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The Gallery, West Hampstead

Used to come here for a pint or two on quiet afternoons. Haven't been for a while. Steep increase in price on last visit - 3.90 for a luke warm Pilsner Urquell. Don't mind paying for a good lager but sort your chillers out. I've found the staff friendly and biddable but sensed a certain dissatisfaction.

26 Feb 2011 18:34

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Popped in for a quick one before going to the pictures at the Tricycle. A trip in nostalgia. I remember coming here years ago (25+). It was heaving. All I can remember is getting ripped off at the bar and given a leaflet extolling the virtures of the IRA. The High Road was a different beast then. 15 odd years ago we used to come here after football. Again, it was heaving with a heavy rock band in the adjoining room.

Anyway, gastro now. Nice enough and I'd pop in when I go to the Tricycle again. Left feeling a little sad. Time moves on.

25 Apr 2010 15:51

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

I last came here a long time ago 5/6 years maybe. That night it was very busy and it was okay. Tonight at about 10pm on a Saturday there were about 5 people in and a Scouser playing lots of Beatles numbers. To be fair to him he was okay. Big empty pubs are kindof depressing though. Bogs were okay though. Would revisit if back in the area, that's if it's still around.

25 Apr 2010 15:23

The Prince Of Wales, Kilburn

Refreshing to go to an unpounced up pub. Kilburn's changed over the years and more and more pubs have been done up. Yes, this one's rough round the edges but the landlady and landlord are friendly, no bother from the locals. Kareoke on a Sat night which can be fun, entertaining or depressing depending on who's singing.

13 Sep 2009 19:00

Pitcher and Piano, Strand

Not my kind of place really but went for a drink for a colleague's leaving do. It's okay. Bit noisy for chatting. Wouldn't return by choice.

13 Sep 2009 18:39

Duke Of York, St John's Wood

Well, personal circumstances have dictated a return to the Wood after 15 years. I recall the Sir Isaac Newton on the High Street (now Cafe Rouge) and the pub opposite Tesco (formerly Atlanta) which is now a Turkish restaurant. The Duke of York is still going. I remember going here in the old days when the food would be in heated dishes by the bar and the interior was full of books and nic nacs. Nice 80/90s stuff. Now it's all a bit poncey.

It's okay, full of estate agents and the like. 3.90 for a luke warm Staropramen. Has to be said SJW lacks decent pubs.

31 Aug 2009 20:52

The Gallery, West Hampstead

I remember this as a Mexican restaurant called Tuxedo Junction all those years ago. I've started going here again and find it very pleasant for a quiet pint on an afternoon. Pilsner Urquell 3.40 on draught. Not being part of the young crowd I imagine it still gets pretty busy on a Fri/Sat night.

17 Aug 2009 19:30

The Cricketers, Kilburn

Yup, I was going to go in for a pint. That's how bored...............and brave I felt but there's a big sign saying To Rent.

1 Aug 2009 20:24

The New Inn, St Johns Wood

Decent sort of place. George was again playing. I like a bloke who laughs at his own jokes! Good atmosphere, good music and all round very civilised and well, just nice. Not a great area for pubs but this is worth going to.

1 Aug 2009 20:19

The Windsor Castle, Marylebone

First time ever in this pub. Walked past it on numerous occasions but never been in. It was okay. Pint of Amstel 3.40. It is quite small inside but outside there are some benches and you could get some rays in. Bit noisey mind. All in all I'd drop in again.

1 Aug 2009 20:11

Windsor Castle, Maida Vale

Another pub with a great history of live music. Mind you the bands they had in there recently weren't my cup of tea. Shame.

22 Jun 2009 20:15

The Wells Tavern, Hampstead

Against my better judgement I revisited here the other night. Very busy. The guy behind the bar obviously thought he was Tom Cruise doing his cocktail routine. The fact he was serving pints didn't seem to matter. Everything done with a flourish. Ordered 2 pints of Vier, well short and luke warm and 3.50 each. He puts the 3 change on the plate, slams it down on the bar with 1 hurtling off on the floor. I start to rummage round on the floor and think what the hell am I doing and ask him for a 1. To his credit he's a bit embarrassed and gives me a quid from the till. Won't be returning.

25 May 2009 11:16

The Prince of Wales, Maida Hill

Been popping in here for a few pints over the years. Have to say not as good as it used to be. The lager's luke warm and flat. Think the gaffer who's a friendly bloke needs to have a look at his pipes. The guy singing looked like Renee out of 'Allo 'Allo. There's a slightly toilety smell pervading the place which is kind of offputting.

17 May 2009 09:35

The Neeld Arms, Maida Vale

Like others, I'm in favour of pubs that haven't been ponced up. I like the layout of this pub. Has something of a 70s feel about it. Not very busy when I was in but friendly behind the bar and the pint I had was the best I had all night 3 for Carlsberg. Didn't get any bad vibes off the locals. Sort of place where you can sit on your own with your pint, watch the footie and feel comfortable.

17 May 2009 09:31

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Visited on a Tuesday afternoon so fairly quiet. 3.50 for a pint of Heineken. Sat in the small beer garden round the back. Food seemed on the pricey side Not from round the area so don't know the history of the place but would pop in for a pint if in the locality.

5 May 2009 16:52

The Hillgate, Notting Hill Gate

Down to the Gate to see Swifty (6 bargain on Mondays) so popped in here for a very quick half so not much to comment on. A few regulars and a couple of barstaff who weren't busy but were busy cleaning tidying up, etc. Beach Boys on which was pleasant and a nicely chilled lager. Pleasant all round.

27 Apr 2009 20:12

All Bar One, Notting Hill Gate

Had a quick one here before seeing Grand Torino at the Coronet. 2.50 for an ice cold Heineken. Paddys Day so lots of people gearing up for a big one. Usually avoid All Bar One but this was okay for a mid afternoon pint on a Tuesday. Thinking about not being at work was fantastic.

21 Mar 2009 20:22

The Chippenham, Maida Hill

First time in here for years. When I was last here it felt like the sort of place where you'd get you head kicked in. One pint and I was out of there.

On a Sat night there were about 5 people in there, one of whom appeared to be a bouncer, a couple totally off their heads and 2 people smoking in the porchway. Footie on the telly. Quite how it survives I don't know - maybe on the rooms being rented out. It looks an okay pub though, some nice original features, jukebox, decent layout. Surely, they can do something with it. All in all a depressing pint.

8 Feb 2009 14:16

The Washington, Belsize Park

Digit is back, digit is back, hello, hello.

13 Dec 2008 23:41

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Tourist trap.

13 Dec 2008 23:38

The Railway, West Hampstead

You know how sometimes you walk into a pub and just sense something's not right, well here you go.

9pm Sat night. There's a seedy air about the pub, looks like people have been here all day. Go to the bar. Lots of glasses on taps. 2 pints of Becks please. She brings back 2 bottles. No, 2 pints I say. We then have a long and difficult conversation made harder by the crap band in the background. She says something about problems with the taps and it looks like only the premium lagers are still on. Hmm, how odd.

She starts pouring a Stella. After about 5 minutes there's half a pint in the glass and it dribbles to a stop. Okay, 2 pints of Staropramen and she starts pouring Strongbow. I eventually get my Staropramen, get charged 6.50 and it's flat and luke warm.

The bloke next to me takes a good 20 mins explaining his order, amid much pointing to bottles, taps, glasses, you name it. Turns to me and says "Some boozer this, isn't it"

This place is a crap hole.

1 Dec 2008 14:37

The North Star, Finchley Road

Now my preferred place for watching the Rs when they're on the box. Pleasant and bidable behind the bar, 3 for Carling. Never seems to be overly busy (especially when the Rs are on, ho ho) but seems to have a steady turnover of customers.

26 Oct 2008 13:59

Powers Bar, Kilburn

First time here for a while. Good stuff. Couple of live bands and proper bands too. You know, drum kits and the like. No entrance fee. Limited choice of draught lager - 2.50 for Kronenbourg, 2.80 for San Miguel. Decent music on between the bands.

26 Oct 2008 13:55

The King's Head, Kilburn


19 Oct 2008 19:09

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

Long time since I've been here and enjoyed it. Sunday afternoon, all sorts in here. Cheap lager 1.99 for a Carlsberg. Footie on the box. The carvery looked fantastic. 4.99 and was very popular. Many people having it on take away. Shame Brains no longer on though.

19 Oct 2008 19:07

Alice House, West Hampstead

Sold at auction for 971k. Let's hope it gets turned into a decent boozer - bring back Scruffy's lol.

23 May 2008 20:14

Southern K, Kilburn

Looks like this one's gone. Lots of scaffolding up.

21 May 2008 18:13

Angies Freehouse II, Westbourne Park

Been a while since I've been here but enjoyed it. Two pints of Carlsberg 5.40. They had a riddly diddly do band on (maybe for the party they had on) but it was a proper one. These guys were proper musicians, knew what they were doing and seamlessly switched between instruments. None of your kareoke crap. Well done.

3 May 2008 23:53

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

7.20 for 2 pints of Amstel. I won't be returning. It was empty.

3 May 2008 23:50

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

Took a wander up here last week. Had the same thing. Spotted an empty seat and strolled over, only to be told you've got to have some grub. The bar's small so there's no stools. Won't be returning. They could try turning off the heating too. It was boiling in there.

26 Apr 2008 19:24

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

I'd call this place sterile. True, the old Black was a pit and I guess something had to be done as it seemed to be attracting trouble too. Funniest example being when people piled out of the pub after Portunal beat England and attached Nandos opposite. The new incarnation attracts the young professionals hooting at each other. By the way, don't wear a hat if you go to the bar. They won't serve you unless you take it off. Seriously.

10 Apr 2008 20:48

The Blue Cow Inn, South Witham

Landlord's just been done for serving watered down drinks lol.

3 Apr 2008 21:14

The Green Man, Stamford

Beer festival on so full of hairy people clutching pen, paper and halves of fruity ale. Busy but quick service. One of my pints of lager was flat but apart from that it's always worth popping in for a pint or two if in the area.

24 Mar 2008 17:40

The Railway, West Hampstead

Dropped in for a pint after work. Wow, what a pong. Combination of BO and stale farts. The bogs smelt better than the pub and that's saying something for this place. Pint of Fosters 2.50. This used to be quite a smokey joint which obviously covered up a multitude of sins.

22 Mar 2008 10:56

The Shepherd and Flock, Shepherds Bush

I like this place. Cosy and old fashioned. Great landlord. Unfortunately I've been short changed twice recently, same barmaid each time. First time I wasn't quick enough, next time I handed over a fiver and a 2 pound coin for two pints coming to 5.80. Got 20p back. She acknowledged her mistake in a very matter of fact way.

12 Mar 2008 20:16

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

Bit of a shame this. First went here about 15 years ago.You could always get a seat and very pleasant sitting outside in the summer. Bit of a sun trap. I stopped having food here a while back though. Matters weren't helped by the kitchen area being on a different lease. Becoming offices apparently. As you say, another one bites the dust.

5 Mar 2008 19:02

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Went in last Wednesday. Unless you wanted to lurk outside the bogs downstairs where it was warm, you froze. Not just cool, absolutely bloody freezing.

17 Dec 2007 20:15

The Cricketers, Kilburn

Now renamed The Cricketers. Not been in it.

26 Aug 2007 10:33

The Lower Ground Bar, West Hampstead

Haven't been here for years but I did hear a story about how he had stitched up the people who ran Bar Selon across the road, which has now closed down. Is it really up for sale?

21 Jul 2007 11:06

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Always seem to go here for someones leaving drinks. Went there this week and sat on the table round the corner from the bar alongside a window. After a while, after a few drinks, chips and mayo, someone asked why the curtain was drawn. Good point so the curtain was opened. The window was covered in bird shit and I mean covered. It looked like the mayo on the chips. Bloody awful place.

21 Jul 2007 10:32

The Windmill, Cricklewood

Saturday night. Empty. There were more staff than punters. There was a private party - that was empty too. The staff spent most of the time crowded round the till trying to clear a tab from the night before. Decent pint but I dunno the pubs in Cricklewood have a funny feel to them and not a particularly pleasant one. Got served quickly (well there was noone else) and the pint was good but strange atmosphere about the place.

14 Jul 2007 23:53

The Crown, Cricklewood

Ventured up this way for the first time in about 6 years. Sorry, Cricklewood is still a s*it hole. Arrived here about 8.30, 3 bouncers on each door - 2 doors. Big old pub with a modern hotel attached. Lovely old building. Only here could you get an old building connected to a modern hotel. Quick service, decent pint. Despite that, won't be back. What happens late at night is anyone's guess.

14 Jul 2007 23:47

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

Up for sale apparently?

14 Jul 2007 14:36

Bar Selon, West Hampstead

Closed. Now an organic food shop. Nice.

29 Jun 2007 13:38

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

Popped in last night. Well, tried to anyway. Hampstead's under 16s seemed to have taken over the place. Full of Tarquins and Esmereldas. Couldn't reach the left.

10 Jun 2007 14:12

The Flask, Hampstead

Had the worst pint in a long while here last night. Warm, soapy, flat. Fortunately, it was also well short and on this occasion I counted my blessings.

10 Jun 2007 14:10

The Horseshoe, Hampstead

Well, at least it's not a chain but as others have said it's still the same gastro type place. Just another All Bar One. Seats looked like something I used to sit on at school. Bet you've got a sore arse after sitting on them for a while. Lager nice and cold. Amstel 3.30. Could do with 1 or 2 bar stools.

10 Jun 2007 14:08

The Railway, West Hampstead

Always a bit suspicious of anonymous postings but I agree it's got tired the last few months. Same old bands, draft lager run out runs out, staff not as keen as they used to be and sometimes a bit of a "feel" about the place that you can't put your finger on.

12 May 2007 14:00

Southern K, Kilburn

Haven't been here for years. Go past it regularly and it's always empty. Used to go here when it was Biddy's about 10 years ago. Used to have proper live bands (drummer, no kareoke machine) and it was heaving and the people behind the bar knew what they were doing.

5 Apr 2007 22:23

The Old Bell, Kilburn

Went by on the bus the other day and it had a sign saying "big reopening St Patrick's day" or words to that effect. Will pay a visit at some point.

24 Mar 2007 18:20

The Britannia, Kilburn

Rumoured to become a Tesco local.

12 Mar 2007 18:21

The Westbury, Kilburn

Went past on the bus today. It's been renamed The Westbury and looks a bit gastro.

12 Mar 2007 18:20

Gertie Brownes at the Coach and Horses, Hampstead

Going to be turned into a house apparently.

9 Mar 2007 15:50

Prince Of Wales, Norwich

Left the Compleat Angler and walked down here. Got drenched. Big pub with not many people in it apart from a few locals and some depressed QPR fans. Probably busy later on. Got 2 pints for 3.98 - bargain. The guy behind the bar had a haunted look about him as though the forthcoming night was going to be a shift too far. Poor sod's got New Years Eve to do as well. Don't reckon he'll make it. There was a silver shiney pole which people persumably dance round. Mmm, sexy.

31 Dec 2006 16:32

Compleat Angler, Norwich

QPR lost 1-0. Went here after the game. Away fans. Plastic glasses. Loads of police for some reason. All is all faintly depressing.

31 Dec 2006 16:25

The Wild Man, Norwich

In town to see the hoops lose again and took a walk round the cathedral and military museum (3 not bad). Ended up here. Yes, not the most exciting but not overly busy, got a seat, cold lager at reasonable prices, clean bogs and friendly bloke behind the bar. Having been brainwashed by London pubs I'm easily pleased! Spent the time looking out the window as people walked into Bang and Olufson and quickly walked out again. Not cheap in there is it?

31 Dec 2006 16:23

The Kingdom, Kilburn

Watched QPR v Cardiff on the telly here. Small, very smokey, Irish and friendly. Probably wouldn't take your girlfriend here but I liked it. Carlsberg nice and cold and filled up to the top, none of the short pints you get so often now that it's becoming the norm. 2.50. Lots of interesting characters here to look at too. Music from 11pm to 2am but I'm getting on and couldn't last out long enough to see what it's like. If I had a choice between here and The Black Lion or NLT for me it's a no brainer but obviously depends on what you like.

Incidentally, we won 1-0 too. Get in there.

18 Nov 2006 20:49

Bedlam, Hampstead


17 Sep 2006 18:52

Ark Bar, Hampstead


17 Sep 2006 18:51

The Red Lemon, Notting Hill

Remember going to this pub a good 10 years ago with my brother. One of those places that as soon as you went through the door you wanted to turn round and go back out but pride took control and you saunter up to the bar. Rough as hell. Sat down with our drinks. For some reason one of the locals was convinced we were Old Bill and sat down with us and started giving us the once over. He made it quite plain that our custom wasn't welcome. Haven't been back since but guess I should give it another try.

3 Sep 2006 19:27

The Skiddaw Hotel, Maida Hill

Yawn. Stopped off for a quick one. Gastro. Enough said.

3 Sep 2006 19:16

Kendricks Bar, Maida Hill

Took a break from going hear because much as I like the place I couldn't handle the Kareoke. Anyway, returned here the other night and enjoyed it. Bands back on - well a bloke singing with a backing machine. These pubs are dying in London. None of your poncified gastro broadsheet overpriced grub here. A real locals pub with a friendly atmosphere. You'll see all sorts here and what a welcome change that is. It won't be to everyone's taste but in my book this is what a pub should be.

3 Sep 2006 19:14

The Alliance, Kilburn

This closed down for a few weeks and has recently reopened. One half has been given over to a restaurant which was empty on the Friday night I was in, the other half remains a drinking area. It used to be very much a locals pub. There still seems to be quite a few locals in but not like before. Drinks have increased (used to be 2.10 a Stella, now 2.90). Swirly carpet and looks a bit like a Weatherspoons without the seediness. Still have televisions but they only show Sky Sports news apparently. Rumoured that the landlord who's been there a long while now has put alot of his own money into it. I think he's made a mistake on the food front but only time will tell. All in all lacks a bit of atmosphere but okay for a pint or two. Jukebox which is a decent touch. Left with the feeling that another pub is dying in the NW6 area.

2 Sep 2006 15:55

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

This is being "gastrofied" concentrating on food (obviously, I guess). Will no longer be showing football. Another one bites the dust. Expect chalk board menus, broadsheets, premium lager with ornate pumps and basically the usual s*it. A troubleshooter landlord has been installed and by all accounts he had improved things over the last few months. It was always a bit of a dump but somewhere you could grab a quick pint. Be interesting to see where the locals will head now.

26 Aug 2006 10:34

The Duke of York, Richmond

Are there any pubs still open in Richmond?

3 Aug 2006 19:23

The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Returned here yesterday. Jazz band playing, well staffed who went about their jobs quietly and efficiently. Had the ploughmans again for 6. Mixture of locals, woolie hats and tourists. Very pleasant. Someone asked for chips on their own but apparently that's a no no.

31 Jul 2006 20:24

The Dog and Six Stories, West Hampstead

Walked past it the other day. It's gone!

9 Jul 2006 14:57

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Just started a new job in the area. Group of us went over for a pint after work. Sterile, full of suits and tourists, warm lager. One of the group had her bag pinched so watch out.

24 Jun 2006 17:58

Gertie Brownes at the Coach and Horses, Hampstead

Looked closed when I last went by. Surely not.

19 Jun 2006 18:51

The Cock Tavern, Kilburn

Reopened but didn't go in. Peered in the window and it looked empty.........very empty.

23 May 2006 20:01

Powers Bar, Kilburn

While since I've been here but enjoyed it. Decent lager at reasonable cost. Great juke box. Not as smokey as my last visit. They seem to have bands every night of the week. Have to say this one was a bit rank. The guy looked like a cross between a teacher and someone who liked to hang around schools if you get my drift. He was accompanied by two women who looked like they had just come from Sunday School in Quex Road. One played a flute, the other a violin. Second set was better mind and decent enough to stop us going over to the hell of NLT across the road.

23 May 2006 19:59

The King's Head, Kilburn

Used to come here on Sat nights when it was McGoverns and watch bands. Proper bands mind with a drummer too. It used to be fairly empty apart from a few locals - there was a guy in his 60s immaculately dressed in a 60s suit and an assortment of oddballs. But it was nice, no bother or hassle, you could sit at the bar and listen ot the band.

Went back last week and look at it. Music so loud you could hardly hear yourself think. They had a dj but he seemed to put on one record that went on for about 45 mins. Even I could do that. Young clientele and all faintly depressing. Wonder what's happend to the bloke in the suit.

23 May 2006 19:54

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

I do agree with the St George's night. Last year was a great laugh. However, we went in recently and ordered a glass of wine. The girl behind the bar went to the fridge and got an already poured glass of wine out. Paying 3.80 for it I said "I'd like a glass poured out of the bottle please." "It was poured recently", she says. "Really, I want a freshly poured glass please." It's this type of mindset that I find baffling.

I'm sure it's nothing intentional, just a bit lacking.

14 Apr 2006 12:07

Alice House, West Hampstead

Formerly Cane. The refurbishment isn't too different. Lick of paint all round, seems brighter and more open.

Asked for half a pint of Kronenburg and the guy went into a long explanation about how they don't sell half pints or pints. I'm not sure how much is in the glass but would guess about 2/3 of a pint. For this you pay the princely sum of 3. I said to him "so you're charging more for less" but you do get the opportunity to feel all continental. He ignored me.

There are a couple of other draught lagers from 3.50, glass. They also do cocktails and snacks. When I last went in and not wanting to get ripped off I ordered an organic hot chocolate but was told they're not serving hot drinks yet.Seems to be table service when
it's not busy. You get change on a plate.

When I've walked past it at night it seems heaving so I guess it's doing well.

The brewery are having a laugh and wild horses won't drag me in there again.

26 Mar 2006 10:56

The Three Hammers, Mill Hill

Tried getting Sunday lunch in the Rising Sun up the road but it was chocka block so we returned to here. Very big and spacious and clean. Plenty of fruities. Don't think they show sport. Reminded me a little of a done up Weatherspoons but it had a non smoking area. Very pleasant, food okay (nothing special) and reasonably priced. Would return when in the area.

21 Mar 2006 19:28

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

Don't laugh but word has it that the brewery is going to turn this into a tapas bar. Dearie, dearie me.

4 Mar 2006 18:58

The Cock Tavern, Kilburn

Closed for refurbishment. Looks a big job.

27 Feb 2006 19:07

The Victoria, St John's Wood

My doctors surgery (which is being rebuilt) was on the same row of buildings as The Victoria and I've just realised the pub has gone. It was a fairly depressing pub but was used by locals and in a way I it's a bit sad it's gone. It was usually fairly empty with the only people in there being blokes on their own with their pint, looking into the middle distance.

18 Feb 2006 21:46

The Wells Tavern, Hampstead

I went here a few times before it was gastrofied. It used to be empty and I mean empty. Anyway, revisited it recently. Full of beautiful people in the downstairs bar and upstairs is the restaurant which is apparently very good. There is also a bar menu downstairs. Not my cup of tea to be honest. One of those places where you put your hand out to get your change and they make a point of putting it on a bloody silver plate. Tossers.

18 Feb 2006 21:14

The White Horse, Hampstead Heath

First time in here for years. Not bad and not as obviously done up as the other pubs nearby. Bar just at the right height for leaning and boozing which makes a change. Not too expensive and seemed to be some locals in there which is a good thing I guess.

8 Feb 2006 17:47

The Roebuck, Hampstead

Revisited on a Saturday night. Busy. Another place that hides its non premium lagers so that you can't see them. They have done it out well but as I've posted so often I'm fed up with these places.

8 Feb 2006 17:45

The Garden Gate, Hampstead Heath

A plethora of very expensive premium lagers with ornate taps "screaming buy me buy me" hit you as you stand at the bar. The unsuspecting won't notice the crappy stuff hidden round the corner. The Carling tap was even hidden by a no smoking at the bar sign. I'm not being ripped off and had a pint of Carling. Yet another ponced up pub.............yawn. Seemed to be full of under age drinkers. Okay yah.

8 Feb 2006 17:43

The Flask, Highgate

Posted below and said it was too busy at the weekend so we returned on a Monday lunchtime. Just a few people in, no queue at the bar (unlike the usual meat market), food fairly priced and quick service. Won't return again at the weekend but would on a weekday.

17 Jan 2006 19:53

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Pre theatre drink on a Friday. Got here about 6ish and managed to get a seat in the no smoking bit round the corner. Very pleasant. Excellent bar staff, decent music but you could still have a conversation. Don't like drinking in the West End but this was a very enjoyable drink.

15 Jan 2006 20:27

Cane, West Hampstead

Currently closed, being refurbished and opening as something called Eclipse in March. Not holding my breath.

15 Jan 2006 20:12

The Cricketers, Kilburn

As the author of the post below I found myself walking past here the other day and recalled the night we went in there. Anyway, there's a sign in the window saying it's closed but not for how long.

22 Dec 2005 14:27

The Coal Hole, Strand

The old man is always going on about how he used to go here during the war so me and the missus popped in there before going to the theatre. Probably not the best time to go - week before Xmas, it was heaving. Had to stand. Seemed okay though but nothing there to make me go again. For the most part West End pubs are too much hassle for me. No sign of the Poles! Must say this thread was very entertaining.

22 Dec 2005 14:23

The Flask, Hampstead

Freezing cold outside but like a furnace in here. Had some vege lasagne and chips which was pretty decent and a half. Been here on and off over the years and quite like it. Fairly busy but mellow atmosphere.

18 Dec 2005 19:32

Cane, West Hampstead

I've recently been in here a couple of times on Sunday afternoons. It's quiet and fairly empty plus the 2 for 1 offer on bottles of lager was enticing. Went in there last week and a change in vibe. Loud music and a bit busier than normal. The barman says the offers no longer available as they have new owners - apparently the same people who own the Buzz Bar. My friend informs me it's a pick up joint in town. He proceeds to serve me a luke warm Corona, slices a lime, throws it in the air, puts the bottle behind his back and inserts said slice in bottle. I just look blankly at him, take the change off the silver platter and amble off. Must be getting old.

2 Dec 2005 16:17

The George, Soho

Threw a sickie (sod it, you only live once) and ended up watching Wallace and Grommit at The Empire. Haven't been up West in years and after battling through crowds I realised why. Anyway, ended up in The George for a pint. Enjoyed it, being the afternoon it wasn't crowded. Small but no harm in that. Couple of screens and a fruity as people term them.

2 Dec 2005 16:06

The Washington, Belsize Park

I remember this place from the days when the manager with missing fingers ran it(guess that must be Terry, see below). We used to refer to him as Digit. Anyway, it used to be a laugh in there, especially when he did the discos. Used to be able to watch the football too. Was a good old fashioned local. Look it now. Scandalous. Used to get alot of old people in.................where on earth do they go drinking now?

31 Oct 2005 20:21

Ark Bar, Hampstead

Went past it on the bus the other day and it looks like it's been revamped. Not yet open yet as far as I could tell.

31 Oct 2005 20:05

The Good Ship, Kilburn

You're not a QPR supporter are you John?

13 Oct 2005 21:00

Bar Selon, West Hampstead

Recently got new owners. Has a cafe upstairs and a bar downstairs. Don't think they have a licence for upstairs. Anyway, bored with the usual NW6 fare we gave this a go. Went downstairs not knowing what to expect - it was a laugh. Not busy and seemed to be full of the owners friends. There was a chap playing the guitar and some very drunk but amiable people. It was fun. No draught lager though. The food looked excellent. Authentic tapas and cheap. Definitely try it next time. Not sure but think the place is run by a combination of Spanish/Albanian/Iranian! and they were very friendly. I hope they get more business because they deserve it.

Only when you visit a place like this do you realise how lousy and unfriendly alot of the places are in NW6.

8 Oct 2005 17:05

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

I think "anonymous" below sums it up nicely. I like it here - it's mellow on a Sunday afternoon and not many people around but they're right, something always nagged me but I couldn't put my finger on it - the feeling that almost 4 for a pint of lager is a rip off. How long will it be before you're paying a fiver, yes a fiver for a pint of lager. Criminal.

7 Oct 2005 19:10

The Dolphin, Kings Cross

Went to see Glenn Miller tribute band at the Camden Centre. Only had Stella (wife beater) on so sent the other half out to the pub to get some beers (she's good like that). Came back with a couple of bottles and said she walked in and everyone turned round and stared at her. Anyway, had a couple of drinks at the interval and after too. Liked it. Pool table, footie on Sky. It's just nice not to go to a gastro pub or a ponced up theme pub.

PS: Glenn Miller was great!

1 Oct 2005 18:59

The Walkabout, Finchley Road

Man, is this place dark. Lovely day outside but go inside here and you need a torch. No turd in a glass like Shepherds Bush though so gets a point for that. Doubtful I'll return.

22 Sep 2005 17:41

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Tourist rip off. I had a real bummer of a meal here. Shocking so I decided to "borrow" the salt and pepper pots. Immature but made me feel better. Anyway, a dick who was letting his brattish little kid run all round the garden screaming his head off and spoiling everyones' meal noticed and told me to put it back. I told him very politely to bugger off.

22 Sep 2005 17:31

The Railway, West Hampstead

Have to say every time I've been there the service has been excellent. It was heaving last Saturday but still got served quickish. The pint was pure gnat's piss though and warm with it. I find the comment about the bouncer being sacked odd as they've had the same 2 there since it reopened as far as I can make out.

22 Sep 2005 17:25

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Used to drink here in the old days. Elderly Irish couples dancing to dodgey riddly diddly do duos - but it was nice. It's been gastrofied now and its full of braying young professionals lounging about on leather sofas. Doubtless on Sundays they have broadsheets too. Food looks expensive. I read an article the other week saying that most food in Gastros comes pre prepared.

Anyway I hate pubs like this but my girlfriend loves them. It's loud and smokey.

Despite comments about service, it was very quick. In fact never before have I stood at a bar with a drink in my hand and been asked about 5 times whether I wanted a drink. Impressive.

PS: Lots of urine on the floor in the mens bogs which as far as I could tell haven't been touched since the North London Tavern of old.

17 Sep 2005 11:36

The Magdala, Hampstead

I like this place but charging 90pence for a packet of crisps is just taking the piss.

8 Sep 2005 20:32

Wetherspoons, Hampstead

Last time I was here there was an almighty punch up involving the local chavs. Whole works, chairs flying through the air, people attacking each other with stools. Cracking entertainment.

1 Sep 2005 20:21

The Flask, Highgate

Bank Holiday Monday. It's heaving. The bottom bar is closed and two guys are doing an admirable job coping with the workload in the bar. I guess it's not the best time to visit. Midweek would be better. There's a green patch just outside the pub and people are drinking on it. One of them has parked his expensive open top car alongside and is playing this absolutely s*it house/dance God knows what music at top volume and I mean top volume. I must be getting old but I just don't understand people like that.

29 Aug 2005 19:32

The Elgin, Maida Vale

Stunk of stale smoke. Ordered a half. Guy proceeds to pour a pint. Only want a half I say. He says okay and gives me what he's poured in the pint as my drink. I say that's not a half. He gives me "the look" and puts a further 5ml in. The music was loud and dreadful. Not what you want on a Sunday afternoon. Clientele is all professionals lounging around reading the broadsheets. I'm just getting fed up with these places.

29 Aug 2005 19:20

The John Baird, Muswell Hill

Lager cold and not flat. Had a cheese sarnie. Pretty basic but liked the place. Staff very friendly too. Was a pile of puke though on the ground just be the beer garden. First time to Muswell Hill and it all seemed a bit poncey really.

29 Aug 2005 18:52

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Cheers. I've had several drinks here. It's a typical Wetherspoons. Very busy when the Rs are at home. Lager cheap, but tastes a bit.............well odd. Surely they can't buy it cheap.

Bogs are lovely though.

23 Aug 2005 19:55

The Gatehouse, Highgate

For a WS this is pretty decent. Quiet, large yet cosey. Had a cheese sarnie which was a bit rank but overall it's okay for a pint or two and unlike most of the places in Highgate not full of hooray henry types of tourists.

24 Jul 2005 18:46

The Old Bull and Bush, North Hampstead

Can't remember when I was last here but it was winter, cold, gloomy and pretty empty but it looked like the original fittings were all there - mind you it was pretty dar. There was a sign up saying it was going to close for refurbishment. Returned here today.........................oh dear. As previous comments have said, the soul's been ripped out. Gentrified, sanitised, clinical and just well, dull. It could be an All Bar One, Slug and Lettuce. When will this trend end?

24 Jul 2005 18:44

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

I meet up with an old work colleague every now and then. The phone rings "Hello mate, how's it going? I'm in town next week, fancy a beer?" My heart sinks. I know he'll want to drink ten pints on a work night, I know at last orders he'll tell me he's got a day off the next day and worst of all I know he'll say he wants to meet in this pub because it's on his way home to Ilford. I have to go to West Hampstead.

The pubs got a splendid interior but it's expensive for a WS, it's bloody noisey, bloody busy and I feel like shit whenever I go home.

19 Jul 2005 20:37

Ye Olde White Bear, Hampstead

Like the Holly Bush, Pilsner Urquell is no longer on draught.

17 Jul 2005 20:42

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

Great shame - pilsner urquell no longer on draught.

17 Jul 2005 20:41

The Coconut Tree, Finchley

Scarey place.

7 Jul 2005 18:55

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Great for using their bogs when you're desperate to have a slash or a dump. It's usually so big and busy noone will notice you walk in and walk straight out.

7 Jul 2005 18:45

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

I used to go here about 10 years ago when I was living in a grim damp ridden bedsit in Stowe Road. Nice, dark and gloomy but warm and comforting and you could watch the footie on the telly. Sawdust on the floor. Look at it now. Astonishing. Everything's cyclical they say and I hope the craze for gutting local boozers will soon end.

7 Jul 2005 18:43

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

Been going in there on and off for 15 odd years though very rarely for the last 5 or so years. It's a different pub now. Went in there the other Friday night about 10ish. It was quiet, very quiet. In the old days you used to get a collection of West Hampstead weirdos sat near the bar. Drunks, oddballs, nutters, the lot. They seemed to have gone. The pub seems to lack any heart whatsoever. It's also very very bright. I guess West Hampstead's changed and with it its pubs.

6 Jul 2005 21:53

The Railway, West Hampstead

Revisited this though I promised I never would and to be honest it's a well run pub. It's not the sort of place I go for but you have to take your hat off to the landlord and landlady who always seem to be present on busy Sat nights. The bar's always well staffed and you're quickly served even when the pressure's on. The lager's cold and cheap and the bands though not great are better than nothing. There's even the option of table service and they don't expect a tip (least I don't think they do!). Compare this to La Brocca up the road. Poor service and landlord does f*ck all except clog the bar up with his rugger mates. Anyway, well done. I'm sure the pub owners are destined for bigger things!

6 Jul 2005 21:44

Latelys, West Hampstead

A message to ron_devous: Thanks, yes, I go to the toilet down there.

3 Jul 2005 17:56

The Dog and Six Stories, West Hampstead

Rumoured to be closing to make way for the planned redevelopment. The developers renamed the pub as a piss take to the locals who didn't want anything over 6 stories.

Anyway, this is an odd one. It's been here for years and undergone various refits. It's very big and a bit dingy but clean. Only seems to get busy when the footballs on. Remember it being packed to the rafters for an Ireland World Cup game several years ago.Beer garden through the back.

Perfectly okay for a pint and to watch football in peace and quiet. Tried to get a music license years ago but the locals vetoed it. Would have been good.

Will be a shame if it goes. Bring on the luxury flats.

2 Jun 2005 18:54

Sirous Bar and Restuarant, West Hampstead

This was refurbished about a year ago and trades as a tapas bar. Eaten a couple of times but it's not authentic tapas. Kirin and Red Stripe on tap. Gets busy at the weekends. Waiter service but you'll get the service automatically added on. If I'm just drinking I prefer to go the bar (small). Okay for a pint but nothing special.

2 Jun 2005 18:40

The Worlds End Distillery & Restaurant, Chelsea

An NW6, NW3, W12 (Up the Rs) man myself but made a 328 journey down to Chelsea (bah, spit) for a change. What can I say? Refurbished, airey, poncey type of customer. 3 for a Fosters. Not very busy. Early days I guess. Not my cup of tea. Couple of plasma screens showing the footie and a big bouncer on the door.

29 May 2005 00:15

The Tiroler Hut, Westbourne Grove

I used to drink there without eating so maybe it's changed.

25 May 2005 20:15

The Red Lion, Kilburn

It's a while since I've been here but it was well rough when I was last there (year or two ago) so it could have changed. Suggest you go and have a look if you already haven't. The Chippenham down in Maida Vale is a backpackers too and it's a right dump but because of its location should do better.

25 May 2005 20:12

Ark Bar, Hampstead

Passed it on the bus the other day. I think it's closed. Not surprising.

25 May 2005 20:03

The Prince of Wales, Maida Hill

Just round the corner from Angies Freehouse. Another Celtic pub. Usually have a one man band on Saturday nights. Older person's pub. Well run bar, never have to wait long though it's always busy. Somehow always have that feeling I'm gatecrashing a private party. Perfectly okay for a pint though.

23 May 2005 20:13

Angies Freehouse II, Westbourne Park

Having walked out of The Union still gobsmacked that so many people enjoy shouting at each other and fighting for a drink, we walked round the corner to Angies. Been here several times before and it's usually been quite empty (possibly people watching the footie in the afternoon).

Anyway, very Irish, Celtic memorabillia on the walls (oh dear, they were in for a shock the next day), riddley diddley do music, smokey and generally very pleasant for a pint.

23 May 2005 20:07

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

Tried this again at the weekend and the same as my last visit. Very busy and 3 deep at the bar. I'd forgotten this used to be called the Carlton Bridge. I used to come and watch footie there. Fat chance of that now. Lamentable.

23 May 2005 19:43

The Roebuck, Hampstead

Went to a great Xmas disco/party about 10 years ago. Full of nurses from the Free. Whenever I've gone back since it's been a bit depressing.

Visited it today and it's been done up - in the usual gastro way. However, I liked it. Got a pleasant beer garden through the back. It wasn't too busy, the food was fairly priced and the staff were really pleasant and friendly without being trendy and poncy. Will visit again.

I was surprised it wasn't more busy.

10 Apr 2005 19:01

The Tiroler Hut, Westbourne Grove

Having finished a late shift at the cinema the Tiroler Hut was often the venue for an early morning session. Hidden away down some stairs along from the famous Khans curry house. As the name would suggest its run by Germans(Austrians?) and they're all dressed up in authentic "gear". Grown men in leather shorts heartily slap each others arses. Being an introverted Brit it's all very gay but after some strong continental lager you'll be laughing your head off. I last went back there about 2 years ago with an old colleague but unfortunately got thrown out for leering at the barmaid (she's very busty).

9 Dec 2004 21:42

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

Oh God. I used to go in here fairly regularly about 5/6 years ago after work or before going to the cinema. It was just your normal regular boozer - now look at it. Ponced up, poncy clientel with ridiculous prices. I always laugh at these places. All poshed up and then you go in the bogs and there's piss all over the place.

9 Dec 2004 21:32

The Shakespeare, Bayswater

Forgot to mention after closing time everyone used to head to Angelos just along the road which was late night drinking den where they used to serve those big old fashioned bottles of Grolsch with the flip top. Fabulous memories of drinking till 4 in the morning. I was shocked to see Angelos is no longer there and not even a bar. Anyone remember it?

9 Dec 2004 21:28

The Shakespeare, Bayswater

I used to work in the cinema in Whiteleys and used to drink in here after a shift. Good few years ago now though but enjoyable then.

9 Dec 2004 21:23

Kendricks Bar, Maida Hill

Having walked out of the Union in disgust, took a walk along the Harrow Rd. It's a depressing road and a while since I've been down here. Walked into Kendricks and it couldn't have been more different to the Union. There was a girl singing who had a great voice and its years since I've been in such an ethnically mixed pub. You name it, they were they. A real local, pretty run down but not threatening in any way at all. It was like going back 30 odd years. Blimey, you could even have a conversation AND listen to the music.

6 Dec 2004 18:54

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

Walked in and walked out again. Too smokey and full of braying people. There seemed to be a queue about 3 deep at the bar so I guess it's dead popular but if I have to fight for a drink and fight to be heard I simply cant be arsed.

5 Dec 2004 18:46

The Cock Tavern, Kilburn

I find this place okay. About 5 years ago they used to have bands that had a proper drummer, etc, now it seems to be poshed up kareoke. Okay for a pint or two though.

5 Dec 2004 00:01

Walkabout, Shepherds Bush

I'm a QPR fan too and the one time I went there I found a turd in a pint glass in the bogs. Never again.

4 Dec 2004 23:59

Latelys, West Hampstead

Only tend to go there on a Sat night. Attracts the slightly older person. Like it because it's not too noisy, can usually get a seat and because of it's opening hours you can have a few pints later than normal. If you get there after 10ish Gordon will probably charge you a fiver entrance.

Has a pump with Oranjeboom on it but I reckon it's carling or some other non premium lager.

1 Dec 2004 18:51

The Shepherd and Flock, Shepherds Bush

Come on you Rangers. Now my preferred pre match pint. Old fashioned, smokey and pokey. Footie on the telly. Cold, cheap lager. Not done up in any way whatsoever. Splendid.

28 Nov 2004 09:38

Powers Bar, Kilburn

Agree what a shame. When I was last in they had a decent DJ. Last night it was fairly empty and consequently not as smokey as normal which was good. But what the f*ck is that music about. They had some music (house? jungle? acid, retro, what the f*ck) where this same song just went on and on and on and on. When you thought it had finished we looked at each other and said "thank f*ck for that" maybe they'll play some Jam............and then the f*cking song would start up again. In fact, it's brainwashing. I'm still hearing it today. Apologies for expletives but I just don't get it.

28 Nov 2004 09:35

The Old Bell, Kilburn

Lots of places to watch the footie. Had a two piece band on who weren't bad. Lager a bit flat but all in all would return for a quick one. Not hard enough to have a meal though. Two for a fiver looked enticing but let's face it you're not talking cordon bleu.

28 Nov 2004 09:30

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

Ate here on Friday and it wasn't too bad - burger, lasagne, that type of stuff. Budvar was 3.70 for 2 halves!! Bring on the 4 pint

22 Nov 2004 08:49

The Railway, West Hampstead

The name has reverted to The Railway (or The Rail-Way according to some posters) scene of many famous bands in years gone by. Anyway went to check it to see if it's still as ghastly as its been for the last 10 years.

Simply dreadful. Appeared to be full of 18 year old Sharon and Kevins. Place was thick with smoke and they had one of the worst 2 piece bands I've ever heard. The most depressing aspect was it's doing great trade. People were loving it including one family who came through the door and started dancing. Mum was wearing tight white trousers and knee high boots, Dad was wearing a sheepskin coat a la Ron Atkinson. Daughter had dyed blonde hair. Passed them on the way home later as they were going into the kebab shop.

Landlord looks like Alexis Sayle and the bouncers seem to be everywhere

Cheap, cold lager though at 2.09 a pint. I won't be returning though.

21 Nov 2004 10:05

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