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Comments by founddrunkinyourgarden

John Laird, Birkenhead

Due to close later this summer. A much better bet than the miserable Brass Balance half a mile away which should be shut down instead.

17 Jul 2017 01:31

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Seems to have closed again following a brief reincarnation as a gay bar (Rainbows)

17 Jul 2017 01:25

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Seems to have closed again following a brief reincarnation as a gay bar (Rainbows)

17 Jul 2017 01:24

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Saw a gig by the excellent Benji Kirkpatrick and the Excess the other night. Had a few pints on Derby stout which was on form. A good evening. Gents bog still stinky though! C'mon Laura, sort it out.

17 Jul 2017 01:17

The Open Arms, Birkenhead


17 Jul 2017 00:47

The Morris Dancer, Kelsall


8 Jul 2017 00:41

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

Currently closed

4 Jan 2017 15:41

The Cock and Donkey, Rock Ferry

Still open but is reported to have lost its real ales.

4 Jan 2017 15:07

The Carlton Hotel, Birkenhead

Domestic conversion.

3 Jan 2017 16:46

The Vale, Birkenhead

Looks as though is in the midst of a conversion to flats.

3 Jan 2017 16:44

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Good selection of beers over Christmas. Brimstage IPA & "Trappers Hat", Titanic "Plum Porter", White Rat, Hawkshead Pale & Castle Rock "Elsie Mo".

The barbers section has now closed which is a shame but the upshot is that extra seating space has consequently been created helping to relieve pressure at the bar.

3 Jan 2017 16:37

The River View, Birkenhead

Unbadged & partially obscured handpumps suggesting no real ale to be had. Seems a bit of a lost cause inside. No atmosphere to speak of.

3 Jan 2017 16:28

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

Plans are afoot to build a nursing home on the site to support West Wirral's burgeoning wrinkly population.

15 Sep 2016 16:54

Lord Raglan Hotel, Birkenhead


15 Sep 2016 16:36

The Ship Victory, Chester

Local CAMRA branch applied to the Council for Asset of Community Value status to be applied in an attempt to afford the Ship Victory some protection. However, the Council was the owner of the premises and was disinclined to grant an ACV on a pub that they themselves wanted to demolish. An appeal to the Ombudsman yielded sympathy but no action in what transpired to be a classic case of "conflict of interests". Hang your heads in shame, Chester "Clowncil". :-(

15 Aug 2016 16:25

The Pied Bull, Chester

Called in the other week while waiting for the nearby Goat and Munch to open. Had a pint of Adnams Broadside which was in very good nick. The Pied Bulls' owners have recently created a pleasant outdoor/smoking area at the rear of the pub.

15 Aug 2016 16:08

Stanleys Cask, Wallasey

A trip out to Stanley's last Friday was rewarded with a couple of decent pints of Brains' Rev. James. Pub has been awarded the Autumn Pub of the Season by Wirral CAMRA.

10 Aug 2016 16:32

The Bull and Stirrup, Chester

Still boarded up. No sign of it becoming a Spoons (or anything else for that matter) in the near future.

9 Aug 2016 13:11

The Vale, Birkenhead

Closed and tatty - even by Oxton Road standards! Someone, either do it up or knock it down...

27 Jul 2016 13:48

The Lazy Landlord, Wallasey

When someone told me that a micropub called the Lazy Landlord was due to open in Liscard and that it's licensee was one Lenny Henry I was, to say the least, rather sceptical!

A year or two on and I'm happy to report that Lenny (and brother Mike) run an excellent establishment free from tellies, loud music and lager. Good quality Cask ales and a trad cider are the order of the day and the "Lazy" is an oasis of calm and good cheer in a part of the world not noted for the quality of its pubs.

27 Jul 2016 12:54

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Visited once. The quality of the ale was pretty poor and the range of beers was uninspiring. No surprise to see that the place has now shut after a "buy a pint & get a free shot" promo failed to save the day.

27 Jul 2016 12:28

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

After a refurb this pub reopened last week as the Argyle Ale House and handpumped beers are available too. Doombar, Castle Rock pale and a guest ale or two. Will pay a visit over the weekend and report back!

8 Apr 2016 15:43

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

Excellent pints of Neptune Brown Ale and Abyss were to be had last Saturday.

16 Feb 2016 14:55

The Abbey, Wirral

Sorry to say that the Abbey is closing at the end of this month and, after a refurb, will be reopening as a deli/cafe rather than a pub :-(

16 Feb 2016 14:52

The Dysart Arms, Bunbury

A first visit to this B&P establishment over the yuletide period. A relaxing hour spent in a benign environment drinking good quality Rhode Island Red ale from Brimstage brewery - at a price!

26 Jan 2016 16:57

The Wickstead Arms, Nantwich

Revisited on Xmas Eve for the first time since about 1982! Decent quality establishment serving a range of generally good ales. Sampled beers from Salopian and Hobsons. Would return when next in the area.

26 Jan 2016 16:52

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead


26 Jan 2016 16:45

The Ship Victory, Chester

Sadly demolished.

16 Dec 2015 17:07

Moodz, Birkenhead

A legend in its own lunchtime!

Immortalised on radio by Mark Steel (Mark Steel's in Town (Birkenhead)).

15 Dec 2015 17:19

Cellar, Chester

Good quality cask ales - deserving of its Good Beer Guide status. £1 off on Mondays too!!

21 Oct 2015 20:47

The Black Lion, Nantwich

Nantwich's only pub in CAMRA's 2016 Good Beer Guide.

21 Oct 2015 20:35

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Significantly NOT in the 2016 Good Beer Guide!

21 Oct 2015 20:29

The Abbey, Wirral

Went in last week and was treated to the best pint of Brains' Reverend James I think I've ever had. The Abbey has been awarded Autumn Pub-of-the-Season by Wirral CAMRA.

21 Oct 2015 20:16

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Had an excellent dark beer from the Rat& Ratchet brewery last week at Gallaghers: "Anth-Rats" ran out all too quickly, I'm afraid!

21 Oct 2015 20:10

West Kirby Tap, West Kirby

A visit last Saturday. Marvellous ales and a pub full of happy punters. Music courtesy of the excellent Harry Smethurst. One of Wirral's top half dozen pubs.

7 Sep 2015 18:21

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Sampled some real cider at the weekend including Rosie's "Black Bart" which ran out, unfortunately. Had a pint or two of Theakston's Old Peculiar instead which was on good form.

The Fox is a bit foody these days but it's still well worth a trip

7 Sep 2015 18:15

Mock Beggar Hall, Moreton

We sat off in the beer-garden at the weekend and were treated to some industrial swearing from a couple of chavettes who were topping up their drinks from a vodka bottle they'd smuggled in. Classy. Sampled the one real cider which tasted like a remnant from July's cider festival. Not impressed.

7 Sep 2015 18:08

The Red Fox, Wirral

Excellent beer and very good food. Don't go if you're expecting Wetherspoons prices. It ain't cheap but it's worth it. Is the recipient of Wirral CAMRA's Summer Pub-of-the-Season, 2015. Beer festival 20-23 August.

18 Aug 2015 00:09

The Richmond Hotel, Birkenhead

Still awful

17 Aug 2015 23:46

Windsor Castle, Birkenhead

Was a smashing Wilson's real ale pub back in the day. I was once told off by a jingoistic former landlady for asking for a corned beef sandwich during the Falklands War! At least the place had spirit then (however misguided). Now it's just drab and dire.

17 Aug 2015 23:25

Seamus O'Donnells, Birkenhead

Lively and with a late bar. Karaoke. No real ale.

17 Aug 2015 23:16

The Queens Head, Birkenhead

Reopened after a spell in mothballs. Big pub with large lounge/function room. No real ale, just the usual English fizz.

17 Aug 2015 23:11

The Open Arms, Birkenhead


17 Aug 2015 23:04

The Rose and Shamrock, Birkenhead


17 Aug 2015 23:03

The Caledonia, Liverpool

A quick visit the other week for a nice beer and a chill. Marred by the smelliest pub toilet I've visited for a while. Bleach is cheap so what's the excuse?

28 Jul 2015 13:18

Master Mariner, Wirral

Nice pint of GK Abbot the other day

9 Apr 2015 13:22

The Travellers Rest, New Brighton

Planning application to turn this dump into a hotel.

9 Apr 2015 13:20

Caernarvon Castle, Birkenhead

A pub with good quality real ale but with all the ambience of an upmarket Wetherspoons

9 Apr 2015 13:03

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

....and open again!!

10 Mar 2015 17:32

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Guess what?? It's closed again - due to "technical & staffing issues"!

11 Feb 2015 17:02

The Ship Victory, Chester

Enjoy the spooks while u can, Mrs M! This historic old pub is destined to be bulldozed by Chester's greedy, twatbag Tory council.

20 Jan 2015 22:50

The Cock and Donkey, Rock Ferry

Has reopened as "The Cock & Donkey"..."titter ye not!"

15 Jan 2015 16:22

The Vine Inn, Nantwich

Visited on Xmas Eve and the place was rammed full of happy punters sporting naff yuletide jumpers! Ales sampled were good and strong. One of Natwich's better pubs.

7 Jan 2015 17:28

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

The saga continues....Has reopened as the Flying Horse/Housewives Kitchen. A bit of bet-hedging methinks!

5 Jan 2015 23:09

The Waterloo Hotel, Birkenhead

A couple of handpumps have appeared on the bar. Had a unlovely half of Greene King IPA last month. No cask offerings more recently however :-(

5 Jan 2015 22:55

Recession Bar, Birkenhead

Closed! Oh, the irony.

5 Jan 2015 22:50

The Boot, Wallasey

Now the Boot again, and full of desperate scousewives the other weekend!!

5 Jan 2015 22:45

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

Very tasty Hawkshead "Red" & Castle Rock "Harvest Pale" available at the weekend.

5 Jan 2015 22:43

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

Visited on 27th Dec and enjoyed some good, seasonally themed beers including Acorn "12th Noel" - a very moreish 5.9% Xmas grog

5 Jan 2015 22:39

The Globe Inn, Nantwich

Visited on Boxing Day and once the very vinegary cask of Midnight Stout was changed we were treated to some excellent dark beer.

5 Jan 2015 22:34

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Not sure how this place manages to hold down a regular Good Beer Guide slot. Decent enough mild on a recent visit but my friend's beer was undrinkable and had to be returned. I think that the hotel spends too much time worrying about food and wedding parties rather than concentrating on its cask ales.

5 Jan 2015 22:28

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Improved beer quality in recent times. Had a very nice pint of Peerless "Peninsula IPA" yesterday.

11 Sep 2014 14:48

The Red Lion, Parkgate

Spotlessly clean traditional old pub at the heart of Parkgate prom. Well kept national beers and a gem of a garden at the back. Recommended.

29 Aug 2014 15:07

The Ship Hotel, Parkgate

Had a reasonable pint or three of Brimstage "Scarecrow".

29 Aug 2014 15:05

The Boathouse, Parkgate

Underwhelmed by a selection of 3 beers yesterday evening. One had to be sent back. If only the beer was as good as the staff

29 Aug 2014 15:02

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

"Chambers" has closed! All resources seem to have been pumped into Chambers outlet in Heswall (the former Ravenscroft).

23 Jul 2014 16:59

The Ship Victory, Chester


26 Jun 2014 14:03

Perch Rock Hotel, Wallasey

Another recent visit and another good pint of Otter Bitter. This pub will be in the 2015 Good Beer Guide and rightly so.

25 Jun 2014 16:45

The Old Castle, Bridgnorth

Enjoyed a lovely pint of Hobsons while sitting in the picturesque beer garden overlooking the lower town.

25 Jun 2014 16:30

The White Lion, Bridgnorth

Excellent pub with friendly staff serving its own beer (Hop & Stagger) and ales from other breweries. Sunny beer garden and fantastic, home-made scotch eggs. Highly recommended.

25 Jun 2014 16:29

The Castle Hotel, Newport

A good pub (but not the one shown in the photo!)

13 Jun 2014 17:26

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Sorry, Blue Scrumpy. I beg to differ!! Not one but 4 ciders & perries on over the last week or so and a dark beer from new kids on the block - The Cheshire Brew Brothers (Ellesmere Port) along with the excellent "James Herbert" from the Rat Brewery. I'd be interested to know what you would class as a "better" pub.

13 Jun 2014 16:48

The Crown and Cushion, Birkenhead

In the throes of being converted into flats. Another historic Birko pub bites the dust forever :-(

7 May 2014 16:46

The Queens Royal, New Brighton

Usually good beer mainly from the North West. The pub is not exactly overloaded with charisma though.

13 Feb 2014 16:40

The Nags Head, Wallasey


13 Feb 2014 16:29

Perch Rock Hotel, Wallasey

Unspoiled, 70's decor pub (complete with formica door panels) is home to a friendly host, devoted cellarman and friendly locals. Otter bitter and Wells Bombardier are the two well kept real ales available, the Otter being the more popular. One of my favourite Wirral watering holes.

24 Jan 2014 11:40

The Travellers Rest, New Brighton

The new Spoons next door is pissing on its chips rather.

23 Jan 2014 16:54

Peggy Gadflys, Wallasey


23 Jan 2014 16:52

The Chronicle, Bebington

Alas, Smith & Jones....

13 Jan 2014 16:23

Chambers, Heswall

Not sad to see that this ship of fools has sunk

13 Jan 2014 16:22

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Good to see that the beer quality has been on the up in recent times. Pub soon to be presented with Wirral CAMRA's Winter Pub-of-the-Season award :-)

7 Jan 2014 16:39

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Well, Well! Sonny's has reopened as "Chambers" Bar & Grill. Is offering a Sunday roast @ £12.95..Good luck with that!!

7 Jan 2014 16:28

The Nags Head, Wallasey


6 Jan 2014 15:58

Little Brighton Inn, New Brighton


6 Jan 2014 15:57

The Archers, Bromborough

Boarded up.

6 Jan 2014 14:18

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Personally, I've always found Dave to be a decent bloke. He keeps an orderly pub which is usually full of happy punters and he sells ales of the highest quality. I always try to visit the "Dizzy" for a few beers when out in town. I've heard some of the tales about him and know that he "discourages" randomers from using his toilets without buying a drink first (which is fair enough to my mind). However, you can only report on what you personally experience, so on that basis I am happy to return again, and again!

16 Dec 2013 17:31

The White Lion, Barthomley

Reported as closed in this month's "What's Brewing" newspaper.

2 Aug 2013 16:01

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Owners have withdrawn their notice to quit although Landlady Laura still thinks her tenure is unsure. Moves are afoot to have the pub listed as an Asset of Community Value which may help it to stay open.

30 May 2013 17:32

George and Dragon, Birkenhead

Has recently reopened.

30 May 2013 16:28

The Vulcan, Huddersfield

Recently revisited this excellent pub as part of a Huddy crawl. For me this is a must visit establishment whenever I'm in town.

21 May 2013 17:42

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

Closed and boarded up.

21 May 2013 17:28

The Dock Hotel, Birkenhead

No longer a pub. Has reopened as a door makers/suppliers

25 Mar 2013 20:57

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

No, Wirraldrinker. I think you've got real problems with this pub!

29 Oct 2012 13:59

The Cock and Donkey, Rock Ferry

Boarded up.

29 Oct 2012 13:55

Raven Inn, Llanarmon-yn-Ial

Celebrated it's 3rd anniversary after being rescued by local committee. Lovely, friendly pub in picturesque village. 3 real ales including their own house beer, "Volunteer" from the Purple Moose brewery and a real cider (Rosie's from Llandegla). Well worth a visit. Closed Mondays.

24 Sep 2012 21:10

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

Real ale experiment seems to have failed. Pub still open but up for sale.

25 Aug 2012 11:41

The Crown and Cushion, Birkenhead


25 Aug 2012 11:40

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Drank pints of Peerless "Jinja Ninja" whilst listening to the Blind Monk Trio jazz band.... Nice!!

A cracking, chilled establishment well woth a revisit.

27 Jun 2012 16:59

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

New hours obviously didn't work out as the place is shut

23 Apr 2012 16:39

The Star Inn, Lockwood

Was the last pub on our St Paddy's Day crawl and I arrived in a rather dream-like state! The little I can remember about this pub and its beers was positive.

4 Apr 2012 14:35

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Loved this pub. Featured towards the end of an already "busy" crawl but despite my inebriated state the quality of this pub's beers shone out. Highlight was a beer from Rochdale's Pictish Brewery - Alchemists Ale. Spot on!!

4 Apr 2012 14:29

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Took shelter from the rain in this pub. All I can say is thank God for rain!! A most excellent establishment where I sampled Thonbridge Jaipur and a 9.3% Imperial Russian Stout. The Jaipur was good but the IRS was sensational. A must for a revisit and SOON.

4 Apr 2012 14:21

Sportsman, Huddersfield

I really liked this pub. Cosy and welcoming. The food looked good and substantial. Tried their home brewed beers but to be honest I found them a bit grim. The Mallinsons was superb though and I would return without too much persuasion!

4 Apr 2012 14:16

The Vulcan, Huddersfield

Cracking backstreet locals pub. Excellent steak & onion sandwich and a fine pint of Mallinsons. Value for money.

4 Apr 2012 14:09

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

Impressed with this friendly Spoons and it's range of beers. Will revisit when in Huddy.

4 Apr 2012 14:07

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Revisited on St. Paddy's day. Was served a cloudy Irish ale. The Landlord added to the blarney by saying that it was because the ale had travelled a long way!! Unimpressed by his Bulls41t and the fact that a pint and a half was the thick end of 5.

4 Apr 2012 14:05

The King's Head, Huddersfield

A revisit last month as part of a CAMRA crawl. Excellent pub with sensibly priced, moreish real ale. Recommended.

4 Apr 2012 14:00

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Spur of the moment revisit last Friday revealed a friendly pub, full of customers and some decent if rather unexciting real ale.

4 Apr 2012 13:58

Stanleys Cask, Wallasey

Nice to revisit again as part of a small crawl of the area. Caladonia 2.8 (a 2.8% low alcohol brew), Youngers No.3, and Leeds Yorkshire Gold were imbibed. All were good, Licensee friendly, and a revisit very much on the cards. Best pub of the evening in this area.

16 Mar 2012 17:25

Little Brighton Inn, New Brighton

Good band on the other night. Beers tasted were Thwaites Bomber and Wainwright. The Bomber wasn't good but the Thwaites Wainwright was reasonably good. Better quality, on the night, than the Telegraph.

16 Mar 2012 17:13

The Telegraph Inn, Wallasey

Revisited the other day. Friendly as per usual but the beer left much to be desired. Ossett Yorkshire Blonde & Draught Bass were sampled and were found to be much too cold and not Good Beer Guide standard. I hope that it was just a "blip".

16 Mar 2012 17:10

Rock Villa Hotel, Rockferry

....and open again!

15 Mar 2012 14:37

The Bridge End, Ruabon

Cracking pub. Ticks all the boxes. A worthy winner of CAMRA National POTY 2012. Can't wait to go again.

12 Mar 2012 17:24

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Sorry to report that I was mistaken. Sonny's is still open! It's new hours considerately start at 12 am until the wee small hours.

7 Mar 2012 16:52

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Staff morale and ale/food quality seem to be on the slide since the arrival of a new manageress from Liverpool. The usual suspects - Greene King IPA and Ruddles seem to be available but other more interesting brews are either "Available Soon" or not worth drinking. Made the mistake of ordering a "Manager's Special" turkey dinner which was neither special and would make me think twice before I offered it to the manager's cat. The John Masefield in nearby New Ferry shines like a beacon of excellence in comparison to this soulless barn.

7 Mar 2012 16:47

Ye Olde Tippling Philosopher, Caldicot

Apparently no more Tippling! Pub is closed and boarded up.

27 Feb 2012 17:48

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Cracking pub serving well kept, well priced ale. A bit ramshackle maybe but who the hell cares. A better prospect beer & price-wise than the pub at the opposite end of the platform.

16 Feb 2012 14:22

Hornblowers, Birkenhead

Empty pub with a plastic banner advertising "Profitable Tenancy). My arse!

16 Feb 2012 13:51

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Seems to be shut. No great loss!

16 Feb 2012 13:50

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

Visited a couple of weekends ago. Stripped back and laid back - a good place to relax and to drink the excellent Stonehouse beers. Will be back!

10 Feb 2012 17:01

The Abbotsford, Rockferry


18 Jan 2012 13:54

The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

Intrusive (and rather crap music) didn't improve a visit to this structurally superb inn. Ale quality was average at best.

29 Dec 2011 16:54

The Vine Inn, Nantwich

Visited on Boxing Day. Double Chocolate stout was on good form. Well worth a visit.

29 Dec 2011 16:49

The Blackhorse, Birkenhead

Appears to have reopened although I haven't been in.

29 Dec 2011 16:35

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

New licensee has improved this pub a lot and there is now a solitary handpump dispensing a very acceptable pint of Tower "Winter Spirit". Keep up the good work.

22 Dec 2011 14:48

The Grand Trunk, Birkenhead


28 Nov 2011 16:48

Stamford Bridge Inn, Chester

Sorry Mallard, I think you are confusing this with the Bridge in Chester.

15 Nov 2011 17:06

Liverpool One Bridewell, Liverpool

Not sure what this pub is trying to be. It seems to throw a couple of real ales on for us 40+ types while pandering to shouty under 25's. A novel use of former holding cells, my last visit on Saturday yielded some mediocre cask beer from their own and other breweries. I was told that the "cells" were all full - I made a quip about that being expected in Liverpool (I live in Birkenhead FFS!!) and the barman took the hump. Can't say that I will be rushing back.

15 Nov 2011 16:32

The Pied Bull, Chester

Nice old building. Bit dull inside but serves some good beer from its own and other micro breweries.

10 Nov 2011 16:56

The Boot Inn, Chester

Cosy, good value "older persons" pub. Comments from previous ranter are nonsense. Been in there on a few weekends and never seen any bother (or smelled any "wee"). Saying that the food is "cheap and nasty" when it doesn't sell any food seems a bit harsh!

10 Nov 2011 16:51

The Farmers Arms, Frankby

A beautiful country pub for families, very children friendly with play areas and large garden, excellent food and real ale. The ideal place to take the family for a nice meal out. The pub has live music on Wednesday and Friday nights and often has live music on a Sunday afternoon in the garden. Look on facebook under the Farmers Arms Frankby to see who is on and when
Report this for removal TheFarmersArmsFrankby -


10 Nov 2011 16:30

The Bluebell Hotel, Birkenhead

Basic and out of the way. No real ale but has a pool table and friendly locals.

31 Oct 2011 17:17

The Richmond Hotel, Birkenhead


31 Oct 2011 17:15

The Birch Tree, Birkenhead

Only been in there once ...and that was enough!

31 Oct 2011 17:13

Rock Villa Hotel, Rockferry


31 Oct 2011 17:10

The Railway, Rockferry

Reopened as a shop!

31 Oct 2011 17:09

The Open Arms, Birkenhead

Closed at the moment but has been bought by the same people who have the Cock & Pullet (no sniggering at the back). Should be reopening before Xmas as The Open Arms.

31 Oct 2011 17:05

The Blackhorse, Birkenhead

Boarded up

14 Sep 2011 19:52

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

An excellent couple of pints the other weekend. Highly recommended.

5 Aug 2011 11:38

Belvedere, Liverpool

Nice pub but the ale was a disappointment on our last visit. So was the attitude of the barman.

5 Aug 2011 11:35

Liverpool One Bridewell, Liverpool

Great building but L/pool 1 ales were warm and out of condition on a recent visit.

5 Aug 2011 11:33

Seacombe Ferry Hotel, Wallasey


5 Aug 2011 11:30

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Good pub thankfully saved from the bulldozer. Well worth a vist

18 Jul 2011 17:35

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Licensee Richie (not Robbie!) left a couple of weeks ago. Beer quality seems to have dipped a bit as a result following a visit last weekend.

1 Jul 2011 15:20

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Fantastic interior but so-so beer these days, I'm afraid

16 Jun 2011 14:27

Sonnys on the Square, Birkenhead

Empty during the day but full of Birkenhead's "finest" into the small hours!

16 Jun 2011 14:26

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Frank and Sue Gallagher have done a fantastic job of resurrecting and improving this old pub. Idiosyncratic dcor containing a barber's shop, an attractive back garden area and daytime food. Beers last time I went in were Monkeytown Mild, Wobbly Bob, Brimstage Trapper's Hat & Rhode Island Red bitters and TWO handpulled ciders - Sheppy's Farmhouse and Merseycider Incendiary Device (the only commercial outlet I know that serves this). They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary on Sat 18th June with a BBQ and the excellent band The Usual Suspects. Should be a great night.

16 Jun 2011 14:23

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Another visit 3 and a bit years on. New licensee (Robbie) and a sea change in beer quality since my last visit. Had many pints of George Wright "Cheeky Pheasant" which was in good nick. Was going to go on a bit of a crawl but got too comfy!

14 Feb 2011 16:40

The Railway, Rockferry


14 Feb 2011 11:06

The Crown and Cushion, Birkenhead

Rough. Best left alone.

14 Feb 2011 10:56

Sophie's Bar, Birkenhead

Reopened as a dancing school !!

2 Feb 2011 17:31

Recession Bar, Birkenhead

Full of kickers of the merde!

2 Feb 2011 17:26

The Royal, Birkenhead

Good quality upgrade of what was a rather knackered old John Smith's pub, retaining it's public bar. Local beers in good nick, friendly landlord and sensible pricing all add up to a must visit establishment - a much needed freehouse for the area and an escape from the lunacy of 4 a pint at the Oxton Bar & Second Mortgage

2 Feb 2011 17:08

The Boot & Shoe, Nantwich

Good quality draught Bass and an open fire on a very cold Boxing Day.

16 Jan 2011 18:31

The Garrick Snug, Birkenhead

In this phone-box of a pub last night. Cracking Guinness. A welcome shelter against winter's bitter crust.

19 Dec 2010 20:06

The Shrewsbury Arms, Oxton

Drank lots of Tetleys amidst student types trying to "out-cool" each other.

19 Dec 2010 19:49

Oxton Bar and Terrace, Oxton Village

Went here last night. Crowded and full of wannabees. Hoegaarden at 4 per pint!!!!! Holy crap this is Birko not Pimlico!

19 Dec 2010 19:47

The Archers, Bromborough

Only if you dare!

10 Dec 2010 15:29

The Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen

A very happy, recent return to this fantastic and uncut diamond of a pub. Mrs Davies was still on top form as was her draught Bass. Spent a late autumn evening in the little beer garden relishing the remains of the day in the beautiful Gwaun Valley. The night spent in gentle conversation with friendly locals and tourists alike. Unmissable.

2 Nov 2010 14:32

The Chronicle, Bebington

Low rent Wetherspoon's type establishment. Really not worth the effort.

2 Nov 2010 14:24

Mississippi Bar and Restaurant, Bromborough

No real ale but is friendly and welcoming. A locals' bar.

2 Nov 2010 14:22

Cleaveland Arms Hotel, New Ferry


2 Nov 2010 14:17

The John Masefield, New Ferry

Much improved & in the Good Beer Guide for 2011. Small range of well kept real ale - at least one from local microbreweries. Food generally good, nice little garden and clean bogs. What's not to like.

2 Nov 2010 14:16

The Abbotsford, Rockferry

Boarded up.

2 Nov 2010 14:14

Derby Arms, Birkenhead

Open again, and done up. No real ale but clean and bright. Owned by the same bloke that has the Abbotsford (which has recently closed).

2 Nov 2010 14:13

The Milners, Heswall

Rich boys and their toys mate. A shame as this pub could be decent with a little thought.

27 Oct 2010 20:10

Gusto Restaurant and Bar, Heswall

Great restaurant. But who wants to drink in a restaurant?

27 Oct 2010 20:07

The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven

Visited again last April. good food, good quality ale and views out over the sea.

22 Aug 2010 16:09

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

Excellent brewery/pub complex. A real must-visit venue if your are in the area.

19 Feb 2010 23:48

Eagle and Child Inn, Staveley

Good pub, great beer in picturesque location. Would love to revisit.

19 Feb 2010 23:43

Ship Inn, Hoylake

Revisited a couple of days ago and sadly the beer wasn't as good. The Trapper's Hat tasted stale and the Golden Pippin was more like Golden Vinegar. Third choice was Well's Bombardier which was ok and got better as the night went on. You have to question whether a pub should have 6 or 8 real ales if they can only look after 2 or 3 of them. Live Trad Jazz band was an unexpected bonus.

13 Jan 2010 20:46

Ship Inn, Hoylake

Friendly staff and good beer (Brimstage "Trapper's Hat" & Skipton "Golden Pippin"). My first visit and not my last.

12 Dec 2009 14:12

Rat and Parrot, Liverpool

Poor ales, slow service and scals-a-plenty. A charisma-free zone.

12 Dec 2009 14:00

Plasterers Arms, Hoylake

Visited with friends the other night. Had a few pints of Peerless "Hilbre Gold" which was on good form.

12 Dec 2009 13:52

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Went last night and sampled several excellent pints of Brimstage "Oyster Catcher" - a rare outing for this beer at the Fox

12 Dec 2009 13:16

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Why should we avoid the place just because you were "insulted"?

12 Dec 2009 13:04

Dee View Inn, Heswall

A good pub in terms of real ale choice but falls short in terms of consistent quality. Had a pint of Brimstage Scarecrow recently which was average at best. Have been to this outlet on previous occasions and was ignored at the bar while regulars were allowed to queue-jump. I have been ignored at better places than this!

14 Nov 2009 02:02

Castle Inn, Caldicot

Comfortable and rejuvenated old pub in the posh-end of Caldicot. Good quality and frequently rotated real ale available as well as better quality pub food. Not cheap but well worth a visit.

3 Nov 2009 00:31

The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Revisited the Ship and sampled more of their excellent Doom Bar bitter. Good quality food, an atmospheric location and friendly staff all add to the appeal. If you're in the area a visit is a requirement!

3 Nov 2009 00:14

Harbour Inn, Porthleven

Excellent quality Proper Job ale from St. Austell Brewery.Service quick and efficient. Good quality sandwiches!

2 Nov 2009 00:32

The Star Inn, Crowlas

Gorgeous, quality cask beer from Penzance Brewery and others. Highly recommended.

2 Nov 2009 00:14

The Tinners Arms, Zennor

Characterful and ancient pub serving good quality but overly cold Sharp's beers. Snooty manageress didn't help with what little atmosphere there was. Sat outside and watched a series of Chelsea tractors being driven past the "No Entry" sign only to reappear shortly after!

2 Nov 2009 00:02

The Star Inn, St Just

Great old pub with good atmosphere. Proper Job tasted old and out of condition though.

1 Nov 2009 23:48

North Inn, Pendeen

Beer in fairly good nick following a recent visit. Stayed at their B&B - breakfast was wonderful. The accommodation would have been better but for what felt like the world's oldest thinnest mattress and a rather damp room.

1 Nov 2009 23:03

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Took the opportunity to visit last Friday. Middle and Special on excellent form. IPA tasty but cloudy.

1 Nov 2009 22:56

Crown, Birkenhead

Sorry Happy! It would take more than keg mild to get me rushing back!

8 Oct 2009 13:57

Sophie's Bar, Birkenhead

Has reopened as "High Society" (surely a contradiction in terms). Sells a cheapo range of shots etc and has a dj.

8 Oct 2009 13:52

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Aleandhearty: Its your opinion and it's not up to anyone else to give you "flak". You have to report as you see it. Personally, I have visited the BA 15 times in the last 2 or 3 years. Apart from one evening when the Middle was pretty dire, the other occasions have yielded nothing but good quality, well kept ale.

It is interesting to note that despite being in every Good Beer Guide since 1973 the Blue Anchor is NOT in the latest 2010 edition. Obviously Cornwall CAMRA is not as lenient as you suggest!

4 Oct 2009 17:43

The Miners Arms, Maeshafn

Sheltered in this highly recommended establishment during a deluge. Had a good pint of Brains' Reverend James.

10 Sep 2009 00:56

The Colomendy Arms, Cadole

Another visit to this great pub the other evening. Had a couple of pints of Cwrw Glaslyn from the Purple Moose brewery. Very good!

10 Sep 2009 00:54

The Seven Stars, Thornton Hough

Staff friendly. Beer quality fair to good. Food very acceptable. Location superb.

10 Sep 2009 00:47

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Recently stayed 5 nights at the B&B next door (cracking breakfasts) and spent every evening in the Blue Anchor. Beer was superb, clientele eclectic, and the atmosphere guaranteed.

16 Aug 2009 22:49

The Pensby Hotel, Thingwall

If this was the only pub in the world you'd become teetotal.

16 Aug 2009 21:26

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

OK, so I had a gripe about the price hike. The Trappers Hat was on great form this pm and Liverpool got beat too. Result!

16 Aug 2009 21:24

The Basset Hound, Thingwall

Not a bad pub. Certainly seems popular enough. But as Wirraldrinker says you've got to love Greene King (which I don't) to get a buzz off visiting here. Was probably built in the 50's/60's. In the 70's it's rooms were cheesily called "The Dog House" & "The Kennel" etc. & probably had a framed cartoon of those dogs playing snooker - you know the one!

16 Aug 2009 21:21

The Devon Doorway, Heswall

Considering that the DD is primarily a restaurant it has a pretty good bar. On a visit today they had 2 real ales on: the ubiquitous Timothy Taylor's Landlord which was on reasonable form but pricey at 2.95, and Weetwood Old Dog bitter - a better pint and 25p cheaper. I've drunk worse quality beer in Good Beer Guide pubs so, price aside, I thought that the experience was quite a positive one.

16 Aug 2009 21:06

The Harvest Mouse, Heswall

Bog standard eaterie which also sells some alcohol.

11 Jul 2009 13:52

Chambers, Heswall

Large, pisspoor Wetherspoons-type establishment full of semi drunken children on a visit last Friday night. An insult to the memory of John Peel.

11 Jul 2009 13:43

The Chemic, Woodhouse

Another chance to visit this excellent pub was taken this week when my daughter and I were treated to Weston's scrumpy and excellent Taylor's Landlord respectively. We were regaled with some surprisingly good prog-folk music in a fan-cooled oasis of calm during a 30c hot spell. The first pint barely touched the sides!

5 Jul 2009 00:14

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

I really don't know what you've got against this pub, Wirraldrinker!
By and large your other comments are fair and reasonable. But there seems to be much spleen-venting regarding the JP or more particularly its landlord. I'm guessing of course, but have you had a run in with the boss on a previous occasion? Have you gone in, already half pissed, at three minutes to midnight and then nursed a pint for an hour?

There obviously seems to be enough punters to keep the place going. There has been a general dip in trade at the Pye (as there has been in most pubs I imagine). This would only be of concern to me if I were the landlord (which I'm not!), or if I had shares in Wolverhampton & Dudley (which I don't). If I was the boss of the Heswall Bar and Courtyard I would be really shitting bricks (8pm tonight NO customers whatsoever and the barstaff standing outside smoking). Maybe you should drink there, God knows they need the business!

The only things that concern me when I go to a pub is:

1. Is the pub safe and relatively dickhead-free?
2. Does it serve good real ale of a consistently high quality?
3. Is it reasonably priced or will I have to take out a second
mortgage to drink there?
4. Are you treated as a valued customer and not just a cash cow?

As regards to how many punters it has or who is asleep in which alcove, these are issues for the pub owners & managers, and not for the customers.

29 Jun 2009 02:23

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Initially thought that this place was just a shop selling York brewery carryout until, venturing inside, we discovered a fine little pub dispensing excellent quality ales dispensed by friendly, knowledgeable bar staff. Wouldn't hesitate to revisit.

25 Jun 2009 17:54

The Blue Bell, York

Revisited last night after 25 years. Mrs Pinder has long since gone but the latest hosts are friendly and welcoming as is their superb and unspoiled establishment. My missus and I sat in the front bar and immersed ourselves in the atmosphere and several pints of Copper Dragon! An absolute gem.

25 Jun 2009 17:44

Coach and Horses Inn, Greasby

Small but perfectly formed old pub serving a reasonable pint of Taylor's Landlord. Refreshingly unspoiled.

21 Jun 2009 17:48

Irby Mill, Greasby

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel!
I am reliably informed that the Iberian obsessed owner has gone bust and has buggered off. Two blokes are supposedly in the frame to take over.

21 Jun 2009 17:26

The Travellers Rest, Bebington

An old pub that has somehow managed to look like a new pub that has been artificially aged with false beams etc. On my last visit I had a pint of Taylor's Landlord which was unexceptional. 2.83 a pint is as steep as Rest Hill Road opposite.

14 Jun 2009 17:17

O'Sheas, Wallasey


26 May 2009 00:26

The Brown Horse, Neston

Former hairy old armpit of a pub now shaved and deodourised for the better! Had Youngs and Courage beers on when I went which were in good enough nick but much too cold. Was less than impressed with the 2.70 a pint pricing.

20 May 2009 00:57

The Boathouse, Parkgate

Had a beer from Holdens plus Taylor's Landlord. Quality was reasonable. Pub was comfortable if a little quiet. Price at 2.95 a jar was well OTT.

20 May 2009 00:54

The Ship Hotel, Parkgate

Visited for the first time in a long while as part of a mini pub crawl of Neston & Parkgate. Rather empty even allowing for mid week. Had a pretty good pint of Storr (real lager) from the Betwixt brewery and a pretty awful pint of Spitting Feathers "Farmhouse Ale". 2.80 a pint is over the top for less than top notch quality.

20 May 2009 00:51

The Milners, Heswall

Apart from an initial flurry of curious punters shortly after it reopened this pub is probably the emptiest establishment in Heswall. No real ales and only keg garbage like John Smiths, beer-wise it has little to recommend it. I last visited the place a week last Sunday at about 4pm. I was one of 6 customers. A previous visit on a Saturday night last month revealed a similar number or less. I think that the problems are:
1. Old "shitkicker" clientele have been excluded. They were mostly chavs but they spent some money.
2. Any new, upmarket customers seem to have been put off by the stigma of drinking in the former "Slak" .
3. Prices aren't cheap. 2.95 for a small bottle of Budvar is unsustainable.

A lot of money has been spent on the place but the owners must be more than concerned by a lack of paying public

20 May 2009 00:23

The Mackenzie, Birkenhead

Pretty bloody awful. Describes itself as being "The Spirit of Scotland"! If I lived north of the border I'd sue the owners under the Trades Descriptions Act. Maybe they mean that it's on a par with a bad pub in the Gorbals. Unless you like an English simulacrum of a rough-arsed Scottish pub, give it a miss.

6 May 2009 01:19

The Wellington Hotel, Wallasey

Traditional style street corner local. Friendly bar staff and customers. No real ales but the Guinness is top notch. Never been there until yesterday but I was made to feel like it was my local.

23 Apr 2009 18:10

Eagle Arms, Wallasey

Closed and up for sale.

23 Apr 2009 17:50

George and Dragon, Birkenhead

No real ale but a friendly enough pub dispensing better than average Guinness. Attracts an older clientele than many bars in the vicinity

21 Apr 2009 20:39

The Waterloo Hotel, Birkenhead

Friendly but real ale-less Birkenhead boozer tucked up a side street. Has a pool table and attracts the sort of enthusiasts who bring their own cues!

21 Apr 2009 20:36

The John Masefield, New Ferry

Better than average `Spoons. Neat, tidy and relaxing with a small sun-trap beer garden. Beer quality is generally good although the real ale line-up can be a bit unimaginative.

21 Apr 2009 20:32

Stanleys Cask, Wallasey

Cracking little pub with a small range of quality guest real ales. Friendly boss and what looks to be a fairly recent and sympathetic redecoration are additional positives. Worth going out of your way for.

21 Apr 2009 20:18

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Eastham GOLF club...doh!

2 Apr 2009 13:25

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Manageress is rumoured to be moving on to Eastham Gold Club in the near future. I sampled their dark mild on a recent visit which was less than impressive. Real beers in good nick generally but often served too cold.

2 Apr 2009 13:24

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

Characterful modern refurb with a choice of real ales. A bit of a hike out of the city centre. Beer and food is pricey and the pub is only worth walking out to if you continue on to Peter Kavanagh's down the road.

2 Apr 2009 13:19

Sophie's Bar, Birkenhead

Another Birko pub boarded up. This one wasn't much of a loss though!

31 Mar 2009 22:24

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

The word "basic" was invented here.

30 Mar 2009 12:45

The Chemic, Woodhouse

Leeds Stew,
Probably some of the reasons why this pub is so loved is precisely because it has none of what you mention. However, I am willing to concede on item 1. (providing she can pull a decent pint!)

27 Mar 2009 14:30

Schmooze, Liverpool

That's no recommendation!

27 Mar 2009 14:20

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Hate is far too strong a word, Fat Badger. As paying punters we are entitled to comment as we see fit. Saying that this Spoons is full of bagheads is out of order but remarking on the perennial understaffing, the up and down nature of beer quality and the merry-go-round of management changeovers is fair enough. The reasons why some people think that the barpeople are "terrible" is mainly because there is simply not enough of them and those that are there seem sullen and disinterested as a result. This outlet is one of a few that gained entry to the Good Beer Guide for 2009. It won't be in the 2010 edition. Cheaper than average prices are simply not enough.

27 Mar 2009 14:00

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

Prices of the Brimstage ales have gone up 20p per pint since this time last year. I'm not sure how justifiable this increase can be given that a). we're in a recession, and b). the brewery is less than 2 miles away.

25 Mar 2009 17:11

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

I count myself fortunate to have visited this superb establishment last weekend. In the two hours avaialble to me I sampled a half pint of all their 12 traditional ales. It was a real "kid in a sweet-shop" session. They have a beer festival from 30th June to 5th July this year. I think that it would be most rude not to attend!

25 Mar 2009 17:02

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

Good quality Guinness and a relaxed atmosphere last time I visited. "Mattbeer" is right though when he says that Guinness is not the only or best stout about.

20 Mar 2009 15:23

Derby Arms, Birkenhead

Boarded up.

20 Mar 2009 15:14

Firemans Arms, Birkenhead

A shadow of its former Wilsons incarnation. Now a dive, bereft of real ale, with an aggressive undertone.

26 Feb 2009 16:54

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Paid a recent visit with my daughter. Beer (Copper Dragon) was in great nick, the atmospher was friendly and relaxed and...wait for it.... the gents is in the advanced stages of refurbishment. Great pub.

26 Feb 2009 16:49

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Wrong again Wirraldrinker!

7 Feb 2009 15:47

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

I don't know where you got the "ripped and tatty" bit from. All seems in order to me. However, the beer availablity and quality is too up and down for a pub in the latest Good Beer Guide. Last Friday I went in and had several pints of Burton Bridge "Golden Delicious" which was in really top notch condition and great value at 1.79 a pint. Yesterday, the only available guest ale was Spitting Feathers "Farmhouse Ale" which was as flat as a fart and not what you should expect.

4 Feb 2009 13:57

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Yes the Pye could put a band or two on but as it's all open plan there is nowhere to escape to if you don't like what's being offered. The pub could end up with less customers rather than more. Maybe they've already looked into it, I don't know.

Some evenings during the week there is not a whole load of customers but that could be said of practically every other pub in these cash conscious times (I walked past the newly reopened Slak and saw that the barstaff were threatening to outnumber the customers!)

I doubt that it was the manager who was so dismissive of the FOUR real ales he offers judging by his many years in the Good Beer Guide and the cellarmanship certificates behind the bar; and for Wirraldrinker to say that you will find better kept real ale in the Dee and the Jug is just arse-gravy of the highest order.

4 Feb 2009 13:33

The Garrick Snug, Birkenhead

Tiny, single roomed old boozer hardly changed in the 26 years between my first and last visits. Draught (real) Boddingtons available together with a good atmosphere and quality clientele.

12 Dec 2008 00:34

The Swinging Arm, Birkenhead

Used to look like something off the set of Life On Mars. A real 70's vibe augmented by the excellent Phil the hippy who worked most lunchtimes and had a laptop of top, rare sounds (incl. John Martyn, Nick Drake and even George Formby for some of the older clientele!).

Sadly it seems to have lost some of its anachronistic feel following a recent makeover. The bar has been moved across the room and put on top of the old stage. This rather gives the impression that the people behind the bar are all 6`10". It's still a bikers pub and welcoming and is a lot cleaner than it used to be. It has Taylor's Landlord and Draught Bass on handpump, although on a recent visit the Bass was way too cold and the Taylor's was a bit grim. On the plus side, the Hoegaarden was excellent and the sausage rolls were spot on! I think that most people who visit the place will find something they like

12 Dec 2008 00:03

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

I understand that the "Pye" is not to be included in the 2009 Good Beer Guide. As a newly re-joined member of CAMRA I must admit that I am mystified by this pub's glaring omission. It is, in my opinion, the best establishment on the Wirral (if not beyond) in terms of consistent beer quality. If this pub cannot get into the GBG with all its most obvious dedication to the craft of real ale, then, by rights, the Good Beer Guide should be the slimmest of volumes ever published.

30 Nov 2008 02:25

The Colomendy Arms, Cadole

Truly excellent old pub up a side road off the main drag into Loggerheads. A varied range of well kept beers served by a really good landlord (nice bloke too). Cosy bar, comfortable lounge and outside loos all add to the charm!

23 Sep 2008 23:42

The Slak, Heswall

Closed down and boarded up a few weeks ago after some discerning punter attempted to set fire to the place!

21 Sep 2008 02:20

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Still closed and with Cains up shit creek financially, it's not going to reopen anytime soon.

8 Sep 2008 22:50

Harp Inn, Little Neston

Had a very mediocre pint of Taylor's Landlord on my last visit in August

8 Sep 2008 21:35

The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Visited last month for the first time. An excellent old pub in a superb location serving top-notch beers. Just go there!

31 Aug 2008 13:01

The Dibbinsdale Inn, Bromborough

Just had an up-market refurb. Prices have gone up-market too!

4 Jun 2008 14:37

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

Went past the OC over the last couple of days and the place appears to have closed despite a big plastic banner saying "Now Fully Open"! This isn't a surprise as the place has been going down the pan for a year or three.

4 Jun 2008 14:21

Crown, Birkenhead

Sadly seems to be on the bones of its arse somewhat. Paid recent visits only to find that there was no real ales available and that only lager and Guinness were to be had on draught. Most of the Crown's customers seem to have voted with their feet as a result. If you're passing, pop in - if only to appreciate the splendour of the ornate bar, a reminder of better times. Fortunately, the Stork is not far away!

23 May 2008 02:24

Fox and Hounds, Barnston

The Fox is a timeless country pub which has resisted the modern trend to modernise and has thus kept the integrity of its public bar and snug including a real fire and the original wooden settles(the lounge part was created from an adjoining house in the mid 80's).

Two permanent "guest" beers from the nearby Brimstage Brewery (Rhode Island Red & Trapper's Hat) are always available and served in excellent condition and at 2.35 a pint are, price-wise, slightly below the local average. The Fox also has a deserved reputation for good pub food, a sun-trap of a rear garden and better than adequate outdoor facilities for smokers. Well worth a visit and one of my favourite establishments

23 May 2008 02:14

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

If you're in Liverpool don't be "cruel" on yourself and make a special trip as it is STILL shut!!

21 May 2008 13:56

Rubber Soul, Liverpool

Don't bother unless you're already pissed.

15 Mar 2008 04:02

Walkabout, Liverpool

God-awful approximation of what some tosser thought would be an antipodean mega-bar. Wall to wall XXXX precludes any decent ale. Its only useful social function is that it stops the charisma-less from wandering off and polluting other, genuine pubs.

Just don't.

15 Mar 2008 03:59

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

Very few pubs find their way into CAMRA's "Special Interiors" list. The Stork features in it and deservedly so. Fantastic Victorian mosaic flooring and tiling from the defunct Della Robia pottery (I think) set this traditional inn apart. Good, plain and honest food (2 meals for 5) and a range of well kept beers (at 1.50 a pint from 16/00 to 19/00)all contribute to a very positive experience.

4 Mar 2008 18:34

The Blue Lion Hotel, Cynwyd

As you say, John, a good community local. It must be about 20 years since I visited this place. When we walked in all the regulars were speaking English and clicked into Welsh as soon as they saw us! Back then it had a choice of two milds and no bitters!! Unheard of today.

5 Feb 2008 23:59

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

....and closed again!!!

28 Jan 2008 12:15

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

Excellent and unspoilt, retaining its small rooms and character. Beer (Deuchars IPA/ Taylor's Landlord) in very good nick but a bit pricey.

16 Dec 2007 22:44

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

Called in here with a mate for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Fantasticly anachronistic, the sort of pub you would imagine had been long since demolished. A real "must visit" location. My only regret is that it's taken me the thick end of 30 years to discover it. Oh, and the beer's great too!

18 Nov 2007 23:55

The Grange, Moreton

Good on ya Shez - give em hell. Leave no ashtray unturned!!

6 Nov 2007 21:57

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

It's closed again! 'Nuff said.

28 Sep 2007 01:34

The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven

Sat outside and enjoyed the view with a Betty Stogs (that's a local beer and not one of the buck toothed homegirls)!

28 Sep 2007 01:28

The Chemic, Woodhouse

Visited for the first time last Tuesday and was impressed with the seemingly unaltered "proper pub" interior, the friendliness of the locals and the excellence of the Tim Taylor's "Landlord"! Highly recommended.

28 Sep 2007 01:22

The Blue Anchor, Helston

My missus and I spent 5 fabulous days in Cornwall and 5 fabulous nights in the Blue. As friendly as it is tradional with the "Middle" and the "Special" on great form. Got the tour of the brewery and its handcrafted, time-honoured approach to the magical craft which produces such wonderful beer. Highly recommended.... and, yes, we got Spingo'd again!!

20 Aug 2007 17:33

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Visited last week and all the real ales were in the most awful form. It tasted as though there was still a load of cleaning fluid left in the lines. This pub may be open more often these days but if they don't buck their ideas up then people will vote with their feet (again) and the place will close (unless Trading Standards do it for them that is!)

1 Aug 2007 16:28

The Blue Anchor, Helston

I got thoroughly "Spingoed" at the Birkenhead Beer Fest last Oct. Great brew. We are hoping to visit the Blue Anchor later this month for a few pints from the "source"!

1 Aug 2007 16:03

The Morris Dancer, Kelsall

Has reverted to its previous name of The Morris Dancer. The site is still the main venue for the Chester Folk Festival every May.

12 Jun 2007 16:45

The Ferry Tavern, Penketh

Traditional local serving well kept ale in a picturesque location.Gets flooded out on occasions (see the water level plaques inside!) A must for a hot lazy summer's day. I only wish it was a bit closer to home.

11 Jun 2007 17:46

Old Colonial, Birkenhead

More managers than Charlton Athletic of late. Last visited with a mate between Xmas and New Year. Ale was like dishwater and the food wasn't on. Bored barmaid and customers you could count on the fingers of one hand. Gives traditional pubs a bad name. I hope that it's improved but frankly I don't want to waste any more time (or money) finding out.

17 May 2007 16:47

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate


27 Apr 2007 02:38

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Quirky, multi-roomed gem still trading off its Bohemian heritage. Good ales. Not to be missed.

27 Apr 2007 02:34

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Brilliant place. Downstairs bar hasn't changed in years (except that you don't have to wade into the Gents now). Went there on a crawl last Xmas and got completely shitfaced. Good real ales but none under 5.2%. More comfortable than an old shoe however long you leave it between visits. Great jukey.

27 Apr 2007 02:30

Globe, Liverpool

Not to be missed. Unbuggered-about with.

27 Apr 2007 02:22

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Included this on a recent pub crawl. Well worth a visit.

27 Apr 2007 02:20

The Glegg Arms, Heswall

The outside has been painted shite-brown,rather appropriately...

13 Apr 2007 22:27

The Farmers Arms, Mathry

Positives: A friendly village pub with good barstaff and a good atmosphere.Traditional. Guest real ales and food.

Negatives: Guest real ales on the pricey side and not on good form (2.60 - Aug 2006). Food was of variable standard and again not cheap for what it was.

The only pub in the village (and it knows it).

1 Apr 2007 00:32

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

To be fair, most of the smackheads have migrated to the wretched "Sonnys on the Square" since the BB went no smoking. BB is now in the 2007 Good Beer Guide and deservedly so, although a few more barstaff at peak times wouldn't go amiss.

10 Feb 2007 19:45

The Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen

As a mild drinking anglophobe you may have better luck in North Wales.Classic pub nevertheless.

25 Sep 2006 15:00

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Timeless, classic 'Pool boozer. Untouched by the vagaries of fashion. Has been in every edition of the Good Beer Guide. Reputed to have the smallest bar-room in the City. A must see establishment of the highest merit.

24 Feb 2006 16:43

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

A little gem. How pubs used to be before big brewers sent in the vandals.. er sorry, redevelopers.

24 Feb 2006 16:35

The Johnny Pye, Heswall

Modern but welcoming Banks pub run by Mick and Lezley. Best kept real ale for miles around. Good food, a no smoking area and two screens for sports coverage. A diverse mix of customers.If only all new pubs were like this.

6 Feb 2006 17:48

The Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Used to be a dump with a poor reputation. Much improved following its change to a Wetherspoon.

30 Jan 2006 01:22

The Mockbeggar Hall, Moreton

Large, impersonal pub with cheap real ale line up.

30 Jan 2006 01:16

Rose And Crown Hotel, Lower Bebington

Thwaites real ale pub opposite Bebington Town Hall (as was). Comfortable boozer with separate bar and lounge. Last time I went in the beer was in good nick, although this is one of the few inns not offering food. Well worth a visit if you're in the area (assuming that you're not hungry)!

18 Jan 2006 13:49

Hilbre Court, West Kirby

60's style pub with "underground" car park. Real ale and laid back. More life in a tramp's vest however if you visit during the day.

10 Jan 2006 02:50

The Moby Dick, West Kirby

Sounds contagious...practise safe drinking and avoid.

10 Jan 2006 02:46

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Cheap and (occasionally) cheerful.

10 Jan 2006 02:40

The Ship Inn, Banff

Good terraced boozer down by the sea wall. Some interior shots for the film Local Hero were done here. Had Courage "Distractors" (sorry, Directors) on last time I went.

3 Jan 2006 17:40

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Fantastic beer house. If they haven't got it, had it or about to get it then it aint worth drinking...

Went to the beerfest in Nov 2005. 80 beers/ciders on over a long weekend. Good honest, well priced food too. If you like beer you'll love this pub.

3 Jan 2006 17:35

John Laird, Birkenhead

It's a bit like the bar off Star Wars (Mos Eisley?). Take your light saber with you and try not to annoy other life-forms...

3 Jan 2006 17:22

The Argyle and Sutherland Highlander Inn, Eastham

Used to have a mesmeric tartan carpet.

3 Jan 2006 17:18

The White Lion, Childer Thornton

Good quality cask beer (Thwaites) in a well kept and sympathetically restored old pub. Tucked down a side street off the main A41. Strangely large car-park even allowing for the 4 x 4 set.

3 Jan 2006 17:15

Harp Inn, Little Neston

Great pub, good beer, picturesque location spoilt only by fussy landlady (assuming that she's still there)and plastic bloody glasses if you want to sit outside.

Well worth a visit however, assuming newbie's can find the place!

3 Jan 2006 17:09

The Lodestar, Neston

Beer (Hopback summer lightning) was in good nick when last I went (some while ago now). There's more atmosphere on the Moon, however...

3 Jan 2006 17:01

The Wheatsheaf, Raby Mere

Wirral's oldest pub (1611), Area around the fire in the bar is the oldest part. Good range of well kept real ales. Nice part of the world but tends to be over visited by the heavy-wallet brigade....

3 Jan 2006 16:56

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

No smoking Wetherspoon outlet with a range of cheap, well kept beer. Well worth a go.

28 Dec 2005 17:02

Crown, Birkenhead

Basic, no nonsense boozer with a range of real ales.

28 Dec 2005 17:00

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

Good pub, but closed more often than it's open. Get a grip Cains.

28 Dec 2005 16:57

The Old Quay, Parkgate

Just don't waste your time unless you're a lager freak with a taste for poor cuisine

28 Dec 2005 16:54

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Historic ship-shaped pub. The decor is a bit "low rent" in places but this is more than made up for by the excellent Wapping beers. A must for a visit....

20 Dec 2005 14:19

Shippons, Irby

"Created" from old farm outbuildings. Friendly enough place with a small range of real ales. Well worth a visit

20 Dec 2005 14:14

The Slak, Heswall

Great place to watch the footy, especially those games which Sky isn't showing. Have a sat dish the size of your dining table to pick up those obscure Arab channels. Very smokey however....

20 Dec 2005 14:11

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