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Comments by SouthYorkshireman

The Boathouse Inn, Wylam

We made the effott to visit this place during our recent stay in Ryton and I'm glad we did.
Great looking place with two rooms. We stayed in the larger room which held the bar and a great selection of real ales across all the different styles, just missing a mild.
Friendly landlord and locals makes this a must visit if you find yourself in the Wylam area.

16 Oct 2016 09:38

The Keelman, Newburn

Visited here twice now and on both occasions, found a friendly welcome.
Great selection of good beers from the Big Lamp brewey in great surroundings.
The food on our last visit was fine and the atmosphere is really nice.

27 Sep 2016 22:01

The Half Moon, Ryton

Quite busy on our Saturday night visit, with a good friendly atmosphere.
There were two real ales on offer however, my choice, a pint from Titanic brewey was quite poor and makes me wonder how much they sell, perhaps this was past its best.

27 Sep 2016 21:57

The Fenton, Leeds

Visited mid afternoon and found it to be a pleasant experience. It doesn't look great from outside but inside still includes many of its old features. The central bar serves all sides of the pub, and there was a good choice of real ales including beers from ilkley and Rooster breweries.
The locals and students frequenting the place were friendly, but not as much as the dog who clearly likes to welcome everyone and gave the place some character.

13 Oct 2015 21:09

The Gardeners Rest, Sheffield

I have been in here several times, and whilst it is usually a little quiet each time I have been, the great beer choice, including numerous from the Sheffield Brewery who own the pub is always good.
I went in last Saturday however, just as the Hinckley and Bosworth Camra group were getting served at the bar. Whilst I waited, I observed the owner and couldn't help but notice a few things.
Firstly, the lack of welcome or friendly approach he took with this group was very poor. He served them, but struggled to offer more than a few words when any of the group spoke to him. As a Yorkshireman, I thought this was poor and not a great example of our county and its great pubs.
Worse however was seeing a cardinal sin - many of the group asked for one specific beer (the name escapes me), but on each occasion, he poured one he had already pulled into each glass before refreshing it from the pump.
This was clear for me to see, but not those that were being served as it was all done out of sight 'under the bar'.
It may not spoil a beer but surely the customer should have been given the opportunity to see this for themselves and decide if they wished their fresh beer to be supplemented by one already pulled ?
Yes this is a good pub, with a back garden overlooking the river to match, but do not take things for granted - this customer won't.

29 Jun 2015 22:11

The Cow and Calf, Grenoside

Used to go in this pub some years ago and always found it pleasant and great value.
Well I visited again last night, and thankfully nothing has changed.
Set just below the 'Jawbone Hill' used on the Tour de France in 2014, this stone built pub is clean and nothing like some of the reviews on here. The outside area is particularly nice, with a stone flagged walled courtyard.
It is still Sam Smiths on the bar, and yes, it is still cheap. The locals are friendly and overall, this isn't a bad place to pop in for a beer if you are passing.

13 Jun 2015 19:40

The Travellers Inn, Kimberworth

I have commented on this pub previously, but things have not got any better.
Until recently, I last visited just prior to Christmas. I cannot recall the beer I had but it was cloudy and off. I put this down to a one-off and decided to spend my Christmas Day elsewhere.
Despite my reluctance to visit again, I did so a few weeks ago, after seeing that they were selling Bradfield Farmers Blonde, a beer I have had on numerous occasions and always found to be a great ale.
Well imagine my thoughts when once again, my beer was cloudy, sour tasting and not up to the normal standards of this beer, and priced at £3.30 , it was expensive as well.
I will not be returning to this over-priced pub with no atmosphere and poor beer.

2 Jun 2015 21:46

The Junction, Castleford

The pub doesn't look great from outside, but once you venture in, you'll be glad you did. The landlord is friendly and offered about three real ales all of which were from wooden casks. The pub itself seems to be a 'work in progress', but it is slowly being turned into a very friendly and great looking place thanks to the obvious care shown by the landlord and his locals.
This was the first time I have been to any pub in Castleford, but should I pass by again, I'll certainly call again.

4 Nov 2014 21:46

Ko Ko's bar-restaurant-club-roof terrace, Leamington Spa

This is now called Altoria, and the kind of place that offers are given in the street for '4 for £10', in which bottles of Budweiser, Corona, Becks or Smirnoff Ice are offered.
The place is open planned, and full of teenagers dressed in baseball caps.
No real reason to visit here unless it is the only pub still open late at night, which is why we visited.

12 Oct 2014 17:54

Ko Ko's bar-restaurant-club-roof terrace, Leamington Spa

This is now called Altoria, and the kind of place that offers are given in the street for '4 for £10', in which bottles of Budweiser, Corona, Becks or Smirnoff Ice are offered.
The place is open planned, and full of teenagers dressed in baseball caps.
No real reason to visit here unless it is the only pub still open late at night, which is why we visited.

12 Oct 2014 17:50

The Duke, Leamington Spa

Fairly average, large open plan pub in the town centre. They had a lot of 'Duke' branded drinks on sale, but not knowing what these were, I had a pint of Bass which was fine.
Good pub for the young crowd however, with plenty of large screens and even play-stations on offer if that is your thing.

12 Oct 2014 17:38

The Malt Shovel, Coventry

One of the friendliest pubs I have ever visited !
This is a traditional place with two rooms, the larger set out for meals is nice enough, however the smaller room to the rear has more of a pub feel.
Their was a good selection of drinks on offer including a beer from Merimans on the 'locale' scheme as well as several real ciders to choose from.
The landlord, landlady and barmaid were all very friendly and really made our too short visit a pleasure .Along with the locals they chatted to us, and even ensured we got home after finding ourselves a few miles off track as closing time approached.
Good pub, great staff - the kind of pub we should all support to ensure they stay just that.

11 Oct 2014 10:31

Three Horseshoes Inn, Bubbenhall

Nice looking pub with a spacious interior.
As posted previously, most of the tables appear to be dedicated to food, however the smaller bar area is pleasant and not a bad place to try one of their two ales on offer, Black Sheep and a really nice Blueberry guest beer.
The locals were friendly, with one stand out man at the bar who made our visit memorable. Give this place a try if you are in the area, before walking to the nearby Malt Shovel for another.

11 Oct 2014 10:16

The Liverpool Arms, Conwy

Visited for a quick pint on a busy Friday night and found it to be a great little, atmospheric place with none of the 'untidiness' referred to in previous reviews,
The beer on offer was still Bass and Brains SA, although they also had Yankee Rooster, which being a Yorkshire ale, I had to have and found to be in good condition.
As we stayed inside, I cannot comment if they still use under size plastic glasses, but hopefully they have stopped this by now !
Good pub with a reasonable choice of beer in a dark old fashioned setting, give it a try.

14 Sep 2014 16:06

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

Visited after my second successful completion of the Three Peaks. The weather was sunny so everyone had decided to sit outside and take in the sun.
The Clark's Blonde was well kept and went down well, although the young girl who served it appeared a little unfriendly, something that at least the landlady showed when dealing with a group of people who had just arrived to stay the night.
Decent unpretentious pub with a reasonable choice of ale.

19 Apr 2014 17:47

The Maypole Inn, Long Preston

I first visited, and reviewed this pub in November 2010, and after completing my second successful completion of the Three Peaks, I tried it again, however this time, things were not so good.
The pub is the same, however matters were let down in both food and beer.
Whilst the pub still offers a good selection of real ale, my choice of Moorhouses Pride of Pendle was cloudy and tasted off, perhaps this was a one off but still not pleasant.
I ordered their Pie, which was okay, however to expect a fully grown adult to be satisfied with just four new potatoes and a small amount of veg is asking a little too much. I recall my last visit included ample food, so something has changed here, I left the pub hungry, and not particularly impressed.

19 Apr 2014 17:40

The Waggon, Chapeltown

This is now a Wetherspoons pub, which offers a reasonable amount of choice at the bar, and a large dining area to the rear.
The interior is modern and clean, and not a typical identikit version from this chain. It is certainly an improvement on the old pub.
It is very close to the train station, and taken with the Commercial a short walk away, makes for a decent stop if you are in the area.

13 Apr 2014 17:48

The Waggon, Chapeltown

This is now a Wetherspoons pub, which offers a reasonable amount of choice at the bar, and a large dining area to the rear.
The interior is modern and clean, and not a typical identikit version from this chain. It is certainly an improvement on the old pub.
It is very close to the train station, and taken with the Commercial a short walk away, makes for a decent stop if you are in the area.

13 Apr 2014 17:30

Millmoor Hotel, Rotherham

This pub, once a lively pre match place for Rotherham home games is now sadly demolished.

13 Apr 2014 17:24

New York Tavern, Rotherham

This pub was originally called the Princes of Wales Feathers and was until recently the last remaining open pub in the Westgate area of Rotherham, however it is now under the new name of the New York Tavern,( named as it is after an old pub that used to stand in this area many years ago), and like the nearby Cutlers Arms, a pub with close links to the local Chantry Brewery.
The pub boasts an array of Chantry beers, as well as several guest ales, all at a superb value £2 per pint. Whilst the price cannot be faulted, the interior is however a little bland and sterile and could do with a little thought given to filling the blank walls which surround the bar area.
The pub should be encouraged however as real ale in Rotherham was hardly common and this is a welcome addition, just add a little character to the interior and you have a good pub on your hands.

13 Apr 2014 17:20

The Cutlers Arms, Rotherham

The Cutlers is a pub originally built around the early 1900's. It recently fell on hard times and closed, but has recently been purchased by the local Chantry brewery who have done a good job in restoring it back to its former glories.
The tiled faced is pure Victorian, whilst the inside comprises of tiled floor areas, two real fires and a large bar area with a few rooms off to the side.
The bar offers 4/5 Chantry ales, as well as guests and ciders, the beer averaging at a decent £2.50 per pint.
Rotherham has struggled to keep up with the real ale scene over recent years so this is a very welcome addition and a must visit if you find yourself in the town. Well done to the brewery !

13 Apr 2014 17:12

The Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket

Like others on here, I have visited this pub previously when in the area, and did so again on a quiet Wednesday night. Despite it being quiet however, it did not disappoint and where other pubs can suffer from a lack of atmosphere, this retains it in spades.
Still a great pub, with several rooms, a real fire and a bar serving Landlord as well as their own Hesket Newmarket beers, Skiddaw, Doris's 90th Birthday and the best of the lot, Dark Sail.
If you are in this area of Cumbria, this is a must visit.

14 Mar 2014 14:54

White Horse Inn, Keswick

Situated in the tiny village of Scales, overlooking the A66 near Keswick, this was visited on a quiet Thursday night. There were a few people eating a meal, however we stuck to the ale, with a choice between a beer from Tirril and our choice of Helvelyn Gold from the nearby Hesket Newmarket brewery.
Pub has an open fireplace, a stone flagged floor and was generally pleasant, albeit a tadge quiet on this occasion, and perhaps better when more full.
Customers can place coins into the wall at the rear which are later taken and provided to the Keswick Mountain Rescue, a good idea in my book.

14 Mar 2014 14:46

The Rambler Country House, Edale

Visited yesterday for a quick pint after a long walk in the countryside which surrounds Edale. The pub looks great from outside, and is clean and warm inside. There were four real ales on offer, the two of which were tried being perfectly pleasant.
The pub does suffer slightly in that every room has tables clearly set out for meals, and this detracts from the ambience of what should be a great pub, and lends it to an air of being a little similar to a nice cafe.
Another big negative was the price. Okay, so it is in the Edale Valley, but does this justify beer at £7 for two pints ? - I think not.
All in all, a nice place to visit after a walk, but not one I would frequent regularly due to the over charging of their beer, which though okay, was not worth anything special as reflected in the price.

6 Mar 2014 14:21

The Lions Lair, Sheffield

This pub is closed and no longer trading

10 Feb 2014 21:19

The Old Coach, Fishguard

I visited this pub last summer, but as Beer in the evening have took such a long time in adding this to their site, my review is very late - better late than never however.
Visited during a quiet afternoon to watch the football, so my views are a little incomplete.
The pub is comprised of one large open room with a stone flagged floor. it was clean, well kept and the chap behind the bar was very friendly.
From memory, they did not serve any real ale and if you are seeking this, there are other pubs close by that will offer at least some respite.
Modern interior, but pleasant enough.

9 Feb 2014 13:57

The Ship Inn, Fishguard

I visited this pub last summer, but as Beer in the evening have took such a long time in adding this to their site, my review is very late - better late than never however.
This gem of a pub is situated in the lower part of Fishguard near to the Harbour. It sits amid a row of terraced houses and can be missed if you are not careful.
The first thing that hits you is the small and very cosy interior, full of old pictures, maps and nick-nacks, lending a chat amongst the locals and guests alike, inevatable.
The landlord was very friendly and full of old stories, the kind of bloke you could easily sit and chat with for hours. We had several nights in here, all good, except one evening when the landlord was not present and his replacement, a young female with no social skills at all, provided a poor second best and just proves that a pub is made or broken by its staff.
Outside toilets at the rear just lend more to the quirky nature of this pub, which despite it's fairly low selection of real ales, simply has to to be visited if you in the area. A great pub.

9 Feb 2014 13:51

The Pendre Inn, Fishguard

I visited this pub last summer, but as Beer in the evening have took such a long time in adding this to their site, my review is very late - better late than never however.
This was the first of several pubs we visited and is situated at the top of the village, perhaps a five minute walk away from the town.
Nice pub with friendly locals - not only did they have several real ales on offer, but also a selection of free cheese on the bar, a nice touch.
Worth a visit if you are nearby.

9 Feb 2014 13:41

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Large roomed pub which on our visit, had a fairly young customer base who were watching the football on numerous screens spread around the pub.
It is all bare brick, pipes and blackboards which advertise a large array of continental lagers and rums etc.
The beer would ordinarily be very expensive, however as this was a Monday night, all real ales, which included brews from Cottage Brewing and London Fields Brewery were on offer at £2.45, a substantial saving on their normal cost and which made good value.
All in all, a pleasant enough place, with a great offer on their ale on Monday nights

4 Feb 2014 18:39

The Half Moon, Willingham By Stow

This pub is situated in a small village setting in the Lincolnshire countryside, between Lincoln and Gainsbro' and is worth a visit if you get chance.
This is the home of the Grafters Brewery, which sits directly next door in a small outbuilding, and four of their ownexcellent beers sit on the bar with four other guest real ales.
The pub was very welcoming, the real coal fires warming the place a treat, and the locals appeared friendly.
My only visit to date, but If this is a true reflection of the place, then it is worth seeking out for a couple of pints if you are in the area.

21 Jan 2014 22:39

The Tap and Spile, Lincoln

Visited on a Saturday night as part of a crawl around both Lincoln centre and castle areas. This is situated in a good place on the return into the centre after a visit to the Strugglers and Victoria at the top of the hill.
Nice looking pub which had both a decent friendly atmosphere as well as a good live band, however whilst they offered four perfectly decent real ales from the central bar area, these were only mainstream beers including Fullers London Pride and could have included some of the smaller breweries in and around the Lincoln area these days.
Decent place, but could improve if it wishes to compete with the two other pubs already mentioned.

21 Jan 2014 22:27

The Victoria, Lincoln

This Batemans pub, situated close to Lincoln castle is well worth the walk up from the centre if you are planning a crawl around the city.
Whilst if offers Batemans ales, it also provided a few guest beers, whilst the live band on our Saturday night visit made the atmosphere even better.
The locals were very friendly, and coupled with a visit to the superb Strugglers pub next door, you can't go wrong.

21 Jan 2014 22:18

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

This was my second visit to this little pub situated near Lincoln Castle, and once again it did not disappoint.
This is a very welcoming and cosy old style pub, adorned with all manner of oddments which lend an interesting background.
The pub is small, and the seating is such that customers sit with the locals and the atmosphere is all the better for it.
The beer selection is very good, with numerous well kept beers on offer, with a good pint of Mallard Duckling being sampled on this visit.
This pub was the best on our night out in Lincoln, and alongside the Victoria next door, has to be a must visit on any trip to this city.

21 Jan 2014 22:14

Widow Cullens Well, Lincoln

I have passed this pub on several previous visits to Lincoln barely noticing it exists, however once entered, this place is a little gem.
It is a Sam Smiths pub, offering hand pulled Bitter and numerous others from their stable on electric pump. The prices, as usual with this brewery were very very good, especially when factored in to the building itself.
This is situated on the climb from Lincoln city centre to the castle and inside is bright and relaxed, all adding to a great atmoshere, with customers both of a mature age as well as plenty of students.
Upstairs has a great setting, with a large old beamed ceiling whilst the rear has a small viewing point where you can look down into an old well.
Great pub that will not be overlooked next time I visit.

19 Jan 2014 18:05

The Green Dragon, Lincoln

Visited on a Saturday afternoon, this pub is situated in a great position on the canal just off the main thoroughfare of Lincoln.
It is a very old building, but has only been a pub for 30 odd years. The bar was situated slightly below street level, and with a stone flagged floor and wall lights, set a decent atmosphere.
I understand this has struggled recently and been closed, however it is now open again and deserves some support.
The landlord was welcoming, appearing to care about his customers which is not usually the case in city centre pubs.
The beer choice was unexciting however, and if this could be improved to something like those referred to in previous posts, then the pub would benefit.
Overall however, a decent place, with decent locals which should be visited on any trip to this city.

19 Jan 2014 17:55

Treaty of Commerce, Lincoln

This is a nice looking Batemans pub near to Lincoln train station.
Once inside, the beer offered is of course Batemans, with several guests.
The pub is long and fairly thin, and on our visit a little quiet and devoid of atmosphere. There is a drinking area to the front, whilst the rear appeared to be mainly set up for meals.
This has the potential of being a great pub, but doesn't quite seem to reach that promise. Perfectly reasonable for a quick pint, but there are better pubs in Lincoln.

19 Jan 2014 17:33

Ritz, Lincoln

Nice enough Wetherspoons, pub, which has some art-deco touches in keeping with its history. Perhaps not the best of this chain, it is better than a lot.
The beer choice was reasonable with several from local breweries in the Lincolnshire area.
They could have had more bar staff working as getting served was a challenge but overall, not a bad place.

19 Jan 2014 17:25

The Effingham Arms, Rotherham

This pub is no longer called the Effingham Arms, (or Big Eff to locals), but is now known by it's new name of, 'The Droppingwell'.
It is many years since this pub had the true atmosphere of a pub, and whilst it is a nice looking place facing the main road, these days it is mainly geared up for families eating food of the 2 for £10 variety.
I called in on New Years Eve and to be fair, due to the circumstances, the food had gone and it felt more like a pub, it was full and the atmosphere was fine, however it will soon retrun to its normal guise. They were serving Landlord and Kelham Island Easy Rider (usually very nice, but a little off on this occasion).
This is a pleasant enough place to eat, but if you want a real pub try somewhere else.

9 Jan 2014 20:40

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

This museum piece of a pub is a 'must visit' if you like real ale and pubs of history and character. It is only a five minute walk from the train station and lies just outside the main Leeds city centre area.
It has a number of seperate rooms, all of which boast original Victorian features, whilst the bar was well stocked with plenty of beer choice from breweries far and wide, including a superbly kept offering from Bradfield Brewery in Sheffield.
Perhaps some of the 'features' could do with a spruce up, for instance some of the seating and carpets are getting threadbare, but don't let this stop you visiting this gem of a place and drinking your pint in front of a roaring fire - you can't go wrong.

8 Dec 2013 23:00

The Midnight Bell, Leeds

As referred to in previous reviews, this is a new style slick looking pub, owned by Leeds brewery. It offered Leeds Pale, Best and Midnight Bell as well as a few guests. It was fairly quiet on our Saturday afternoon visit, but as it is fairly small, this was not a problem.
The pub is only a five minute walk from the train station on Water Lane, and when linked with visits to the Hop and the Grove nearby, offers a good choice of real ale in pleasant surroundings, just outside the main city centre area.

8 Dec 2013 22:49

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

Visited again, this time on a quiet midweek afternoon, which gave a different perspective, and one which the pub passed with flying colours.
Friendly bar staff offered a range of ales, whilst the one tried was a superb pint of Wensleydale Black Dub Stout.
The pub has a great atmosphere, whether empty or full,with perhaps the only negative being the price, all the beers being a little on the high side, all well above £3 a pint.
If you don't mind the prices however, this pub, just off the main street, is certainly still worth a visit if you find yourself in Harrogate.

4 Dec 2013 18:35

The Last Drop Inn, York

Nice pub, right in the centre of York and just a minutes walk from the Shambles.
York brewery owned, so they offer several of their own, which isn't a bad thing given how nice their ales are.
Staff were friendly, but seating can be limited when busy due to its fairly small size.
They offer a few beers from other breweries as well, which included one from the Fuzzy Duck brewery in Lancashire on our visit.

2 Dec 2013 22:12

The George, Eton

An average looking pub, but in a great located just a short stroll from the footbridge that links Eton and Windsor.
It has one large room, with an almost 'pretend authentic' look, with two real ales on the bar, including Guardsman from the Windsor and Eton brewery. It also had a large rear yard which, whilst not having a view of the nearby river, was a nice place to sit for an hour.
The bar staff were very friendly and extremely professional. We tried the food and the swordfish was the best I have ever had, it was superb.
The drawback to the pub had to be the price - £4.10 per pint, which would put me off returning in a hurry.

28 Aug 2013 23:53

The Harbour Inn, Solva

Visited on a sunny summer afternoon and found this to be unremarkable, but pleasant. Still a Brains pub, they serve a number of their beers and the one I had, Revd James was well kept.
This is situated on the harbour at Solva, a pretty place and is a good place to have a beer.

18 Aug 2013 23:14

Tafarn Sinc, Rosebush

This is a superb pub, situated deep in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire, and should be classed as a must visit if you find yourself in this part of West Wales.
It is built from corrugated iron, and has an history as serving the local quarry workers originally. It has now been refurbished and painted in red, however the outside does not prepare you for the excellent interior.
The wooden floor is covered in sawdust, the walls are adorned with old photographs and on our visit, the background music was a Male Welsh choir - all adding towards a very cosy and warm relaxing feel.
There were two beers available, I had the Cwrw Tafarn Sinc, and found this to be excellent.
Perhaps the only downside was the attitude of the landlady, she appeared a little 'cold', and whilst she clearly spoke perfect Welsh and English, she only seemed interested in speaking with those coverseing in Welsh.
Don't let her put you off however, maybe she is okay, but the pub deserves your custom, visit and keep a great pub open, you will not be disappointed.

18 Aug 2013 23:09

Fishguard Arms, Fishguard

You could easily pass this small terraced pub situated just off the centre of Fishguard, but find it out and you won't be disappointed.
It has two small rooms, one at the front, and another at the rear with one central bar area. There are no pumps, with the only beer available being Bass poured straight from the barrel. The interior is very old and due to its small size, we soon found ourselves talking with the very friendly locals.
This is a gem of a place, pubs like this are going fast so if you are in the area, make sure you visit to ensure this stays open.
Okay I would have preferred more choice of beers, but the interior makes up for this, as did the welcome. A must visit on any trip to Pembrokeshire.

18 Aug 2013 22:28

The Royal Oak, Fishguard

Visited on a Thursday evening, and found to have just two others at the bar and a small group sat at a table. This pub looks great from outside and the historical interest should guarantee a good pub. It's owned by Brains who had several of their beers on offer. The inside however is rather average and drab, which seems a shame.
There are some really interesting items on the wall from the French invasion of 1797, however whilst it was great that you can get really close up to the table on which the surrender was signed, it is remarkable that this is just sat in the main room, with nothing stopping damage being caused by anyone sitting on it or leaving pint pots on the top etc.
Brains, please appreciate the history of this item, keep it open to the public but at least ensure that it is roped off to protect it from further damage.

18 Aug 2013 22:03

The Royal Oak, Fishguard

Visited on a Thursday evening, and found to have just two others at the bar and a small group sat at a table. This pub looks great from outside and the historical interest should guarantee a good pub. It's owned by Brains who had several of their beers on offer. The inside however is rather average and drab, which seems a shame.
There are some really interesting items on the wall from the French invasion of 1797, however whilst it was great that you can get really close up to the table on which the surrender was signed, it is remarkable that this is just sat in the main room, with nothing stopping damage being caused by anyone sitting on it or leaving pint pots on the top etc.
Brains, please appreciate the history of this item, keep it open to the public but at least ensure that it is roped off to protect it from further damage.

18 Aug 2013 22:03

The Farmers Arms, Fishguard

Still closed

18 Aug 2013 21:56

Abergwaun Hotel, Fishguard

Still Closed

18 Aug 2013 21:55

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Like many pubs in this area, perhaps nothing special, but a perfectly reasonable place to visit for a beer.
The inside is a single small room whilst the bar had several choices, including one from the Red Squirrel Brewery and several hand-pulled ciders, whilst the atmosphere offered a nice escape from the crowds of nearby Regent Street.
Worth a visit if you are in the area.

18 Jul 2013 23:19

The Star and Garter, Soho

The previous comments can only be repeated, the pub still offers a nice welcome in a traditional setting and I felt immediately relaxed in here.
The beer choice appears to be exactly the same as reported in September 2009 - namely GK IPA, Spitfire and London Pride.
Whilst it offered no surprises, as suggested elsewhere, it obviously attracts those in the area who need a little respite from the Soho landscape, and who can fault that ?

18 Jul 2013 23:00

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Not the greatest looking pub from outside, and it doesn't get much better inside but overall, a pint of Harveys here, passed without incident, although the beer itself was in my opinion, not in great condition.
The place is a little run down inside, and comprises one open and long room, but the locals were okay, perhaps it could just do with a bit of decorating and care.
Very little choice of drink on the bar which could be greatly improved.

17 Jul 2013 22:52

The Albert, Victoria

I have been in this place several times over the years, and whilst it nay not offer anything outstanding, it never disappoints.
Last visited only last week when I found it to be pleasantly full with a decent atmosphere. They included Black Sheep on the bar and I also plumped for one of their two Cider offerings from Westons.
Handy for the tube at Victoria, this makes a reasonable place to stop for a pint,

17 Jul 2013 22:47

The White Swan, Pimlico

I agree with previous comments that there is nothing outstanding about this place, but neither can it be heavily criticised.
It was clean and the beers on offer included several from the London based Portobello Brewery. The barmaid was happy enough to offer a sample of a new Portobello lager they have started selling, all with a smile. Handy for the nearby tube station at Pimlico.

17 Jul 2013 22:40

The Foxton Locks Inn, Market Harborough

This pub is situated next to the Foxton Locks, a superb location on a nice sunny day, with tables set out by the waterside, drinkers can watch the barges go by in a very peaceful setting.
I called in, but in a rare event, did not partake in a drink on this occasion.
All the tables were already full, inside and out, with families eating.
Whilst full is usually good, this had a slightly stuffy, claustrophobic feel, and felt more like a food led business than a pub.
Some will like this pub, some will love it, but it seems a place to take the family for a meal rather than meet the mates for a drink.

17 Jun 2013 22:45

Sondes Arms, Market Harborough

Visited as part of the Welland Valley Beer Festival, so difficult to know what it is like normally, but this was by far the busiest of those we visited.
It's a great looking place, which has a welcoming interior. The outside area accommodated a marquee, real ale and a live band.
Whilst many of the pubs retained a 'village atmosphere' on this very busy day, something was lost at this pub - perhaps they aimed at volume sales a little too much and the size of the whole set up spoilt it a litttle bit, but overall, a nice pub that is perhaps best visited when not so busy.

17 Jun 2013 22:37

Royal George, Cottingham

Visited as part of the Welland Valley Beer Festival, so difficult to know what it is like normally, but like many on the day, a place that seemed a good place to drink.
Like others, this was set in a village location.
The beer festival area was situated in the front car park and made for a great atmosphere with a superb choice of ale and cider on offer.
The pub inside is split into a number of rooms, including a wooden decked area which overlooks the valley.
Appeared to be a good pub,but not sure if there normal range of real ales would satisfy some.

17 Jun 2013 22:32

The George Inn, Ashley

Visited as part of the Welland Valley Beer Festival, so difficult to know what it is like normally, but a place that seemed a good place to drink.
The pub is set in a nice village location, and on this occasion, they had a marquee set up in the car park with a great looking hog roast on offer.
Great beers on offer, including a fantastic stout from local brewery, Langtons.
Whilst not really anything to do with the pub, one of the locals should be greatly thanked. - Whilst waiting for a bus which did not turn up for over one hour, your offer of a bottle of Jamesons, shared with the queue, was greatly appreciated.
Thank you, and hopefully one day, you will read this !!.
This is a nice pub which must be worth a visit should you be in the area.

17 Jun 2013 22:27

Queens Arms, Market Harborough

Visited as part of the Welland Valley Beer Festival, so difficult to know what it is like normally, but a place that seemed a good place to drink.
The pub is set in a village location, and the two bar areas were serving a good selection of real ales, including some straight from the barrel sat on the bar.
Outside was a marquee selling more ale in their beer garden which has a great view over open countryside.
Nice pub which must be worth a visit should you be in the area.

12 Jun 2013 23:20

Sugar Loaf, Market Harborough

Visited on a Sunday morning when we had their breakfast.
The pub was well set out and above average for a Wetherspoons. Beer choice was good, albeit on this occasion I gave it a miss due to the early hour.
The pub was clean and the staff were friendly, whilst its central location make it ideal for anyone staying in the nearby Travelodge just around the corner.

11 Jun 2013 23:12

Belvedere, Rotherham

This is now a Tesco Store !!

28 May 2013 23:07

The Red Lion, Hinxton

A great looking pub which is just off the M11, south of Cambridge. The village of Hinxton is tranquil and the pub does not dissapoint.
It offers a cosy bar area, with a small but reasonable choice of real ale including Woodforde's Wherry and Nethergate Growler. There are also some great leather chairs you can sit in, a nice restaurant at the rear and a large, well kept beer garden to the rear if the weather invites a visit.
We tried the food, the ale pie was nice and reasonably plentiful, however the lamb was far too small and left too much 'space on the plate' and some of us left hungry, never a great thing.
I'll judge this however as a pub, and for that, and the friendliness of the staff, I'll give it a good mark.

28 May 2013 22:47

The Prince of Wales, Chatham

Visited on a quiet Tuesday night, but found it to be fairly pleasant.
The pub has one large room, it has plenty of TV screens showing Sky Sports, and the barmaid behind the bar was very friendly.
I would normally rate this pub as average, however, despite real ale being sold at an amazing price of £2.10 a pint, it must take a lower rating due to the questionable quality of its beer.
I had the Wychwood, but found it to be a little hazy and clearly not up to scratch. Whilst this could be forgiven, my mate had the Bombardier and he too reported that it was not up to the normal standard expected of this beer.
It's just another 'average' town centre pub, but one that would be okay if it were not spoilt further by its poor quality beer.

28 May 2013 22:30

The Command House, Chatham

A good looking pub that overlooks the River Medway from its seating at the front, however it could be so much better.
The barman was friendly enough, but the inside was drab, whilst the choice of drinks on the bar was poor, with just keg John Smiths, Guinness and lager available.
Other than the location, there is little to excite the passing customer which seems a shame for such a good potential location.

28 May 2013 22:21

The Reindeer Inn, Wakefield

Popped in here this afternoon after a visit to the National Coal Mining Museum which is directly opposite, and found this to be a great pub.
The pub doesn't look great from outside, and the 'John Smiths' signage does not tell the full truth.
Once inside however, you'll find a multi roomed and comfortable interior, which serves as the 'tap' for the Cap House Brewery, it's ales being brewed about nine miles away in Batley, as well as a guest beer and a real cider.
I tried some of the Cap house beers and found them to be more than pleasant.
Take a small detour from the main road next time you pass the mining museum, you won't regret it.

12 May 2013 21:53

The Monkey, Thurgoland

This review should carry a HEALTH WARNING !
If you still reading, then please make your own mind up, but earlier this afternoon I had a surreal experience at this so called pub.
I visited this place several years ago, it was okay, full of reasonable people having a quiet drink - nothing different to many pubs up and down the country.
Yesterday, I passed whilst out cycling. As I approached, I was intrigued to see if the pub was still open as some of the signage appeared to be missing.
As I got closer, I saw a surreal sight, there were a large amount of what some would call 'art' littering the car park, comprised of an old toilet, a vacuum cleaner and other old houshold items that I would prefer to call junk and an eyesore.
The front door to the 'pub' was open, but there were no cars, and no sign of any customers, whilst the sign at the front had been altered to read, 'no beer'.
I looked through the window, and could see three mannequins, one of which had a sign around its body, bearing a four letter word which commences in the letter C.
The bar appeared empty and it seemed that no beer/drinks were available.
I began to make my way out of the car park, when an irate man appeared from the side door, he asked me if I wanted a drink.
I explained to him that I didn't, and was just curious and wished to know if the pub was still open and trading. At this point he got very angry, and shouted that I should 'F' off, that I was not safe and that I should get off his car park. He was actually screaming at me, and gave me the impression that he was suffering from mental issues.
I have since noticed that there are several items on the internet for this pub and its landlord, all of which paint a picture that this is a quirky pub with a friendly, but 'off the wall' landlord.
I like uncomformity, but this was something else and was uncomfortable to say the least.
The pub does not appear to be trading, and even if it was, to state this was the most unfriendly, and inept example of 'customer care' I have ever experienced would be a gross understatement.
I'm not sure why he reacted like this or what has happened in past to create his attitude, but I really need to warn any unsuspecting person who may pass by, that this was the behaviour of someone barely in control of himself and not really a pub, if indeed it still is, that you should consider visiting !
By far the worst review I have ever submitted - and I did not even go inside !!!

6 May 2013 22:25

Dew Drop Inn, Hathern

The term 'friendly welcome' is often overused, but in this case, it can be used correctly. This is a two roomed pub, with a real fire in the larger room. The landlord was very friendly, as were the locals who provided a great backdrop to a good pint of Greene King mild on the bar. The interior does not look as though it's been altered for years, and this is to its credit as this adds to the feel of the place. The only drawback would be that the choice of ales was limited to those from Greene King, but this should not stop you from visiting this pub.

13 Apr 2013 11:04

The Commercial, Chapeltown

This pub still offers a good selection of ever changing ales, but two of my most recent visits have left me wondering if the pub is going downhill.
One visit, some months ago now, I was served by a male who appeared that he could not care less about his customers. He was surly, a little abrupt and showed no interest in talking to some customers who were just being polite and asking about the beer on offer.
I treated this incident as a one off, however a few day ago, a diffferent male began to serve my chosen beer. He began to pur the wrong one, no problem, I requested he change this and he immediatly moved the glass over to a new pump, with an inch or so of the original beer in the glass and started to pour the new over the old.
I'm not being over-fussy, but as soon as I mentioned this to him, he stopped and got a new glass.
He knew what he'd done and in my opinion was just being lazy.
A minor point you may think, but great pubs can only stay great if the staff maintain standards. This is a shame because the landlord and some of the regular staff are always friendly and perhaps do not realise that little things like this can spoil all there previous hard work. I'll give it another go, but perhaps it's time to stop visiting so much.
Hopefully, the landlord will read this and take notice.

10 Apr 2013 23:26

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Like Stamfordian, I really enjoyed my visit to Hudderfield, and yes, it is hard to pick a favourite pub from so many good examples, but I would put this in the top two (alongside the Grove).
A friendly and warm atmosphere, aided by good bar staff who stood behind a bar offering a good selection of real ale.
It's only a couple of minutes from the train station - straight out, go past the statue and turn left - you can't miss it.
It's another must visit pub if you find yourself in Huddersfield.

10 Apr 2013 23:01

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Situated on the Huddersfield train station, this serves a great selction of real ale at good prices. Whilst it is a little tatty around the edges, there is something appealing about the place which makes it better than the cleaner but more expensive Head of Steam nearby.
This is a large one room pub with a great deal of atmoshpere and that certain genuine feeling that some pubs try to copy and often fail. Give it a try.

10 Apr 2013 22:57

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Good pub, but in a town that is quickly shaping up as a mecca for real ale, it has better pubs nearby.
That is not to say that there is anything wrong with this place which serves a good choice of well kept real ales in a convivial atmosphere. It's handy for the station and when visited with the Kings Head next door and the Sportsman around the corner, you won't complain about the choice of ale on offer.

10 Apr 2013 22:54

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Having just left the nearby Rat and Ratchet, it would have been hard to get anything better - but it did.
This is a plain looking pub from outside but once in, the range of available real ales is nothing short of superb. there is every style imaginable and proved very difficult, both to choose a pint, and even harder to leave to experience the other great pub in this town.
It's another must visit if you find yourself in huddersfield.

10 Apr 2013 22:42

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Great little pub which is on the edge of the Town centre. It was quiet on our visit, but it was very early. The beer range however was very good, inclduing some from the on site, Rat Brewery - the Stout was fantastic.
I'll echo other reviews and repeat that if you are in Huddersfield, then give it a visit along with the Grove some five minutes walk away - If you like good real ale then you won't go wrong here.

10 Apr 2013 22:35

The Queens Head, Ampthill

A pub owned by the Charles Wells brewery, which stocks their own portfolio including their Youngs beers. The place was very quiet, although a small group of locals tried their best to add something different - practicing their banjo skills in the rear room. The Eagle IPA was nice enough.

21 Mar 2013 22:36

The Coach, Greenwich

Visited on a Friday evening, and whilst the location is good, this was by far, the worst pub on our visit to Greenwich.
The pub is situated on the market, area, it's clean and offers a decent choice of real ale, albeit all from the Marstons range (Hobgoblin/EPA etc).
The pub was however badly let down by the bar staff who were clearly uninterested to the point of rudeness. When a customer orders a malt whiskey, and politely asks for ice, even when it's the end of the night and all the ice has been used/thrown away, the request should not be met by ignorance.
When water is requested as an alternative, it should be supplied, whilst here the bar staff wanted to take my whiskey behind the bar and do this themselves - surely, manners should be a basic requisite - If you have to miss a pub on a crawl around Greenwich, then miss this one, they clearly do not care !!

7 Mar 2013 21:31

Richard I, Greenwich

Visited on a Friday night and for me, the best pub we tried in Greenwich.
Just off the main road, this place was quite full and had a great atmosphere in the smaller of the two rooms it offers. There was a decent choice of beer, and the one I chose from the London Fields brewery was very nice.
This pub lies next door to the Greenwich Union and offers much better value and should be visited if you are in the area.

7 Mar 2013 21:20

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Similar to other reviews, I found this pub to be far too expensive to consider a return visit.
We visited on a Friday night, the stone floors were fairly full with customers, all relishing the large choice of Meantime brewery beers available on the bar. there was a good atmosphere and I would have liked to have stayed for a second, but..........
I suppose the shame of this place is that it is a 'must do', if you find yourself in Greenwich, and like the idea of drinking in a pub owned by a brewery like this, but at £8.90 for a pint of their Pilsner and another of a 4.8% dark beer, it is not a place to linger ! Go to the pub next door for better value !!!

7 Mar 2013 21:07

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Like previous reviews, I can confirm that this is a decent pub, despite its proximity to the Cutty sark which by the law of averages suggest this pub should not have to try too hard to pull in the crowds.
Inside, there was a reasonable choice of real ale (mine was from Robinsons, Stockport), yes it was a little dear, but they all are round here, but still a lot cheaper than the Greenwich Union pub fairly nearby.
It is smart inside and worth a visit

7 Mar 2013 20:54

The Mitre, Greenwich

Decent pub on the main road through Greenwich. It was pleasantly full on a Saturday night and the range of available beer was reasonable, albeit mine was served a little flat. There was a live singer on who provided a good backdrop. Nothing special, but worth a pint if you are passing.

7 Mar 2013 20:49

The Rose and Crown, Greenwich

Nice enough, large roomed pub, situated just off the main road passing through Greenwich, and worth the very small detour. They offered a reasonable amount of, albeit fairly common ales, but the place was full and the atmosphere was good.

7 Mar 2013 20:45

The Foresters Arms, Madeley

Situated at the foot of a High Street that seemed to have its fair share of closed pubs, the Salopian Brewery sign outside invited me in.
The pub is on two levels, a pool table on the first level, and plenty of other tables/chairs and a real fire on the upper. It did have a slightly clinical, modern feel, but overall the pub was clean, warm and certainly worth a stop. The Salopian Gold was good, as was a seasonal offering from the nearby Six Bells Brewery. Other real ales were available whilst the bar staff were friendly.
Give it a go.

1 Mar 2013 11:42

Wellingtons, Cardiff

Visited the 'Duke of Wellington' on a Saturday night and found it to be a pleasant if unspectacular place.
The beer range was reasonable, though they only had Brains available. The pub is clean and welcoming, and worth a visit if you are spending a night in the city centre. Leave the rear door of the Yard Bar, walk through the small precinct and you will find this place easy enough.

28 Feb 2013 22:11

The Borough Arms, Cardiff

What can I say ? Pubs should be judged on subjects like their welcome, their choice of beer and the general ambience.
Well this pub could be overlooked as just another very busy, city centre place full of loud music and odd customers. In its defence however, this was one of the highlights of the night.
Loud music yes, but the locals were friendy and had far more 'characters' than a hundred souless places I can think of. If you are up for a laugh, and enjoy your pint at just £2.10, then have one in here, you could do worse.

28 Feb 2013 21:56

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

Nice quiet retreat in the City Centre. Serves a fair choice of Brains beers only, but these were well kept and served by a friendly chap behind the bar. The pub has just one thin room which adds a bit of atmosphere to the place. Give it a try if you are doing a crawl around these parts.

28 Feb 2013 21:48

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

I have to agree with the previous comments. It's a large modern bar in the centre, it serves Brains handpulled ales, but these were in plastic glasses. The live music was a plus however, and the place was friendly enough. Better than O'Neills and the other brand pubs across the road, but not a traditional choice if that is your bag.

28 Feb 2013 21:46

O'Neills, Cardiff

An average City centre bar in the centre of Cardiff. the sticky floor was a sure sign that the pub had recently been full for the Italy v Wales rugby match shown on TV. No real ale, but what do you expect in one of these pubs.

28 Feb 2013 21:42

The Queens Vaults, Cardiff

This is a large roomed City Centre pub, with lots of screens and three pool tables. The room is adorned with pictures of Welsh Rugby players down the years, lending itself a Welsh character. There were a couple of real ales available on the bar, one from the Felinfoel Brewery, as well as a boxed cider. It wasn't as atmospheric as other nearby pubs such as the City Arms, but it offered a reasonable stop, especially given that it was open till midnight on a Friday evening, when others nearby had already closed at eleven.

26 Feb 2013 22:24

Zerodegrees, Cardiff

Include this place if you are planning a crawl around Cardiff City Centre. This is not your average pub, it is not a trendy bar, nor an old traditional pub. It offers a very modern decor, lots of stainless steel and floorspace, but the twist, is the brewing equipment which covers the front and one side of the building, as well as offering a Pizza from it's own large oven near the bar. I'm informed that the wide range of beers are brewed on site by this brewery which also has sites in Bristol, Reading and London. I tried the Mango and the Wheat beers, both were good and well kept. Do not struggle with the choice between theis and the very nearby City Arms - Go to both !!

26 Feb 2013 22:15

The City Arms, Cardiff

I had the pleasure of two nights in Cardiff, and this was the pub with the most choice of real ales, both from Wales and further afield. The place is directly opposite the Millenium Stadium and offers a real pub rather than the many bars which are spread around the city centre. Great choice of ale and on our visit, it was very busy with friendly bar staff and a 'must visit' should you fancy a drink around Cardiff.

26 Feb 2013 21:57

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Decent friendly pub in the City Centre. It has a fair range of Brain's offerings and plenty of small screens showing the rugby. The locals were mainly middle aged men, but this added a good deal of atmosphere, as did fire situated towards the rear.

26 Feb 2013 21:50

Owain Glyndwr, Cardiff

Fairly large single roomed pub in the city centre. It has an average, modern sort of interior, but on the plus side, does serve beers from several Welsh breweries, including the Kite Brewery. Not bad overall.

26 Feb 2013 21:45

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

I originally posted a comment about this pub in March 2012, and through curiosity, took another look at the site. I am astounded that the owner/landlord decided to call me a liar and refer to my comments as 'bullshit'.
He openly admits that he was not present at the time, whilst the small group of other customers he refers to were from the local area and made more comments about the chap behind the bar than we did. If this is the attitude of the owner, then I pity those who venture into the pub and dare to offer any truthful comments that the owner may disagree with.
Make up your own mind, but if you want my advice, visit the many other pubs in Bristol that offer good beer as well as a friendly atmosphere and give this a miss.

16 Feb 2013 00:35

The Griffin Inn, Haslingden

This pub is the home and 'tap' of the Rossendale Brewery, situated in the cellar below, and the choice on the bar reflects this with seven hand pulled beers brewed on the premises.
The beers ranged in price from £2-£2.50 per pint, a great price and a great choice of ale. It's a traditional pub, with a dartboard and several rooms. basic is the word but the welcome was friendly and if you know your real ale, then a visit to this pub when you are in the area will not let you down.

16 Feb 2013 00:20

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

After failing to get in the pub in September (see previous review), I found myself in Glasgow again much sooner than expected. I gave this place another go, and this time there was no problem.
The pub was full with a great atmosphere whilst the range of Scottish ales on the bar was superb, whilst my own choice of Cairngorm Black gold (Stout) was well kept and decent value.
They had live music on which only added to the experienece. If you are planning a visit to the pubs of Glasgow, and you enjoy a choice of real ale in a good setting, then add this to your list.

27 Jan 2013 22:20

Maggie Mays, Glasgow

An average city centre pub, nothing more, nothing less, with one large sparsely furnished room, full of big screens showing the latest dance and music videos..
They sell keg only beer and whilst perhaps a good choice for a pre-club type establishment, there are numerous better and real pubs nearby.
Give it a miss unless its raining and you happen to be running past.

27 Jan 2013 22:14

The Taybank, Dunkeld

Visited on a quiet midweek evening, but still a good place to visit. The candles and low lighting at first tended to suggest it was some kind of gastro pub, but don't always judge a book by its cover, once inside it was welcoming and a perfet place to spend an hour or two.
Several real ales were on offer, and the one tried form the Strathbraan brewery was in good form, if a little expensive.
We tried the food, and this was very well priced, good value and arrived quickly and with a smile. The Barmaid was friendly and whilst the wood buring stove was very nice, I'm sure the views in the summer from the patio outsie are great - just too cold and too dark on our visit.

27 Jan 2013 22:10

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

Popped in for a 'couple' on a quiet midweek evening, and though the place was almost empty, this was still a cracking pub. Four real ales were on offer from it's own brewery, all were tried, and all were good, but especially the strong, 'Old Remedial'. It could perhaps improve with a guest ale, but the open real fire added atmosphere and the staff were friendly, if just a bit too keen to clean up at the end of the night whilst we were still there.
This place is a good place to visit and worth the 15 minute walk up the hill from the centre of Pitlochry - The best pub in the area by far.

27 Jan 2013 22:03

The Old Mill Inn, Pitlochry

I tend to agree with previous comments. Looks good from outsid, and yes, its perfectly fine once inside, but it's lacking any real atmosphere and feels like a hotel bar.
They did sell a few hand-pulled real ales, so it does have its plus points however, so by all means give it a try, just don't expect a great pub

27 Jan 2013 21:55

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

A Museum piece of a pub, which should be visited to ensure that this place never closes.
Lit by gas, providing a rather dim glow, this only adds atmoshpere, which on our visit was added too further by several locals playing a wide variety of instruments which was very interesting.
Two Real ales were on offer, one of which was from the local Saltaire brewery.
A very old and timeless interior, interesting locals, a warming real fire, and good beer served by a friendly barman who looked straight out of a Russain novel from circa 1917 !
A must visit for those that like pubs that dont fit into the corporate mould. Superb

6 Dec 2012 20:20

The Bull, Brentwood

Visited on a quiet Wednesday night, and the place was almost empty. This is a big place however, which must struggle with its atmosphere unless full. The beer on offer was Courage Best, not inspring but reasonable. The pub, like many, appears to struggle from being 'average'.

22 Oct 2012 21:15

The Swan, Brentwood

The best pub on our short trip around some of Brentwoods pubs. yes, the beer was just the very common Greene king IPA, but the pub was friendly enough and the besr of an everage bunch.

22 Oct 2012 21:09

The Litten Tree, Brentwood

Average Weetherspoons, nicve enough atmosphere, but just one real ale on offer - and that from the Marstons chain. Come on Wetherspoons, you can do so much better than this.

22 Oct 2012 21:07

The Slug and Lettuce, Brentwood

Empty and souless, only John Smiths Smoothflow at the bar, and unfriendly, bored looking bar staff. Not exactly a riveting pub to visit.

22 Oct 2012 21:01

The King and Castle, Windsor

This was my second visit, but on this occasion, things were not as good,
Any decent pub must be judged on its variety of ale, especially a wetherspoons pub - most of the real ales were either off or 'coming soon', leaving only a choice of a few big brand beers. Two ciders shown on the bar were unavailable as well. This is a shame, as the pub is quite nice, but clearly being badly run when the availability of beers was so poor.

26 Jul 2012 22:57

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Great pub on the platform of Sheffield Station and ideal for those waiting for the next train to wherever !
Though I'm not a great fan of Thornbridge beers, this being one of their pubs, their beers are well stocked on the bar, whilst there are always another 4/5 on offer as well. Add lots of choice in bottles behind the bar and you have a good addition to the Sheffield real ale scene should you be passing through the train station. It's also a good looking place as it used to an Edwardian era Refreshment and Dining Room, now fully refurbished, its not just another bland bar. Give it a go !

21 May 2012 23:48

The Royal Oak, Chesterfield

I visited this pub after reading the reviews on this site, and whilst it didn't let me down, it was only average. (I do set high standards though).
On the plus side, it is an old place, with two seperate rooms, with an upper bar that has to be left to go outside into the street, before entering the lower bar if in need of the toilet - a fairly unique experience I like.
It had some decent beer on the bar, including Bradfield Blonde and Thwaites Wainwright, but for whatever reason, it seemed to be lacking in atmosphere, but maybe it is not always like this ?

21 May 2012 23:40

The Sitwell Arms, Whiston

This is a large pub, with a number of rooms in Whiston, on the edge of Rotherham.
Whilst is is a reasonable place, its rather uninspiring, with 2 for a tenner meals being the main reason for mosr visits. They do sell a fine pint of Abbeydale Moonshine, but at �3.10 a pint, Iv'e certainly had cheaper.
Bingo on a monday night sums up the atmosphere.Not a bad place, but you could find better than this.

21 May 2012 23:33

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

The highest pub in the North Yorkshire National Park, we visited as a family on a Thursday evening, to find most of the seats taken.
This is a very welcoming and characterful place, which offers plentiful meals (not the cheapest), and a good range of beers on the bar.
There is a very large open fireplace, lots of little alcoves, and the the lights are kept at a decent level to allow the place to be kept cosy and warm.
It is set high on the Moors with nothing else around for several miles, so would be a great stop for walkers.
Worth a visit if you find yourself looking for a good pub on the Moors.

21 Apr 2012 19:05

The Board Inn, Lealholm

Visited after a long walk around Great Fryup Dale, and found this to be very welcoming. The friendly landlady/barmaid offered three real ales, several ciders and even some of the beers from a recent beer festival which had not been sold at a knock down price. Good pints were drunk in a good atmosphere, alongside a large cast iron fireplace which made the place warm.
Great location in the centre of the village, next to a bridge which spans the river.
Certainly worth a visit if you find yourself in this corner of the North Yorkshire Moors.

21 Apr 2012 18:52

The Eskdale Inn, Castleton

Nice enough pub, that it close to Castleton Train Station on the Esk valley Railway line.
This is a large roomed pub, with a central bar that offers reasonably priced bar meals, albeit, we did not try these on our visit. They had one real ale available, which I am informed changes regular, the pint I had from the Great Newsome brewery was good to drink.

21 Apr 2012 18:44

Grain Barge, Bristol

Like the previous poster, 'Blackthorn', we visited this on a fairly cold saturday night, and I beleive this effected the atmosphere a little. It was a little bit cold inside, whilst all the windows were heavily condensated, so any view was rendered impossible.
That said, the bar had a decent selection of BBF beers, served by a friendly barman, so it wasn't all bad. just probably better on a warm afternoon !

29 Mar 2012 20:23

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Visited this pub on a saturday night, after catching a short taxi ride from the city centre. Whilst the pub itself ticked a lot of boxes, it was let down by the barman.
The pub is small and quite dark, offering a nice homely feel, whilst the range of real ales was reasonable. Some local lads in the bar were friendly and overall, this should have been a good visit.
The main subject amongst the customers however, was the young barman, who had either worked far too many hours or had just suffered a serious humour bypass. He was surly, disinterested, and made the least amount of effort possible to show any interest whatsoever in serving beer or adding to any kind of atmosphere.
It was a shame, that a pub should suffer from a barman like this, but in a small pub, this role can have a great effect, or in this case, a detrimental one.

29 Mar 2012 20:19

The Old Duke, Bristol

Visited this on a Saturday night and found the place to be packed.
There was a very good 10 piece swing band, somehow strutting there stuff on a tiny stage, but they were really good and gave the place a really good atmosphere. The beer choice could have been better, but the Bath Ales Gem was nice enough.
Less than a minutes walk from the Apple Cider barge on the docks, this was by far the livliest pub we visited during the evening, so give it a go if you are passing.

29 Mar 2012 20:11

The Apple, Bristol

Great Idea this - Cider on a barge !!
In the City centre, and just a short stroll from the Old fish Market, this has to be visited if you fancy a good cider whilst in Bristol.
The prices were surprisingly reasonable (around �2.50 per pint for some), and there were about 5/6 to choose from which is good considering the size of the bar they have available. The atmosphere was good, and a visit won't dissapoint.

29 Mar 2012 20:02

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Large City Centre pub which was showing the England v Ireland rugby game on several large screens on our visit. It was quite busy but it had a great atmosphere, in a good looking building, whilst the pint of Butcombes was in good condition.
Top marks however to the manager, Ben.
He was very friendly and clearly runs a good ship here. He went out of his way to speak to us to make a group of Yorkshiremen welcome. The Old Fish Market is certainly worth a visit on any pub walk around Bristol.

22 Mar 2012 21:18

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Visited after the recent Bristol Beer Festival, and found this to be a good place to spend an hour. It boasted several decent real ales at the bar, friendly locals and a few decent musicians who were part of an acoustic guitar evening.
It did take some finding, but persevere, we did, and it was worth it.
It's near to both the King's Head and Cornubia, and if you visit these three pubs as part of your crawl, you cannot wrong if you like real ale in real pubs.

20 Mar 2012 22:43

The Cornubia, Bristol

Great pub, selling a wide range of real ales. It does lack the authentic charm of the superb King's Head nearby, but it had a good choice at the bar, as well as friendly bar staff who also sold some great pork pies which were served with a variety of different relishes.
Visit this place with a visit to the King's Head and you won't go far wrong - and both are close to the railway station.

20 Mar 2012 22:37

The Kings Head, Bristol

A superb interior makes this pub one that 'must be visited' if you like unspoilt historic pubs. It has a very unusual tramcar design, and several well kept real ales, served by a friendly landlord who was confident that he is running a gem of a pub, and only a short walk both from Temple Meads station and several other decent pubs selling real ales.
A classic.

20 Mar 2012 22:33

Adam and Eve, Cheltenham

Great little pub which we visited before attending the Cheltenham Festival. This is set within terraced housing and the interior is very 1970's to the point that it resembles 'Life on Mars'.
Do not let this put you off however, for if you like a good pint of Arkells, a lovely landlady who makes you feel welcomed as a local and a nice laid back atmosphere, then you should visit.
The interior is actually one of the plus points in this all too modern age, with a vegatable patch as a rear garden and a skittles alley which is clearly used but was closed on our visit.
If I ever find myself looking for a pint in Cheltenham again, I'll call again.

19 Mar 2012 23:03

The King and Castle, Windsor

Whilst this is a 'Wetherspoons', I feel this is sometimes a term that is not always used fairly.
The pub is attractive, with leather seats and chandaliers, and is situated just opposite the Castle. Real ale choice was good, with some from locally sources. The price was very reasonable, unless Guiness was purchased which for whatever reason was on the expensive side.
Overall, a decent place which is worth a visit if you fancy a good pint in the centre of town.

11 Mar 2012 17:32

The White Horse, Longford

This pub, whilst being very close to Heathrow airport, has the genuine feel of a country pub in a nice village setting. It is very inviting, all low beamed roof and open fireplace, whilst they had four different real ales on the bar. The staff were friendly, and if it were not for the fact that it was �4 per pint, this place would get a much higher mark.
If I lived locally, I would choose not to pay these prices, but as a one off, it was something I had to grin and bear.
Overall, a good pub, just stock up your wallet if you intend visiting !

11 Mar 2012 17:27

The Wheatsheaf, Harlington

Visited for a few pints on a Monday night. fairly quiet, but the locals were friendly and whilst the beer choice could have been better, both were tried and found to be decent. The pub is fairly old fashioned, but this makes it unlike many of the obvious chain pubs that lurk around every corner.
The landlady/barmaid was friendly, and overall, the pub was worth a visit.

11 Mar 2012 17:19

The Three Magpies, Heathrow

Visited on a Wednesday night and found this to be a decent enough place. The welcome from the bar staff was lively and genuine, which made a good start. It is a chain pub, and suffers to a degree from this, but the food was nice enough, whilst the beer, although only common ales from the Marstons stable and Black Sheep was reasonable.
This isn't a bad place if you want to escape the hotels on the A4 near to Heathrow, but at almost �3.80 per pint for bitter, it's not much cheaper.
Reading previous posts, this pub seems to have improved, as it was certainly better than in the past if they show a correct picture.

11 Mar 2012 17:14

The Tut 'N' Shive, Doncaster

Decent, lively and 'warm' pub that stands near to the train station. It doesn't really have any stand out points, but does always have a decent choice of real ale on the bar, so certainly worth a visit if you are in Doncaster. If you fancy something a little more authentic however, then try the Plough next door.

20 Dec 2011 22:17

The White Swan Inn, Doncaster

I visited this pub as it looked inviting and used to sport the 'highest bar in the UK' - what a dissapointment.
The pub is quite basic inside, and certainly nothing special, whilst the points which should make it 'different' have been ruined. The front area should be a clutch of benches surrounding a great open fire, but this remained bricked up and cold. As for the 'high bar', well I presume 'improvements' over recent years have built in front of this and now it stands at a normal height.
The only plus point was the locally brewed Glentworth Ale on draught, but it really should try harder if it wants to compete with others in the town centre of Doncaster.

20 Dec 2011 22:14

The Masons Arms, Doncaster

Should be one of the best pubs in Doncaster, however, in the few years that it's been since I last visited, things have not gone well. The pub still has two distinct rooms, with the room to the front near the Markets still feeling old and cosy. A great pub like this, should however be treasured, and the room at the rear, though pleasant enough with its real fire, appears to have been 'modernised' a little too much, as it now sports flock wallpaper and leather setees. This would be great in some pubs, but not one as old as this, and for me it's just the first step towards spoiling what was a retreat from the modern world. The beer range was reasonable, however, spoilt somewhat after we trod in some dog s***. This had clearly been left there, and not 'walked in'. If you are going to allow dogs in, then at least make sure they don't leave something behind.

20 Dec 2011 22:08

Gatehouse, Doncaster

Modern Wetherspoons pub, but one that seems to offer a decent atmosphere, even when not full. On our visit, the beer was a bit cloudy, which really should have been better, however, I also ate, and found the food to be very pleasant and certainly worth trying again.

20 Dec 2011 21:59

Cask Corner, Doncaster

Visited this on a quiet Monday afternoon, and overall, found it to be a good experience. This place is built into a modern unit, allowing loads of space for quirky decorations, lending an interesting experience. The bar had about twelve real ales from micro breweries, a great choice which is reason to visit alone. Additionally however, was a board full of bottled beers to sample, including many from Germany and Belgium - Fantastic !
There was one huge problem however, and that was the almost complete lack of heating in the building. Yes it was December, and cold outside, but I only saw one little heater hanging from the roof. Whilst I do not expect it to be too hot, I do expect to be able to take my coat off. If I am paying good money for a beer, I want to enjoy it, and possibly stay for another, but this was like drinking outside in winter !!

20 Dec 2011 21:56

The Old Angel, Doncaster

Good looking pub from outside, and matters improve even more on entering. The pub is built on two levels, with a bar on each. The place really is very pleasing to the eye, whilst the normal good choice at the bar, found in most Wetherspoons pubs was available. I had a pint from the nearby Thorne brewery which was well kept. One of the best Wetherspoons pub I have been in. Give it a try.

20 Dec 2011 21:50

The Plough, Doncaster

This place looks quite bland from outside, but make the effort and go inside. It is a little time warp, full of wooden walls, and 1930's style features. There are two distinct seperate rooms, one of which which had a nice warming fire. There were several real ales on offer on the bar, whilst the gents outside toilets in December certainly made you realise what it is like to be a Northern drinker.
The pub is welcoming and cosy, and should be visited if you fancy a proper pub which has yet to be ruined by anyone wishing to turn it into an identikit town centre bar.

20 Dec 2011 21:46

Corner Pin Inn, Doncaster

Nice enough pub, tucked away in a side street but near to both the town centre and train station. It was quiet on our visit, but the four Christmas Ales certainly gave us a decent choice. I felt the pub however was a little bit 'run down' The place just needs a lick of paint, whilst turning the heating up a little would have helped. I believe this has recently been voted Doncaster Camra pub of the year for 2011, perhaps this is a fair reflection, but to gain that accolade, I expected something better.

20 Dec 2011 21:40

Railway Hotel, Doncaster

Very quiet on my visit, with only a few friendly locals being present. This has one large room, which seemed to lack a bit of character for me. The landlord was fine however, and the two beers were well kept.
This place just needs something to entice people in as I wouldn't particularly rush back in as it stands at the moment.

20 Dec 2011 21:35

The Washington, Sheffield

As in the last review, the unremarkable rooms remain, and it resembles some of the pubs you will find on estates all over the country, however, it is close to the city centre and makes a change from the normally frenetic, anonymous atmospheres these can create. Has a strong music background, but no band was playing on my visit.

18 Dec 2011 17:07

The Museum, Sheffield

I agree with the last review, that this pub is a little sterile, and like many other city centre 'bars', however, despite it being a Greene King pub, they do offer a good selection of real ales, some from smaller breweries.
Don't go out of your way to visit, but if you are nearby, you'll get a decent pint here and its pleasant enough.

18 Dec 2011 16:53

All Bar One, Sheffield

As previously, this bar offers little in regards to atmosphere, anyone visiting Sheffield would be so much better advised on seeking out many of the other more interesting places in the city centre. They do now have both Black Sheep and Doom Bar on offer however, yet both were off on a recent visit - once again resulting in choices of only ogverpriced continental lagers or Guinness.
Very Poor and really not worth bothering with.

18 Dec 2011 16:50

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

Visited on a Saturday evening and found this to be reasonable, if a little bit unspectacular and devoid of character. Unlike many wetherspoons pubs, this seems to be in a new kind of building so has no real interest bar the cheap drinks, not that this is a bad thing.
If you are staying nearby in the Premier Inn, it's a decent meeting place, better than a hotel bar, and has a decent selection of real ale, but there must be more interesting places nearby.

28 Nov 2011 22:13

The Minories, Tower Hill

Not unique, but certainly a rare kind of pub in that it is built under the arches of the tube system. This lends a good amount of atmosphere to the place, which is better inside than the outside suggests. The roof is all open brick arches and the sound above when a tube passes is a talking point whilst drinking one of their real ales, although these were in the main, common, well known brands.
Atmospheric and fairly darkly lit, this a decent place to spend an hour if passing anywhere near to Tower Bridge.

28 Nov 2011 22:04

The Feathers, St James's

Great looking place from outside and equally welcoming on the inside. The bar sported several beers, and the Thwaites Mild I had was well kept.
The inside has a nice Victorian look, with plenty of wood and etched windows, certainly worth a visit if you are passing.

28 Nov 2011 21:53

The Prince of Wales, Greasbrough

This pub has been run for many years now by the same landlord/landlady who are a very nice old couple. The pub therefore is traditional and offers an insight into pubs as they once were.
The interior has not been touched for years, is old fashioned and a welcome hark back to pubs before they all changed to 'gastro' identikits.
They have always offered a regularly changing real ale, always at a very good price (currently �2.20), and the locals are friendly.
The pub does suffer however from a very neglected exterior, both paint and masonry falling from the front, it really need looking after before it gets too bad - I beleive this has something to do with the pub owners rather than the landlord himself. Call in for a good value pint if you are passing, just ignore the exterior.

5 Nov 2011 15:43

The Punchbowl, York

Visited with my family, including my 14/16 year old children, however we were informed in no uncertain terms that company policy meant that as we were not ordering food, we could not stay and have a drink. I am aware that under UK law, anyone who is 16 may have a beer or wine with any meal they have, yet we were not allowed to buy our children a coffee as we were not eating and only popped in for one quick drink at teatime.
Company policy may be one thing, but to be spoken to in the manner we were by the surly barmaid, who made me feel as though I should know the policy of this company left a lot to be desired. The experience did not leave a good impression of Wetherspoons which was a shame.

29 Oct 2011 19:37

The Hare and Hounds, Barnsley

First ever visit to this pub came on a Saturday teatime. The pub is quite spacious, with rooms either side of a large bar area. These rooms are further complimented by a small room to the rear which houses a pool table, and a seperate restaraunt area which serves what I am led to believe are good pub meals. (cannot comment personally)
There were two real ales available, Sharps Doom Bar and Otter Ale, which was okay, but served a little cold for my likning and at �3, a touch expensive when compared to other pubs in this area.
Seemed a reasonable pub, but probably won't rush back.

24 Oct 2011 18:14

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

Visited for a quick pint and found this place to be pleasant enough. there were three real ales on offer, I chose the Thwaites Wainwright but it wasn't quite up to it's normal high standard, the virtual lack of head possibly took the edge of it for me, and at �3.10 per pint, a little expensive, even in these times.
The pub itself was interesting with seperate rooms and what appeared to be friendly enough locals.
There was a live acoustic set in a room to the rear, but the �4 entry curtailed my interest as I was only stopping for one beer.
Would visit again, but it was more average to good, than exceptional.

16 Oct 2011 09:56

The George Hotel, Bishop's Stortford

To confirm the previous reviews, this is no longer a pub, and is part pf the Prezzo Italian food/Pizza chain.
Seems a shame that a place once frequented by Charles 1st and 2nd should end up like this, but it seems, another historic pub has gone forever.

16 Oct 2011 09:47

The Boars Head, Bishops Stortford

Good looking pub from outide, which got better on entering. We were met immediatly by a large bar, lots of exposed beams and the most amazing open fireplace I have ever seen. To stand beside this with a pint was a treat. The pub also had two other fairly large rooms though these were on each side of the main room and didn't impact when only in the bar area.
I should be giving this pub a decent mark, after all, the decor, fireplace, view of the illuminated church opposite were great, whilst the locals were friendly.
The mark however is badly affected, as they were selling 'no beer' whatsoever. They had three pumps for real ale, all of which were however, turned around.
I couldn't beleive it when told that they had just gone off (On a quiet Thursday night), and that there wasn't even any keg substitute. And so I was forced into a pint of Guiness extra cold...... Great pub, but it appears, badly managed.

16 Oct 2011 09:33

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

Our first ever visit to Glasgow bore quite a few good pubs, and this certainly did not let things down.
An historic pub with a fantastic island bar, which can be walked around if you want to admire its full length.
The pubs Interesting old decor was only let down very slightly by an unexciting selection of beer on the bar, however, this was not enough to spoil the experience of a classic pub in the city centre.
If you are visiting this city, and you like old, authentic pubs, then make sure that this is one of those you visit.

21 Sep 2011 21:56

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Visited early on a Sunday evening, but due to the Old Firm game that had taken place earlier in the day, the door staff would not let us enter - Shame really, on this my first, and maybe only ever visit to Glasgow - We hardly looked the sort to start any trouble, but it was just one of those things I suppose.

21 Sep 2011 21:44

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Fantastic - Our visit was on a Sunday night and I found both the regulars near the bar, and the bar staff themselves to be very friendly.
The whiskeys on offer was outstanding, and when I asked for a choice of whiskey from Islay, the lady behind the bar was informative and certainly knew her stuff, allowing me to smell the contents before making my slightly expensive choice.
Real ale was also on offer, with a couple of beers from the locally brewed Kelburn Brewery.
Some of the other locals were a little 'feisty', but this all added to the unique atnosphere. - Good pub, give it a go.

21 Sep 2011 21:28

Counting House, Glasgow

Stunning buidling inside with a large glass dome above the bar and numerous marble statues around the edge of the very large open room area.
The beer selection could have been slightly better, (no micros from Scotland) which for Wetherspoons was a surprise, however, the staff were very informative about the beer they did stock and were very very friendly.
One of the best Wetherspoons I have ever visited.
No complaints and would certainly include this in any walk around the city centre.

21 Sep 2011 21:18

The Scotia Bar, Glasgow

This pub does not look particularly appealing from outside, but don't be put off - Once inside, its a welcoming old pub, with very old wood and glass panels as well as quite a few small rooms of the main bar area. Live music on the Sunday evening I was in, and the mixed crowd made for a decent atmosphere - High marks for its history, slightly lowered by the lack of choice at the bar, with only Belhaven Best on draught (from the Greene King stable).
All in all though, a good pub - Give it a try !

21 Sep 2011 21:07

The West End House, Kirkstall

Found this pub to be attractive and busy on my visit (Just before the Kaiser chiefs played Kirkstall Abbey nearby). There were three real ales available, a good choice, including Leeds Brewery Pale, Ilkley Bitter and Wharfebank Tether Blonde, however, this was a a bit on the expensive side at nearly �3 a pint.
Seemed a nice enough pub, although the barmaid/landlady possibly seemed a little bit offhand with a few customers, whilst the pub itself was heavily geared towards the food side.
Reasonable place for a pint, just not sure it offers anything extra to justify the extra cost of a pint.

12 Sep 2011 20:51

Cardigan Arms, Leeds

This place is easy to drive past on the busy road that lies outside, and the exterior may not invite you in, but do not be put off.
The drinker enters into a bygone era, a little rundown, but one that should be treasured. The central bar serves both a tap side and an open floored area, but this in turn leads into three seperate rooms, all dark wood panels, ornate ceilings and fireplaces - , one can only admire how this place must have been at its peak, but where its open there's hope - drinkers of Leeds and beyond, do not let this pub close !
At the bar, two real ales were on offer, Tetleys, (which I ignored as it's no longer a Leeds brew), and opted for the Leeds Brewery Pale instead which was nice.
Yes, you'll find cleaner and trendier 'bars', but this is how all were once, and those that survive should be visited - you'll be sad when theyv'e all gone.

12 Sep 2011 20:33

The Commercial, Chapeltown

The Commercial is a pub which appears welcoming whatever time of day you visit. I'm not a local, however, those that are always seem friendly, and like previous reviews, I agree that all age ranges frequent this place which adds a certain amunt of character.
The bar is well stocked, albeit, four of the real ale pumps available are from the nearby Wentworth brewery, a minor moan, but it's not really my favourite tipple, just a shame they rely so heavily on this brewery when there are so many other great breweries in the South Yorkshire area and beyond. On my last visit they also had a few beers on from the Crown brewery, Sheffield, one from Lancaster brewery and another from the Durham brewery.
The ale however is always in good form, the bar staff friendly and the food is wholesome.
The best pub in Chapeltown and worth the short walk from the train station if you are passing.

7 Sep 2011 22:04

Ye Olde Dog and Partridge Inn, Tutbury

On a recent visit to Tutbury, there didn't appear to be much alternative in the High Street, so a visit to the Dog and Partridge was in order.
From outside it's all tudor beams, whilst the inside is comprised of a large number of interconnecting rooms of different styles which are all well kept and welcoming. The impression gained was that of a well run hotel, with nothing out of place, this however is not everything that a pub should offer, and the place seemed to lack genuine character and just seemed to be another 'modern' chain pub, offering four expensive and predictabe real ales from the 'major' brewers like Marstons and Adnams. There was no draught cider offered and I was forced into purchasing an expensive bottled alternative.
The many rooms were all full of menus and cutlery and is clearly geared towards offering food rather than being a genuine pub - for this reason, I feel the 'pub' was a little false.
In summary, a place with a nice interior, and small rear beer garden, but it never quite felt like a real English pub for me.

29 Aug 2011 22:13

The White Swan, Walton on Trent

Visited this pub as a group of ten adults and nine children, with the main intention being to order food, and due to the size of our group, I guess it proved a fair test for the kitchen staff.
The pub was busy and clean, if a little bit lacking in character. The food arrived within a reasonable time and overall was nice enough, if a little short in terms of the size of some of the meals offered, which spoilt matters in some cases.
As a pub however, which is how I rate on this site, the place was a little too orientated towards food, whilst the beer range was purely from the Marstons range (Pedigree and a brew from Wychwood), with no true guest ale being provided.
This is a good looking pub, with decent enough food, but not the best place if you want a genuine pub experience.

29 Aug 2011 21:57

Plough, Sheffield

Visited this pub on a sunny Sunday evening, and found it to be very pleasant.
The pub is stone built, and the inside is cosy and welcoming. Choice at the bar was very good, with five real ales on offer, including three from the nearby Bradfield Brewery and one from Great Newsome, additionally, the cost of our round seemed reasonable. We sat outisde in the garden to the rear, which provides good views of the local countryside.
The garden area could do with a slight clean up, whilst inside, the carpet has seen better days, but overall, a nice place which I will visit again.

4 Jul 2011 20:35

The Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield

Visited this great looking pub at 7pm on a Sunday evening. I was looking forward to ordering a meal, and asked what time they served food until.
The answer was a curt 'seven' - I appreciate that pubs have to stop serving at some point, but it was bang on seven o'clock, not a minute afterwards, and it was quite clear that the lady behind the bar had no thought of allowing me to order food - This was a shame, I had driven a fair way to get there, and there was clearly no discretion despite their being nothing else available in the local area. Accordingly we left without buying food or a drink, but is shouldn't have had to be like this surely ?

4 Jul 2011 20:27

The Rockingham Arms, Wentworth

Visited this pub again and having read my previous comments, thought I could add a suitable update. The pub is the same, particularly good sat outside in summer, but this time we had a meal.
They offer good value food, albeit from a standard menu (as this is part of the Good Night Inns chain). They offer both normal bar meals, but also food from a two for �9 offer.
Although this wasn't fantastic, it was certainly decent value and I had no complaints. Beer wise, two of the same beers were available, however they were now down to three, with another beer from the nearby brewery at Wentworth on offer - again this could be improved.
This is an old 'country pub' that has lost a bit of its charm due to the amount of commercialised signs urging you to buy meals etc - a shame, but at least it's open, which these days, is a bonus.

4 Jul 2011 20:21

Fox and Hounds, Saltburn by the Sea

Visited this pub in April 2011, but it has only just been added to this site.
My recollection however is that this pub is in a great setting, fronting on to a country road and just outside the village of Staithes by the coast and off the main coast road.
The inside comprised of a room full of brasses and other trinkets, with another larger room at the rear where meals were being served.
They were offering one or two real ales which were reasonable enough if unexciting, however they also sold Magnet at a very cheap price.
I don't know if this was an offer they have regularly, and yes, I would much rather have real ale, but my principles fell on the alter of a cheap pint - I cannot recall the cost, but it was great value and if still available, must be worth calling in and trying - It isn't often these days that beer is sold at this price and when it is, the pub deserves the custom

22 Jun 2011 20:19

The Masons Arms, Rotherham

As you enter the pub from the front, two rooms on either side, promise much. they are little cosy hideaways, perfect for a group of people to sit out of the way. Carrying on and down some steps, and you are in the main central room of the pub with a brick pillar in the centre and a strange 70's style, tiled bar area.
The pub has always served beers from Youngers or Theakston, the latter being on offer recently. There were some other real ales from recollection, which were fine but were only from the large and predicatable breweries.
The pub doesn't appear to have changed at all for the last 25 years or more. It's comfortable, if a little 'boring' - Full of brasses and 'locals' eating bar meals.
Not a bad place, but not something to make a great effort to get to.

22 Jun 2011 20:11

The Red Lion Inn, Rotherham

This is a pub with just one open plan room, albeit with a large wall pillar in the centre which does segment it a little. Towards the front is an area with a pool table, whilst the 'locals' are always friendly enough.
It is situated perfectly in the centre of Thorpe Hesley, in easy walking distance of two other pubs and a third just five minutes away.
It is the pub in 'Thorpe' with the youngest regulars, however it doesn't really offer anything special and would struggle to entice the casual visitor for a return visit.
Yes, it has a fairly nice beer garden at the rear, but overall, the 'sparkle' is missing, perhaps a lick of paint would assist.
The worst part however is a distinct lack of choice at the bar, with no real ale on offer - This isn't a Bad pub, it's just so instantly forgettable.

22 Jun 2011 20:05

The Gables Hotel, Gretna

I visited this Hotel for a meal and drink after attending a wedding in Gretna.
My recollection however is a little jaded (I suggested that BITE add this pub to their database shortly after attending, and thank them for doing so, however, this has remarkably took almost twelve months ! - so understanably, my memory isn't 100%).
From memory however, this place does feel more like the Hotel that it is, rather than a pub. The food was nice enough, and general decor/setting perfectly reasonable. We sat in a large room at the rear of the building which led directly onto a patio area with a grassed area adjacent which was perfect for the children in our party to run around safely.
Cannot recall what was on the bar - Don't think they had a real ale, but I could be wrong.
Overall, perefct for an after wedding family get together, but struggle to judge this place outside these limited circumstances.

22 Jun 2011 19:57

Turks Head Hotel, Tynemouth

Quiet during my visit on a wednesday night, but the experience was positive.
A welcoming, white tiled exterior opened onto a Wooden floor leading to a well stocked bar with a choice of four or five real ales.
Yes, four of these were larger brands such as Bombardier and Courage, but the pint of Houston Peter's Well I had was well kept and decent value.
The stuffed Border Collie in a glass case adds interest. Whilst I cannot really comment on the other pubs in Tynemouth, this place is in a superb position near the castle and is certainly worth a visit if you find yourself here.

12 Jun 2011 00:13

The Vineyard, Newcastle

This is a City centre bar, which mainly serves wine, has no bar pumps at all, so only offered bottles of Duvel from the fridge at �3.40 a go to satisfy the beer drinkers amongst us
Yes, the Duvel was nice, but it was literally the only drink for a beer drinker available, so the choice was very, very poor.
On the plus side, the bar was cosy, nicely lit and somewhere you could relax over your drink, so despite the above, it's worth a visit, just don't expect any chocie at the bar.

11 Jun 2011 15:21

Revolution, Newcastle

Visited on a Tuesday night and found to be lively and very smart - if you in the city centre, then it's fine, but if you want a selction of decent ales on the bar at good value, then it's one to walk past - it all depends on what mood you're in I guess.

11 Jun 2011 15:14

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

Very nice looking building, both from outside and welcoming once inside. Typical Wetherspoons choice at the bar, with a pint of draught real ale at �1.99, which couldn't be faulted.
There may be better pubs in the city centre, but there's nothing wrong with this place at all, the choice and price are spot on - Worth a stop for a drink if you are in Newcastle

11 Jun 2011 15:11

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

The pub didn't look welcoming at all from the outside, it is probably like this all of the time, but looked even worse, being covered in scaffolding - inside, it's a little dingy, and yes, even a little smelly, whilst some of the women in our group looked questioningly why we were in there - Still reading ?
Well, the pub has one saving grace, and that's the decent selction of real ale served on the bar - whilst ever real ale remains relatively 'rare' in city centre's this pub will be okay, but if this becomes more prevalant, then this pub will just become a bit of a hole without the 'different' ale to attract people in.
If you like real ale, then visit for one - If not, then maybe a walk past is in order

11 Jun 2011 15:06

O'Neills, Newcastle

Note that the previous comments refer to this place being 'dirty' and going to 'rack and ruin' - I'm not a local, and can only comment on one visit, but for the brief time I was there, the pub appeared clean and pleasant enough - Yes its a chain pub, and the choice at the bar is very limited, but the Smethwicks bitter was its usual bland but reasonable standard (Not the pub's fault).
Decent place for a 'safe bet', but nothing amazing.

11 Jun 2011 14:48

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

Started a crawl of Newcastle in here on a tuesday night, and found it to be reasonably full, with a decent enough selection at the bar. The Mordue Workie Ticket was well kept - Looks better inside than it did from the street, wooden floors and sofas make up the decor - Worth a stop if you are in the city centre

11 Jun 2011 14:44

Strines Inn, Bradfield

To start with, this pub appears to have the lot - A great location overlooking Strines Reservoir whilst just a few miles off the main Snake Pass, a traditional old building with three seperate rooms and a nice seated area outside.
It really is a nice place, but if I were being just a little picky, it would be that although the beer choie was fine, it was entirely made up of the Marstons portfolio, so 'boasted' Pedigree, Banks bitter, Jenings Cockerhoop and one from Ringwood - the Jennings I tried was pleasant enough, I would have just preferred a little more choice from some of the excellent breweries in the Sheffield area - Lots of people were eating, and this just about didn't spoil the pub atmosphere but it was a close run thing.
Overall, a great looking pub in a great location - give it a try, just could be better with a little more imagination and choice at the bar.

2 May 2011 23:52

Sportsman, Scholes

This pub has struggled for years and was knocked down several weeks ago now - It no longer exists.

25 Apr 2011 22:16

The Bay Horse, Scholes

Good pub in a quiet village setting. Has a decent enough selection of real ales, including Bradfield Farmers Blonde and Kelham's Pale Rider, although the rest were a little more predictable - Landlord etc.
If there is one thing that spoils this place from being up there with the best however are the cost of the drinks which have been a little high now for some time. Even taking in the current cost of pubs, they are high here - �3.04 per pint and a massive �3.31 for the stronger Pale Rider.
If you are travelling up the M1 near junction 35, you could do worse than drive the few miles to this cosy retreat, just don't expect much for your money when at the bar.

25 Apr 2011 22:15

Belvedere, Rotherham

Currently closed and boarded up.

25 Apr 2011 22:04

The Black Bull, York

Visited this pub with the family during a midweek evening and found it to be worth the effort.
The pub is sited in a nice village, just a few miles off the main road between Whitby and Staithes. It has several 'rooms', with traditional decor and a seperate dining room area to the rear.
We had a meal in the main pub area, not the cheapest perhaps, but certainly good portions. There were a few ales on offer, including Theakston Old Peculier and 'Mayhem', brwed by the nearby North Yorkshire brewery, whilst they also offered Tetleys Imperial on keg.
The landlord and staff were very friendly and deserve a visit if you are passing this way.

23 Apr 2011 23:34

The Captain Cook, Staithes

This place could be a cracking place, however, what it really needs is someone with a pair of ladders and a paintbrush to tackle the battered looking exterior first.
For those that venture inside, it doesn't get much better with a tired decor which includes tatty, worn and shiny carpets, areas of staining on the wall and a lighbulb hanging without any form of shade.
There are positives though, and this is provided by the fine array of six real ales from micro breweries (on our visit, they held a festival which upped the selection to around thirty !). The beer seems well kept and the locals are friendly, you just get the impression that the pub needs a lot more attention.
Would have definatly marked this pub higher if it wasn't so run down, but still worthy of a visit if in Staithes and you fancy a great pint of real ale !

22 Apr 2011 23:02

The Old Peacock, Beeston

Other than this pubs great location, directly opposite Elland Road, it really hasn't got a great deal to recommend it.
It has a large bar area but only offers Greene King IPA in plastic pint pots - The place has a very tired look inside, and needs new carpets and a general coat of paint, even the many Leeds United shirts and pictures which cover the wall and ceiling are faded and look a little tacky.
This pub could be so much better, but unfortunatly, offers nothing special

17 Apr 2011 22:13

Old White Hart, Beeston

Only ever visited this pub prior to Leeds united home games - On these occasions it usually has a good football crowd in but I can only imagine, the pub isn't as good when not as full.
The large interior includes several rooms including a function room which doesn't add to the look of the place which overall needs some loving care.
On the positive side, the bar staff and landlord are friendly, whilst the Tetleys hand pulled beer at �2.20 a pint is kept well and decent value.

17 Apr 2011 22:07

Kimberworth Park, Kimberworth

Large, modern estate pub, originally called the Hook, Line and Sinker.
This has now been taken over by Marstons and includes beers from their Wychwood range including Hobgoblin and January's ale on my visit.
The pub itself is very large, perhaps too large for the way custom has changed over recent years - it is generally in good shape however and offers a carvery at a reasonable price of �3.50 per head.
Tried the food tonight however and it was not particularly good, unless you like overly salty, dry and tasteless carvery fayre.
Empty on our visit, this may be better given some atmosphere, but it would take a lot more than this to improve the food.

17 Jan 2011 22:28

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

This pub has a superb interior, which commences as soon as you enter via the front door and sweep down the staircase which lends the whole place a touch of class. It is by far the best Wetherspooons I have ever visited.
Visited this place twice recently, firstly on a Friday evening when I sampled a pint of Daleside from its many ales on offer - this was good quality and as usual in these places, great value,
The second visit was for its breakfast the next morning - ample amount of tasty well cooked food, tremendous value and all consumed in a relaxed atmosphere.
If you are wary of Wetherspoons, ignore your previous experiences and visit this place if you are in Harrogate.

15 Jan 2011 21:19

Alberts Bar, Harrogate

Modern style bar in the centre of town. Visited here on a busy Friday night and found this to be a little quiet. there was a choice of lagers etc, and surprisingly a couple of real ales, though on this occasion, I tried the Wheat Beer and found this to be very pleasant.
The place is full of leather setees and good lighting which lends a casual, modern atmosphere.
Better than most bars of this style

15 Jan 2011 21:10

The Blues Bar, Harrogate

Visited here on a Friday night and found it to be very busy - this is a small pub, with one room served by a small bar area. it was so busy that many people were sat on the staircase which leads upstairs whilst watching a blues band which was crammed into the window area.
They sold a couple of real ales, including one from Wold Top which was in good form.
There was a great atmosphere, the live music was good and offered something a little different, and the beer was good.
Though I don't normally comment on the toilets, I have to say that these were not great, they were dirty and the floor was very wet, and I don't think this was from an overflowing sink !
Overall, a nice place, with its live music offering something different. Worth a visit, they just need to sort the toilets out.

15 Jan 2011 21:06

The Coach and Horses, Harrogate

Visited on a busy Friday night and found this to be a decent place to enjoy a drink. There was a reasonable choice of real ales on the bar, the Daleside being in good order, and served by friendly staff. The locals were all friendly and provided a good atmosphere.
There was nothing particularly special about this place, but on the hand, nothing at all wrong with it either - certainly worth walking slightly out of town to visit if you find yourself in Harrrogate.

15 Jan 2011 20:56

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

This was the best pub we visited on our recent walk around Harrogates pubs. The place was very full which created a good friendly atmosphere and the building itself is smart, uncluttered and consists of two fairly large rooms with wooden flooring.
The bar however is the star here, with a large amount of real ales to choose from which apparantly are regularly changed.
Having just walked from the nearby Hales Bar, I found the price of a good pint here to be much more keenly priced and to offer much better value overall.
Great location, fantastic choice of quality beers, from both the UK and further afield served by efficient bar staff - A visit to Harrogate would not be complete without a visit to this place.

15 Jan 2011 20:49

Hales Bar, Harrogate

A good pub, but not quite as good as I thought it would be.
Yes, the interior was old and nice, whilst there were enough ales on offer to provide a decent choice.
As nice as the pub was however, it was difficult to experience the 'gas lights' such were the amount of electric lights on in the place which ruined what could be something very different.
Being slightly pedantic, the service at the bar was poor/slow, despite me being the only one stood there at the time whilst the landlady chose to ignore me and talk to a member of staff instead - The beer was also a little expensive compared to other pubs nearby.
By all means, give this place atry, just don't raise your hopes too much.

15 Jan 2011 20:34

Revolution, Harrogate

An early evening visit meant a quiet atmosphere but I found this to be a very smart, relaxed place. As often happens with new 'modern' pubs, they lack any character, but this was actually a decent place in which to start the night.
Poor choice of beer as could be expected, but made up a little by the surroundings. Above average for a city centre, modern style bar.

15 Jan 2011 20:21

The Fox and Hounds, Northampton

Visited this place to find a very attractive looking building which opened up inside to a very clean, bright and polished bar inside.
There were several real ales to choose from, the Brains 'Party Popper' being well kept. The price was on the expensive side, but as a one off visit, I felt I was paying for the overall atmosphere of the place which was impressive.
Would have liked to have had a bite to eat, but they only appeared to serve expensive meals which a simple sandwich or similar would have been appreciated.
Reading previous posts, this may not be the perfect place, and I cannot comment on how the pub was originally, but whatever your views may be on pub makeovers of this sort, they do appear to have made a nice job with the decor and the atmosphere.

30 Dec 2010 21:24

The Pytchley Inn, West Haddon

This is a large building which houses a pub, seperate eating area and accomodation in a nice village setting.
The pub is housed within a large room and its central bar stocked a fairly average selection of drinks, with one real ale in the form of Rocking Rudolph from Hardy & Hansons (Greene King).
Lots of other customers appeared to be enjoying the food, but I only had a simple baguette which was reasonable.
The place was a little tired looking and didn't seem to know if it was a pub or hotel bar - not bad overall, but nothing special.

30 Dec 2010 21:06

The Blue Cow Inn, South Witham

Visited whilst heading north on the A1, easy to miss so slow down and look out for the brown signs just north of Stamford.
Very quiet on my visit, although it was tea-time. The pub has two large rooms, one which serves as the lounge area including pool table, whislt the other appears to serve as a retaurant which was closed.
Nice looking pub, albeit a little large when empty. the wood/coal burning fire however was very welcoming, the landlord very friendly and the Blue Cow Bitter, very nice.
Like many pubs just off the A1, they are usually passed at 70mph, but slow down and take time to stop at this one if you a fancy a decent pint in an historic old pub.

8 Dec 2010 22:11

The Rockingham Arms, Wentworth

Nice looking pub in a very nice village setting on the edge of Rotherham.
Great to sit outside in the summer, either in the beer garden to the rear or overlooking the bowling green to the side and equally good to be inside next to the fire during the winter months.
Visited this week to find real ales on offer including Black Sheep, Theakstons Old Peculier, Wentworth WPA and Timothy Taylors Landlord. A fair choice, but a little too reliant on 'common' beers for me - Nothing to fault really with this pub, its traditional and has a number of little side rooms making it a cosy retreat, but if I was choosing to be a little picky, it could be improved by a better choice of ales from micro-breweries. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

28 Nov 2010 22:05

The Old Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale

Visited for a very quick drink whilst half way around the 3 Peaks challenge.
The pub was empty at the time, although it was mid afternoon, however the Dent Porter was very well kept.
I asked for a pint of water and received this without any hassle, something I thought I may get after reading about some of the other pubs in this area on this site.
Though a quick visit, the pub seemd very clean and clearly catered for food. It is in an excellent setting and offered several real ales from Dent brewery and elsewhere.

20 Nov 2010 13:15

The Maypole Inn, Long Preston

Visited after walking the 3 Peaks challenge nearby, I found this to be both welcoming and friendly.
There are several rooms, including one to the side which was reserved for food although this felt cold and without character. We chose to take our meal in the main pub area which was much better.
There were four real ales to choose from, including some from the nearby Dent brewery and Moorhouses, whilst the food (Yorkshire ham and Eggs) was plentiful and superb !
The pub was quite full whilst the open fire helped in achieving a good atmosphere. Overall, a good pub and worth a visit.

20 Nov 2010 13:08

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

Visited after finishing the Three Peaks Challenge, it has two seperate rooms sharing a central bar, with a further area at the rear for food. It was a little quiet on this visit although it was still early evening. There were a few farmers stood in one side whilst the other was virtually empty. Limited number of beers but I was satisfied with the Bath Ales Gem I had which was well kept.
On the downside, it was approaching freezing outside, yet the pub had only just lit its fires so the place really was very cold.
Pub sits in an excellent setting and offers a no frills experience.

20 Nov 2010 13:00

The Greyhound Inn, Longford

Pub located next to a canal offering fine views. The place has two rooms, one a restauraunt, one the main pub, however food is served in both it seems. This did not detract from place however as it still retains its great cosy pub atmosphere. I visited before the Coventry v Leeds game and found the locals to be friendly and welcoming, full of decent folk and families. Choice of real ales was okay with a couple of mainstream beers, one from the Elland brewery, whilst I chose the Theakstons Mild, however this was served too cold for my liking.
Overall the pub has a good atmosphere, the bar staff were very friendly and the beer choice was good. If you like your decent pubs and are visiting the Ricoh Arena (approx 35 mins walk), then give it a try.

9 Nov 2010 22:56

The Blue Bell, York

Ignore the Pubmaster signage and fairly bland exterior and enter this pub situated just off the main city centre area.
As you do, you enter a traditional interior which has not been decimated by the breweries or pubcos down the years like so many others.
Its interior is authentic from 1903, a small room at the front hosts seven real ales, mostly from micro breweries, whilst a similar small room at the rear has access to the bar via a serving hatch - perhaps the best however is the small serving hatch facing the bar from the corridor area where a small wall mounted seat affords room for one man, his favoured newspaper and his favoured pint - Fantastic !
This must be how pubs were back in the day, great interior, good atmosphere, great selection of real ale - and a must visit for anyone visiting York with an interest in real pubs and real beer.

1 Nov 2010 20:53

The Water Rat, Ripon

Visited for a quick pint prior to a race meeting at Ripon Racecourse which is some ten minutes walk away.
Most drinkers were sat outside overlooking the river which does give it a nice enough setting.
It is hard to comment on the normal selection of real ale, as on this occasion, the bar was supported by a seperate temporary bar as they were holding a small beer festival - as a result the choice was very good with numerous local beers on offer including York, Rooster and others I cannot recall !
First visit so don't know what the pub is like when busier, but based on this, I would certainly drop in again if in Ripon

5 Sep 2010 20:50

The Anglers Rest, Millers Dale

Visited this on a quiet afternoon when only a few other customers were present, but found it to be a nice place.
It is sat opposite its own car park in the tiny hamlet of Millers Dale, just south of Tideswell. As such, it is very handily placed for walkers on the nearby Monsal trail, to visit for a drink of one of their fine selction of real ales.
On my visit, they had two beers from the Storm Brewing Co. in Macclesfield as well as two others from Buxton Brewery in addition to Adnams.
Overall, a nice looking pub in a great setting with a great selction of real ale - Will visit again.

5 Sep 2010 20:32

The Waterloo Inn, Taddington

Large pub situated on the busy A6 between Buxton and Bakewell (Near Blackwell) -
This is a Robinsons house and as such they had a good selection of their real ales on draught, no guest beers but at least there were three or four to choose from.
The decor was clean with many pictures of the old railway, now the Monsal trail which lies nearby. Meals are offered (though not tried).
To the rear was a nice small garden with open countryside behind.
Overall, a reasonable if unspectacular pub.

5 Sep 2010 20:22

The Queens Arms, Taddington

Visited this one quiet midweek afternoon, sparse on customers but the beer choice was good, with ale from Buxton (Kinder Downfall), Peak Ales (Bakewell Bitter) and one from further afield which was off.
The pub has one large room, food is available whilst the old tap side is now a small village shop !
Outside a large car park to the rear leads to a small grassed area where views look towards the countryside in the company of a large and loud parrot !
Nice enough pub, with a good selection of real ale just off the busy A6 road between Buxton and Bakewell - give it a go if you are passing.

5 Sep 2010 10:45

The Admiral Rodney, Sheffield

This is a large, attractive looking pub, with a nice view of the surrounding valley, whilst the inside decor is clean and pleasant. Ales served included three commonly seen brews including Black Sheep and Everards Tiger.
On the face of it, there is little to criticise, however, as I judge this pub almost entirely on its merits as a pub rather than a restauraunt, then it is somewhat spoilt by the impression that it devotes most of its efforts to food. Our food was okay, but there were no drinkers in the place and it all felt a little like a nice hotel bar rather than the pub it should be, lacking both locals or atmosphere.
Nice place to take the family for a 'pub meal', but if you want a pint in a traditional pub, you may prefer somewhere else.

28 Jul 2010 17:43

The Red Lion, Rotherham

A poor excuse of a pub !
Many years ago, this was a reasonable, lively Town centre pub, but it is a fading memory. Although in a great position tucked into a little courtyard, the pub itself has been badly run over the years andf offers nothing for those who like a nice drink. The bar choice is average, the decor none-existant whilst a conservatory at the side acts as a place where kids can run around. The place doesn't seem to know what it is, the result is just a scruffy mess. Though it pains me to say it, don't bother going in until someone takes the place and sorts it out.

17 Jul 2010 16:11

Carbrook Hall, Carbrook

Pub with a lot of history, this was a Hall once used by Parlimanterian Forces during the Civil War prior to their attack on the Castle at Sheffield. Although now only one 'wing' of the building remains, it still retains enough interest both inside and out to be different. The garden is spacious and very nice. The negative parts are that the pub offers little in the way of decent beer, serving only keg Stones which seems a shame for such an old place and the inside, though nice in parts, is a little grubby in others.
Not bad, certainly an interesting stop, but could be improved at the bar.

15 Jul 2010 20:07

The Gatehouse Tavern, Coventry

Very nice pub just a stones throw from the City Centre. Locals who were there watching the World Cup on the large TV were welcoming, and later I sat in the beer garden which was pleasant.
Five real ales were on offer, my only gripe being that four were mainstream, the only micro brewery being a beer on offer from Crouch End.
The pub has a nice atmosphere, and can be recommended - Give it a try

4 Jul 2010 22:23

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

Worth visiting, especially on a summer day, for the view out onto the River Tyne - fantastic. the pub has a small, slightly basic beer garden from where the view can be admired.
The pub itself felt a little bland inside, and the smell of disinfectant was overpowerng, however the five hand pulled beers were good and included some local brews.
Not a bad place, could be better, but the location makes it worth a visit.

2 Jul 2010 23:41

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Nice pub just on the outskirts of the city centre, and home to the Crown Brewery which I believe brews its beers below the premises -
Can be a little devoid of atmosphere when not full, although this seems to be down to the slighly characterless interoir - The bar staff are friendly however and the range of real ales, both home brewed and guests is good. - On my visit there were three from the home brewery, as well as three guests.
Worth a visit if in the area.

6 Jun 2010 23:36

The Travellers Inn, Kimberworth

Pub situated in the centre of the village, comprising a small lounge and a very small 'tap side'.
It's friendly enough, and does offer one draught real ale, but this does not change very often and is rather predictable.
They do offer nice locally made pork pies on the bar, but overall, I feel this place could offer a better beer range and atmosphere which can sometimes be lacking.
Could and should be the best pub in Kimberworth, it just seems to lack the will to ensure that it is.

19 Apr 2010 23:25

The Manor Barn, Kimberworth

This pub is the most attractive in the village from ouside, built within an old stone barn. It used to have a good atmosphere, and became full during evenings, especially at the weekends.
Although the beer on offer was never exciting, some draught was offered, however over the last tewlve months or so, this has declined to a point that I would no longer recommend a visit.
There are no longer any draught real ales offered, the only 'beer' being avaialble being Tetleys Smoothflow - it is a shame because the pub should lend itself to a better stocked and managed bar, but it seems that this is not going to happen, and this appears to be reflected in the lack of people who now seem to call this their 'local'..
If you want Fizzy lager, its fine but so is a can in the house. Not worth a special visit.

19 Apr 2010 23:21

Green Dragon Inn, Kimberworth

Large pub geared up to the younger end of the market, although those in their 30-50's will also find this pub okay.
It has nice decor inside, and a lively atmosphere, especially at the weekends, ensures this is the best atmosphere in the village.
The beer range however is poor, no draught beer being available - its okay if you want Carling, Stella, Stones etc.
Worth a visit if in the area, but offers nothing different to make it worth a special trip.

19 Apr 2010 23:14

The Colin, Kimberworth

The oldest pub in the village, an ex Kimberley pub which is now run by Greene King.
They offer the normal IPA and Speckled Hen which are unremarkable to say the least, and sometimes a draught beer from the GK range.
On the plus side, its a lively place, with a lot of social events and the pub is rarely empty.
Not really designed to cater for the person who likes decent ale, but its friendly enough and cannot be faulted on this score.
Stop for a drink if you're in the area, but don't make a special journey if you're not.

19 Apr 2010 23:06

The Grey Goat Inn, Baggrow

Situated in the centre of the small village of Baggrow, this Jennings pub appears to be a real 'locals' pub.
Visited on a busy friday evening, and found the locals to be friendly enough however, the 'range' of beers on offer was poor, with only Jennings Bitter being available on draught.
The pub has a faded look inside, neither old nor modern, and has the appearance of a place that was fitted out in the 1970's and not touched since.
Jennings (Marstons) brew a large range of beers and it's a shame more aren't on offer, or even better, a beer from one of the many local breweries in this area. Reasonable pub, but wouldn't go out of my way to visit again.

19 Apr 2010 22:59

Oddfellows Arms, Bolton Low Houses

Small pub in the middle of a nice village, it has a welcoming look.
This is a Thwaites pub, which offered just one hand pulled beer, Langdale Tup - unfortunatly this was a little cloudly on my visit, but hopefully this was not a common problem here.
The pub is small, with a real fire and although quiet on my visit, I would imagine its a nice place with a few people in during the evening.
The landlord was friendly and I will give him the benefit of the doubt with his beer on this occasion.
Would stop and give it another go if I found myself in the area again.

19 Apr 2010 22:51

The Baywatch Hotel (Jack's Surf Bar), Allonby

Situated on the seafront at Allonby, this pub is not easy to describe. It looks like a cafe from outside, with numerous boards advertising chips, burgers etc !
The place has two sides, one which looks like a lift out of an eighties nightclub with pool table and football shirts on the wall, whilst the other is larger and like a club rather than a pub.
We had a snack and this was fine, and to be fair, decent value, but the only 'beer' on offer was Jennings Cumberland Cream - I gave this a miss and didn't bother.
The pub was quiet on our visit, but I get the impression it gets busy at the weekends or summertime. The 'pub' even has a few seaside style amusements, and overall feels a little tacky, although the staff were freindly.
I appreciate the place has to make a profit, possibly not easy in Allonby, but I have to mark this as a pub, rather than anything else, and I cannot say I would wish to rush back.

19 Apr 2010 22:46

The Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket

A small traditional pub in a nice looking village near the North lakes.
On our visit, they offered five hand pulled beers from the on-site Hesket Newmarket Brewery, all of which were tried, and all were very nice.
Good atmosphere created by the locals. No guest ale offered, but with this range, there should be no complaints.
Fantastic !

17 Apr 2010 20:50

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

Reading previous reviews, maybe I was lucky not to meet the landlady, nor purchase food !
I visited this for a quick pint during the afternoon. The barman couldn't have been friendlier in a pub which is very attractive and welcoming.
The on-site brewery is no longer here, having moved to new premises nearby, but their 'Bitter End' beers are still stocked on the bar and about five were available, as well as a guest from the Ulverston Brewery and a couple from Jennings.
Nice pub with a very good range of real ales.
Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Cockermouth.

17 Apr 2010 20:40

Oddfellows Arms, Caldbeck

Visited this Jennings pub for a pint and evening meal, however despite the large range at the disposal of Jennings, only one draught beer was on offer, Jennings Bitter which was pleasant if unexciting.
The food was wholesome and reasonable enough, if a little expensive.
This pub has a really nice village setting but seems to suffer in that its large room at the rear is geared so much towards the diner that the feel of the pub area is lost - I appreciate that this is not a unique problem, and better this than closing I suppose, but the lack of beer choice was dissapointing as was the general decor which was a little tired.

17 Apr 2010 20:29

Sun Inn, Bassenthwaite

This is an attractive looking Jennings pub in a nice village setting which was visited briefly for a post-walk pint after a day on Skiddaw.
They had Jennings Bitter, Snecklifter and Cumberland on offer as well as a beer from Morrells (Also part of the Marstons chain however).
Nice enough pub inside, with plenty of seating provided outside which provides a nice place to while away an hour. The pub serves food, however this was not tried.
Decent pub which was just lacking a proper guest beer.

17 Apr 2010 19:57

The Crown Inn, Sheffield

Pub which is situated in the old steelwork area of the city, and despite much of the old workers having gone, the pub remains, although the 'for sale' signs are currently up.
Suffered from the Sheffield floods a few years ago, and since then a lot of money has been spent cleaning the place up - it's now quite pleasant and a lot better than it looks outside.
Has two rooms with large TV's which show live football, whilst at the rear, a large room houses both a snooker and pool table.
No real ale, beer being limited to John Smiths Smooth and Stones, but let's hope it stays open in the current climate.

6 Apr 2010 20:04

The Barley Mow, Cosgrove

Visited this pub one afternoon last week. It is an attractive enough place, set off the main road in the village of Cosgrove. The inside is large, smart and welcoming.
On my visit, it was empty but credit to them for stopping open. The Real ale range is good, with four pumps from Everards Brewery - the Flourish and Sunchaser were tried and tasted well.
There is a large games room, which includes a skittle table, not something you see in Yorkshire so worth a visit for something different !
Decent pub with good beer.

22 Mar 2010 22:25

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Visited this pub for the first time and found it to be pretty good. Taking the miserable looking barmaid aside, there were five real ales available, including several from the Cottage Brewery and onr from Mauldons. (Tried two and both were well kept).
The decor of the pub was nice and clean whilst the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, filling up quite well despite it only being veary early in the evening.
Seems like a good place to me and one I would visit again if travelling out of London and heading back up North !

25 Feb 2010 17:54

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Visited this pub on a Wednesday evening and having read recent comments, I have to say that JohnBonser has got it spot on.
I am informed that the pub used to have a different charater and it is a big shame that such a famous and old building has lost this. What is left is just an average, fairly souless pub, which offers Speckled Hen and London Pride on draught at �3.30 per pint !
The outside is probably the best part, alongside the one photograph of the Kray twins inside on the wall.
Why do pub owners continue to refurb pubs to a state that they all end up looking the same ?
Having said that, the Blind Begger is worth a visit as its history cannot be ignored and makes this particular East End pub all the more interesting.

11 Feb 2010 20:22

The Golden Lion, Newmarket

Reasonable enough pub, which has a nice area around a real fire which is very attractive for a wetherspoons pub.
Tried the Wolf Brewery Coyote, and this was of good quality.
Decent pub.

21 Jan 2010 23:18

The Mission, Hull

Visited on a Monday night - and found it to be quite full - it seems it was frequented by students who eventually left to visit a nightclub around the corner - the rest of Hull that night was deserted.
On the plus side, reasonable atmosphere in a nice looking pub due to is former life as a chapel, with hand pulled Old Mill Bitter on the bar.
Bad points - Ale served in Plastic Pint Pots.
Not bad but I assume this is really only any good for the City centre circuit, weekends etc (and strangely, Monday Nights)

8 Jan 2010 21:40

Kings Ale House, Hull

Almost empty on my Monday night visit - though to be fair it was just after Christmas.
gave me an oppurtunity to see the pub better however, very scruffy carpet and generally, a bit run down.
Had Deuchars on hand pulled which saved it a little.
Average pub, which was a slight let down - with a name like this, I had expected much better.

8 Jan 2010 21:31

The William Wilberforce, Hull

Visited on a Monday night, hence the lack of atmosphere - however I have voted this Wetherspoon pub with below average marks for the ale available on the bar - or should I say, lack of choice.
Most of these kind of pubs offer a good solid selection, but this only had Ruddles, Abbot Ale (Both very common) and a Christmas Ale from Everards
(I would have liked to try this but it was off - apparantly due to them cleaning the lines).
Poor choice of beers from this chain lets it down.

8 Jan 2010 21:27

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

I don't normally like 'refurbs', but to be fair to this pub, it has been done tastefully enough. It no longer looks like an old pub, but on the other side, it is 'trendy' without being like a wine bar.
Always has a good atmosphere, whilst the beer is good, with quite a few ales to choose from, including a well kept Kelham Island 'Pride of Sheffield' Bitter on my visit yesterday.
Get in there and buy that beer.

23 Dec 2009 10:41

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Good back street pub, which boasts a good 'Irish' atmposphere, whether empty or full, without any tacky theming.
They have real ale in Abbeydale Brimstone and plenty of good Guinness.
If you fancy a bite to eat, their bar sandwiches are large, very nice and good value.
Overall, a very good pub.

23 Dec 2009 10:36

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Visited yesterday, the first time since my last visit in January 2009.
It was mid afternoon, and almost empty, however, one thing of note was that the beer range is slowly changing.
Now had several beers from smaller breweries such as one from Yorkshire Rose and Treacle Stout from the Ossett brewery.
Don't know if the management has changed, but it seems they are trying to improve things on this level.
If you in the West Street area, worth a very short detour if you like nice ale.

23 Dec 2009 10:20

The Wig and Pen by Milestone, Sheffield

Visited this pub for the first time for several years. Well, it has certainly been tarted up, not unsurprisingly due to its location near the solicitors offices and the Crown Court.
It seems that if you are dropping in for a meal, then it may be nice, but, as in my case, the pub side seems to have slipped badly.
The only real seating was all taken by those eating. The beer range was impressive enough (supplied by the local excellent Sheffield brewery), but the Five Rivers I had was cloudy and in poor quality.
This pub is basically for foodies now, the beer is badly kept and expensive. If you want the beer, pleae go elsewhere, it will be better quality and cheaper.
I have voted this pub on it being a pub rather than whatever its food maybe like.

23 Dec 2009 10:15

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Usually empty on my infrequent visits, but the pub is certainly worth a stop if you like traditional pubs with traditional beers alongside others not found elsewhere.
One side is a large room with a tiled floor whilst the other side comprises a cosy snug with gas fire.
Just off West Street and the supertram network, give it a try, just hope there somebody in when you visit .

23 Dec 2009 10:09

All Bar One, Sheffield

An average sort of pub that doesn't bother to serve any kind of beer at all. Fine if you like lager, Guiness or a variety of overpriced cocktails, but where is the token beer...I am afraid this lets it down badly.
Nothing special.

23 Dec 2009 10:00

Rob Roy, Paddington

Large roomed pub adorned with lots of Scottish and Aberdeen football items.
The bar staff were very friendly - the beer choice fairly poor (Courage or Caledonian IPA), but kept in good condition.
Fairly empty on my midweek visit, but not a bad pub despite this.

8 Dec 2009 18:00

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

Nice looking pub from outside which opens up to an average enough, decent pub inside. the empty champagne bottles gives it a slightly pretentious feel, but this isn't too bad.
Spoilt only by its poor range of ales - Brakspear Bitter and Greek King IPA, which just keeps appearing everywhere these days !

8 Dec 2009 17:17

The Pheasant, Harlington

Nice looking pub outside which offers a respite from any of the anonymous Hotel bars nearby to Heathrow. Once inside, it's fair to say the place needs some decorating - the wallpaper was ripped in several places and the carpet was very well wotn to the point that in places it must be a near health hazard.
On plus side, the London Pride was okay and the food was reasonable, well priced and came in very large portions.
If they can clean the place up before it really goes downhill, it is worth a pint before that flight or if you are staying in any of the hotels nearby.

21 Oct 2009 21:04

Kings Arms, Newport Pagnell

Almost empty on my visit but it was only early evening so this was to be expected. Very nice exterior and reasonable inside, comprising of one medium sized room - the one disapointing thing however were the beers on 'offer'.
Four hand pulled beers were available, although three (Badger, Courage and Bombadier) were all 'coming soon'. The one remaining beer on offer however was Charles Wells Eagle IPA which was nice enough.
If the pub could sort its bar out a little, it would have scored a little higher than average. Close to the M1 at Junction 14

30 Sep 2009 21:22

The Bull, Newport Pagnell

Visited at teatime to find quite a few friendly locals in the bar area. The beer range was reasonable if unexciting, with four draught ales on offer including Everards Tiger, Adnams Bitter and Cornish Tribute (which was off).
Close to the M1 at Junction 14 and worth a stop if you fancy a decent pint in a nice enough pub.

30 Sep 2009 21:16

The Swan Hotel, Fenny Stratford

Visited this pub before the MK Dons v Leeds match. Extremley full both inside and in the yard area at the rear.
I cannot judge what the place is like under normal circumstances but it seemed reasonable before a match.
The bar had Adnams on handpull, as well as Tetleys although this was off at the time.

28 Sep 2009 22:28

The Red Lion, Bletchley

Visited this pub before the MK Dons v Leeds match. It is a reasonable place with a small room housing a dartboard and a larger room which includes a pool table. The pub is plain but does have its plus sides.
The landlord was friendly whilst the beer was good, with both Wadworth Henrys IPA and Davenports on hand pulled.
The best part however was its location, tucked down a small lane which leads to a busy lock on the Grand Union canal. The pub has a delightful setting and a small beer garden where you can enjoy your ale while watching the passing barges on the canal.
Definitely worth a visit if you are attending a game at MK Dons.

28 Sep 2009 22:20

The Strawberry, Newcastle

Visited this before the friendly between Newcastle and Leeds - fans mixed freely and the atmosphere was good. Beer choice was good, and pints of Mordue No.9 and Caledonian Great Knick were in good order.
The pub is full of interesting Newcastle united photos and the terrace out the back is a good touch.
Gor a pub so close to the ground, this was excellent.

30 Jul 2009 22:17

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

Approached from the Byker estate, it is amazing that this pub exists, but it does, and it is a fantastic oasis.
Bare floorboards, four real ales including one from Hadrian and Border Brewery and a gravity beer from the Jarrow brewery - Both pleasant.
Good view and friendly staff. A real pub.

30 Jul 2009 22:11

The Bodega, Newcastle

Visited the Bodega on a Monday afternoon. The previous comments fairly much sum it up well - it has a nice selection of six real ales on draught, a friendly barmaid and the glass domes are just excellent.
There does appear something missing however, just not sure what it was - possibly the two games machines, possibly the cashpoint machine, possibly the understandably quiet atmosphere, possibly the large size of the place.
I do not know the recent history of the pub, but it's as though it has been refitted recently and lacks a little of its cosy charm which the roof suggest it once had ?
This is a good pub, certainly better than many of the plastic bars in the city - and maybe it is the best real pub in Newcastle, but because of the factors listed above, it isn't a great pub
Do not be put off however, it's near the train station, has great beer and is certainly worth a visit, I'd certainly go again.

13 Jul 2009 21:33

Scotsmans Pack Inn, Hathersage

Visited today for a quick pint outside in the sunshine.
They had Marstons and Wychwood beers on draught, I had a Brakespeare Summer beer which was fine.
The pub inside looked very nice, albeit geared towards food, but due to the weather, everyone was outside.
Cannot comment on the food, but the pub seemed well looked after.

14 Jun 2009 22:04

The Waterhouse, Manchester

Good Wetherspoons pub offering decent choiuce of real ales and a smart multi roomed layout -
Clean and comfortable - One of the better offerings from this chain.

5 Jun 2009 21:51

The Heaton Park, Bowker Vale

Visited before the Oasis gig at nearby Heaton Park. This pub felt like the Beefeater place it is - big, unremarkable and nothing special.
The doormen were jobsworths and overall the place was a very unrewarding experience.
If you are passing, just don't bother - I don't know this area of Manchester but there must be better places than this ?

5 Jun 2009 21:45

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Feels like a theme pub rather than anything worth making a detour for.
It does have plus points, including its central location, good outside seating and Sam Smiths beers, but not enough to take it above average.

5 Jun 2009 21:36

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

Last visited in 2002 and on doing so, recall this being a great, old fashioned, traditional style pub.
Visited yesterday however to find that a 'refit' has taken place, and unfortunatly, stripped away the character of the place - It now resembles just another pub.
It is in a great central location, and the beer is a good price, but it's no longer worthy of a special stop when there are so many other places offering a similar expereince.
Yes, it sells Holts on hand pulled, but deserves less than average marks due to the above reasons.

5 Jun 2009 21:31

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

This is what pubs no doubt used to be like, and if you find yourself in Manchester and fancy something different to the numerous modern 'bars'. then give the Circus a try.
It is tiny to say the least, with it's bar squeezed into the main corridor as you enter from the street.
True, it looks shabby from outside, but give it a try, it's certainly interesting.
The only hand pulled beer is Tetleys, it is a shame that the place isn't run by one of the local micro breweries, but the pub is still gem.

5 Jun 2009 21:22

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

A really nice pub in a great setting.
I visited this after seeing the signs off the A66, but it was another five miles or so on small country roads before I found this place.
It is a Black Sheep pub, selling their bitter as well as Theakstons and Old Peculiar, but they also serve a special beer apparantly brewed only for this pub called, 'Ewe Juice' - and very nice it was.
There are several rooms and a nice open coal fire. The food looked nice although I didn't partake myself.
If you find yourself in this area, make a detour and find yourself in a place well removed from the crowds - I know I will again.

29 May 2009 21:42

The Brotherswater Inn, Hartsop

On my visit I found this to be a very attractive pub, shrouded in low mist due to the lakeland weather.
The real ale on offer was Tirrels 1823 (very nice) and Everards Beacon.
The pub is very clean inside with lots of walking/hiking props in the roof space.
It wasn't the kind of place I would make a detour for but on the plus side, its beer was well kept and the South African behind the bar was a friendly chap.
Nice looking pub, with a nice wood burning stove ensuring a warm welcome.
Worth a stop if you are passing.

27 May 2009 23:56

The Patterdale Hotel, Patterdale

Visited this Hotel shortly after leaving the White Lion which is very close by.
There is nothing wrong with this place, after all, it is clean, appears very efficient and stocks decent beer, but when served by someone in a waistcoat and dickie bow, in a very staid atmosphere, it is very apparant that you are in a Hotel rather than any kind of pub worth the name.
The inside was very bland, but on the plus side, the outside area is a very nice place to sit with a great view of Place Fell.
Alongside Trophy and another crap beer I cannot recall, was Tirrels Bewshers Bitter which was very nice. (They also sold Tirrels oOd Faithful but this was 'off')
I originally considered awarding this Hotel a four, but on a sunny day, the garden stretches this to an average five.

27 May 2009 23:50

The White Lion, Patterdale

Visited the White Lion this week and found it to be a very attractive looking pub.
It may be an Enterprise property but it didn't feel like part of this big chain and as such, deserves credit.
The hand pulled ales on offer were Tirril's 'Wainwright knew my Father' and one from the Jennings brewery.
The beer was pleasant enough, the pub was warm and inviting and it boasts a fantastic view of Place Fell from a rear window.
A pub that is pleasing on the eye, yes it can improve, but so much better than the Hotel nearby.

27 May 2009 23:41

The Lion, Kenilworth

Visited on a Friday teatime and despite the time, quite a few customers were having a drink.
TThe pub cannot decide if its an old authentic pub or a modern take of one, which leaves an average result I suppose.
They had both Fullers London Pride and Adnams Broadside on tap which was pleasant enough.
Not bad, just nothing special.

16 May 2009 11:11

The Earl of Clarendon, Kenilworth

Average sort of pub.
This is a Marstons establishment, so if offered Pedigree, Marstons Bitter and Jennings Cock a Hoop which was okay enough.
The pub had a bit of a run down, musty smell, but the locals were fine.
Nothing special but reasonable if you want a pint whilst passing through the town.

16 May 2009 10:57

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

The Chandos is a nice enough pub, which would be fairly average in most towns and cities.
But the fact that this is situated just off Trafalgar Square, offers quality 'Sams' on draught, and for a very reasonable price - especially considering its location, makes this a winner.
No pretencious rip-offs here, just good beer at a good 'Northern style' price.
Worth a pint anytime.

24 Apr 2009 22:29

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Visited today and found this to be a reasonable pub next door to Covent Garden Tube Station.
The chap behind the bar was friendly, whilst the beer range had three standard ales as well as a nice pint of Everards Sly Fox.
true, it's nothing special, but on the other hand, it does nothing wrong - Good location, Good beer.

24 Apr 2009 22:21

The Fox House Inn, Longshaw

This pub is well situated near to many countryside walks.
It is very smart inside, just a little sterile typical of chain style gatsro/pubs.
The Everards Tiger was fine, although the Black Sheep was far from clear on my visit and best avoided.
Perhaps its finest feature is the view from the seating outside at the rear of the premises next to the large car park - The view looks out towards Higger Tor - very nice on a sunny afternoon.

24 Apr 2009 22:08

The Minster Tavern, Ely

A nice exterior lulls the visitor in, especially as it lies directly opposite the Ely Cathedral.
The inside however, though pleaant enough, offers an average experience.
The beer on offer was standard Greene King IPA which was okay if unspectacular.
We tried the food, this was plentiful and quite nice, but typical standard pub fayre.
Overall, this pub deserves a 5 for 'average'. It is okay, but I left wondering what the pub must have been like some years ago - it has clearly had one or two 'improvements'. The pub is owned by the Mitchell and Butlers chain and this possibly explains my comments.
I don't know Ely but there must be a more traditional and perhaps better pub in the centre than this ?

16 Apr 2009 22:02

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

Visited this pub over the Easter weekend - a good find.
The pub has furniture and the feel of a cafe, yet balances this with two guest ales and a very nice pint of Willy's Original which they brew in a microbrewery on site - you can see the equipment through a small window at the rear of the premises.
Good beer, equally decent prices and friendly bar staff.
Different to your average pub but certainly worth a stop.

12 Apr 2009 21:16

The Cellar Bar, Batley

During our visit on Saturday afternoon, the pub was very quiet, however the beer range was quite good, with a nice Mild and two other real ales.
Nice bar staff - worth a couple of beers should you find yourself near Batley railway station with time to spare.

31 Mar 2009 21:33

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

Doesn't look much from outside but as the blue plaque ouside suggested it was typical of a pub from circa 1825, I thought I would give it a go - Glad I did.
The pub is comprised of several small rooms with a central bar and doesn't look to have changed much over the decades.
Good hand pulled Sam Smits beer, cheap as always, was on fine form.
The regulars were friendly, as was the landlady who allowed me in with the children for a quick drink on what was a very cold day.
Worth a vist if you want to see a real pub.

22 Feb 2009 21:33

The Ship, Cobham

Really nice looking pub in a nive village setting.
there was a very nice wood fire on my visit, but the pub seemd to lack something - just not sure what it was.
Plenty of 2 for �10 offers on food though didn't eat myself.
The Spitfire was a nice pint - whilst the alternative was Courage.
Worthy of a stop however if you find yourself near the A2 and you fancy a pint.

31 Jan 2009 15:41

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

The Malt Shovel is well worth a visit and anyone who likes welcoming pubs with a real fire and plenty of real ale will like this place.
On my visit, they had several beers from the Great Oakley Brewery (this is their tap), and also one from the local Frog Island brewery.
There were plenty of other guests ales as well.
They do basic bar food which was decent value.
This is a pub that is certainly recommended.
Will go again if I find myself in the Northampton area

28 Jan 2009 22:04

The Red Deer, Sheffield

I have frequented the Red Deer for many years, and it is a nice little pub just off the busy bars of West Street.
I agree however with the last few comments, that the bar, though very well stocked with a variety of real ales, only ever offers those of well known brands rather than interesting guests, local or otherwise. A small complaint I know, but the choice does not appear to have altered for many many years - a good pub let down by a lack of imagination ?
Also, this pub used to have a very welcoming and large real fire - on a recent visit however, this had been replaced by a 'pretend' real fire which throws heat out from a vent - Not the same as the real thing and a step backwards.

24 Jan 2009 20:31

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

The Brown Bear has re-opened after refurbishment and is now much cleaner and welcoming than previously.
It has retained its real fire however and its perfect Sam Smiths hand pulled bitter which is both cheap and very pleasant.
If you are in the City Centre, then it certainly deserves a visit.

24 Jan 2009 20:24

The White Horse Inn, Eaton Socon

The pubs exterior is very inviting, the inside is clean, warm and has a low ceiling with exposed beams - perfect for banging your head on !
The only real ales available were Fullers London Pride and Flowers Original - Good beers but it would have been nice to see some local breweries represented such as the one at Potton - though at least it wasn't a Greene King pub which seems to be taking this area over.
A nice pub however, with an interesting history as a coaching inn many years ago when it used to sit on the old A1 route. Worth a stop if you're passing.

24 Jan 2009 20:04

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Visited this pub during the afternoon.
The atmoshere was quite good whilst the Adnams and Timothy Taylors Landlord were well kept.
The obvious negative was the one member of bar staff who struggled to keep up with those trying to order food and drinks at the bar - this was during the school holidays, the pub was quite busy, why did they not have more staff on ?
Nice pub however with a great history, and nice ale, could have just been run a little better.

1 Jan 2009 20:33

The Ashford Arms, Ashford in the Water

i can only echo the comments of Steve2905 - The pub has a nice interior, and on our visit, the 'steak night' proved to be a slight copy of the steak part of the normal menu, but at a slightly cheaper price - The food was very nice, and the Black Sheep, well kept.
A nice pub, with great attentive staff - well done

11 Dec 2008 23:22

The Plough, Wingfield

On the outside, this estate pub built in 1971 offers nothing special, but on a couple of recent visits, it offers a friendly and welcoming experience.
The landlord keeps a well run pub, and there is always a real ale on, which recently included Kelham Island Pale Rider.
The pub includes setanta for live football.

1 Dec 2008 22:19

Millmoor Hotel, Rotherham

After the demise of the football ground next door (Millmoor), this is now boarded up and closed.

1 Dec 2008 22:14

The Red Lion, Histon

This pub was closed on my 'visit' prior to the Histon v Leeds FAC match.
The landlord however was present and he apologised for the fact he wasn't open and seemed a nice chap.
He showed me inside the pub and was clearly proud of both the premises themselves as well as his large range of real ales.
If ever I find myself in Histon again, I will make the effort and visit to sample some of those beers.

1 Dec 2008 22:11

The Boot Inn, Histon

Visited this pub before the Histon v Leeds FAC game. Quite full at the time. It has a nice small snug, and a larger, more modern room.
The beer however was worthy of note, selling Thwaites Nutty Jack and Woodfordes Wherry, as well as another I cannot remember !

1 Dec 2008 22:07

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