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BITE user comments - TheHorsesMouth

Comments by TheHorsesMouth

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Pub 8. Loads of ales on offer I had two which were good.

Massive Nicholsons house. Very busy but service was still OK. Close to the station well worth a visit.

8 Oct 2013 14:02

The Roundhouse, Battersea

Pub 7 of the Crawl.

£15.20 for 4 pints not too bad for the area.

Another gastro pub but this one is not so bad. Beer was good and the place had a OK feel about it.

One of the better pubs of the night. Definitely better then the Powder Keg Diplomacy, which I walked out of..,.what were they thinkin?

8 Oct 2013 13:59

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Pub 6 of my crawl and my notes begin to go down hill.

Saying that nice Fullers House. Friendly service and clientele. What a pub should be like.

4 Fullers Ales on. My ESB was excellent.

untouched my the changing area and all the better for it.

8 Oct 2013 13:54

The Royal Standard, Wandsworth

Pub 5 of the crawl.

£14.00 for 4 pints Of Timothy Taylor which went down very well.

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff & clientele. A pleasant surprise for the night.

Only two ales but the one I had was great and cheap for the area.

If I ever found myself in the area this is where I would go.

8 Oct 2013 13:50

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Pub 4 of our crawl.

5 Harveys beers on we had a mixture between us and it came to £15.70. Far from the dearest of the night.

The main room as a nice feel about it but looks like it is still going the Gastro pub stance.

But Harveys beer so no complaints there.

8 Oct 2013 13:47

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

Pub 3 of a crawl

Checked out the website. Fresh from a fabulous transformation.

Didnt see it before but it now has absolutely no character. Well done to the architects.

Ginger & fig hadwash in the toilets. lots of pastel shades on the wall.
Basically a gastro pub by numbers.

Saying that 6 real ales. 3 from youngs and 3 guests. We had Portobello Star which was a whopping £16.36 for 4 pints. I did notice that the Youngs beer was a lot cheaper. Average £3.70ish for Special/Bitter.

Its just so samey for the area. And they played Fame on the juke box. Ouch

8 Oct 2013 13:44

The Hop Pole, Wandsworth

Closed on 4 Oct 2013. Although looks like it was due to reopen next week.

8 Oct 2013 13:35

The Grapes, Wandsworth

Pub Crawl Pub 2.

Old fashioned Youngs house. Special & Bitter on.

4 pints of mixed £14.80 which is exceptable.

Great pub for the smokers among you as it had a nice little beer garden out back.

Beer was good.

This is a proper pub which looks unchanged for years

8 Oct 2013 13:35

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Pub crawl of the area - Pub 1

£15.86 for four pints of ale.
Ale on offer Youngs Ordinary & Special. Harveys Sussex & Bombadier.

Pub looks great from the outside and they have done an OK job of the interior.

Expensive but we found out this was normal for the area.

My beer was good. But something didnt feel right about the place. Maybe im getting old. Saying that I wouldnt walk out of it either.

8 Oct 2013 13:31

The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf


Was refused a pint of Guinness until I ordered food because I had a child with me, even though I assured the barman I was going to order once I had looked at the menu.

Told me this was licencing laws rather than house policy which i assume it really is. Goes to show Whetherspoons do not really welcome families despite having family rooms.

I understand there is a two pint maximum for people with children too.

I walked out

Talk about nanny state. Will be my last visit here.

25 Sep 2013 17:04

The Talbot, North Weald Basset

Harvester. Fine as a pub to take the kids for a meal. Had a great waiter on my visit.

Just wish it served some real cask ale.

7 Aug 2013 14:46

The Assembly, Tower Hill

Now reopened as the Draft House. When i visited they had 4 ales on including two from Sambrooks, & one Twickenham ale.

According to the bar man they have a beer of the day at £2.75. It was Sambrooks Lavender Hill when i was there and it was well served.

Excellent selection of lager and bottled beers.

Beer prices apart from the beer of the day based on alcohol strength.

3.9 to 5% I think was £3.50. Which isnt bad in this area.

Seemed happy to give tasters and the food looked nice too.

Great if you work in the area and/or visiting Tower of london.

7 Aug 2013 14:43

The Lord Wolseley, Islington

Good quality pub. Lots of choice, especially if you like Dark Star.

Defo worth a visit if in Islington. Not to trendy, but good quality ale.

Worth a visit

10 Jun 2013 15:36

The Old Red Lion, Islington

Beermann was spot on. Shabby but nice.

Beer OK.

10 Jun 2013 15:34

Prince of Wales, Islington

No cockles in a bag. See my previous comments.

Beer OK only. Choice of two.

But still an old school pub in a trendy area. I hope it survives.

10 Jun 2013 15:32

The Earl of Essex, Islington

Darbs is about right.

Lots of positives but something just not right for me.

Well worth a visit though and a good choice of beer.

10 Jun 2013 15:30

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Organic pub, organic beer and organic people.

Lots of young blokes with beards.

Its what you would expect from an organic pub.

Beer was fine but I didnt feel comfortable.

10 Jun 2013 15:28

The North Pole, Islington

Nice pub. Good selection of ales. Not rammed but pleasantly full.

They had a bbq on when we visited. Loyalty cards too. Buy 9 get one free.

Highly recommend.

10 Jun 2013 15:26

The Baring, Hoxton

Second visit in four months and still as good as ever. I'm sure the owner has seen the local market change with the new inhabitants of the Hoxton area nut unlike a lot of the pubs it hasnt forgotten about the rest of us. Nice without being exclusive. Here it wouldnt matter if you were called Hugo or Dave.

Quality establishment.

Beer was spot on too.

10 Jun 2013 15:23

The Duke of York, De Beauvoir Town

Another pouncy Hoxton pub, which is mainly looking for the food market. There is enough room at the bar if you just want a beer.

Beer was Ok and it does sell Beavertown but clearly aimed at the new inhabitants of the area.

If you are called Hugo, Milo, Pippa, or Davinia, and you went to private school you will fit in.

Dave's and Steve's not so much.

10 Jun 2013 15:19

The Fox, Kingsland

Great beer selection. Lots of choice.

But we are talking about another pub that is clearly aimed at the new Hoxton inhabitant.

Very trendy to the point of being pouncy. Any pub that serves anm Halloumi Burger with an olive tapenade, needs to look at itself.

Get past that the beer was good and averagely priced.

10 Jun 2013 15:14

The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf

Go here a lot for the cheap wetherspoon burgers BUT despite the fact it usually as 6-12 ales on I am still yet to get one decent pint of the stuff in here.

Now tend to drink Guinness. I love the idea of wetherspoon pubs I just wished they would sell decent ale rather than just loads of different bad ones.

6 Mar 2013 13:31

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

Always a good ale selection but its one of those pubs that just lacks that certain something. To me it has no character.

Saying that there are a lot worse pubs in the area and its big enough if there is a large group of you.

6 Mar 2013 13:28

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

Now called The Windsor. Cheap and cheerful for the area. Beer is average to say the least. Went in the other day only one ale and it was ropey.

I will stick to the Guinness in future.

Better off paying the extra at the Ship round the corner.

6 Mar 2013 13:26

The Ship, Tower Hill

Now my firm favourite pub in the area.

Kira and the girls have made it a must visit for the real ale drinker. Small and always busy especially at lunch time and early evenings.

Five ales on pump. 3 regulars and 2 guests. Beer is usually spot on and I have never had a problem getting a replacement beer if it isnt right but that is very very rare. Food is limited to mainly burgers and sarnies but eating is cheating anyway.

Toilets are a bit dangerous but help you to judge how drunk you are. If you cant walk down to them its time to go home.

Worth a visit if you like your ale.

6 Mar 2013 13:23

Charlie's Bar, Tower Hill


6 Mar 2013 13:15

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Always been a good pub to go for a drink. On my last visit all was in order except the fact that I had to ask for every pint I ordered to be topped up.

Shouldnt have to ask.

6 Mar 2013 13:14

BrewDog, Shoreditch

Basically a winebar with good beer. Great if you are under 30. If you are over 40 give it a miss.

Very NEW Shoreditch.

Despite that the beer was different and enjoyable.

13 Feb 2013 14:46

The Barley Mow, Shoreditch

Went here towards the end of a Friday Crawl. Place was packed so cant really judge but the beer was OK.

13 Feb 2013 14:43

The George and Vulture, Hoxton

Here goes. First 3 ales on. Beer was OK.

Smelt lovely. Then I see the pizza oven in the corner creating the smell

OK if you want pizza with lots of Rocket on this is the place for you. If daddy bought you a flat in Hoxton and you want to play at being a Londoner even though you were born in Surrey. This is the place for you. If your name is Hugo, Milo or Austin again please go here.

Then the people in the decent traditional pubs like the Prince Arthur round the corner wpnt have to listen to you. Enough said.

13 Feb 2013 14:42

Prince Arthur, Old Street

During a pub crawl of Old Street/Hoxton we walked into this pub.

Fantastic. A real contrast to the George & Vulture round the corner.

A proper pub. Good atmosphere. Great SN beer and good service.

No Hugo & Milos. I reckon quite a few Daves.

Pubs like this need to be saved forevr and not changed into a gastro pub.


13 Feb 2013 14:36

The Old Fountain, Old Street

First visit for a while and still has good as ever. Great selection of well kept ales. Good atmosphere.

Definitely not a gastro pub.

Always visit when I'm in the area. A must visit for the ale drinker.

13 Feb 2013 14:31

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I know this place is under threat and I take that into consideration.

The ale is still of a high quality.

But if you drink ale you need to go to the toilet and to have all the urinals out of order and to be honest a slight urine smell throughout the pub is just not acceptable.


13 Feb 2013 14:28

The Baring, Hoxton

A great pub visited on a recent pub crawl.

Good selection of ales - six if memory serves.

Good atmosphere. Good cheerful service.

Would love it has my local.

13 Feb 2013 14:23

The North Pole, Islington

Duchyjim sums up the place quite well. I really liked it.

It hAs updated to fit the changing area but not so much as to alienate the people who have always lived there. A good mix.

Great selection of ales at a reasonable price. Cask alesprices are based on alcohol strength. top idea. The ale I had was a mere 3% but was very tasty.

Worth a visit.

13 Feb 2013 14:20

The Cheshire Cheese, Tower Hill

I have worked in the City for 25 years and have bene in this place loads of times and to be honest I've never liked it.

However. on my recent visit the place as had a nice refit. Four ales on pump and all at a good price.

My pint was nice and for a change the place wasnt mobbed at a lunchtime. Maybe i wont wait as long to pay it another visit.

9 Nov 2011 14:03

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

I have been going here for years and was horrified to see a few complaints about the place on here. Been a while since my last visit so went out of my way to go there.

Good to see pub hasnt changed amd my pint was spot on as ever.

If there were problems appears they have been solved. Long live the Pride!

9 Nov 2011 13:59

The Cardinal, Victoria

Typical Sam smiths pub. If you like the beer its great if you dont too bad. i do and as usual place was "cheap as chips" easily the cheapest on my travels in the local area

9 Nov 2011 13:55

The Barley Mow, Westminster

good choice of ale, friendly service and somewhere to go for a quick pint. OK but nothing special. Better and friendlier than White horse & bower

9 Nov 2011 13:51

The Royal Oak, Westminster

A nice Youngs pub. No more no less. Service was good as got served quick despite it being very busy.

A nice pub to grab a quick pint.

9 Nov 2011 13:49

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

expensive but you cant complain about the choice. Looks horrid from the outside and too many blokes called Guy and Hugo for my liking (if you get my meaning) but definitely a must for the Ale drinkers among us.

It was mobbed when i went there at 7ish on a Friday night. will try to revisit mid week.

9 Nov 2011 13:46

The Constitution, Pimlico

I really liked this pub. Fours ales on pump ad it had a really good feel about the place. This was the second pub on a crawl of the area and I found this to be probably the friendliest.

Worth a visit.

9 Nov 2011 13:43

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

One of those ex-bank type establishments that Fullers like. Nothing to fault it as such but it just lacks something that you cant put your finger on.

Beer was good. Service was good. But something was just missing.

7 Nov 2011 12:56

The The Old Monk Exchange, Westminster

Strange place. Dont like the feel of the pub but the ale selection was good and the pint I had was one of the best ones I had on the night and I had 11.

Definitely worth a look but i wished the pub was more welcoming.

7 Nov 2011 12:54

The Speaker, Westminster

Quirky little pub. 4 ales on when I visited. very friendly service and the pint I had was spot on. Well worth a look.

7 Nov 2011 12:51

The White Horse and Bower, Westminster

Visited late on a Friday night. Only one real ale on which was an "adequate" pint of Late Red. When I enquired why only one beer on I was informed that the pub is closed at weekends and they weren't going to put another barrel on.

I kind of understand but worth knowing if you plan to visit this pub. I was on a 9 pub crawl of the area and this was probably the lease friendly of all the pubs.

7 Nov 2011 12:47

The Ship, Tower Hill

This pub has really picked up in recent months. Always a guest ale on and over the last six months I reckon ive only ever had one sub standard pint and i go in here a lot.

29 Jun 2011 13:40

The Swan, Bank

This has been one of my regular haunts at lunchtime but I must say that the beer has slipped a little a bit over the last six months. Which is a real shame.

29 Jun 2011 13:38

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Can only agree with the previous comments. Excellent pub with very friendly staff. Especially the lovely welsh lady. Two excellent pints of Brodies. Go there.

29 Jun 2011 13:35

The Euston Flyer, Euston

OK Fullers house, but it lacks any character.

29 Jun 2011 13:33

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

Very friendly staff, it seemed to know about their beer. Well worth a look if you are in this area.

29 Jun 2011 13:32

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

I agree with dyyony comments. Nice pub

29 Jun 2011 13:31

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Excellent Shepherd Neame pub close to Euston. Beer was excellent.

29 Jun 2011 13:30

Prince Arthur, Euston

OK pub, when I was in there only a choice of two ales. One was horrid, one was OK. Not the best pub.

29 Jun 2011 13:27

The Doric Arch, Euston

Not as good as it once was. Usual Fullers selection and if you like trains plenty of bits and bobs to look at. Beer was in good form. Well worth a visit if in the area.

29 Jun 2011 13:26

Euston Tap, Euston

One of the weirdest pubs ive ever been to. Taps all on the back wall and you kind of order by number. But there is a wide choice.

When i was in there last Tim Anderson who won masterchef was collecting glasses. I think he is the manager of the place.

29 Jun 2011 13:24

The Bree Louise, Euston

Fantastic selection of ales but neither of the two I tried were in that great condition although taste wasn't bad. Well worth a visit for the selection alone. But really depends on the choice of ale re condition and taste.

29 Jun 2011 13:18

The Market Porter, Borough

Havent reviewed this pub for a few years but to be honest i could just copy my comments of 2006 and paste them here. Not really changed, beer still excellent and still 12 beers on. Nice pub in a good location. It was packed when I went there on Friday night and you have to have a plastic glass to drink outside but apart from that a really nice pub.

28 Feb 2011 14:36

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

8 Real ales, nice large cellar pub, Really quite nice and on a Friday night not as packed as The Market Porter round the corner. Run by the Redcar Bere Company I believe who you can always rely on for a nice pint.

28 Feb 2011 14:30

The Kings Head, Bayswater

The last pub on a 10 pub crawl, so memory a bit hazy but what i can remember was all good. Beer was definitely OK I do remember that.

28 Feb 2011 14:25

The Prince Edward, Bayswater

Echo most of the previous comments a very nice pub away from the main roads. Definitely worth a visit and the badger beer is always good. Will call again if in the area.

28 Feb 2011 14:24

The Cock and Bottle, Notting Hill

Visited whilst on a pub crawl of Notting Hill/Bayswater area. After three poor pubs this was a vast improvement. A proper pub. Nice interior and good beer. Well worth a visit if your are in the area.

28 Feb 2011 14:22

The Sun In Splendour, Notting Hill

Another pub like so many others in the area that are void of any character. Beer was fine but if this is your idea of a good pub then your life must be dull.

28 Feb 2011 14:17

The Old Swan, Notting Hill

Wetherspoons-style pub. OK with large selection of beer. six if i remembr right. Mine was OK but the pub really had no character. Just somewhere to catch a quick pint.

28 Feb 2011 14:15

Mall Tavern, Notting Hill

Hmm. OK but another Gastro pub by numbers. Pleasant enough but lacks any character. Beer was fine though. I note other reviewers have been "blown away" by it. Must have been a bomb on those days.

Average at best.

28 Feb 2011 14:12

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Nice Fullers pub with the usual Fullers selection. Absolutely heaving when we went here on our pub crawl. Englands egg chasers were on the box. So couldn't we have a look round. Lots of stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls.

Beer was fine. Nice pub!

28 Feb 2011 14:10

The Windsor Castle, Kensington

Great Pub! 3rd pub on our pub crawl. Great looking place, Three beers on all at 3.50 ish a pint. Which seems standard for the area.

Beer OK but my beer was not as good as my pint in The Uxbridge Arms. Saying that well worth a visit for the interior which is strange and quirky. Going to the toilet is like doing limbo dancing. Glad we didnt visit it towards the end of the crawl.

28 Feb 2011 14:06

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

After visiting the horrid Mitre down the road, found myself in here on a pub crawl. What a difference. Nice pub, nice staff, nice beer. Brilliant.

3 real ales, Harveys, Pride and Tribute. 3.50 a pint ish.

Excellent place. Go there!

28 Feb 2011 14:02

The Mitre, Holland Park

Oh dear, modern gastro pub by numbers. Very suitable for the area. 3 real ales when we got there Adnams ,Old Hooky and Doombar. But Adnams tasted like it had just been cleaned. No argument from staff but surely they tasted it themselves before they serve it.

No character, and similar to a number of other pubs in the area. Serving two real ales doesnt make you a good pub. If you are ale drinker who likes their pubs to have soul go elsewhere.

28 Feb 2011 13:55

The Shaston Arms, Soho

Agree with Dementer. Great little pub selling Badger Beer. Great service. Friendly staff. Despite the fact that we were all "half cut" at best.

Best pint of a long evening. Recommended!!!

27 Oct 2010 14:26

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Great looking pub, good beer selection. Nicholsons so beer was OK. Service good. Cant say much more. I like it.

27 Oct 2010 14:23

The Cock, Oxford Circus

Typical Sam Smiths. Cheap but only OBB on handpump. They have some great looking pubs just wish they had more beers on handpump.

But if money is tight worth a look.

27 Oct 2010 14:22

The Cock and Lion, Bond Street

4 Real ales. Place was very quiet for a Friday Night, but beer was OK. OK worth a look but I preferred the Pontefract Castle across the road.

27 Oct 2010 14:19

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

huge pubs on 4 levels. I tend to like Nicholsons pubs due to the good range of ales. 6 on here. Mine was fine. Plenty of room even on a Friday night.

27 Oct 2010 14:17

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Lovely little pub, but if you are above 6ft 2in watch your head on the way to the toilet. 3 pints on Pride, Tribute and Adnams. 3.20ish a pint according to my whip. Good service, nice pub definitely worth a look.

27 Oct 2010 14:15

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

3 Ales on Pride, Harvest Pale and Butcombe. Nice pub, good service. Drinking booths still in situ. Bust but not packed. 3.30 a pint. Worth a visit.

27 Oct 2010 14:13

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

Rugby Pub. Nice and friendly for a bunch of egg chasers. 2 Ales on Adnams and Pride. Not cheap though. 3.50ish a pint.

Nice pub but nothing special.

27 Oct 2010 14:11

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

One picture of Freddie Ljungberg does not make a pub Swedish. What are Swedish Sports? Saying that stereotypical blonde behind the bar. 2 Ales Brakespears and Pride 3.40 a pint. Nice pub.

27 Oct 2010 14:07

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Worth visiting for the bric a brac. 3 ales on. 3.30 a pint. Choice of Adnams, 6X and Bombardier.

There is a wall dedicated to Princess Di, another to George Best and another to Wendy Richards. Ceiling is for the handlebar.

Wouldnt want to dust the place.

27 Oct 2010 14:03

The Britannia, Borough

I do like this pub. Very friendly and helpful staff. Two ales on Bombardier and Adnams. Adnams was good.

But to be honest this pub is really one for the whisky lover. Excellent selection including an English single Malt from Norfolk. I had a 8 year old cask strength Springbank and a Longrow.

Manager tempted us with a free nip of Canadian Single Malt. Lets just say the Canadian should leave it to the Scots.

Well worth a visit if you find yourself in the Guys Hospital area.

15 Sep 2010 12:32

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

Went here on Friday and it was packed. Two beers on and both were in good nick. If you like your pubs lively, then this is for you. Quite a young crowd

1 Mar 2010 12:55

The Royal Oak, Borough

Never disappoints. Especially if you like Harvey's beer. Full range available and all are spot on. I think the cheapest is the Mild at 2.90.

1 Mar 2010 12:51

The Britannia, Borough

Was in here on Friday Night at the end of a pub crawl. 2 beers on which were good. Still does the hugh selection of Whiskies. Very friendly staff.

Talking to manager he indicated that the pub is going no where and only the flats above are being developed.

Well worth a visit, especially if you like your single malts.

1 Mar 2010 12:48

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

Went here on a lunch time and quite liked it. lots of Nooks and crannies and a beer garden. Only got a smell outside. Loads of Tvs if you like your sport. service was good and beer was fine although 3.30 a pint. Usual Fullers beers.

13 May 2009 17:56

The Fox, Old Street

Agree with Somerset Crris on thsi place. 6.00 for two pints. Hooky Bitter & Sussex on . Foody pub selling olives as bar snacks. Nuff said

13 May 2009 17:49

The Windmill, Moorgate

This is a foody place. No Real Ale. 6.80 for a pint of Amstel & a Guinness. Food looks and sounds nice but is expensive. Must say the toilets were clean. I quite liked the decor. Might go again and try the food. But not a pub to drink in.

13 May 2009 17:47

The Aldgate Exchange, Aldgate

Much better since they brightened the place up a bit. Good place to watch sport if that's what you look for. More TVs then you can shake a stick at. Ive eaten down stairs once or twice and the Thai food is ok.

13 May 2009 17:44

The Good Samaritan, Whitechapel

Not too bad. Good service 6.80 for 2 pint of Directors and 2 packs of peanuts. Beer was ok. Nothing special but you could do a lot worse round here.

13 May 2009 17:42

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Was in here the other day and probably before they finished the refit see below. was bitterly disappointed. Could be so much better, with the history of the place etc. No real ale when I visited. 3.20 for Guinness.

13 May 2009 17:40

The White Hart, Whitechapel

Pub is a bit shabby but it had 2 real ales on Black Sheep & Sussex Best, although one went off when I was there Service OK. 6.60 for 2 pints and 2 packs of crisps.

7 May 2009 09:06

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Went again when more sober. See below. Instincts were right this is an excellent pub with a great ale selection. Bar staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. Glad i went again.

17 Apr 2009 10:33

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Fantastic little pub. Very convenient for Old Street. Lovely bar staff who served a great pint of ale. Well worth a visit. Will go again when more sober.

16 Mar 2009 17:39

The Eagle, Hoxton

Now this was one of the last pubs on a pub crawl so cant remember much. Less than 3 a pint. Music loud. Big patio. OK

16 Mar 2009 17:37

The William IV, Islington

Only one ale on when I visited on Friday. 2.85 a pint. Slightly trendy interior with mostly youngest people. music playing was good. OK but not great. Seen worse.

16 Mar 2009 17:36

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Only been here once before and my first impression was what a dump, despite the excellent beer.

Went in Friday night for my first evening visit and what a difference a few people make. Place was nicely full with young and old. Felt like it did when I use to drink a bottle of shandy bass with my dad when I was 11. At least 9 ales on and a band on. toilets are still awful but I have seen worse.

Great atmosphere.

16 Mar 2009 17:34

The Narrow Boat, Islington

i really like this pub. Very modern interior and nice views over the canal. 3 real ales on at 3 a pint. Very nice staff and excellent service. Well worth a visit.

16 Mar 2009 17:29

The Island Queen, Islington

Went here last Friday and it was rammed but I cant understand why. Much better pubs in the area although the interior is nice. Took 15 minutes to get served as only the very front of the bar seems to get served and most of the staff seemed to be wandering around doing nothing at the back of it. 3 a pint.

16 Mar 2009 17:26

Prince of Wales, Islington

Rex hit this place on the head. Good honest boozer. Looks like the people who go here would feel out of place at the other pubs nearby (which isnt a bad thing by any means). only one real ale on which was ok. But this is the first place that I have ever seen cockles in a bag. Fantastic.

lovely friendly Barmaid.

16 Mar 2009 17:23

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Nice pub which I can only describe as being very "Islington" 3 real ales on. Our round worked out at 2.85 ish a pint. Beer was good. Just lacked something for my liking, but must be doing something right because it was packed.

16 Mar 2009 17:20

The York, Islington

Visited last Friday. Absolutely packed with as many people outside as in. At least 4 real ales on and my pint of Morrisey Fox Blonde was good. Good selection of beers for a nicholsons pub. I still feel they are one of the better chains. Our beers worked out at an average of 2.80 a pint, which isnt bad for around N1.

16 Mar 2009 17:15

The Old Red Lion, Islington

Nice pub. 6 real ales when I visited last Friday. Our round of 4 pints worked our at 3 per pint. My pint was fine. Good place to meet up as its easy to find and very close to Angel tube.

Spacious and well worth a visit.

16 Mar 2009 17:11

The Crosse Keys, Bank

One of the better Spoon pubs. 1.49 for Ruddles I believe. Had a guest ale at 2.49 which wasnt bad and didnt have the usual Spoons taste.

10 Mar 2009 15:18

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

Havent been in here for ages.

Had a pint of Pride which was average at best.

However, men who like cleveage this place is worth a visit for the lovely barmaid.

10 Mar 2009 15:16

Red Lion, Monument

First Visit for a while.

Had a pint of Batemans Bloomy Marvelous and it was lovely.

Another Nicholsons pub which are usually a safe bet.

10 Mar 2009 15:13

Ship, Monument

First visit for a while and was a litle disappointed by the beer choice. Although six or seven real ales on sale, all are readily available in the local area except the Tribute. Tribute is usually this pubs best pint but i thought it was bit below par on this occasion.

Pub is still worth a visit

10 Mar 2009 15:11

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Nice pub well tucked away behind Guys. Beer was OK. Very quiet when I was there but it was 2pm on a Monday afternoon.

5 Mar 2009 17:33

The Miller of Mansfield, Borough

Strange looking place but not too bad. Abbot was OK. Lots of tables and chairs none of which seem to match.

Pool table and table football.

Probably one for the younger clientele but better than expected.

5 Mar 2009 17:31

The Britannia, Borough

Popped in here on a monday lunchtime. Wasn't expecting much. To my surprise found a nice pub serving a plethora of whiskies. Only one ale, Bombadier but that was OK. One for the whisky buff rather than the ale drinker but I like whisky so fine by me!!!

5 Mar 2009 17:28

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

As per previous poster. Finishing point of a crawl and good one to finish in. Will go again when more sober.

5 Mar 2009 13:00

The Rugby Tavern, Clerkenwell

Pub number nine of a crwal. Beer was good and we managed to get a seat. Good news for one of our team who was struggling to stand up at this point. He had made the school boy error of having a few at lunch before the crawl.

5 Mar 2009 12:58

The Kings Arms, Clerkenwell

Pub number eight of a pre xmas crawl. Lacks a bit of charactor but bar staff were friendly and beer was good. Worth a visit.

5 Mar 2009 12:56

The Duke (of York), Holborn

Food orientated pub, too full of posers for my liking.

Pub looks great and I personally liked the jazzy music.

Beer was average and had to be drunk outside because pub was rammed.

Visit for the deco alone.

5 Mar 2009 12:54

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Can only agree with mtaylor40. Good old unpretentious youngs pub.

5 Mar 2009 12:52

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

This was pub number five of friday night pre xmas crawl. I really liked this pub.

I always like pubs witha healthy mix of clientele and this ticks all those boxes.

Good selection of ales on my visit will definitely call again if im in the area.

5 Mar 2009 12:49

The Union Tavern, Clerkenwell

Great looking pub and on our visit great looking bar staff too.

Let down by the fact that all but one real ale was off. The beer was OK though.

5 Mar 2009 12:46

The Old China Hand, Clerkenwell

Pub number three of a pre xmas Friday night pub crawl.

Use to be must on any crawl of the area in the O'Hanlons days.

See no reason to remove it from the list either.

Very pleasant.

5 Mar 2009 12:43

The Sekforde Arms, Clerkenwell

Visited before xmas whilst on a crawl. Was very busy on the Friday night we visited but the beer was in excellent nick as usual.
Mr Bonser's hit the proverbial nail on the head with the word "unpretentious"

5 Mar 2009 12:41

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Visited just before xmas for the first time in a while. Packed as usual. Made the mistake of ordering the Honey Porter which turned out not to be to my taste.

Just wish this place was bigger as we ended up having to stand outside in the cold due to there being no room at the inn.

5 Mar 2009 12:38

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

Irish Pub full of racing pictures. Felt a bit like American Werewolf in london. Went very quiet when my two friend and I walked in. Very quiet with only GKIPA on. 14 single malts though. 11.40 for 2 pints and a double Laphroig. Very friendly old fella at the end of the bar whio described the pub as "the creme de la creme" Priceless.

3 Oct 2008 17:01

The Victoria, Bayswater

Lovely pub. friendly bar staff. Gas burners outside. Very comfortable.
3.00 a pint Fullers and Seafarers. Chanced an ESB which was spot on. Will come again.

3 Oct 2008 16:57

The Mitre, Paddington

Nice local feel to this pub but nothing to make it stand out. Youngs range plus Bombadier and Tribute. 3.10 a pint .

3 Oct 2008 16:54

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Probably the best station pub I have been to in a long while. Fullers range plus Tribute and Seafarers. 2.95 a pint but lots of clocks and a departure board inside the pub. Pint was excellent too.

3 Oct 2008 16:53

The Cleveland Arms, Bayswater

Mike_D hits the nail on the head. Caly Golden Promise, Bass & GK IPA on. Peanuts on the tables. Darboard and a head of a wild boar above the the bar.
Beer only average but only 2.60 a pint. Could do a lot worse.

3 Oct 2008 16:50

The Bridge House, Paddington

Bohemian, theatre like pub with curtains in front of the toilets. GK IPA, Pride and Bombadier on. Very average pint and 2.82 average for our 3 pint round.

Not my kind of pub. Felt old at 40.

3 Oct 2008 16:48

The Warwick Castle, Maida Vale

I liked this pub. Looks good and the beer was good. Sharps Coaster, Adnams Bitter & TEA were on and beer was 2.90. My pint of Coaster was spot on.

Well worth a visit.

3 Oct 2008 13:08

The Prince Alfred, Maida Vale

Unusual pub. Which is slowly getting the trendy makeover. Youngs Ordinary & Bombadier on but tasted awful. 3.15 a pint too.

The Partitions are a talking point and i'm sure if the seven dwarves lived locally they would love it.

Unless I am accompanied by a Time Bandit will probably avoid in future.

3 Oct 2008 13:06

The Warrington Hotel, Maida Vale

Impressive looking pub. There were at least Four real ales on. Including Adnams Broadside, London Pride, Deuchers and Tribute.
Price 2.90 for a Tribute which was OK.

Well worth a visit for the interior. Will go again if in the area.

3 Oct 2008 13:02

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

A pleasant surprise. Previous reveiews were mixed but I would have no hesitation adding this to a crawl of the area. Beer was good, as was ther service.

2 Jun 2008 14:23

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

Good word! bohemian. Picture of Ronnie Lane on the wall, beer served in a "jug" and for that reason alone I wanted to like this pub. Beer was average but like "Mercurial" might try on a Sunday. Room for improvement but i will go again.

2 Jun 2008 14:20

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Excellent selection of ales and even better selection of your bottled Euro beers. Ale was excellent but you require sun glasses to go to the toilet. Unique Tiling job.

2 Jun 2008 14:09

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

A pint of mild cost 1.25 and tasted fine. Unfortunately OB was off. Refurb OK but as you would expect, a pub selling beer at 1.25 attracts a certain type of clientele. ChrisP87 describes it perefectly.

2 Jun 2008 14:02

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Great tradition pub. I counted four real ales and it claims to serve 200 different whiskies. Could only stay for one but enjoyed my brief visit.

30 May 2008 15:40

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Great tradition pub. I counted four real ales and it claims to serve 200 different whiskies. Could only stay for one but enjoyed my brief visit.

30 May 2008 15:39

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

Lacks charactor, but isn't as bad as previous reviewers indicate. Nice spot on the canal. Four ales, which were all on and tasted fine. Food not bad either. Nice patio area to sit on a sunny afternoon.

30 May 2008 15:36

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Paid my usual yearly visit. Pub looks fantastic. 4 real ales. Well worth a visit. With the Britons Protection just up the road, this isnt a bad place for someone who likes their ales.

30 May 2008 15:34

The Harp, Covent Garden

This was pub 10 of a crawl and to be honest all I can remember was the beer tasted Ok and there was a good choice.

12 May 2008 08:49

The Lemon Tree, Covent Garden

Nice little pub with some great photos round the walls. Saw a picture of Max Bygraves. Fantastic.

12 May 2008 08:47

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

I like this pub for some reason. Tiny little pub but room to drink outside on a sunny evening. This was pub 8 of a crawl and despite that I managed to visit the toilets without breaking my neck. Must have the steepest steps to a toilet in London.

12 May 2008 08:46

Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden

Nice pub, Well worth a visit, but nothing out of the ordinary.

12 May 2008 08:43

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Pub 6 of a Friday night crawl. Previous reviews some this place up, nothing to like/dislike about the pub. beer was good, service was fine. Nothing much else to say.

12 May 2008 08:42

The Wellington, Strand

Bearing in mind it really is a touristy type pub, being Nicholsons at least you know they will have soom Real Ale on draft. Limited choice but the beer was OK. Mobbed by tourist but service was excellent.

12 May 2008 08:39

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Pub 4 of a Friday night crawl. This was the undoubted star of the night. Stopped for two and they were the best two points of the night. Good service and great beer on a lovely sunny Friday night. Heaven!!!

12 May 2008 08:36

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

Great looking pub. Service was good and the beer was typical Fullers. Although it looks good to me it lavcks atmosphere.

12 May 2008 08:34

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Disappointing. Use to be a must on a pub crawl but the beer choice was limited to Adnams Bitter and Broadside. The pint of Broadside I had wasn't the best either. Great little pub but not as good as it use to be.

12 May 2008 08:32

The Castle, Holborn

Visited on Friday night. First pub in a 10 pub crawl. Excellent choice of beers as usual, 8 Real ales. Had to stop for 3 that were all great. A must visit for any real ale drinkers due to the excellent choice of ales. As already stated elsewhere all the beers are of a low-middle strength. The strongest I saw was 5%. Fairly busy but not packed.

12 May 2008 08:29

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Paid my first visit of the summer. Great Location. excellent service. Great VFM. Wish it had some real ale though. Don't mind the Keg bitter, but it just doesn't hit the spot.

8 May 2008 13:41

A La Mort Subite, Brussels

Traditional Brussels bar. Relaxed and comfortable and reasonable priced.

The Geuze is second to none.

A must for any beer drinker

30 Apr 2008 14:36

A La Becasse, Brussels

Fantastic Pub, serving lambic beers on draft in lovely little jugs. Sweet Lambic was 4.20 for 500ml.
Tasted amazing.

Food is basic but well priced in an otherwise expensive city.

Hard to find but worth searching for.

30 Apr 2008 14:33

The George, London Bridge

Really now just for tourists!!!!

10 Apr 2008 13:27

The Elephant, Fenchurch Street

One pub that benefits from a smoking ban. Despite serving Youngs beer which isn't my favourite it serves a good pint. Pies are worth a look too.

A well run city pub. Message for Fancyalightale. I work in insurance but tend to talk about football.

10 Apr 2008 13:24

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Paid a recent visit and it still lacks atmosphere. Went during "Spoons" beer festival and the quality and choice of ale was very good.

10 Apr 2008 13:20

The Counting House, Bank

Paid a recent visit and although it still lacks atmosphere it does have one thing going for it, the beer quality is excellent.

10 Apr 2008 13:19

The Fox @ Excel, ExCeL London

Unlike the other contributors I prefer this to the [email protected] but there isn't much to choose between them. Great for watching football.

10 Apr 2008 13:14

The Fox at Connaught, Silvertown

Visited for the first time in a while and noticed a slight improvement. Service was excellent, unlike my previous visit. Still a good place to watch the football but the TVs do have a jerky feel to them. Its clean and tidy and for an area which is a desert for decent pubs it will suit all people. Dont expect a nice pint of ale though. Stick to the lager.

10 Apr 2008 13:12

FTs Free House, Fenchurch Street

Now Closed

29 Feb 2008 09:43

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

Now called the Windsor

29 Feb 2008 09:42

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Went to the first day of the Beer Festival and wasnt disappointed by any of the 7/8 beers I had. Service was excellent and once the pub filled up the atmosphere was good too.

Great chips, better class of graffiti in the toilet, and Scampi Flavoured Fries. Fantastic!!

15 Nov 2007 08:35

The Walrus and Carpenter, Monument

Nice pub to look at but service is terrible. Last time I went here gave up after waiting for 15 Minutes. This time, I was greeted by a bloke who could hardly speak English and a very poor pint of Everards Tiger. I like the Nicholsons chain as a rule but this is a poor example. Go to the Ship on Eastcheap instead.

No crisps either!!!!

12 Nov 2007 16:06

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Lovely little pub, beer is spot on. Landlady is a right battleaxe. Don't touch the cats

9 Nov 2007 15:06

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

Now, I'm not the biggest Youngs fan but I used to go here 20 years ago and it was the best real ale pub around.

Not anymore, Thought it was awful.


9 Nov 2007 15:04

Adam and Eve, Westminster

A pub that hasn't changed in 20 years and a welcome surprise. Good beer, good service and generally good all round.

9 Nov 2007 15:02

The Old Star, Westminster

For anyone that knows this pub from 20 years ago. This has seriously changed. Used to be a small one bar pub. Now on two floors. Must admit preferred it when it was small.

9 Nov 2007 15:00

The Feathers, St James's

Used to drink here in the eighties and it is unrecognisable. Beer was ok but can't help thinking it had more character 20 years ago.

8 Nov 2007 14:42

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

Very hotel like. Good size screens for sport. One of those new Fullers houses that lacks character. May improve with age. Ok for a quick pint but nothing more.

8 Nov 2007 14:40

The Two Chairmen, St James's

Went here on a Friday night and was greeted by possibly the worse service I have ever seen. Beer was ok after I waited 15 mins plus for my pint. Sort out the service and it will be OK.

8 Nov 2007 14:38

The Westminster Arms, Westminster

First visit here for many years and it was nice to see it hadn't change much. Stood outside and the beer I had was very drinkable. Could do far worse.

8 Nov 2007 14:36

The Red Lion, Westminster

OK pub, very busy when I was in here with lots of people drinking red wine. Pint was good but nothing special.

8 Nov 2007 14:34

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

Visited here at a start of a recent pub crawl. Always pleased to see Badger beer on pump. Well worth a visit and it looks good too. Highly recommended.

8 Nov 2007 14:31

The Castle, Holborn

Fantastic. As previously advised now part of the Red Car Pub Company. Popped in here on Wednesday night for a quick pint or five. Eight Real Ales available and all the ones I had were top notch. Beer from Tom Woods, Hogs Back and Vale Pale Ale. There was a board up showing you all beers available together with a Coming Soon List. Good service guaranteed when we arrived as we were the only ones in there. Dont think it will stay this quiet for long once word gets out. Strange toilet set up first toilet Ive ever seen on two floors. When we were in there they were training a new barmaid who was gorgeous so thats two good reasons to visit in my book. Get in quick before this place starts getting packed.

8 Nov 2007 14:24

The Castle, Holborn

Understand it was due to be bought by Red Car pubs. Who are the leaseholders at the Wheatsheaf (Borough Market), The Swan (leadenhall Market) and the Bell (Cannon Street) which are all top pubs. I understand this is to be their first freehouse. Give it a couple of weeks I reckon this could be a top pub.

18 Oct 2007 14:46

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

Dont mind this pub. Service was fine and the pint of IPA I had was excellent. Toilets are reasonable clean which is tough when you are this close to the station. Not the best atmosphere but a good place to admire the ladies walking down Liverpool Street, especially when the big windows are open

29 Aug 2007 13:00

The Broadgate Exchange, Broadgate

Went in here dreading what I might find. Pub looks like your typical ground floor of an office type boozer. Ordered a pint of Adnams which I expected to be rubbish but it wasnt that bad. Nice to stand outside of on a sunny day. Been to worse.

29 Aug 2007 12:55

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Ok Pub. Had a pint of Landlord, which was adequate but not great. As a feel of a station pub about it. It is close to Liverpool Street so maybe that would explain it. If in area go to Shooting Star instead.

29 Aug 2007 12:52

The Hearty Goodfellow, Southwell

Another pub making the Top 40 where all the reviewers (except one) have only reviewed the one (or maybe 2) pubs. Suspicious

13 Aug 2007 16:17

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

With Greshon on this one. Nice pub although little character but it isnt easy to create character in this area. Would rather go here then All Bar One. Service was good and if you like the sun, outside is an absolute suntrap. The two pints of Timothy Taylor I had were good.

6 Aug 2007 13:08

The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf

Lovely building and the dcor is not typical Spoon. Nice seating area outside and as usual the cheapest pub in the area. Had 2 pints which were both adequate and service was good. Well worth a visit for a pleasant drink this summer.

6 Aug 2007 13:04

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

A nice pub to go to on a hot summers day if you like a bit of shade. Pretty standard Fullers pub with little character but in my opinion there are far worse places to be. Service was a little slow but not awful and the pint I had was OK if a little expensive.

6 Aug 2007 13:02

Duke Of York, St John's Wood

3.90 for a pint of Staropramen. Nuff said

23 Jul 2007 13:14

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Service not great and pint not too hot either. Not a good advert for Nicholsons.

23 Jul 2007 13:12

The Lord Clyde, Borough

A great pub but falls short of being a 9/10 out of 10 by the boring selection of real ales. It looks great and the service was excellent. The pictures around the pub and the general feel is second to none and the sausage baguette I had was good. However, the beer selection didnt grab me. Youngs, Pride, Adnams, GK IPA and Spitfire are all readily available in London so something a bit different would have been the clincher for me. Saying that still well worth a visit.

19 Jul 2007 09:27

Red Lion, Monument

OK Nicholson's Pub but nowhere near as good as the Ship just round the corner. Service was good and the pub wasnt too busy on a Friday lunchtime. My beer was adequate.

17 Jul 2007 07:51

The Rack and Tenter, Moorgate

Marston pub in London whatever next? Beer was OK but nothing special but good to see a Jennings beers on. Service was excellent with plenty of bar staff on, on a busy Friday lunchtime. A bit plastic looking, the pub not the staff The pub has the rare quality of appealing to both men and women. So all round not a bad experience.

17 Jul 2007 07:47

The Red Lion, Moorgate

A nice pub. Service a good but boring selection of real ales. Th epint I had was good and not bad for a City local. Worth a visit if close to Liverpool Street.

16 Jul 2007 14:38

The Globe, Moorgate

standard Nicholsons City pub. As the last writer said Ok but nothing special

9 Jul 2007 12:41

The Star, St John's Wood

Very average Bass house. Less packed then Duke of York on Cricket dates. Ok for a quick pint but nothing more

9 Jul 2007 12:35

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Fear not "Navigators". The pub is already non smoking. Following a refurb (lick of pain) the pub is now non-smoking. A breath of fresh air. !

13 Jun 2007 12:28

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

A little unfair M.O.G. Chav_man is entitled to his opinion.

In my opinion if it wasnt for the fine ale selection most of the people who rave about this pub would be calling it a dive.

Yes the beer is good but that is it to me. A fantastic pub to me has more than just fine ales. They have to have something more.

Using a modern term, a fantastic pub must have x factor. I dont think The Wenlock does although I do like it. Are you going to say im not entitled to this opinion either MOG ?

11 Jun 2007 13:01

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Mr Anonymous, What planet are you on?

Penderal Oak is poor for a Wetherspoons which is saying something. Dreadful place.

Yes you get the tourists but I'd still rather go here then a Wetherspoons.

7 Jun 2007 13:09

The King Edward VII, Stratford

A real gem in a rubbish area for pubs. 4 real ales on draught 2 from Nethergate, 6X and Summer Lightning when I visited. Great multi bar pub. Good Whisky selection. Even has a garden outside. Definitely worth a visit. The Nethergate Suffolk Bitter was top notch. Service was excellent and toilets were clean. Excellent!

4 Jun 2007 14:42

The Banker, Cannon Street

Always enjoy my visits here. A nice riverside pub with plenty of seats to look out over England's greatest river. Fullers's ales plus HSB. HSB was excellent and went down a real treat. If you can find it go there.

1 Jun 2007 08:18

The Green Man, Bank

I have visited a number of Wetherspoons in my time and do not consider this anywhere near the worse. (Please see Penderel Oak in Holborn). What I have found in the past is that they normally have a good selection of guest ales in this one which I sometimes find lacking in other Wetherspoons. Saying that my last visit was not great with three guest ales appearing to be on but turning out that two of them were off. The Damson Porter I had was OK though. Service was good with the barman being very apologetic.

1 Jun 2007 08:15

The Golden Fleece, Bank

A really nice looking pub. Central island bar which nicelt breaks up the interior. Usual GK beer. The OS Hen I had was good. TV on but with sound off. Service was good.

1 Jun 2007 08:09

The Old Doctor Butler's Head, Moorgate

Genuinely nice pub. Good range of Shepherd Neame beers. Always seems busy. Went here lunchtime at 1245 and the place was heaving. Well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2007 08:05

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Fantastic pub. Agree with the tardis reference. 4 beers on pump. Well worth a visit.

24 May 2007 13:30

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Ok pub, beer was ok. Bit worried that the woman behind the bar had an apron with Mussolini on it.

24 May 2007 13:27

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

All i can say is 1.33 a pint. Fantastic. Clientele not the best mind but at 1.33 who gives a monkeys.

24 May 2007 13:25

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Fantastic little pub. Great range of beers. Well worth a visit when in the area

24 May 2007 13:23

Ship, Monument

One of my fav City pubs. I notice the one bad Anon review but trust me this is an excellent pub. Good range of beers the St Austell Tribute was spot on. Service is always good and usually quite attractive. If you can find it down the little Alley go there.

11 May 2007 12:58

The Royal Oak, Borough

I love this pub. It looks great, the beer is excellent (especially the Pale Ale which was fantastic) and the service is good. Worth going out your way for. Will be coming back again soon. One of my very few 10/10s

11 May 2007 12:52

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

After seeing the high praise for this pub on this site and after a successful lunch time visit to the Pembury Tavern i decided to visit the Wenlock on my lunch break from the City.
I was greeted with a range of at least eight ales and the few I tried were all excellent. The pub is basic so not one for you All Bar One crowd. I suggest its time for the carpet to be replaced. If you are willing to put up with the lack of decor for the sake of your ales then this is your kind of place. I liked it but probably not as much as the Pembury Tavern. A big 9/10 for the beers alone.
Must say though the sandwiches look good and were possibly the biggest I have seen for a while.

11 May 2007 12:48

The Still and Star, Aldgate

Spring is here and the Still and Star steps up. Yes you have to stand next to the Bus Terminal but the beer is good and at least you can stand outside without being next to a road. Well worth a visit on a sunny day.

30 Apr 2007 17:08

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Top Pub.
Took a little journey from the City on Friday lunch time and was greeted by 8 Real ales (Mostly from the Milton Brewery).
All the four I tried were spot on and it was well worth the short train trip form Liverpool Street to Hackney Downs.
Any Pub that has a Bar Billiard Table is ok by me.

30 Apr 2007 08:19

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Far too big a pub. Feels like a conference centre. Typical 'spoons pub in that the beer is cheap and is normally of a reasonable condition.

26 Apr 2007 09:29

The Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

Paid my first visit for some time. (See previous review) No real change. Still worth a visit and all the ale I tried was good.

Worth a visit.

25 Apr 2007 14:26

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Nice pub. Very friendly service. But the ale was poor.

25 Apr 2007 14:23

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Lovely pub, great location. Just lacks a decent draught ale. Unlike a lot Of Sam Smiths pubs only bitter is on keg. Saying that a nice place to have a drink especially in the summer. I pop in there from the City every now and then on the 100 bus. Well worth a visit. Food is nice upstairs too.

25 Apr 2007 14:20

The Blue Posts, St James's

The ninth pub we visited on our pub crawl and one of the best ones of the night. Tried Pitch Black which was excellent. Nice large pub so plenty of chairs to sit on. By this time some of us were struggling. Well worth a visit. Joint second best pub on the night.

2 Apr 2007 18:02

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

After visiting the awful Golden Lion round the corner I was cheered up by the wonderful service and welcome we received in this nicely tucked away pub. Beer was great and the whisky selection was excellent too. If you like your pubs traditional this is the pub for you. Excellent.

2 Apr 2007 17:59

The Golden Lion, St James's

A big disappointment! Service was apalling. Two blokes behind the bar but only one seemed to be doing anything. Wasn't that busy but took ages to get served. Beer average to say the least. Will not be returning.

2 Apr 2007 17:56

The Red Lion, St James

Nice pub with excellent service. Beer was excellent and well worth visiting for the mirrors and glass alone. Definitely worth a look. Excellent

2 Apr 2007 17:55

Kings Head, Mayfair

Nice large pub with a good range of beers. The pint I had was excellent and will definitely go back if in the area. Service was a bit slow but it was busy.

2 Apr 2007 17:52

The Goat Tavern, Piccadilly

Nice busy pub. Beer (Deuchers) was well kept. Fourth pub on my Friday Night List and glad it was added. Another pub worth a visit without being outstanding.

2 Apr 2007 17:48

Mulligans of Mayfair, Mayfair

Expensive!! Nice Irish pub but don't forget your credit card. Guinness was good but the star of the the night was the Connemara whiskey which was excellent. Full of "beautiful people" so i fitted in ...not. Well worth a visit.

2 Apr 2007 17:44

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

2nd pub on our Friday night list. Only 2 ales on draught although I did note a good whisky range. was very busy so not a lot of room but this is probably a good sign. Beer was OK but nothing special.

2 Apr 2007 17:41

The Guinea, Mayfair

It was time for another pub crawl and this time the usual team thought Mayfair and St James's was an ideal venue. Started here on a wet Friday night. Was very busy but managed to squeeze upto the bar. Beer was good but nothing special. Obviously a very popular pub but very small. was a nice place to start though. Would have been better if we could have stepped outside on to the pavement.

2 Apr 2007 17:36

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

After being served up two woeful pints elsewhere it was nice to get a decent pint. The Lamb is a good solid pub without being outstanding. Always worth a visit.

21 Mar 2007 12:32

The Phoenix, City Of London

Beer was below par and the pub always seems to be void of atmosphere as well as smoke. Always seems to do a good trade but wonder whether it still will when all pubs are no smoking.

21 Mar 2007 12:30

The Cock and Woolpack, City Of London

Must have caught the place on a bad day. was in here Tuesday lunchtime and was served up on eof the worse pints I have had for some time. Clear enough but tasted foul. Usually like Shepherds Neame pubs but I will be avoiding this one in the future. Service was OK and pub interior is fine but if the beer stinks the pub stinks in my opinion.

21 Mar 2007 12:27

Kings Stores, Bishopsgate

Paid my first visit last Friday for some time and was greeted by a bloke smashing the quiz machine. Only one real ale on and that was below par. Will be a while before i visit again. Go to the Shooting Star instead.

20 Mar 2007 12:38

Ye Three Lords, Aldgate

Not a bad pub, basically a typical Youngs pub. Service was good despite being very busy and the pint I got was good. Used to prices in area so not shocked. There are better pubs in the area but there are a lot more that are far worse.

20 Mar 2007 12:35

The Fox at Connaught, Silvertown

Terrible service, 3.00 a pint for Guinness which was below average. Good for football though because it has plenty of screens. Only reason for going really. Nothing to write home about just below average in every way. Go here if you want to watch the match otherwise stay clear. This part of London is a desert for decent boozers.

1 Mar 2007 06:58

The Swan, Bank

First review of this pub for a year. Nothing changes still excellent. Easily the best pint in the city.
Upstairs to Fullers Ales plus a guest beer. Does proper sarnies too.

23 Feb 2007 12:51

The Brown Bear, Whitechapel

Went here on a Monday lunchtime and found it very busy. I fail to see the attraction although not a lot of competition in Leman Street.
Had a Pint of Pride which was adequate although the service was a little slow. Saying that waiting to be served was made easier by the fact that the barmaids were lovely.

Next door to a curry house which is always a good idea.

20 Feb 2007 12:33

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

Only standard ales on when i visited on eMonday lunchtime. Beer was OK. Doesn't feel/look like a Wetherspoons excpet for the fact that there is no music.
Good pub for the area and spacious.

20 Feb 2007 12:29

The Princess of Prussia, Tower Hill

Been in on a few lunch breaks and it always seems to be busy. I had a pint of Master Brew which was nice but not great. Can be a bit smokey.

I actually quite like the decor which is traditional in a modern sort of way.

Good all-round pub

20 Feb 2007 12:25

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

Always worth a visit when in the area. Fullers beer is well kept and there is plenty of seating. Much bigger then it looks from the outside with another bar downstairs, close when i visited.
Didn't notice any tv screens and no loud music.
Well worth a visit if close to Liverpool Street.

20 Feb 2007 12:19

The Angel, Soho

Not meant as a criticism Biker. I liked the pub. The outside needs a facelift though but that may make it too attractive.

8 Feb 2007 17:12

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Seems to be OK as far as Wetherspoons go. Went here on Friday quite late as this was the ninth and final pub of the night. Beer was OK but I can only really remember the first couple I had in here.

Been here a few times and i always find the place lively. Nothing special but a much better Whetherspoons then the Penderel Oak.

5 Feb 2007 21:24

The Plough, Bloomsbury

Now this was the eighth pub I visited on this night so my views and memories of the place may be slightly clouded. However for what its worth it seemed nice enough but nothing to make it stand out from the crowd. Beer and service was OK. i preferred the Museum round the corner but it's OK

5 Feb 2007 21:18

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Very nice pub. Nice selection of Ales. I had a nice pint of Old Peculier. Sure it used to be stronger!!!
Would liked to have for stopped for another but was dragged away to pub number 8.

5 Feb 2007 21:14

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

Previous reviewers seem to hit the nail on the head. This was pub 6 of a Friday Night crawl so must have got here about 8 30. Pub was busy but not heaving. My mate decided we should all drink Oranjeboom for some reason but it was nice enough although I would have preferred a nice pint of Ale. Will definitely visit again. Good atmosphere.

5 Feb 2007 21:10

The Angel, Soho

I think it looks awful from the outside but found the inside to be quite unique. You seem to have to go through a dozen doors to find the toilet and through a number of separate bars. I know that Sam Smiths beers ain't to everyones tastes but I like them and the pint of Old Brewery I had was lovely.

5 Feb 2007 21:05

The Tottenham, Soho

Not sure why but I like this pubs. The drab exterior hides the lovely interior. Pub naturally gets mobbed on a Friday night but it does make an excellent meeting point and more than adequate for a pint. And the point I had was more than adequate.

5 Feb 2007 21:00

The Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia

Was third pub on a Friday night pub crawl. Got here about 7ish and it was absolutely heaving inside and out. Despite this I found the service to be OK and the beer I tried was adequate. Managed to find enough room to drink my pint and found the pub had a nice atmosphere but was clearly full of people who were going to move on somewhere else like myself.

5 Feb 2007 20:54

The One Tun, Goodge Street

Crow_valley sums it up. Pub lacks character but the beer is perfectly adequate. Standard Youngs pub

5 Feb 2007 20:48

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

First of a number pubs I visited on Friday. Very busy by the time I got there at 6pm so ended up drinking outside in the cold. Timothy Taylor Landlord was nice and kept me warm. Ok for a quick pint but unless you get there early and can bag a seat not a place for a session. Just too damn small for a pub in this popular drinking area. Good meeting point as very easy to find.

5 Feb 2007 20:46

The Elephant, Fenchurch Street

Very convenient as it is right next door to my office. OK pub, downstairs can be a bit smokey. Beer is always good/excellent and im not a Youngs fan. Can't go wrong with the place but nothing to make it stand out from the crowd.

1 Feb 2007 12:32

The White Hart, Whitechapel

No chavs in sight when I walked in here on Monday. London Pride was good. Picture of Winston Churchill on the wall (always a good sign). Good quality East end boozer. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Did notice the Thai menu but didn't have time to try. Does look like people are getting their pubs confused this one is nowhere near The Blind Beggar.

30 Jan 2007 12:43

The Castle, Whitechapel

Went here on Monday lunchtime. Yes this place has character (love the wooden toys hanging from the ceiling) but thats where it ends. Unless character to you is no draft ale, wonkey tables and ripped seats. Yes it's different from the some of the characterless pubs in the city but there are far better ones within walking distance. If you like your music heavy then this is the place. Felt like a bikers pub.

No crisps or food for those interested in that sort of thing. Eating is cheating after all. Nice blonde barmaid.

30 Jan 2007 12:35

The Duke of Somerset, Aldgate

Visited early one Monday lunchtime. Was quiet at the time so found a seat easily. Pride/IPA were on and the Pride I had was OK. Previous reviewers describe the pub accurately. Real chainy feel about the place and despite their best efforts the place has no character.
If you want a good beer I suggest you go to the Steel & Star just round the corner. Although, I suspect the women I work with may prefer the Duke purely because it doesn't feel like a drinkers pub. I did notice that the majority of the clientele were females having lunch.

30 Jan 2007 12:25

The Poet Restaurant and Bar, Aldgate

No longer the Poet. Is now called LOWLANDER. Great place if you like Belgium beers. Must have about 20 on draught. Lost count of the bottled beers on the menu.

Recommend a Beer Stick. Get 3 one third pint glasses of three different beers for a fiver. All three of mine were excellent. If you just want to stick to plain lager. You are looking at 3.20 a pint.

Well worth a visit if you are on a pub crawl just to try something different.

26 Jan 2007 12:52

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

First visit for a while. Quality watering hole. 4 different Shepherd Neame beers on pump. My pint of Kent Best was excellent. As usual not over full with ladies. I counted one. Think she was lost.

26 Jan 2007 12:47

The Crooked Surgeon, Leicester Square

Fairly large pub close to Leicester Square which doesn't seem to have the queue of people outside. Beer ok. 2 pool tables upstairs

23 Jan 2007 13:40

The Highway, Hoddesdon

Half decent local. Pool tables/dart board. 3 ales on draft. Reasonable priced. Good service.
Large screen TV

23 Jan 2007 13:36

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Can't comment on the Landlord. All I can say is that the service was excellent when I was there. A great pub. No mobiles allowed as I found out when I tried to use mine. I like that. Great Nic-Nacs round the pub. Just a great pub.

26 Sep 2006 15:48

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Very small pub. Service was awful. Somewhere to try out your posh accent. Full of Horses types. Sorry my inverted snobbery coming out again.

Only plastic pint glasses outside.

Beer OK but expensive but the area is generally

26 Sep 2006 15:40

The Horse and Groom, Belgravia

Lovely Pub to sit outside as said before. Only had Spitfire on when we visited.
As per all Belgravia pubs expensive!

26 Sep 2006 15:37

The White Swan, Hoddesdon

Nice pub for those too old for the Salisbury next door. Beer is miles better too. Normally have 3/4 real ales on and they are usually more than OK. Service always good and it shows most football games which is a plus for me.

8 Aug 2006 13:39

Robin Hood, Botany Bay

Nice summer pub. Big garden with plenty of seats. Nicely decked out inside and staff were friendly. Don't like McMullens beer that much but what I tasted was ok.

8 Aug 2006 13:36

The Greyhound, Enfield Lock

Went in here a bit drunk a couple of weeks ago. Very friendly pub. Beer was more than adequate.

8 Aug 2006 13:33

Railway Inn, Enfield

Mr Monkifsh gets it about right. Horrid although on a purely sexist point of view did have a very very attractive barmaid.

8 Aug 2006 13:30

The Goose, Holborn

Was really hot when I went here and was watching the England game so I was drinking Guinness (harder to spill). Before it got packed out the place felt souless and I suspect that's what it is usually like. Guinness was ok mind!

16 Jun 2006 13:14

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Everyone was outside when I went here. So plenty of space inside. Great couple of pints at the usual high standard that I expect from this pub. If you like your ale you must go here.

16 Jun 2006 13:11

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Average pub, but far from offensive. Beer was good but I can imagine the place being a bit cramped in an evening. I was there on hot day so most people were outside.

16 Jun 2006 13:08

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

OK pub selling OK beer. Was hot when I went so everyone was outside. Large screen at one end so was handy for World Cup. As good as, but no better than, the The Bishop's Finger across the road.

16 Jun 2006 13:05

The Market Porter, Borough

Firstly, can I point out that I like Real Ale but dont have a beard and am not a member of Camra.

I take your point kmcs that there is more to a pub then the beer. I think the Market Porter is a good pub with an excellent selection of Ale. However, I also feel it lacks the character of other pubs. But you must also understand that we all have a different idea of what a good pub is and to slag off a pub because it only serves fosters lager like conniwot is a bit harsh when they do up to 12 real ales. If he had said this is not my kind of pub because the lager selection is not up to scratch then I think people would have more respect for his views.
Someone said "it is about the beer" and where the MP is concerned it probably is.
I actually like the odd pint of lager but not the mass produced rubbish that most pubs good and bad serve up.
When I review a pub I looked at the Ale selection, the price and the character of the pub. Because that's what is important to me. However, there are a number of pubs that have an excellent ale selection but are awful. Try the Penderals Oak in Holborn for instance.

3 Mar 2006 13:35

The Market Porter, Borough

First visit for an absolute age and I see it has had a face lift. New downstairs toilets and an extra drinking area. 11 real ales on even though they advertise that they serve 12. Two pumps serving Harveys. Tried 3 on a monday lunchtime. Not too busy and service was good. Beer all up to scratch. Particularly liked the Icarus. See our pussy lager drinker doesn't like it well maybe he should try the All Bar One round the corner he might feel more at home there. Mass produced beers in a mass produced pub.

1 Mar 2006 14:30

The Swan, Bank

First visit for a while but as ever I was served an excellent pint of ale at 2.65 a pint. 2.80 for Carlsberg. Average price for the area. Service was excellent and very friendly. Well worth a visit if in the area but if your a lady you might find you are the only one in there. Counted one in the upstairs bar. But this isn't your standard old man's pub, it is better than that.

1 Mar 2006 14:20

The Enterprise, Holborn

Nice locals pubs. Friendly and service was excellent. Pub you wouldn't mind to live next door too.

16 Feb 2006 14:16

Old Nick, Holborn

Top pub. Badger beer on draft plus King & Barnes. Nice friendly crowd and wasn't too busy on the night we were there. Very friendly staff. Well worth a visit and well worth the short walk from Holborn. Don't arrange to meet in the Penderels Oak meet here you won't regret it.

16 Feb 2006 14:14

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

I'm with tanderson7 here. One of the worse Weatherspoons I have been to. Huge but souless is a good description. Absolutely no character.

16 Feb 2006 14:09

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Good quality Sam Smiths pub. Was busy but not heaving on the Wednesday night was there. Beer is excellent if u like Sam Smiths. My mate is a big fan of the wheat beer. Excellent value at 2.35ish per pint. Service was good and toilets were clean.

16 Feb 2006 14:07

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Went here for the first time in a while. Still a nice pub and was heaving when we were there but managed to get served immediately. Beer 2.80 ish but we were drinking the celebration ale which was pretty good.
The Gents could do with some work. Appalling condition.

16 Feb 2006 14:03

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

A lovely pub. 2.80 a pint for Brains but Deuchars and Adnams were also on offer.
Very busy on the evening we were there and quite a few tourists looking for that traditional English pub.
Staff are excellent and the beer was well worth the money.
Well worth seeking out if you can find it. But once visited i'm sure you will be back.

16 Feb 2006 14:00

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

Very ornate corner pub. Fullers Discovery was 2.50 a pint and was OK. Nice pub but nothing special. Can't really think of much else to say.

16 Feb 2006 13:56

Hog's Head, Bishopsgate

Now a Slug & lettuce. Usual poncy affair but they did serve me a reasonable pint of real ale when I was there. Didn't feel much different from when it was Hog's Head.

15 Feb 2006 14:11

The Sterling, London

If you are going for a pint here make sure you tell your bank manager. Expensive is an understatement.

Menu looked nice though.

15 Feb 2006 14:06

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Can't agree more. A proper old fashioned pub. Definitely not one for the ladies. Girls only come in here to ask for directions or serve the beer. Good for a quick pint. Beer is always good

15 Feb 2006 14:03

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

Probably one of the worse pubs in the area. Below par in every area although beer is cheap. But if you want cheap beer go to the Liberty Bounds round the corner.
Ate there once and will never eat there again.

15 Feb 2006 13:59

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Nice friendly pub that is a bit like the Tardis in reverse. Looks huge form the outside but once inside feels tiny with very few areas to sit and eat. I tend to go there during the day when I do go there and the beer is fine but not the best pint of Fullers in the area. OK in the summer because you can stand outside but only if you don't mind car fumes.

15 Feb 2006 13:57

The Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

This is the best Weatherspoons in the area. Same of them seem to be a bit souless but this is not the case here, probably due to the two/three floor lay out. Clean and tidy, and staff are usually friendly although the turnover appears high. Beer selection is good with at least 1 guess ale on at every visit. Food is your standard chain fair. Good location close to the Tower of London but despite the this doesn't feel too touristy. Well worth a visit.

15 Feb 2006 13:53

The George, Enfield

Still Enfield's Chav Central. Beer is cheap and if eyeing up 16 year old girls is your type of thing then this is the place. Packed at weekends with boyband wanabees. Appalling!

15 Feb 2006 13:45

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

Nice 2 bar pub that on my last visit served me a nice pint of ale. Friendly atmosphere in lounge bar.

15 Feb 2006 13:41

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Stopped going here a while because it deteriorated somewhat. Went in for first time and it appears it's been done up a bit. However, I still don't like it. A pub that puts the A in Average. Does have a big garden but that means busy at the bar in the summer.

15 Feb 2006 13:40

Cricketers, Enfield

Been going to this pub since I was old enough to drink. Can be a bit souless midweek as last reviewer states but at weekends it's fine. Clientele appears to be slightly older so not full of chavs like other pubs nearby. Beer is dear but at least you get a reasonable pint. A "nice" friendly pub.

15 Feb 2006 13:36

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Average pub, average beer, full of tourists but you are next to Trafalgar Square so what you expect.

14 Feb 2006 13:43

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Yes it's a plastic paddy pub, yes it's overpriced, yes it's touristy but you are in the West end so what do you expect. But I still like it. Absolutely huge. Great interior. Lots of nooks and crannies. Perfect for the area. Good for a mixed crowd.

14 Feb 2006 13:40

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

I must agree that this pub is pretty average. As a real chainy feel to it. Dont know myself, but told food is a bit greasy but u get large portions.
Its a solid bet for a lunchtime drink if your in a mix crowd of people.

14 Feb 2006 13:23

The George, London Bridge

Definitely worth a visit. Like something out of Shakespheres time. Popular with tourists, so gets rather busy especially in summer. Beer OK but dear. Go for a quick pint and then visit the better pubs around Borough Market.

20 Oct 2005 14:11

Wine Lodge, Fenchurch Street

Two bar pub serving the city community around Fenchurch Street. Upstairs small non smoking bar. Downstaits larger bar with good restaurant. Serves a nice pint of youngs."

20 Oct 2005 14:10

The White Swan, Aldgate

Good Shepherd Neame pub serving good beer.

20 Oct 2005 14:08

The Ship, Tower Hill

This pub use to be excellent but has gone down hill recently. Pub normally serves Theakstons or Courage ale. Downstairs bar usually frequented by male city workers. The upstairs restaurant use to serve excellent pub grab at a good price but not anymore.

20 Oct 2005 14:07

The Minories, Tower Hill

Horrible, plan and simple

20 Oct 2005 14:04

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

The meeting point for the Insurance world. Known to every broker and Underwriter in the city. Youngs pub serving excellent ale. At lunchtimes always surrounded by suits drinking outside. If you are a "man" and you like to get served quick go down to the cellar bar which is always a bit quieter. 2 dart boards.

20 Oct 2005 14:02

The Artful Dodger, Tower Hill

Went here recently on a hot summers day. If u are looking for someone to impress a lady it aren't here. Decor basic but saying all that the Green King IPA that they served up was excellent. One for the ale drinker.

20 Oct 2005 14:00

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Nice riverside pub with great views over the Thames. Unless you live local it's hard to get to but still seems to get it's fair share of tourists. Looks great and the beer is served well. Got to be visited at least once especially in the summer months.

20 Oct 2005 13:58

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Have always liked this well run Fullers House. Very popular with local workers and tourists. Beer is always good.

20 Oct 2005 13:57

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

'Great looking pub. All wooden beams and floorboards. Frequented mostly by city workers. Beer ordinary but not undrinkable. Personally I would go to Still & Star round the corner. Better beer and cheaper.

20 Oct 2005 13:56

Hog's Head, Bishopsgate

Typical city pub underneath office. Everything shiny and new but totally characterless. Beer OK but nothing special. Full of city workers as you would expect. So ordinary that you can't really write much about it.

20 Oct 2005 13:54

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Good meeting point or somewhere to go when your train is late. Built in a building that was once part of the Great Eastern Hotel. Typical Wetherspoons pub but usually with more than its fair share of iffy looking characters.

20 Oct 2005 13:52

The Counting House, Bank

Another old bank turned into a pub. Got a wonderful ornate interior but like a lot of pubs of this type has a feel of a conference centre. Fullers beer which is served up well. Just lacks atmosphere.

20 Oct 2005 13:50

The Still and Star, Aldgate

Great little pub for the beer drinker. One I visit on a regular basis especially in the summer as you can stand outside. Doesn't really have a garden just a plot next to bus terminal. But if you are a city worker looking for a pub in the summer to stand outside there is nowhere better. Great service, excellent ale. Cheap for area.

20 Oct 2005 13:48

Hennessys, Tower Hill

Nice Irish theme pub. Well run serving London Pride and a nice pint of Guiness. Usual suited clientele but unlike some of the small pubs in the area woman don't feel out of place. Restaurant upstairs.

20 Oct 2005 13:46

The Swan, Bank

One for the ale drinkers. Excellent Fullers house with two bars. Both very small. In my opinion probably the best ale in this part of the city. I love it.

20 Oct 2005 13:43

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

I love this pub. A real ale drinkers palace. Serves St Peters beer and must be one of the only places that does. Well worth a walk from Farringdon Station. Been there a number of times and the atmosphere is always welcoming.

20 Oct 2005 13:40

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Top Pub, Serves the best pint of beer in the area and the service and ambience is amazing. Place feels like someones front room. But is popular with both locals and people out for a curry in adjacent Brick Lane. If you fancy a quick pint before or after you madras this is the place to go. Great whisky selection too. Counted at least 15 different sinle malts.

20 Oct 2005 13:36

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