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George & Dragon, Potterne

much better with the new tenants, welcoming, good food & drink and actually busy! - a proper village pub .

23 Oct 2015 16:33

Parsons Nose, Melksham

what a dump

27 Aug 2014 10:23

The Kings Arms Hotel, Melksham

Lovely pub, good food & drinks, friendly staff

27 Aug 2014 10:23

The Cross Keys, Rowde

nice friendly local, good real ales

13 Jul 2014 21:08

The Rose and Crown, Worton

Really good real ales, friendly landlord & locals, good food.

13 Jul 2014 21:06

The Crown, Devizes

went in lunchtime, very friendly staff, food was excellent and well priced, well recommended, not sure about night times though.................

9 Jul 2014 19:25

The British Lion, Devizes

best pub in the area

23 Jul 2013 09:15

George & Dragon, Potterne

been in a few times recently decent well kept real ale, but hardly ever any customers

23 Jul 2013 09:13

The Rose and Crown, Worton

great summer fete at the pub on saturday 5 real ales, 2 real ciders, table top sale, hog roast, BBQ etc, really good day

23 Jul 2013 09:11

Black Swan Hotel, Devizes

This is a tea room with a bar!

18 Feb 2013 12:21

George and Dragon, Rowde

Thouroghly enjoy going here, great place, great food & ale, if I had more money I'd be here all the time!

18 Feb 2013 12:20

The Rose and Crown, Worton

Just got used to walking down from Potterne to spend a nice sat afternoon in the pub and they've changed there damn opening hours!

18 Feb 2013 12:19

George & Dragon, Potterne

One day i'm going to go in there and it's going to be busy..... but then again maybe not. Nothing wrong with the place or the beer (apart from the price, didn't like £1.95 for a 1/2 of Old Timer), but it's always quiet.

18 Feb 2013 12:17

The Three Crowns, Devizes

great place if you want to get served by stoned barstaff

18 Feb 2013 12:15

The Crown, Devizes

Soulless with disinterested staff, a great advertisment for drinking at home

18 Feb 2013 12:12

The Dolphin, Devizes

Nice friendly pub/sports Bar, good well kept beer.

18 Feb 2013 12:10

The Dog and Fox, Bradford on Avon

Nice welcoming pub good food, real ale, & real cider

13 Jun 2012 12:32

The Swan, Bradford on Avon

nice place, nice welcoming landlord, but not cheap!

13 Jun 2012 12:27

The Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon

not sure the new landlord knows what he's doing..........

13 Jun 2012 12:26

The Boathouse, Widbrook

Looking good under new ownership, has been tidied up, beer good although could do with beers from smaller breweries, currently Doom Bar, 6X & Ringwood Best. Food looks good from the temporary new menu. Staff friendly.

2 May 2012 13:31

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Diverse range of customers, great beers & ciders.

23 Apr 2012 13:51

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

closed yet again...............

23 Apr 2012 13:50

The George, Bradford on Avon

Great real ales from the cask, 3 on when i was there saturday & great real ciders on handpump, good to see no TV's, could do with a clean up but still nice.

23 Apr 2012 13:41

The Kings Arms, Trowbridge

still up for sale, managers keep changing, food not great.

27 Oct 2011 13:19

The Crown Hotel, Trowbridge

still a good pub to drop in, good real ale (Bath Ales Gem), friendly staff

27 Oct 2011 13:18

The Boathouse, Widbrook

on the market, managers here one day & gone the next, overpriced beer, need i say more.

27 Oct 2011 13:17

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

Boddingtons Bitter Keg, 4.00 a pint..........................

27 Oct 2011 13:14

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

busy good beer but put off by screaming kids

13 Aug 2011 10:15

The Mill Bay, Ventnor

again just Yates & Ringwood, a very odd pub, part pub, part restaurant, part bierkeller, doesn't quite hang together, very quiet compared to the spyglass, staff don't seem to want to speak to you!

13 Aug 2011 10:14

The Rose Inn, Ventnor

Nice basic boozer

13 Aug 2011 10:12

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Best and cheapest in the area, good selection of 6 real ales including 1 local brew.nice place.

13 Aug 2011 10:11

The Crab and Lobster Tap, Ventnor

nice if a little eccentric

13 Aug 2011 10:10

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

now called King Spice, indian restaurant & takeaway, will they never learn............

30 Jul 2011 14:06

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

popped in briefly and had a very nice pint of butcombe, friendly service, nice pub

22 Jul 2011 14:30

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Very nice pub, good beer, the locals do all turn and look at you as you come in though....................

22 Jul 2011 14:28

The Notte Inn, Plymouth

horrible, disinterested staff & landlord, pub spelt of drains, beer not great.

22 Jul 2011 14:25

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

very nice little pub, considering most of the other pubs around here are not that good, good beer friendly service.

22 Jul 2011 14:24

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

First Beer Festival this weekend and i've got to start a job in devon on friday.... sod's law!

25 May 2011 22:58

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Really getting into the Broadoak Perry straight out of the barrel (2.80/pint).

13 May 2011 14:32

The Plough, Bradford on Avon

bloody real ale ran out gain last night right in the middle of watching the premier league darts on sky!

13 May 2011 14:31

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

When i asked did they have any other real ales apart from 6X & IPA the member of staff said oh, we've got newcastle brown in bottles....................

13 May 2011 14:30

The Barge Inn, Bradford on Avon

nice real ale, friendly service, stowford apples and pears really nice as well

13 May 2011 14:28

The Cork and Bottle, Weymouth

up for sale i see..

12 May 2011 14:47

The Duke of Albany, Weymouth

up for sale i see.

12 May 2011 14:46

The Brownlow, Weymouth

up for sale i see...

12 May 2011 14:46

The Packhorse Inn, Southstoke

Pub up for sale i see....

12 May 2011 14:38

The Alex, Bognor Regis

lovely friendly pub good real ale.

12 May 2011 14:28

The Swan, Bradford on Avon

need a mortgage to drink in here, other than that its quite good.

20 Apr 2011 14:40

The Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon

good location bad pub

20 Apr 2011 14:39

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

It's like a kids play area this place

20 Apr 2011 14:38

The Plough, Bradford on Avon

I do like this down to earth sports bar/boozer but he keeps running out of real ale, and never has one in the cellar ready in time, its not rocket science.....

20 Apr 2011 14:37

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

Shut for a while now reopened under temporary management, guess the mediterranian gastro pub idea didn't work then......... could have told them that when they opened! Now green king which spent loads with new gastro pub signage have to take it all down and start again, wish people would research the local area before coming up with these "good" ideas.

20 Apr 2011 14:36

The Bear, Bradford on Avon

Horrible redecoration, looks like a hotel lounge, beer nice but expensive, think theyv'e taken it too up market for the local drinkers...... wont be back

20 Apr 2011 14:33

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

Last time i went in there (a few months ago) had a pint of Wadworth Malt'n'Hops (ABV 4.5%) and got charged 3.50 not going back, when i can get a great pint at the three houseshoes for 2.70

20 Apr 2011 14:31

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

I still cannot see for the life of me why this pub is not in the 2011 Good Beer Guide, 3 real ales always good quality changed after each barrel, only 2.70 a pint, broadoak perry out of the barrel,friendly staff, nice atmosphere, better than some i've been in that are in the guide.

20 Apr 2011 14:29

The Pike and Musket, Tuffley

Typical sizzling pub company pub cheap food mostly from the cargrill or microwave, real ale cheap and reasonable quality but never enough staff on, tables are sticky with glasses and plates left on them, only went in there as it was the only pub near me.

20 Apr 2011 14:26

Double Gloucester, Longlevens

good sports pub real ale a bit dodgy

12 Apr 2011 12:25

The New Inn, Gloucester

nice place good beer barr staff could do with some training some weird customers, but then this is gloucester!

12 Apr 2011 12:23

The Imperial Inn, Gloucester

very friendly landlord nice real ale, some of the customers are a bit odd though!

12 Apr 2011 12:21

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

lovely place

12 Apr 2011 12:19

The Cross Keys Inn, Gloucester

Nice everchanging real ales, good atmosphere, friendly service.

3 Feb 2011 11:10

The Crown Hotel, Sherborne


29 Sep 2010 13:46

The White Hart, Sherborne

Excellent well kept real ales. good food. friendly service.

29 Sep 2010 13:45

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Nice atmosphere, reasonably priced very nice real ale.

6 Sep 2010 12:45

The Old Bear Inn, Staverton

reopening again soon with the help of the ex-landlord from The Bell at Rode.

25 Aug 2010 14:30

The Alehouse, Bath

Up for sale I see.

25 Aug 2010 14:21

The Old Post Office, Wem


11 Aug 2010 12:57

The Britannia, Nailsworth

Nice place, staff friendly & food nice, but why is their real ale always cloudy?

11 Aug 2010 12:48

The Boathouse, Widbrook

Now up for sale for 750K

4 Aug 2010 15:50

The Kings Arms, Trowbridge

up for sale again i see

4 Aug 2010 15:50

The Plough, Bradford on Avon

good friendly pub, good butcombe, nice atmosphere

4 Aug 2010 15:48

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

very nice, food reasonably priced, but drinks expensive.

4 Aug 2010 15:47

The Old Bear Inn, Staverton

sadly now closed

27 Jul 2010 14:07

The Raven Inn, Wem

Nice real ale, service not bad, nice place

27 Jul 2010 14:05

The White Lion, Wem

good beer, friendly service, just dont go there after 11pm, too many idiots!

27 Jul 2010 14:04

The Dickin Arms, Wem

great pub,great beer, great landlady

27 Jul 2010 14:02

The Castle Hotel, Wem

a good example of a reason for drinking at home.

27 Jul 2010 14:01

The Castle Hotel, Wem

a good example of a reason for drinking at home.

27 Jul 2010 14:01

The Marston Inn, Marston Magna

Currently closed due to drainage problems

5 Mar 2010 11:36

The Queens Arms, Corton Denham

4 scallops as a starter for 7.20, Sausages & mash 9.20, Whiting & chips 9.80, 2 pieces of lamb hacked off a rack of ribs with a soggy bubble & squeak 15.00, four very small pieces of cheese with some grapes and some strange looking crackers 6.50. What a joke, staff were friendly and one did admit it was overpriced! beer ok. Won't be going back.

16 Dec 2009 17:09

The Mildmay Arms, Queen Camel

now reopened

9 Dec 2009 14:06

The Jovial Forester, Stroud

sadly closed down last month, another locals pub to be sold for redevelopment, RIP the jovials.

21 Aug 2009 15:23

The Britannia Inn, Sherborne

nice friendly pub good real ale

21 Aug 2009 15:21

The Butchers Arms, Yeovil

went in last week nice friendly atmosphere & great beer

21 Aug 2009 15:19

The Marston Inn, Marston Magna

Now under new (temporary) management....... could do with some windows replacing, good real ale though, landlord hoping to do food soon, haven't seen quoits in a pub for a while!

21 Aug 2009 15:09

The Horseshoe Inn, Combe Down

Sadly closed last month.......great shame

10 Jul 2009 12:38

The Jovial Forester, Stroud

friendly quiet pub, good pint of real ale, now on the market i notice!

15 Apr 2009 12:40

The Crown, Old Basing

i see its up for sale... sad

24 Oct 2008 12:59

The Grapes, Bath

nice cheerful staff, beer good, looks better than when i last went in, heck of a lot better than the lamb & lion

7 Jul 2008 14:34

The Lamb and Lion, Bath

what a dump, uninterested staff, pub dirty, no draught cider or stella or real ale on my visit (staff didnt know what the difference between draught and bottled was!) wont be back

7 Jul 2008 14:32

The White Hart, Basingstoke

nice & friendly, good beer

30 Jun 2008 13:08

The Bounty Inn, Basingstoke

good real ale & friendly service, a nice change from the many up market bars in the centre of town, could do with a bit of a clean up though.

30 Jun 2008 13:07

The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

not too bad, a bit clicky and sometimes a long wait to be served even when quiet.

30 Jun 2008 13:05

The Crown, Old Basing

my favouite pub in the area, nice beer, good food, friendly staff.

30 Jun 2008 13:04

The Millstone, Old Basing

Great location, food good if overpriced, real ale excellent, staff friendly in general, needs permenant managers not the recent merry-go-round

30 Jun 2008 13:03

Somerset Arms, Semington

currently up for sale

6 May 2008 13:45

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

And i thought the one in bath was bad..........

2 May 2008 15:15

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

wouldn't use the wi-fi in here, never get out alive with the laptop.

2 May 2008 15:14

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

how wetherspoons aren't embarressed to call this one of theirs i'm not sure, would be fine with more staff, staff who are actually interested in serving instead of talking amongst themselves, staff who can actually work out who is next to be served especially when its quiet, also needs more lighting, its like walking into the black hole of calcutta. Oh and one further problem, the customers............

2 May 2008 15:14

The Kings Arms, Trowbridge

expensive, dirty, cold, staff uninterested, what more can i say, the problem is there are even WORSE pubs around here!

2 May 2008 15:10

The Crown Hotel, Trowbridge

nice friendly locals pub cracking pint of bass nice clean toilets, strange place for a pool table though.....

2 May 2008 15:08

The Lamb, Trowbridge

nice clean interior, smashed up toilets, good real ale, although had to wait a longtime to be served as the scottish landlord was watching celtic v rangers on sky which seemed to come first.

2 May 2008 15:06

The White Swan, Trowbridge

unbelievable mess, we walked in to extremely loud dance music (this was mid afternoon on a weekday), barmaid was putting music on the jukebox & dancing and completely ignored us, dirty dark place we walked out (she still hadn't noticed us). I'd rather go teetotal than bother again.

2 May 2008 15:02

The Kings Arms, Trowbridge

cracking pint of bombadier last weekend freindly atmosphere good food

3 Jan 2008 00:09

The Trinity, Bath

popped in last weekend, had a cracking pint of beer

3 Jan 2008 00:06

The Old Green Tree, Bath

went in last weekend, beer range a bit limitd due to selling out over xmas, was suggested to try the abbey ales bellringer which i did, tasted warm & stale so i left

3 Jan 2008 00:04

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

my favourite pub in the country, wirked here briefly & loved every minute (except maybe the folk music). simply the best

24 Aug 2007 16:25

The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth

good local boozer, say hello to tina for me if shes working!

24 Jul 2007 15:24

The Boot, Weymouth

Unfortunately a great pub and great beer dont make for interested bar staff, be nice to see the landlord behind the bar now and again though.

24 Jul 2007 15:23

The Prospect Inn, Weymouth


24 Jul 2007 15:20

The Foresters Arms, Combe Down

Another gastro pub god arent there enough around here (see my comments on the wheelwrights arms monkton combe) nuff said

19 Jul 2007 17:57

The Wheelwrights Arms, Monkton Combe

Formerly a traditional village local, my family drank in there for generations, used to have open fire, well kept real ales, breweriana, good home cooked food, lots of local faces. NOW NONE OF THE ABOVE. bit-refit now a gastro pub, the type that when you sit at a table they ask "are you eating?" overpriced fancy food with a 10% service charge included on the bill, the (revamped) serving area now looks like the servery you would get in a restaurant, no seating or standing at the bar, if this is the future i give up.

19 Jul 2007 17:56

The Prince of Wales, Weymouth

nice little boozer, shame about the irritating neighbours who keep trying to stop dawn making a go of it

25 Jun 2007 15:59

The Queen's Hotel, Weymouth

nightmare on king street! seems to cater for live music & yobs, real ale either non existant or tastes bad, staff not interested, they should be running a pub on a housing estate in birmingham, would be more suited.

25 Jun 2007 15:57

Old Rooms Inn, Weymouth

rubbish food - rather eat in mcdonalds, bar staff uninterested, wont be back.

25 Jun 2007 15:52

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

my idea of a traditonal local, clean, tidy, welcoming, nice reasonably priced beers.

25 Jun 2007 15:51

The Edinburgh House Of Sounds, Weymouth

Great pub, well updated(perhaps a bit too posh but it might grow on me) at least theres a lock on the gents toilet & a light too!! good cheddar valley & taunton trad cider, vinyl jukebox now on all day Rock on!

11 Apr 2007 15:13

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