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Comments by DuchyBoy

The Mitre, Cambridge

Stopped in for one at the end of the evening. Ale tasted fine and enjoyed a couple of games on the quiz machine while we had our pint.

3 May 2016 13:59

The Anchor, Cambridge

Nice views of the river as we sat outside having a pint. Interesting mix of clientele ranging from a hen party to football fans, all rubbing along nicely together. Worth dropping in for one if in the area.

3 May 2016 13:58

The Eagle, Cambridge

Interesting from a historical point of view with the Watson & Crick connection as well as the graffiti on the ceiling. Couple of ales I hadn't seen before from Somerset although steep as over £4 a pint.

3 May 2016 13:56

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Popped in before and after Plymouth Argyle's match this weekend. Excellent choice of both cask and bottled ales plus some good food as well. Pleasing to have a choice of bitters (Wherry, Nene Valley), plus a red rye ale which was different to the ubiquitous IPAs which seem to clog up most pumps these days. Nice beer garden out back too for sunnier days.

3 May 2016 13:54

The Maltings, York

Popped in for a pint after the races before my train as couldn't be dealing with crowds at the station. Couple of bouncers on, understandably, but they were very friendly. Bigger than it looks from the outside with a small outdoor area too. I had a pint of stout and was pleased to see they had a couple of choices of dark beer, even in summer, as well as some lighter beers. Worth a visit if in town.

13 Jul 2015 09:57

The Three Legged Mare, York

Popped in on Saturday after watching Plymouth Argyle's dismal 0-0 draw at Bootham Crescent. 3 ales from the York Brewery on plus several guests. Had a pint of Centurion's Ghost as well as one from the Tiny Rebel brewery. Sadly the Purple Moose beer went off just as I ordered a pint. Probably the best pub nearest to the football ground if you're going to a match, if you exclude the supporters' bar at the ground.

5 Jan 2015 09:45

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Just stopped in for one before heading over to Prenton Park to watch Plymouth Argyle beat Tranmere. No obnoxious landlord in sight, just a fine selection of beers. I had a mild from the George Wright brewery and my mate tried halves of Oakham Citra and one of Arbor's beers. Plenty of choice and an interesting interior so would be a happy place to spend an hour or two.

13 Oct 2014 09:36

Crown, Liverpool

Stopped in here to wait for a friend as pubs at station looked terrible. Plenty of through traffic and there was a hen do in here having Jägerbombs at just after midday. Large enough that they were out of the way so I enjoyed a pint from the Liverpool Organic Brewery, then a red ale for Caledonian. Worth dropping in if you have time to kill before a train but don't want to stray far from the station.

13 Oct 2014 09:30

Ivy Cottage Inn, Knaresborough


5 Jun 2014 14:58

Whitelocks, Leeds

The oldest pub in Leeds according to the sign. One long room with a curved metal bar that means you are looking slightly upwards when you order your pint. Excellent selection of ales and food available if hungry. Gets busy due to location but we didn't have to wait Longford a table. Definitely worth a return visit

29 Dec 2013 19:35

The Railway, Liskeard

Looked closed when I walked past yesterday

19 Nov 2013 12:33

The Old Stag, Liskeard

Popped in last night for a quick pint before getting a train. Two ales on: Doombar and Tribute. Had a pint of the latter which was fine. Split pub with a pool table on right as you come in and seating on the left plus an open fire. There were pies available if food was required. Busy with locals. Nothing fancy but fancy is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to pubs.

19 Nov 2013 12:32

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Cavernous Spoons near the cinema. They had a US-style beer festival when I went in so enjoyed a couple of pints from Wadworth and from a US brewer working with Bateman's. £1.79 with CAMRA vouchers but even at £2.29, they'd be a good deal. Staff were pleasant. Pub itself isn't much to write home about but the selection of beer at reasonable prices in central(ish) London make it worth a visit

31 Oct 2013 09:26

The Duke, Richmond

As others say, it's more of a gastro pub but mid. afternoon trade when I popped in for a pint after a meeting was a mixture of coffee drinkers, people having food and tourists taking pictures of the real ale taps. I had a pint of from the Twickenham brewery which tasted good although at £3,95, was rather pricey. Three ales in total, none of which were from Fullers or Youngs, unlike many of the pubs in the area, although the offering from the Truman Brewery was finished.

24 Oct 2013 09:20

Victoria, Oxford

This used to be a scratty pub with lots of character when I lived in Jericho in 2000. Cheap ale and a landlord who made the front page of The Oxford Mail when charging for tapwater. Now it's had a makeover. Busy for a Wednesday night with lots of people eating (pies looked good). Very slow service. Decent American IPA which made a change. Other ale was EPA with the other handpump being changed. The nostaligic me preferred it how it was but I'll be in a minority

10 Oct 2013 09:12

Jericho, Oxford

This place has vastly changed since I last visited when living in Jericho in 2000. Went for food last night and it is much better than the horrible Yellow Card pub it was in those days. Three ales on (Doom Bar, Brakespear Gold and a dark beer from Leeds Brewery), the latter two which went down well. Staff friendly, food fine and the selection of gigs looked good. Worth a visit if in the area rather than avoidance as I would previously have recommended

10 Oct 2013 09:08

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Hadn't been to this place before as it's easy to step out of Euston station and get to a good pub. Popped in last night for a pint. 4 ales on from Stonehenge, a Channel Islands brewery, the craft section of Brains and the ubiquitous Doombar. Friendly staff and was busy with customers spilling out enjoying the last sunshine. Worth visiting again before a Drummond St curry.

5 Sep 2013 09:16

Lamb Inn, Devizes

Lovely place. Three ales on, friendly staff and pleasant clientele. Very much enjoyed the visit here. Worth dropping in if you're visiting the town.

22 Aug 2013 09:20

The Crown, Devizes

Odd place. Visited twice on a trip to Devizes. Firstly for lunch when clientele was very civilised. Food fine and a Wadworth beers in good nick with all on, as you would expect so close to the brewery. Went back in the evening and it was absolutely heaving with youngsters. Most friendly but a few numpties. £3 to get in but one of only two places for late drinking

22 Aug 2013 09:18

The Cross Keys, Rowde

Large pub closest to the canal. Split into two halves, one quieter, one with pub games. 6X and Henry's IPA on. Former was fine.

22 Aug 2013 09:16

The Fleadh, Kenton

Cosy pub just near Preston Road tube. For non-lager / Guinness drinkers, there's a choice of Tetley or Fahey's Irish Ale. Had never heard of the latter before but it was drinkable and only £2 to boot. Seemed to be a group of regulars in there having a good chat. Two TVs turned to silent. Definitely been to worse places.

26 Jun 2013 09:31

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

Stopped off on Saturday on a trip around The Dales for some food. Weren't sure whether to choose between The Blue Bell Inn or here but a sign outside the Blue Bell, welcoming mucky women amongst others, was the deciding factor for us. Timothy Taylors place with three choices: Landlord, Golden Best and Ram Tam. Had a pint of Ram Tam which was fine, as was the food and staff were pleasant. Quite quiet in terms of atmosphere but that is perhaps to be expected at 2pm on a Saturday.

24 Jun 2013 13:58

The Kings Head, Kettlewell

Walked past on Saturday and it's closed at present

24 Jun 2013 13:53

Preston, Wembley

Went in last night on the way home for a drink, having recently moved to the area. Decent pint of ale from Windsor & Eton with several other choices available. There was a quiz going on in the other side of the bar from where I was sat. Strikes me that this wouldn't be the most lively of places but staff were pleasant and beer was good so I'll happily pop back in again for a quiet pint.

18 Jun 2013 11:00

Camden Head, Camden

Jack of all trades but a master of none as it doesn't seem to really know what it is. Had a decent pint of Junction and there were three ales on, two from Sambrooks. Even got a glass with a handle. However, it's very dark, the two halves are dominated by big screens showing football and there was loud music competing with that. Will get busy enough from where it is though so I suppose it feels it needs to cater for everyone.

23 Apr 2013 18:06

World's End Hotel, Knaresborough

Think they must rely on bed race day for the yearly takings. Heaving in there on first visit and two Daleside beers were going down well. Went back recently and there were half a dozen customers there on a Saturday night. One cream flow Daleside beer and 10pm closing time. The Half Moon has show what canbe done with a pub to bring in trade. This place should be equally busy but it really needs some TLC.

7 Apr 2013 12:14

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

I was a reluctant visitor to this place as I don't really like the Greenwich beers. Fortunately they had a couple of ales from Dark Star and Adnams on tap hidden away around the side of the bar so there was some variety. We were quite fortunate to get a table as it gets busy later on (although by 10pm when we left, seats were freeing up). Plenty of people passing through while we were there including several with dogs, so good to see there are welcomed. Staff were very pleasant too. Not a cheap day out though, especially if you wanted to explore the bottled beers in the fridges.

18 Feb 2013 13:41

The Albion, Blackfriars

Was rather uninspired by the selection of ales when walking in to grab a quick pint before catching a train from City Thameslink. Bombadier and two Young's beers. However, the pint of Special I had was excellent. Football on TV in the background so there are worse places to grab a drink before catching a train. Quite pricey though as others have said.

30 Jan 2013 07:56

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Youngs pub on Thames path. Pretty busy when we went in as they had a private party in occupying half the top floor. Youngs ales are not the most exciting but were well kept and staff were all very friendly and helpful. Food was fine although portions were a little small. Imagine it's a nice place for a pint in summer with views of the river.

20 Jan 2013 13:12

The Albion, Barnsbury

Not sure that this place should still be on BitE as it is a restaurant masquerading as a pub. 90% of floor space has been given over to dining, so God forbid should you want to spend a whole evening sitting down with friends enjoying a drink or two. The food is very nice and the staff are pleasant but as soon as you finish eating, your table will be turned and the dining conveyor belt will carry on while you are left standing squeezed into the small area that still qualifies as a pub. Beer selection of Ringwood Bitter and Deuchar's IPA isn't particularly exciting either. There are better places to drink around here and the location is awkward too so if anyone were to ask me for a pub recommendation for the area, I would never suggest this place.

25 Nov 2012 19:26

Funky Munky, Camberwell

Much better since it changed from the Funky Munky. Busy on a Saturday night but has a good selection of ales, also available in thirds. Tried the beer paddle which had thirds of an Australian ale, one from Magic Rock and one from Yorkshire. Local beers are available too but at 6 or 7 percent, they're not session ales. Hackney Red from Brodies was tasty though.

11 Nov 2012 20:44

Oscars, Harrow

Popular with the smokers in the nice weather as you can sit on the front terrace and have a fag with your pint. In terms of beer selection, there's London Pride and that's it. As it's connected to the hotel next door, you get the strange sign when looking for the gents that also directs you to the reception and the sauna. It's no better and no worse than the majority of Harrow's pubs, but the standards not that high in the main.

3 Sep 2012 13:17

The Bay Horse Inn, Goldsborough

Popped in on Sunday for a drink and lunch. Three ales on: Black Sheep, Cumberland Ale and Copper Dragon. Pint of the latter was fine as was the food, although portions were a little small for the price. Half the pub is given over to dining but there is a bar area to drink and a nice outdoor area. If you're visiting, check on opening times to avoid disappointment as they still have the gap on Saturday afternoons and don't open at all on Sunday evenings.

28 Aug 2012 10:09

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

The outside seating is the main reason to visit this place. Ate here yesterday with a friend. Food was okay, nothing more, but overpriced. Sandwiches off the menu during the Olympics. Staff were pleasant enough and there is a reasonable selection of ales. Pint I had from Windermere was fine. There are worse places to have a pint on a sunny day.

10 Aug 2012 09:46

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Nice atmosphere while the Olympics was on but was shocked at paying over �4 for a pint of ESB. There are cheaper places around to get ale or if you want to pay through the nose, The Rake is a better place.

10 Aug 2012 09:42

Marquis of Granby Inn, Knaresborough

On the wrong side of town which is why I hadn't visited before, but popped in for a quick one on Saturday to get out of the rain. Sam Smiths so you know what you're getting. Bitter was fine and can't argue with �1.80 for a pint. Busy on a wet afternoon with customers chatting to one another, so could be a pleasant place to spend a few hours.

25 Jun 2012 16:00

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Fairly bog standard Wetherspoons but passes the time when waiting for a train. Had Kelham Island Pale Rider at �2.59 and Ilkely Best at �2.45 plus offerings from Greene King and Rudgate amongst others. Lots of tanked-up blokes and orange-skinned ladies celebrating the Jubilee. Toilets are minging. Better than the White Rose bar though.

4 Jun 2012 16:01

The Windermere, South Kenton

London needs more pubs like this. Forget all your fancy gastro-food. This is a friendly, community pub where I was made to feel welcome as soon as I stepped through the door. Wide cross-section of visitors, from people talking politics at the bar, to builders playing pool to families in the beer garden. Two ales on - Youngs' Special and Courage. Had a pint of the latter at �2.90 and would've been tempted to stay for another if I hadn't had a train to catch. Definitely worth a return trip.

29 May 2012 08:15

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Nice Fullers pub hidden up the Hill away from the awfulness of the centre of Harrow-on-the-Hill. Seems set up for dining but there is a bar area where people were sat drinking and a few tables outside. Smelly toilets though. HSB was �3.55 a pint. Better than your average pub in Harrow so worth the trek upwards if you want a change.

29 May 2012 08:03

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Not cheap but it can get away with it as it will always have a captive audience, both due to a good reputation for beer and a lack of other decent pubs around the area. Visit here yesterday was fine although I would've liked a slightly broader selection of choice from different breweries rather than one dominating with about 6 or 7 taps, although I couldn't tell you what it was as the pump heads offered few clues. Sure if I went back then things would've changed over and that niggle would've disappeared.

7 May 2012 11:09

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Forced to go here on Saturday to watch the FA Cup final as the behaviour of a few moronic Chelsea fans had meant that The Lemon Tree decided not to show the game. It's a labyrinth of a place downstairs, so no good if you need 'phone reception or want to find people easily. We ended up crammed in a large area with lots of football fans, so moving around was difficult. Porterhouse Red was the choice of ale but it is overpriced at �3.95 for a pint of average beer. As soon as the match ended, we decamped to The Harp which has a better selection of beer, comfy seats upstairs and no need to shout at one another to make yourself heard. In summary, don't bother as you can find better places within a minute's walk.

7 May 2012 11:01

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

Didn't see the old transvestite yesterday when I went in yesterday to watch the football. Those in there seemed pleasant enough and the bar staff and locals seemed to have some good banter. Doom Bar was �2.50 a pint (Copper Dragon tap at �2.25 was turned around) and a decent sausage sandwich was �4 so no complaints from me for somewhere to drink if I want to watch a match.

4 May 2012 08:45

The Flag, Watford

Popped in for a quick pint before catching a train back into London after a trip to the Nascot Arms. Cavernous place. Main room has loads of tables for dining and there was a raised area where a band were tuning up. Big side room with pool and table football tables. There's also a large amount of tables out front where you can soak up the traffic fumes with your pint. Three ale taps but two were turned 'round, so only Marstons EPA was available. Can't argue with �2 a pint but that'd be the only reason to go with better options 5 minutes walk away.

30 Mar 2012 08:40

George and Dragon Inn, Knaresborough

Large boozer just away from the town centre. Quiet earlier on in terms of custom (not music) on a Saturday night but got busier after 11pm when other places closed. Three ales on: Daleside Blonde, a mild from Theakstons and Caledonian Flying Scotsman. Daleside was fine and priced at �2.80 which seems to be about standard from Knaresborough.

19 Mar 2012 10:49

The Wellington Inn, Knaresborough

Sam Smiths pub tucked away on the edge of town. Cheap with a pint of bitter at �1.60 but that'd be the main incentive to visit.

19 Mar 2012 10:46

Kingsmeadow, Kingston upon Thames

Went in yesterday before Plymouth Argyle's win. Bouncer was friendly and let us in once we'd covered our colours. Big room with a large screen at the other end from the bar showing repeats of AFC matches. Getting served was fine at first with just Spitfire on at �3.20 a pint. Match was a sell-out so things got busier and the Spitfire ran out to be replaced by London Pride at �3.10 a pint. Reasonable place for a pre-match beer and the match afterwards was very enjoyable!

7 Mar 2012 14:18

The Volunteer, Baker Street

Busy pub near Baker Street tube station. Large main bar with a smaller dining area to the left. Grubby gents' toilets down some dark stairs. Good selection of bottled beers and 4 ale taps with Cask Marque logos on them, although two were turned around. The Box Steam Brewery "Tunnel Vision" was fine at �3.60 although service at the bar was a bit slow at times.

24 Feb 2012 08:26

The Talbot, Kingsland

Came in here on Saturday night for dinner.

Positives: The girl serving us was very pleasant and helpful. The two ales on (Landlord and Doombar) were in good nick. The food I had was very tasty.

Negatives: Meal prices were very high. �12-�16 for a main and �6-�7 for a dessert in a pub is excessive. Portion sizes could have been bigger too. Music was also very loud so we struggled to hear one another at times, even sat to the side of the bar away from everyone crammed in the main area.

The prices would stop me from rushing back but with few decent pubs in the area, this place will never struggle for customers.

20 Feb 2012 09:36

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Went in on Saturday to watch the rugby. Busy with people getting in an early start, judging by cocktails being made up. Did the job, albeit difficult to hear the commentary and had Black Sheep on, so better than other Slut & Leglesses in that respect but there are other pubs nerby which are much better if you're looking for ale.

15 Feb 2012 09:55

Prince Arthur, Euston

Stopped in on Saturday night for a drink to get out of the snow. Roaring fire and friendly service. Several ales on including Deuchers' IPA and Tim Taylor's Landlord. Another in the decent selection of pubs around Euston station.

6 Feb 2012 08:51

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

Popped in on Saturday for a quick drink and lunch. Pub was busy with a mixture of bar flies, shoppers and what looked like a mother-and-kids group in one corner. Reasonable selection of ales. Fairly standard Wetherspoons all-in-all.

24 Jan 2012 18:44

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

Went in on Sunday night for a drink. Doombar was available for the ale drinker alongside the usual fizzy suspects such as Stella. Big screens showing the Milan derby on one side of the pub and free live music in the other half with free Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes for those watching, so credit to the landlady for trying something different.

16 Jan 2012 08:53

The Flask, Highgate

Went in last night about 5pm to get some dinner after an afternoon walking around the Heath. Had to wait until 6pm for service to start again so we were starving by the time the menus came out. Food was nice when it arrived and there is a good selection of beer on the bar. Mainly Fullers which is no great surprise as it's their pub but there was one guest ale too. Was very busy and we were lucky to get seats so if you're looking to eat, book ahead.

16 Jan 2012 08:50

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Went here for a friend's birthday last night. 10 of us ate some very nice Thai food and enjoyed the selection of ales. 8 on, including beers from Sambrooks, Ringwood and Jennings. However, our evening was tainted by the jumped-up member of staff who decided that 11.01pm was kicking out time and constantly barracked people who were finishing their drinks in the 20 minutes allowed by law. There are very few good pubs in the Waterloo area and it would be a shame for this place if people stopped coming because one person has no concept of customer service. In fairness, the others apologised for him but it's not what we expected.

15 Jan 2012 12:53

The Somerstown Coffee House, Euston

I hadn't realised that there was anything up this road beyond The Rocket but this place is a real contrast. It's more gastro-pubby, reflected in the food prices, but what we ate was very tasty. There were three ales on: Courage, Youngs and Bombadier, all of which were fine. Staff were extremely pleasant. It was very busy all evening so if you're looking to sit down, it's worth booking ahead. For me, it's not the type of place you'd visit just for a quick pint - it's more somewhere you'd go with friends to have an evening of food and drink. Credit to the team who have taken over this place in October as they're trying to offer something different to the area.

2 Dec 2011 08:18

The Queens Arms, Kilburn

Large pub on the main road but away from the centre of Kilburn. Doesn't seem sure what it wants to be - there's a large restaurant area at the back, there were several families in there with kids but also a couple of (silenced) TVs showing football. Pleasant staff, standard selection of Youngs ales on. Better than some of Kilburn's other pubs but that doesn't take much doing.

28 Nov 2011 08:53

The Good Ship, Kilburn

More of a music venue than a pub, with seats on levels around a sunken stage / dance floor area. Only one ale on - London Pride. Good for watching bands as it has an intimate feel.

28 Nov 2011 08:48

Trinity, Harrow

Friendly enough place, bit tatty around the edges. One ale on - Pride at �3 a pint. One room downstairs with a big screen over the bar. Larger room upstairs which has live music and clubs.

25 Nov 2011 08:02

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

Went in to watch Plymouth Argyle's capitulation against Stourbridge. Small downstairs with three ales on - the IPA was okay but nothing special and service was a bit slow. Smaller bar upstairs with a roof terrace and Trelawney on. Much better.

23 Nov 2011 13:36

The Eagle, Hoxton

Bit apprehensive about popping into this place as I feared that it would be a tourist trap. However, I was wrong. Good selection of ales on the bar and the friendly chap serving let us try before we bought. Wide meal selection too if you want to eat.

19 Nov 2011 21:29

The Cricketers, Kilburn

Think Hillzy's review is rather unfair. The place does look slightly intimidating under a large block of flats but you should never judge a book by its cover. Inside was clean with the layout and chairs a little like a hotel bar. Drinkers at the bar and the lady serving were friendly with no hint of intimidation. One ale tap had its pump head turned around, probably permanently, but Smiths was just �2.80 a pint. It's not the place where you'd take someone for a hot date but if you want to spend an hour reading the paper or having a chat, it does the job.

18 Nov 2011 07:58

The Sporting Page, Chelsea

Nice pub tucked away on a quiet street between the busy Fulham and Kings Roads. Wasn't suffering from a lack of trade with office workers and hospital staff enjoying a post-work drink. Four ales on tap - Marlow Rebellion, Landlord, Tribute and Doom Bar, each priced at �3.55. Friendly bar staff and we were even given a glass of wine to try for nothing. Varied food menu, dog friendly too, so the only thing to grumble about is price but that's to be expected given where in London the pub is located. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

17 Nov 2011 08:06

The Wrestlers, Highgate

Deceptively-large pub away from the main Highgate village but this doesn't seem to have dented its popularity as it was rammed on Saturday night. Large L-shape with a big covered outdoor area at the back. 4 ales on including Tribute at �3.30 a pint, Sambrook's Wandle and London Pride. Friendly staff and opens late, so a good place to visit if you're in the area and like ale

14 Nov 2011 08:25

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

Popped in on Saturday before and after the match with Bromley. �1 for day membership but offset by �2.70 for a pint. They had a wide range of ales on, some of which ran out before kick off but everything was restocked in time for 5pm. Rather military with getting everyone out 10 minutes before kick off but I suppose that with a bar that good, there's always the risk that people might sack off the football. Two TVs to watch and a wide range of Os stuff to look at too to pass the time.

14 Nov 2011 08:21

Wetherspoons, Hampstead

Popped in for a quick one last night. Big place, opening onto the upper floor of the shopping centre. Plenty of light from the long windows facing out onto Finchley Road. Quick service, pleasant staff at bar and in the pub (one of whom was just cleaning the table I went to sit at) with plenty of ales on tap but let down by a really boring selection. I had Abbot at �2.75 but otherwise it was things like Greene King IPA and London Pride with the most exciting choice being Bishops Finger. One ale from a smaller brewery would be nice but that's my only real gripe.

9 Nov 2011 08:34

BrewDog, Shoreditch

Fine pub at the top end of Brick Lane. Extensive bar upstairs with more of a restaurant feel, then a smaller bar downstairs with comfy sofas. Beers to suit all tastes - couple from Brodies on tap, the house beer from Dark Star and a special too from the same brewery, plus others and many bottled choices. I'm of the opinion that Shoreditch is a hellhole full of people with stupid haircuts and too-tight trousers that should be avoided at all costs but this place makes me revise my opinion.

17 Oct 2011 08:26

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Cracking little pub tucked away just off Brick Lane. I only saw it by the hanging baskets outside. L-shaped interior split into two room. 5 ale taps, three of which were on serving Pride, Doombar and Crouch Vale Brewers Gold which was fine and cheaper than I would've expected at �2.99 for a pint. Worth a visit if you're up that way for a curry.

10 Oct 2011 23:29

Castle Vaults, Knaresborough

Bit rough around the edges but seems to be popular with a group of regulars. Friendly barman, Old Speckled Hen and John Smiths cask on tap.

10 Oct 2011 08:39

The Mitre, Knaresborough

Popular place by the station with an excellent selection of ales. Beer garden if the weather's nice or a couple of rooms to sit inside if not. Apparently the food is good too.

10 Oct 2011 08:38

The Black Lion, West Hampstead

Big pub in the centre of West Hampstead. Quite a few high tables and sofas so no hassle of getting a place to sit, plus a small outside area if you fancy breathing in the traffic fumes. Owned by Greene King so the ale choice when we arrived was Old Speckled Hen at �3.30 a pint. IPA was back on by the time the second round was bought. Nothing wrong with the place but nothing too exciting either, so the same story as other pubs in the area.

5 Oct 2011 08:12

Euston Tap, Euston

Quirky place in the arch by Euston station. Small bar downstairs with taps attached to the wall behind, then a spiral staircase leading up to an equally small seating area upstairs. Weather was okay so we got a seat without a problem but imagine it gets busy in winter. Plenty of ales to choose from as well as cider and lager and the beer I tried was on good form. Euston really is fortunate to have three good pubs in proximity to the station (also the Bree Louise and the Doric Arch) whereas other nearby stations struggle for one.

14 Sep 2011 12:51

Two Floors, Soho

Unobtrusive bar tucked away at the end of Kingly Street. Called Two Floors but having visited on Saturday, a better name would be Two Floors (Top Floor Quiet, Bottom Floor Rammed). It's quite small downstairs so with lots of people hemmed in, it was pretty warm and slow to get served. As it serves cocktails, that doesn't help with speed and the two girls working behind the bar weren't the most dynamic. There was a tap for Camden lager which was off, so the beer option was Red Stripe at �3.70 a pint. Ridiculously loud music so very difficult to have a conversation at times. I had a good evening due to the people I was with but that was in spite of the bar, rather than because of it.

12 Sep 2011 09:27

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

I'm a little bit torn about this place. On the one hand, the selection of beers is faultless. You're like a kid in a sweetshop and if there is nothing from the 37 taps, bottled beers or whiskies that takes your fancy, it'd be a great surprise. On the other hand, take away the brilliant selection of beers and it's not an outstanding pub. Sure, the staff are pleasant but there are only a few high seats around the side so you'll likely spend most of the evening standing. And it's tucked away in the back of Hatton Gardens so not the most convenient location. That fact that it was packed, therefore, will be down to the wide selection of ales. I'd go back for that alone but if I wanted a pint in nice comfy surroundings, I'd drop into my local instead.

19 Aug 2011 08:10

Board Inn, Knaresborough

Very much a locals' pub. Friendly enough when we went in, and Theakston's best and John Smith cask on offer, plus a singer keeping the few regulars entertained. Not the best place in Knaresborough but far from being the worst either.

9 Aug 2011 12:53

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Definitely not boarded up. Had a couple of pints here last night before heading to The Lexington for a gig. Still the best pub in the area.

3 Aug 2011 11:40

The Gallery, West Hampstead

Busy last night with people sat by the open windows or on the window sill drinking. I'd skipped this place in the past as there seemed to be no beer worth drinking but was lured in by the sight of a Camden Ale tap. I was served by a friendly girl who informed me that the ale was off so recommended a bottled pale ale from the fridge when I asked for something that wasn't fizzy. Note to self: Coopers Pale Ale is fizzy and is definitely not worth �3.95 for a bottle. As others have said, it's pleasant enough as long as you're willing to pay around �4 for a lager. I'm not. We went over to The Railway. Bit scruffier but they had Tribute on as one of the four ales and it was a darn sight cheaper. So I know which I prefer.

2 Aug 2011 08:17

Cocomo, Old Street

Small bar on the main road towards Shoreditch so noisy if the doors are open, as they were when visiting yesterday. Girl behind the bar was friendly enough and there were some special offers (e.g. 4 bottles of Corona for �10) to balance out the expensive prices for other bottled lagers. Nothing on tap and nothing non-fizzy in a bottle for the ale drinker so while this place will be good if you like fancy drinks and trendy music, walk on by to somewhere else if you want a pint.

23 Jun 2011 08:14

The Rising Sun, Kingsand

Lovely little pub with excellent food - the 18 inches of sausage is to be recommended. Three ale taps with beers including Sennen from Skinners and Spingo IPA - a rare treat outside of West Cornwall. Popular with locals and walkers, it was busy even early on a Saturday lunchtime but with friendly staff and clientele, you can see why. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

20 Jun 2011 08:16

The Sea Horse, Mansion House

Agree with LondonHawk, the music's far too loud in this place. We went outside to be able to speak until rain drove us in and we had to shout over TV ads and chart music. Has Landlord on tap but that's not enough for me to bother returning.

17 Jun 2011 13:00

The Star, St John's Wood

Nice place tucked away in a backstreet just north of Regent's Park. Popped in for a quick pint last night. Only IPA was on with another tap out of use. People inside seemed to be having a decent chat and others were enjoying the outside seating. Has a homemade pizza menu too at reasonable prices. I've read reviews saying that St.John's Wood has no decent pubs but this place would suggest otherwise.

9 Jun 2011 11:02

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Big, busy pub at Baker Street station. Long bar so getting service wasn't too painful and there was a decent selection of ales on, both from larger breweries (I had Adnams' Broadside) and smaller offerings (Shag Weaver from a place in the Cotswolds, although there were several choices). Full of runners who'd done a 5k in Regent's Park, I imagine it's a good place to go pre- or post-football matches (although I suspect they don't allow colours).

9 Jun 2011 09:38

The Prince Albert, Camden

Reasonable selection of ales including Black Sheep and Ruby Mild. Decent-sized space and doesn't seem to be totally given over to dining although there does seem to be a slant in that direction. Toilets are very clean which may seem a funny thing to post but it's sometimes quite a rare thing to find. Bar man called last orders at 10.30am though which is a bit odd. I know it was quieter and he was probably keen to get home but I'm sure he was being paid until the pub shuts so you have to stick it out!

7 Jun 2011 08:28

The Bell House, Camden

Proper old-fashioned boozer off the main drag. Big beer garden overlooking the canal which would be lovely in hot weather (it was overcast on our visit so was quiet). Pool table, quiz machine, jukebox, basic seating, no food, pleasant staff so a decent place for catching up with mates for a few pints without being bothered by the Camden crowd with their tight jeans, funny hair cuts and unwashed tshirts. Three ale taps, Broadside was fine, didn't try the IPA and the Camden offering was, erm, off. As others have said, worth a detour as there are precious few decent pubs in the area.

7 Jun 2011 08:23

The Bull Inn, Ripon

Nice place with friendly staff. Worth stopping at for the scenic views over the river and the church from the beer garden. Golden Sheep plus Black Sheep on tap when we visited and the steak pie is recommended. Dog friendly too and there were plenty of them there.

31 May 2011 14:18

The Union, Marylebone

More of a bar than a pub and that's reflected in the prices. Two ale taps although one was out of action. A Kent ale on the other at �3.90 for a pint. Staff pleasant enough, music far too loud. Really, it's the type of place you'd have a work do rather than go out with mates and it did seem to be filled by an office crowd.

27 May 2011 08:32

Willow Walk, Victoria

It's a fairly standard Wetherspoons. Gets pretty busy earlier on with travellers and commuters on their way home from work but by about 8.30pm, the crowd was starting to thin out. Staff were pleasant and helpful and there was a good selection of ales on including a couple from Nethergate and one from Saltaire. If you're killing time around Victoria and want a pint, there are worse places you can go.

20 May 2011 08:05

Bourne and Hollingsworth, Fitzrovia

Quirky place tucked away down a flight of stairs, below Bamboo. Pretty small, ramshackle selection of furniture and only one beer on tap (Asahi) plus a few bottled lagers in the fridge (although nothing non-fizzy). It's not a beer place though and if you like cocktails, they have an extensive selection which are served in glasses, jam jars or tea cups depending on what you get. Not the cheapest but if you want a cocktail served by friendly staff, you'll like it.

17 May 2011 09:12

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Good selection of ales including Tribute, Doom Bar, Rev James, a Royal Wedding special from the Ascot Brewery and a couple of others. Inside is pretty impressive (bar the minging toilets) and it's nice to be able to have a pint sat down outside as long as you don't mind traffic rumbling by. Tribute was �2.85 as well which is not bad for a central London pub.

13 May 2011 08:51

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Awful chain pub outside a shopping centre. The view of the dock may be pleasant but you're essentially drinking in a soulless establishment in a business district. Bar staff mainly disinterested and very slow. God knows what it's like to get served if the place is busy as it was taking 10 minutes on Saturday night with no crowds. One point for Doombar (they have that and London Pride) although lessons in learning how to pour it would no go amiss. If you're a Suit working around here, you may drop in for a pint as it's by your office. If you don't work around here, there is no reason whatsoever for visiting.

9 May 2011 08:20

The Three Kings, Clerkenwell

Quirky place tucked away down a side street. Three beers when we were on including Landlord and Woodforde Wherry which was on good form. Downstairs was busy but there was no problem getting a seat on one of the sofas upstairs. Jukebox looked interesting although wasn't on while we were in. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

5 May 2011 11:08

The Lexington, Kings Cross

Large pub near Angel with a gig venue. Seems to cater for the music crowd as the jukebox is pretty comprehensive and varied. Could do with being turned down slightly though as it was difficult to make conversation. No ale on when I visited with both pump clips turned around although the Brooklyn lager was perfectly acceptable.

20 Apr 2011 11:43

The Half Moon, Crawley

Big pub, lots of screens for sports and a few tables outside if the weather's nice. Seems to be the away fans' choice for Crawley Town matches as it's the closest place to drink to the ground except the club bar. Offers basic bar food including pizzas and hot dogs. Not cheap though - a pint of Stella was �3.75 and the only thing even close for ale drinkers is Smiths. So a pre-match watering hole rather than anything else.

13 Apr 2011 08:53

The Coach and Horses, Leyton

Vast no-frills pub close to Leyton Orient FC, although seems to be frequented more by away supporters. Handy for pre-match as it offers cheap food if you don't want a pie in the ground. Expensive on the beer front though - a pint of Kronenberg and a pint of Coke came to almost �7.

6 Apr 2011 12:11

The North London Tavern, Kilburn

Essentially a gastropub with food prices to match and over half the floor space given over to dining. Saying that, it's a pleasant enough place with friendly staff and the Augustinian from Nethergate was on fine form with an extra mark awarded for a glass with a handle.

25 Mar 2011 08:01

Cross Keys, Knaresborough

Nice place since the reopening with an excellent selection of beers. Worth a visit if in the area. Serves food including a pie special offer on a Monday although I haven't eaten here so can't comment on the quality.

21 Mar 2011 14:22

Groves Hotel, Knaresborough

Bit scruffy but seems to attract a reasonable crowd on a Saturday night. Not a great selection of beers - Smiths was the only non-fizzy thing available on my visit.

21 Mar 2011 14:20

So Bar and Eats, Knaresborough

Always busy as it's more of a food place. The last time I ate there, my meal was very enjoyable. Normally a couple of ales on including on local one from the Rooster brewery.

21 Mar 2011 14:19

Crown Inn, Knaresborough

Large pub located towards the bottom end of the High Street. Great if you like loud music and fizzy beer. If you like ale, Smiths is the closest option. Popular on a Saturday night but not for me.

21 Mar 2011 14:17

Blind Jacks, Knaresborough

Not the cheapest pub in the area but an excellent selection of ales, so well worth a visit. Dog friendly too.

21 Mar 2011 14:16

The Clifton Hotel, St John's Wood

Popped in last night for a quick pint and the place looks like a building site. The dining area at the back is being knocked through to create one room so I imagine will look very smart once it's done. They're having to close for a couple of days in the near future to do the work so keep an eye on the website. Friendly service as always and the Junction was on good form.

18 Mar 2011 08:45

The Asparagus, Battersea

Even by the usual standards of Wetherspoons, this place is grim. Already at 6pm, loads of people were hammered and I get the impression that a few of them would live here if it didn't shut. Quite a few ale pumps although the Sambrooks stuff wasn't available and the Batemans went off when I finally got served (they could do with more bar staff too). It serves its purpose but one to avoid unless you wanted to get drunk cheaply and don't care what the pub is like.

18 Mar 2011 08:42

Rat Race Ale House, Hartlepool

Quirky place attached to Hartlepool station. It's about the size of a front room with no place for a bar - the beer is served from a cupboard. Good selection of ales on and the guidance for lager drinkers about what to have is a nice touch. If you want a decent pint served by friendly staff, come here. If you want fizzy beer, pub grub and Sky Sports, go elsewhere.

14 Mar 2011 09:09

Jackson's Wharf, Hartlepool

Big pub catering more to the diner than the drinker although there were three ales on (Banks, Hobgoblin and Pedigree). Friendly bar staff but service very slow for food when busy - meals took about an hour to come, so not one to visit if you're in a rush to eat.

14 Mar 2011 09:03

Crown and Goose, Camden

Pleasant enough pub with attentive and helpful staff one street back from the main drag. It's clearly a gastro pub as table orders are taken and the food is bledy expensive. Only two ales on tap - Bombadier was fine, Adnams was off - so not a place for the discerning drinker but perhaps more of a place for a date away from the noise and smell of Camden High Street.

18 Jan 2011 08:39

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Nice one room pub tucked away in a back street near King's Cross. Had three beers on on Friday including two from Brodies. Didn't dare try the 12.1% stout so had the 6% Polska beer which was very tasty. Worth a visit if in the area as much better than the general dross of King's Cross.


17 Jan 2011 09:01

Rat and Parrot, Harrow

On the central shopping street of Harrow, this place always seems to have customers, even before midday. Cavernous interior with several screens so useful if you want to watch live sport. Only thing approaching a non fizzy beer is John Smiths. There is another handpump but it's always turned around. Toilets are minging. Probably the cheapest pub in Harrow but there are definitely better choices.

7 Jan 2011 09:00

O'Neills, Harrow

As gazzo4u says, decent food - the steak & Guinness pie is to be recommended - but nothing really on the ale front. Smithwicks or Guinness are the closest you can get.

7 Jan 2011 08:54

Moon On The Hill, Harrow

Usual clientele you'd expect from Wetherspoons on a visit at about 6pm - the after work drinkers and people who look as if they spend the day there. Excellent selection of real ales including Jennings Snecklifter, Marlow Rebellion and one from Yorkshire I hadn't seen before. Not the most atmospheric of places but the best selection of proper beer that I have seen in Harrow, so worth visiting for that alone.

7 Jan 2011 08:45

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Tourist restaurant masquerading as a pub. I thought pubs were for drinking in but over half the place was shut yesterday afternoon for non-existant diners, I must be wrong. Could be a good pub if the management buck up their ideas but at the moment, it seems to cater for tourists (i.e. give you rubbish service once in the likelihood that you won't be back). I'm not a tourist but I won't be back.

3 Jan 2011 10:03

The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

Cavernous dog friendly pub tucked away on a side street off Primrose Hill. Spent a few hours in there for New Year's Eve and had a thoroughly nice evening. Friendly staff and customers, no issues getting a seat and a choice of three ales - Pride, Chiswick and Adnams. Extensive food menu too. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

1 Jan 2011 13:38

The Priory Tavern, Kilburn

Looks grotty from the outside but that's deceptive. Nicely done out interior, friendly barman and an extra mark for the pint of Landlord coming in a glass with a handle. A real contrast to the grottiness of Kilburn High Road.

29 Dec 2010 09:09

The Old Bell, Kilburn

The karaoke on a Sunday here has to be heard to be believed. Don't think I've heard so many songs massacred quite as badly as in here. It's a locals place but friendly enough and �2.30 for a pint of Smiths can't be knocked.

29 Dec 2010 09:06

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Ventured there last night as the Ship and Shovell was closed. The Old Speckled Hen was fine as was their own ale but we left after a couple of drinks as the place was absolutely heaving with tourists taking photos and even videoing one another having a pint. Am sure it'd be okay if it was quieter but given its location, I doubt that ever happens, so it's one to be left for visitors to London town.

29 Dec 2010 08:46

The Angelic, Islington

Had four ales on on Saturday and the Doom Bar was fine. Seems to have a bit of an identity crisis though. Impressive old building and I gather at one point it was an Irish pub. Now it has long wooden tables and an overpriced gastro menu. Plus music so loud you struggled to make conversation. Friendly bar staff and very busy so a lot of people seem to like it but not for me I'm afraid.

29 Nov 2010 08:48

O'Neills, Euston Road

Euston has great pubs around the station (Bree Louise, Doric Arch etc.). King's Cross, unfortunately, does not. There's nothing particularly wrong with this pub, it just has a gloomy atmosphere as it's a place for killing time with a pint rather than an enjoyable evening with friends. Apparently it's won an award for pouring Guinness and it was good to see both Sambrooks Wandle and London Pride on to supplement the ubiquetous Smithwicks ale offering. So, does the job for a quick one but we moved on to the Bree Louise for a more enjoyable drinking experience after that.

19 Nov 2010 08:35

O'Neills, Cannon Street

An after-work drinking location. Popped in about 6.30pm for a couple before going for a curry and it was pretty busy. Came back afterwards for a couple more and it was pretty empty. Staff were friendly enough and the Smithwicks was fine but as I said, it's a place for drinks after work if you're in the area rather than somewhere you'd head to for an evening out.

20 Oct 2010 09:17

The Roebuck, Borough

Came in on Saturday night after attempts to secure a table at the Royal Oak to eat failed. Decent menu here and I enjoyed my pie. Friendly place and good selection of beers (Greenwich, Purity, Sambrooks) so worth a visit if you're in the area.

4 Oct 2010 09:51

The North Star, Finchley Road

Popped in last night for a quick pint to get out of the rain. They had Jennings' Cumberland Ale and Adnams on and also Black Sheep although that had gone. �3.05 a pint and the Cumberland tasted fine. The ales seem to rotate regularly as they had a list up of what was coming in the future. The music could be heard but wasn't unbearably loud as the people on the table next to me seemed to be conversing without shouting. Lots of screens so it seems to be a place to go to for watching sport. Think I read somewhere that it is run by an uncle of Norman Cook but maybe that's another place on Finchley Road?

30 Sep 2010 09:38

The Old Queens Head, Islington

Busy on a Tuesday night with a fairly odd quiz that people seemed to be enjoying and a gig upstairs. The upstairs bar only serves bottles and there is no ale on tap downstairs although they had Old Peculiar and one other in the fridge in bottles. Seems to have plenty going on in the way of entertainment so good for an evening out but I'd go elsewhere if you just fancy a quiet pint of ale.

15 Sep 2010 17:27

The New Rose, Islington

Popped in last night for a couple of drinks. Nice to get a pint in a glass with a handle. They had on Keltek King and Moorhouses Black Cat. We sat below the big screen but the football wasn't too loud that we couldn't chat. My friend ate and she enjoyed her pizza. Recommended if you're around the area.

15 Sep 2010 17:24

The Retro Bar, Strand

Went on Saturday for a friend's birthday. There was a function downstairs so we were squeezed in on the second floor which was rather cramped. It also meant only one toilet (rather manky) cubicle on the 3rd floor for the gents which was blocked for a fair while at one point by a drag queen preparing herself. No ale on tap but they had bottles of Waggledance in the fridge. Staff friendly and music was good. Odd that it called time at 11pm which is something you don't expect these days for a bar in Central London but I suppose with G.A.Y. now around the corner, they would have less custom if opening later as people drift away to queue for the club.

13 Sep 2010 08:29

The Railway, West Hampstead

Ignore the low average score for this pub as I feel that it's based on previous reviews. The pub was clean inside with plenty of choice of seating, both in front of the sport (they were showing cricket and football) or away from the screens if you didn't want to watch. Was served a decent pint of Doomr Bar by a pleasant chap called Chris. Came in at �2.90 and I'm always surprised these days to get a pint for under �3 (unless you're at a Wetherspoons). Two Adnams ales were also on although they'd both gone when I went up for a second pint, replaced by London Gold. There seems to be a food / drink deal each day which again bring to mind a Wetherspoons but that's a little unfair as The Railway is better than that. Worth visiting if you're in the area, especially as West Hampstead seems to have a lack of decent pubs.

20 Aug 2010 08:12

The Hole In The Wall, Chichester

Plus points - the manager when I went in was very helpful and they had a decent pint of Doom Bar on.

Negatives - It's a Lloyd's Bar so all the atmosphere of a Wetherspoons (i.e. drunk people even at lunchtime) but with more expensive prices.

Worth visiting if you want to watch sport on TV as there are plenty of screens. If you want a quiet pint and a chat with friends, Chichester has better pubs.

9 Aug 2010 09:55

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Large one room pub with an attached dining room and some outdoor seating with heaters. Silent TV in one corner. The high ceiling makes for an impressive looking building but it also feels a bit cavernous and lacking in atmosphere. Friendly enough staff and clientele. Two ales on tap. TT Landlord was off but Doom Bar was on good form. Food was also good and thankfully, there was a cheaper alternative to the over-priced gastro menu. There are not many decent pubs in Kilburn so if you're in the area, this one is worth a visit.

16 Jul 2010 08:50

The Camden Head, Islington

Enjoyed a couple of pints of well-kept Doom Bar in the beer garden yesterday evening. See there is the flag of St.Piran flying. Is the owner Cornish?

5 Jul 2010 09:46

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

This place scrubs up quite nicely when you come in and has a pleasant dining area upstairs. They were doing a meal deal with �7.95 for sausages and a pint of ale. The Landlord we ordered went off after one pint so the other two of us had Black Sheep which was a bit vinegary. Other options were London Pride and a Moorhouse's offering which was put on after we'd ordered. Sausages were okay but portion size was small and service wasn't the best. Best leave this place to the tourists who seemed quite enthusiastic about this place.

11 Jun 2010 09:24

Talkhouse, Stanton St John

A review score of 4/10 seems surprisingly low but I suspect most are a few years old. I hadn't been since 2004 and I remembered this to be a very pleasant place so 4 of us went for lunch on Sunday. I wasn't drinking so can't comment on the quality of the beer (they had 3 ales on tap including Seafarer's and London Pride) but the food was excellent and reasonably priced. �50 for four drinks, meals and coffees. Service was also quick, polite and helpful. It's a bit of a pain to get to from Oxford but it's well worth the trip.

19 May 2010 13:41

The Railway, Blackheath

Pleasant enough place with a good selection of draft ales (Wandle, Landlord, Harvey's Bitter), albeit quite steeply priced I felt. Equally the food. Plenty of choice of burgers on the menu but all were off as the grill was broken. Staff seemed fine to me. Busy, even earlier on a Wednesday evening, likely with people dropping in for a pre or post train pint.

6 May 2010 08:42

The Hart, Knaresborough

Have been in a couple of times after Blind Jack's has shut on a Saturday night. The nightclub being awful, this is where many people end up so you get an interesting mix of people in - hen and stag dos, lads playing pool, middle-aged folk after a drink past 11pm. Pub had several ales on on last visit but Yorkshire Terrier and Theakstons quickly went followed by IPA so it was down to Directors or John Smiths. Bar staff were pleasant and the seating comfy but the music was very loud so you were almost shouting if you wanted to talk. Lots of football on the screens to watch if you didn't. Not my first choice of pub but it serves a purpose and I have been to far worse.

19 Apr 2010 10:40

The Estcourt Arms, Watford

The highlight of watching Plymouth Argyle lose at Watford was pre-match and post-match drinks in this pub. Tribute and Black Sheep still on, both seemed fine to me. Telly in the corner to watch the football and a few seats out front to enjoy the sun. Shame we will be unlikely to be back next season to visit.

12 Apr 2010 09:23

The Holly Bush Inn, Oxford

The pint I had was well poured and well kept. Staff friendly but food service was very slow.

7 Apr 2010 14:57

The Osney Arms, Oxford

Redone so looks quite smart inside (sofas and leather chairs). Fairly basic pub menu but food was nice enough with decent portions for reasonable prices. Screen with Sky Sports showing and one real ale on (6X - well poured and kept). Friendly bar staff / customers too. Fear it suffers from its location for the amount of custom it'll get though as the middle of Botley Road isn't the first place you'd think of going drinking.

7 Apr 2010 13:59

The Alehouse, Reading

That's a real shame if it has gone. Reading suffers from a lack of decent pubs. Wonder if the revamped Nag's Head has taken all its trade?

6 Apr 2010 17:41

The Grafton Arms, Fitzrovia

Don't think this place quite knows what it wants to be. It had a couple of decent ales on which makes me think of a cosy, backstreet boozer but the wide range of repulsive-sounding shooters (Blowjob or Brokeback Mountain anyone?) suggests it's also going for a party crowd. Friendly enough atmosphere too so while I wouldn't go out of my way to go back, if I was in the area and wanted a pint, I wouldn't be adverse to dropping in.

31 Mar 2010 08:42

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

Looks better from the outside than the gloomy interior with banging music and only London Pride on tap when we went in last night. Will head across the road to the Bree Louise next time I'm in the area instead.

31 Mar 2010 08:36

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Pubinspectors is lucky. Normally the place is rammed with chavs and / or annoying football fans (I've been known to be one myself). It gets points for convenience and I gather the toilets have been fixed but there are much nicer pubs in the area.

17 Mar 2010 14:08

The Hill, Greenwich

Have to say that I thought this place would be particularly awful from the reviews so I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it's more gastropub than grotty boozer, reflected in the prices, but the food was nice and there was a very quaffable Devon ale on. Friendly Cornish barmaid serving too.

24 Feb 2010 10:41

The Bree Louise, Euston

Partly personal preference and partly practicality to keep the filling from spilling out all over you if you pick it up. Admittedly you won't be doing that in the pub and as they sell a lot of pies, they're not going to change things on my review. All of us in our party were a bit miffed not to see pastry on top and bottom though.

5 Feb 2010 09:51

The Bree Louise, Euston

If drinking around King's Cross or Euston, this is a shining light amongst a sea of dross. The atmosphere is good (has to be as you often have to share tables) and there is always a decent selection of beers. The pie menu is also very promising but the goods on it aren't quite up to scratch. What you get is tasty but there's just not enough food. A pie should have shortcrust pastry on top and bottom, not be a casserole with a puff pastry lid. And there needs to be more veg and a second scoop of mash. That small gripe aside, I'll happily be back next time I'm in the area.

5 Feb 2010 09:30

The Clifton Hotel, St John's Wood

Good food, 4 decent ales on tap and a competitive quiz. What more could you ask for? Glad to have it as a local.

12 Nov 2009 14:47

The Zetland Hotel, Middlesbrough

Popped in for a pint after watching Plymouth Argyle beat Boro while I waited for my train. The place had the football results on, a pint of Magnet for under �2 and friendly Boro fans so a thumbs up from me.

2 Nov 2009 15:31

Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough

Have to say that I was expecting a cosy traditional pub from the descriptions of the place, rather than a rather tatty open place. Real ale was well kept if it took a while to pour and you could buy a match programme behind the bar so that's a plus.

2 Nov 2009 15:29

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

It's nice to find a pub near Oxford Circus which isn't heaving with tourists. It's tucked away in a back street so you'd never stumble across it. Beer was well-kept and reasonably priced. However, having chosen the place by the promise of food, we were rather miffed to find that they don't do food on a Thursday as "It's too busy". Surely that would be the best time to do food as you have more people willing to spend their cash? Anyway, we'd planned to spend the evening there but didn't bother after that, so their loss.

30 Oct 2009 09:12

The Florence, Herne Hill

The comments about unfriendly staff are rather surprising as I found the team behind the bar to be very welcoming on our visit yesterday. The barmaid had even remembered our order of 7 drinks by the third round as she just asked if we wanted the same again. Impressive. The Weasel beer is very tasty and there's a nice big beer garden for when it's sunny. Didn't try the food but the selection on the menu looked good.

19 Jul 2009 18:12

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Popped in with a friend after seeing this in the top 40 on the site. We were just going to stay for one but ended up stopping all evening, sitting out in the beer garden. Good selection of well-kept ales and tasty potato wedges. A decent alternative to the general pub dross around Old Street.

29 May 2009 07:48

The Tin Goose, Heathrow Airport

We went to this pub while waiting for a flight as Giraffe was ridiculously busy. The service was okay but the food was awful. Undercooked fish, hard chips (they'd obviously been under the grill) and cold peas. Probably okay for a pint as there was a good selection of beers on tap but if you're hungry, find somewhere else to eat.

24 Feb 2009 09:45

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

The pub looks a lot nicer since the renovation but I was frustrated by the bar staff on a recent visit. Both people serving were very pleasant but their English didn't seem to be that strong. Ordered a glass of red wine and was given white, then when I ordered food, the burger that I'd specifically requested without cheese turned up covered in the stuff. I sent it back and it turned up again without cheese but slathered in mayonnaise, so that rendered half the bun inedible. Beer I wanted ran out too. So the pub has potential but could still try harder.

16 Feb 2009 09:29

The Leighton Arms, Kentish Town

To answer my own question, it was shut for refurbishment but has been reopen for a while. Haven't been in since it was done up but it looks much better from outside than it did.

31 Dec 2008 09:27

The Plough, Doncaster

Friendly staff, beer well-kept and not too expensive. As GuideDogSaint says, worth a visit.

8 Dec 2008 12:27

Copley Arms, Hessenford

Lovely pub with good selection of beer plus an excellent menu. The meals in giant Yorkshires are highly recommended.

4 Aug 2008 15:48

The Dock Inn, Penzance

Friendly customers and bar staff plus the only place in Penzance where you can get Spingo on tap. Recommended.

4 Aug 2008 14:39

The Windmill, Brixton

Great music venue. Sure it's a bit grotty but that's part of the appeal of an indie venue. Gigs are cheap and they often have some really good stuff on. Well worth seeking out for a visit if you haven't been before.

2 Jun 2008 13:04

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

I think the low rating is unfair. It's no worse than any other Wetherspoons and the staff are very pleasant.

19 May 2008 16:44

The Stapleton Tavern, Finsbury Park

It's okay for watching football but is a bit pricey.

19 May 2008 16:43

The Leighton Arms, Kentish Town

Is this place still open?

30 Apr 2008 09:05

The Odd One Out, Colchester

I must've been unlucky then as it sounds like other reviewers have found a better selection. Shame Col U are moving away from Layer Road as next time I visit Colchester for football, the drinking option will probably be some plastic chain pub.

15 Apr 2008 13:14

The Kite Inn, Oxford

Never would I have imagined that you would have to book a table on a Friday lunchtime in a backstreet pub the wrong side of the tracks but that was the case. Amazing food prices (I was stuffed for �4) with a very friendly atmosphere.

7 Apr 2008 10:06

The Shaftesbury, Holloway

Nothing really remarkable about the place but good enough for a pint when watching the football in a friendly atmosphere.

25 Feb 2008 09:42

The Harringay Arms, Crouch End

Very friendly place with a reasonable selection of ales and a big screen for sport. Get there early if you want a seat though!

25 Feb 2008 09:32

The Enkel Arms, Holloway

I assume that if you are local and have nothing better to do with your day, you'd probably quite enjoy hanging out here. The pint of Tetley I had was well-poured but I only bothered staying for one as nothing about the place made me want to stay for longer than that.

11 Feb 2008 08:54

The Queens Arms, Hereford

A local pub for local people

15 Jan 2008 13:14

The Apollo, Marylebone

Does this place even exist any more?

10 Jan 2008 09:45

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

Basically a bog standard Wetherspoons so you know what to expect (microwaved food, at least one beer off at any time). However, today the food surpassed itself in awfulness. The burger tasted like cement and the bun was about as hard. It's convenient for the office so I'll probably be back but will think twice about the burgers in future.

31 Dec 2007 15:07

The Garrison, London Bridge

The food is expensive but the quality is better than you'll get in other places. Good breakfast too although the service is painfully slow.

21 Dec 2007 10:32

The Lord Palmerston, Dartmouth Park

I've been a couple of times now and have no complaints. Always some fine Cornish beer on tap and people seem to be friendly and helpful. Haven't tried the food but the menu looks pretty good.

18 Dec 2007 14:08

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

This is a hidden gem. You'd never expect to find a pub with so many great ales hidden away in a tatty estate but that's what you have. Beer was well-kept on a recent visit and the locals friendly. The shabby chic is fine. I'd rather have decent beer and reasonable company that overpriced beer and braying tossers on Upper Street or the grimness of the Angel (where I ended up after here to meet people although I much would rather have stayed). Keep up the good work.

10 Dec 2007 11:41

Rosie O'Gradys, Oxford

The Guinness is a bit pricey but it's well poured. It's a nice, comfy pub to while away a rainy afternoon, sat by the fire and is much better than the tat of Park End Street or the pretentiousness of the Retreat.

3 Dec 2007 09:18

The Harp, Covent Garden

Cracking selection of beers including two Cornish ales and Landlord. Was packed on Friday night as upstairs wasn't open and some of the clientele left plenty to be desired, so a return visit at a less busy time will have to be on the cards.

12 Nov 2007 09:02

The Odd One Out, Colchester

I came expecting a fabulous range of ales after reading the comments on this site. Was faced with a rather boring selection including Fullers, Banks and the inevitable Greene King offering. Nothing wrong with the pub (it's tatty but has a certain charm) and the beer was well-poured but some more exciting offerings on tap wouldn't go amiss.

7 Nov 2007 09:11

The Royal Oak, Borough

Excellently kept selection of Harveys beers, friendly staff and customers and lovely food (I recommend the game pie). Keep up the good work.

7 Nov 2007 09:09

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

Popped in for a pint and some food with a couple of friends. Most of the downstairs area was shut and they wouldn't serve anything to eat upstairs so we left and went to the Duke of Argyll up the road. Same beer on offer there but a more helpful attitude towards customers.

3 Oct 2007 09:30

The Gregorian, Bermondsey

It's being refurbished at the moment, should be open again at the end of August or beginning of September according to the builders.

7 Aug 2007 13:40

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Cracking pub. A pleasure to be able to enjoy beers from the Timothy Taylors range and in such a friendly, comfortable establishment. A place to enjoy a nice pint or two and a decent conversation with friends without having to shout over loud music.

28 May 2007 12:23

Ruse, Borough

Attractive bar staff, well-poured London pride and a comfy place to watch the football. What more could you ask for?

14 May 2007 12:30

Red Lion, Monument

One one staff member at lunchtime and all the beer was off. Has potential but needs to buck its ideas up.

25 Apr 2007 16:18

The Miller of Mansfield, Borough

Excellent pub. Good food menu and while the range of beers isn't as broad as it could be, they are well kept. We used it for a work event and the staff went out of their way to be helpful so if you need a venue around London Bridge, I would highly recommend it to others. I haven't been for the comedy or music but have been told that it is very entertaining.

1 Mar 2007 14:49

Carbeile Inn, Torpoint

Excellent selection of Cornish ales and the carvery fills even the hungriest person. Out of town so you avoid all the drunken idiots too.

11 Dec 2006 18:18

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Excellent selection of well-kept ales with the Betty Stoggs highly recommended (I might be biased here as a Cornishman). Away from the tourist trail unlike the Turf Tavern so you can normally get a seat, even on a Friday night. Possibly the best pub in Oxford.

11 Dec 2006 18:16

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Nice out of the way place with a good selection of beer and a nice, ever-changing food menu. Pleasant for a quiet pint away from the busier places, and I imagine the beer garden is great in warmer weather.

11 Dec 2006 18:13

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Beer and location are okay but on my first visit, there was the smell of Dettol which made me leave before I made it to the door and on my second visit, it was smoky and full of loud people in suits. There are much better places in the area so I won't rush back.

11 Dec 2006 18:09

The Anchor Tap, Tower Bridge

A reasonable back street boozer visited for a lunchtime pint. Bitter was fine and well-priced although didn't bother with the food as the menu was somewhat overpriced. Nice to see a games room with checker board tables and darts although a new set of darts wouldn't go amiss. Fairly busy for a backstreet pub on a Monday lunchtime so they must be doing something right despite the negative comments below.

11 Dec 2006 17:46

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