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Comments by happy_wanderer

The Sportsman, East grinstead

Only worthwhile pub left in East Grinstead, a proper pub, go there while you can, there aren't many like this left in the south east.....

20 Jul 2015 17:22

The Tanners Arms, Horsham

This was the last Horsham pub for me to tick off, and I certainly saved the best till last. Super little place, great atmosphere, great beers. I imagine when they have live bands on the atmosphere must be brilliant, so must get myself down there for one. For me the number one pub in Horsham.

13 Sep 2014 10:00

The Bricklayers Arms, Midhurst

I have to agree with the last comment, a proper pub, no pretensions to be anything else, and that's good enough for me. Very friendly locals as well.

8 Sep 2013 20:28

The White Horse Inn, Priors Dean

This remote pub is strongly recommended, if you can find it. Go into the right hand bar, it's superbly atmospheric, dark, old wood everywhere, the sort of place you could sit for hours. It's dedicated to Edward Thomas, who wrote his first poem abouth this pub, just before the first world war.Beer was well kept (I had Ringwood Best), and the food looked popular.

8 Sep 2013 19:59

The Harrow, Steep

This was all that I was hoping for, a real old country gem. The public bar is small and intimate, if you don't want to talk to people, don't go there; but if you want to taste a proper old-fashioned pub atmosphere, it's a must visit. And the pea and ham soup is the best I have ever tasted. Oh yes and the beer's not bad either, straight from the barrel of course.

8 Sep 2013 19:53

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

This isn't a 'dump', it's a proper pub, how pubs are meant to be. Let's hope nobody modernises it i.e. ruins it. The beer selection is superb.

10 Jun 2013 16:38

The Station Hotel, South Nutfield

I realise the last post was in 2011, but I have to say when I visited this pub the landlord was anything but unfriendly, maybe it is a different one ? I quite liked this place, good old-fashioned boozer, nothing pretentious, and a good range of beers on offer.

10 May 2013 17:08

The Sir Roger Titchbourne, Alfold Bars

Having been on a walk that took me past two closed pubs, The Thurlow Arms at Baynards and The Crown at Alfold, I have to agree that country pubs have to do what they can to survive. The renovation of this place might not be to my taste, it is too open plan for my liking, but at least they have kept a decent area for drinkers and their range of beers is excellent (I had Baseline Dark Matter), and although I didnt eat there I am sure they pay close attention to the quality of their meals as it must be their major source of income these days. So I would not criticise them for modernising an old country pub and hope they continue to stay open for years to come.

7 Apr 2013 20:45

The Anchor Bleu, Bosham

Can't argue with the last review, got it spot on. Definitely worth a vist of you are in the area.

1 Apr 2013 17:13

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Looking at the previous comments I can count myself lucky I visited this pub at a quiet time. Then it is quite delightful, a small front bar facing the high street, oozing with history (the pub has been around since 1628), big fireplace with a fire blazing, nice cosy seating. Sometimes you have to look beyond the current incumbents and feel the history of a place. Had a pint of Young's Gold, which isnt my favourite beer but was very well kept.

26 Feb 2013 14:13

The Plough, Lower Beeding

Having driven past this pub many times I called in for a pint recently, and was very glad I did, it was like stepping back to how pubs used to be. It has a separate public bar and lounge; I only saw the public bar, but it was very basic and simple, plenty of games (pool, bar billiards, two dartboards), nice fire, friendly people, what more can you want. Ok the beer is standard K&B and Badger, but it was ok. I will return, just so I can reminisce how pubs used to be before the modernisers got hold of them.....

11 Feb 2013 17:51

The White Horse, Edwardstone

Superb country pub, rustic and unspoilt, and with a brewery attached, you cant ask for much more (except for a fire on the freezing cold day I went there, which was strangely absent). Top marks, well worth a visit.

16 Jan 2013 16:05

The Kings Head, Hadleigh

I have to agree about the refurb, why do they do it ? I hate these light colours in a pub, they have even painted over the old beams for goodness sake. I only called in there for a morning coffee, which was very welcome at the time, and its a friendly enough place, but the decor would not attract me back.....

16 Jan 2013 15:44

The Peacock Inn, Piltdown

I visited this pub (more of a restuarant really) today with friends for a meal, and found it very pleasant, so i was surprised to read the negative comments below. I thought the menu was extensive, and my liver and bacon was excellent, as was the Sussex smokie starter. The service was excellent, and the building itself is a delight. My only gripe is that it is more devoted to eaters than drinkers, and the beer (a good local one, Isfield Brewery Strawberry Blonde) was not terribly well kept, which was a shame. I would go back for a meal though, very good.....

6 Jan 2013 18:47

The Oaks, Ashford

What a dreary pub. They even have fake handpumps to make it look like they sell real ale. I asked for an IPA, only to be served a keg one. When I asked for one from the handpump the barmaid said 'oh no we dont have any beer on handpump' and raised her eyebrows at a nearby customer as if to say 'what a twat this bloke is'. Needless to say I wont be returning.

10 Dec 2012 16:55

The Theobald Arms, Grays

Interesting to read the comments below on this place vs The White hart (virtually next door), which the White Hart seems to win out. I tried both and preferred the atmosphere in the Theobold, more of a local's boozer which I prefer, and it seemed friendly enough. Good range of beers in both.

19 Nov 2012 16:15

The General Wolfe, Westerham

This friendly little local is worth making the effort to visit, even though the parking is not brilliant. Great atmosphere, proper little pub. Had a very nice pint of White Horse's War Horse, which I havent seen round here before, and the landlady have me a sample first which is always a good sign.....

19 Nov 2012 16:11

Neptune, Hove

Re the previous entry, I suspect the pub was crowded becuase it is such a cracking little pub, I would have taken that as a good sign. This is the sort of place any discerning drinker would want as their local.

5 Nov 2012 11:45

Quiet Woman, Earl Sterndale

Superb village alehouse. Simple, plain, very atmospheric, would be a great place to be sheltered in while the wind howled outside (or anything else howled for that matter, this is the wilds of the Peak District). The landlord speaks his mind, but that's no bad thing, and the beer is excellent. Visit it while you can, before it becomes another victim of modernisation.....

1 Nov 2012 11:44

The Jolly Gardeners, Old Windsor

I really wanted to try this pub out, it is in the GBG and has good reviews, so I made a special trip one lunchtime recently, only to find it locked at 1pm. The landlady came out to tell me that they dont open until 2pm in winter, which I find quiote amazing. Why 2? surely open 12-2 and catch the lunch time trade, but to open at 2 is bizarre.

27 Oct 2012 18:07

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

I agree totally with the comments of Fetchman, a super local's pub, very busy early on a Friday night with a great atmosphere. Highly recommended.

27 Oct 2012 18:04

The Barley Mow, Shepperton

Cracking local boozer, very friendly, had a great range of beers and my pint of Andwell IPA was just right.

27 Oct 2012 18:01

The Queens Head, Horsham

Super village pub, very nice atmosphere, rustic and cosy inside without being pretentious. Also a great selection of beers and ciders, and I had a good pint of Kings Old Ale from a barrel behind the bar. A place I will re-visit.

21 Oct 2012 20:51

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

This historic pub has a truly superb interior, it has to be visited. Obviously it is a tourist attraction, the Americans must love it, and it does play on it;s history (the Gents is marked 'Squires' for instance), but you cannot really blame the landlord for making the most of this amazing place. Go there and soak up the atmosphere....

11 Oct 2012 22:23

The Peyton Arms, Stoke Lyne

This place should be on the bucket list of all lovers of country pubs, it is the real deal. A simple one room alehouse, you really feel like you are stepping back in time, but not in a twee historical setting, this is a proper pub, the landlord is the genuine article, the beer is from the barrel, and once you step in the room you are immediately part of the place and the conversation. Dont miss it, but watch out for the opening hours, they are a bit eccentric.

11 Oct 2012 22:18

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Nothing wrong with writing a long post if you've got something to say, which he definitely had, and judging by the responses he has more supproters than detractors. Also nothing wrong with visiting pubs as your hobby, it's certainly mine !!

3 Oct 2012 11:22

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Great post by TWG, I too was shocked to see the pub left out of the GBG, and I sent an e-mail to CAMRA North Sussex branch to ask why, but of course got no reply. Probably it is personal and political rather than anything else, which is a shame, it should be about the beer, the pub, and nothing else....

27 Sep 2012 17:28

The Happy Man, Englefield Green

What a super little backstreet boozer, plain and simple inside, divided into seperate little areas, which I so much prefer to one-room pubs. Very friendly, and an extremely well kept pint of Skinners. Would be very happy if this was my local.

17 Sep 2012 20:53

Elephants Head, Hook Green

Had lunch here on the way to Scotney Castle, and was very impressed. The building itself is old and interesting, the welcome was friendly, and the food was very good. Nothing pretentious, just good pub grub, and the service was very efficient even though it became quite busy while we were there. Would definitely go back.

10 Sep 2012 21:14

The Royal Oak, North Gorley

After my visit a year ago this pub has been taken upmarket, and not for the better in my opinion. We ate here one evening and I found the food over-priced for what it was. Its still a lovely place to sit outside on a hot day and anjoy the tranquillity and the animals nosing over the fence, but I dont think I will rush back to eat here.

10 Sep 2012 15:25

The Victoria and Albert, Netherhampton

Cracking little pub, very full when I was in there but as a lone punter with his book to read I was made to feel very welcome. I will return one day to eat there as the food looked (and smelled) great

10 Sep 2012 15:11

The Foresters Arms, Frogham

Congratulations to this pub for supplying the first 4 pint I have had (and that includes visiting several London pubs recently). It was a badly kept pint of Wadworth's Bishops Tipple................wont be back

10 Sep 2012 15:08

The Ship, Alresford

I can report two years on from the last review that this is still a great pub; the food is good too....

10 Sep 2012 15:05

Three Horseshoes, Elsted

This is a great country pub, simply furnished, rustic feel; the garden and the views are to die for. But the welcome........, well I cant remember the last time I had such a frosty reception anywhere, I can only put it down to the fact we had our 6 year old grand-daughter with us, who was very well behaved, but they obviously just dont like kids here. Shame really, spoilt the experience, especially as we had just spent a week in the New Forest in which we must have visited a dozen pubs with my granddaughter in tow, and great welcomes everywhere....

10 Sep 2012 15:03

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

If you are a lover of old traditional pubs as I am, you should travel a long way to visit this one. You will step back in time as soon as you walk through the door, but it is far from being wrapped in cottonwool, it is a living vibrant pub with a great atmosphere and excellent beers. The interior is plain and dark but that just adds to the atmosphere. The opening hours are mainly limited to weekends so check ahead, but do pay a visit as we need places like this to survive so we are not left with just gastro-pubs and Wetherspoons.....

22 Aug 2012 13:43

The Great Eastern, Brighton

Brighton must have one of the best selections of pubs of any town/city in the country, and this little boozer is one of the best. If you went by exteriors you would probably visit the Prince George over the road, but once inside this place you feel you are really at home in a proper local. Add to that a good selection of beers, and it's definitely a pub I will head for whenever in Brighton.

6 Aug 2012 13:28

The Eastbrook, Dagenham

I can concur this is a 'real' pub, not a trendified watering hole, and full of real people. It has a great interior with lots wood panelling and memorabilia. I would head for it if I was a local, and that's not just because I'm a West Ham fan (a lot of the memorabilia is associated with West Ham, although to be fair there is also a signed photo of a Millwall player !!)

2 Aug 2012 17:33

The Half Moon Inn, Midhurst

We stopped here for a late lunch, becuase it advertised food served until 4pm and it looked very popular. Inside the pub was fairly basic and to be honest I didn't hold out much hope for the food, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The food was excellent, large servings, the vegetables were not overcooked and the meat was tender, and not overpriced. This time I was on soft drinks due to driving, so cannot comment on the beer, but highly recommended for food.

22 Jul 2012 21:36

The White Horse, Maplehurst

i can only echo the comments below, I visited the pub for the first time recently and it is one of those places you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door, which is something not many pubs/landlords achieve. Add to that the excellent range of beers, and all I can say is I wish I was a local....

9 Jul 2012 12:30

Shepherd's Arms, Whaley Bridge

What a great pub, a proper local, largely unchanged I should imagine, with a small unspoilt public bar, and a more comfortable looking lounge. Felt like a real community pub, long may it continue and hopefully NEVER be 'modernised'. Oh yes, the beer's good too......

5 Jul 2012 14:30

The Star Inn, Alfriston

It looks like this place has had some bad reviews.I cannot comment on the food (but then this website is 'Beer' in the Evening) but I can say that I called in here after a windy walk on the Downs, and was very cheerfully served, and was even profffered a sample of the Long Man Brewery bitter before I bought it, which is always a good sign. The bar itself is small but very comfortable, with plenty of exposed beams and an old fireplace; the dining room looked more formal. I had my walking gear and (clean) boots on, but did not feel out of place or unwelcome despite the upmarket surroundings. What with The George opposite and the Smugglers down the road, one is spoilt for choice in Alfriston...but if you want food, yes be prepared to pay...

25 Jun 2012 12:01

The Feathers, Laleham

Surprised at the low overall score for this pub, can only assume it was once a dive. All I can say is I visited it for the first time and found a very friendly and comfortable local, with a good selection of real ales, including a couple I have never seen before, would go back without hesitation.

17 Apr 2012 16:57

The Sportsman, East grinstead

I have visited Grinnie for over 30 years, including a couple of pub crawls round the town, but never knew this pub existed, tucked away down a side street. Fantastic to find a 'spit and sawdust' ale-house in the town, I give it 10 out of 10 for surviving, and long may it do so. decent Harvey's beer, and a basic but friendly boozer (and there isn't really spit and sawdust on the floor)

15 Apr 2012 16:59

The Royal Oak, Wineham

Anyone who loves a traditional English pub should visit this place. Very simple and unchanged interior and picture-postcard outside. Beer from the cask and good substantial food. Yes the food is a bit pricey but to me it is a price worth paying if it helps keep a bit of history like this in existence. There are plenty of Wetherspoons if you want them, but not many original ale-houses like this one. Long may it continue.

1 Apr 2012 20:47

The Standard Inn, Rye

I have visited most of the pubs in Rye, but this has to be my favourite, even though its not mentioned in any of the 'Guides'. A genuine back street boozer, cosy and comfortable, great beers, an really good atmosphere. Next time I'm back in the town I will definitely call in.

26 Feb 2012 16:57

The White Lion Inn, Thakeham

A great traditional village pub, unspoilt and with a good atmosphere about it. I will definitely go back when next passing.

20 Feb 2012 16:01

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Anyone who loves a traditional pub should head for this place, it won't disappoint. Simply furnished, friendly, fantastic beers. Thankfully there are still places to be found like this, lets hope it never gets the dreaded makeover, it's perfect as it is.

19 Feb 2012 15:47

Goffs Manor, Southgate

Attractive old building, and nicely laid out inside, with a comfortable lounge, a basic but cosy bar in the middle, and a restaurant at the other end, all nicely screened off from each other. There were two downsides for me, the intrusive piped music, and the prices, but apart from that I liked the place very much, and for Crawley it is definitely one of the better pubs. Badger beers, I had the Firkin Fox which was very good but unfortunately they served in a pretentious stemmed glass instead of a proper pint glass.

17 Feb 2012 13:54

The Royal Oak, Brockham

I will comment on the beer and the pub. The beer was ok but not exciting, standard fare of London Pride, Doombar and Young's Bitter. I had the Doombar which went down very well. A tad expensive at 3.40 but this is Surrey. The pub itself I liked a lot, simply furnished but comfortable, warm and welcoming. I like the way one end is for families/diners, whilst the other end of the 'L' shape room is for darts players and locals, with the bar in the middle. Plus it is in a lovely setting, I must go back on a nice summer's evening.......

16 Feb 2012 10:15

The Swan, West Green

My experience was totally different to the Quafferman. I visited as a solo drinker and felt completely at home, bar staff were friendly and the Dark Star Over the Moon waxs excellent. There is no doubt this is a real drinkers pub and a real local, but none the worse for that. I would gladly revisit (and will).

9 Feb 2012 13:37

Red Lion, Ashington

I popped into this pub for a quick pint and found a large but friendly local, lots of different rooms and alcoves, comfortable seating. It looked like a pub that is trying hard to attract and pleasde the clientele, they issue a newsletter of events and so on, and it was certainly busy on the Sunday I called in. I sat in a comfortable armchair and had a superb pint of Midnight Bell from the Leeds Brewery, which I have never seen before. It was a lovely pint, and it was the usual price for beers these days, about 3.20, so if you dont want to pay 4.65 for a pint of Peroni, drink English beer !!!

16 Jan 2012 10:37

The Plough, Earlswood

A very friendly and comfortable pub, with a good choice of beers, including the excellent local beer Pilgrim's Golden Spice. Would visit again.

9 Jan 2012 13:10

Smugglers Inn, Herne Bay

Popped into this pub recently while on a trip to Kent. Basic but friendly village pub, a real local and none the worse for that. They don't do food, but the landlady suggested I buy a sandwich in the village shop and eat it in the pub, she even gave me a plate so I didn't have to eat it from the carton. It won't be to everyone's taste, but if you like a basic old-fashioned pub (as I do) you'll like this one.

4 Jan 2012 13:36

The Fox And Hounds, South Godstone

I have driven past this pub many times, usually on the way to Godstone Farm with the kids, and always thought it looked very inviting. Today I actually stopped there and called in, and found it every bit as inviting inside as it looked from outside. It is nicely divided up into small areas which I love to see in a pub, and a welcoming fire had just been made up. I didn't eat there so can't comment on the food, and the beer was fairly uninspiring Greene King fare (but well kept for all that), but the pub itself is a little gem, and the landlady was very welcoming.

7 Dec 2011 14:16

The Joshua Tree, Redhill

Nice enough place, comfortable and friendly, but 3.50 for a pint of Harvey's Sussex ?? That's the most expensive I know in a pub in this area.....

30 Nov 2011 13:33

The Countryman, Shipley

Cosy little country pub, the sort of place that is a delight to find on a country walk. Long may it survive.......

28 Nov 2011 20:34

The Crown Inn, Dial Post

Extremely friendly pub, I felt at home as soon as I walked in, and the same welcome was extended to everyone who came in, not sycophantic, just genuine interest in the customer. The interior is comfortable, the beer was very good (I had the Harveys Old Ale, a favourite). I wanted to try the Ruskin's Ram as well, and the barman let me have a sample first, which is always a sign of a good pub. I didn't eat there, but I understand the food is excellent, and I will definitely return for a meal. More publicans should make you as welcome as this place, its not rocket science and it means return business.

28 Nov 2011 20:29

The Frogshole Farm, Maidenbower

Considering this is a 'housing-estate' pub in Crawley I was really pleasantly suprised. The building it is housed in is an attractive old farmhouse, the interior is pleasantly laid out and comfortable. The bar staff were ok if not overtly friendly. They also had three Sussex brews on, which was very encouraging; Harveys of course, but also Arundel Old Ale, which I had a pint of and it was very good, and Franklins Mild. I didn't eat there so can't comment on the food, but overall it is a place I would re-visit with no problem.

23 Nov 2011 13:22

The Coach and Horses, Danehill

Felt at home in this pub as soon as I walked through the door. Sat at a plain table by the welcoming fire, had a decent pint of King's Sussex, and some nice food. The pub interior is plain and rustic, which is how I like it, although the restaurant is a bit more furnished. Bar staff and locals were very friendly. The only problem with this pub is, it's not close enough to where I live !!

7 Nov 2011 12:01

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

As a country pub enthusiast and a real ale 'snob', I entered this place with some trepidation, especially after reading some of the entries on this site.. A Wetherspoon's in Crawley, how low can one go?? I am pleased to say my fears were not realised. Ok the place is a bit square and soul-less, which comes from it being built within a shop format, but nevertheless it is comfortable and friendly. But the best bit was that JDW are having a beer festival, and the choice of beers was truly staggering. After some deliberation I chose a pint of Well's Naked Gold (becuase I liked the name) and was served a perfectly kept and delicous pint, for 1.99, yes, 1.99 !! For once I am glad to be proved wrong and I will be back .......

21 Oct 2011 13:23

The Compasses Inn, Damerham

I stopped in for a pint on a walk, and had a decent pint of Ringwood. The staff were friendly. The inside of the pub is a bit short of character, but it has a large beer garden next to the cricket field, perfect for a sunny day. Cannot comment on the food as didnt eat here

15 Sep 2011 17:39

The Royal Oak, North Gorley

Stumbled upon this pub by chance. One of the most picturesque pubs you will ever see, in a lovely little hamlet with ponies, donkeys and cattle coming right up to the fence. The food and beer were pretty good, and the staff were very friendly. I would go back without hesitation.

15 Sep 2011 17:36

Royal Oak, Fritham

I will add my penny's worth to the many comments on here, and I found the pub excellent as well. I knew in advance about the cash only policy, so was prepared. The limited menu is in their favour becuase they can keep the food of a very high quality, and also serve up very fast, despite being extremely busy. Beers were varied and unusual, but always good.

15 Sep 2011 17:33

The Cartwheel, Whitsbury

I really wanted to like this pub; it welcomes walkers and dogs (with well-behaved owners!), the beer is fine, and it's a traditionasl country pub which we should all support. So why did they ruin our Sunday roast ?? I have not had such a bad meal in a long time; the vegetables were virtually rotten and had to be returned; the yorkshire pudding was so heavy it could have been used as a weapon; the beef was grey and lying in a watery gravy. And to cap it all when I went to pay the 50+ bill at the bar, the barmain asked in a load voice so that all present could hear 'would you like to leave a tip sir ?' presumably on the assumption that with everybody at the bar watching I would do so; unfortunately she was mistaken. I like to think our bad treatment was a one off, but it will be a while before I go back to find out.....

15 Sep 2011 17:22

Rose and Thistle, Rockbourne

In my search for the perfect country pub this is as close as I have got (so far). I visited it several times whilst staying nearby, sometimes for just a drink and twice for meals. The staff, whoever was on duty, were always very friendly and welcoming; the beers were excellent; and the food was excellent as well. The outside is picture perfect, but I especially like the fact that the interior has not been prettified, it has been left genuinely rustic (not fake rustic). One bar has been devoted to food, but there is still a drinker's bar. All in all a pub I could spend a lot of time (and indeed I tried to!!). 10/10.

15 Sep 2011 17:15

The Hillside Inn, Crawley

This is definitely more restaurant than pub. I have eaten here several times becuase it is reasonable food at a reasonable price, but I live nearby and I wouldnt travel far for it. It is part of a chain, I've seen the same menu elsewhere, and a lot of the food comes from the microwave. I've also had issues with some of the cutlery being none to clean, but having said that the food is ok, the beer is ok, the staff are friendly, and its got a nice cosy interior.

4 Oct 2010 13:55

The Eight Bells, Bolney

I only visited the Public Bar for a pint, but it seemed a very friendly village pub, certainly walker friendly, and the beer was good (Dark Star Hophead, but also had Balcombe's Best and Harveys). Has a restaurant and I will be back to try it.

4 Oct 2010 13:47

The Half Moon Inn, Balcombe

This is a proper village pub in a proper village. Pubs like this are getting too few and far between these days. Its fairly basic, but that's a good thing, it hasnt been 'prettified' yet or turned into a gastro pub. Having said that the food is very good and very reasonably priced, and the beers (Harveys Sussex and Youngs Special) were well kept. I suggest you visit the place before some PLC takes it 'upmarket' and ruins it totally....incidentally its in a fantastic area for walking, beautiful countryside.

9 Sep 2010 16:46

The Royal Oak, Crawley Down

This is a pleasant village pub, and like all village pubs deserves to be well supported. I visited there last weekend for their Cider Festival and did my best to support them by drinking as many as possible. Very good choice of ciders, only tasted one rank one, but I was dissapointed that there werent any local ones, considering how many good ciders come from the south east. also dissapointed there was nothing to complement the 'festival' e.g. a bar-b-q or hog roast would have been great, but full marks for putting together a good selection of barrels...

3 Sep 2010 11:37

The Old Mill (Dunnings Mill), East Grinstead

Eaten here several times now, excellent food and serice each time. Beer's not cheap but well kept. Had a good beer festival in the summer. All in all highly recommended (sit in the old part, its very quaint).

23 Aug 2010 17:31

The Royal Oak, Handcross

Stopped off in this pub for a lunchtime beer during a walk in the area, and found it very pleasant; friendly staff, good beer. It looked like a well-run establishment and a good unpretentious 'local'. I cant comment on the food as I never ate there, but it looked very reasonable priced.

23 Aug 2010 17:28

The Dragon, Colgate

I was disappointed to see this pub had closed, it may not have been the best pub in the world but it made a good stop off after walking on St Leonards Forest, and its certainly a shame to see any local close down. The reality is Colgate is not a big enough village to support a pub, so it needed to attract outsiders in, which obviously it didnt do well enough. Does anyone know if it has a future under another owner ??

23 Aug 2010 17:21

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