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The George, Brighton

My go to pub after walking the dog in the afternoon. Lovely bar staff and top quality beer with a regular brewery rotation.only draw back is that they have to always have a sharps beer on ...not my favourite corporate brew. Regularly have the veggie good and the portions are large and very tasty.

13 Jul 2018 15:08

The Red Lion, Newquay

Still our favourite Newquay pub. Friendly bar staff good beer and dog friendly. What's not to like. Sad to see the pool table has gone.

11 Apr 2018 10:57

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Visited on a wet Tuesday and pub not overrun with children. Just had a couple of beers but would steer clear at busy times.

11 Apr 2018 10:53

Pub du Vin, Brighton

Ordered 3 pints and all 3 were shockingly short measure. asked barman to top them up which he did and reminded him of their obligations to serve full pints. HE seemed surprised to learn that a full measure was a legal requirement. Won't drink here again.

28 Oct 2016 19:10

The Prince Arthur, Brighton

One of my favourite Brighton pubs. Great selection of beers (cask at £3.50) and a good friendly atmosphere. Can get rammed when there is a tap takeover.

29 Sep 2016 12:26

The Victory Inn, Brighton

CAMRA discount available so beer was £3.35 a pint. Comfortable pub with good food. Could do with a little clean up to make it a bit more shipshape.

29 Sep 2016 12:17

The Sidewinder, Brighton

Quirky pub with 3 ales usually on. Beer can be warm on occasion but I still like the place. Two huge garden areas and lots of party time evening entertainment.

29 Sep 2016 12:15

The Mucky Duck, Brighton

I've dropped by a couple of times recently and the beer has been excellent. A quiet pub in the daytime so great to rest with the dog.

29 Sep 2016 12:10

Mitre Tavern, Brighton

A pint of dark mild at £2.85 a bargain. Mind you I seemed to be the youngest one in there by a good few years and I'm in my sixties.

29 Sep 2016 12:08

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Our dog loves this pub as it has a carpet to lie on and not floorboards. Good beer and great food and good bar staff. They also have a great sun deck up top. Easy to lose a day here.

29 Sep 2016 12:04

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

Pretty bar staff but when it is busy nigh impossible to get served as bar is too small.

29 Sep 2016 12:01

The Hare & Hounds, Brighton

I quite like the H&H. Pricey but good selection of craft and cask.

29 Sep 2016 12:00

The Hanover, Brighton

Large family pub but also very friendly with good bar staff. Popular for food.

29 Sep 2016 11:59

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Back brewing again, the Irish Red Ale was OK (not my fav type of beer) and the stout excellent.

29 Sep 2016 11:58

The George, Brighton

Having now tried the food (all veggie) I like this pub even more and use it quite regularly

29 Sep 2016 11:54

The Fishbowl, Brighton

Re-branded as the East Street Tap has a couple cask ales, usually Brighton Bier and a selection of craft beers. They have gone for the industrial look ala Brewdog but nothing wrong with that. Good place to go in the afternoon when it is not too crowded

29 Sep 2016 11:51

The Eagle, Brighton

Since my last review this pub has gone down hill. The beer doesn't taste right and often has an slightly acrid taste to it (pipes clean?). Beer choice not so varied and always has Greene King beers ....then I noticed the GK plaque outside the pub on a side wall.

29 Sep 2016 11:48

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

Twice this summer I have walked over the Devils Dyke and each time gone to the pub for a beer only to be greeted by a queue of about 20 people waiting to order food. I asked if there was a separate area for just buying a pint but was told I would also have to queue up.
This is a joke of a pub and I will never attempt to buy a drink there again. There again it is 'run' by Greedy King so nuff said. Also tables not cleared and were dirty.

29 Sep 2016 11:43

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

Good selection of cask and craft beers. Cask ales are good value. Can get busy and sometimes feels a bit impersonal. Prefer the Beer Dispensary down the road.

29 Sep 2016 11:37

The Cyclist, Brighton

A decent pub at a railway station now that makes a change. CAMRA discout available and the beers are well kept.

27 Apr 2016 12:04

The Black Lion, Brighton

Gets very busy and the beer is so so. Not a fan of this place and there are so many better pubs.

27 Apr 2016 12:03

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

Now reopened and expanded. Decent beers and good food and a CAMRA discount on beer and food.

27 Apr 2016 12:02

The Dolphin, Plymouth

First visit for 5 years and it hasn't changed one bit. Long live the Dolphin. Bass still straight from the barrel and in perfect condition as was the Betty Stoggs. My favourite pub.

27 Apr 2016 12:00

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

Dropped in whilst waiting for the bus. Beer was good and included a new brewery in Looe. Very friendly bar staff.

27 Apr 2016 11:55

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

Best pub in Looe (East & West). Good selection of beer inc Proper Job and Dartmmor Jail Ale. Friendly, even the locals would cherio when you left. Visited several times at Easter.

27 Apr 2016 11:54

The Fishermans Arms, East Looe

Basic pub with a lively clientele. Good pool table(free when we were there). Can get quite rowdy when there is live music.

27 Apr 2016 11:52

The Salutation Inn, East Looe

Popular pub with a poor selection of beer - the dreaded Doom Bar was the only choice. Didn't stop to eat.

27 Apr 2016 11:50

The Ship Inn, East Looe

Family pub and busy but you can usually find a table. St Austell beers well kept but general feel was that it is a bit tired and could do with a makeover.

27 Apr 2016 11:49

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Crowded as ever but still found a gap at the bar to stand. Excellent beer and friendly staff who gave our dog dog biscuits. Great place.

27 Apr 2016 11:46

The Globe, East Looe

Visited at Easter. Food was good and the beer was reasonable. Locals pub but felt friendly. A couple of pub dogs wandering around but didn't cause a problem with our own greyhound.

27 Apr 2016 11:45

The Cornerstone, Brighton

New folk in charge. Much better decor more welcoming and downlands summit stout in excellent condition.

12 Jan 2016 18:13

The George, Brighton

Love this pub. Discount for camra members and they love our greyhound. Beer pretty good too.

14 Dec 2015 18:56

The Worlds End, Brighton

Food looks and tastes good but when I saw the chef in filthy chef's gear it put me off. Also ale of indifferent quality.

14 Dec 2015 18:55

The Great Eastern, Brighton

Put off by a group off numpties with a vicious Staffie which attacked our dog outside the pub. If they can't control drinkers outside then I won't use it. Shame because it is a nice pub.

14 Dec 2015 18:52

The Druids Arms, Brighton

Basic pub friendly bar staff good beer well kept. What more do you want.

14 Dec 2015 18:48

The Cornerstone, Brighton

Now called the Admiral. Had good and bad experience here. One time the beer was undrinkable the next excellent. 5 ales available but not convinced about reliable quality.

14 Dec 2015 18:43

The Hope Inn, Newhaven

Remote pub on the "other side of the river" with great views of the river. Friendly pub with good beer and also did cream teas, a bonus for my wife who was driving at the time.

7 Sep 2015 10:13

The Elephant and Castle, Lewes

Interesting pub with props from Glyndebourne Queen of Spades opera and they are very impressive. Beer excellent Brighton Bier Dealer's choice in very good condition. Like this pub a lot.

7 Sep 2015 10:10

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

Lovely pub with a great selection of ales. Black Cat Original and Dr Rudi's summer ale were both very good. Food was also very good. well worth the visit.

7 Sep 2015 10:07

The Freemasons Tavern, Hove

Outstanding external architecture outside but disappointing inside. Dull and average.

27 Aug 2015 12:18

The Maypole, Cambridge

What a gem. The beer range was great and the food excellent. The staff could not be faulted and helped carry the beers over to our table in the garden. We spent several hours there trying some very good beers.

27 Aug 2015 12:15

The Pub With No Name, Brighton

Good bar staff who know their beer and the beer is very reasonably priced at £3.29 a pint for some of them. Well kept regularly changing selection of local brews always makes this a place to come back to.

2 Jul 2015 14:29

The Reservoir, Brighton

Good beer at very reasonable prices and the thai food is good but not outstanding. Plenty of space and there is a garden as well.

2 Jul 2015 14:26

Prestonville Arms, Brighton

Tucked away little pub but is welcoming and the Burton Bridge beer was in excellent condition.

2 Jul 2015 14:25

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Excellent little pub and my greyhound really like the big bonio biscuits. Good beer and great atmosphere.

2 Jul 2015 14:22

The Greys, Brighton

Beer selection disappointing and expensive, possibly the most expensive in Hanover. An Enterprise Inn I gather so that tells a story. Good for music though. Sadly and old friend couldn't make the Sam Hutt gig this coming sunday. (He used to go to school with him).

2 Jul 2015 14:21

The Geese Have Gone Over The Water, Brighton

I like this pub. Having moved into the hanover area recently I have found this pub to be friendly with great bar staff and they also do great sausage and mash with a choice of 10 different sausages multiple choices of mash and 4 types of gravy. Excellent.

2 Jul 2015 14:16

The Fortune of War, Brighton

Surprisingly well kept Dark Star APA and great music make this place still one of the best seafront bars.

2 Jul 2015 14:14

The Dover Castle, Brighton

Good pub serving well kept Shepherd Neame beers. Comfortable place to come.

2 Jul 2015 14:12

The Constant Service, Brighton

Just moved to Hanover and the pies in this place excellent. Good beer as well plus vinyl always played.

2 Jul 2015 14:10

Old Star Ale and Cider House, Shoreham by Sea

Cracking little bar with great beer at reasonable prices. What's not to like.

2 Jul 2015 14:07

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

Now the Piston Broke. Good selection of ales on gravity but sadly the temperature of the beer was too warm. Accepted that it was a hot day but the cooling jackets should be able to cope better.

2 Jul 2015 14:05

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Worst pint of Cornish Coaster I've ever had, not off or anything but luke warm and not very nice.

2 Jul 2015 14:03

The Swan Inn, Falmer

Visited the pub for the first time last week. Held the door open for 3 "gentlemen" who were clearly locals who were following me in and the landlady promptly went to serve them first despite being ahead of them. Summed up the pub as one for local people only. Beer OK but won't bother coming back.

2 Jul 2015 14:01

Tiger Inn, Bridport

Great little pub hidden away. Thanks to BITE we sought it out and enjoyed some excellent beer.

10 Apr 2015 18:01

The Red Lion, Weymouth

Great location and good food and beer. Otter Lifeboat very nice session ale.The steak & ale pie was excellent. Only criticism is that they consistently serve short pints and it gets very boring to have to ask them to top up the glasses every time. It gets a lower rating because of this.

10 Apr 2015 17:58

Old Rooms Inn, Weymouth

Good beer from the Piddle brewery but bar staff service was erratic. Attitude when trying to book a table in the bar area was downright rude when told we cn book a table and then told we couldn't 'cos it was school holiday time. Also heard someone ask for the all day breakfast only to be told they couldn't have it cos' they were too busy. Decided against eating there.

10 Apr 2015 17:55

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Good place to come and eat if you have a dog. Large spacious bar area with additional restaurant seating. Food was good and the beer, Razorback was excellent.

10 Apr 2015 17:51

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

Excellent back street local. Were made to feel at home and soon settled in to a conversation about our greyhound. Beer was ery good, Crop Circle and trelawney. Good selection of ales availabl.

10 Apr 2015 17:48

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Popped in while waiting for a curry. Several punters were totally out of it but the pub did not seem threatening. Beer was well kept and staff were good.

10 Apr 2015 17:46

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Chance find while walking the back streets. Summer lightning on top form and a basic clean and friendly pub.

10 Apr 2015 17:44

The Black Dog, Weymouth

Nice enough pub with beer straight from the barrel when we were there. Busy with a bank holiday crowd in but not ridiculously so.

10 Apr 2015 17:43

The Park Crescent, Brighton

Lovely pub and very friendly. My only criticism is that the ale is too warm and sometimes lifeless. It could be the Hall & Woodhouse brewery at fault but I have had better Badger elsewhere.

18 Nov 2014 12:19

The Martha Gunn, Brighton

My son lived in a student let nearby for a year and only set foot in it once. Horrendous place.

18 Nov 2014 12:16

The Eagle, Brighton

If you can't get into the Basketmakers for something to eat try the Wild Mushrooms on toast in the Eagle. Absolutely divine and a generous portion. Hophead always in tip top condition, I like this pub

18 Nov 2014 12:12

The Constant Service, Brighton

Lovely quirky pub with excellent Harvey's beers. A great place to come.

18 Nov 2014 12:08

The Bugle Inn, Brighton

Discovered it by chance one Sunday afternoon. A warm welcome roasties on the bar and a few musicians playing traditional Irish music quietly in the corner of the bar. Good beer what more could you ask for.

18 Nov 2014 12:07

Beehive, Reigate

The pub has recently had a make over and looks very smart. Food is still competitively priced and good. The beer is also good with guest ales regulary appearing. Brakespear, London Pride and Doom Bar are the regulars with up to 2 guests. Purity Ubu and Itchen Vally Dark Solstice being the current guests. Still doing cheapy pint Monday at £2.49 and on other days there is 20p off for CAMRA members. Best pub southb of Reigate.

18 Nov 2014 10:12

Steam, Newquay

Went in for a quick pint with low expection and was pleasantly surprised. Bright, clean and huge it clearly caters for large family groups. Beer, Proper Job, was in good condition and served by very friendly barman.

20 Apr 2014 13:10

Lewinnick Lodge, Newquay

Just had drinks here and the service was good and the beer excellent. When we had a beer pulled up that looked fine the barman asked us to check it as thought it was coming to the end of the barrel. We checked and it was coming to the end and it was readily changed. One note of caution, I saw several pints going to the restaurant which were well short of full measure so beware of this. Great views and good location.

20 Apr 2014 13:05

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Horrible experience with kids running feral, sticky tables and slow service. If you wanted food then the queue was about 10 long. Beer was OK but sitting outside was risky with gulls trying to steal food despite wires trying stop the gulls from landing.

20 Apr 2014 13:01

The Red Lion, Newquay

Had a seat in the window with stunning views. Beer selection was excellent with the Betty Stogs in good form. Service was good and with beer around the £2.80/2.90 mark this was a very good pub to visit.

13 Apr 2014 11:57

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

I like this pub. The beer is good and I have a good chat with the bar staff and usually whoever is in. Excellent for watching footy in the evening but can be rammed weekend evenings when I tend to go elsewhere. Families etc what's wrong with that. I may be retired but I'm not grumpy.

28 Mar 2014 14:14

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

Great refurb. Beer good and the pub is really alive. Well done.

28 Mar 2014 14:07

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Whilst better than the Market of old there is still room for improvement. When ales are off turn the clip around or put a sign on it to say that the beer is not available. I agree with previous comments about bar staff - clueless when working out who is next although I have to say that it looks like a new manager has taken over (Mid March) so hopefully things will improve. Also why hasn't this place got a 5* rating from food hygiene people (last checked early March).

28 Mar 2014 14:04

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Pub of choice for ending up after walking the dog at weekends. Food is now a good reason to come here which sometimes means that it gets quite busy. I have no problem with families attending (been there and done that in times when pubs were less tolerant) and so long as dogs are kept on leads and children always ask before stroking dogs we will continue to use the pub. The Sharp's Cornish Bitter is always excellent.

28 Mar 2014 13:56

The Black Horse, Reigate

Reasonable pub and good to visit when dog walking in the summer (lots of space outside). Very much laid out inside for eating and casual drinkers are a bit crowded into a small seating area. One large group can easily take over the whole area. You can sit at tables designated for eating but you tend to feel you are outcasts and the atmosphere is not comfortable.

28 Mar 2014 13:50

The White Lion, Redhill

Need to keep a better check on the quality of the ales as beers can be a bit iffy. Recently this has been very noticeable with some regulars going to the Garland in search of a reliable pint. Don't let standards slip or the pub will go downhill rapidly once again.

25 Sep 2013 10:00

Beehive, Reigate

My local and is still doing well. £2.49 a pint on Mondays for bitter which can't be bad. Usually a good choice of guest aleas although delivery of guest ales is erratic I gather from the staff.

25 Sep 2013 09:55

The Bell, Reigate

Excellent range of beers since refurb with Surrey Hills and Dark Star often featuring. Decent price too at £3.40. No comment about lager as I don't touch it.

25 Sep 2013 09:52

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Excellent pint of WJ King Best Bitter at a rip off price of £3.70 for a 3.8% beer. Still locals can probably afford it.

25 Sep 2013 09:48

The Manor Inn, Godalming

Visited yesterday while walking the dog along the towpath. it was quiet as it was around 4pm. So got served straightaway as there was hardly anyone in the pub and the Hobgoblin was fine. Sat in the garden where there were dirty plates and litter all over the garden and on tables. None of the tables looked clean and there was broken glass in the grass. Not a place to bring children or dogs!

25 Sep 2013 09:46

Sam's Chop House, Manchester

With Lowry still at the bar this pub has a good atmosphere but at £3.40 a pint I'll stick to the Grey Horse. Food was extortionate although it looked good. but paying over £13 for liver and bacon seems to be a rip-off.

27 Jun 2013 10:36

The Millstone, Manchester

Friendly pub although the beer, Lees Bitter was uninspiring but at £2.60 a fair price. I visited early lunchtime so it may not be the best time to visit.

27 Jun 2013 10:33

The Spread Eagle, Chorlton cum Hardy

Barn of a pub made even more bare because everyone was drinking outside on one of those rare warm evenings. Beer was OK but a bit warm, nothing special.

27 Jun 2013 10:31

Uluru, Chorlton cum Hardy

Popped in for a pint of Wainwrights and it was an excellent pint, very well kept. Also sell Hydes Original at decent prices. Unusual bar to get such good ales but keep it going.

27 Jun 2013 10:29

Oddest, Chorlton cum Hardy

Excellent Cafe Bar with a great selection of ales. Love the album covers as menus. A top spot to drink beer and watch the world go by.

27 Jun 2013 10:13

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

I have been visiting this pub sporadically since the 1970's and recently have been working in Manchester on and off for the past two weeks. I made the Grey Horse my local. Incredibly friendly pub and great bar service from Jacqui, Helen and Gemma (hope I got the names right). The beer range was excellent and I enjoyed the Original very much. Long live the Grey Horse.

27 Jun 2013 10:10

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Excellent tiny pub just yards from where I was staying in Manchester. Possibly the tiniest bar around but always a friendly welcome and top notch beer.

27 Jun 2013 10:03

The Albion, Winchester

Don't know what he pub used to be like but the current ownership are doing a very good job. I use it when waiting for a train and love the selection of micro breweries on offer. Top marks.

23 Apr 2013 11:43

The Fox and Hounds, Crawley

Stayed here when working locally and also used it from time time as lunchtime bolt hole. Beer well kept and the food is very good. Friendly bar staff and a very pleasant local.

23 Apr 2013 11:41

The Village Hall, Chalfont St Peter

A bit run down and tatty but the Rebellion beers have always been spot on. Still better than most pubs in C St Peter

23 Apr 2013 11:39

The Golden Lion Inn, Padstow

Agree with the others, this is a good refuge from the more touristy pubs. Beer was excellent and dogs were welcome.

23 Apr 2013 11:27

The Bay View Inn, Widemouth Bay

As we were staying in Widemouth Bay at Easter this was a welcome haven. Well kept beer and dog friendly the staff were also very efficient. Needed to book for evening meals but it was well worth it although the home cooked hand-cut chips were frozen ones. A minor gripe, all in all a welcome retreat from the bitter weather.

23 Apr 2013 11:24

Globe, Bude

Alright pub with decent beer. Nothing special.

23 Apr 2013 11:21

Bullers Arms Hotel, Bude

This pub closed in October 2012. Theree is a campaign to get it reopened, so good luck and i hope they succeed.

23 Apr 2013 11:20

Brendon Arms, Bude

Very busy pub. Unable to drink inside because the bar area was always full but apart from that the beer was good and the atmosphere lively.

23 Apr 2013 11:19

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Things have improved since I last wrote my comments. Beer is good, long live Cornish Coaster and the food is very good. They have worked hard and it is good to see that they are now getting a lot of people through the doors. Cheers.

18 Feb 2013 15:41

The Venture Inn, Reigate

I visited this pub two weeks ago and was a little shocked to see the bar staff regularly using slops to top up fresh pints. Beside each drip tray was a pint glass which contain spillage for each beer. I witnessed this spillage being used to start off a new pint of beer. I thought this sort of practice had died out, sadly not in this pub.

Also the pub were still advertising Cask Marque despite Cask Marque saying that they had not been renewed for 2 years. All this confirms what I have suspected for a while ie why the beer here never tastes the same or as good as in other pubs. By the way the staff are often rude as has been commented before.

18 Feb 2013 15:35

The New Inn, Wakefield

I also was staying at the Cedar Court. Boddingtons ice cold fizz is not my cup of tea so on the recommendation of Splodge68 paid a visit. Osset blonde was excellent and the pub was a pleasant haven from corporate hell. The fish and chips opposite was very good and at £3.75 for haddock and Chips an absolute bargain.

24 Jan 2013 13:29

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Having just returned to the pub I have to add another comment. This one is for the staff. I have been served by 4 different bar staff and have never had such good consistent service. The staff are knowledgeable about the beer and excel at making you feel welcome. It may be a good sales pitch by Brains or the pub and some people might be scared by such enthusiasm but for me it makes the difference between having a quick pint and going on elsewhere and having a second.......and a third. Well Done

26 Oct 2012 16:32

The Old Arcade, Cardiff

Visited on a Thursday mid evening and the pub was very quiet. Beer quality very good but totally lacking in atmosphere.

26 Oct 2012 12:23

The City Arms, Cardiff

Visited for the first time in many years and what an improvement. Great selection of ales and a Belgian Beer Fest going on. Busy and friendly, I'll definitely come back here.

26 Oct 2012 12:17

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

Being refurbed at the moment.

26 Oct 2012 12:09

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Visited the pub for first time in 4 or 5 years. Glad to see it hasn't changed and is still serving excellent beer. The Dark was perfect. Bar staff excellent and as one comes from my neck of the woods, Crawley/Reigate, we had a good chat.
Comfortable and relaxed.

26 Oct 2012 12:06

Marshals, Barnstaple

First time in Barnstaple (down for a wedding). Popped in for a couple and pleased to see Otter Amber as well as Bass and 6X on handpump. Otter and Bass were in top form . Atmosphere was lively and friendly. Definitely will come back here.

18 Jul 2012 14:26

Pavilion, Shepherds Bush

I use the pub occasionally at lunchtimes when it is very quiet. Beer well kept but sadly it is Greedy king so no great taste or flavour. Asells Cyder is a good deal and is a great refreshing lunchtime pint. Food OK but a bit overpriced. Sausages in the Sausage and mash were pre-cooked and reheated which makes them a bit dry. 6.99 is therefore overpriced.

18 Jul 2012 14:15

The Green, Shepherds Bush

Use it occsionally for an early evening pint on the way home. Usually have a cheap beer , Doom Bar or Boondoggle at 2.45 pint which is a bargain round here. Beer kept well but pub has no atmosphere, that's early evening for you.

3 May 2012 17:24

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

Working at the Beeb on a contract I use this place regularly. Good selection of local beers and also Purity beer, one of my favourites. Lively but generally good service and well kept beer. Pricier than the pub across the road but much better atmosphere.

3 May 2012 17:21

The Golden Lion, Weymouth

Dropped by here for a quick beer or two at Easter. Played pool, good value. Beer was OK to begin with but the second pint of Doom Bar was dead. The Barman went and checked the barrel and changed the beer and only charged half price so gets a tick in the box there. Decor not great and had the atmospere of a struggling pub. I hope it keeps going.

1 May 2012 17:04

The Royal Oak, Cerne Abbas

Visited the pub briefly at Easter. Had lunch and the food was outstanding. Best ever chips and excellent faggots (food variety). Beer very good, allin all top notch.

1 May 2012 16:54

The Anchor, Seatown

First time back here for 12 years or so. Good to see it busy but outside tables were not cleared so gave the place a messy feel. Looks as if they have cashed in on the tourist trade and sacrificed quality. Beer seemed to be brought up by pressure sad to see. A bit of a let down although the location is still stunning.

27 Apr 2012 09:29

The Swan, Abbotsbury

This place has so much to offer but fails to deliver on most things. Great location, attractive but the garden is messy and the pub inside is outdated, dull and in need of a refurb. The few customers in there were elderly locals which sadly gave the air of a retirement home rather than a pub. The food was OK but not outstanding and the choice uninspired. All in all dull. A great opportunity missed.

27 Apr 2012 09:26

The Red Lion, Weymouth

Outstanding on all fronts. This was helped by a beautiful day so we sat outside. Beer, especially the Jurassic Ale was superb. Food excellent, the Dorset bap prawn roll was lovely. Staff efficient, food quality excellent. The place was busy, altogether we stayed longer than we should and were a bit wobbly when we left.

27 Apr 2012 09:21

The George Inn, Weymouth

Agree with Ledger's first comment. But was there at lunchtime the week before but did not eat. One pint was enough. There are plenty better pubs in Weymouth.

27 Apr 2012 09:16

The Turks Head Hotel, Chickerell

Friendly enough pub with good food although the fat needed changing at the time of our visit (Easter). The chips were spoiled by stale fat. Barn of a pub with no dividing areas so a bit like being in a large corridor. Too many dogs off the lead and although reasonably well behaved can cause stress to other dogs. Beer range good and well kept. Preferred the Lugger because of the dogs. Many high tables and chairs meant that dog owners were not aware of what was happening at ground level. The locals in the Lugger were more friendly, this seemed too smug and cliquey.

27 Apr 2012 09:12

The Lugger Inn, Chickerell

Spent a week down here at Easter and found ourselves using the pub nearly every day. Friendly, catering for the holiday trade without making it a zoo, this place is good. Food excellent especially the curries and the beer also good although Cask Marque could improve on the temperature of the Palmers beer. Dog friendly without too many dogs so top marks there. Friendly staff as well.

27 Apr 2012 09:05

The White Lion, Redhill

I like the WL it has a buzz about it and the management team are doing a good job. The beer is excellent and although I am an occasional visitor I still get a very good welcome.

22 Sep 2011 15:16

The Elm Shades, Redhill

A long time since a review. The current tenants/managers are opening the pub all day which is great news and the beer is good quality. Kent's Best last week was excellent.

22 Sep 2011 15:10

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Oh dear since Ali left things don't seem to be quite as they should be. The ales are still well kept and the bar staff are very good but twice this week I have noticed that staff are expected to work on their own on shifts of 8hrs or more without a break. This contravenes working time regulations which says that a minimum break of 20mins must be given on shifts over 6hrs. It also means that when a large group of customers come in one person cannot cope. This smacks of going back to running the pub on a shoestring budget just like the old days. This pub deserves better so, management, please take note and make this a happy busy place again with proper staffing.

16 Sep 2011 10:21

The Bell, Reigate

Hmmm, recently charged 3.20 for a pint of beer which was only 2.8% in strength. The duty on this beer is minimal so why the price hike. I challenged the Landlady and she agreed to reduce the price. Have not been back to check but with GK IPA at 3.10 it is yet another Reigate pub prentending to be in London and charging London prices. The Beehive sells GK IPA at 2.30 if you like IPA which I don't.

14 Jun 2011 12:32

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

On the up. Still jointly owned with the Blue Anchor the quality of the beer has improved and is now a much better pub to visit.

14 Jun 2011 12:27

Beehive, Reigate

Still consistently good both for food and for beer. The changing beer list is always good to see and they are one of the cheapest pubs in Reigate. Keep up the good work.

14 Jun 2011 12:25

The Market Hotel, Reigate

London prices not a London pub. Poorly maintained beer and not a nice atmosphere.

14 Jun 2011 12:21

The Holly Bush Inn, Salt

Visited the pub last weekend. Bath Ales Summer Hare 3.10 was very good as was the food. Faggots mash and mushy peas at 4.25 was excellent as were the steak sandwich and smoked salmon sandwich. Chips were very good too. Well worth the visit.

26 May 2011 08:22

The Keystone, Guildford

I've been coming here for 4 years now and this pub keeps getting me into trouble....I just can't leave. Excellent well kept beer and top notch home cooked food and great company what more can you ask for. Keep it up and get into BITE top 100. If the Keep (66) and The Stoke (79) can do it then the Keystone should be No 1.

28 Apr 2011 11:25

The Bath Hotel, Lynmouth

had a pint of tribute here and a pastie (not a proper one, it had carrot in it!) 2 for a pastie so what can you expect. Beer was good but the harbour Bar was being run more like a cafe than a pub bar.

28 Apr 2011 11:11

The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

Definitely a local's pub but if you like a basic pub with a lot of chat and banter then this is for you. The garden is a sun trap but the 'ornate' seating was just concrete fashioned into log seats and looked ugly. Locals sitting outside can put you off but the service and atmosphere inside was friendly. Reasonable beer, 4 ales on but not Cask Marque quality (too warm) so perhaps gone downhill a bit since 2009.

28 Apr 2011 10:49

Ye Olde George and Dragon (Bottom George), Combe Martin

Wow, never expected this. A contemporary cafe bar layout with comfortable seating and very light and spacious it also has a pub feel to it with pool and darts available. Doom Bar was very good and Quackers restaurant was excellent with outstanding food both for quantity and quality. Service was excellent too. I hope this pub can survive as it is a little out of town. Highly recommended.

28 Apr 2011 10:42

The Royal Marine, Combe Martin

Oh dear, this pub was recommended in the cottage we were staying in and by BITE but our experience was something very different. Relegated to the side door access because we had a dog we had difficulty getting in because the parked cars prevented easy pedestrian access and the locals standing around the door smoking did not even stand aside when we tried to get in. As the pub is a single bar not sure why we had to use the side entrance as dogs were dotted around the bar. Service was slow and sadly the beer was undrinkable. Cotleigh Barn Owl had bits of sediment in it reminiscent of pipes not being cleaned regularly. The beer tasted stale, not vinegary but just plain nasty. Having sampled Cotleigh beer many times this was a very poor example. We did not stay and eat.

28 Apr 2011 10:37

The Pack O Cards Inn, Combe Martin

Our local pub whilst we were staying in Combe Martin. We ate here, drank here and quizzed here several times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Landlord, Landlady and staff were all very friendly and efficient as were the regulars. The garden, very kid friendly, was well kept and the food excellent value and very good quality. Yes, they did run out of some meals sometimes but with the unexpected hot weather I'm not surprised. Wish it was my local.

28 Apr 2011 10:30

The Focsle Inn, Combe Martin

Visited here just before Easter in glorious weather. We used this pub for a sundowner on serveral occasions and found the service and beer (Exmoor Ale) to be very good and friendly. Great to sit outside and watch the tide come in and out.

28 Apr 2011 10:25

The Dolphin Inn, Combe Martin

Agree it looks odd from the ouitside but the beer was good and the food also good. Service efficient and friendly and would recommend.

28 Apr 2011 10:22

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

Visited here just before Easter. Glorious day great walking and washed down by some excellent beer, barum Original and Wizard Ale. Friendly pub with good service and a nice beer garden.

28 Apr 2011 10:19

The Windmill, Stratford Upon Avon

Thank goodness I didn't have to drink the dreaded GK IPA as Purity UBU was on sale and very good it was too. Pleasant pub with plenty of room and busy and bustling.

24 Mar 2011 10:01

The One Elm, Stratford Upon Avon

Very good Purity Pure Gold but watched the bar staff consistently pour short pints. My pint was over an inch from the top on a brim measure glass. It was topped up without a fuss but if they continue to do this then the Trading Standards Office are going to come a calling. Using sparklers on the taps with brim measure glasses is not a good recipe for getting a full pint. Apart from that the pub was very pleasant.

24 Mar 2011 09:57

The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford Upon Avon

We liked it so much we visited it twice in one day. The Purity beers were all on song and the bar staff were polite and friendly.

24 Mar 2011 09:50

The Lamplighters, Stratford Upon Avon

Watched the Ireland v England rugby on Saturday, pleasant enough pub with cheap Davenport's IPA at 2.40 pt good value. Some young lads were getting a noisy but were managed well by the barmaid and the lads themselves were polite and not threatening.

24 Mar 2011 09:43

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Having returned to the pub a couple of months ago I am pleased to say that the beer is consistently good and the staff, especially the girls are very good. Let's hope it keeps on the up and up.

28 Feb 2011 17:23

Friendship Inn, North Hill

I've popped in twice to this pub over the past month and the second time I was welcomed back and the Landlord carried on the conversation we had last time. Very good Tribute and a landlord who remembers you, what more could you want.

28 Feb 2011 17:18

The James Street Vaults, Plymouth

Handy for the station. Friendly student pub with lots of old enamel adverts around the bar. Director's and Bombadier on hand pump with the Deirectors very pleasant.

28 Feb 2011 17:15

The Fisherman's Arms, Plymouth

Have been to this pub a couple of times recently and can really reccommend it. Beer is top quality and it is a very friendly place. Haven't eaten here yet but if I am back in Plymouth I shall certainly dine here

28 Feb 2011 17:13

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Have been working in Plymouth on and off over the last couple of weeks and have to visit the Dolphin. Bass sulphury and the best I have tasted for many years. Company excellent and good luck to the Canadian submarine engineers.

21 Jan 2011 15:56

The Vine, Stafford

We stayed last weekend and it was very good. Although we did not eat the beer was excellent with the best pint of Banks's I've had for ages. Friendly staff, good breakfast and an immediate response to our enquiries when we were booking, unlike The Swan!!!

9 Aug 2010 10:45

Swan Hotel, Stafford

My wife and I visited Stafford for the weekend but did not stay here because the Hotel did not respond to email or phone calls about booking a room so we stayed at the Vine (excellent) instead. We did not go in the Swan needless to say. Poor performance.

9 Aug 2010 10:41

Greyhound, Stafford

Went in to have a pint before going for a curry. Excellent range of beers kept well. The Kelham Island easy Rider very good. My daughter and boyfriend will be living nearby so hope to visit again soon.

9 Aug 2010 10:35

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Here we go again, it looks as though the Blue Anchor (and Red Cross) are to be sold and the present incumbents thrown out. Stacey and Danny have worked hard to get this pub back on its feet and the quality of the beer has steadily improved . This all smacks of someone's greed in trying to get a pub or two just in time to make a killing on the World Cup football only to sell it on in the winter. The pub and Danny and Stacey deserve better than this so let's hope the deal falls through.

7 May 2010 09:43

The White Lion, Redhill

Thank goodness the White Lion has got management that know how to run a pub. As a local resident for over 20 years until i moved to reigate it was sad to see the pub destroyed in recent years. Now it has a chance to get back to what it should be a proper pub with good beer.

7 May 2010 09:37

Old Oak, Reigate

My favourite pub in the area. Colin and Pauline run a friendly happy pub and always make you feel welcome. They do a tremendous amount for local charities, keep their beer in tip top condition and is the best place to go and watch an Arsenal game as Colin is a Gooner. A proper local.

7 May 2010 09:32

Beehive, Reigate

As this is my nearest pub I use it quite a bit and pleased to say that John the manager has been keeping his beers in good condition and the food whilst from a chain supplier is generally good with a changing menu. Extra staff at busy times would be a help as tables sometimes don't get cleared of plates very quickly.

7 May 2010 09:24

The Steamer Inn, Shanklin

fantastic location but they let themselves down by not cleaning the outside tables which had grease and beer stains over them. Beer was good quality but a bit pricey but the food was very good and above average in quality.

7 May 2010 09:18

The Bonchurch Inn, Bonchurch

What a stunner, quirky, yes, but beautiful with excellent food. The crab sandwich was the best I'd had for years. Directors on gravity was in tip top conditon.

7 May 2010 09:15

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor

based on previous reviews not sure what to expect. It was busy with 4 or 5 different ales on. Bar staff were friendly and the beer well kept. Goddards Fuggle de Dum was particulary good. Did not eat but food looked good although overpriced but that could be said of most of the pubs in Ventnor.

7 May 2010 09:12

St Boniface Arms, Ventnor

Went in but found that there was no real ale on that day. Pub was empty so left.

7 May 2010 09:09

Perks of Ventnor, Ventnor

cafe bar style with Bass of all things on handpump which was very well kept. TV and Film Stars' pictures on the wall and a number of Max Bygraves photos in evidence. Relaxed with an interesting mix of people.

7 May 2010 09:07

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Became our local during the week we stayed. Excellent beer and good company. I need a pub like that nearer my home.

7 May 2010 09:04

The Crab and Lobster Tap, Ventnor

Visited in April and found the place very friendly with a good selection of well kept beer. Shame not to see Isle of Wight breweries as one gets bored of seeing Doom Bar etc everywhere.

7 May 2010 09:01

The Blenheim, Ventnor

Visited in April. Nice enough without being outstanding in any particular way. There are better in the town. OK if you want to watch Sky Sports.

7 May 2010 08:58

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Since my comments and concerns posted earlier this month I have visited the pub on several occasions.

Plus points
The temporary girl has gone, she was a disgrace and the bar and tables were sticky and not properly cleaned. The beer quality has not dropped, although reminders about full measures have been required. Bar staff have been good although I know at least one will be returning to Uni soon which is a shame.

Negative points
The food menu has increased in price by an average of about 45%.
The large menu board has been replaced by a TV menu which means that there is very little visibility of what food is on offer.
The bitters are still too warm and would not get Cask Marque. When no sport is on why leave the TVs on showing day time rubbish, there is an off button.

I shall continue to use the pub rather than the Red Cross so long as the beer maintains reasonable standards.

14 Sep 2009 08:59

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Sadly I have just heard the Pub Co running the pub and the Red Cross have removed the current manager. It's a shame as the beer range from Pilgrim plus a guest had been steadily improving in quality. Rumour has it they want to turn it into a sports pub with Sky. Such a shame as this usually means beer quality and choice plummets. Not who the owning pub co is but they don't see particularly clued in to the local demographics.

2 Sep 2009 10:23

The Mawbey Arms, Lambeth

A very pleasant back street local with excellent beer and very good simple bar meals. I use the pub as a refuge at lunchtimes, somewhere to enjoy one of the guest ales and do the crossword....heaven.

1 Dec 2008 15:21

The Keystone, Guildford

My little refuge on the way home. Top quality beer and top quality food all served by top quality staff. Watch out for Bill one of Guildford's finest gentlemen and bon viveur!

3 Nov 2008 12:24

The Sovereigns, Woking

I regularly drink in the pub and can say that since my last review in 2006 the pub has maintained its very high standard. The beers are consistently good and even if there is the slightest doubt about the quality the staff are happy to change it. Bar staff are friendly and happy to chat if they are not too busy. Keep up the good work.

3 Nov 2008 12:20

The New Forest Hotel, Ashurst

I visited on 31st October for the first time in a few years. Although nothing much had changed, apart from more outdoor seating, the food and beer quality had improved. The ham egg and chips was very good with plenty of thick slices of ham and two eggs. The beer was also good. Always a good spot to eat and drink when camping at the nearby Forestry Commission camp site.

3 Nov 2008 12:13

Beehive, Reigate

Having complained to Ember Inns about a year ago about the quality of bar staff and quality of the beer I am pleased to say that the pub has improved tremendously. The current Manager and bar staff are very good and the beer is now consistently good and reasonably priced. As a result the pub is much more busy than it used to be.

31 Oct 2008 17:20

The Gun, Keyhaven

After a bracing walking from Milford via Hurst Castle in the teeth of a strong North Easterly wind we went into the Gun to find a roaring fire, some excellent Ringwood beer and a very tasty crab pate. All in all this pub ticked all the boxes. We were glad to have arrived early as by 1pm (on a Thursday) the pub was filling up. Food is advertised as being available all day. We worth the visit.

31 Oct 2008 17:13

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

I have just spent a couple of days in Milford with my wife and our greyhound Sally and I am pleased to say that things have clearly improved since Buckyball's summer visit. There is new management in place and I can confirm there are no stcky tables and that the food and service are very good. We visited on 3 occasions and on each one we had a friendly welcome and enjoyed some very good Doom Bar bitter. Popular with families early evening but still with plenty of space to eat. I thoroughly recommed the pub and wish the new proprietors all the best fro the future.

31 Oct 2008 17:07

The Angel, Reigate

It's criminal, this is one of the most historic pubs in Reigate and it has been allowed to be run down and cater for the rougher elements for a number of years. I went in once and was relieved to get out alive.

4 Jan 2008 09:37

The Venture Inn, Reigate

The Venture Inn has improved over the last couple of years. The beer quality is better and more consistent and the Thai food cannot be faulted. I have eaten 7 or 8 times here and the quality is always of a high standard and can be relied upon. One minor criticism, it would help if the bar staff could speak English and understood what a full pint meant.

4 Jan 2008 09:29

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

Having recently moved to Reigate from Redhill I find we use the Nutley more than any other Reigate pub. They let well behaved dogs in (we have a greyhound) and the beer is consistently good. A true local and I hope it stays that way for many years to come.

4 Jan 2008 09:25

The Keystone, Guildford

As a regular visitor early evening I thoroughly enjoy my chill out couple of pints. The Black Sheep is always on top form and the range of guests is very good. Bar staff and early evening company sometimes get me into trouble by making me leave late but, hey what the heck this is a good pub.

3 Jul 2007 16:06

The Keystone, Guildford

I use this pub on my way home to Redhill (not far from the Station). Excellent quality beer with guests regularly changed. The food is top quality and different from the majority of pub fare.

24 Feb 2006 12:21

The George Abbot, Guildford

Lively pub with well kept beer but I no longer frequent it after hearing the Manager telling one of the bar staff not to top up a pint too full, in front of the punter!!

24 Feb 2006 12:17

The Queens Hotel, Swansea

An old fashioned street corner pub with a quite a mixed range of clientele. It has a friendly feel to it and as a Londoner I felt very comfortable there. The bar staff are lively and efficient and the beer is very well kept. It is an unusual outlet for Theakston's Old Peculier.

24 Feb 2006 12:09

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

Having had to work in Swansea two or three days a week for the past month the No Sign has been an oasis in a dearth of pubs with decent beer in the City centre. The tapas meals are particularly good although the beer has been below par on a couple of occasions.

24 Feb 2006 11:56

Russell Inn, Polruan

A friendly pub with a good menu. The polruan pub crawl between here and the Lugger is a must. The quiz night is also good for an evening out as it is not too serious and they welcome visitors.

13 Feb 2006 12:03

The Sovereigns, Woking

A vastly improved pub with a good range of beers well kept. The current managers have turned this pub into a popular lunchtime venue which can cause problems getting served on Fridays. The main problem being the Friday only punters who come in as a group and order their food and drinks individually which ties up bar staff for ages. Separating food oreders from drinks may ease the problem.

13 Feb 2006 12:00

The Garland, Redhill

One of my favourite pubs. Quality always good and the landlord always takes pride in his range of beers on offer. Beware the Imperial stout and Christmas Ale, they are potent brews although the Imperial Stout is an acquired taste.

13 Feb 2006 11:55

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