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Comments by EnfieldTaaaanBlud

The George, Enfield

Pleasantly surprised with how The George seems to have improved over the last year or so.

The change in food menu and more recently the addition of sports channels, both Sky and BT, have almost transformed this once dingy and last resort pub into a venue you might actually choose to frequent.

The staff, in the main, also seem to be happier in their jobs which has thankfully translated into better and friendlier service. However, they are it would seem, continually let down by management who are intent on maintaining skeleton staff levels which means the wait at the bar can often seem like a lifetime even when the pub isn’t actually that busy.

Still, credit where it’s due – it’s a decent enough pub to drink in for Enfield Town, although that perhaps says more about the ever declining number of pubs in Enfield.

3 Sep 2014 15:50

The Windmill, York

Liked this place a lot and ended up being the pub I spent most of the time in. They offer the usual variety of beers and lagers for a decent pub in York and the staff were helpful and chatty. Good sized garden and the pub is partioned into sections giving it a cosy feel even though it is a large pub.

Definitely will be returning.

1 Aug 2014 12:25

The Punchbowl, York

Just the usual for a Wetherspoons really, nothing particularly good or bad to say about the place. The staff were quick and polite and the drinks were cheaper than the competition. If that's what you're after, I guess you could do worse.

1 Aug 2014 12:21

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Inoffensive pub as they usually are. Had a decent view of the river and the barman was welcoming and happy to hold a conversation but not overbearing and left me alone when given the appropriate cues.

All in all, probably one of the better offerings for a Slug and Lettuce.

25 Jul 2014 11:18

The Artful Dodger, York

The highlight was having a tv screen in the beer tap, but other than that, unless you're on a pub wander, there isn't much reason to drink here.

Which is probably why as I walked up to the bar, the two members of staff looked so bemused when someone other than their buddies walked in.

25 Jul 2014 11:06

The Hop Poles, Enfield

It's now closed.

Now idea if there are any plans to reopen or, as ever increasingly popular, simply knock down yet another pub and build flats/houses...

12 May 2014 15:32

The Parish, York

Had this place actually still been a church, there might have been some people in there.

Sure it's different over the weekend, but it doesnt change the fact that it sucked.

11 Apr 2014 11:11

The Priory, York

The last time I was in York I walked straight passed this pub and wish I hadn’t now as it just means I missed out on a decent night of drinking.

The pub itself is of a good size in that the atmosphere isn’t lost no matter where you are in the pub. I went in two nights on the trot mid week and was given a warm welcome and served immediately. First drink got served up by the guy who seemed to be the manager, as did the second and third. Each time quickly and as the drinks went on pre-emptively and he walked the line perfectly of making conversation and then letting me choose when to engage further.

They had a guy working the floor clearing tables and delivering food who was also on the ball so it seemed like a theme of the pub. The next night I went in and my drink was almost on the bar before I got there. The service was exactly the same except for the addition of another member of staff who was just as polite and affable.

All in all, I like to think a good gauge of a pub is whether you’d drink it in regularly if it were round the corner from you; and yes, yes I would.

11 Apr 2014 11:02

The Nags Head, York

Strange little place; and when I say little both in the sense of capacity and how low the ceilings are. It’s made worse by the fake beams and posts they have put in which the manager took great delight in pointing out.

Only stopped in for one as I was the only patron and the manager made me feel welcome while we ‘shot the breeze’ for 10 minutes or so. I assume it does the bulk of its trade over the weekend, but for a Tuesday night, couldn’t complain.

11 Apr 2014 10:34

The Old Bell, Enfield

Went in over the weekend. I cant really offer a detailed review as it was late, the place was dark and all I was concerned with was getting served; which I did quickly and politely.

All in all, very good band. Good regulars (by the looks of it). Good staff (except one moody bird). Couldnt complain.

8 Apr 2014 11:42

O'Neills, Newcastle

Went it on a Wednesday night when it was completely dead, so maybe not the best time to give a full appraisal. Usually these O’Neills incarnations all attempt uniformity in what they attempt to offer, except it seems the times of when they serve food.

Got in just after 2100 and when I asked if they were still serving food, the polite guy behind the bar regrettably said no. I’m not entirely sure but I think this particular O’Neills advertise they stop serving at 2200, so that was slightly annoying. He did tell me of another pub round the corner where I could get food, so I guess that’s something, but any place that is happy to shave off an hour of service is most likely going to be happy taking short cuts elsewhere too.

So, all in all, just another O’Neills, albeit one that doesn’t do what they say they will.

(Although having just read the last review – praise The Lord)

28 Jan 2014 15:04

The Walkabout, Doncaster

What you see is what you get.

Although the wait on food was inordinately long, it's definitely a decent place for daytime drinking, but as always, you take your life in your hands if you decide to stay once it gets dark and The Walkabout animals come out to play.

3 Dec 2013 10:39

The Springfield Bar & Grill, Bounds Green

Well whaddya know?

Looks like the refurbishment budget stretched to a laptop too.

25 Nov 2013 15:33

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Boring pub with little to no atmosphere fulfilling the ale drinker's dream of offering countless beers yet only a couple lagers.

Staff were indeed polite but with how quiet and stale an atmosphere there was, you'd be better off drinking indoors.

20 Nov 2013 16:08

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Without repeating myself on the level of professionalism and friendliness this pub has to offer, it seems the brewery has finally decided to bring the standard of the pub up to reflect the standard of service patrons have received over the last year or so.

It closed for a couple weeks for a refurbishment and it’s come out looking like a completely new pub. Not an exaggeration nor over statement, the pub looks impressive. It’s just a shame that considering how great an atmosphere there was on (re-)opening night with live music, that they may struggle to make such events a regular occurrence in their residential area.

4 Nov 2013 16:05

Springfield Park Tavern, Bounds Green

Regardingt he refurb, this pub actually looks like somewhere you'd want to drink now, although whether it actually is, is yet to be seen.

Also, with 'Bar and Grill' emblazoned on the front of the building in gold lettering, one might think they're doing their best to attract patrons from The Ranelagh rather than convincing people to stay or return to what was once their local.

1 Oct 2013 14:57

The Three Wishes, Winchmore Hill

A very dull affair.

It really is difficult to describe it as anything else. I like quiet pubs, I like locals’ pubs, both of which this is; but there was a resounding and inescapable dullness about the place.

The service for the first drink was quick and polite, as approaching the bar it was obvious we were there for one reason only. But it does sadden me that an empty glass or an empty bottle sat on the bar doesn’t indicate the same thing. It saddens me even more that the idea of keeping tabs on the bar instead of the next level of Candy Crush is all but dead.

The pub isn’t particularly bad, I just can’t fathom why anyone would drink here more than once.

12 Sep 2013 15:51

The Queens Head, Winchmore Hill

Quiet unassuming pub and that's about it.

Not sure if that was a good or bad thing. The barmaid was indifferent to begin and surly to end after having to serve, but not so much that it caused any real annoyance.

I suppose it was an inoffensive pub that could quite easily become a favourite to those who live a 4 second walk away, but no one else.

19 Aug 2013 16:35

Green Dragon, Winchmore Hill

Looks like nice enough outside, looks nice enough inside. Unfortunately that's where the effort has begun and ended.

Poor service, overpriced drinks and a distinct lack of any atmosphere means one shall never be returning.

19 Aug 2013 16:24

The Elephants Head, Camden

Decent lively pub.

Unfortunately, as always the drinks are far too expensive just because of the usual tourists, foreign and domestic, making it a sellers’ market.

The staff, although polite (except one moody bird) really didn’t want to be there and although lots of people can say that about their job, it’s always nice when people hide their disappointment at their soul sucking jobs so that I can enjoy my over priced watered down drink in peace.

7 Aug 2013 14:53

The Buck's Head, Camden

Two years on and this pub is as atrocious as it was the last time I had the misfortune to visit.

Just another pub with tiresome bar staff thinking they’re too good to be in the service industry and yet to wake up and realise they’re nothing more than a unhygienic lazy ass drinks dispenser.

Having to wait an inordinate amount of time to be served and then being ignored in favour of preening your peroxide destroyed greasy ass hair, is not the way forward ‘blondey’.

Walked out – 0/10.

7 Aug 2013 14:41

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Six months on and this place has just gone from strength to strength. It’s almost unrecognisable from the pub it once was under the previous management incarnate. What’s most notable perhaps is that this has all happened before their (presumably) busiest period of the year.

The extensive and varied menu is nothing short of impressive, and having eaten their regularly, I can only recommend a visit for the food alone. However, with the busy yet friendly atmosphere on both sides of the bar, I can see why it has again become a favourite of so many people who had once lost patience with the lack of effort and enthusiasm of years gone by. So coming in for a drink is always a good idea, particularly on a Monday night for their lively and slightly amusing Quiz Night.

Although competitive with the pubs in the surrounding area, the prices aren’t particularly cheap, but then happily it is reflective of the preferable demographic of most of the patrons.

The outside bar now being open for business over the weekends and no doubt increasingly often as the weather becomes more enjoyable is a definite advantage.

All in all, with every month that passes, it becomes increasingly difficult not to consider this the best pub in Enfield.

3 May 2013 13:02

Gatehouse, Doncaster

Just another weatherspoons in another city, although their food seemed far superior to anything I've had in any others.

Service was polite and fast and you get what you pay for.

27 Feb 2013 14:34

The Goose, Doncaster

This is a well run, if not spectacular pub with friendly and efficient bar staff even in the face of a very busy Friday and Saturday night.

There isn’t too much else to say except having sampled as many of the pubs in Doncaster Centre, this is the only pub I’d definitely drink in regularly.

27 Feb 2013 14:20

St Leger Tavern, Doncaster

Soooo, St Leger Tavern, (apparently) aka Biscuit Billy’s.

Considering the love for this pub on Facebook, I assumed I’d come on here to find a deluge of positive reviews about the greatness of this pub... I guess not.

I’m not entirely sure what to say myself; it looks like a pub but somehow has some odd feeling of being a bar since they open only in the evenings and though the place was full, there were only a couple people at the bar actually drinking. Everyone else seemed to be dancing around reliving their drinking days from the 70/80s.

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, just slightly disconcerting at the time.

The DJ seemed to have the gauge of the room and the prices were reasonable, so looks like they’re onto a winner. If you’re after a hassle free drink and a good laugh, you could do worse in Doncaster.

27 Feb 2013 14:18

On Broadway, Winchmore Hill

This place invites you to dislike it.

Whether it be the ill advised gaudy decor or equally garish patrons, initial impressions of this ‘bar’ encourages you to dislike it intensely.

What, then, was surprising was the professionalism of the bar staff. All look or at least seem disinterested and actually put upon at the idea of having to serve you, but serve you they will. Quickly, efficiently and when actually interacting, politely.

Juke Box, Pool Table, Sky Sports I believe, polite and efficient staff.

If you’re passing through, it’ll do. As a destination bar? Not so much.

13 Feb 2013 16:09

The Hop Poles, Enfield

I still like this pub. Just a lot more than I used to.

A change of management 6 months or so ago has been of great benefit to the pub. The overwhelming feeling you get from the new Publicans is that they actually care about their pub. Though you may think that would be a pre-requisite, anyone having visited pubs in Enfield over any prolonged period of time will know that’s the exception rather than the rule.

They now have a food menu and the drinks menu is much the same as it’s always been. Although with the variety of deals on offer, you may find you get more value for money than over previous years. Live bands every weekend, two pool tables and dart board along with the six or seven 40” televisions, showing Sky Sports all day every day, means you’ll always be kept entertained. But if that isn’t enough, the staff are approachable, helpful and genuinely fun to be around.

13 Nov 2012 14:59

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

My last review came a few weeks after the actual visit which inspired it.

Since then, it appears the management has changed, the standards have gone up and the service is exemplary. The pub is still very quiet, but the vibe one gets from the staff is that they're making every effort to change that.

Unfortunately (for them at least) being out of the centre of Town will always be a hindrance, but the obvious enthusiasm to make the pub as successful as possible may be enough to overcome such an obstacle.

7 Nov 2012 11:31

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Average to bad pub that people should never, ever bother going in to.

I would also suggest to the staff that fridges are meant to keep things cold; not simply act as a shelf with lighting and door attachments.

15 Oct 2012 12:16

Reflex, Birmingham

Waters wet, skys blue, women have secrets... reflex is reflex.

Politeness personified on the door and behind the bar, shockingly most of the clientele too. Which is a marked contrast to that of the Broad Street incarnation.

You put those things in front of the fact Ive chosen to walk into an 80s bar, I see no reason how Id find anything to complain about.

30 Aug 2012 14:36

The Osidge Arms, Osidge

So its reopened under the guise of a restaurant and bar. Their words, not mine, emblazoned on their lovely little business cards, ironically strewn across the bar with picture perfect precision.

So, thats what has become of her. A restaurant and bar.

To be fair, its been refurbished nicely to a very good standard. Where were once three (then two) pool tables, has now become the dedicated dining area, with the rest of the pub home to sofas and chests masquerading as tables. Whats on offer behind the bar looked exactly the same except for a new cocktail menu.

Its pleasing then that the main area of the pub has remained available to people who just want to venture in for a drink, but the owners have obviously made a conscious decision not to have any regular drinkers as they have dispensed with bar stools. I did go in the day it reopened, so they may not have been delivered/chosen/decided upon time will tell.

But choosing to have no bar stools will give an air of move along please, nothing to see here.

A shame for a pub where once, at the bar was the only place to be.

30 Aug 2012 14:22

The Shakespeare, Victoria

dolphox, I think mikeyshakes' post was an exercise in sardonic wit.

11 Jul 2012 15:23

The Osidge Arms, Osidge

Unfortunately, The Osidge has been closed for several weeks now.

What will become of her?

11 Jul 2012 14:07

The Inn on the Green, Palmers Green

Drinking in Palmers Green is never the smartest choice, but once youre there, you have to make the best of what youve got. Knowing the alternatives are even worse, we ended up here.

I would, however, suggest avoiding this place unless you're a sadist. Youll start your encounter having to negotiate surly power tripping doorman and once youve managed that, youll be confronted by surly incompetent bar staff charging over inflated prices. When youve finished filling their till with what was once a decent amount of money in your wallet, you can go find yourself a spot to stand in a pool of roid filled testosterone and get into a fight about the cast of Jersey Shore having better hair than Geordie Shore.

Good times.

9 Jul 2012 13:32

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

There are often many ways to evaluate and conclude whether a pub is good, bad or merely middling.

Whichever criteria you choose to apply to this pub, depending on what you look for in your drinking establishments, I cant imagine how this pub would fail on any. Of course, you might say such an opinion presumes all reviewers want the same things, but if youre going into a pub like this in the first place, you already have some idea of what youre going to get. A wonderful interior, a selection of beers, lagers and wines with efficient and friendly service.

I agree thats the intention of many, many pubs all over the country. But few, if any, do it as well as here.

24 May 2012 10:29

Edmunds Bar, Birmingham

Although its still a bit of wannabe bar, its probably one of the better pubs in the city. Hidden away in the backstreets of Birminghams office workers paradise, you are saved from the tourists and degenerates that often populate the city bars. Of course youre still left with the city boys, but if I was to complain about that after walking in here, I might as well take issue with getting wet when taking a shower.

Service was fast and polite and during your stay youre generally left alone and unbothered by staff and patrons alike. Sounds good to me.

4 May 2012 12:49

The Bridge, Birmingham New Street station

Your everyday typical train station pub, but with the advantage of every time I have walked past, it not being particularly busy. I get the impression it benefits from being well within the station, beyond the waiting point for commuters. Essentially, once anyone has got this far into the station, theyre more than likely heading straight down to the platform for their train.

So, all in all, nothing special, but a good place to kill the time in between you arriving and your train departing.

Oh, the menu giving a great variety of choice from hot dogs to hot dogs, was slightly surreal I have to agree.

26 Apr 2012 15:12

The Roadhouse, Covent Garden

I havent reviewed this place previously because its always been so dire that it depressed me to even ponder a short review. Door staff ramped up on steroids giving it the big one to anyone and everyone who either a) wasnt in a tight little dress and looked like a slapper; or b) male.

Now, my last visit was no different in that sense, it was still overrun by Rocky im goin home to pump some iron Balboa wannabes, wandering around with their Secret Service earpieces. But I realised the rest of the night was actually very enjoyable. The music was good, particularly when the band came on and the service at the bar, although busy, was possibly the best Ive had in any place anywhere. Whilst already serving 2 or 3 people, the barman who got our first round, would continually come over as soon as one of us reached the bar to ask for our order and let us know hed be right with us.

Perhaps that isnt particularly impressive, perhaps thats just how service should be. But I have become accustomed to the usual rabble that city centre bars and pubs have to offer.

London pubs, or rather any city pub, seem to keep falling into the trap of employing staff who think theyre too good to be working there. Bar staff thinking theyre better than their customers can probably be seen in most pubs, regardless of where theyre located. But central city bars always seem to attract people who think theyre too good not only for the customers, but for the bar/pub itself.

And for that reason, I can only applaud the guy who served us all night in this place. Fast, polite and exuding enjoyment in his job. Nice work, buddy.

For the rest of City bar staff all over the world... Well look; yes, seriously, honestly, no really, Im sure youre a brilliant actor, a literary godlike writer, a creative genius just waiting for the world to reach an understanding of your visionary prowess. But right now, while all you have to do is pour beer into a glass, shut the hell up and do your damn job.

12 Apr 2012 13:03

The White Lion, Covent Garden

If youre in a position where you have to drink in Covent Garden rather than it being your ideal location, this pub is a good choice to make if you need some respite from the usual annoyances that tourist central offers.

The service can be slightly surly, yet efficient all the same. And I guess, unless youve come into town for insightful discourse with the bar staff, Im not sure its too much of an issue.

12 Apr 2012 12:30

Pitcher and Piano, Birmingham

The only good thing about this place is that you can walk in one door, realise your mistake in entering another soulless City Boy infested Flea Hole, and continue to walk out the door opposite.

12 Apr 2012 11:20

O'Neill's, Birmingham

Having just walked out of Revolution for obvious reasons, we wandered down the road, heard a live band and made the obvious choice of walking into this place.

The previous reviews may well be a little old, but theyre definitely not off the mark. Fat farm and tanked up lower orders cannot be improved upon for veracity of comment, so I wont try and do any better.

Strangely then, I found it immediately enjoyable. Although I cant decide how much of that was purely down to the fact there was live music. Either way, we got served straight away by amiable enough bar staff and werent surrounded by annoying poser City Boys, so I think that counts as a successful trip to a pub on Broad Street.

I know Ill return to this place, so thats gotta get a 6/10 for above average, right?

26 Mar 2012 14:25

Revolution, Birmingham

A disgusting place.

But then this is Broad Street, so its probably fair enough I guess. Its just another example of a pub/bar/hole being able to remain in business simply by virtue of its location. They know Broad Street is populated by cretins who are more than happy to be served by inept and rude bar staff, so there is obviously no motivation or need to change.

Having already accepted the women at the bar were obviously going to get served first, the only upshot of this place was some bird turning to her mate and calling the sleazy, greasy looking manager a sleazy, greasy dickhead.


It gets a mark for the doorman holding the door open for us.

26 Mar 2012 12:49

Reflex, Birmingham

A hole to be avoided.

15 Mar 2012 14:57

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

Impressive building, below average pub.

Frankly, there is no reason for anyone to return here unless youre a local Suit.

Slow and/or surly service is the quickest way to put patrons off any pub, and this place has both in abundance.

12 Mar 2012 12:19

All Bar One, Brindley Place

All Bar One. City centre. Posers Paradise.

Pubs like this amuse me really. They do everything possible to disassociate themselves from being a pub, starting with calling themselves a bar through to serving ill attempts at gastronomic finesse, described by pretentious menus unequalled in their verbosity. Mainly just so they can alleviate their patrons of as much money as possible for piss poor beer and service.

Still, if youre a City Boy and constrained by the City Boy terms of service, which preclude you from entering anywhere other than faceless, soulless and uninspiring pubs, where everyone is more concerned with what shoes theyre wearing rather than if their drink actually tastes nice, this is definitely the place for you.

5 Mar 2012 15:12

The Brasshouse, Birmingham

I often think reviewing a pub from a visit on a Friday night is unfair, so I shall continue to do so anyway.

Arriving at around half nine and considering the surrounding alternatives of Pitchers, All Bar One and The Slug and Lettuce, I didnt hold out much hope for this place. Pleasantly surprised probably sums up my experience of this pub after my short stay here. We got through a number of rounds even though we were just stopping in for the obligatory one and to my mind, thats always a sign of a successful pub. Somehow, some way this place manages to retain a pub feel within the mire of nearby alternatives doing their utmost to reassure the city boys that they are in fact drinking in an exclusive bar, in an exclusive area. No doubt in order that they can relieve them of as many pennies as possible before the end of night.

Having said that, its not that I specifically want a pub feel on a Friday night, especially considering this location. Im perfectly happy with the loud music and amateur drinkers, but I was just generally impressed with how this place managed to keep its pub values regardless of the time and location. The service was quick and polite, the drinks were more than reasonably priced and the general atmosphere inside was a good one due to the mix of people.

A pub where people go to drink instead of pose. Here, that novelty alone is worth 7/10.

28 Feb 2012 16:16

The George, Enfield

Although realising before entering that this pub is no doubt still a hole, unfortunately I had cause to return this previous Saturday night.

And to be honest, I do like to take a moment to revisit my reviews if they no longer seem fair or relevant due to a more recent, pleasant experience of the pub. This, however, isnt one of those moments.

Before you even go into the pub you are annoyed by the doormen who make you aware that you must have your hand stamped. Why? No answer. Perhaps the question had too many syllables to elicit the required brain function to voice a response, who knows? But anyway, once youve made it past the door staff and their violation of your body, you move through to round two where it seems the aim of the game is violation of your eyes. DrewB, albeit with the help of A New Hope, described this place most aptly. The scum and villainy levels in this pub are indeed unparalleled in Enfield, but most disturbing is that those behind the bar proved to be most annoying.

We dont need bar staff to like us, respect us, want our presence nor our money, but we do want them to do their damn job in a reasonably professional manner. Of course, the fact that the pub attracts the dregs of society, the people willing to work there will also often fall into the same category. So I realise I shouldnt really be surprised to find that the aim of the game behind the bar is to only serve the resident coke heads and WAG wannabes on their arms.

0/10 still leaves me feeling like Ive been overly generous.

28 Feb 2012 11:16

The Gryphon, Grange Park

I dont see why these shouldnt be included on the site where applicable, as so many of them are as much a pub as they are an eatery. Of course there are plenty of examples of particular locations just being eateries, but then I assume they won't be added to this site.

Having said that, Im still not entirely sure whether this really qualifies as a pub, as it has a definite feel of a bar waiting area. In all the Harvesters I have used around the UK, you can always identify people who have just gone there to drink. Whereas here, people who are coming here specifically to have a drink are very few and far between. But taking it for what it is, the staff are always more than pleasant and although there may often be quite a wait for service, due to them covering tables at busy periods, the service always seems to make up for it.

The garden area and car park are always going to make it an attractive proposition for passing trade, but as a pub, unfortunately, it has taken on the burden of being identified as a Harvester, a place to go and eat, rather than a place to go and drink.

8 Feb 2012 14:30

The Kings Head, Enfield

Hadn't been in for a few weeks so was nice to revisit.

Going by previous comments, everything has been mentioned, so I'll just comment on the personal experience of my last visit.

This pub has a problem with its bar stools at the weekend. Customers are tending to turn them so they're facing away from the bar, while they talk to their friends stood in front of them. Being so many stools, this obviously means most of the bar becomes inaccessible to people wanting to get a drink.

Once you do manage to find a spot at the bar to order from, however, it would be nice if the new barmaids didnt simply look at you indignantly and walk off because they're too lazy to do their job.

The staff here had always been wonderful, so it's a shame they have let one slip through unnoticed.1/10 for that particular visit unfortunately.

30 Jan 2012 15:11

The Taps, Enfield

There's a sign on the door here which says strictly over 25. I can only assume it's an in-joke by the owner as every weekend it's filled with kids looking for the latest close in town.

During the day it's a great pub only rivalled by the Kings Head in the market square I would say. A Lovely interior with many lagers on tap and a perfectly poured Guinness every time. Lots of flat screens dotted around the pub mean youre unlikely to miss the latest goings on in the world of sport whilst youre sat at one of the many tables available.

They let themselves down, however, by what happens at the weekends. They take away the stools from the tables, I suppose to allow more standing space, but it just means you cant sit around a table in there with your friends. It ruins the atmosphere for people and I think its why people dont turn up until later on. Taking the stools away from the bar works well and makes sense, but I feel the stools at the tables is a step too far.

On weekend nights there also seems to be an aggressive atmosphere fuelled by little boys acting like imbecilic wannabe tough guys, with their platinum blonde bimbo girlfriends in tow loving the 'drama'.

Awight babe? Yeeeeeaaah. Cushdy.

Also, I realise pubs as a rule are struggling, so I accept that money is king, but I just wish they would stop letting in so many people as theres no space to move at all.

I would and do recommend this pub to friends, but as always there are improvements to be made. 6/10.

30 Jan 2012 14:55

Cricketers, Enfield

A strange one this.

Its really just a pub youd stop in at because you like to drink in new pubs I guess. I cant think why youd return here unless you like the way the food comes out of the microwave each time.

The drinks are over-priced, so I guess thats bad, but I was tempted not to even mention it as its not so inflated that youd begrudge paying.

I guess Im struggling to find anything overtly bad about this place, and whilst that usually leaves me feeling happy enough about a pub, I cant seem to lose this overwhelming feeling that there isnt anything good about it either. That in itself isnt unusual, the unusual part is why I seem to care. Lots of pubs are neither good nor bad, but just average in every sense where you wouldnt recommend nor dissuade someone from visiting. But this place, this place seems to be so nebulous, so devoid of atmosphere or character that its the inherent vacuity that leaves me slightly perturbed.

Whilst having a drink in a pub, either at the bar or on location at a table, you expect an atmosphere, to feel part of what is going on in that pub. It could be a group of regulars at the bar talking about the night Mark couldnt remember giving Janine a piggyback all the way home. Or a works drink in full flow, with Roger and Sharon pretending theyre not having an affair. But either way, whether you know what is going on isnt important. What is important is that it is going on and that youre there too.

Otherwise, you might as well be drinking indoors, and who in the blue hell wants to be doing that?

25 Jan 2012 10:36

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

I came across this place having just slapped myself for pondering entering the Slug and Lettuce round the corner.

Its an unassuming pub, with typically over priced food and drink due to its location. The barman was friendly and being called Sir made an amusing change from love or babe.

Having time to kill, I had a couple beers and decided to grab a snack. The pub making such a great deal of the Great British Pub food they served all day, I decided to order the nachos. The fact that the cook was able to mess up putting various coloured slop onto crisps, Im glad I didnt order something a little more taxing.

But then, on the plus side, I still didnt go into the Slug and Lettuce.

23 Jan 2012 14:33

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Just a typical Liverpool Street pub really.

A mixture of patrons culminating in an odd yet easy going enough atmosphere. There tends to be the familiar groups of people attending this pub, the tourists, your average local workers and the inevitable city boys annoying anyone and everyone with their inane bravado.

The staff are lazy yet amiable, although one does get the impression the laziness is borne out of the apathy towards their job and patrons due to the severe lack of staff behind the bar in the first place.

Essentially, the only reason you would drink here is if its the least busy of the nearby alternatives.

13 Jan 2012 13:32

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

(This is a JDW, so everything you already think of them, still stands.)

My last review being in 2010, I hadnt returned to this pub for obvious reasons. Having just read the subsequent reviews since my last entry, everyone seems to be on the same page, citing dire service in a rather nice building. So, having stopped in for a much needed and deserved drink very recently, I felt compelled to revisit my review.

Previously, arriving at the bar here would have been met with a surly and begrudging acknowledgment that you may like a drink. I was delighted to find on this occasion that the barman who was serving someone else, immediately let me know hed be right with me and no sooner than I could say no problem, I was being asked what I would like by another member of staff. Whilst he scurried off to retrieve my drinks, I was then asked by another member of staff if I was being served.

Now then, this isnt wondrous, special or amazing treatment, its of course what should happen in every well run pub. But for anyone that has drunk here before, its an improvement worthy of note. I immediately noted that something must have changed, there must have been a new manager (pure supposition on my part) and that the staff had taken the lead from new management and/or new training.

Drinks in hand, we scanned the floor for a table to occupy, but having seen a paper and pint on the one empty table, assumed it was taken. We happily remained at the bar and were lost in conversation when another member of staff apologised for the interruption and told us that he had cleared the table we had been pondering earlier.

That for me was the confirmation I needed to suggest there had been big changes in this pub. Unless of course cosmic forces aligned for that one perfect pub experience, Im going to assume theyre finally managed by someone who knows how to run a pub.

Actually, I should probably go back to check, but Ive typed this out now...

28 Nov 2011 15:07

Old Orleans, Enfield

Now a Harvester.

23 Nov 2011 16:05

BRB at The Gate, Alexandra Park

Upon entering this hole, one of two things will happen.

Whats most likely is that whoever is working will look you up and down and walk off to talk to their degenerate mates, no doubt in the hope you leave. The other option is that theyll entirely ignore your presence at the bar, until they feel you have paid your dues and are now worthy to be served. Fourteen minutes later of course. If you dare to gain their attention by pondering uncouth utterances such as excuse me, prepare to be met with a level of disdain previously only equalled by Mel Gibson when Obama got the nod.

It is often said that familiarity breeds contempt. I can only assume the staff must think they know each and every person that walks through the door intimately.

17 Nov 2011 15:10

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Round the corner from the back entrance to New St train station, this is a good local pub to kill time in whilst waiting for trains, but not much else.

Also, the unkempt, balding, moody fat guy behind the bar should probably seek alternative employment if being courteous and pleasant is too much of a stretch.

19 Oct 2011 15:29

The Osidge Arms, Osidge

Its not often I am unsure what to write about a pub. Having thought for some time what to say, I decided simply recollecting my first memory of the pub would be all the illustration I would need.

My first visit to this pub was a pleasant enough experience. I had an hour to kill and this place had a car park, so why not? The service was friendly and polite, the beer cold and nice, and the locals a mixture of indifference and the usual misguided annoyance at there being a random in their pub. I took up position at the bar and proceeded to feign interest with what in the blue hell Kerry Katona was now doing (the papers at hand being The Sun and The Mirror). Instead, however, whilst I enjoyed my beer, I listened to what the regulars had to say for themselves. The conversation was pleasing to the ear, or perhaps my mind. It reminded me of my own local or any local, a group of drinkers pretending not to gossip while the barmaid pleaded with them to tell her the juicy details of Daves internet date interspersed with comments about there being something not right with Dynamo the wee magic man.

I think for regular visitors to pubs, its a good indication of what you can expect. A friendly local pub to pass the time and enjoy the company of others.

Unfortunately, as its not particularly busy, they no longer offer food and you can often find that not everything is available on tap. Sky sports on big flat screens and karaoke on Saturday night however, will hopefully keep this place open for as long as possible.

19 Oct 2011 15:12

The Buck's Head, Camden

This pub is abysmal.

4 Oct 2011 14:14

The George, Enfield

A year on and this place has somehow managed to get worse. Mainly because of the bar staff.

The building, the clientele and what food and drink is available is much the same as before. But more recently the turnover of staff has left this pub as probably the worst place to drink in Enfield.

Of course, upon entering an establishment such as this you expect certain things. The cheap food and beverages has always ensured that The George was a beacon of light for no marks and students alike. A pub fighting a weekly duel with the moon under age for the affections of fake I.D waving degenerates. That was always a given.

However, if by some virtue of your own greatness, you were willing and able to ignore that fact, you too could enjoy the delights of actually getting change from a tenner when ordering a couple of drinks. Now, with the rude, nauseatingly slow and incompetent staff they have deemed worthy to work at The George, you cant even do that anymore.

8 Jun 2011 14:40

The Kings Head, Enfield

So, the Kings Head has been open again for six or seven months, the initial disconcertion over a boat being suspended from the ceiling has been overcome and I think a fair assessment can be made.

Apart from the rather alarmingly obvious fact that Johnny_hays mate could do a much better job, is there anything bad about the Kings Head?

Sure is. The bar stools, whilst entirely lovely to look at, are quite uncomfortable given their rock hard nature. On a quiet night you may have to wait a while to catch a member of staffs attention, if theyre in an unsighted area of the bar. On a busy night you may have to endure a tut and a sigh from the barstool users for your rather rude and inconsiderate desire to order a drink (although its not their fault, theyre just upset about the stools too). The prices could be more considerate of us working class heroes and erm... oh the music should be updated more often.

But then, I would all of that is tempered, or even outweighed by the friendlier, and dare I say, more grown up atmosphere than the local alternatives currently offer.

I too miss the pool tables. However, definitely not in the guise they were previously offered. They were never level, the cloth was in terrible condition and the cues were seemingly designed by Elton John.

All in all, for Enfield town, a place so bereft of amiable places to drink, the return of the Kings Head is welcome now more than ever.

8 Jun 2011 11:43

The Old Sergeant, Chase End

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

5 May 2011 11:16

The Royal George, Euston

This place reeks.

The only greater stench than that emanating from the gents' toilets, is that given off by the obnoxious attitude of the odious bar staff.

30 Mar 2011 11:01

The Doric Arch, Euston

A good pub to kill time in, although Im not entirely sure it's somewhere you'd visit for any other reason. The staff were genial, if not a little aloof at times and the bar is disconcertingly low.

There were only a couple of lagers on tap but unsurprisingly an array of house and guest beers on offer.

All in all, a pleasant experience.

29 Mar 2011 13:53

The Kings Head, Enfield

Not long now.

18 Oct 2010 15:33

Bar Form, Enfield Town

So, the owners of the last debacle leave and new ones arrive. Who knew it could get worse?

With the bar staff ranging from ambivalent to rude and a toilet that no longer has the hand drier, but a (and i kid you not) hanging towel, to dry your hands, this place is currently the most disgusting place you could ever dream of drinking in.

18 Oct 2010 15:32

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Typical wetherspoons, you wouldnt actively choose to be here, you simply are because you have no choice.

A little tip to the barman who once served my unfortunate self. If i ask for a cold bottle, it's no good saying 'it is cold, it's been in the fridge', when the fridge isn't turned on.

Nice work, pal.

25 May 2010 13:55

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Essentially, you wouldnt choose to drink here unless you dont know where the Lord Aberconway is.

13 Apr 2010 15:24

The Wheatsheaf, Enfield

Im guessing the last review was from staff and i'd agree with it all except the very friendly part.

The locals dont like anyone walking in who doesnt happen to have been drinking there for the last 40 years or knows someone who has. That's fine, you know, these things happen in pubs. But dont try and fool yourself, or anyone else that you'll be getting any busier for the summer if your 'regulars' have their way.

Luckily for you, the World Cup will mean they dont get their way this time round.

13 Apr 2010 15:20

The Hop Poles, Enfield

I like this place.

Reasonable prices for Enfield, friendly enough bar staff, big flat screens showing more games than pretty much any other pub in the area and a couple pool tables.

It doesnt really get busy anymore unless Spurs are playing, but that's fine with me if you're looking for a few drinks somewhere before heading into town.

Strange though, the place should be busy all the time cos it's got everything you'd need. I think people have just fogotten about it.

13 Apr 2010 15:14

Maze Inn Bar, Oakwood

Quite easily the most detestable excuse for a bar I've ever had the displeasure to drink in.

Apart from the rude staff right throughout the establishment from the doormen to the bar staff to the sixteen apparent supervisors and managers they have on any one shift pretending they're in the secret service protecting the president, this place, without reservation, has the worst clientele in the history of pubs and bars.

Rude, obnoxious, coked up morons.

Come in here and your friends should immediately seek psychiatric advice on your behalf.

13 Apr 2010 11:07

The Stag, Enfield

This place is kinda terrible.

If, however, you like being over charged for a limited selection by pretentious and rude bar staff, this is definitely the place for you.

If not, you're more likely gonna choose a different venue. The Cricketers isnt too far away and offers a similar alternative but with friendly staff and nice interior.

12 Apr 2010 16:07

The George, Enfield

Perfectly reasonable during the week, but you dont really want to go in on a Friday/Saturday night unless you know the bar staff, are willing to wait 20 minutes for a drink or you dont get freaked out by demented coke heads.

And although the serving time is long, that's not to say the staff are slow, it's just that they have a gabillion people all waiting to be served. And to their credit, they have opened up the entirety of the bar so that service can be had right the way down the pub. However, it is ludicrous to suggest the service is quicker than The Taps, since the bar is twice as big and they have around the same number of staff serving behind the bar.

The real issue is with the management. If they were a little more discerning with whom they allowed through the door, this place wouldnt be that bad at all. But filling the pub with as many demented coke heads as possible, really isnt the way forward.

Insightful stuff, i know.

12 Apr 2010 15:16

The Taps, Enfield

Okay, so look. In Enfield Town, your options are severely limited, we all know that. So, if you do happen to drink in town regularly, quite frankly, this place is your only viable option. Although of course, it depends on what you're looking for, because there's always a couple crazies who seek out bad beer and sticky floors. But, if you're in search of friendly bar staff, decent music (Thurs/Fri/Sat), nice enough regulars/locals/customers and seven screens showing sport all day everyday, you gotta make the smart choice.

You're not gonna choose The George because the beer is terrible and the locals demented.

You're not gonna choose Bar Form because you never know if it's actually gonna be open, and if you're (un)lucky enough to find it is, you'll be faced with warm bottled beer and the locals revelling in pseudo-intellectual conversations about Teen Wolf Too.

You're not gonna choose The Stag, because i'm assuming if you've bothered to read this far, you're not an idiot.

And you're not gonna choose Club 108 because you dont want to get into a fight about, erm, well let's see... Oh i know, absolutely nothing at all.

12 Apr 2010 14:59

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