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Comments by LukeD

The White Hart, Eltham

Be suspicious of gushing reviews from people who have only ever reviewed one pub on this site. Often they are management or friends of management dishonestly pretending to be independent customers.

2 Mar 2014 14:14

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

TheVolunteerRiflemans, assuming the post is genuine and you are telling the truth, this is my response.

Firstly let me say that I also run a city centre small friendly pub with similarities to your own, so I do actually know what I am talking about.
Regarding making savings by cleaning the lines fortnightly rather than weekly. Firstly, let me say that I cannot imagine only cleaning my ale lines every 14 days. We clean our ale lines every time a barrel is changed, which is on average every 3.5 days.
Are you really saving that much money? Yours is a small pub, I seem to remember, so I might assume 3 ales, 2 ciders, 3 lagers and a Guinness. 9 lines at roughly 3 pints per line (assumption) would be 27 pints aka 27 pounds a week. But it's a false economy because even if you cannot tell the difference, there are definitely going to be some people who do. And they might stop coming in so often or at all, and could tell other people that better beer can be found elsewhere. There are things you can use to minimise this waste, while not compromising on quality. Message me if you would like to know some ways to do this. In many pubs I have seen, many pints are wasted into drip trays though lazy or unnattentive bartending. (I have worked a bar that literally threw 70 pints of drip tray ale waste down the drain in a single night, [turnover c£4000 for the evening.]) If every drip tray is filled once a night, that is a total of 9x7 pints a week wasted, an amount that could surely be halved by constant nagging of staff.

And equal or greater savings can be made in other areas, such as refuse costs, or energy. JDW's saved a small fortune by instructing their managers to turn on the glasswasher a few hours later than usual. Ten Led bulbs replacing halogen or incandescent can save a few pounds every week on bills.

6 Nov 2013 19:31

The Fairway Tavern, Welwyn Garden City

Chockerblock, you are full of shit. in your review of the Cork WGC, you stated that you are blind, and here you are talking about the great view from this pub.

22 Oct 2013 20:24

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Nova7, it's not graffiti, they are the rules of the pub, clearly marked as such. The only one that could possibly be seen as misogynistic is the most important one, rule #1, No C***s. Just for clarity, here are some of the following rules, #2 Racists, Etc can just sod off. #3 Daily Mail opinions shall have the piss taken out of them. #4 If you don't like Johnny Cash, shut up or go away. #5 No Scientology. #6 Sad pedantry is encouraged. #7, No, you are not getting any cheap beer. #8 Babies and toddlers must be stored in the cellar.

If that really make you feel unwelcome then I guess you are not going to enjoy my pub that much. I'll have a little cry about that later on.

30 Apr 2013 12:24

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Nova7, I am not the one who is hiding behind an anonymous username. I saw two very spartan and negative reviews, of the only two Arbor pubs they have, and a user who had registered just to leave those two reviews. The two pubs are on opposite sides of town, & I find it a coincidence that those were the only pubs that you chose to comment on. You didn't bother to post which beers you were drinking, just slagged them both off, which is not helpful, constructive criticism, as it is impossible for the landlord to know what you were drinking.

30 Apr 2013 12:14

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Freehold up for sale. If anybody has got 30k to lend me than I would love to get this little pub up and running properly again. :)

10 Apr 2013 11:41

Old Stillage, Redfield

nova7 registered only to slag off this pub and Arbor's other pub in Bristol and has left no other comments at all. His comments appear bullshit to me and it would seem that it is somebody hiding behind anonymity with a grudge to bear.

10 Apr 2013 11:39

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

nova7 registered only to slag off this pub and Arbor's other pub in Bristol and has left no other comments at all. His comments appear bullshit to me and it would seem that it is somebody hiding behind anonymity with a grudge to bear.

10 Apr 2013 11:39

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

So the group of lads who started abusing me and other customers when I refused to serve them the other night were 'right' somehow ?
Pubs are not shops or cafes. I have to supervise people who are getting drunk, while ensuring that people who want to cause trouble are not allowed entrance.
This anonymous poster is lying. If Tom was acting cordial towards them, there would have been a reason for it, and I suspect the reason is that they were already rather pissed and acting obnoxiously. (As the others present in the pub that night have said to me.)

12 Mar 2013 09:27

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Sothyorkshireman, My point is that you are wrong. I have spoken to various customers and my staff about the night in question and ascertained the following. You turned up with a bunch of mates, obviously the worse for wear after visiting a LOT of other local pubs, (at least 7, I gather from your posting history on that day), and proceeded to draw attention to yourselves and act fairly obnoxiously while you were in my pub.

We do not welcome drunk groups of lads into our pub, as it is for nice people only. Hence these days we have a sigh on the window that says, 'No Idiot Pub Crawls.

You said that the quote,' The main subject amongst the customers however, was the young barman...' I have spoken to many other people who were present in the pub that day, (and most of them were more sober than you and your friends were) and they have all unanimously told me that this was not the case. So I believe that you are lying or at best highly mistaken. You didn't listen what other customers were saying because you and your friends were all pretty drunk after having been on an all day pub crawl visiting as many pubs as you could.

Who do you want me to believe, sober customers or highly pissed up customers ?

28 Feb 2013 14:26

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

TWG, thanks for giving the time for a review. The reason for us not filling all of our six handpumps with beer is for two linked reasons. During the summer our cellar cooling went down and for a few days we had no cooling at all. It was fixed at great cost, but this fix wasn't quite right, and for a few more weeks the cellar still wasn't as cool as I would have liked. This combined with the low turnover that the pub has during the summer, (hint hint) meant that we had to reduce the amount of cask ales on offer, in order to keep the quality up, and reduce the amount of beer that we had to throw away as it was past it's prime. Anyway, the cooling is fixed, and as we head for busier times, I hope to keep the six handpumps filled permanently from now on.

9 Oct 2012 14:11

The Spring Gardens, Hotwells

Closed. Let's hope that it reopens as a pub.

25 Sep 2012 14:36

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

Apparently now closed.

20 Aug 2012 18:46

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

South Yorkshireman, I don't know what my barman, Tom did to annoy you, but I frankly don't believe your words. I think that you are lying. All I hear from my customers about Tom is how friendly and knowledgeable he is, and for you to say that 'The main subject amongst the customers however' was Tom's attitude is just bullshit.
One of my customers noticed you and your friends, and says that you were pretty pissed and noticeably obnoxious by the time you had made it to my pub. That's what he says anyway. I wasn't there.

11 Apr 2012 00:30

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

I love reading the reviews for this pub. Good entertainment.

5 Mar 2012 16:53

The Black Horse, Climping

It's pretty easy to spot the dishonest reviews. Check to see if the poster has made any comments on any other pubs on Bite. If not, and they are glowing reviews, then there is a chance that they are employees of the pub, or mates of the Landlord. Google maps does seem to show a sign for the pub exactly where the poster said it was, but it's impossible to read the words fully.

5 Mar 2012 16:44

The Elephant, Bristol

Oh look. There's a user with only three reviews. All for the same pub. What a coincidence.

28 Feb 2012 00:47

Old House Inn, Llangynwyd

Yet more one time posters. Coincidence that nobody posts for a whole year then two 'separate' 'customers' in the space of a minute. Fools nobody.

22 Feb 2012 12:23

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

Mind you, the landlord calling the customers twats can hardly help, can it ?

19 Feb 2012 03:24

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

I have never been to this pub. But the reviews left here seem to be fulfilling the classic patten of anonymous review sites. There are some obvious slanderous, negative comments from non existent users followed by obvious glowing reviews by non existent users, interspersed with genuine reviews and the exasperated landlord losing his rag publicly with the whole thing. I suggest that less than a quarter of the recent reviews reflect genuine customer experiences of this establishment.

19 Feb 2012 03:13

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

Bardudette, I understand that you are now working at the Richmond these days. Can I ask whether you were working there last April when you posted the glowing review of the venue ? Or did you subsequently gain employment there, later ?

19 Feb 2012 02:50

The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Open again.

16 Jan 2012 13:27

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

If the only criticism of a pub that you can offer is the higher price, then that is no valid criticism at all.

16 Jan 2012 03:31

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

A word to the two users who registered on this site only yesterday, just to criticise myself and my policy towards the admission of children in the Bag Of Nails.
My premises licence enabling me to legally sell alcohol on this site explicitly says that under 14's are not allowed on the premises at any time, other than to enter the rooms upstairs. This is because children are not allowed in the bar area of any pub in this country. If you do not believe me, you are welcome to pop along and i shall happily show you the legal documentation confirming this fact.
Children are NOT allowed in my pub. This is not my policy, but the policy of the licencing department, and of the UK government. I would not be able to successfully challenge this because of the size and nature of the pub.
My pub is an adult environment, where adults go to drink and do all the things that adults like to do to relax. The Bag Of Nails has NEVER allowed children to enter, so I don't understand why you object to this legally binding policy, if you have indeed been a frequent visitor to this 'Bristol Institution' over the years.
The toilets are of course cleaned every day. I agree that the gents is far from perfect, but it is clean.
Regarding your comments about the ale being flat and stale; I'm sorry if you found this to be the case, but personally I think this unlikely as our turnover of ale is such that no barrels of beer are on sale for more than three days. Maybe you could mention exactly which of my beers you found to be stale, and which day you visited, then I could tell you exactly when the barrel was racked, reached and first put on sale, as I keep records of all this. If you do find yourself with a pint that you are not happy with, you are more than welcome to bring it back to the bar, and we will happily change it for a different one, without any fuss.
I'm sorry that you both seem to have been highly offended by my use of the C word. What can I say ? It's my pub, and I chose to put it there. My intention was not to offend people, but set the tone of the pub. Apologies to have offended you by chalking up a small word on a blackboard, hidden up by the ceiling.

15 Jan 2012 11:34

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

Good beer, standard food, but a good price and very popular. Excellent location, on the docks. This place gets extremely busy on a sunny evening, but there is plenty of space for all.

6 Jan 2012 17:31

The Magic Box, Bristol

Closed and boarded up yet again. A pity, as it's in such a great area.

6 Jan 2012 17:27

The Lansdown, Bristol

Nice pub in Clifton. Well kept ale, and a great smoking area. The landlord and landlady are very nice too, but the ale is a little pricey.

2 Jan 2012 21:24

The Prince of Wales, Bishopston

Be warned. This pub doesn't seem to give ANY drinking up time whatsoever. I popped in a few weeks ago at 10:50, and we noticed that all of the chairs were stacked on the unoccupied tables already, (with the feet on the table surfaces, how hygenic,) and so I asked how long the place was open for. The bar lady told us that they were only serving for ten more minutes and we would have to leave at 11 pm exactly. We turned around and went to the Cat and Wheel instead.

2 Jan 2012 18:35

The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Closed. Apparently the building is absolutely knackered, as the new owners found out to their cost. Pity. It's in a great location and could make pots of money.

2 Jan 2012 18:28

Hogshead, Bristol

I used to go here. It was horrible.

2 Jan 2012 18:25

The Beaufort, Montpelier

I love this pub. It's so sweet. A bit like going back in time thirty years. Very friendly staff, and rock and roll on the jukebox. Butcombe on Tap.

2 Jan 2012 18:02

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Still a cracking pub, the Hillgrove is going from strength to strength. Jamie has managed to introduce a decent and very affordable food menu, without changing the atmosphere of the place at all. One of the best cask ale ranges in Bristol, and some excellent music played at a decent volume.

2 Jan 2012 17:59

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Great little pub with an interesting range of ale on. I ought to visit here much more often.

2 Jan 2012 17:57

The Kings Head, Bristol

Lovely interior, friendly staff, although the prices are a little on the steep side.

2 Jan 2012 17:55

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Great pub, one of the best in the city. Friendly staff, and an excellent range of cask ale. The music is usually great, although I have been in once when a customer put an hours worth of terrible crooning bilge on. A very mixed crowd but as it's off the beaten track, this pub doesn't seem to attract many dickheads.

2 Jan 2012 17:54

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

The Bag of Nails has finally re-opened, and I look forward to greeting customers both old and new to the bar.
Our current opening times are Mon, Tues, Weds, Five until Eleven, and Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun, Midday until Eleven. These may increase in the future, I hope. Friendly dogs are welcome but because of our licence, babies and children are not. We have five ales on draught and two farmhouse ciders. The ales are prices between 2.70 and 3.20, depending on how much we had to pay for them. I'm buying almost all of my draught stock direct, but in the future I shall start to get ales from further afield.
We do not give any kind of CAMRA discount and shall not consider it until CAMRA stop giving away Wetherspoons vouchers away free to all members.
I'm not interested in being included in the CAMRA good beer guide and will not be until some serious changes are made to the format of the book, which reflects that there are many more cracking pubs that sell decent ales than there were twenty years ago.
We do not sell any draught lagers, or other carbonated drinks on draught, however we do have a growing range of bottled world beers, which currently includes two great German pilsners, three wheat beers, three American Craft Beers, two Trappist beers and two Abbey beers. In time I would like this selection to grow to a range of ninety nine bottled beers, ales and ciders.
All music is played on vinyl at a volume that can be discerned, and therefore cannot be described in any way as musak. Customers are invited to choose which records to play and are welcome to bring in their own (suitable) vinyl. The music policy is based around the theme of 20's, 30's Delta blues and subsequent blues and Jazz heroes, but my record collection also has many more modern classics.
I'm pretty sure that we already have the best range of board games in Bristol for customers to play, which include, Carcasonne, Catan, Go, Chess, Diplomacy, Ingenious, Villa Paletti and of course Hey, That's My Fish.
Oh, and we have a kitten.

20 Dec 2011 11:08

Zero Degrees, Bristol

I must fully apologise to Zero Degrees about my previous comment. Apparently CAMRA Technical Advisory Group do consider their IPA to be Real Ale, albeit with reservations regarding temperature and over condition due to the ale not having any opportunity to vent. So I believe that they do serve one Real Ale.
Regarding temperature, I was under the impression that the name Zero Degrees referred to the location of the original microbrewery (in Greenwich) rather than the serving temperature, as it is all but impossible to serve any liquid at zero degrees centigrade.
Anyhow I retract my previous comment.

1 Oct 2011 13:37

Zero Degrees, Bristol

How does this place get into the beer guide when they don't serve any Real Ale and never have done ? I obviously don't understand the criteria, but I thought that you had to serve Real Ale to be considered for inclusion.

29 Sep 2011 12:09

The Big Chill, Bristol

I popped in one afternoon and I liked to decor, but although I didn't expect there to be any ales on, the bottled range was just terrible across the board. Awful 'cider' based sugar drinks, low quality lager, no wheat beer, and nothing interesting at all.

29 Sep 2011 12:05

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Rather interesting that JDW seem to be barring customers from here for posting reviews on this site. Do people think that this is still a suitable place to sell the March beer festival tickets from, if certain customers are excluded for such petty reasons ? Personally I don't mind if I was barred from here, as I can't stand the places and Tim Martin is barred from my pub.
On another topic, I used to work for Brake Brothers, who certainly used to supply JDW's with all of their food, and all I can say is that I wouldn't eat there personally.
Camra's prolonged love-in with Wetherspoons adds nothing to their integrity.

29 Sep 2011 12:02

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Sorry that you didn't like my spartan words, neverlovedelvis, and perceived it as an unhelpful attitude. However resorting to sarcasm here is equally unhelpful, I would argue. You shall certainly find out when the pub is open, and if you wish to follow our progress then you can choose to have a look at my previously mentioned blog from time to time. All that I can say is that I have a lot of work to do before the pub can open, and a lot of big decisions to make. I am entirely unsure about how long this will all take to complete, however I am certain that we shall managed to open our doors sometime before Christmas. I look forward to seeing you there.

26 Sep 2011 13:21

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

It'll be open when it's ready. We have work to do.

22 Sep 2011 23:06

The Lizard Lounge, Clifton

Horrid student nightclub.

15 Sep 2011 18:48

The Hill, Clifton

This is Cotham, not Clifton. Nondescript large pub that I cannot imagine going to unless I really wanted to watch a football match with three hundred students.

15 Sep 2011 18:45

The Coronation Tap, Clifton

Had a horrible time when we last went here. Can't see why I would return. The bouncer seems to be having a laugh as well, and not in a good way.

15 Sep 2011 18:43

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

Self congratulation is fine, but if you are pretending to comment on a pub as a customer when you are actually staff or management then it becomes deceitful. This practice is destroying the integrity of online review sites such as this. For instance, saying that the ales are on regular rotation, when according to you they do not, is dishonest. Customers making mistakes about practice in a business is understandable, but staff doing so is false advertising.

15 Sep 2011 18:38

The White Lion, Bristol

Outside this pub is a banner that proclaims, 'Wide range of Real Ales'. I found four ales, all from Wickwar which ranged from 3.5% to 4.2%. All of them were blonde or bitter coloured. That is a range of bitters, not a wide range. Last year we were charged 1.20 for a half of Soda water. No squash, just soda water. So charging 2.40 for fizzy carbonated water, which was just ten p cheaper than a pint of bitter. Nice decor, but I shall not make this place a regular.

26 Jul 2011 15:15

Colston Yard, Bristol

Sorry Butcombe but this place is still horribly sterile in terms of decor. It hasn't picked up an ounce of character since it opened. But the service is good and the beer quality is good. Play some interesting music occasionally.

26 Jul 2011 15:10

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

Bardudette, that reviews could not have sounded more like a management advert if you had tried. I know that you are not management posing as a customer, but better objectivity would make your review more relevant. I have only been here once under the current management and found the place intolerably dull, and almost sterile, but it was a quiet afternoon. I shall visit again, at a busier time and give a more balanced review.

26 Jul 2011 14:52

The Bishops Tavern, Bristol

This place is still vile. Sorry.

26 Jul 2011 14:45

The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Well the new owners have actually managed to reduce the quality and range of the ale choice. You used to be able to get a Hobgoblin and London Pride, now you can only get thew ubiquitous and thoroughly bland Doombar. That is when there is not a plastic half glass over the pump signifying that they have run out yet again. This seems to happen more than once a week.

The decor looks terrible from the outside, and frankly it always seems pretty empty to me.

26 Jul 2011 14:41

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

'Tis true. I am taking this place on very soon. How soon, I cannot say for certain, but for the minute you can follow my progress by following my journal, the 'Saga of Nails'.

26 Jul 2011 03:27

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

If you are paying over nearly quid for a bottle of cordial then no wonder you have to charge 2.40 for a pint of squash. 3.50 for Doombar made me smile, a local pub sells it here (central Bristol) for 1.50 a pint.

20 Sep 2009 19:03

The Old England, Montpelier

Davedavedave, considering your only three comments on this site are for this pub, I would say that you have some kind of problem with it, hence the negative comments.
I don't care what you think. Just wanted to present another side of the case for montpelier.

13 Sep 2009 12:11

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

A great pub, especially when the students are away. The staff are always very friendly and jovial and the selection of guest ales is increasing. I counted four guests on when I was there last week.
The decor is second to none, in my opinion.

3 Sep 2009 21:21

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

Was closed on bank holiday monday, despite there being a jazz festival occurring right on the street outside the pub, which was a pity.

1 Sep 2009 09:48

Beeses Riverside Bar, Bristol

Incredibaly busy on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with loads of kids around. But good quality ale available, straight form the cask, and surprisingly sppedy service considering how busy it was. The ferry will even takes bicycles across the river for 50p extra. Nice cakes.

20 Aug 2009 11:10

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Four Bath Ales and no guest beer on. The Gem and Barnstormer were both ok, but not as good as they used to be say three years ago. The place has had a refurb, and definately looked smarter. It was pretty quiet on the Wednesday evening that we visited, and the music was to quiet for my liking. I could just about make out a cover version of 'Beat it' but couldn't quite work out which style it was in.

13 Aug 2009 10:01

Mothers Ruin, Bristol

Popped in last night. there was no ale on which was a pity. But I would rather they kept good ale on at the weekend rather than tired ale on all week. Had a Leffe at a good price of 3.10

15 Jul 2009 07:37

The Pitcher and Piano, Mayfair

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for their marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:29

The Pitcher And Piano, Islington

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for their marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:28

The Pitcher and Piano, Bishopsgate

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for their marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:28

The Pitcher and Piano, Holborn

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for thier marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:28

The Pitcher and Piano, Bank

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for thier marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:28

The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

If you google "shellakasimmo", all you find is unbelievable glowing reviews of pitcher and piano 'pubs'. It makes me think that she works for thier marketing dept and this was her job for a day.

14 Jul 2009 15:27

The Old Duke, Bristol

Only one bar staff serving on a sunny sunday evening. Courage Best and Directors and Gem and one other ale on.

13 Jul 2009 11:08

The Llandoger, Bristol

Was forced to grab a pint of Butcombe last night, because of the slothful service in the Duke across the road. It was recognisable as Butcombe at least. They also had on Spitfire and Hobgoblin. A young off-duty manager and a supervisor were having a vocal discussion about not serving someone and losing personal licenses, which entertained me for five minutes.

13 Jul 2009 11:06

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

I've been back a few times in the last few months. The atmosphere has been much more pleasant than before, and the beer quality is always very good.

13 Jul 2009 10:50

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

My favourite pub in Kingsdown. Always an excellent beer range and usually in tip top condition. The landlady, Doreen is always friendly and often with bonus sarcasm too.

9 Jul 2009 11:38

Colston Yard, Bristol

Staff friendly. I popped in to try Krombacher Weiss beer, which was excellent and not too expensive at 3.80 a pint. I find the decor to be bland, but the place is busy so they are clearly getting it right.

9 Jul 2009 09:31

Colston Yard, Bristol

Staff friendly. I popped in to try Krombacher Weiss beer, which was excellent and not too expensive at 3.80 a pint. I find the decor to be bland, but the place is busy so they are clearly getting it right.

9 Jul 2009 09:30

The Bank, Bristol

Three ales on yesterday of which the Arbor Mild was the best. I lile this pub a lot. They seem to get everything right. And there 'Month of the month' made me laugh out loud. I ought to visit this place more.

9 Jul 2009 09:27

The Wellington, Horfield

Popped in last night. First time in since the refurb. I think that they have done well, and made it better inside. The place was pretty busy for late on a weds evening and there was a nice atmosphere thoughout, apart from a whining toddler/baby. The Spa tasted a bit funny, but the Barnstormer was excellent. Bad smell coming from the cellar. Staff were polite and efficient. Another reason to visit this end of town.

9 Jul 2009 09:26

The Cornubia, Bristol

My only comment is that I have chosen not to hide my identity, and I have made a point of not making personal attacks on individuals.

8 Jul 2009 13:34

The Pump House, Hotwells

The fish and chips that I was served was average, and they boasted that you only got 12 chips. they stack them like a jenga set. They are actually proud of it. When I went with some friends for sunday roast, I was astounded. By how little we got. I especially asked the waitress for my beef to be well overcooked. (there was no other option available.) I distinctly asked for there to be NO PINK. It turned up pink in the middle. I returned to the bar to complain. Then the manager returned with my steak and a rare one, to compare them. I do not go to a eating house for the manager to try to show me up in front of my friend and argue with me. If I ask for my beef to be overcooked, I expect it to be done, or the chef to come out and say that he is not prepared to do it, which i accept.

They charge over two pounds for a pint of lime and soda.

8 Jul 2009 01:37

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

Best pub in Hotwells.

8 Jul 2009 01:28

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Tonight, we visited this pub. Despite it being rather chilly outside, all doors and windows were closed and two large air conditioning units were on seemingly at full blast. Unnecessary waste of energy annoys me. The atmosphere was pleasant and the selection and condition of ale available was good. I was slightly dismayed to see many cardboard 'table talkers' advertising cider scattered around. It made me feel as though I was drinking in a JDW or Toby Carvery. On reflection, next time I'm in the area I shall probably make the effort to travel further, to the Merchants Arms.

8 Jul 2009 01:27

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

After writing the previous review, I decided to revisit the place tonight with my girlfriend. The merlot was 3.30 for a 175ml glass, and extremely nice. The Milk Street ale that i had was ok but a little tired. We ordered bangers and mash, and nut roast at 8.50 each. Both were very tasty and neither of us could finish our portions. (not many gastro's that you could say that about.) We both had a very pleasant time in the garden communicating with a local robin.

I decided to investigate the 'orange mould' that AEM reported, in the gents. I think that his eyes might be failing him, or his imagination might be running away with him. I saw nothing of the sort, rather the usual crystalline build up associated with these places.

8 Jul 2009 01:18

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

This is a great pub. The original gastro in bristol, but it still feels very much like a pub. I have eaten here plenty of times in the last 24 months, and the food has always been fine. Martin even had the cook/chef serve me cheese on toast one day when I was feeling insistent. (which you would not get in any other gastro pub in town. Asking for cheese on toast in many places is a hanging offense.) Usually a good selection of beers, and always in a good or better condition. The prices a a bit high, but as the place always seem to be very busy, I would not say that they are too high. I guess that many posters here have no idea about how to run a business. I personally would rather pay 20p extra a pint for nice decor and ambience. Mind you I refuse to drink in JDW's so I'm used to normal prices, (not aggresively low ones.) The terrace garden is one of the cosiest in the city.

7 Jul 2009 20:40

The Lion, Clifton

I did not enjoy my last experience of this pub, and this is why.

I turned up with a friend sometime between 10.30 and 10.45. Ordered pint of ale, sat down next to bar. All very nice. Finished pint, and asked for another. Was told that they had called time and had finished serving. I mentioned that I had been sat no more that six foot away from the bell for the last half an hour and had not heard one ring, let alone two. The barmaid changed her tone and said that they didn't usually ring the bell on quiet nights. How on earth are we supposed to know when they are about to stop serving if they hide the fact.

Needless to say I have not been back since, I do not drink in pubs that do not call last orders or time.

1 Jul 2009 17:44

The Old England, Montpelier

Davedavedave, you are showing your class prejudice clearly here. Whilst I have no need to stand up for the Old E, plenty of other pubs in the area are safe and decent places to drink. You seem to be too scared to drink in this area, but please don't wrap it up with your sense of who is 'decent' and who is not. You think that people go to the 'Cadbury because they like trouble ?? No. You think the area is unpoliced and unregulated ??

4 Jun 2009 22:59

Red Lion, Clifton

Went in on Monday evening. We were the only customers, the very friendly lady behind the bar explained that she was the relief manager and had only been there for two days. This explained why there was six handpumps and only Sharps Doombar and Courage Best available. I had a Gin and Tonic.
There vere two dogs, (staffi's I am told) not just behind the bar, but with dog baskets behind the bar. After ten minutes, the lady's brother took the mantle. It would not be fair for me to comment as for the next half an hour he did not say a SINGLE word to us. not even hello or goodbye. this was clearly because the pub had NO other customers. Radiators were on full blast and the front door was propped open.

23 Apr 2009 10:18

The Cornubia, Bristol

an-ecunemical-matter, I really don't think that any of your criticism is fair or well directed, apart from the fact that i was in the office or elsewhere when you showed up. I'm sorry, but this is what happens sometimes on a Monday evening. We cannot afford to pay two members of staff on such a quiet evening, and I have to leave the bar occasionally, to restock or get change, or even to change a barrel. I try but am unable to guarantee allways having a guest beer on, sometimes they sell exceptionally quickly. I don't actually see why off-duty staff should jump to attention when they are trying to relax after a shift. My staff work hard enough as it is. I am also very sad that Shaggy Dave met his end in such a way, and it was a shock to me also. I only think that news of his demise put you in a negative mood before you entered our pub.

8 Apr 2009 10:53

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Went there today for a spot of food. It is fairly cheap, but pretty average. The chicken in my thai green chicken curry was heavily water-injected and had a rubbery texture. The sauce was Ok.
The rice was described on the menu as 'fragrant rice,' but was just plain boiled rice and smelt of nothing but starch.

Beer was fine. Atmosphere was unpleasant due to some chavs repeatedly swearing very loudly.

12 Feb 2009 23:56

The Tobie Norris, Stamford

I've only been here once, and i found it a bit poncy to be honest. Not quite as good as it thinks it is. But to be fair, you can kind of understand it's attitudes when you look at the general quality of the other pubs in Stamford in the last twenty years. I think this was the old RAFA club that i used to play games in, 15 years ago. (personally I love the no child policy. Pubs are for adults. Take your child to the platground.)

Re micro / national, I'm pretty sure that Fullers is the only national worth talking about. The only national that will ever equal the heights that the best micro's achieve. But lets not forget that there is sooooooo much average worse micro ale out there too.

19 Dec 2008 01:39

Arnolfini Cafe Bar, Bristol

Nice location, but how much !!!!

They're taking the michael.

17 Dec 2008 20:58

Mbargo, Bristol

Horrible place.

16 Dec 2008 17:56

The Rummer, Bristol

Excellent selection of rums. Huge fireplace, tiny fire. Very expensive, and pretty uptight. Probably would not go again.

16 Dec 2008 11:15

The Llandoger, Bristol

Neddy,, Why are you shocked that this pub is so rubbish. it has been absolutely terrible for years now. All the staff have had a sense of humour bypass, that ambience seems to have been sold to the Apple for a cut price and if I am forced to actuallly spend some time in here, I have to run across the road and get a pint of Gem from the Old duke. now those are desperate times !!

The most hisoric 'pub' in Bristol is a tourist sham. Avoid.

16 Dec 2008 10:12

The Kensington Arms, Cotham

Gastrotastic. the local rag gave it 4/5 for value when it was charging 3.30 for speckled hen, i beleive. there were many letters of astonishment in the paper the next week.

14 Dec 2008 15:43

The Bishops Tavern, Bristol

A terrible establishment. Earlier this year I had to go here. My friend's beer was almost vinegar, and i ordered the only other available, to find it was on the turn also, but not as bad. I had a terrible stomach for two days afterwards. Shockingly bland atmosphere.

14 Dec 2008 15:41

The Prince of Wales, Bishopston

I forgot to mention, the beer almost always has very little condition to it. it's like the chef is doing the cellar as an afterthought.

14 Dec 2008 15:38

The Prince of Wales, Bishopston

The second closest pub to my house, and i go there on average twice a year. quite pricey. Very often, terrible service. once, myself and two other customers were waiting at the bar for a full minute while TWO !! staff were finishing off thier chat with mates. i actually had to interrupt one of them to get service. It may not be like this now, as there is a swift turnover of staff and management, i beleive. The same owner tho.

14 Dec 2008 15:37

The Gallimaufry, Bristol

The first place that i saw that charged over three quid for a pint of ale. (and it was spitfire or some-such too. Hardly a premium bitter.) I know or used to know many of the staff, but that still wouldn't get me to drink in there. :)

14 Dec 2008 15:33

Goose At The Flyer, Horfield

I like this place, although it does quickly fill with dicks on a weekend night, (and i have spotted a fair few under-age's here too. The only place on gloucester road to have Franziskaner on tap. :) I mostly go here for a few pints during the afternoon, which is IMO when the place is at it's best.

14 Dec 2008 15:31

Rising Sun, Bishopston

With one of the cheapest and worst selection of drinks in town, this place is a student magnet. I'm glad it is though, as it often stops them going to the Flyer next door.

14 Dec 2008 15:29

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

Very expensive food, lack of atmosphere, irritating piped music, and often uninspired choice of beer. I can't really comment on the beer quality, as i don't often stay for a pint, just meet a mate and go across the road to the Flyer.

14 Dec 2008 15:26

The Hobgoblin, Bristol

I have been occasionally popping in here for the last five years, as I live locally. The beer is usually fine, although mostly limited to London Pride and Hobgoblin. I like the interior, and the patio / yard garden. I used to play poker here on mondays. Avoid on the weekend if you don't like loud music. I beleive it's under fresh management, but i have not met her yet.

14 Dec 2008 15:23

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

It lost it's charm when Scott and Jan left, and when Dan left, the beer quality went downhill.

I think most of the locals left then, i'm not too sure as i have only been back since thrice.

18 Nov 2008 00:41

The Victoria, Clifton

An excellent little pub made better by the fact that Paul and Dee are running it now for Glen. I went there last night and there was six ales from five different micro's to choose from. Had a cracking pint from Blindmans, followed by a beer from Goff's. There was a great atmosphere in there, and this was on a tuesday night !!

12 Nov 2008 13:11

The Rock House, Lynmouth

The first pint out was well on the way towards vinegar. the barman, without tasting it, went to the cellar for a few minutes. then he returned, and without offering me an option, started pulling a fresh barrel straight onto the line, without even pulling any water through. needless to say, the beer we were offered after that was of dubious quality.

(we went across the river to the rising sun)

11 Nov 2008 15:40

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Best Beer in town, by a long way. The atmosphere is a trifle dull, but the food is excellent.

11 Nov 2008 15:34

The Blue Ball Inn, Lynmouth

Excellent Pub. How they should be. Well kept beer. Two real fires, loads of friendly dogs. friendly staff. The only downside was choice of beer, only St Austell. but most of the local pubs are the same.

11 Nov 2008 15:33

The Rockford Inn, Rockford

Was served some soup that was advertised as home made but it appeared to be out of a packet with some herbs sprinkled on top.

Beer quality was fine, but they were playing Michael Bolton.

11 Nov 2008 15:31

The Cornubia, Bristol

Thanks for the comments. I'm sorry that the beer selection was lacking that day. We had just had our busiest week in a long time.

Anyhow, just to let people know that we are now serving sunday dinners, from 2pm until 6pm. booking is highly recommended.


23 Oct 2008 22:13

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