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Crown Rivers, Heathrow Airport

For an airside bar this is absolutely fine- real ales on tap, pretty quick service even if busy and the usual microwaved fare- this is far preferable to all the naff TV-inspired populist claptrap from Jamie et al that costs a fortune in other parts of the airport...I mean..a 'cover charge'...???? What the hell??? So a good score for this bar for the pre-flight thirst- the master of ale awards a 7- even for only taking money away from the celebs....

19 Apr 2014 18:43

The Dublin Castle, Camden

Stood around for 10 minutes and no attempt to serve us from the one bar walked out....crappy service-'s Britain!!!! probably quite good otherwise with bands alezilla leaves this as a don't know so as not to damage it too much....3 ales on tap...

19 Apr 2014 18:40

The Spread Eagle, Camden

London and Britain in general fails again- after returning from abroad the whole British thing hits you like a steam train.....stress and beers available in equal measure! As usual with Wethys destroying pubs across the country, there is no capacity in here to sit down- and a small bar means no bar stools (due to the fight to the bar as UK requires). Stressy visitors to Camden no doubt shocked at the prices in this place add to a feeling of timebomb...we were asked not to sit next to two punters as 'they were expecting some friends'! Idiots. There is a good choice of beer including stuff from Camden brewery but the prices can hit ten quid for two pints- especially the continental lagers. At least there are crummy bar snacks- sausage rolls..usual tapas good beer but nowhere to sit., stressed punters, bar service usual inattentiveness and the prices to make you faint...probably closes at 11 too...they let you drink outside though with a glass!!! which for Britain is amazing- also no bouncer on the door so these positives push the pub to a 5 - but if I were you I'd stay at home....

19 Apr 2014 18:37

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