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Comments by goalman2000

Green Man, Willington

George65 - please visit the gents in the lounge area and you will see what I mean - they are awful.

Yes looks aren't everything but my opinion is my own - so who in the blue hell are you to judge me sir?

BTW I'm a local and regular drinker in the Man.

The Man is a cracking pub but needs money spending on it - what a traditional village pub that is in great nick? Go to the Hollybush @ Church Broughton.

27 Jun 2011 23:15

The Black Boy, Oving

Visited on a Sunday @ 8pm to be told we close at 6pm - WTF?

Nice looking place but gets a 1/10 for ridiculous opening hours and petulant and unrepentent staff.

27 Jun 2011 23:10

The Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne

Cracking pub cum restaurant - bit harsh reviews from the previous two posters. I found an eccletic mix of people here.

Yes it's more foody than most but the Tribute amongst the other beers was superbly kept.

Food is good but expensive though portions are generous.

Worth a visit.

27 Jun 2011 23:09

The Bulls Head, Repton

Had money spent on it and looks a cracking modern pub.

Very expensive food and drinks but selection of ales is excellent.

Attracts a slightly pretentious crowd at times but that is to be expected in Repton.

11 Jun 2011 00:06

Green Man, Willington

The food has improved immencely in recent months and is generous and great value for money.

The beer is usually Pedi, Bass, Cumberlund and a guest ale. Old Rosie from the barrel is also available.

Generally friendly but is in dire need of a refurb especially in the toilets. With the Dragon reopened, this is being given a run for its money as the best pub in Willington.

Beer and food are good but the shabby decor and filthy toilets aren't.

11 Jun 2011 00:00

The Green Dragon, Willington

Happily this pub has been reopened after a �250k refurb by local pubco - Bespoke Inns.

Alan and Pat have clearly invested in the place, the staff and the food/drinks.

Whilst the beer is a bit of a rip off at �3.20 a pint there is usually a TT Landlord, Doom Bar and Pedi to be found.

The food is good and not too expensive. Popular every day during the Spring and Summer so far - especially now it backs onto the canal and has been opened up.

10 Jun 2011 23:57

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Sadly after a recent visit I have to echo mattyd's comments.

I went in a couple of Saturdays ago and the St Austell Tribute (one of my favourite beers) tasted like piss and was cloudy. Prior to ordering it - I asked the landlord Ralph, if he had any on as I'd spotted a pump clip - he rudely said "that's why we have it on the board if it's on".

I've encountered the landlord Ralph a few times and he is extremely rude, smug, arrogant and completely disinterested in the running the place. His other half, Anna is the exact opposite however and is very welcoming.

The pub was once one of Derby's crown jewels but is now suited to only the sock and sandle brigade of the infamous Derby CAMRA group (known all negatively all over the UK for their insolence and arrogance which explains Ralph's attitude and oversized mullet).

The three pints I had wear all piss poor.

10 Jun 2011 23:54

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

Friendly place and well looked after.

Looks a little strange in the sense it is a white and blue house in the middle of a brewers/industrial estate on Station Street.

Burton Bridge owned and so plenty of BB beers.

Probably BB's third best pub after the Alfred and the Burton Bridge itself.

7 Feb 2011 13:12

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

Cracking old fashioned pub that is a real gem.

Spoilt for choice on the ale and is probably the best pub in Burton in terms of beer selection.

Essential on any Burton visit.

7 Feb 2011 13:10

The Roebuck Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

OK place - but a bit lifeless. Standard chain pub.

The pub feels likes its trying to be modern and old fashioned at the same time without achieving either.

Beer choices are usually Pedi, Bass or Abbott.

7 Feb 2011 13:09

Old Cottage Tavern, Burton on Trent

Worth a visit when in Burton - round the corner from the Town Hall.

Slightly old fashioned but cared for.

Oak Ale and Nethergate beers were superb.

7 Feb 2011 13:08

The Berkley Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

Rat hole with no real ale in sight

7 Feb 2011 13:07

Prince Alfred, Burton-Upon-Trent

Smart looking place with an array of Burton Bridge beers on.

The Stairway to Heaven and Bridge Britter were excellent.

Didn't try the food but seems to cater for diners as well as drinkers quite well.

7 Feb 2011 13:06

The Wellington Arms, Burton Upon Trent

Friendly local - if unassuming - boozer.

Had only Pedigree on but was drinkable.

Light and airy if a lot of pine cladding on the wall.

Worth a visit but not essential.

7 Feb 2011 13:05

Seven Wells, Etwall

Greene King chain pub that is largely welcoming and the beer adequate - IPA, Abbott etc.

The food is overcooked and blatantly microwaved in some cases.

Given how expensive it is, it is on a par with an average Wetherspoons.

OK for families etc but don't expect too much.

6 Oct 2010 16:30

The Jinnie Inn, Rolleston on Dove

Friendly and popular pub.

Choice of beers is quite good.

Didn't try the food but friends inform me that it's excellent but expensive.

Worth a look if slightly off the beaten track.

6 Oct 2010 16:26

The Hawk and Buckle, Etwall

Went in a couple of weeks ago, absolutely empty.

Landlady unfriendly and more interested in watching EastEnders on the TV than serving us.

The interior is quite shabby and needs a lick of paint.

The choice of ales was quite a lot at 5 - Marstons Pedi and EPA as well as a couple of Jennings and a local were on.

Beer was very good - surroundings are not.

Currently has a sign up for "run your own pub" which sums it up. Shame as it has the potential to be a good local.

6 Oct 2010 16:23

The Old Talbot, Hilton

The pub was fairly quiet when we went in on a Saturday night but became very busy after 9.30ish. 6 ales on - 4 guests.

Friendly landlord who was keen to promote the pub's beer festival and entry into the GBG (Good Beer Guide) 2010 for the first time 17 years.

Has a decent range of wine, spirits and fizz.

Worth a visit and a better alternative to the awful Hilton Brook.

23 Aug 2010 12:16

Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn, Wetton

Isolated pub and about the only thing in Wetton worth visiting unless you're there for the walking in the hills. Old fashioned and small place but the beer is often excellent and the handpulls are interesting looking.

Food is not bad but not great.

Worth a visit after a long walk.

21 Aug 2010 16:02

Watts Russel Arms, Alstonefield

Extremely isolated pub off the beaten track between Milldale and Alstonefield.

Was empty when we visited and was very overpriced for the food (of which we didn't bother with). Beer was in a poor condition (Black Sheep).

Extremely unfriendly landlord/lady which is a shame as the pub is actually quite homely in an old fashioned sense.

Tip - don't visit on a week day.

21 Aug 2010 16:00

The Bell Inn, Cromford

Small but friendly enough pub showing Sky Sports. Odd that the beer garden is across the other side of a busy main road and has a platanque/botch ball/les boules area!

Doesn't seem to serve much food save for a few homemade cobs (or rolls, barms, breadcakes, stotties...depending on where you're from).

Beer is in excellent condition and often an obscure guest ale can be found from a microbrewery.

Worth a visit if in the area.

21 Aug 2010 15:57

Ye Olde Dog and Partridge Inn, Tutbury

This pub has been given a new lease of life and much needed investment after being poorly run for many years. Has a large car park and amount of space inside.

Is more 'food-orientated' but is usually excellent for unusual guests ales as well as a decent (if slightly expensive) meal.

Worth a look on any visit to Tutbury.

21 Aug 2010 15:46

The Cock Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Fairly remote location for this pub at the top of Hanbury Hill. A good starting point for a walk around the Fauld impact crater.

Decent Pedigree and Bass on when I went in on an empty Sunday afternoon. Big pub with several rooms but suffers a little bit from its location.

Has a lot of guests on for a Marstons' house looking at the collection of a pub clips.

Food not sampled but is not always available.

21 Aug 2010 15:44

The Navigation Inn, Shardlow

Usually has a decent Black Sheep Best and TT Landlord in good condition.

Food is not bad and inexpensive.

Good beer garden for the summer months.

27 May 2010 23:32

The Unicorn Inn, Newton Solney

Has an ever changing beer line up often from Burton Bridge and Black Hole breweries.

Place is quite smart but very small.

Food although presented well is not particularly great and is expensive. Gammon with veg and salad?!?!

Has winter and summer beer festivals which are usually worth the visit.

27 May 2010 23:29

The Argosy, Derby

Easily the worst chain pub in Derby that is not a Toby or Carvery-type pub.

Bass is nasty despite the hand pumps being quite smart looking.

When we visited it was fairly busy, but nearly all of the customers including me had to send foo back as it was over or under cooked. ow can you screw up chips, jacket potatoes and sandwiches?

One to miss

27 May 2010 23:23

The Mallard, Derby

Once the best steak house/pub in Derby.

Sadly, the food has become awful and over priced. Burned ribs, overcooked steak and microwaved slop is to be expected here.

Has a pedi and a smart bar area, so it is ok for a lunch time drink or visit if you're in the area e.g. the City Hospital.

Other than that you're not missing much which is a shame as it is quite smart inside.

27 May 2010 23:21

The Vine Inn, Mickleover

A local's pub to say the least. Has obviously suffered from the smoking ban.

Had a decent Pedi and Hobgoblin on.

The layout and the seating arrangement are strange but there is a decent smoking area for smokers without the need to get wet.

27 May 2010 23:19

Hollybrook Tavern, Littleover

The beer is ever changing here - I had the rare opportunity to have an Okells beer from the Isle of Man which was excellent.

Whilst the quality of the beer varies - the choice is normally 3-4 different ones.

The food has been either very good or extremely bad when I've eaten here with the latter being true a few weeks ago. Typical chain pub but it is smart.

Often rammed on a Friday and Saturday night.

27 May 2010 23:14

The Bubble Inn, Stenson

Excellent choice of beer with the odd guest alongside the Pedi and Bass.

Has been given a lick of paint and looks quite smart.

Although my visit wasn't as bas as the previous poster - the food was average at best. It is a fair price at �3.50 for a carvery and is better than most at this price.

Worth a visit but the car park is often rammed during sunny weekends.

27 May 2010 23:12

The Green Dragon, Willington

OK pub that caters to mostly the younger village crowd. Beer ranges from a decent three or four guests to a solitary Bombardier.

Quality varies also. Derventio and Shardlow Brewing Co are the local breweries that have the odd beer on.

Normally a guest cider such as Old Rosie or Westons on.

Other than that - a lot of lager.

27 May 2010 23:08

Metrobar, Derby

Fantastically kept St Austell Tribute and a couple of guests usually on. Modern-ish but the amount of strange, old office furniture takes away some of the credibility of the place.

The landlord is friendly but the location is rather isolated but definitely the best pub in the immediate vicinity of Victoria St / Albert St / Morledge on this side of the river.

30 Nov 2009 21:00

The Tiger, Derby

A strange little place near the Guildhall market / outdoor fish market. Food is average (served at lunchtimes) and Bass is the only real ale.

Very strange layout and very dark inside during the day and night. Attracts some very strange people but seems friendly enough.

Toilets are a dump - take my advice - tie a knot and go to another place.

30 Nov 2009 20:58

The Courthouse, Derby

Infrequently has a Pedigree on but usually the three empty hand pulls are covered up. Full of nitro keg, tasteless lager.

Modernised from the White Horse days but not particularly friendly and has a very loud juke box during most hours of the day.

30 Nov 2009 20:56

Castle and Falcon, Derby

Dump of a pub. Looks like something off a late night Sky documentary on "Britain's Scummiest Places" or something like it.

Amazingly, has a Bass on hand pull but is a dump, dark and dingey place. Full of indescript people who have lost a few teeth, fashion sense or any brain cells.

30 Nov 2009 20:54

Noahs Ark, Derby

Small pub on the Morledge full of old men looking into space. Poorly run but does have an illusive Bass on hand pull occasionally. Probably the best pub in the immediate vicinity but that isn't saying much.

30 Nov 2009 20:52

Malt Shovel, Spondon

Easily one of the best suburban pubs in Derby.

Split into two sections - one with several old, small rooms with inglenooks, small fireplaces and original features - and the other larger more akin to a social club with pool table and main eating area.

Excellent array of ales both local and national (mostly brought up from the seller).

Friendly for the most part - a must visit if in the Spondon area.

15 Sep 2009 17:46

Lyndhurst Bar, Derby

Rough, unwelcoming and uninspiring. Do yourself a favour and go round the corner to the Falstaff.

No real ale in site.

13 Aug 2009 20:15

The Oast House Hotel, Derby

The character is now lost after the Brewers Fayre lot moved in and made it more "modern".

Yes, the place looks smarter but cramped.

Food is usually average to very poor and the wait times are invariably different.

Real Ale is non-existant after the BF ripped out the hand pumps and installed fizz taps.

13 Aug 2009 20:14

Green Man, Willington

A fairly friendly (and probably the best) village pub in Willington.

Jennings and Pedigree are usually on. The lounge is definitely the more old world decor of the pub. The bar is a throw back to sixties woodchip and usually full of the younger crowd.

Shame it doesn't have much of a beer garden as this would have made it really special.

Food is average at best.

13 Aug 2009 20:10

Ferrers Arms, Sinfin

Popular with pensioners once upon a time for its cheapish lunches. Not much by the way of character as it was built in the 60s/70s as with much of Sinfin.

Is probably the friendliest pub in Sinfin (enter the Grampian and Cock n Bull at your own risk).

Has an elusive Everards Tiger and the usual array of nitro keg lager.

13 Aug 2009 20:07

The Jolly Potter, Castle Donington

The best pub in Donington by far. Has an excellent if small old world feel with the customary Toby jugs and 1800/1900s memorabilia.

Has a Bass and some guests on.

Does have a larger (if rather garish 60s decor) downstairs extension which is popular for watching sports, fruit machines etc.

13 Aug 2009 20:05

Malt Shovel Inn, Aston Upon Trent

Generally friendly old world pub which is hidden away from the main thoroughfare of Aston.

Has some good ales (often TT Landlord), spirits and wines on.

Never eaten so cannot comment on food.

Is often busy at weekends as with many local village pubs.

13 Aug 2009 20:01

The Rose And Crown, Chellaston

Food chain pub which is worse than the Bonnie Prince.

Often either empty or rammed at weekends.

Needs another refurb after only having one in recent years.

Real Ale varies but is ok for those who don't mind the standard Pedi and odd guest.

Very popular for locals to watch sport, karaoke and families.

13 Aug 2009 20:00

The Golden Pheasant, Shelton Lock

Food is often reheated rubbish sadly. Used to be very good value and generous portions but is now sadly greasy, dry chicken wings etc that can be found just about anywhere.

Nevertheless, popular at weekends and often has Greene King IPA or Pedigree on. Limited selection of beers but generally welcoming.

13 Aug 2009 19:57

Bonnie Prince, Chellaston

OK food chain pub near the A50 junction. Quality of food varies from good to bad.

Has a reasonable selection of ales - often Greene King orientated lke IPA, Abbott etc. An occasional guest can be found.

Popular for Sunday lunch, Monday night quiz and with families (has a good kiddy's playarea and eating section).

13 Aug 2009 19:55

The Peacock Inn, Derby

Pedi or Pedi. OK place but far from great.

10 Aug 2009 21:29

Slug and Lettuce, Derby

Rob sums it up.

It's expensive, overpriced and rammed at weekends. Food is crap and extortionate.

One to miss...

10 Aug 2009 21:19

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar, Derby

Rammed at the weekend.

Overpriced and poor quality drinks and food. No real ale.

But the masses love it and don't mind spending the money - �3.50 for a Carling?!

10 Aug 2009 21:11

Limes Bar, Derby

Smart place with an excellent restaurant.

Very expensive and no real ale so don't bother unless you want to spend copious amounts on pop.

10 Aug 2009 21:09

The Florence Nightingale, Derby

Awful pub with infrequent real ale on (often pedigree).

Rude and aggressive bar and door staff along with interesting clientele make this place on a par with the Crown and Cushion i.e. "a local pub for local people with poor taste in karaoke and beer"

Shame, as during the day it was steady with the now disappearing hospital staff

10 Aug 2009 20:59

The Crown and Cushion, Derby

Agreed - a rubbish pub that sometimes has pedi on as the best and only real beer despite the barmaid telling me her panda pop (Carling) was the best.

A lot quieter these days with a few interesting characters and a crap karaoke.

Often heavily policed on match days...

10 Aug 2009 20:55

The George Hotel, Derby

Has been 'refurbished' to look like a Greek Taverna of sorts complete with terracotta roof above the bar.

Has a single hand pump but god know's why as the baffled woman behind the bar had no idea what it was.

Has some different spirits but a bland array of nitro keg lager.

Appears to be popular for contractors for staying over @ �15 a night and a Middle Eastern band night on a Saturday...

10 Aug 2009 20:52

The Waterfall, Derby

Miraculously has an Everards Tiger on amongst the array of fizz and nitro keg lagers.

Has a tidy looking American Pool hall but the Station Inn, Alex or Brunswick are much better pubs.

Often empty or full of football fans and has been the scene of a few Derby / Forest fights.

10 Aug 2009 20:47

The Merry Widows, Derby

Real Ale switches between Pedi and Speckled Hen.

Small 'locals' boozer but ok for a quick pint near the station.

Fairly unremarkable pub

10 Aug 2009 20:43

Old Orleans, Derby

Typical chain restaurant place with array of nitro keg lagers but does have a decent range of bottled beers and spirits.

Food ranges from ok to bad with the usual burgers, steaks etc.

Popular on match days

10 Aug 2009 20:42

Navigation Inn, Derby

Sadly the landlords have changed and despite a misleading sign saying "real ale now on" and "broadise sold here" they had four hand pumps all empty and "don't do real ale" nor "any food".

They did threaten to put a Pedigree on but didn't know when!

Shame, the pub has descended into obscurity again and charges �4 for parking for the football. Still the shandy drinkers probably won't mind with the array of nitro keg lager.

10 Aug 2009 20:36

Portland Hotel, Derby

Happily this pub has now been reopened with the previous landlords back.

A decent chip cob (bread roll to you southerners :)) and burger for �2.50 and has Pedigree and often two guests on. The Ruddles County and Old Hookey were excellent.

The restaurant is open Thu - Sat from 6 til 10 and does an array of steaks, pigeon, venison amongst other things.

Worth a visit but needs a lick of paint!

10 Aug 2009 20:30

The New Inn, Shardlow

Food is average and atmosphere limiting. Has some good beer on from time to time but like the Shovel is now suffering from a lack of character.

Very popular on Saturdays. Worth a visit even if it is for more of a selection of beer than the Shovel.

9 Aug 2009 21:20

The Old Crown, Shardlow

Cracking little pub with about 8 ales on at any one time. Unlike the Malt Shovel, the character in the place remains and has a dog and a cat often wondering around.

Usually very busy or very quiet but a must if you are in the area. The food is quite good if limited on choice.

9 Aug 2009 21:18

The Malt Shovel, Shardlow

The Shovel used to be a really old world pub with folk singers, morris dancers, a fire and a huge English Mastiff.

It has now been 'done up'. Quite smart inside although all the character has now gone as have the ales albeit Pedigree remains.

Friendly but some pretence and the makeover have taken away the character.

9 Aug 2009 21:16

The Coopers Arms, Weston upon Trent

Dreadful and overly expensive carvery. Poor to amateur service on a Sunday sadly.

Caters well for private parties and has probably the best Derby Brewing Co beers brewed exclusively for the Coopers - the lovely CPA - Coopers Pale Ale.

Lovely location and building but dominates the local area.

1 Jul 2009 18:25

Brackens Hotel, Derby

Had a lick of paint in recent years and appears quite busy during the weekend.

Has an elusive hand pull with Bass (ok pint) in the back bar but don't expect people to be that aware of it. Very much a lager and shot barn but has been done up reasonably well.

Has an M&B mild on draught.

Interesting building from the exterior.

1 Jul 2009 18:23

The Silver Ghost, Alvaston

OK if slightly tricky to find pub. Has Abbott Ale and/or a H&H Kimberley ale on usually.

One of the very few pubs in Alvaston doing real ale.

An awful through back bar to the sixties - very long and ugly wall tiles.

Big food area suggests can be popular for lunch / dinner

1 Jul 2009 18:21

The Cornishman, Alvaston

Fair pub with poor selection of drinks (typical nitro keg lagers and spirits).

Atmosphere is either none or extremely noisy from the juke box. Place needs a lick of paint the seats are virtually threadbare.

OK for a quick if crap pint and a chat.

Friendlier than the Needles, Wyatt or Harrington.

30 May 2009 12:09

The Lodge, Alvaston

OK place. Food is average and beer is limited to the usual nitro keg lagers. Busy in summer especially on hot days on the outside terrace area.

30 May 2009 12:07

The Blue Peter, Alvaston

steve2905 sums it up. Not bad cavery for �3.50 during the week.

Alledgedly "cask ale coming soon" according to the poster outside. When I asked the staff they didn't have a clue what cask ale was and pointed to the nitro keg Pedi. Pedi doesn't have bubbles in it normally!

30 May 2009 12:04

Portland Hotel, Derby

Been closed for more than 12 months.

When it was open it wasn't a great place. Typical local boozer with lousy beer.

30 May 2009 12:02

Navigation Inn, Derby

Does a very nice burger and homemade chips for �2.50.

Has some real ales (but none for about 3 months now) including TT Landlord, Adnams Broadside and Hobgoblin.

Nice exterior but in a lousy location except for match days when the away fans going to Derby County are in. Depending on who the team is, it can get very busy.

Friendly staff on the most part

30 May 2009 12:01

The Coronation Hotel, Derby

Has hand pumps but "doesn't do real ale". Unbelievable.

Function room is usually cheap or free to hire for a party.

Quality and selection of drinks is very limited.

Friendlier than the Round House or Harrington.

30 May 2009 11:59

The Harrington Arms, Alvaston

Has a few pool tables and a lot of yobs in the place.

No real ale and has an array of nitro keg lager.

The bars on the windows tell you all you need to know about the place. Very rough and not a place to have a good pint unless you want lager and baseball bat round the head.

30 May 2009 11:58

The Round House, Derby

Absolutely awful pub. Either empty or full of yobs.

Once a lovely, old fashioned boozer, which has had most of the character and seats ripped out.

Does serve an ok Wells Bombadier (complete with home drawn hand pump clip).

Went in on an empty night (loud music was blaring out) and had to wait 15 minutes whilst the barmaid rang the landlord to find out how much a 1/2 Wells and a Cointreau were as they "weren't on the till". Originally, I was told I couldn't have the Cointreau and had to have a pint of Wells!!

Unbelievably badly run place and no wonder local pubs are going down the pan.

30 May 2009 11:56

The Standing Order, Derby

One of the better 'Spoons pubs you will go into. Very big old banking hall.

Has ok pub food and has occasionally some very good guest ales.

Be warned, although it is quite cheap, it gets extremely busy at weekends.

30 May 2009 11:48

Santanda, Derby

Kitchen and food was rated 0/5 by the council last year for poor hygiene.

I have eaten there since but it is nothing special.

Place is ok and quite smart but the toilets are dreadful and very small. Tip - don't stand too close to the door if you do not want to be unveiled like a Xmas present.

Beer is DREADFUL. The worst ever John Smiths on nitro keg I've ever had. The barman assured me it was ok but I took it back twice as it was undrinkable.

Does have an excellent if very expensive range of spirits (not many malts), cocktails and a bottle of Derby Brewing Co's "Business As Usual".

Overall ok but nothing special

30 May 2009 11:45

The Walkabout, Derby

Usually rammed during the weekend (day and night). Typical commercial bar chain with nitro keg lager, some drinks offers (not many) and extremely poor food - managed to balls up a rare steak (which was allegedly kangeroo).

OK for watching footie and getting p*ssed up on a noisy weekend out if thats your think.

As for real ale... a confused look at the bar will offend

30 May 2009 11:42

The Old Bell, Derby

A really interesting "oldy worldy" tudor exterior is let down by a shabby looking inside and a biggish club room at the back (usually full on a Friday/Saturday with p*ssed up students or weirdos - no real ale in there either).

Apparently haunted (it was featured on Most Haunted).

The haunted theme leads to the bar - has Pedi and a guest occasionally in the front bar but other than that is nothing special which is a shame given the obvious history of the place.

30 May 2009 11:40

The Friary, Derby

Big place but gets extremely busy on a Saturday after 9pm. Popular with students during the week.

"Beer" is awful - all nitro keg lager and is very expensive without a yellow card. Green Goblin (Wychwood) cider in a bottle is about the best thing a person with a seasoned drinking palate will find here.

Food is below average - greasy and cheapish

30 May 2009 11:36

Flares, Derby

Fair, retro-themed club/bar with the usual array of crappy nitro keg "beer" and spirits/bottles.

The music is ok if it's your sort of thing.

The other comments pretty much some up the clientel that frequent this place.

"Grab a granny night" is often associated here.

30 May 2009 11:33

The Buck in the Park, Derby

This place is known as Bespoke but has a reputation for being quite a rough place to be. Has hip hop nights most weekends but be warned the drinks are poor and expensive and it is advisable not to draw too much attention to yourself.

30 May 2009 11:30

The Bishop Blaise, Derby

Guests ales ok. Extremely rude staff who huff at you when you ask for a top up - a 1 inch head (careful now :-)) on a beer is ridiculous.

Been done up ok since the Rising Sun days.

Gets very busy at weekends.

30 May 2009 11:28

Seymour's Bar, Derby

Tiny, often rammed, bar near the old St Werburghs (Wokmania) church. Has an ok outside area for smokers.

When I asked what bottle ales they had (no hand pulls in sight) - I got told Corona, Becks and Bud. I asked for a bottle of Pedigree which was conspicuously in the back of the fridge.

Apart from the Pedi in a bottle this place is limited for drinks except for the usual spirits and lagers. Place was modernised a few years ago. Was alledgedly haunted.

30 May 2009 11:27

Wardwick Tavern, Derby

Beer is ok - usually has Black Sheep Best and Wells' Bombardier on. Otherwise, the usual array of commercial lagers and spirits at ok prices.

A bit lifeless and isn't the most welcoming of places during a week night.

OK for watching the footy and a cheap pint

30 May 2009 11:23

The Barracuda Bar, Derby

No real ale (what would you expect for a 'cuda bar); has some offers on occasionally but is expensive considering the beer is nothing but nitro keg panda pop.

OK place to stop at if you're out for a typical p*ss up but nothing special. Food is worse than your average Wetherspoons.

Does get very crammed at weekends

30 May 2009 11:21

Revolution, Derby

Typical Revolution bar. No decent beer (lagers are expensive, tasteless and vile). If getting drunk on expensive, flavoured vodkas is your thing then this is your kind of place.

Interior is modern-ish but needs a lick of paint.

30 May 2009 11:19

Bar V, Derby

This is not Bar V but "Players", a strip club with BOGOF on certain bottles.

30 May 2009 11:18

The Crompton Tavern, Derby

Exterior looks like it has escaped from the 60s - in a bad way. "Done up" ok with leather sofas and light painted walls.

Has 4-5 guest beers which are usually local and excellent.

Empty during the day at the weekend and opens at strange hours.

Worth a visit, even if it is off the beaten track.

30 May 2009 11:16

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