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Worked in The Merchants Arms, The [Smiles] Brewery Tap, The Hare on The Hill, The Wellington, The Hillgrove, The Bridge, and the Three Tuns since returning to Bristol ten years ago. Managed the Cornubia when it was good. j/k. don't get grumpy now.
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The White Hart, Eltham

Be suspicious of gushing reviews from people who have only ever reviewed one pub on this site. Often they are management or friends of management dishonestly pretending to be independent customers.

2 Mar 2014 14:14

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

TheVolunteerRiflemans, assuming the post is genuine and you are telling the truth, this is my response.

Firstly let me say that I also run a city centre small friendly pub with similarities to your own, so I do actually know what I am talking about.
Regarding making savings by cleaning the lines fortnightly rather than weekly. Firstly, let me say that I cannot imagine only cleaning my ale lines every 14 days. We clean our ale lines every time a barrel is changed, which is on average every 3.5 days.
Are you really saving that much money? Yours is a small pub, I seem to remember, so I might assume 3 ales, 2 ciders, 3 lagers and a Guinness. 9 lines at roughly 3 pints per line (assumption) would be 27 pints aka 27 pounds a week. But it's a false economy because even if you cannot tell the difference, there are definitely going to be some people who do. And they might stop coming in so often or at all, and could tell other people that better beer can be found elsewhere. There are things you can use to minimise this waste, while not compromising on quality. Message me if you would like to know some ways to do this. In many pubs I have seen, many pints are wasted into drip trays though lazy or unnattentive bartending. (I have worked a bar that literally threw 70 pints of drip tray ale waste down the drain in a single night, [turnover c£4000 for the evening.]) If every drip tray is filled once a night, that is a total of 9x7 pints a week wasted, an amount that could surely be halved by constant nagging of staff.

And equal or greater savings can be made in other areas, such as refuse costs, or energy. JDW's saved a small fortune by instructing their managers to turn on the glasswasher a few hours later than usual. Ten Led bulbs replacing halogen or incandescent can save a few pounds every week on bills.

6 Nov 2013 19:31

The Fairway Tavern, Welwyn Garden City

Chockerblock, you are full of shit. in your review of the Cork WGC, you stated that you are blind, and here you are talking about the great view from this pub.

22 Oct 2013 20:24

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