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Crown Rivers, Heathrow Airport

For an airside bar this is absolutely fine- real ales on tap, pretty quick service even if busy and the usual microwaved fare- this is far preferable to all the naff TV-inspired populist claptrap from Jamie et al that costs a fortune in other parts of the airport...I mean..a 'cover charge'...???? What the hell??? So a good score for this bar for the pre-flight thirst- the master of ale awards a 7- even for only taking money away from the celebs....

19 Apr 2014 18:43

The Dublin Castle, Camden

Stood around for 10 minutes and no attempt to serve us from the one bar walked out....crappy service-'s Britain!!!! probably quite good otherwise with bands alezilla leaves this as a don't know so as not to damage it too much....3 ales on tap...

19 Apr 2014 18:40

The Spread Eagle, Camden

London and Britain in general fails again- after returning from abroad the whole British thing hits you like a steam train.....stress and beers available in equal measure! As usual with Wethys destroying pubs across the country, there is no capacity in here to sit down- and a small bar means no bar stools (due to the fight to the bar as UK requires). Stressy visitors to Camden no doubt shocked at the prices in this place add to a feeling of timebomb...we were asked not to sit next to two punters as 'they were expecting some friends'! Idiots. There is a good choice of beer including stuff from Camden brewery but the prices can hit ten quid for two pints- especially the continental lagers. At least there are crummy bar snacks- sausage rolls..usual tapas good beer but nowhere to sit., stressed punters, bar service usual inattentiveness and the prices to make you faint...probably closes at 11 too...they let you drink outside though with a glass!!! which for Britain is amazing- also no bouncer on the door so these positives push the pub to a 5 - but if I were you I'd stay at home....

19 Apr 2014 18:37

Cams Mill, Fareham

A new shining star in the beer desert that is Fareham and the surrounding rough areas of Portsmouth. Created out of the hollowed interior of a 19th century mill, this Fullers vehicle is oriented almost completely towards food. The small bar area at the front is usually occupied by people waiting for a table at this mcDonalds' with beer. College kids microwave your standard fare in a kitchen adjacent to the bar. The cavernous expanse of the eating area is reminiscent of a Wetherspoons and the bar is full of kitsch faux furniture and usual British pub tat. What's the high chair stuff all about? At least you can sit at the bar and the staff are very pleasant- a small range of Fullers ales on tap and the remainder in bottles. outside is the Unique selling point as there is seating and tables overlooking the river so this is indeed a lovely spot for a drink- if they still let us take our glasses outside in a month or so....we'll see.... so overall, it is an escape from Fareham's dreadful pub scene and can be ok if it's not busy- but stay outside and avoid the tacky and tiny interior... this gets a 6 from alezilla..but i'll be watching closely....if I ever go back!

19 Apr 2014 12:52

Golden Lion, Romford

Well based on the reviews on this site we popped in here for what promised to be the 'best pub in romford'... well the British disease is alive and kicking in guy on the bar- didn't even acknowledge our existence and he was only serving one other bloke! 5 mins later still nothing then he pops round the other side of the bar to chat to some mates- if he had just said 'ok - be there in a min'..might have kept us there- but we walked out. Not good enough. Anyway I'll give it a two because at least there weren't hooligans kicking off as in rest of Romford...couple of ales and TV screens and lots of dejected middle age men.....nice...

19 Apr 2014 12:45

The Goose, Romford

Walked into this joint and was full of ruffians- was very wary...anyway, so ordered a pint of Ringwood and then.....KICK OFF!! Drunken scumbag with ripped T-shirt had a pop at a very polite and nice bouncer and that was it !!!! PUNCH UP TIME....we bailed out of course not even bothering to pay for the pints...all that's bad about Britain but in Romford...the whole place is bad....what a total dump

19 Apr 2014 12:42

The Golden Lion, Fareham

Well, tell me if I'm wrong- but really a pub should be open for you to be able to sample it's beers- especially if it's a Fullers vehicle- be prepared to be kicked out at 9pm...if you want to experience outer space without the cost of preparing your own launch then this part-time joint will provide you with a vacuum in which to enjoy your pint...if you're not kicked out! Potentially good, but alezilla flabbergasted at this ....

10 Apr 2014 01:20

The Castle in The Air, Fareham

This pub, as far as British pubs go actually isn't too bad once you accept what you are going to get....which is the usual grotty sticky tabled kitsch brewery chain pub populist appeal nonsense- it's friendly- the lager isn't bad and that's something for the UK- you can sit outside- they don't care if you walk outside the front and sit on the bench with your glass (a hanging offence in most brit boozers), there is a big tele and its' dark inside...don't know about the food but fresh is unlikely....all that said...this place is ok for a pint- but usual of Britain- a great view but the pub just misses out on it- so much wasted opportunity......a good score of 5 here for the guru alezilla....

9 Apr 2014 15:05

The Chamberlayne Arms, Eastleigh

The three real ales on tap can be poor in this 'more full during the day than the evening phenomena' joint, in the centre of glamourous Eastleigh. That said, makes a change from the Wetherspoons nonsense and there is occasional good live music. Jukebox full of tiresome 'don't offend anyone' hits.

8 Apr 2014 18:42

The Fishers Pond, Eastleigh

Saved by the fact that it is on a pleasant unnatural 'lake', this 'vintage inn' is about as vintage as Birmingham Shopping Centre. Vintage Inns of course, is a chain and the faux countryside look and poor quality new world wines in cases with the books and library tiresome look abounds. Dull as ...well let's say...'lakewater'....that said...there are couple of ales on tap here and the interesting custom of making your walk up the raised part of the pub to use a card and walk down again....get the beer and get outside to the bolted-down seats outside...if it's not bucketing down with rain of course....a generous alezilla 5 for the potential to relax with water...

8 Apr 2014 18:39

Junction Tavern, Gosport

'Jackie' the Jack Russell suitably harrasses you whilst you enjoy a reasonable pint of ok-kept ale- there are 2 or 3 as a choice. The landlady apparently saved this place from the bulldozer- of the landlord- so fair play there- there is a pool table and a juke box but this one-room affair is just too much like a doctors waiting room to have any more atmosphere than that of morbid trepidation...

8 Apr 2014 18:33

The Kings Head, Guildford

Corporate sytle or lack of, large garden- seems larger than the pub itself...didn't see 5 real ales but will take the word for it- all in all acceptable place if you don't mind the sticky floors and bars- ok pint of Brakspears Kings Head 3.4 so ok for drivers- didn't try food- a standard pub experience

19 Jan 2014 20:14

The Kings Head, Guildford

Corporate sytle or lack of, large garden- seems larger than the pub itself...didn't see 5 real ales but will take the word for it- all in all acceptable place if you don't mind the sticky floors and bars- ok pint of Brakspears Kings Head 3.4 so ok for drivers- didn't try food- a standard pub experience

19 Jan 2014 20:14

Queens Hotel, Gosport

Glad to say this traditional pub is still just as good as it ever was. VIctorian, spacious but cosy, real ales, including the local IPA, friendly staff and steady stream of knowledgeable regulars, all adds up to an excellent experience. A real beer lovers pub but also the usual standards. Only 3 ales on tap I believe but good to see some strength in the beers on offer. This is a quality experience. Alezilla will give this an 7, which in these bob the rob banker times and us all having to tighten our belts is nothing short of miraculous. Transport info: if you are on an ale trail then gosport is notoriously poor to get to- however, the new buses which use the half-built expressway can shorten the journey noticeably from Fareham- making this outpost somewhat more accessible. An outstanding curry house lies close, the sister joint to the Lime Tree which is also in Gosport.

1 Dec 2013 13:56

The Red Lion, Arundel

Alezilla couldn't stand by whilst the reviews were so conflicting so he took a trip out there to make the judgement for himself- live music on a thursday night- open mic night - unintrusive and although there were the usual tedious pop standards- it was very good- local people displaying their skills- the beers were varied and fine- a few ales- nice service- nothing wrong with this venue- alezilla gives this an 8 to help recuperate this pubs score unprecedented yet charitable move from the hard-skinned self-appointed Liege of Ale...

30 Nov 2013 17:53

St James Tavern, Winchester

Wadworth's boozer with a hint of individuality- some places to hide and very well kept beer indeed. Excellent 6X. Mostly student-populated and fills up quickly and the small space rapidly becomes too much and an annoyance. Alezilla scores the big 6 for this one, no more.....

30 Nov 2013 17:43

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Two recent visits and two different experiences- it certainly is a tidy little pub, with space outdoors if weather permits front and back- little nooks and crannies- unpretentious and decent staff- first visit early midweek was great- they have about 4 ales on and easily corrected an over-charging problem- second visit was in the evening on a saturday and was packed with babies and kids and must have been something on- so we pulled the ripcord immediately- with 33 pubs closing a week in Britain, and no cafe culture we are short-changed when it comes to public spaces and renders pubs useless or tedious for much of their time. 6 from AZ until a further visit is possible if we can squeeze in...

30 Nov 2013 17:40

The Grand Victorian Hotel, Worthing

Hmm ..some interesting reviews and I can't say that I was in there long enough to get a real feel for much negativity- friendly locals even had a picture with the famous alezilla....two pints of doombar- ok- tedious and predictable but was good said, fabulous victorian interior which is worth a visit in itself- the big screen playing tired pop hits wasn't too bad when I was in there and in fact, had a quite a nice time- didn't try food bar staff seemed ok- a 6 from the AZ

30 Nov 2013 17:14

Humble Plum, Bitterne

UPDATE from alezilla- new landlord, really nice bloke- got rid of that damned awful CD from the last lot that went round and round and round- terrific bar staff- great ales always well kept- this place has been turned around- not sure on the prices- £3.50 has to be reasonable these days - still great cask 6X - great atmosphere- keep it up guys- and you lot out there- if alezilla says it's good- it must be REAL GOOD!

8 Sep 2013 00:50

The Delme Arms, Fareham

Walked in ...swiftly walked out...enough said....

8 Sep 2013 00:45

The Churchillian, Portsmouth

Dated and situated at the top of Portsdown Hill which has a spectacular view overlooking Portsmouth and South Downs National Park- needless to say, as is the usual case in Britain- the pub does not take advantage of these possibilities and is set a little way off the road so you have to stare at the roar of cars rushing by. Inside- forget it- tasteless and kitsch brewery joint run by college kids- all plastic menus and much the same as your typical Brit boozer. 3/10

8 Sep 2013 00:41

The Old Drum, Petersfield

Probably for Petersfield this is one of the best places to drink as the options are extremely limited and Petersfield struggles to energise itself. There was a very good choice of beer on here on a recent visit but it smacks of cliches with the bric a brac and cashews in IKEA jars and when the Jazz came on I groaned with disdain- I wish these places would just worry about serving the beer and forget about trying too hard to be middle class or sophisticated- its just a bit embarrassing- bit clinical inside but a nice size- bless the clientele who all looked scared to talk above 2 decibels or fart in the presence of friends...

3 Nov 2012 19:05

Square Brewery, Petersfield

Fuller's vehicle- soul less, walked out after seeing no beer was above 3.5% and opted for a lucozade from Tesco Metro. Poor.

3 Nov 2012 19:01

Good Intent, Petersfield

Closed on a saturday- we were asked through a window by a member of staff 'what did we want', well, I would have thought that was rather obvious...'there are 50 million pubs in petersfield' she shrieked with no hint of an apology. my reckoning, that leaves petersfield with 49,999,996 pubs which are very good at concealing themselves. A Fullers vehicle requiring some urgent staff training methinks.

3 Nov 2012 19:00

The Red Lion, Petersfield

Mega pub hosting this ubiquitous local-destroying chain as much the same as any of the others- the vastness of this establishment keeps the profits up but the atmosphere at zero- along with pushchairs and toddlers using crayons to sketch pretty pictures, this is more like drinking in a primary school than a pub....weak and wacky ales were on when we visited and more and more are the beers brewed 'especially for wetherspoons' - mind you , that said, this probably saves the lacklustre Petersfield from a death foretold...

3 Nov 2012 18:57

The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Tucked under a viaduct, this cool little joint has a lot going for it. There are live bands and there are DJs not playing the usual rubbish, but things which are somewhat different- there was a ska night on when we were there and it wasn't overpowering- there is a little paved area outside where you can relax and drink and the place is open until 3am with no hassles from over-zealous bouncers.....beers are varied- prices astronomical.

7 May 2012 15:57

The Deansgate, Deansgate

Not a bad pub- too big of course like most other pubs- the further you get away from the bar and into a separate room- you may as well have the drinks at home- and at these prices this really is the best option- they have a few real beers on and there is an isolated roof-garden, not really much to single it out- except you've probably been walking around for 3 hours trying to find a pub left in Manchester so you'll be thankful to get your thirst quenched.....

7 May 2012 15:55

Hop Poles, Brighton

Great pub- picks its own music- upbeat but not too young- real ales - well kept and half a dozen of them- does food but didn't try it- really good little joint- what britain could be, but it generally isn't...individual....good score from alezilla....

5 Feb 2012 00:33

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Something of an oasis in the corporate-samefest that is the profit-maker's paradise, Britain. This joint is, dare one say it, individual in its decor and its internal style and is relaxed and casual. Some effort has been made with the image and its not just hackneyed horse brasses and the usual British pub pap. On top of this, music is often provided that is somewhat (dare I say it) leftfield of the tiresome mustang sally bands that tend to frequent british pubs. Then, most rewarding of all....most british pubs strike fear of disappoinment and mediocrity into your heart and wallet, but the food here is very good indeed, individual, freshly prepared and not the usual chilli and lasagne claptrap. Some real thought has gone into this place and it is a pleasure to hang out in there- oh- beer is also pretty good too with about 4 changing on the pumps....well done platform tavern- britain is not quite finished yet... an outstanding 8/10 from alezilla, the soothsayer...

29 Jan 2012 21:47

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Tucked away down an old waterloo steet, this would be a wonderful venue would it were anywhere but England, but unfortunately you have to deal with all the usual problems once you enter this VIctorian beauty. Bar staff as most other places in London will be unable to communicate in your venacular, therefore be prepared not to be able to have a discussion on any of the eight ales available on pump. That said, there is a reasonable selection and the beers are fine- bit skewed towards weaker beers but there you go- who wants to enjoy themselves eh? In keeping with the Dickensian theme, the 'restaurant' which is situated to the rear is laid out in an Oliver Twist, shares it with 1000 other people working class mill fashion so you best not enjoy an intimate dining experience- of course, with the lack of any British culinary tradition, it is a 'Thai' restaurant, which, I'm sure, Dickens would have been wholly familar. So, in summary, disinterested service from distinterested soviets and at weekend- forget it- 33 pubs close a week in the UK, so they all have to pile into this one- the lack of table service is evident as stressed-out suits vie for their place at the diminutive bar....if you like British with just a pinch of Eastern Bloc and a dash of pseudo-thai then this is for you- it gets a 6 because of the lack of anything else as good within a 50 mile radius....

28 Jan 2012 01:16

The Bridge Inn, Shoreham by Sea

ho ho ho and a bottle of rum by the shoreside here...or aye aye cap'n- this characters drank 2 bottles of rum before he got in here! If you thought that a family-friendly pub overlooking the picturesque River Agur and all the effluent that flows down it was the perfect place to pitch up on a Sunday night you might want to think again! Surely cap'n Cook couldn't have set eyes on a worse bunch of miscreants as you will find in this rough Fuller's vehicle....maybe they were left behind when the rest of the convicts were taken to Australia? You know that feeling when you have that class of people who are one minute friendly and offering you to dance with them only in order to provoke a public disorder incident? This place is like walking on false move and you're in a punch up! Even at the bar, usually a safe haven, a reprobate with a dog tried to provoke a bit of aggro with some comments aimed at me and our friends. And this was all pre-last orders!!! That said, should you survive and wear dark glasses to avoid 'boggin anyone out' then you can share the delights of an over-microwaved brake brothers delight, from the handy-to-read football-pitch-sized menu for stupid people. Menu comes tastefully drenched in an assortment of ethanol mixes... as your food arrives chargrilled- (thats how you wanted it right?) do not be put off as classy punters change their babies clothes ON THE TABLES- YES!!!! Hang on....please!! Im sorry- this wasn't the review of a pub.. I must have this mixed up with the A&E ward of Brighton hospital!!!! I'm sure it ends up looking like it!!!! PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY avoid this pub if you have an accent with received pronunciation......or if you are anyone else.

22 Jan 2012 22:46

Windhover Manor (Beefeater), Bursledon

Probably pointless even reviewing this watering hole for the populist masses, as every Beefeater is the same. Food at �4.99...don't people worry about what they are eating? Bizarrely, you cannot get crisps at the bar because 'we serve food', as we were told.....a soul-less experience, tacky, cheesy, big tele, stuff for kids...and a stench coming from the kitchen as though the microwave is on too high....revolting.

17 Jan 2012 22:04

The South Western, St Denys

Great pub- think there has been a recent revamp of interior? but not sure...been a while- 12 or so ales, plenty of comfortable space and options from sofa to chairs and stools....80s table top emulated arcade machine nice touch- but doesn't work! Please do not use brasso to clean pump handles whilst punters are in- this ruined the flavour of the pint I had so had to leave...still- top boozer- scores an 8

14 Jan 2012 17:26

The Elephants Head, Camden

at least this place has some individuality with its punk music and general 'theme' standard and nothing to write home about but scores a 6 because it is different to the rest of the Phil Collins piped music pap

14 Jan 2012 17:16

The Lock Tavern, Camden

'Trendy Camden' is just as poor for customer service as a Basildon estate pub- this place asked us for a 'regulars' card- hahahahaaha- everything in Britain is so difficult isn't it? It must be really 'exclusive' inside eh? What if none of the regulars don't turn up- does the pub stay empty? British stupidity a lo maximo...kick this braindead boozer into the dustbin of British history along with the double decker bus, concorde and driving on the left.....

14 Jan 2012 17:13

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Typically of britain you are treated with contempt and like a 3 year old in this grottfest- tried to palm us off with plastic glasses and started to fill them with beer- we said no way and walked out- poor selection of beer and rude and miserable staff that we couldn't understand- good summary of Camden by ChrisP87

14 Jan 2012 17:10

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Good selection of lagers from around the world so this is a good choice for a drink; service not served with a smile, but this is London; music good but too loud; nice environment- nice bar but as its small and britain has little capacity particularly with pubs, it needs to turn music down a bit- think it was standard middle of the road pap anyway so noone would care

14 Jan 2012 17:07

The Castle Hotel, Bramber

Popped in here on NYE for a beer before the main event...pleasantly surprised to have a low-key evening with a band who played hackneyed numbers but were unimposing- nice...spacious and no crowds and demand that we pay an extortionate entrance fee a la Greedy King....3 ales, although uninspriring, but included a Sussex at least....not bad at all

1 Jan 2012 21:12

Humble Plum, Bitterne

Poor service at the plum the other day- I love 6X from the cask, but one I had was definately wrong- a guy who couldn't have been drinking more than 6 months argued the toss about how other people were drinking it so it must be ok- the landlord then used the same argument and after ages of discussion- reluctantly gave permission for me to have an alternative....ever heard of the customer always being right? Well, here I am! A potentially good pub, bruised by typical British customer service- shame. At wetherspoons they don't argue and we wonder why these places will all die out!

31 Aug 2011 18:56

The Crown Inn, Fareham

uninspiring JDW vehicle, saved only by real ale- The British themselves have chosen this as the future of their evenings out and therefore we will have noone to blame.... get's 4 for lack of atmosphere and typical MDF-based decor- all of these places are the same, its' just a question of which one you can stand

31 Aug 2011 18:47

The Bird in Hand, Fareham

Outside= glaswegian image and seriously grim...put this to one side as the wonderfully smiley barmaid greets you on the inside! Superb 'real' pub, bric a brac from the owner's choice and not some chain stooge livens up the boozer- and a free jukebox on weds and tues akin to slaters liverpool in the old days...marvellous- friendly locals and plenty of lager and a couple of ciders- HOWEVER- no real ale on tap at all BUT provided for in bottles in the fridge- a good selection at just �2.95 so very competitive and a great option! Overall, could have sat in there all days and drank bottled ales- individual and quirky and probably a lot more like england could be if left to its own devices....

30 Aug 2011 00:35

George Inn, Cosham

Although the company i had went a great deal to making this a lovely evening, the George, I have to say, does a lot of things right. Good selection of ales- about 6, of the Fuddle di and the Ringwood that I sampled, I can say they were well-kept. The environment is cosy, but not cramped, and an ample bar at both side and rear even allowed sufficient space for the band to play- most pleasantly of all, the volume of the live band was kept at such a level that we could easily have a conversation- a most thoughtful landlord. Good views too if it were not for the rain. A GOOD pub.

5 Jul 2011 23:19

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Recent visit had few ales of notable strength and then to my surprise people were bringing in Indian Take Away and eating it at the tables with that stench of ghee-infested garbage spreading through the pub- I know Britain has no culinary heritage to speak of, but this is just the final the sum of all is this- if you want to pay through the teeth for beers no stonger than Evian and watch people eat rubbish in plastic containers then this is the experience for you.........yours truly, 'embarrassed to be English'.

12 Jun 2011 00:24

The Partridge, Partridge Green

Pack your sunglasses as you enter this Magnolia-washed joint, marooned in rural sussex...always good news to hear the smaller breweries taking control and we were not disappointed with the good-quality Dark Star ales on offer- plus a couple of other guests. We did not eat in here, but the dining room rather reminded me of Westminster Hall, with enough room between tables to park a Brake Brothers Lorry- although that was probably in Worthing at the time- a bit too expansive and sterile for a decent pub experience- but at least it had music of the non-Phil Collins 'Im middle aged and my life is over' type brewery claptrap. OK- the decent beer saves its life...

12 Jun 2011 00:11

The George and Dragon, Shipley

Up for sale now and easy to see why- in order to survive the pub probably needs customers. An outrageously small bar and a smaller snug means you have to rub shoulders with the other two people who are in there- and although quaint, and it is lovely- its a product of a bygone age when english people were no taller than 3 feet. The lack of music meant it was much like having a pint in the local allotment shed. Pint of sussex wasn't at its best...anotoher reason to stay in your own living room and get tesco to do the work......

12 Jun 2011 00:03

The Fountain, Ashurst

Wonderful setting and a building of interest to match- much of it given over to food meaning the rest of us having to cram shoulder-to-shoulder in the diminutive bar- but with 33 or so pubs closing a week- of course there are less places thus capacity problems. A choice of three ales on tap, the Sussex we tried was very well kept and flavoursome. The highlight of this pub is that the great man Larry Olivier used to hang out in here and get bladdered when not interpreting the bard- there is a plaque outside to commerate this, only ruined by the fact they had to include the great event of paul 'have a crack at every art form' McCartney who apparently filmed that chronic pop drivel 'simply having a wonderful crassmas time' in here- i'd say forget the Beatles and stick to the Sussex. Food not sampled so jury is out.

11 Jun 2011 23:57

The Clarence, Whitehall

Popped in yesterday for a couple of pints of Sharp's Doombar and Coasters- typical soul-less London affair with the astronomical prices to match its location on the principal government avenue of the world's most important country. Anyway, menu was brief and usual british claptrap like curry, and the sandwiches were cheese etc etc - you know the story- �6 for a sandwich!!!! outrageous even in this over-rated town. Inside is a refurbed 80s London Overspill type bar- absolutely uninspiring.

2 Jun 2011 15:11

The King Charles, Kings Worthy

Nice location but as we walked in we were hit with the all-pervasive stench of fish cooking in 2 week old oil. THink it's a GK but can't remember as we had to get out of there. Wooden floorboards and 80s style venetian blinds, in a claustrophic two-bar set up. Something of the 80s sticky-nightclub feel about it. Don't do it.

10 Apr 2011 13:44

Cart and Horses, Kings Worthy

hahah some good reviews and not much to add. All the cheezy glintz is inside this one, leatherette sofas etc- its a Greene King of course, and it shows. More astonishing is the fact that there was noone in there by 10 on a saturday night, the epitome of the southern pub experience. What do people do in Kings Worthy? All watch SKY + I guess...The few patrons looked petrified as their faces were illuninated in the bizarre Interrogation lamps perched above the bar- probably to keep you away from the humourless and unfriendly female staff. Crass.

10 Apr 2011 13:42

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

I drove quite a way to get to this place on the glorious sunny saturday, but it was shut. This reminded me of all the problems in this country with the social life revolving around a pub. Also astonishing were the happy faces on people sitting outside waiting for it to open!! I know the Brits love to queue but this is ridiculous farce. BEing unable to open until 6 is just plain madness. I will not return here- and although the beers sound great it doesn't sound worth the bother. Scores a big zero for not being open and being as far removed from the continent as ever. Nonsense.

10 Apr 2011 13:39

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

I am a Fullers Robot...I am a Fullers Robot...... good beers from Fullers though- excess of kitsch rubbish plastered around the place- its not a bad pub at all- just the right size with its two bars...please staff- stop pretending Britain is sophisticated because you pour the trendy crisps into a little bowl for me!!!! Scores 6 and its lucky.

8 Apr 2011 20:13

The Black Boy, Winchester

I'm not sure why its meant to be fantastic- yes, the real ales are excellent and there is an eclectic, although deliberate collection of bric a brac and odds and sods scattered around the pub. The main problem is that this is completely contrived, and in a way, cheapens the experience. In winchester in particular in Britain, the city seems desperate to provide the quasi-authentic pub experience by cramming as much glitz and kitsch into its pubs as possible- cricket bats, old photos, horse brasses, etc etc- and I think by the time I arrived at the black boy I was tired of it. Music was chosen by the pub and not piped, no chavs, fab beer- don't know about the food, so 7 it be. If avoids a crass quiz night i'll increase it to 8 - hahaha

8 Apr 2011 20:08

The Bold Forester, Sarisbury Green

Well ho hum, well- I guess it could well be the best food in the UK considering how bad the food on this island is, but as I didn't sample it then I cannot judge. It appears that this pub is privatley owned but has all the image of the pub giants- crass furnshings and horse brasses, a drunken mix of different decor styles etc- you know the thing. The beer was ok though and there were a choice of three ales- no complaints there. Monolithic expanse of a souless place however, staffed by kids, nothing new in the UK. It scores a three for the fact that bizarrely, it has a taxpayer-funded sign next to the bar awarding a certificate for a SAFE PUB. I thought I had seen it all in this country, but that is the end- I was almost tempted to start a fight to tarnish its record- how can it be now that pubs are going to be graded on the percentage possibility on being glassed? Foreigners cannot believe it when they see stuff like this. To top it all, in the gents toilet, you can buy PHEREMONE WIPES- I kid you not.....what sort of an experience is this? You REALLY want to eat there?

8 Apr 2011 20:03

The King Alfred, Winchester

Went in here for lack of anywhere else in Britain to get some food....yes, its a GK clone, but in the bar at the front you might be forgiven for forgetting this....for a moment anyway.... The beer is usual GK stuff but there were a couple of guests on and they were perfectly well kept. Even though of course it is Brakes Brothers lorry microwaved stuff, we were surprised to find a rabbit pie and nearly died in shock when we received table service and a friendly, un-Britishlike service. As long as you know you are getting a corporate experience, if you want an ok pint then its as good as anywhere else, apart from the ale oases....

12 Mar 2011 16:10

Humble Plum, Bitterne

and back to school for Meerkat who obviously has no ability to concentrate on a piece of prose longer than the first two pages of THE SUN

12 Mar 2011 15:56

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

hahahah faireee must be tongue-in cheek surely!!!! The only business that will be taking place in this joint is for paramedics!

12 Mar 2011 15:55

Humble Plum, Bitterne

I can't be bothered reading the civil war going on between other reviewers so I'll just stick to the facts as I saw them. I can say that I for one will certainly be back, and this has to rank amongst the best boozers in the South East- luckily, just 20 mins away from me! I dismissed as mere rumour a beer oasis served in holy grails anywhere in the south, never mind just down the road, as I thought i'd exhausted the fruitless search for such an Atlantis in the East Itchen zone. Anyway, tucked down an unassuming street, I feared the worst....inside the disappointment began with two huge TV screens blasting out the latest populist sporting activities- they only have freeview however, so punters might be spared tedious crowds roaring all night, but that remains to be proven. Food is available, but this was not sampled so that will have to wait for a future review. The real point is the beer- and wow, what beer! The Wadworth's staples (minus JCB) are there PLUS five guest ales. This is a total of ten- a remarkable number, only bettered by such classics as the Ship and Mitre Liverpool and Birmingham's The Wellington. Moreover, the 6X was served straight from its wooden cask- not a better example of this classic will you find outside the brewey. Fantastic beer- I could have finished the lot- but there were more to try!! If you want samples, reasonably priced 1/3 of pints are available. I was pleased to see a Batemans (Hooker) and a Loddon beer in- so that made my trip. AS regards the bar staff they were perfectly pleasant, there was a bonus parrot in case the company you were with wasn't keeping you occupied and the pub was spacious, but not in the way that you couldn't find a nook. This achieves a remarkable rating from me of the big 8.

26 Feb 2011 22:07

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Miketucker is quite right! I never used to go out in Britain as I used to enjoy travelling across the globe- Some reviewers are obviously one of the vast majority of Brits who doesn't know what happened to their life- all they know is that he enjoys his SKY sports, enjoys a traditional meal of home-cooked pap and probably sits on the 07.45 London Waterloo for 104 hours per week- then YES- he will be overjoyed with the offerings at the Jolly Sailor and you bet he will be extremely scared to voice any opinions whatsoever about the place- welcome to MONDEO Man..... at the end of the day, this is a corporate behemoth which will extract profit from customers at the minimum expense- and it shows. Free Rupert-Murdoch-controlled paper anyone?????? Mr Phil Collins-listener and ordinary man will be happy with this- FOG IN CHANNEL CONTINENT ISOLATED

25 Feb 2011 01:45

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

For beer drinkers, this pub is an oasis in the brewery-strangled UK which is a slave to big business. A very good selection of up to 7 ales, 4 straight from the cask, all in all, very well looked after, although once I sampled the Itchen Brewery Tiger, I couldn't be tempted into anything else- but no reason to suggest the others are not as welll looked-after. This is a beer review as I have not tried any food there- although interestingly for a British pub, they had sausages (not of a great quality of course) for sale at 50p, which, in the culinary starved British Isles is something of a novelty, so some credit has to be given there. If the pub dog had not been slabbering its way through the bar and most patrons trouser legs then this might have made the meagre sausage of cattle cartilage offerings more attractive. WARNING NOTICE - you will pay the highest prices for ale in this pub than I have experienced across the two hemispheres of this planet- lamely explained away by the woman behind the bar as having something to do with the ABV ratio......expect to have to pay over a tenner for three pints of ale for you and your chums- Winchester can still solidly count itself as the head of rip off Britain. Friendly bar staff however, and a self-intellectual crowd put this one in the high scoring of my reviews, which is no mean feat.

25 Feb 2011 00:11

The Moon Under Water, Balham

hahah- the future of Britain in 'trendy' London- not the worst pub in Balham though, in fact, probably one of the better bets as the number of pubs in London South of river decline sharply- Mgahan has made a good review and little to add here- it's a typical Wetherspoons with all the usual nonsense and crass mass-marketing offered by the behemoth of the down-and-out, but goodness this one is a dump- dank, dirty and everything a British afternoon out should be- in that sense, you're neither surprised nor let down, but as you dare to drink from a glass that one of these drop-outs has drank from, consider could be alive in Balham in 20 years time......

20 Feb 2011 20:49

The Lord Nelson, Hythe

Been in here a couple of times after a trip over on the ferry- needless to say the main attraction of Hythe is the 1909 train taking you to the ferry. This place, well, it has several really wonderful 'snugs', which I think, one hasn't got a TV in it, but not sure- but the pub structure is quite impressive, if not a bit too large- large bar at the rear and outside beer patio which looks out onto Southampton Water and the ferry train, so prob ok in Summer. There are some real ales, and I think last time I had a 6X which wasn't great, but drinkable and the glass stank. Not tried food in here but no reason it would be any better than barely edible. It's actually got some life, so its not bad.....stuck between a 4 and a 5 so have to make it a 4 on this occasion as not as good as Eagle and Child Oxford which I gave 5. Prepare for future update.

20 Feb 2011 19:14

The King and Queen, Hamble

Visited this one a few times, overall, not a bad pub, I've actually always forgotten to determine to which brewery this pub belongs, that might be because for one fleeting moment this pub allows you to drift into a make-believe, 'Britain isn't strangled by the brewery system world', as, indeed, it does have some individualism. This is first evident by the nautical theme, but also, and refreshingly for the UK, they seemed to be playing music which wasn't ordered and piped in from the brewery- although the good taste wasn't maintained long. The beer selections are nothing more than average- about 3 ales, but the Best was fine. Bar staff, friendly and chatty, again unusual for Britain, and it all seems pretty relaxed. Britain suffers from a capacity problem with 33 pubs closing every week, and once a few people crowd in then our 'first past the post bar system' means things rapidly spiral out of control- but, that said, we were allowed to eat at the bar- a rare treat indeed in H&S obsessed Britain. The Sunday roasts looks a little like a boiled mush fest to me- although the sandwiches are huge and the fish and chips fresh at least, but the jury is out. Nice crowd of more mature folks, and some scumbags were turned away whilst we were in there, which was great to see. If most pubs in Britain were like this, then it would be a boon for the country. An outstanding grade from me results.

20 Feb 2011 18:35

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Well if Barry thinks this is what pubs should be like then heaven help the miserable isle of Albion. This was my third visit, and will be my last. It's actually not so much the pub as the institutionalised British crummy way of life, so different to that of Europe or the US. On arrival, a hairy cat was perched on the bar, and whilst being stroked, its dander flying off into the pumps, somewhat putting you off that next pint of ale....the 6X however, that evening was in excellent condition, so had improved from my last visit. As in Fawlty Towers, it is so difficult to get anything to eat in the UK, and, more than 30 years after that seminal critique of the british hospitality industry, the trend is the same. A menu proudly displays a selection of interesting, if pedestrian menu 'specials'. However, contrary to all the laws of profit-making, the menu is only available at lunch time when 99% of the population of the developed world are at work- why put the menu up then? A paper menu is next to that, proclaiming 'THURSDAY IS CURRY NIGHT' and a list of curries and in brackets announcing the regions of origin of the dishes, as if you were convinced they were created in the Punjab, rather than in UNIT 4 of Segensworth industrial estate. We shouldn't have been surprised when at the foot of the list it is stated that these dishes are created by an outside catering company! SO much for the 'home made' as proudly proclaimed on the chalk board! Then we spot the very van that delivers this Taj Balony outside! Think they should have included 'chicken ding' from the fareham region on the menu? As is inescapable in middle of the road britain, the boring pub quiz soon got underway, and the icing on the overbaked cake was complete when i asked a member of staff if a pub quiz was starting, to which he aggressively retorted- 'yeh, got a problem?'. Not sure what it is with pubs and southerners, but it seems that the stress of being on the 07.48 Fareham to London Bridge via horsham everyday overspills into their everyday lives, and a large bucket of chill is required down here....of course, we pulled the emergency escape rip cord and bailed out of there sharpish. Gave 5 last time but reduced to 4 because of good beer and a nice set up, shame that the lack of anyone behind the bar and rude staff and cat dander let the place down. Expect the British pub experience and you won't be disappointed.

10 Feb 2011 22:43

The Barleycorn, Hedge End

went in here the other night following a desperate search for a pub withouth a pub quiz...surprise! ANOTHER pub quiz! Everyone in Britain becoming old before their time...anwyay, rough-looking teens and locals were lining the bar but at least there were two bar staff. The smell of wet dog and fag butts and the lifeless voice on the pub quiz forced a rethink and I froze to the spot...a glance into the kitchen revealed a filthy carbon-caked oven and I was convinced- at the speed of a passing train (not a british one) I stormed out and into the fresh air...thank heavens- what a dive. Avoid! Gets a 2 as I didn't try the beer and at least it doesn't pretend its anything other than an absolute dump.

10 Feb 2011 20:08

The Wellington, Birmingham

well what a surprise- a matter of hours and someone has to respond because Ireland has been mentioned! Noone is allowed to say anything about Ireland at all, that's because of the legendary 'Irish Pub', the scourge of international destinations from Lima to Lusaka- the irish pub actually doesn't exist in this form anywhere in ireland- it is an international brand that has been created from a myth, much like the myth of Ireland itself. Yes, some places in Ireland you will get personal service, but the two places the previous reviewer has mentioned are about 200 miles apart, hardly representative of an across the board customer service standards. Generally, as a rule, Ireland has BAR service, EXACTLY the same as in the UK. Oh and by the way, I'm Irish and any ordinary Irishman just has a laugh when you talk about the downsides of our country, they do not take it personally and do not try to pretend that Ireland is this cradle of fabulous culture with blokes playing the fiddle at random on street corners. That's why so many of us are over here! Let's not talk about food in Ireland either. If you've not been off the tourist track across the globe then yeh, I guess Ireland does look fantastic, but each to their own limitations.

9 Jan 2011 11:57

The Wellington, Birmingham

Yeh- the Wellington....not seen as many beers on tap anywhere in the UK....and all brilliantly kept and an exciting selection.....but.....AS if we weren't becoming more accustomed to an absence of cusotomer service in this country, the Wellington takes us already to the logical conclusion....NO SERVICE AT ALL!!!! You order your beer by way of an electronic scoreboard akin to that at New Street Station...then you just say NUMBER 4 to a disinterested teenager behind the bar who then robot-like, pours your beer and you back off to allow for the next punter in this packed-to-the-underpants joint....more disturbingly, you can bring in your fat and grease-soaked soggy takeaway and sit there eating it in teh pub with the stench of transfatty acids and grease wafting about....this country is so weird- this is all a consequence of the only country in the world (except the overrated Ireland) in which there is no table service- fighting at the bar and eating fish and chips on your lap- its all so ....uncultured- the french would have a heart attack. SO....great beer but an opportunity squandered, but it will still get a 5 as no pub in Britain has service anyway. There is a system in Holland, called the 'muur', meaning wall. You go up and stick a few euros in and out of the wall in a drawer you pull out your noodle snack or whatever- no need for staff- this is the future of britain...insert coin in the wellington...why have staff at all?

8 Jan 2011 22:00

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

As previous reviewers, potentially good, but.....too small for a start, and the british system of fighting at the bar means it becomes quickly irritating, and the bar staff, if british, can be less than responsive- ok beers on tap usually though and a nice mix of dons and tourists, but too much of a toytown feel getting the punters in and out- not eaten there.

8 Jan 2011 21:51

The Junction Inn, St Denys

As noted, this Greedy King pub is an example of how much better GK could be, for example, check out the Brunswick in Bournemouth, which has the best ale selection on the south coast...anyway, i digress....this place is very nice- how the British pub probably used to be and could still be once we get the noose of the brewery system off our necks...good range of beers, not just GK, I had a few Hookey whilst there, well kept- think I might have had a GK mild too!!! There was a meat raffle which was a bit disturbing but we joined in and had a good laugh- good crowd- there is food but we didn't partake so no comment. For chunky cat fans, there is one who liberally strolls about the place offering the customers out. This is a good score for me!

8 Jan 2011 21:48

The King of Wessex, Basingstoke

First pub in which I ordered a pint for myself so has to get a ten for the memories......

8 Jan 2011 21:40

The Grove Tavern, Southbourne

Interesting reviews, as this place isn't too bad. Yep, Boscombe and Southbourne have some true scum, but there's no real evidence that there are more in here than anywhere else. At least this place is individual, plays its own music, isn't a chain slave, serves ESTRELLA and has great bar staff!! This place is good and is on the high street and right by the sea- come on! Those who are saying avoid are obviously frightened of their own shadows. This gets a cracking 6 from me- and that is really really unusual. We need more of these places in britain.

8 Jan 2011 20:49

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

hahah- last review was brilliant and a man after my own political soul!!! Anyway , here is a more objective review.

Been here quite a few times, as used to live in Southbourne and Bournemouth really doesn't have much choice. Anyway, good points: In boscombe, handy for buses, the town centre etc; good beers- never had a complaint with quality- ringwood well represented; price- I once had old thumper for �2 !!! hahaha; ok- bad points....get settled nicely..... absolutely filthy- when my mate and me were in there once, near the front, we saw a rat scurry about the chairs picking up the remains of the microwaved pap that they serve- the rat kept coming out and mockin us- anyway, we told the italian manager- he laughed ! hahahah; clientele- full of the final remains of the human species- this is what a pub would look like in the aftermath of a tactical nuclear strike on the silly uk- never saw any trouble- but once a bloke collapsed and the ambulance turned up and pulled him out- the place is like a soap opera- full of all the dross that live in Boscombe- if you go in there armed with this information the place is hilarious- enjoy! but have a tetanus and yellow fever jab first!

8 Jan 2011 20:44

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Sounds like the last reviewer ought to be in a morgue- I too am anti-British confrontational pub system in which the strongest wins, but that is the sad state of affairs for the consumer in this country- we're all too cowardly to complain except on anonymous websites! hahahah!!!! This pub is simply one of Britain's most beautiful, and CAINS beers are some of the most imaginative and flavoursome in Britain- that's enough to be happy with- in winter the views from this pub are simply wonderful- Liverpool should be proud. Yes, its run by kids- but thats' Britain. It's lively and for goodness sakes, don't rue that!

8 Jan 2011 20:37

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

It's overdue that this legendary pub needs a fresh review from me. Some of the comments made need to be addressed because they reference everything that is bad about the clueless british customer. Last visit here must have been June 2010 but have been a regularly for almost 20 years. No other pub in the UK will offer such a large range of not the usual suspects but beers to constantly surprise you, and that said, a good range of porters and milds too- ten beers continuously rotating.

The atmosphere is one of serious ale drinkers, an eclectic mix of academics, professionals and CAMRA junkies.

Only the British bang on constantly about the state of toilets- we are obsessed with them. Who cares? Have any of the reviewers been to France or Spain or Italy? Who cares what the toilets are like? Isn't it better to have a great boozer with a good clientele and some individuality than shining toilets! What do you do in a bog anyway???

This pub is the closest we will get to the kind of 'Brown' pub that you find in the netherlands for instance, thank god for a bit of character- Liverpool being one of the last cities to resist change into corpo-world.

Brilliant pub, 9 points, which for me, is a miracle.

I suggest the reviewer who gave null points just stays in the Ember Inn or whatever other soulless chain they visit.

8 Jan 2011 20:32

The Blob Shop, Liverpool

hahahaah i hope this place hasn't changed over the last 15 years or so- classic liverpool- what makes the city great not all that crap down at the dock!

8 Jan 2011 20:09

The Port n' Ale, Tipton

I'm shocked to read that the Port N Ale has changed hands and gone downhill badly- i've not been here since Dec 2009 and I can say it was one of the UK's top pubs- and I've been to a few...this had cracking selection of beers- all well-looked after and a great variety- and the roast dinner every day for about �3 with as much as you could eat and as good as anywhere else- what a steal!!! This place was just brilliant prithy reviewers contradict thyselves and tell me its not true!!!!!!

8 Jan 2011 19:21

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

I've been in here- vast expanse of a place in which hoardes of dazed foreigners abound wondering why britiain is the only country in the world outside the british isles with no waiter service- ages to wait to get served and if the staff spoke english it might help them to provide a more welcoming service- oh well- this is what Britain has become- a machine- beer was ok

8 Jan 2011 19:12

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

If the previous reviewer believes that there is no processed food in this place then I am seriously worried about the state of this country. This place is dire- spacious and cold hearted, there is little to offer here. Usual british pub chipped and flaking walls and poor quality furniture- beer uninspiring and run by kids. Best off staying indoors.

8 Jan 2011 16:53

The Still and West, Portsmouth

I am a Fuller's robot.. I am a Fuller's robot..... the location saves it of course- and Fullers/Gales beers are always top notch. If you can't see out the window or get a place on the patio by the water then you will be faced with the full corporate assault of plastic menus fake chalk boards and hoards of kids running amok......

8 Jan 2011 16:50

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Packed full of pointless people who think that shopping will solve all their personal misfortunes and therefore will not be of the discerning type. Previous reviews have been spot-on, huge place with all the Fuller's corporate trimmings- run by teenagers and fake chalk boards- beer- as fuller's generally is, very good indeed and an ok choice too. So- cleaner than your aunties toilet, but a lifeless experience. Drink the beer and get wasted gently, if you can ignore all the children running about.

8 Jan 2011 16:47

Seymours, Southampton

Full of chavs, blokes and southerner-aggression- packed, tiny, no capacity and no beer- what a useless life to spend it in here

8 Jan 2011 16:42

The Royal Oak, Wineham

Not sure the previous reviewer did pick the wrong day- it is certainly a strange place- and if this is 'Old England' then thank God we're moving on! Firstly, the beer is excellent and is delivered straight from the cask. This being said, the choices are limited to maybe a beer and a porter, but thats ok. The food thing was the same with us, as the menu had to be 'discussed' as it was fresh everyday. Perhaps the Brake Bros lorry hadn't turned up because if my pie was freshly made, then it must have been baked in a nuclear power station as it has the suspicious tell tale signs of a microwaved pie- of course it was- but 3 baby carrots made up for that- surprised i had sufficient carbohydrates to make it home. There is also a heating problem in the pub, and whilst the commuter-types who spend all day in an office in the square mile might think that this is quaint, in fact, its just freezing and we all had to huddle around electric fires in the back room. Well, I guess thte locals are a bit partisan about it, and it is exciting listening to people outdo each other with how large their cars are or whatever, but if it hadn't been for the decent beer then we would have been out of this pretty humourless place faster than a Brake Bros lorry! Give it a 4 for trying.

8 Jan 2011 16:09

The Norfolk Arms, Steyning

Dived out of here as soon as i'd opened the door as I thought i'd wandered into somebody's living room after a three-night i've been told its ok so I will be back for another look- especially if they have poetry on. Stank though.

8 Jan 2011 16:00

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

Scruffy, but isn't all of Britain. There was a good choice of beers here when I visited, and the live music was good. Not bad, but nothing more than that. It was fine.

8 Jan 2011 15:59

The White Horse, Steyning

The previous reviewer who labels this as a 'class establishment' has obviously been missing episodes of upstairs downstairs. Surprise surprise, Greedy King are here again with their latest incarnation of the 'old barn turned into sophisticated bar' joint... Yes, its actually fairly relaxed and it is certainly clean, but slipping a kleenex under our pints will do little to transform this place into the Champs Elysee or mitigate the shock from the prices that are higher than chanctonbury ring. Choice of beer is ok and its perfectly well kept, and the food has yet to be sampled, but no doubt it is delivered in perfect portions in a huge lorry at 4am along with all the other Greene King orders from Brakes. Think i will keep a tight hand on my wallet rather than put my theory to the test. I was delighted with the manager as he wavered on serving a local hooligan clearly smashed out of his brains and then proceeded to have an altercation with him which spilled out into the car park. Yes, classy, but not enough to get more than a wetherspoons....5/10....

8 Jan 2011 15:57

The Red Lion, Southampton

Fabulous old place, and steeped in history (apparently) as the building in which the traitors in the Southampton Plot of 1415 were tried, which, although I haven't done any research, find hard to swallow completely, but its nice to think so. Anyway, at least this place has some character as all the British pubs which aren't among the 33 closing per week, transform themselves into chains of Greedy King or Wethys or Ember or whatever. Shame the place is so filthy and dark, the furniture beaten and broken - you will fall through the chairs when you sit on them, the beer is just about ok and the food is lost in 1973 CO-OP stamps britain. Oh well, at least it looks great, including parrot and this just about allows it to have a 4. Music dreadful. You couldn't stay in here for too long.

8 Jan 2011 15:47

King Rufus, Chandlers Ford

Yawn, another Greene King soul-less chain experience. There have been some other good insightful reviews, but remember people, ordinary folk LIKE this kind of thing, this is why Greene King will march on. All the usual McDonald's with beer trappings, run by teenagers, microwaved food, ok beer though. Just uninspiring- a safe choice for safe Britain- the brewery provides safe 70s and 80s non offensive music piped to you whilst you eat your airline food in a kitsch 'this was an old farmhouse' showroom. Prepare to grow old quickly in here....

8 Jan 2011 15:34

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

The views (although obscured by a smoking shelter) and the views of the Hamble are the main draws to this pub, which nestles cosily down a dangeous flight of stone steps. Hall and Woodhouse are the masters in charge, and as expected, Badger Beers and all the other staples are on offer. The overwhelming experience is that of the typical 'safe' chain pub. Large fake chalk boards explain how you can do such simple everyday tasks such as order your food in ten easy steps. We are informed that the newspapers are complimentary, thus dullling the blow on the horrendous prices found inside. It is family-oriented and you cget the overall jist of the McDonalds' with beer experience. The beer is ok- nothing more than that- I've been a couple of times and I have left with a twinging in my stomach, not the freshest pints. The food leaves much more to be desired. If you haven't been put off by the astronomical prices, although the pub is at sea level, then the food is uninspired, microwaved and cheap. As I bit into my 'roasted' chicken the water flooded down my chin like a an oasis well. Mashed potato- how difficult can this be to prepare? All this average quality and high prices means this is a typical chain pub with no extra experience, apart perhaps from a smile or two from the sultry teenagers who run the place. Overrated but this is Britain 2011 so what can you expect?

8 Jan 2011 15:18

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Seeking out a Wadworth's gem, I hacked my way into rural Bursledon to find this place, which from the outside looked like a nice joint. Once inside, a few Wadworth's beers on offer, the usual 6X of course and HEnrys IPA. The IPA was dissapointing and the glasses stank, the 6X to follow was an improvement but not to the justice of how this great ale should taste. A small place, once children started to flood in the adult environment was slain and it was time to bail out- this isn't the pub's fault of course, it's Blair thinking that the UK is the same as everywhere else in Europe- which of course it isn't. Would have scored 6 if the beer had been in better condition.

8 Jan 2011 15:09

The Brewery Bar, Botley

WIth a name as exciting as 'The Brewery Bar' I could barely wait to get into this joint and start lashing down the quality ales on offer. Unfortunately there wasn't a single ale on offer, and the Stella I was served was flat as a pancake. The nice girl behind the bar changed it withouth a quibble but I wasn't really interested in the excuses. A bit dank and dirty and typical of the decline of the British pub. It could be ok but I guess there's no incentive to improve things. The shape of Britain to come....

8 Jan 2011 15:05

Brigadier Gerard, Horton Heath

WIth the excitement barely containable on my face as I spotted a Wadworths watering-hole my friend and I dived in for some liquid satisfaction, expecting delicious JCB and other delights on tap. Beer selection was poor and although was ok, the inner decor was hideous. All too light and bright and the usual eclectic mistaste of 80s blinds and wooden floors. HIgh chairs and circular tables to increase discomfort at the centre of the bar. Customers eat round the right rear of the building and I felt ill having to listen to the brewery-inspired mix of safe 70s and 80s romanti-pop hits. Necked it down me and pulled the rip-cord....

8 Jan 2011 15:02

The Wagon Works, Eastleigh

Standard wether-experience throughout; this will be the only thing you will be seeing in a few years, as this corporate behemoth eats its way through the final vestiges of British culture remaining. The usual plastic marketing fest pervades and invades every table and staff wait no more than a nano-second to sweep your glass away from the table to shame you into a lengthy wait at the bar for your next injection. That said, as Wethys go, this is one of the more tody and respectable ones and is perfectly fine for a few beers and some microwaved airline food. As long as you know what you are getting then you should be ok, and as usual, can't really fault the real ales selections and prices, even if it be at the behest of the sacrifice of the british pub.

8 Jan 2011 14:56

Cricketers, Eastleigh

The Cricketers is close to where I work so I was looking forward to having a decent boozer near the office. As usual in Britain these days, generally you are going to be disappointed if you want a decent 'pub' experience as this is being replaced by the corporate brand image of everything being the same. The Cricks actually isn't a BAD pub, there are a couple of decent ales on and they seem well looked-after - I was only there early so will need another visit to see how it copes under pressure. As usual though, too many large plastic menus and people sitting on high-stools around lacquered tall tables waiting for microwaved chain grub. Average.

8 Jan 2011 14:52

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