we had were fine. But there seemed to be no options if you want to have a proper meal.

21 Jul 2013 22:55

The Grampus, Ilfracombe

Great dining pub a few minutes walk on footpath from Lee Bay. Helpful staff.
Very tasteful "Gravadlax" trout with new potatos and veg., and OK selection of real ales. Outside beer garden, relaxed atmosphere.

7 Aug 2012 10:11

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Nice pub with outside seatings and lots of indoor space as well. Tasteful food to reasonable prices. And the smoked mackerell with new potatos was delicious. Helpfull staff made you feel welcome. Average selection of real ales.

7 Aug 2012 08:26

King Arthurs Arms, Tintagel

Positively surprised by the range of real ales available, and especially the 3 different ales from the local Tintagel Brewery that were on tap. These were by far the best quality ales I have tasted in Cornwall; Fresh, hoppy, fruity aftertaste. Think they were "Gull rock", "Harbour Special" and Castle Gold".
When it comes to food I found it more average. Lots of indoor space, quick service, nothing wrong with the food.
Some disturbing slot machines reduced my overall positive impression.

25 Jul 2011 11:36

Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport

After recently having visited the airports of Gatwick, Madrid and Frankfurt, I feel I need to give a definite positive review to this Gatwick pub.
At The Flying Horse you get good food and drinks at reasonable prices, and 4 - 8 real ales are normally available. Allways a pleasure to "kill" some waiting hours here.
However, I wish there could be a wider variety on the real ales, as they don't tend to vary too much in taste. (but that is common to many pubs in UK)
But compared to the highly overpriced eating bars at the Madrid and Frankfurt airports "The Flying Horse" really deserves some positive comments.
(My rating and comment is based on comparisions between international airports)

6 Apr 2011 16:08

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Visited this riverside pub for an early pint (before 12 noon) last week-end. And was positively surprised by the range of real ales available. Guess 4 or 5 rare seasonal ales on tap, I had a pint of perfect "Cropton Dangleberry Ale"; fresh,fruity and hoppy bitter.
Unfortunately we had to move on, but I will be back soon if in the area.
It was also too early for lunch, so we didn't order any food.
I got the impression that this pub chain are focusing on quality ales from smaller and less known breweries, which is a good thing.

7 Feb 2010 12:28

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Looked forward to visit this pub after having read about this historic place. And the building, decor, atmosphere, etc. was an interesting experience.
But I was a bit dissapointed wiht the ales; The "Bragget" and the "Special" were far too sweet for me (struggled from the middle of the pint and down), but the "Middle" was good.
A shame they do not serve food though, as there were only one "pub" in Helston town (Seven Stars) where you could order food, but SS didn't have much real ales on tap, only one when we were there.
We stayed at the Inn ("no. 52") for 5 days, and were very satisfied with the conditions; clean, good service, cooked breakfast and reasonably priced.
Would like to come back to both the pub and the accomodation.

23 Jul 2009 11:47

The Pirate Inn, Alverton

Had an evening meal here end of June. Looked forward to this visit, ref. to previous reviews. But in total we got a bit dissapointed; Had mackerell w/ salad, and my wife had crab cakes.., and we both agreed it was below average quality. The ales were good, though. Nice location, outside beer garden and playing space for children. But the place was nearly empty (monday night). We later found better pubs down near the Penzance harbour, so we didn't bother to try again.

13 Jul 2008 14:35

The Isambard, Paddington

It certainly did not look like a pub from the outside, but was an OK place for a pint prior to the train departure. I had a tasty pint of "Old speckled Hen" and it was served at the correct temp to my taste. My wife had "London pride". We didn't have any food, but noticed the menu list with a variation of choices. Next time travelling via Paddington I won't hurry up to the street level to look for a dining pub, I will try The Isambard menu.

11 Jul 2008 20:14

Logan Rock Inn, St Levan

Visited this pub twice for lunch last week; first time we were soaking wet from heavy rainfall as we arrived (from the coast path), but were lucky to find a free table close to the fireplace. A quality pub, serving good food and fresh ales, we had HSD and Tribute.

11 Jul 2008 19:52

The Dolphin, Penzance

Soon became my favourite pub in Penzance during our one week stay in town. Fresh Tribute and HSD, HSD even served in proper HSD-glasses. Tasty food. Lots of indoor space, tables for larger groups at one level, separate room for families with small children. Outdoor area facing the street.

11 Jul 2008 19:30

The Monkey Puzzle, Paddington

Located on south side of Sussex Gardens street. Outside area towards the street, but quite relaxing. Also lots of indoor space. Went there several times with some friends last week. They had Tanglefoot and a couple of Badger's real bitter, and the Tanglefoot was very good. Staff seemed friendly. The only dissappointing side was their BBQ meals; tiny portions concisting of a small piece of meat with some vegetables served on a paper plate.

9 Jun 2008 20:55

Towan Blystra, Newquay

Located opposite of Griffin so you have 2 options if one is over crowded. A Wetherspoon's pub. Good food, and ales OK and cheap (around 2 pounds a pint).

5 Sep 2007 17:42

The Griffin, Newquay

Quality dining pub near the railway station. A pleasure having meals in pubs now, in smoke-free environments. Cornish real ales.

5 Sep 2007 17:36

The Red Lion, Newquay

Another of many quality pubs in Newquay, all serving local cornish ales. Dinner was good.

5 Sep 2007 17:28

The Central, Newquay

OK replacement for dining, as the Fort Inn was overcrowded. Had outside seatings with el.heaters for those who preferred "fresh" air.

5 Sep 2007 17:25

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Nice dining pub. Very busy around 8pm. Huge portions of food. Quality ales.

5 Sep 2007 17:16

Windmill, Stansted Airport

A pleasure finding real ales at an international airport. And the ones I tried tasted well too, and 2,39 pounds a pint is not bad at all. Also good and reasonably priced food and VERY quick service.

2 Sep 2007 14:57

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford

Had a good meal here Saturday night. Quiet and relaxing. Only one real ale available, but one is better than none.

2 Sep 2007 14:46

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Tried to visit the pub on Friday night, but it was over-crowded and noisy, so we went back Saturday noon for a few pints and some lunch food. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing then, the Landlord bitter was quite tasty, perhaps a bit cooler than Im used to. The food we had was just ordinary quality though.

14 May 2007 13:05

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

After a guided tour at the Griffin Brewery we were hungry (not thirsty) and ended up for lunch here (incl. more drinking).
As we arrived at 3pm (food closing time) we were lucky (thanks to helpful staff) to get food served. I felt the food was just ordinary quality, but the ESB and London Pride were good.
All in all the guided tour combined with this pub visit was very interesting.

27 Apr 2007 11:28

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

We had lunch there on a sunny April day. Todays burger was good, and we tried Adnams bitter, and it was very tasty. Quiet and relaxing in the back garden of the pub.

27 Apr 2007 11:27

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Perfect location in a quiet area by the river Thames. We went in for a pint or two prior to a guided tour at the near-by Fuller's Griffin Brewery. We tried ESB, IPA and Honey Dew, and they were all tasty ales.
As it was a warm and sunny day we were sitting in the outside area overlooking the river. Its just pubs like this I look forward to visit again.

27 Apr 2007 11:25

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

Nice and quiet location by the river Thames, although very close to the noisy centre of Kingston. We had lunch outside in the sunshine, ordered Angus King burgers and got huge portions of quality food. Also the Bombardier and the Greene King IPA bitters were good.

21 Apr 2007 00:07

The Buddle Inn, Niton

Walking the coastal path from Ventnor to Chale a Sunday in August The Buddle in was the perfect place to dine. After a visit down to the Lighthouse we had a good lunch at the pub. The place was crowded as we arrived (all outside seatings were occupied), but it's not a problem waiting for your meal as long as they serve proper ale.
A pub full of character, worth visiting.

25 Oct 2006 20:20

The Bargemans Rest, Newport

Perfect location by the Medina riverside and away from the noisy town traffic, still very central. Lots of space; both indoor and outdoor seatings. Equipped with different maritime details. Food and ale OK. Beeing a thirsty tourist in Newport it's a must visiting this pub.

25 Oct 2006 19:45

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

Perhaps the best pub location on the IOW. We visited the place twice for evening meals (August 2006), and it was very busy.
But It was worth waiting, and the staff did a great job.
But the food and ales were better at the near-by Mill Bay Inn, which is not listed in this pub index.

19 Sep 2006 15:36

The Redan, Westbourne Grove

This corner bar at the bottom start of Queensway is a rather quiet and relaxing place for a pint or two before entering an Indian meal at one of the near-by restaurants.

24 Oct 2005 11:35

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

This non-smoking pub is a pleasant place for afternoon dining. It has got lots of space and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.

24 Oct 2005 11:29

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

The Stanhope Arms (Gloucester road tube station) 6
A bit noisy and too smoky when crowded, but food and ales were OK.

24 Oct 2005 11:26

The Queen, Brixton

Very disappointing. Totally empty when we arrived at about 2pm.
The furniture/tables were worn-out, the glasses and eating utensils were not clean.
This place is more suitable in total darkness, or with very dimmed lights.
Later I took a quick check inside the nearby Beehive pub, which seemed a far better place to settle for a meal and a pint.

24 Oct 2005 11:21

The Gun, Shoreditch

A nice pub for a meal and a pint.
After some strenuous (forced) shopping hours this is the perfect pub for afternoon dining.
Even though the area slowly has been overtaken and surrounded by modern City high-rise buildings, I still feel the atmosphere relaxed and genuine.

24 Oct 2005 11:18

The Castle, Holland Park

Nice pub near Holland Park Underground. Quick service and helpful staff.
I didnt find the furniture very appealing, though. (worn-out, should have been replaced)
But the place was OK for a quick meal and a pint under subdued light prior to the QPR-match.

24 Oct 2005 11:14

The George, Hammersmith

I was surprised to read the negative comments on this place.
We experienced this pub as one of the better we visited during our one week stay in London.
Great food/ale, quick service, helpful staff, and low prices.
The female toilet was reported clean, the male toilet was a bit shabby, though.
Absolutely recommendable for afternoon dining. (Food served all day)

21 Oct 2005 10:12

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