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The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

I never stopped going in for a drink even when the pub fell from grace after Mr Ross left
It has certainly been on the up under the current management, decent home cooked food from a good, simple menu and well kept selection of beers.
Continues to cater for its regulars without excluding those who are visiting for the first time or returning after moving temporarily to the Trooper, Quarry or wherever
Well done whoever finally decided to give the place a bit of TLC

22 Oct 2015 11:33

Emeralds, Greenford

Changed its name to Gerry Mac's

30 May 2011 13:00

Jolly Waggoner, Hounslow

Nearest pub from the Heathrow Central Travelodge, seemed pretty friendly in there although quite empty when we went in for such a large pub

Reasonable pint of Bombadier but now to write home about

We chose to move on and get a tube nearer to Wembley rather than spending the pre-match build up in Hounslow

30 May 2011 12:48

The Old Hall, Altrincham

Decent drinks selection and table service, however thought the food was average at best. Substantial amount of packets and microwaves involved and the portions (particularly the amount of chips) was poor.

Could do with somewhere for the kids outside but the atmosphere on the whole was pleasant although it was fairly early on a Saturday afternoon.

Must have been busy the day before as we had to clean the table ourselves once seated and I think we were the first customers for this area of the pub that day

Not sure whether we'd eat here again but would certainly pop in for a pint

30 Apr 2011 14:54

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Always in for the footie or for a quick pint but still not somewhere I'd go for a night.

My two main gripes would be the number of times the pub has run out of beer recently especially last time during the football when the pub was busy and should have been making a decent sum.

Secondly,cutting staff to save money is fine but try to cater more in the busier times such as footie or quiz night as otherwise people will go elsewhere or drink less but still take advantage of the free footie

It's my local but it's not offering anything more than the railway club at present which is now stocking locally brewed Dunham beers

19 Feb 2010 14:17

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Beer very much improved of late and a distinct absence of a "chav" element, very enjoyable couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, despite the football scores

21 Dec 2009 09:44

The Crown, Manchester

We were looking for a post-gig pint after watching Franz Ferdinand at the Apollo.
Quite shocked at the number of pubs that had shut at the traditional 10.45

We ended up in the Crown and considering there was quite a gang of us we were made very welcome (especially given we'd already had a few drinks earlier on and were still in concert mode)

Not somewhere I'd go for a full night out and the beer selection was quite narrow but other than that it was fine and I can see the attraction of a couple of afternoon pints, particularly given its proximity to the tram stop

20 Oct 2009 16:39

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Good to hear some positive vibes…..

Admittedly we’ve been in a lot less this year which has coincided with the new management but that has solely been down to lack of funds on our part and not going out at all rather than choosing to drink/spend our money elsewhere.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of "dialogue" between the pub owners/regulars on the one hand and local residents on the other, in terms of

1) Dealing with any issues such as the smoking at the front, general appearance of the pub, introduction of the “chav” element (where did they all used to drink ?) etc
But also
2) Letting people know what’s going on in the pub (the sandwich boards go up sometimes) and that it’s been taken over and will hopefully get better with some local support. Currently it doesn’t look welcoming or inviting and I don’t know of many people who would “chance it” by popping in for a pint or two, so the majority of patrons are “regulars” (I know of a few people who raise their eyebrows when I say I drink in the Gardeners and who think it is a little intimidating).

Perhaps delivering flyers/leaflets to surrounding streets might help, letting people know what’s on offer and also inviting additional suggestions as to how to improve the pub as a whole for the local community, particularly when you’ve almost got a new “community” with the flats at the Bridge being occupied now.

They could do with the opening times up in the window so they can be seen from the street as well as a “What’s On” list to accompany the sandwich board announcements

19 Oct 2009 13:41

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Haven't been in much over the summer which is unusual for us

Where are things up to with the place ?

From outside very little appears to have changed, still needs fully painting, still got people smoking out the front, car park still
quite scruffy and other side car park looks like a scrapyard

They still appear to advertise the odd footie match but not all of them, so I guess the Railway Club (which is now welcoming non-members
for footie is taking some of this custom too)

At present, if it's just a quick pint or two, the option of a cheap drink at home is winning the argument unfortunately.

Given that it changed hands in February I would have expected a few more changes by now and it does appear that the long-term future looks bleak

2 Oct 2009 15:48

The Moss Trooper, Timperley

The Trooper applied for a bigger and better situated beer garden a year or so ago but Trafford rejected the plans due to concerns from neighbouring properties about noise etc

5 Aug 2009 10:39

The Moss Trooper, Timperley

Am trying to persuade Mrs B_D to go in again as she has gone right off the Gardeners and the Navi is a little far for a quick pint. We used to go in here regularly before the kids were born and even after we had our first.

Catered for my taste in real ales but never really felt comfortable in there with the kids and the beer garden always seemed rammed and a little dangerous, so close to the road,plus the hideous perspex smoking screens.

Will give it a try and re-rate

30 Jul 2009 13:40

Sylvan Inn, Timperley

Rumour has it this pub is going to do Thai food, not sure whether it's becoming more of a restaurant or whether it is under new ownership. Going to try and visit in the near future and have a look as I go passed on the way across the fields to my brother's house

30 Jul 2009 13:37

The Old Packet House, Altrincham

Have yet to revisit since the smoking ban came in as prior to that it was always "cosy". Agree that it always seemed hard to get served too but we're talking a few years ago.

Rarely out in this neck of the woods in the evening and we tend to go in the Navi if out in the afternoon as the kids are OK in there (plus the cheap boddies)

Always had a reputation for excellent food although I can't comment

I believe the "Broadheath Belles" swoop on unsuspecting young males, you have been warned

30 Jul 2009 13:36

The Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

They have always undermanned the bar in this place and the bands can be a bit hit and miss. I prefer to visit in the afternoons when I can sample a few of the great selection of beers in relative peace, particularly if you sit "out the back"

It was fairly uinique when it first opened but I think there are a number of pubs that now cater for the real ale fraternity so I guess most people go in for the music

Again usually a stop off for one pint rather than a stop for the evening

30 Jul 2009 13:32

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

We always pop in on a crawl, if we don't like the sound of whoever is playing in the OMT or if it looks busy. Real ale can be a bit hit and miss and because it was raining the pub felt a bit cramped, plus you have to run the gauntlet of smokers to get outside to the decked area.

If you go in the Brickies, you'll get the same beers as they come under the same ownership.Can see where the karaoke comments come from!

Can't comment on the food and they appear to have summer BBQs.

I don't think it would be somewhere I'd be able to spend a whole evening or a night out with Mrs B_D

30 Jul 2009 13:30

The Roebuck, Altrincham

I used to go in here regularly. Popped back in the other week on a "crawl" and we had a good visit. At least 2 reasonable draught beers on, the food menu looked appealing and despite the inclement weather, there were plenty of people enjoying a night out (swimming in the beer garden).

I'd certainly go in again, although I'm not sure it would be somewhere I'd spend a whole evening

30 Jul 2009 13:27

The Dunes Hotel, Blackpool

Hit the pub later on after the darts, busy but could still get served, bitter improved and a wider selection than our last visit.Looks like we hit it on a bad day last time and although I probably wouldn't eat in there, it caters for our real ale needs

30 Jul 2009 13:20

Blue Room, Blackpool

Hobgoblin the only cask but a decent pint, Saturday afternoon on our way to the darts otherwise we may have stayed longer as a band was getting ready to perform. Looks like it can get lively, and possibly difficult to get served, on Fri/Sat nights. Quite Studenty

30 Jul 2009 13:16

Burlington, Blackpool

Had Courage on but that went after our first round, other than that the standard "smooth" beers and usual suspects on the lager front. Neither busy nor quiet for a Saturday afternoon. One lad had food (Mixed Grill) which appeared to hit the spot althought he did have to wait, considering the pub wasn't that busy.
We decided to move into Blackpool in search of a wider selection of cask ale having given the Dunes a miss on this trip to the World Matchplay

30 Jul 2009 13:15

The Grafton Arms, Manchester

Great for gigs at the university as nowhere near as busy or crowded as some of the other pubs plus it's cheap.
Can be a bit intimidating to the newcomer and is certainly a regulars pub but we're always made to feel very welcome and a visit has become part of the pre-concert ritual now

1 Jun 2009 13:22

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

The wide number of improvements carried out, not least the removal of the pool table (and with it the bulk of the chav element) are being detracted from by a policy of ignoring those "patrons" who are bringing their own cans/bottles into the pub.
You can't expect other people to come into the pub and be happy paying over £2 for a pint while people on the next table are drinking cans @ 70p-80p

It could be down to the problems with the draught beer and the odd stocking issue but it isn't really on

That said, it was very nice to be sat "out the back" on Friday teat-time as Ray brought round his homemade fayre

1 Jun 2009 13:12

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

"It used to be a thriving local, pretty much working class but no bother"

That is a pretty good assessment of the place, it is a drinking house rather than somewhere you'll go for a lively,exciting night out, somewhere you'll pop for the purpose of a pint and a chat and little more.

Barmcakes do appear from time to time.

The refurb of the Trooper hit alot of the "middle of the road" trade who used to go in the Gardners along with the wider selection of real ales and food but the Trooper deals with customers rather than people

I guess we'll have to give the new management some time to see if the pub can start heading in the right direction

24 Apr 2009 10:09

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Most of the locals are friendly, down to earth "working folk", a wine bar or up-market "pub" this is not (go to the Trooper or Wetherspoons instead)
A "Chav" element does seem to have crept back into the pub with a number of late teen and early twenty-somethings deciding to drink in the pub for whatever reason. I still think the pool table was a bad idea and perhaps should have been put in the vault and kept for league matches only.
Agreed the opening hours should be displayed along with a good idea of the events that are on during the week e.g Quiz Night etc. as only people who venture into the pub have an idea of what is going on and most information and posters are displayed inside.
They did have the Wi Fi for a while but I think it was taken out when the last owner sold the pub
Given alot of the negative comments from people who have ventured into the pub for the first time and presumably mainly coming from Cell Block H (aka the Bridge), it would appear that the pub is not doing a very good job of selling itself or attracting new clientele

23 Apr 2009 16:35

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

I think it would help if the pub looked a bit more welcoming which may come with the redecoration of the outside although I would replace a couple more of the windows with clear glass to make it lighter inside and more obvious what's going on.
Prior to a marketing sweep it might be nice to put a couple of signs up in the window to show that there's a quiz on a Thursday and karaoke on a Saturday, then at least people know what's going on.
They also need to make it clear that the pub no longer serves food as I've been in on a number of occassions where people have walked in and walked out, particularly on a Sunday.
It perhaps needs something to pad out the quieter nights such as a pool team and darts team and maybe a weekend football team to pull people in on Saturday and more appropriately Sundays

2 Apr 2009 10:11

The Dunes Hotel, Blackpool

We had a very disappointing final pint of the night in here on Saturday. The Black Sheep went as
he was pouring it and the replacement Theakstons was undrinkable. Very rare to see all 5 of us
leave a pint.
Admittedly we had been in the Taps in Lytham prior to this so it is perhaps unfair to compare the
2 but also the pub did seem very quiet compared to previous visits.
Hopefully this is a one off and we'll back there in July prior to some more World Matchplay

1 Apr 2009 16:21

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Had a great night, tried all 8 available guest beers and a pint of cider, not a bad one amongst them. Highly recommended and nice to see a pub so busy in the current economic climate.Just goes to show how a well run pub catering for a particular clientele can thrive.
Looking forward to another visit

1 Apr 2009 16:17

The Bulls Head, Sale

Appears to have been closed for some time, some of the windows boarded up.

27 Feb 2009 14:57

The Bricklayers, Altrincham

Will pop in as always good for a pint but I used to get a bit fed up dodging the darts. Nice for a pint (or 3) while the missus is shopping

27 Feb 2009 14:53

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

They only open late as they don't employ many staff to keep costs down and therefore don't open at times when there is little if any trade to take on e.g. late morning/weekday lunchtimes given that the pub doesn't do isn't worth their while to open at certain times of the week and more and more pubs are doing this to keep costs down.

The pub is to be taken over shortly so watch this space for any changes or improvements

27 Feb 2009 14:48

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

This pub would appear to be in danger of closing as no one wants to take the lease on, possibly because in order to attract more than the existing loyal clientele, there needs to be a substantial investment in the buildings and decor

8 Jan 2009 13:17

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

Has been quality the last few times we've been in, busy but not rammed. Decent selection of beers and a good atmosphere and you can always pop between here and the Market Tavern if you want a selection of real ales in the same night.
Can't comment on the food as yet...

21 Oct 2008 12:17

The Navigation, Broadheath

Food has been terrible in here for our last 2 visits, despite us all ordering something different on the menu.
If we do venture in again for the cheap Boddies, I don't think we'll be eating

21 Oct 2008 12:14

Railway Inn, Broadheath

I was tempted, living in Timperley but having been passed many times vbut not daring to go in.
Yous sold it to me, until you mentioned the City memorabilia, will probably stick with the Navi and the Gardeners

Is this pub owned by the same guys who are selling the lease for the Gardeners in Timperley and the Station Hotel in Alty ?

21 Oct 2008 12:12

The Bricklayers, Altrincham

Heard a rumour that this place has either been bought or taken over by the people who run the Orange Tree so watch this space for any developments

6 Oct 2008 13:13

Gillespies, Blackpool

Last stop before the Winter Gardens normally for us, reasonable selection of beers and decent tunes.Not sure about the decor in the toilets though

30 Jul 2008 16:22

The Dunes Hotel, Blackpool

Reasonable food, normally a selection of at least 3 cask ales plus the usual suspects.
Always made to feel welcome in here, beer garden at the front gets the sun but is quite close to the main road.
We normally start in here before moving into Blackpool centre or vice-versa
Roll on the World Matchplay semi-finals on 25/7/2008

23 Jul 2008 13:15

King George, Hale

Popped in before the Alty v United XI game on Saturday (we won't mention the game).
Couple of nice pints (in a proper barrel glass) made to feel very welcome as was my 4 year old son.
Didn't seem to be too many people eating but will try the food next time I'm in.
Pleasant lunchtime pub for starting off an afternoon's football but not sure it would be the liveliest place to spend a whole evening

21 Jul 2008 13:03

The Met, Sale

Has been shut for some time and is the subject of a planning application for retirement flats which is currently being batted back and forthe between the developers and Trafford MBC

18 Jul 2008 13:27

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

S&N have put the pub up for sale according to the landlord, although I'm not 100% on the position as it is being advertised as lease available which would indicate that S&N intend keeping hold of it.
The landlord didn't seem keen to go but it would explain why there has been no investment in this pub since Eric/June took over,despite their valiant efforts to improve the pub following the last few landlords allowing the pub to decline.
Sad to say that if it doesn't sell/improve does it become more valuable as development land than a public house ?
Boddies was top notch in the sunshine yesterday

14 Jul 2008 12:59

The Station, Altrincham

Yep, absolutely dead the other Saturday night when we went in for our traditional "one for the road" heading back to the tram.

Shame as this was always a decent pub although I guess the change in licensing laws and the extra pubs in Alty make competition fierce, hence the demise of Kelly's and the building now becoming a take away in the future.

Reasonable pint of boddies though

30 Jun 2008 13:42

The Malt Shovells, Altrincham

Some things never change, a decent pint of bitter for £1.37, friendly welcome and nice to see that despite the fact the pub were obviously short of custom, they were quite prepared to check some of the younger customers for I.D and full credit to the guys for not taking offence.

Unfortunately it's not somewhere you'd spend the whole evening but certainly good to get a few cheap pints under your belt

30 Jun 2008 13:40

The Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

Bit unfair AIRobis, the problem with the Tavern is it also tries to cater for the non-CAMRA members who like a glass of beer but are also looking for something different from a pub e.g. live music or something along those lines.

The other problem with branded glasses is that they tend to walk and I guess to get a fair picture you would have to have commented on the 7 beers that you didn't try.(The Orange Tree across the way can have 2-3 crackers one night and on the next visit you'd be better off asking for vinegar).

There aren't enough CAMRA types to make a pub solely viable on that basis given the competition in Altrincham.

If it's fancy glasses and posh beers that you're after then try Morte Surbite although make sure you've popped in to see your local bank manager before you pay a visit.

30 Jun 2008 13:38

The Railway, Sale

Cracking selection of beers in cluding bottled "Old Tom" handily placed and away from some of the more popular plastic pubs.

Only drawback was the guy who sat in the corner nursing a single pint for the hour we were in there and tutted and put his fingers in his ears every time one of our party dared to speak above a whisper, even though we'd probably spent more cash in there in an hour than he had in a month.
The clue's in the title, it's a PUBLIC house.

Still gripe over, I pop into this place every time I'm in Sale and the landlord always makes you welcome.

30 Jun 2008 13:33

Mort Subite, Altrincham

No what we expected.Rather pricey and like previous comments, quite a few beers out of stock. We felt obliged to stay once the fuss had been made to find us a table and we sampled the complimentary hoola hoops while choosing.
Not somewhere I'd go very often and not for the whole night,as much as I couldn't afford it as anything else.
Was half expecting Vincent Price to pop out

23 Jun 2008 13:31

Kellys Bar, Altrincham

Planning permission has been given for this to become a fish and chip restaurant and takeaway !

21 Feb 2008 17:12

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Yep, no worries about getting "chubbed" these days as there's the fall back of watching the aways on TV. Long may it continue.

Not sure whether the proposed development on the Battman site will have a negative or positive effect on this pub and its future (let's just hope the planning application gets turned down), I don't particularly want to be overlooked by a nursery,surgery and old folks home when I'm trying to relax with a pint

31 Jan 2008 17:00

The Moss Trooper, Timperley

Great selection of real ale although a little pricey, still not as welcoming to non-regulars as it might be but always seems to be doing a reasonable trade

9 Jan 2008 13:31

The Navigation, Broadheath

Used to go in here in my youth and always a good night .
Went in recently with my other half and son and was pleased to find it still friendly, nice cheap Boddies and reasonable food.
Also the young lad behind the door couldn't have been more helpful
Still wouldn't risk the vault though !

9 Jan 2008 13:28

The Hare and Hounds Hotel, Timperley

Went in last nite, looks nice, decent pint of bitter (in a proper pint mug), food looked OK. Main gripes are the number of teenagers hanging around the entrance and using the toilets and the fact that a large part of the refurb budget has been spent on an outside area for smokers.
More of a place to eat than somewhere to spend the evening.

13 Jul 2007 12:21

The Moulin, Stretford

I was scared of this place when I used to drive past as a kid and it still scares me still, might even venture in one day but the romantic name always seemed at odds with how it actually looks.

15 Mar 2007 13:14

The Nags Head, Little Bollington

Family pub/restaurant, has large children's play area outside plus an indoor play area downstairs (additional charge).
Does cater for children's parties.
Beer garden, reasonable selection of beers and child-friendly.
Good for a weekend afternoon, nice lunch followed by a few drinks while the kids play

22 Feb 2007 13:12

The Met, Sale

Just bulldoze this place or turn it into a restaurant or something.
It's been the meeting place for all the local scallies and neerdowells since it's time as the Queen's and before I was old enought to drink.
Sale has plenty of other pubs so time to say goodbye and use the site for something more useful, even if it's just a bigger car park for the metrolink

21 Feb 2007 13:22

The Mersey Farm, Sale

Beer nice but pricey, food basic but it is somewhere to take the kids when you fancy a pint and they fancy an hour or so in the indoor play area.

Plenty of ball pools, slides etc to try and the chance to take your drinks in and sit and watch plus the area is seceurity monitored for extra safety.

Having seen the kid's party food, I don't think Brewster the Bear will be getting our custom on junior's next birthday

21 Feb 2007 13:17

The Castle Inn, Rhuddlan

Has it really changed that much ?
I used to go in here when I used to come over from Manchester to visit my gran on Conwy Avenue (early 90s).
The locals were always quite welcoming even if I drank on my own and the Marstons was always spot on.
Even brought a gang of my mates over one year and we watched the Benn v Eubank fight in the pub (1993 ?)

I was always told to avoid the King's Head

8 Feb 2007 15:10

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

If the work on the beer garden and replacing some of the frosted windows are the taste of things to come, then things do appear to be looking up

5 Feb 2007 12:24

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

I noticed that, a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, lots of activity and lights inside but the doors remained closed...

Here's to a better run Gardeners sooner rather than later

31 Jan 2007 12:33

The Gardeners Arms, Timperley

Hope they make a quick decision on what's happening with this place.Either get it revamped and reopened which is a gamble given the lack of passing trade and the fact it is a real locals local, or get something else done with it (but not Trafford giving more permission for flats).
Don't let it rot and get vandalised or attract the local scallies as a place to hang out.

Not the classiest pub in the world but living round the corner it was always handy and the enclosed beer garden meant we could pop in for a pint with our son and sit outside in the Spring/Summer

23 Jan 2007 17:24

The Belmore Hotel, Sale

Can't say much for the food as haven't tried it but the choice of bitters were excellent.Decor and atmosphere were Ok and we were able to sit outside with our 3 year old son.
Did seem to have alot of families in there who didn't have the first idea about manners or how to behave in public though but what do you expect when the sun starts shining, they all come out of the woodwork.

22 Nov 2006 13:33

The Unicorn, Altrincham

Surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night and yet still impossible to get served.
What is it about Wetherspoons pubs apart from selling beer that is about to go past it's sell by date at reduced prices ?

22 Nov 2006 13:22

Barracuda Bar, Altrincham

Doesn't matter how many times this place changes hands or is renamed, it'll still be somewhere to avoid

22 Nov 2006 13:21

The Faulkners Arms, Altrincham

Always has a guest ale on that you can't get elsewhere in Alty. Normally best to hit the place later on in the evening as it has extended hours and normally a DJ and then you can always move on to the Station

22 Nov 2006 13:20

The Bridge Inn, Altrincham

Might look a bit rough and ready but give it a chance

22 Nov 2006 13:19

The Malt Shovells, Altrincham

Admittedly a very quiet clientele in there but the beer is reasonable and cheap and it's near enough to the station to meet up in here, have a pint to start the evening and then move on.

22 Nov 2006 13:18

The Orange Tree, Altrincham

All 3 guest ales were surprisingly poor on our last visit, to the extent where the rareity of leaving half a pint and moving on occurred.
Could have been a one off

22 Nov 2006 13:17

The Railway, Ramsbottom

Ideally place for before,during or after a ride on the East Lancs railway (across the road from the station).
Does reasonable food and a good selection of beers,recently refurbished so you can sit outside in all weathers but does seem to flit in and out of popularity

3 Nov 2006 13:28

The Manor House, Sale

I take it the majority of drinkers in here don't use the internet or else the place hasn't changed in the last 2.5 - 3 years

16 May 2006 13:29

Pelican Inn, Altrincham

Looks like another case of a pub going downhill after a refurb, window smashed about 3 months ago and still boarded up.
Looks relatively nice from the outside but then so did the Sale Hotel initially (same chain)
Shame but what was the point in doing so much work on the "beer garden" when it's stuck next to the busiest road in the area.Perhaps it could have been moved to the side or back of the pub

16 May 2006 13:28

Kellys Bar, Altrincham

Do something with this place before it ends up having to be bulldozed, this was a great place to watch footie in, otherwise...some of the crowd think it's all over,it is now

16 May 2006 13:24

The Seven Oaks, Manchester

Excellent for cup final day, decent beer and speedy service despite the pub being full.
Perhaps we should have stayed in there for the 2nd half and the result might have been different.

15 May 2006 13:26

The Bank, Manchester

Beer good if a little pricey but I did feel I'd intruded on a gentleman's club and given the lack of a TV on cup final day we didn't stay too long.
Does appear to cater more than most for those who prefer to drink something other than beer,lager or cider

15 May 2006 13:16

The Old Market Tavern, Altrincham

I take it Redmeister drinks lager or something out of a bottle.
This pub has consistently served a good range of real ale for years..long may it continue to do so

28 Jan 2006 17:24

King George, Hale

It's a place to have a pint before any Robins/United Reserve home game.
Not been in since the latest refurb but it's always been reasonable in there for drinks,prices and the odd bit of food

3 Dec 2004 13:04

Belgian Bar, Altrincham

Ecellent,fine selection of beers,nice atmosphere and waiter/waitress serive to boot.
With this in mind,having to book a table seems a mere irrelevance.
Not the sort of place you'd want to spend your whole evening as the quality beer comes at a quality price

3 Dec 2004 13:00

Jamfish, Altrincham

I thought this was supposed to be a restaurant.Had an excellent meal there about 15 months ago and returned for more of the same.Could only see one couple eating a "meal" while the remainder of people in there were snacking on "bar meals".
10pm brought the reason for this as people piled in, in search of a late night drinking den.
Wny not revamp this place as a cafe/bar rather than luring people in with the promise of a decent feed.
Used to be family friendly but presumably this has gone for a burton too

3 Dec 2004 12:58

The Beer House, Manchester

Certainly worth a visit,an excellent selection of real ales in a friendly pub and within walking distance of Bar Fringe or the Marble Arch for a further selection of quality real ales

26 Nov 2004 11:05

The Cheshire Cheese, Manchester

So that's what happened to Les out of Men Behaving Badly.Not been in a pub where there were more people on the TV (Inspector Frost & Co) than in the pub itself.What the pub lacked in any hand pulled beer, draught only and any round of drinks for £5 it more than made up with, with the landlord (former Recoat perhaps) and the legendary toilets.
It's a shame that more and more of these "real" pubs with characters and charismatic landlords are being swallowed up by the larger faceless brewery chains.
As per previous comments,catch it before it's gone

26 Nov 2004 11:03

The Station, Altrincham

Getting refurbished in September so let's see what happens - the Downs reincarnated, another Wetherspoons/Hog's Head or a pub with it's own identity,decent beer and a venue you can still enjoy football in

28 Jul 2004 15:51

The Moss Trooper, Timperley

It's a shame if it's going downhill as this was the last chance saloon and it'll be knocked down and the land sold on if it fails.
Hasn't been too bad when I've been and I feel confident enough to take my 8 month year old son in the beer garden,unlike many places round here.
Beer has remained varied and excellent and I believe the landlord just got a CAMRA award

28 Jul 2004 15:34

Litten Tree, Altrincham

It has reopened,went past last night and other than the new sign, it didn't look much different inside.

29 Nov 2003 15:17

Kellys Bar, Altrincham

Great pub,shame the landlord did a "runner". Always welcomed the footie fans and showed the "dodgy" channels to get Premiership footie on a Saturday afternoon,with lock-ins to ensure it didn't get too packed.
Hopefully it'll reopen as a pub soon

28 Nov 2003 15:17

The Swan With Two Nicks, Little Bollington

Good pint,typical country pub but someone will have to drive.You'll be lucky to get a taxi out here.
Great in the summer as right on the doorstep of Dunham Park,although it didn't seem to open some afternoons.
Last time I went in,it still had candlelight and a cash register with old money

3 Nov 2003 19:02

The Old Packet House, Altrincham

Cracking beer and decent food are the plus points.
On the negative side,it's quite cramped,gets very smokey in winter and is certainly a "locals" pub

3 Nov 2003 19:00

The Rising Sun, Manchester

Great staff who coped with the demands of a packed pub,full of England fans watching the Turkey match.
Might be as well to shut the doors earlier next time or get more staff on but they coped admirably and the beer was excellent.

12 Oct 2003 18:02

The Vine, Dunham Massey

You'd have to take the car to this one, although if someone's willing to drive there's half a dozen country pubs in this area that are worth a visit.
Traditional pub fare rather than the standard "chain" menus and reasonable beer.
For location reasons,a real locals pub but very friendly and especially nice in the summer in the beer garden.

10 Oct 2003 15:58

The Bishop Blaize, Old Trafford

Brought in to service the football trade and occassional trade from nearby offices.
Standard Wetherspoons fare when it comes to food and drink,although the cans come out on match day and it's season ticket holders only.
Not sure this will ever relace the Dog and Partridge, can be pleasant during the week or after the cricket but my match day drinking will stay in the Gorse Hill

10 Oct 2003 15:49

Jackson's Boat, Sale

Named after a guy who used to ferry people across the Mersey (sounds like an idea for a song).
Bit out in the sticks but was a decent pint last time I went in and the food seemed OK
Somewhere to take the wife and kids on a summer's day but not one for a night out with the lads or a crawl.

10 Oct 2003 14:11

The Stonemasons Arms, Timperley

Reasonable beer and great prices although a little off the "beaten track" for a pub crawl.
Mainly a Blue pub so the Gardeners is probably better for watching football in, especially given the sea of blue shirts in the Stonies when City are at home !!
Can't complain though,every pub has its baseball brigade and this one is nearer to the Broomwood than most.

10 Oct 2003 13:46

The Braddock, Sale

Always looks like the kind of pub they impose on council estates, standard buildings and standard products inside but from what I've seen and heard its OK and there aren't that many other pubs within reasonable walking distance.

10 Oct 2003 13:43

The Sale Hotel, Sale

Was I drunk when I wrote this, I meant the Little B, although much of the above applies to the Sale Hotel too, with the addition that its proximity to the grammar school often reflects its clientele.

10 Oct 2003 13:42

The Footage, Manchester

Get more bar staff on for the football, given its old cinema standing the view on the screen is great but I need more than 1 pint during 90 minutes of football.
Gave up last time and went for somewhere that I could get served and still see the match.
Can't fault the beer in there,if you ever do get to buy any and a good venue to stop off at on the way up to a midweek concert at the University

10 Oct 2003 13:15

Belgian Bar, Altrincham

Have a few excellent beers either side of a meal out at the excellent Jamfish restaurant nearby.
Makes for a great night out in Alty and something a bit different

10 Oct 2003 09:27

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

Can't see what the fuss is about.It's an OK pub that could do with a better selection of cask ales other than Lees.
Food seemed OK,service was great and it is a good summer pub but wouldn't frequent it in the winter.
I think it is overhyped in the extreme

9 Oct 2003 16:50

The Piccadilly Tavern, Manchester

Always looks like it's trying to be something it's not,although with the demise of Finnegans Wake, it's a long way to the Apollo without a beer.

9 Oct 2003 16:13

O'Sheas, Manchester

Time your visits carefully.Can never fault the beer and had a top afternoon in there prior to a Pogues concert a year or so ago..
It can get packed, avoid it when Celtic are playing on TV or for St Patrick's Day but OK early in the evening or for a few in the afternoon.
Better than the plastic Irish "teme" pubs and there are plenty of options to move on to.

9 Oct 2003 13:51

The Salisbury, Manchester

A wide church indeed but no one is made to feel unwelcome.Used to be my first point of call when trains from South Manchester stopped at Oxford Road.Now if forms one end of the evening, either first pint or last (with its 2 o'clock bar).
Can't fault the music or the beer which is varied and excellent.
Bring back the video jukebox !

9 Oct 2003 13:48

The Griffin, Bowdon

Used to be the place for the "Cheshire Set" and all the independent school groupies.Doesn't sound like alot has changed and I take it the Cheshire Midland is still no better.

9 Oct 2003 13:32

The King's Ransom, Sale

A pub you'd "do lunch" in or have a few lesiurely afternoon pints, particularly in the summer when you can sit by the canal.
Gets busy of an evening, the door staff can be a little particular and it ain't cheap.
The food is excellent,particularly on a Sunday,good parking and near to the station and 4-5 other pubs.
The quality of the beer is always excellent

8 Oct 2003 16:38

Phoenix, Manchester

Last time I went in there was a bloke slumped over the bar who proceeded to go and use the ladies, I was constantly asked to produce a student discount card which I didn't have and the beer wasn't brialliant.
Still it's somewhere to stop on the way up to the Academy/University where the beer's cheaper and they do have a large screen for sport

8 Oct 2003 16:22

Barracuda, Manchester

Great for watching sport in, avoid like the plague if you're after a good night out with your mates.
Also had a problem with them serving the wrong spirits every time my girlfriend wanted a drink.Not sure whether they just misunderstood or whether the spirits are being decanted/changed.
Beer reasonable and always get a good view for the football.
Probably best placed for a night out down Oxford Road if you're not there for the TV Sport

8 Oct 2003 15:40

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Miss the "home brewed" stuff and tend to avoid the place in term time due to its proximity to the University.
On the other hand, it's kept its character and old/homely feel while still serving a range of decent beers.
Ironically it's really hard to get a decent pint of Boddingtons in Manchester these days

8 Oct 2003 15:28

The Manor House, Sale

Have only been in once since it's metamorphosis from the Cock Robin (cracking pub) to the Manor House.
It was Soul Night, my mate had to take his cap off and the barmaid hit on him despite a wedding ring.Need I say more

8 Oct 2003 13:41

The Brunswick / B Lounge, Manchester

Totally agree with Jimbo,always used to stop off on the way from Picadilly to the Apollo for concerts.
Tend to go in the Church, nearer to the venue now.

7 Oct 2003 16:49

The Hare and Hounds Hotel, Timperley

Have to say in comparison with the Moss Trooper and the King George, what has happened to the Hare and Hounds can hardly be classed as "refurbishment"
Always handy after a game of 5-a-side if the lacrosse club bar is busy

7 Oct 2003 16:45

The Faulkners Arms, Altrincham

Always make it a habit to stop off for one on the way back to getting the tram, purely for entertainment value.
Usually has a couple of excellent guest beers,although the drawback is that one or more of my mates usually end up harassed by the local female "entertainment"

7 Oct 2003 15:47

The Moss Trooper, Timperley

Excellent staff, reasonable food and a brilliant selection of guest real ales, sadly lacking in some of the other local pubs now.

Great to sit outside in the summer and pretty children friendly plus a large no smoking area.
May make more trips here than the Gardeners Arms in future

7 Oct 2003 15:45

Duke of York, Whitby

Excellent food, fantastic real ale and a great view of the harbour.Friendly staff and welcoming locals.Have been going to Whitby twice a year for the last 10 years and the first pint of the weekend is always in here John Smith's or one of the guest ales.
One criticism, the recently introduced families and couples only policy on a Saturday night

7 Oct 2003 15:40

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