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BITE user comments - Wiltsman

Comments by Wiltsman

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

Formerly a fantastic pub. After a refit and feature on TV the pub has lost all it's character and serves very poorly kept and re-branded Stonehenge ales. Food is standard pub fare and pretty uninspiring but it's aimed at the adjacent camp site. Location is Fantastic.

6 Oct 2013 15:00

The Woodbridge Inn, North Newnton

Wadworth's pub with tables with numbers on. Food is aimed at catering for the attached camp site. Little character but good beer garden

6 Oct 2013 14:57

The British Lion, Devizes

A old fashioned pub that sells fantastic beer!

6 Oct 2013 14:54

The Swan, Enford

Interesting old pub - usually has 2 guest ales alongside the excellent Heel Stone from Stonehenge. Wine is good and good value. Good Guinness. Could be more welcoming but the food is good pub food so generally recommended

6 Oct 2013 14:52

The Red Lion, East Chisenbury

OK so it has a Michelin Star and the food is great - but what's the beer like? The answer is excellent - 2 real ales on all the time - not always well matched but very well kept. The wine by the glass is very limited in choice and not all that wonderful. Wine by the bottle gives a far better choice. Not a pub to sit down in - in fact you can;t really sit down as every table is usually used by diners but you'll not want to wander far from the bar in any case. Good beer garden and location. Staff are helpful and keen to please/ Very highly recommended

6 Oct 2013 14:48

The Fox and Hounds, Devizes

New tennants - beer is good Wadworths but limited in choice.
Wine selection is Wadworth's standard and at Wadworths prices - ouch!
Food is pretty good - recommended
Staff are friendly and keen to help
Good pub with good beer garden spoilt by being on a busy road

13 Aug 2008 09:33

The Millstream, Marden

Wadworth's have now kept her on - so usual advice applies- Avoid this place like the plague!

13 Aug 2008 09:29

The Millstream, Marden

Shame the other comments have gone but anyway Wadworths have deservedly sacked the landlady (proves the previous comments were right).
The pub itself is still a wine bar first and foremost - hope the new tennants can give it some character as a pub - at least they can't make it worse

29 Apr 2008 18:36

The White Hart, Oare

absolutely excellent beer - the best for miles
Pub is basically a restaurant on one side and a small bar on the other - restaurant side is best.
Landlady is probably the worst and most miserable landlady in the country - wortha trip for a pint and to annoy her!

18 Jan 2008 13:32

French Horn, Pewsey

could be good but too pro food rather than beer/pub

18 Jan 2008 13:29

The Coopers Arms, Pewsey

excellent real ales
no food
Awful live music
Superb quiz
Very Cliquey
Pool rooms full of yobs

18 Jan 2008 13:27

Black Swan Hotel, Devizes

actually a hotel with a small bar and an eating area
Only 3 tables are available for drinkers
Poor 6X

18 Jan 2008 13:25

Bridge Inn, Horton

good beer good food good setting -
but management and satff are so miserable

18 Jan 2008 10:52

The Kings Arms, All Cannings

Good food in a good local without it being a gastro pub - almost unheard of!
Expensive and has theme evening which let it down

18 Jan 2008 10:50

The Barge Inn, Honeystreet

A pub full of character!
Decent Beer, Good Staff, well managed, great location, long may it stay the same

18 Jan 2008 10:47

The British Lion, Devizes

A proper Pub in every sense o the word.
Best Pub in Devizes.
Excellent beer

18 Jan 2008 10:45

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