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The White Horse Inn, Boughton-Under-Blean

could be a nice pub but the clientele were less than desirable will not be back

27 Jul 2017 14:16

Red Lion, Faversham

Very good pub lovely setting beer and food 1st class

27 Jul 2017 14:14

Crown Inn, Finglesham

Back again and its got even better the food is excellent and the garden is great in the summer

5 Jun 2017 15:30

The St Crispin Inn, Worth

Nice cosy pub with what looks like bed and breakfast rooms at the back , the pub garden is large with a bouncy castle for the kids very nice will defo return

5 Jun 2017 15:15

The Blue Pigeons Inn, Worth

Had a big make over very good food 'worth' a visit

5 Jun 2017 15:12

Sir Norman Wisdom, Deal

This is easily the best spoons I have used nice open kitchen beer and food really good and have to say has a great atmosphere plus it doesn't smell of piss and denture cream which most of them have as you don't get your old soaks in there

27 Jul 2016 16:47

Coach and Horses, Deal

Great Pub , good beer and food and the garden is exceptional well worth a visit

27 Jul 2016 16:43

The White Horse Inn, Bridge

Very good pub really nice a bright in the summer and in the winter you have a big open fire , well worth a visit

3 Jun 2016 12:12

The Hare and Hounds, Northbourne

Had lunch here a few days ago and had the HH Burger which was nice , would visit again

25 Sep 2014 12:29

The Albion, South Norwood

Full of the drug dealers form the Duke of clarence so avoid likr the plague!

23 Jan 2014 16:08

The Tiger Inn, Stowting

Had sunday lunch yesterday and it was off the charts although a bit pricey i think its well worth it and a must visit 10/10

17 Sep 2012 11:06

The Railway Hotel, Faversham

Nice friendly pub great place to go when your train is delayed

6 Sep 2012 10:32

The Tiger Inn, Stowting

What a find !!! Ate here last last night and booked a table in there garden situated at the front of the pub , food was excellent and the Biddenden was even better, cant recommened this place any higher 9.5 out of 10 !!!

26 Jul 2012 10:43

Cramptons, Broadstairs

Cant complain service was good and they have a big beer garden was a pleasent visit

28 May 2012 11:31

The Griffins Head, Chillenden

Have been back since my last comment and what a joy this pub is Friendly staff and i nice big welcoming fire , cant resist a visit on a sunday lunch !!

28 Nov 2011 09:46

Kings Arms Hotel, Berkhamsted

Was here on saturday evening , and can say it had a really nice feel to the place very relaxing and the beer was good as well , would recommened if your in the area

19 Sep 2011 15:14

The Lydden Bell, Lydden

Lovely pub with good garden , Beer was good but the food was excellent highly recomend visting and i will return shortly !

8 Sep 2011 09:03

Old Lantern Inn, Dover

Visited this pub yesterday and what a find , food and beer were excellent and not too expensive , also there is a garden front and back , with the one in the back having a play area for the kids , will be back again in the near future

15 Aug 2011 08:57

The Rose and Crown, Elham

Was in here on tuesday for a couple of beers and what a place really large garden for the kids to run around in and really good views across the village . Would recommened a visit.

15 Apr 2011 11:21

Rose and Crown, Canterbury

Very quirky pub but a friendly barman and a good pint well worth a visit if your in the area

1 Feb 2011 09:16

Millers Arms, Canterbury

Very charming and welcoming looking pub on a cold winters afternoon , would be great with a few more punters to get the atmosphere up a notch but still a good pint had

1 Feb 2011 09:13

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Visited last Friday and found it to be a really nice place will defo be back for the food as it looked amazing. Only odd thing was the guvnors doll collection whick scattered around the pub

1 Feb 2011 09:10

The Golden Lion, Dover

Im not the landord , and i have to say i have never seen him being rude or prattish to anyone , tipler 1964 do you find you get alot of people being rude and prattish to you ??

6 Dec 2010 12:07

The Garrick Bar, Belfast

Had a great day in there last week after leaving the bus tour around Belfast we went in here for a beer , the service was excellent and the staff were really friendly and the black stuff was first class will go again when im back in the city

17 Nov 2010 09:29

Crown Inn, Finglesham

was in here yesterday for sunday lunch and have to say the food and beer were excellent . Very nice atmosphere and kid friendly with a bouncy castle and swings in the huge beer garden.

11 Oct 2010 14:12

Duke of Cumberland, Canterbury

Went here on saturday afternoon and had a really great time the beer and service were top notch and when i asked for a kids sized ham sandwich it came out and was huge with a lovely side salad , extra bonus if you have kids is that they have a brilliant adventure play ground in the beer garden which is in brilliant condition will be back again soon

23 Aug 2010 16:02

The Fitzwalter Arms, Goodnestone

Went back last night and have to say how dissapoited i was , from the outside this pub looks stunning but when you walk in your over powered by the smell of wet dog and its in need of major TLC what a shame was going to eat there but decided agaist it

17 Jul 2010 13:24

Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux

Really nice area that this pub is situated and inside the pub looks quite nice , the beer was nice didnt eat so couldnt comment but for what i did see people eating and looking at the board its a bit pricey! only thing that let this place down was its garden it was covered in dog poo there was even a bit on a bench !

6 Jul 2010 09:45

The Duke William, Ickham

Really enjoyed my visit here food and beer were great and the pub and garden lovley and homely will come again!

6 Jul 2010 09:39

The Raven, Hexton

Good Pub food was ok but the atmosphere and staff were excellent

6 Jul 2010 09:32

Bliss, Bournemouth

Not a bad place but not good either much better places around

4 May 2010 08:43

Bar Me, Bournemouth

This place is a really bad youth club was kicking off everywhere avoid unless your carrying an uzi

4 May 2010 08:41

The Two Sawyers, Woolage Green

Arrived here yesterday to see what the beer and menu were like. The beer was top notch but the menu was a bit basic for me , also the pub seemed a ver strange shape all cut off by either fireplace or a pool table , will be back again for a drink in the summer though

28 Apr 2010 11:12

Black Pig, Staple

Went here for lunch yesterday and had a really nice meal , with welcoming staff and regulars , was told they get all there fruit and veg fresh and localand you could tell, will def be back again in the future

28 Apr 2010 11:08

The Fitzwalter Arms, Goodnestone

I went in there yesterday for lunch and was told that were not doing food which was odd?!? the nice lady behind the bar told us to try the black pig in staple and was glad we did , she also said not to bother with the griffins head as they dont like kids!

28 Apr 2010 11:03

The Griffins Head, Chillenden

Was going to try yesterday for a bit of lunch but was told that children were not welcome i hope this is not true so i can try again in the future

28 Apr 2010 10:49

The Red Lion, Dover

Visited again after 3 years and was nice to see not much has changed the landlord was still there and a really friendly and attractive barmaid which helped will try to visit again soon
Demarkation as this id your only post i would put your comment down to being barred or being a general prat!

23 Mar 2010 13:30

The Golden Lion, Dover

Paid another visit last week made really welcome and the beer was top really good pub Rab is a diamond

23 Mar 2010 13:25

The DISTILLERS, Barbican

Use this of a lunch time and have to say the food , beer and staff are second to none , really welcoming and have to say very good price wise for the City Its a must see !

23 Feb 2010 12:26

The Silver Eel, Glenavy

Very welcoming but i know what Doctor Who feels like when he goes back in time

23 Nov 2009 10:35

The Talbot, Mells

I stayed here Last friday and i have to say the Atmosphere was perfect ! the owner was more than welcoming and with in 5 minutes knew all are names (there were 15 of us). The beer was in good condition and the price was ok given our surrounings/service. Now we come to the Food , i had Scallops to start and can tell you they were the best i have had and ive eaten them in some of the best restaurants around! Everone had Steaks for Main and they all come out exactly as ordered . Accomadation was cosy and clean so please if your ever near the area visit this place i cant recommened it high enough

18 Aug 2009 14:51

The George, London Bridge

good pub lots of seating outside and a great pint will be back soon!

usualdog your drinking in london if you want a cheaper pint go to a spoons

31 Jul 2009 10:37

The Globe, London Bridge

I like this pub and feel like im really in london when i drink around here of course will be back and reccomend a visit to anyone who's in the area

31 Jul 2009 10:31

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Very Good pub beer was good and they had a BBQ on which was very nice will visit again soon

31 Jul 2009 10:28

Saints and Sinners, Croydon

Have been using this Pub on and off for a couple of weeks as i have a friend in the near by Hostpital and i have to say it is a good solid pub with good beer and food also has a area out the back for the smokers which has a flat screen tv and a fruit machine will be a good spot when the world cup is on.

16 Jun 2009 14:09

The Golden Lion, Dover

Dover_Smurf if you look at my previous comments im sure you will agree im not from Dover and im not the Landlord of this pub , but i do know one thing you have only made this one comment and you must have a beef or have been barred fron this pub. To sum things up your a cretain!

1 Jun 2009 10:16

The Sir John Falstaff, Dover

Oh Dear Oh Dear

5 May 2009 14:34

The Prince Albert, Dover

Will say there is a vast improvement since the last time i was in here please keep it up

5 May 2009 14:33

The Golden Lion, Dover

A friend and i visited last week and had a great couple of hours with a friendly and pleasent landlord evn bought us a couple of pints so i cant understand the comments made by dukeofear will be back soon

5 May 2009 14:31

The Duchess, Dover

Clean friendly service and a good pint will pay another visit

5 May 2009 14:23

The Lord Nelson, Dover

Tried the door around 13.30 and wasnt open later told that it is now a Gay bar and doesnt open until 14.00

5 May 2009 14:22

The Roman Quay, Dover

What a Dive arrived early afternoon waited an age for a drink and was surronded by drunks who were still getting served!

5 May 2009 14:21

The Eight Bells, Dover

I arrived here the other lunchtime and something to eat and a good pint of beer. Service was good and friendly and i have to say not to many Spoons tramps but i did arrive at 1 and most of them have drunk themselves stupid by 10 in the morning

5 May 2009 14:20

The Carpenters Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Went in here yesterday afternoon and sat in the sun on there roof terrace because it was warm and mainly to get away from Jim Davidson who was Downstairs. Good Selestion of Beers and a pleasent atmosphere

22 Apr 2009 09:04

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

Was the first pub we visited when we arrived and i have to say we had the best pint here than anywhere else the whole weekend also the staff were super friendly i cant believe some of the previous posts would go back again on my next visit

14 Apr 2009 13:18

The Crown, Coniston

Went on two occasions to catch a bit of football , the pub itself is nice and the beer was good but the staff were so slow and miserable and as for the Ronnie Corbett double who i assume is the manager do us a favour serve people and get rid of the Doris who frowns at everone!

14 Apr 2009 13:11

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

The beer seemed ok in here at the weekend and we seemed to get served by a polite and friendly Barman , we did only stay for one as there was something missing just couldnt put my finger on it

14 Apr 2009 13:09

Harry's Bar, Coniston

Arrived there for lunch and had a plesent meal of fish & chips served by a friendly team of staff , also went back in the evening and again we were made very welcome and the beer was great, They also have a pool table and some game machines down stairs but no heating so take a jumper

14 Apr 2009 13:06

The Yewdale Hotel, Coniston

Very Quiet apart from a few sitting down to eat , not the best place in the area

14 Apr 2009 13:03

Cullins Yard, Dover

Probably the best pub garden in Dover and a must go in the summer as you sit right on the marina and forget that your actually in Dover!! As of a night its a superb Place for a meal if you love seafood like i do

3 Apr 2009 10:39

The Carriers Arms, Dover

This has re opened and i will pay a visit at some point this weekend as i used this allot around three years ago has good potential in the right hands

3 Apr 2009 10:37

Marine Court, Dover

Good food and ok beer will say the atmosphere is really relaxed but would say in need of a few more staff behind the bar

3 Apr 2009 10:33

The Britannia, Dover

Not sure im happy to see another pub with great potential closing , bad managment was the problem the pub was a great size and could be made into a real gem shame another block of falts going up no doubt

17 Mar 2009 10:58

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

Still a regular ay lunch time and will have to say over the last few months things have changed and the managment and staff seem alot more helpful but i will agree that there is to few staff for the size of the pub

10 Mar 2009 16:06

The Duke Of Clarence, South Norwood

What a joke went to go to this pub last night and they keep the door closed and have a spy hole if this isnt a crack den then my name is rupert the bear the police should raid it and then hopefully it will be shut down and re opened as a proper pub!

26 Feb 2009 10:13

The Jolly Sailor, South Norwood

Have to say probably the best pub in norwood you now what your gonna get when you go in here a good pint and a warm atmosphere

26 Feb 2009 10:10

The Portmanor, South Norwood

Paid another visit here yesterday has such potential but is now a polish youth club with a couple of junkies thrown in what a shame!

26 Feb 2009 10:08

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Had a quick beer in here last night cleaner than it was but no atmosphere rating will go up slightly

26 Feb 2009 10:07

The Ship, Soho

Was in here yesterday afternoon and had a pleasent visit good pub which is rare in soho

26 Feb 2009 09:58

The Bree Louise, Euston

Was in this pub last night and i have to say i was pleasently surprised the beer was excellent and had a very good choice will return in the near future

26 Feb 2009 09:52

The Alliance, South Norwood

I have been in twicw since the Refub and was the only one in ther on both occasions! looks like another casualty will be a block of flats in 2009

17 Dec 2008 12:09

The Priory Hotel, Dover

Went in here with a friend for a couple of drinks wating for a train and to be honest it wasnt as bad as i thought regarding its previous reviews. Very Friendly Barman and the atmosphere was great .

2 Dec 2008 14:01

The Seven Stars, Canterbury

Shocked by the low score and the previous comment , very enjoyable the beer was good and the lady next to me was eating a generous portion of fish and chips which looked a smelt great all in all a good boozer

22 Oct 2008 12:06

The Parrot, Canterbury

A friend took me here yesterday and im so glad he did he used it 20 years ago when it was simple simons i have to say with its two open fires roaring a class glass of beer i was going to ask if i could move in!

22 Oct 2008 09:44

The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury

Had a nice couple of pints in here yesterday the service was good and the pub had a really nice atmosphere

22 Oct 2008 09:37

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury

Went in there yesterday afternoon and agree with TherockFFC also didnt like having to have a plastic glass because i wanted to sit outside.

22 Oct 2008 09:36

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

Was in here at lunchtime and i do use this pub quite allot but am getting fed up with the miserable bar staff and the price of a pint of ESB and thats if its on!!! i hope they take notice of this site and try and sort it out

24 Sep 2008 14:21

The Cock Tavern, Smithfields

Had a couple of pints with a friend in here at lunch,it feels like a proper pub with a good atmosphere,had a pint of the black stuff which was good will return very soon

24 Sep 2008 14:17

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

Went there yesterday and was really impressed the staff seem very friendly and the beer and service was excellent will go again soon

5 Sep 2008 09:52

The Alliance, South Norwood

wlaked past last week and the place looks really good didnt have time to go in but will hopefully pay a visit very soon much improved!!!

28 Aug 2008 15:26

The Fleur de Lis Hotel, Sandwich

Went again on sunday for lunch which was really nice they have a carvary with three different meats which was only �7.95 per adult and you were able to go up again for more! had a great lunch and will be going back again

27 Aug 2008 16:07

The Top of the Town, Antrim

Was here at the weekend and found it very pleasent not sure why it has such a low rating

25 Jun 2008 12:31

The Phoenix, Canterbury

Went in here last friday to meet a friend who was supposed to be watching the cricket but was rain off, the beer was great with a friendly atmosphere my friend said the food is good as well so will visit again

9 Jun 2008 11:26

The Old Buttermarket, Canterbury

Took the wife and kids to canterbury and decided to have lunch here and sit outside in the sun. Food, Beer and wine were all top notch very pleased

9 Jun 2008 11:23

The Portmanor, South Norwood

Thats because Fosters is piss water its meant to smell like eggs you idiot

6 Jun 2008 15:50

The Zetland Arms, Kingsdown

I visted this pub at the weekend and couldnt believe my eyes at how in just over a year since my last vist this place has become so run down! Great location but not looked after the beer was below standard and my lunch was not good. please please either buck your ideas up or will someone else come along and bring this place back to life

25 Jun 2007 13:54

The Flagship, Dover


What beers will be on offer

16 Feb 2007 15:24

The Flagship, Dover

Sounds good will pop in as soon as i can its great to see a pub in the area making a effort .

16 Feb 2007 15:16

The Fox Inn, Temple Ewell

One of my favorite summer pubs! After a nice walk in Kearsney Abbey theres nothing better than getting a beer here and sitting by the stream in the beer garden the beer and the food are excellent would highly advise a visit

31 Jan 2007 13:51

The White Horse, Dover

When i lived in dover and the girlfriend wanted to go for a drink before going for a meal i would take her here. V Relaxed atmosphere and the service always top notch and the beer was of a good quality. Have not left a rating as has been a while since i last visited but will visit v soon and hope and pray it hasnt changed to much

31 Jan 2007 13:48

The Sportsman, Dover

Looks very run down from the outside but once you step in, it tells a very different story . The Guv'nor of the pub used to be a 3rd engineer on the P&O boats and is a very friendly and welcoming guy who keeps his beers up to scratch. Whats that old saying never judge a book by its cover!

31 Jan 2007 13:42

The Red Lion, Dover

Whenever i walk into the Red Lion its like i step into a transporter as it is so different from any other pub in dover. Its clean the beer is good and the beer Garden is one of the best i have been in! very relaxing in the summer as they have an avory out there so you can sip your pint listening to the birds chirp away in the sun

31 Jan 2007 13:38

The Flagship, Dover

I used this pub years ago as a lunchtime stop off when i used to work in the area. Beer was not the best and according to a work collegue the stella tasted like urine, but as it was within walking distance from the office( only having an hour lunch) we went back a few times , and it never really got any better but it did have a pool table and seating outside. As we were always the only people in there of a lunch and when passing after work it was deserted , i was just wondering when i passed it in the car a few days ago how it was still open!! can somebody please tell me if this place has improved and what beers they sell?

31 Jan 2007 13:34

The Fleur de Lis Hotel, Sandwich

I agree a very good pub indeed , great beer and food , staff and putners friendly too, you must visit Sandwich is really nice , If your over 5ft be carefull going to the toilet here as i think Bilbo Baggins designed the gents

5 Oct 2006 13:15

The Park Inn, Dover

I used this pub quite alot after work and it was always a nice friendly pub with good beer and good food even though it can be a bit pricey. The bar satff are always up for a laugh and its worth going in just to see Ola the bar maid mmmmmmmmmmmmm

2 Oct 2006 14:04

The Britannia, Dover

Could be a great pub , it has a juke box , pool table and dart board and has got plenty of space the only trouble is its not looked after and looks dark and grimey when you enter the barman told me they have a 24hrs licence for the weekends but to be quite honest i would be shocked to find anyone in there unless they desperate! please please somebody take it over and sort it out.

2 Oct 2006 14:00

The White Hart, City Of London

I like this pub for the good beer and really nice barstaff and customers, it has a really nice atmosphere! plus i won the bonus ball last night !! the only downer is i think its changing hands tommorow which will be a great shame , i just hope the new guvnor will be as nice and keep this great pub running the same

28 Sep 2006 13:55

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Grim Grim Grim

I just love the way your glass sticks to the bar and tables with a gluey scum that even the x files team wouldnt be able to describe!
Looks like its been closed for a refurb lets hope its under new management when it re opens as well!

23 Aug 2006 13:25

William Stanley, South Norwood

Agree with terenced full of people that shout at traffic and get there muncies from the bin outside spa, pity because could be a nice pub as far JDW's can go.
Also could do with more than one barstaff trying to serve six people and talk about there boring lives!

23 Aug 2006 13:19

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Never had a problem with this pub the fosters is �2.00 a pint what more can i say

14 Jun 2006 13:59

The Mortimer Arms, Bloomsbury

No where near as good to when Keith and Tilly had it in the 80's

13 Jun 2006 13:46

Becketts Irish Pub, Budapest

we went to this place for a bit of grub on friday after a heavy session the night before , i have to say the food and beer were great , although as soon as the staff found out that we were English things turned a little frosty!! Went back saturday when engalnd were playing and found out why they were not so keen , the place was full of drunk englishmen which i didnt want to see after flying two and a half hours on sleazy jet!! there are some fantastic places in budapest so i recomend you miss this one

6 Jun 2006 15:55

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