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Comments by Bucking_Fastard

The Steam Coach, Boxmoor

Small Greene King tied house with a traditional interior and views over the nearby cricket pitch.Four handpumps serving Bury St Edmunds brewed Morland Original,Ruddles County,Abbott and GK IPA which was clear ,crisp , tasted fine and good value at 2.60.The food offering is standard pub grub with mains around the 7-8 mark and the musak was not intrusive.It doesnt take many customers in here for the pub to seem busy and the bar sevice is friendly and welcoming.

3 Feb 2010 15:42

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

High standards maintained in this Nicholsons pub where the ale quality thankfully matches the ale quantity.We sampled the Golden Arrow (Cottage Brewing),Blonde(Lancaster),Cornish Mutiny(Wooden Hand),Bankers Draft(Wickwar) and Haggis Hunter(Harviestoun) which was the pick of this well kept selection.Encouraging to see a lot of younger drinkers (blokes and birds) hitting the real ale ,good quality bar snacks now served until 10pm to soak up the alcohol and despite being busy all night,the bar service remained crisp and efficient.Top quaffing pub.

1 Feb 2010 11:05

The Standard Bearer, Stevenage

INCORRECT POSTCODE which should be SG1 1PF.This pub is in Stevenage town centre and not near Walkern.

28 Jan 2010 12:45

The Old Post Office, Stevenage

This former Hogshead is operated by Town and City pubco and is right next door to the Wetherspoons and I made the mistake of thinking that this was just another bar area of the 'spoons.There are six handpumps ,offering four unexciting ales on my trip Courage Best,Bomber,GK IPA and Abbott which were at least drinkable.Very dozy bar staff,joshing with regulars and serving them immediately while strangers waited in vain at the bar.One barmaid in particular had perfected the technique of walking around the bar looking in cabinets,shuffling papers,fiddling with the till while studiously avoiding serving an increasing number of frustrated punters .
Food offering very value orientated from a standard menu.At the rear there is a raised area with two pool tables but the mixture of high tables,dining tables and sofas give this place a very generic ,plastic bar feel.Alcohol pricing a little higher than 'spoons but the clientele is similarly intoxicated.Not very inviting.

28 Jan 2010 10:15

Yates's, Stevenage

CLOSED but not lamented.

28 Jan 2010 09:52

The Town House, Ely

In reality this is more a bar than a pub but the ale quality is high and the three handpumps offer a changing range of well kept ales many from micobrewers.On my visit the Buntingford Western Pioneer was spot on ,Oakham JHB and GK brewed Morland Original the value option at 2.30.Lunchtime food also value orientated.On entering to the left is a pool table ,bar towards the rear with a large vertical drinking area with some high tables and stools.Conservatory set up with dining tables and large courtyard outside.DJ on Friday /Saturday evening until late ,so best avoided at these times unless you want the yute atmosphere.Beware on the way out ,steps are very steep after a skinful.

18 Jan 2010 10:59

West End House, Ely

Attractive,low ceiling local with four drinking rooms,three of which are served by the central bar.The interior is very traditional with a real fire in the main saloon.Five handpumps including London Pride,Spitfire,Adnams Bitter and Courage Directors all in good condition.Beer range varies and next up were Doom Bar,Black Sheep and Woodforde's Wherry but the ales served here do appear to come from a distributors list,hence a lot of national brewers ales and few from local micros.Musak also played too loud but these are minor criticisms of a decent pub.Very lively Jack Russell lives here !

18 Jan 2010 10:45

The Standard Bearer, Stevenage

This Wetherspoons is the only real ale outlet in the town/shopping centre and is cheap so be thankful for small mercies.Besides the ubiquitous GK Abbott,Ruddles County and Best,Courage Best there are some smaller brewery ales which on my trip included Warwickshire Brewery Churchyard Bob and Nethergate Azzarat which were OK .The ground floor bar is open plan while it is quite a hike upstairs to the higher level seating are.The clientele is attracted by the cheap booze and a sad reflection of the current economic climate,many the worse for wear and clearly un(der)employed.Not suitable for great Aunt Agatha but functional for beers if you are unlucky enough to find yourself shopping in Stevenage.

12 Jan 2010 12:22

O'Neills, Welwyn Garden City

The Parkway Tavern is on the ground floor and is a souless bar with no real ale.There is some furniture scattered around the walls,and a large vertical drinking area for under 25's.Quite a few derelicts hang out here but you may be able to pull a dodgy boiler when its busy.The outside door to one side leads to Club 67 with free entry until 10.30pm.These two bars define the word dive ,this is chav central.

4 Jan 2010 14:30

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Very traditional atmosphere with two drinking areas either side of the front door with a real fire making it a cosy place to sup ale .L shaped bar has at least six real ales available ,generally from small micros including the close by Hogs Back Brewery.Ale quality is high.Beyond the bar is a spacious restaurant area in what looks like an old barn and the food is very well cooked,authentic pub grub and worth the slight premium pricing.My only small gripe is that the gas effect fire in the restaurant seems out of place but otherwise this is a top establishment with great service and remarkably clean loos.A must visit.

4 Jan 2010 11:29

The New Inn, Cerne Abbas

Traditional interior with a small bar and very friendly welcome with well kept Palmers IPA and Copper on handpump.The food is exceptionally good modern British with excellent pork belly,cod and salmon dishes on my visit and well worth the 12-13 for a main .The menu changes monthly and there are also many daily specials around the 9 mark.A true gastro pub with seating around the bar and towards the rear .Well worth a visit under this new ownership.

4 Jan 2010 11:03

The Black Horse, Sturminster Marshall

Quite a small roadside pub with a large car park.Drinking area close to the side entrance and around the real fire. Most of the tables beyond the bar set up for meals.Well kept Badger and Tanglefoot on hand pump and the food is home cooked if a little pricey.Very friendly welcome in this food orientated establishment.

4 Jan 2010 10:48

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Reading some of the previous posts I was expecting a nostalgic trip down Cold Blow Lane.Much to my surprise,the clientele were friendly with a mixture of locals,tourists and young professionals with a fair smattering of totty.Bar service was efficient and the two ladies running the karaoke after 9pm were fun.Two handpumps with only one dispensing on my visit but the Springhead Polar Bear( good value at 2.60) was in fine condition and the pints flowed down to no ill affect.Front bar is reasonable size and its easy to get a seat,while the smaller back bar has a pool table,seperate counter but few seats.The gents was clean ,so hard to give any creedence to the recent negative posts about this traditional local.

4 Jan 2010 10:33

The White Horse, Hertford

Thanks for the explanation Mr Ellis,very pleased to hear that a rotating guest will be available.Always good to get a reasoned reply to a bit of constructive criticism rather than being called a merchant banker !
Happy Christmas.

24 Dec 2009 09:55

The Royal Oak, Borough

What more can be said about this gem ?Like Mr Bonser I was surprised to read posts questioning the beer quality.We went through the card and every Harvey brewed ale was spot on ,and the general consensus was that the Sussex Best and the Old Ale were the finest of a great range.The Christmas Ale at 8.2% was one of the best barley wines we've (carefully) supped.
The food is substantial,traditional and well cooked.The punters are in the main serious ale drinkers but there are younger customers and medical students who also appreciate the traditional pub atmosphere in an area dominated by deafening bars with bouncers .Harveys are also brewers of very traditional ales,where else in the southeast can you find a tasty low strength mild,a pale ale and an old ale under the same roof ?
An outstanding pub and a reminder of times gone by.

24 Dec 2009 09:43

The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

Four handpumps which on my visit included Brain's Top Notch,Bateman's Rosey Nosey and York Brewery Yorkshire Terrier.However the ales were not well kept and the pub interior lacks character.

22 Dec 2009 10:02

White Hart, Hertford

Gone are the days when you would be offered some charlie in the gents,but the refurb is awful with a mixture of leather sofas,high chairs and dining table which destroys any pub atmosphere.Gaming machines and rubbish musak played far too loud just makes matters worse and my Country Bitter was served too cold,with aggressive use of the chiller.This pub has zero character,no reason to stay for another poor beer.

21 Dec 2009 14:09

Lord Haig, Hertford

A Mc Mullens community pub which does make an effort to put on live entertainment at the weekend.Traditional wood pannelled interior with an open plan layout,a relief from the trendy bars in the area.However the pub is badly let down by the ale quality,my Country bitter had a nasty tang despite being clear and the AK was dull as always.When will Macs learn ?

21 Dec 2009 13:59

The Slug and Lettuce, Harpenden

No real ale ,only chemical keg crap so just keep walking (to the Cross Keys).

18 Dec 2009 15:26

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Attractive old building with quite a small interior.The main bar is to the right of the front door with a smaller seating area to the left with its own counter.Four real ales always on ,London Pride,TT Landlord and Rebellion IPA are regulars and on my visit Tring's Sidepocket was the guest and spot on.Very much a real ale drinkers pub,warm and welcoming and thoroughly deserving the GBG entry.Best drinking pub in Harpenden.

14 Dec 2009 10:54

The George, Harpenden

Truely awful young drinkers bar ,with lounge furniture and deafening musak plus dim lighting so that you dont notice just how many chavs have infested the interior.London Pride and Bombadier on handpump but if you order these ales you will be on your own,all other punters drinking overpriced chemical lager fizz or alcopop crap.From the outside this place looks respectable,dont be tempted inside.

14 Dec 2009 10:26

The Cork, Welwyn Garden City

Operated by Town and City pubco,this is a conversion of a former commercial building.The bar area is wide and designed for vertical drinkers and three handpumps dispense London Pride,Bombadier and Courage Best ,drinkable if dull.There is a mezzanine level upstairs which is more convivial but most of the downstairs area away from the bar is rather gloomy with a low cieling to accomodate the mezzanine.Food offering is value orientated a la Wetherspoons and probably the same standard.Functional at lunchtime,not been in of an evening but pub looking rather worn.

7 Dec 2009 14:24

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

Refurbed but very much a corporate GK feel to this place,with Abbott and Rockin' Rudolph on handpump.Usual GK food menu,very uninspiring.

7 Dec 2009 14:07

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Nicholsons chain pub with London Pride and TT Landlord always available with 6 other regularly changing guests.I sampled the TT Golden Best and UBU Purity which were clear but in poor condition.The transient nature of the clientele,so close to Liverpool Street,is probably the reason why there is little incentive to improve the ale quality.Most folk seem to ignore the real ale and chemical fizz accounts for the majority of beer sales.Food menu dominated by pies around 7 yet few punters were eating.Interior is faceless and devoid of character.Dullsville.

7 Dec 2009 10:20

The Old Fountain, Old Street

The ale quality here is absolutely top drawer with great cellar skills much in evidence.8 real ales available which on my visit included Crouch Vale Brewers Gold and Amarillo(fantastic,dangerously quaffable),Twickenham Sundancer and Grandstand Bitter,Dark Star Chesnut and Adnams Explorer.The bar snacks were also high quality ,salt beer sarnies,potato wedges ,fresh pizza all perfect for soaking up the alcohol.Deservedly popular and the bar service is wonderfully efficient and friendly ,so no long waits at the bar .IMHO this place has now overtaken The Wenlock despite being less earthy,and is one of the best in the country.Top marks all round.

30 Nov 2009 12:23

The Old Barge, Hertford

Free house currently featuring a festival of West Country ales,with 7 handpumps including on my visit Beddows 4B's,St Austell Proper Job,Blindman's Icarus,Branscombe Vale Draymans and RCH Old Slug Porter.Pub very committed to real ale but the prices OUCH ! 3.40 for a pint of ruby mild ,I didnt dare move onto the 6.5% porter!
Made for an expensive session.Bar staff efficient and friendly and despite the premium pricing,the pub was busy possibly helped by jazz night.Still one of the best pubs in Hertford,a town with an excess of trendy bars and poor Mc Mullens outlets.

27 Nov 2009 11:10

The Jolly Waggoners, Much Hadham

CLOSED at present,possible renovation?

24 Nov 2009 11:38

The Attimore Hall, Welwyn Garden City

Part of the Ember Inns chain,this place has a series of rooms off the central corridor and a bar towards the rear.Three handpumps with Courage Best always on and the free drink option on grill and curry nights.Two regularly changing guests which on my visit were Springhead Chocolate Orange Twist and Batemans Miss Luscious which was served much too cold , initially destroying the character but OK once it had warmed up.The food offering is keenly priced ,mains in the 5-6 range and similar to a Wetherspoons offering in a more up market setting.The interior is smartish and children under 14 are banished to the garden in an attempt to attract an adult audience and maintain a low chav count. Beer quality very dependent on the skill of the manager and the aggressive use of the chiller indicates a lack of understanding despite a very friendly welcome.

23 Nov 2009 14:43

The Horns, Datchworth

Good looking country pub with a central real fire which is a major feature.Close to the bar is an area where you can drink ,settles are set up for diners and to the side this is a restaurant area.There is also a small lounge off the corridor to the loos,but its uninviting and not used much.Three handpumps,but only two ales on my visit 6X and Everards Equinox which were OK.However the food is expensive (most mains 12) and poor quality.Not much steak in my steak and ale pie,a pub grub standard lasagne and a fish pie with too much smoked fish,virtually no firm white cod,an overpowering cheese sauce and very heavily salted.At least on complaint this poor pie was removed from the bill.Not enough waiting/bar staff means that when the pub is busy delays occur and service becomes erratic.

23 Nov 2009 10:46

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

Friendly welcome and well kept ales featuring three from B&T,Everards Tiger and a guest beer .On my visit the B&T beers available were Shefford Bitter (excellent, very bitter finish) Dunstable Giant and Dragonslayer while the guest was Elgood's Greyhound.Shame no B&T mild or stout available on the day. Two reasonable sized drinking areas with a single bar,the pub is well used by locals who appreciate the fine ale.A good village boozer.

19 Nov 2009 14:53

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

From the outside this does look a rough pub, but dont judge a book by the cover.The interior is quite interesting once your up the steep steps.The bar area has a small woodburner and well worn bench seating,there is a seperate pannelled snug to the side and also a downstairs area with its own lower level serving area.The regular real ale is Deuchars IPA,Courage Directors,Bombadier and TT Landlord but the board listing the beers stated that there were 4 interesting sounding guests which would be coming soon.I really wish pubs wouldnt do this, when exactly are these ales due,"soon" could be anytime from here to eternity.This is also a stunt often pulled at Wetherspoons and only makes punters feel a bit dissatisfied with the ale actually available.My Deuchars IPA was in good nick ,however.The pub is very commited to evening entertainment and that is laudable.A more consistent guest beer policy would elicit higher ratings and a spruce up both inside and out is probably overdue.However one of the better pubs in Stortford,a town with a excess of poor boozers.

18 Nov 2009 16:22

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

I expect there's no Guiness because it's over hyped ,mass produced,pasteurised keg crap.Try some real porter or stout next time you are in and give your tastebuds a treat guinessandpotatoes.

17 Nov 2009 15:54

Rivermill Tavern, Eaton Socon

This is a rather poor conversion of an old mill into a pub.The ground floor bar is rather dingy and there is a noticeable lack of natural light .This area lacks atmosphere but up stairs is better with a seating area overlooking the river with its own bar.The dining area is also on this level but overall there are no original features and the rather bizarre full sized models of members of the Blues Brothers band added to the tacky feel.Real ale includes GK IPA and St Edmunds,Adnams Broadside,Cottage Brewing Golden Arrow and Humpty Dumpty Little Sharpie.My Golden Arrow was in poor condition and although I didnt try the food ,the menu looked like standard pub grub.Lot of evening entertainment Tuesday open mic,Friday live band,Sunday quiz is admirable but I suspect this place is trying to be a jack of all trades............

16 Nov 2009 14:58

White Lion, Apsley End

Fullers house with well kept London Pride and ESB together with a guest beer which on my visit had just run out.This is a small traditional looking pub with a corner entrance and a central serving area with a drinking area wrapping right round.There is a real fire in the front area and bar billiards to the side.Televised sport with horse racing popular with the regulars.From the exterior the pub looks a bit rough but inside it is clean and recently recarpeted.Quiz night on Sunday ,overall a good local boozer.

12 Nov 2009 15:39

White Lion, Marsworth

Oops..neon OPEN sign

11 Nov 2009 16:21

The Anglers Retreat, Marsworth

Good selection of well kept ale with Batemans Autumn Fall,Victory,London Pride and Tring Brewery Side Pocket.Judging by the collection of pump clips ,some interesting ale has been quaffed here.The interior is small with two drinking area either side of the front door.The furniture looks to have been purchased from the administrator to Little Chef , the seperate conservatory lacks atmosphere and there are few original features internally but this is more than made up for by the friendly welcome and convivial banter from a pub well used by locals.Dogs welcome when the bar is quiet and there is a good sized garden.Home cooked standard pub grub .Deserves its GBG listing.

11 Nov 2009 16:13

White Lion, Marsworth

The illuminated neon ON sign makes the heart sink,this is a modest pub with much to be modest about.The real ale is GK IPA and Abbott ,and Ruddles bitter all very undistinguished and the food offering is standard pub grub.Enter via the car park,there is a ground floor bar,often closed,and upstairs a restaurant area . The bar and a wrap around lounge is on the opposite side of the stairs.There are some interesting views over the canal if you go right round to the back of the lounge and in the right hands this pub could be reasonable.In the 80's this pub was known to the boating fraternity as Frankie and Johnnie's after two old queens who ran the pub and whose idea of pub food were giant frankfurters...but at least the White Lion had some atmosphere in those days.I would recommend going to The Anglers Retreat for good beer and The Red Lion for good food and good beer.Give the White Lion a miss.

11 Nov 2009 15:44

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Fantastic alehouse with 5 brews on handpump featuring Dark Star Hophead,American Pale Ale and Porter together with Hogs Back TEA and HOP both straight from the barrel.There are other guest ales including (surprisingly )Bombadier which is carried as the beer available in meal deals which include a drink in order to shift this shite .A real cider is also on handpull.The food menu is priced in line with Wetherspoons and is value orientated but the best deals are not on the printed menu with chilli and rice at an unbelievable 1.99 (tasted great) and soup and sarnie.The ground floor is spaceous and to the side are two pool tables which dont detract from the friendly,drinking atmosphere.Sky sports footie is screened,sometimes with the sound turned down .Upstairs is where bands,poets,stand up,magic and other entertainment is held.This really is a top pub ,Croydon's finest and a must visit on any tour of the area.Great venue for my pre Palace half gallon.

9 Nov 2009 12:02

Sportsman, Hertford

RE OPENED as The Bluecoat restaurant and bar after an expensive refurb.This is first and foremost a restaurant with starters around 6 and mains 12-14 so quite pricey.There is no real ale ,so I wont be using this place for a beer in the evening.There are other pricey bars in Hertford already ,so this place joins a crowded market.

9 Nov 2009 11:30

The Big Lock Inn, Middlewich

The outside has been repainted ,the interior is clean and there is now a clear focus on food in this pub.There are real ales available,but a dull selection including GK IPA ,Bomber and Adnams Bitter.The long dining area looks over the Big Lock from a first floor vantage,and this was the only bar area open at lunchtime,although I believe there is a ground floor bar leading to the canalside.Food reasonable and a respectable,friendly pub in a town sadly lacking decent pubs.

4 Nov 2009 16:12

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Brewers Gold and Sharp's Doom Bar on fine form ,this is a real ale enclave with a wonderfully diverse clientele.Great atmosphere,always busy and good music on tape ,it is worth taking a look at the photos around the walls showing various scenes from the London canal system in the days when it was used by commercial craft.A gem of a boozer.

2 Nov 2009 09:44

The Black Bull, Whitechapel

CLOSED ,and given the way the area is changing I would be very surprised if this place reopens as a pub.RIP.

2 Nov 2009 09:38

The Grave Maurice, Whitechapel

It may have had a colourful past ,but this place is now a featureless bar with no real ale ,and only chemical nitro fizz to sup.Vicareous entertainment is laid on,but atmosphere is sadly lacking.With this review I have now clocked up my first century,is that polite applause I can hear from around the boundary rope ?

2 Nov 2009 09:33

The White Horse, Hertford

The ale range is now dominated by beer brewed at Fullers Chiswick brewery namely London Pride,Discovery ,ESB,seasonal Red Fox ,Seafarer and HSB.Only one guest on my visit and that was the ubiquitous Adnams Bitter.Ale quality is OK but the White Horse is now merely a pricey Fullers tied house,in an attractive old building.A downgrade from me despite a good value 3 course sunday lunch for 9.

30 Oct 2009 10:21

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

Quite a large pre war building of no architectural merit .Four real ales available,Adnams Bitter,Youngs Bitter,Bombadier,Spitfire,nothing out of the ordinary,a little pricey but drinkable.The food is good quality and is cooked rather than boiled in a bag or microwaved.The lounge interior is rather featureless,but the restraunt area is a bit smarter and the lunchtime crowd are respectable.However in the evening the pub becomes a lot more boisterous,and there is usually a big welcome committee of smokers infront of the public bar which gets infested with chavs,many supporting Chelski ....enough said.When I was a lad and the Knights were in charge this pub was called The Green Man,not sure why it is now "Famous" ,more likeley "Infamous".

29 Oct 2009 12:51

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Quite a small pub ,well used with a friendly ,lively atmosphere.The ale quality was very high with regular Butcombe Bitter and Dark Star Hophead on top form and an unusual Octoberfest ale also from Dark Star as a guest.Also a very interesting selection of spirits.The clientele is mainly New Labour and no one was drinking the Thatcher's cider !
Food is popular and several notches up from pub grub and there are tapas dishes available around 3 to complement the drinks.Beer prices very reasonable around 2.80 a pint,this is the best pub in Islington by a long chalk IMHO.Thoroughly recommended with very knowledgeable staff,a quality drinking establishment.

23 Oct 2009 13:40

The Bull Inn, Iver

The Bull has two very different bars.The public bar is popular with the under 25's ,has a pool table and was busy even on a Monday evening with young girls standing outside on the pavement.The lounge is more of an old man's (or women's) bar and is a throw back with 1970's decor.The piped radio added to the retro feel.Three real ales are on permanently ,namely London Pride,Adnams Bitter and 6X,which doesnt get the pulse racing but the guest beer which changes regularly was an IPA from the Copper Dragon brewery which was excellent,no need to move of it for the session.Pub food is available but no one was eating when I was there,but the beer is a sufficient recommendation.Thoroughly deserves the GBG entry.

23 Oct 2009 13:28

The Grand Junction Arms, Harlesden

A Wells and Youngs pub with their usual beers,Youngs Special,Kew Gold and Bombardier all now sadly dull and unimaginative ales.However the pub does carry one guest ale and on our visit this was Iceberg from Titanic.However this beer hadnt been pulled through before opening time,and the first three pints pulled were not up to Iceberg standards.The next few Iceberg pulled were better but lack of basic cellar skills are a negative here.Bar food looked cheap but the interior of the pub is very tired and in need of a clean and upgrade.Large Sky screen in back barn bar,and good outside terrace overlooking canal.

22 Oct 2009 12:35

The Pleasure Boat, Alperton

No real ale ,only chemical fizz and far too many pool tables.A rough looking pub with no obvious redeeming features.Pass on by.

22 Oct 2009 12:25

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

A very attractive small canalside pub with two bay windows in the front bar with great views over the lock.Traditional interior with an intimate back lounge around the side of the bar,and a good courtyard area for smokers.Judging by the collection of pump clips some interesting ale has been served here and the pub is committed to traditional cider and a wide range of bottled perry and cider.On our visit in here there was a slightly disappointing ale range,a House brew from Tring Brewery at 3.7%,Rebellion Mild 3.5% ,Rebellion IPA 3.7% ( badly named,how can an IPA be 3.7% and deep copper coloured?) and Batemans GHA Pale Ale 4.2% which by default became the object of our quaffing.I would suggest that more thought needs to be given to the beer range,with a greater range of strengths and styles possibly by dropping the House brew which probably was just rebadged Brock Bitter.However the Riser is a must visit in Berko,should be in the GBG and could become the best pub in the town shortly.Very friendly bar staff.

12 Oct 2009 10:45

Red Lion, Marsworth

Beautiful old building in an attractive corner of the village close to the church, to the right a traditional public bar with a real fire,an area behind that where families can eat and to the left a small snug leading to a comfortable lounge at a higher level . London Pride is always on together with (on our visit) three brews from the Vale Brewery,in Brill.Immediately went on the King Lud,a good golden ale.So good infact that any diversification onto the other ales didnt seem warranted.The public bar is well used by locals,and on sunny days sit outside the pub to the front or in the rear garden.A classic county pub.

12 Oct 2009 10:20

The White Horse, Leighton Buzzard

Traditional small town centre pub with a central bar ,this place is well used by locals and folk attracted by the range of beers.London Pride and GK IPA are always stocked together with up to 3 guest ales.On our visit there was Spitfire,Chesnut (Burton Old Cottage brewery) and Huck-me-Buck (Tring brewery) .The changing range may cause confusion behind the bar because when enquiring about what beer style Huck me Buck was,we were told it was a light ale when infact it came out tawny ,pleasing none the less.Spitfire was good ,but the London Pride was odd.Now I have been quaffing London Pride for more years than I care to mention and so have my colleagues and although what came out of the London Pride pump was quaffable,it wasnt Pride.By now Black Sheep had replaced the Spitfire and lo and behold it didnt look or taste like Black Sheep either.My guess is that there had been barrel confusion in the cellar,or the wrong pump clip attached to the hand pumps.Nothing malicious and the ale quality was good and very reasonably priced but its the sort of issue that need sorting out.However still the best pub in Linslade.

12 Oct 2009 10:03

The Bedford Arms, Linslade

There are two hand pumps here,but the pump clips are permanently turned around and there is no real ale available.So if you want to foul up your digestive system with nitro keg chemical fizz all night the Bedford's the place,otherwise stay well clear.

12 Oct 2009 09:39

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Cant wait to read the BITE reviews from the other pubs that Hudge visits in Croydon,hopefully the beer will ease the writer's block.

12 Oct 2009 09:32

The Ram Inn, Hertford

Recently refurb has improved the interior and created a more upbeat atmosphere.Unfortunately this is a McMullen's tied house and so ale choice is confined to the bland AK and on my visit a seasonal ale called Googly brewed by The Whole Hop Brewery ,which is just another name for McMullens brewery in the town.Googly was acceptable but not memorable.There was an open mike evening which certainly brought in a bunch of musicians ,but the lack of interesting ale will always count against what is otherwise a decent pub.

7 Oct 2009 13:39

Bell & Barge, Rugby

Part of the Harvester chain,there is no real ale available so this is no place to drink unless you want pasturised chemical nitro fizz.The food quality is poor with soggy chips ,dubious cuts of meat and suspiciously small chickens.The only two positive aspects are the salad bar,which the cooks cant screw up,and the calorie count against each item on the menu.However there is no advice to the clinically obese on how to burn off the excess calories they injest ,so here is my suggestion ......take a jog down the towpath,fatty.

5 Oct 2009 09:27

The Red Lion, Bletchley

Much improved since my last visit ,there are now 4 handpumps with GK brewed Ruddles County a regular,a guest (Wadsworth Henry's IPA ) and a second guest at the weekend.The fourth handpump dispenses a traditional cider.Judging by the collection of pump clips,there has been some interesting ale on offer in here and my Henry's IPA was very well kept and quaffable.The main bar has Sky sports TV and a pool table , has been refurbished and is clean while to the side is a quieter area for drinking.Red Lion is popular with the local motor bike club , has a real community feel and a chatty barmaid.Best ale in Fenny by a considerable distance.

1 Oct 2009 17:08

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Popped in to find a disappointing range of ales.Many of the microbrewery offerings had run out and I was faced with the mass produced and now indifferent Abbott,Pedigree,Courage Best and GK brewed Ruddles bitter.However managed to spot Exe Valley XXV was still on and although the ale was clear,there was a nasty woody tang which didnt warrant a second .The pub itself has an interesting ceiling but the gambling machines and the choice of furniture make the interior very dull and uninviting.The upstairs bar looks a bit better but only one guest is served there ,all other beers from the national brewers.
Horrified to discover that this pub is in the 2010 GBG.The CAMRA boys need to search their souls ,promoting Weatherspoons where the beer quality is substandard is no way forward,especially in a faceless drinking barn like this.It may be cheap,very cheap with your CAMRA vouchers but its cheap for a reason.......the ale is piss poor.

30 Sep 2009 09:49

Anchor Inn, Great Barford

Three real ales available,Youngs bitter always on and two guests.Rather surprised to see the uninspiring Courage Best as a guest but Rams Revenge from Clark's was excellent,crisp,poured correctly and showed that the landlord cared for his beers.Well worth 3.The pub overlooks the moorings on the River Ouse,and there are seats outside while inside to the left the tables are set up for food,to the right by the bar you can drink there quite happily.Didnt try the food ,although most customers do visit the pub to eat.Friendly atmosphere in an attractive location.

28 Sep 2009 10:37

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

The ale quality is top notch,there is a wide choice including several micro brewery offerings.The pub is an authentic boozer with a central bar and traditional interior fortunately untouched by "improvements".Very mixed clientele attracted by the ale and imbibing solidly creates a good ,lively atmosphere and I was most surprised to read the negative comments of some posters.The gents was clean and functional,chemical fizz drinkers were treated as equals and to quote The Macc Lads from their 1988 classic "My Pub" at least the Wenlock hasnt been improved into a "Fun-pub-disco-wine-bar-bistro-gay-club-poofhouse-cocktail-carvery."

28 Sep 2009 10:25

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

A Greene King pub which has ESPN sports channel and which charges 3 to watch live Premiership footie which is screened exclusively in the left hand bar ,so if you want to go in to drink and avoid the match you will be directed to the right hand bar.The entrance fee means the bar doesnt get too crowded when a game is on and you can sit at a table and sup in comfort.Unfortunately the ale is confined to GK IPA and Abbott which although clean are unexciting brews.Lively atmosphere during the matches without turning nasty and the boozer is clean and tidy with a doorman to ensure everyone behaves,which is not always the case in West Croydon.

21 Sep 2009 11:06

The Navigation, Stoke Bruerne

The Navigation has a range of real ales from the Marston portfolio of breweries and my season brew from Wychwood was acceptable.The food service was swift and a reasonable standard for pub grub and that is what most customers come in for,although it is quite possible just to drink here either inside or in the extensive outdoor areas.The interior decor is a little dull and the pub lacks real character but from my experience the Navigation does exactly what it says on the tin.

21 Sep 2009 10:44

The Greyhound Inn, Longford

Very friendly and historic canalside pub with a good selection of real ale including Highgate Dark Mild,London Pride ,Ped and on my visit a golden ale from Sadlers which went down a treat.Attractive interior with a lounge now given over to diners and a bar which wraps around a central serving area.Good views over Hawkesbury Junction where boats make the tricky turn from the Coventry Canal to the stop lock at the start of the Oxford Canal.Much chortling if a boater cocks it up.Food looked good with a large variety but didnt try it due to concentration on a liquid lunch.

18 Sep 2009 17:00

The Tame Otter, Tamworth

Archivist describes the pub well,and I endorse that Vintage Inns have created a pleasing interior here.There is a drinking area to the left of the front door close to the bar and the Everards Tiger was well kept and slipped down.Ped and another real ale also available.Most punters come in for something to eat,and lunchtime attracts office folk from Tamworth including ,on my visit ,two stunning ladies from the local glamour model agency which certainly gave me a lift and increased the rate of Tiger consumption.Far better pub than the Red Lion over the canal.

18 Sep 2009 16:43

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Glad to report that some improvement has occurred at the Porker and Slaughter since my last visit.No short measures and polite bar service now much in evidence ,congrats all round.The food quality is still good and reasonably priced.However it is a bore reading diatribes from single pub posters such as sphinx11 and Hudge who must be either associated with the management or need to get out to visit other pubs a bit more often.Beer range is from the Marstons portfolio of breweries but the quality of ale here is still only average at best.

14 Sep 2009 11:46

Plaza, Rugeley

Oh dear !! Popped back recently on Friday lunchtime and ordered Slaters Top Totty which had a vinegar nose.Took it back to the Shift manager who drew out a sample and agreed with my diagnoses.I was offered a change and went on to a Black Hole brewery Cosmic but was horrified to see that the Top Totty pump clip was not turned around.The manager was no doubt prepared to knock out the dodgy Top Totty to some poor unsuspecting punter that Friday evening session,which shows a complete disregard for ale quality.Had a pint of Lymestone Stone Cutter which was none too crisp either and noticed that most of the regulars were drinking lager,and avoiding the real ale.Huge downgrade since my last visit,avoid this drinking barn.

14 Sep 2009 11:28

The Royal Exchange, Stone

Wonderful refurb by the Titanic Crew,this is a friendly pub to visit with the full range of Titanic ales together with four guests.Iceburg and White Star were just perfect and samples are given to help you with your supping decisions.Great value food,pork pies 1.65 and interesting lunchtime promo of 5 thirds of a pint plus a pork pie for 4.85 gives you a chance to try out a range of top ale.Sunny courtyard at the back of the pub for smokers,this is very strong competition for The Swan and I would suggest that the Royal Exchange is winning.A must visit if you are in Stone,great pub in a great town.

14 Sep 2009 11:14

Canal Tavern, Stoke on Trent

The Blue Bell doesnt open at lunchtime Mon-Thur so we popped in the Canal Tavern after working up Heartbreak Hill.There was a pump clip for Brakespear Honey Bee but the landlord explained that the barrel hadnt settled which was honest enough.Had a swift Stella instead but no reason to stay any longer.No sign of lunchtime food and the pub was very quiet.Publican missing a trick at lunchtime when a lot of boats pass by ,and with the Blue Bell not open.Pub seemed clean and no problem with locals.

14 Sep 2009 10:14

Pied Bull, Enfield

Very good refurb and the food is well cooked.Most main courses between 9 and 12 which is fair value given the standard of the cooking The menu isnt too long and there are only a few specials which mean that the kitchen can maintain standards.The ale selection is dull GK IPA,Old Speckled,Abbott etc but this is not really a place to quaff ,although on a sunny day punters do sit outside on the benches.Worth booking to get a good table in the conservatory,and most dining tables are occupied at the weekend lunchtimes.Best pub for food in the immediate area.

14 Sep 2009 10:02

The White Horse, Wareside

Traditional country local with a small public bar and a modest sized lounge with a restaurant area.The lounge/dining area is set up for food which is very tasty,home cooked and so much better than the fodder served in chain pubs.The menu includes a lot of game such as pheasant,duck,rabbit pie and most main courses are around 9 ,and well worth it.The pub is tied to Greene King so IPA and Abbott are always available on handpull together with Olde Trip and Bonkers Conkers on my visit.The ale is OK but the food is more memorable.Luchtime service often ends strictly at 2pm,so check with the pub if your likely to be in later,you may be disappointed.Friendly and efficient bar service.

7 Sep 2009 10:26

The Holly Bush Inn, Salt

Cidersipper dont you know that pubs usually open at midday on a Sunday ? You sound like a delicate flower,did you actually sample the ale or the food?That would have been a more useful bit of info.

1 Sep 2009 11:46

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

One of the great pub interiors,with alcove seating and drinking areas wrapped around a bar with a marble top .The beer range has expanded with 7 real ales ,a number of which change on a regular basis judging by the collection of pump clips.TT Landlord and Golden Best both well kept and the Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted was in great nick and proved a top session ale.Although we didnt eat,the food seemed popular and looked OK.Good pub on a warm evening due to a large outside seating area which is a good distance from the busy roads nearby.Bar staff efficient even when the pub is busy.Lively ,friendly atmosphere inside the pub and definately worth another visit.

1 Sep 2009 11:28

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

Great place,with a smart bar feel but not poncey and great selection of real ale,always featuring a good number of the Marple Brewery ales and some interesting guests from other local micros.Having spent lunchtime quaffing in the Marble Arch ,we carried on here on the Ginger Marble and Coach and Horses from Millstone.,which were top notch.Lively atmosphere,efficient young bar staff and a mixed age group clientele this is a great place to get boozing.Can get very busy if a concert finishes in the nearby arena.

13 Aug 2009 17:38

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

A real classic with a very fascinating interior and multiple drinking areas.Bar can get very busy and service pressured but be patient and get supping the quality ale.Tiger Rut from Millstone was sheer bliss and the EKG from Boggart Brewery hit the mark.A good selection of locally brewed ales are showcased here but bizarrely some punters still insist on drinking fizzy lager at premium prices.It's not really a place for the youngsters who are attracted to StalyVegas but some birds do pop in to quaff ,so the clientele in not dominated by CAMRA beer tickers.A must visit if you are in the area and break your journey if travelling through by train.Friendly barstaff.

13 Aug 2009 17:27

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

From the outside this looks like a down at heal boozer but dont be put off and inside you will find an excellent range of beers from the Beartown Brewery together with a well thought out selection of guests ales.We sampled the Aphrodite from Milton Brewery and Honey Spice from Sharp's ,both top notch.A great place for a session,very close to the Peak Forest Canal and an interesting interior with a drinking corridor on entering and an L shaped bar to the right.Friendly welcome from a very affable barman who certainly knows his ale.Spot on.

13 Aug 2009 17:08

Duke of York, Romiley

Coaching Inn not far from the Peak Forest Canal,there was a friendly welcome in the front lounge with a very well kept guest ale from Cottage Brewery called Sporting Whippet which slipped down.Other real ales available include Sharp's Doom Bar and Deuchars IPA ..There is a more basic back bar and a small restaurant area.Best pub in the area and must be close to a GBG entry.

13 Aug 2009 17:00

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Wonderful wide selection of ales ,changing rapidly through the evening.Very helpful beer menu on the wall by the entrance with a note of ABV and beer style (dark,amber,bitter etc) and kept strictly up to date helped us make drinking decisions at a time when the pub was far too busy to give out samples.The bar staff are very efficient and although the place was rammed ,no long wait at the bar.Managed to get a seat,but in fine weater a lot of punters spill out into the quiet side street.Lively atmosphere and all ales were on top form.It was like being at a beer festival ,this is a scouse drinking institution not too far from Lime Street station.The food looked OK and the totty even better after a few rounds .Top marks.

25 Jul 2009 15:50

The Spread Eagle Hotel, Lymm

If you want to drink in this pub ,turn immediately to the right on entering and sup in the quiet side bar with an open fire.Underwhelmed by the Lees beers on offer ,the Coronation Street was poor but the Bitter more acceptable.Pub lacking in atmosphere and business folk in the lounge a bit loud.Dour barman didnt help proceedings.However the village of Lymm is very interesting and attractive with good shops including a real butchers.Will try some of the other pubs next time I'm through.

25 Jul 2009 15:09

The Marble Arch, Manchester

An outstanding pub,ornate tiled interior,interesting sloping mosaic floor and the full range of superb Marble Brewery ales ,all of which were on top form.The Lagonda IPA was the pick , dangerously quaffable at 5% and among the guests the Phoenix White Tornado also got top marks.The cheese selection was also excellent and although we didnt try any main courses,the menu looked very interesting and prepared by the resident French chef.Best pub in Manchester,one of the best in the country ,I would strongly advise anyone visiting mancland to pop in and get quaffing.

25 Jul 2009 14:51

Spinners Arms, Bollington

Popped in one lunchtime ,clean and tidy boozer with pool table to left of bar and comfy seating to the right overlooking the steep road outside.Somewhat dull selaction of ale Bombadier,Adnams bitter but the pick was the Black Sheep which was well kept .Friendly barmaid and well used by regulars at least this place was open,having passed two Robinsons pubs closed that lunchtime.

24 Jul 2009 19:52

The Beartown Tap, Congleton

Very traditional pub will the full range of Beartown Brewery ales all in excellent condition plus a couple of guests.Interesting interior with seperate drinking areas and a warm and friendly welcome.This is no place to drink pish lager,get you gob round the Ginger Bear and swill.Top pub a little off the main town circuit.Full marks from me.

24 Jul 2009 19:43

Den Engel, Leek

Fantastic selection of Belgian bottled beers and a good range of lager fonts,this place attracts a lively mix of customers and quite a few women only groups who appreciate the unusual tipples available.One negative was the selection and quality of their real ales and a couple of pints we sampled were dodgy but probably because no one was drinking real ale in any quantity.Den Engel could easily remove their real ale ,just focus on their excellent bottled selection and the place would still be full.Great experience for anyone visiting this attractive town but probably not worthy of a GBG entry.

14 Jul 2009 12:17

The Wilkes Head, Leek

Basic boozer with full range of Whim beers plus two guests.Very good juke box and occasional music festivals.Sadly on our visit the Flower Power ale had run out,but Hartington Bitter and IPA were very supable.Traditional interior but the totty always drift past heading for more upbeat looking premises. We found a friendly welcome ,yet the pub was quiet for a Saturday evening.

14 Jul 2009 12:05

The Kingsway/Charlie Browns, Stoke On Trent

Popped in on a Friday night,beer was excellent as before but the live band were so noisy that most punters pushed off outside to drink.During their break the numbers inside increased but as soon as the second set began,there was a noticeable stream of customers heading off in the direction of the Wheatsheaf.The management should seriously consider whether such noisy music is really necessary when such fine ale is available.

14 Jul 2009 11:53

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

A small Dickensian ale house with a wonderful authentic interior.There is seating to the rear of the bar ,and a large upstairs area with it's own small bar which is often not that busy.The Lamb and Flag really comes alive when the weather is good,as you can drink outside in court yard .This is one of the best outdoor vertical drinking spots in London,and the bar service is excellent when there is a large crowd,so no long wait to get served.Courage Best,Youngs Special and Adnams Bitter nothing special ,but the beers selection is saved by Harvey's Best which was spot on ,great quaff.Dont forget to take a look inside ,original features abound.

29 Jun 2009 10:06

The Lordship Arms, Benington

Set back from the lane,the Lordship is an attractive country pub.The interior is open plan,with dull furniture and is slightly over lit but ignore all that and focus on the beer.Fantastic range of real ale,all of which are kept in prime condition.Brewers Gold,TT Landlord and Black Sheep always on ,complemented by a mild and 3 guests. The grapefruit flavoured beer from Elland was terrific,and the Taiphoon from Hop Back was interesting with lemongrass .Despite being quiet,this pub has rightly won many awards for the quailty of the ale.Top marks from me .

26 Jun 2009 10:34

The White Horse, Hertford

Hogshead is right,prices have risen and most pints are 2.95.However the beer range has expanded considerably,and there are generally 3 guests which are constantly rotating.The White Horse is going back to where it was before the Fullers tie,with interesting beers.Summer Ale from the Wapping brewery was spot on ,and some Titanic beers are up next.Sunday roast at 6.95 sounds good value.If you want cheap,try the Six Asbos and use your 50p off CAMRA vouchers,but suffer the lack of atmosphere.The White Horse may be a little pricey but its full of character.

26 Jun 2009 10:07

The Rendezvous, Etruria

Traditional local,with a corner entrance and a dart board to the left of the bar and a small lounge area to the right.Interior is slightly dominated by Sky Sports but the regulars do like their sport . Bombadier and Adnams Broadside on handpumps and OK but the pub is quiet and I dont think they shift real ale in any quantity. The attractive etched glass windows still carry the prevoius name,The Shelton Bar ,named after the Shelton Bar steelworks which stood closeby until closure in the 80's and now completely obliterated from the face of the
Potteries.A revival of the old name would be a fitting testament to the old works and those that grafted there.Pub is close to the Trent and Mersey canal but does fall into the category of "use it or loose it",which would be a great shame.

25 Jun 2009 12:54

The Toby Carvery, Etruria

Modern building without character but the interior is better and it is possible just to drink here if you dont fancy a carvery.Bank's bitter and Marston's Pedigree were fine but if you want to sit outside by the canal ,you are served in plastic mugs.Not clear why this is necessary,this hardly looks like a pub where it will kick off.Cant believe they suspect boater of salting their glasses away!

25 Jun 2009 12:32

The Bird in Hand, Etruria

A very short walk from the Caldon canal,the pub has an open plan interior with light coloured furnishings but few original pub features.Feels more like a bar and has a pool table.Very warm welcome from the landlord who does take good care of his ale.When I went in he had GK Abbott on , dispensed through a tight sparkler which seems to greatly improve the beer and take off that slightly cloying sweetness so often associated with Abbott.The landlord also keen on his music,good sounds on the tape ,no hip hop /garage crap and there is entertainment on Saturday and Sunday evenings.Regulars slightly disrespectful on my departure,but I was on my own.If with my normal (boating) crew ,I would expect more obsequious behaviour.(Look it up in a dictionary).Good community boozer.

25 Jun 2009 12:17

The Green Man, Mill Green

Only one real ale available,GK Abbott ,and the pub has a rather souless interior which is set up for meals rather than quaffing beer.Large extension with more dining tables is out of proportion with what is quite a small building and the garden is large,rambling and poorly kept.The food is a rip off ,with small portions and 6 for a chicken salad with very small pieces of chicken,two thin slices of bread and a dull selection of salad items is a joke.I just got the feeling that I was being taken for a ride.

25 Jun 2009 12:00

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Nicholsons house,always try and get a seat upstairs with great views over the Soho street scene ; sup at your leisure.The ground floor seating area is also interesting with fine glazed tiles on the walls,a bit like an old fashioned Sainsbury's.The pub interior probably deserves listing.The mirrored bar area is small and hectic when the pub is busy.Beers on offer TT Landlord,London Pride and GK IPA.The Landlord was in good nick and ,if you get a seat,this can be a relaxing venue for a session.

19 Jun 2009 10:03

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Attractive looking pub from the outside,a little dingy inside yet a wide variety of beers (Thwaites Wainwright,Batemans XB and XXXB,Adnams Broadside) all of which were sampled by the crew I was drinking with .However the quality of these ales is poor.Some on the turn ,others cloudy there is poor cellarmanship at work here.The Polish girls behind the bar are great,very friendly .Most drinkers spill out into Greek St much the the annoyance of the old bill who ushered folk back into the pub for blocking the highway.
Dubious beer quality is hurting the Pillars.

19 Jun 2009 09:45

The Vine, Ware

I can now confirm that the food is god awful after another visit.Unedible tuna and a solid mass of tastless risotto ,avoid The Vine if you care about food quality.Such a shame compared with past experiences.

17 Jun 2009 13:01

The Kingsway/Charlie Browns, Stoke On Trent


Now the White Star ,owned by Titanic Brewery and carrying their full range along with some quality guests like Abbeydale Absolution.Fantasic beer quality ,the White Star ale was truely outstanding and the interior of the pub is smart,comfortable and has character.Very helpful bar staff happy to give tasters and advice on the beer available and the bar food was keenly priced and good.This is an absolute gem,outstanding for ale and is destined for awards and fame once the word gets out .There is nowhere better in Stoke and this is one of the best in the Potteries.

12 Jun 2009 16:38

The Wheatsheaf, Stoke on Trent

Typical Wetherspoons,identikit interior ,no character and pissed pensioners scattered around.Large beer range,but five handpumps with beer pending notices meant a disappointing range actually available with Nelsons Revenge the only quaffable option.Very misleading board outside listing some absolutely top ales but when I questioned this ,Scary Mary behind the bar said that those brews were all on yesterday but then ran out and she had not updated the board.However she had still wheeled the board outside when opening up ,and it was still there when we left.Poor.

12 Jun 2009 16:27

The Holly Bush Inn, Salt

Absolutely fantastic guest beers now available .Staffie from Blythe Brewery was in peak condition and was a pure joy to sup ,followed by Mini Cooper whose brewer I cant remember due to the amount of Staffie that I consumed.The pub is well known for it's food and there is a very reasonably priced lunch menu with quality grub.Thankfully there is a drinking area and the locals use this place as a pub,this certainly isnt a restaurant that also sells beer.Tip top !

12 Jun 2009 16:14

The Swan Inn, Stone

Dont want to sound churlish towards a pub offering 9 real ales,but on a recent visit there were 3 golden ales on offer,all of which were sweet in character.Nothing wrong with the quality ,just all very similar and none of them were particularly quaffable.Pub maybe needs to alight on a couple of session ales as regular brews always available,then rotate a selection of different beers styles and strenghts.Slightly more attention to the range available should result in top marks from beer afficianadoes.Still the best pub in Stone by a long chalk.
Two crooners murdering Beatles and Oasis classics was comical and offputting.No need for crap entertainment when supping quality ale.Again a poor judgement call by who ever booked the jokers.

12 Jun 2009 16:03

The Railway Inn, Longport

CLOSED,no more toms !!

12 Jun 2009 15:46

The Bexley Arms, Windsor

A lot more atmospheric than the Vanni ,and the London Pride was quaffable.Few punters in here ,lets hope this place can survive.Two bar arrangement and interior unchanged since the 60's ,the exterior fits well into the local street scene.Having crawled our way around Winsor ,this was the last stopping place,and with a wider selection of real ales and some from a micro (or two )this pub could easily make the GBG and pull in the ale drinkers in a town poorly served by the current real ale outlets.

8 Jun 2009 11:45

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Street corner boozer which has been "upgraded" with pine flooring and two Sky Sports TV's.Lacking traditional pub features and more of a sports bar feel but the welcome is friendly and this is an excellent place to catch sports events.Lots of Rugby fans in on saturday lunchtime created a good atmosphere.Beer selection a little dull but reasonable quality.

8 Jun 2009 11:35

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Interesting location and very attractive and interesting interior ,with a real pub atmosphere.However a dull selection of real ales,London Pride,Courage Best,Spitfire which were OK but nothing out of the ordinary.Friendly service and chatty locals

8 Jun 2009 11:28

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Attractive interior ,especially the bow window area by the bar at the front and a friendly welcome.Pub trying hard to be a real ale outlet but missing the plot.Extoling London Pride as a "guest" somewhat laughable this close to London and my Robinsons Nosey Parker was none too crisp.GK Abbott was OK but typical of a dull selection .Forthcoming ales list also looks uninspiring and I can only conclude that this pub is tied to a pubcos beer list.Local CAMRA pub of the year award in 2008 surprising but relative to a lot of poor real ale pubs in the town.At least this is a real pub.....

8 Jun 2009 11:20

The King and Castle, Windsor

Typical Wetherspoons interior but much smaller than is normal for this chain.Only five handpumps dispensing real ale and a dull selection GK Abbott,Pedigree,Courage Best.... but the Nelson's Revenge was palatable.More room on the first and second floors but this is not really a pub focussing on real ale and is more for the under 25 town centre circuit crowd.

8 Jun 2009 11:06

The Vansittart Arms, Windsor

More attractive from the outside,the interior is a little souless and the pub lacks atmosphere.Fullers Discovery,London Pride were OK but very much a tied house.There are better street corner locals in the area ,not sure this pub deserves a GBG listing.

8 Jun 2009 10:59

The Five Horseshoes, Little Berkhamsted

Attractive looking building and low ceiling ,original interior but thats the high point.On entering you are shown to a dining table so it's difficult to just drink inside apart from standing at the bar,or pushing off to the garden.Bomber and GK IPA only real ale available,but the IPA was tolerable.This is a Chef and Brewer chain pub and the food is really poor , not surprising as most of the meals are prepared offsite,frozen and then reheated.Whats cooked in the kitchen was worse,sauteed potatoes carbonised and few of them,very little butternut squash in a butternut and motzarella pie,veg not cooked properly etc etc.Good friendly service can in no way make up for poor food.Avoid.

8 Jun 2009 10:46

The Harp, Covent Garden

There is a slightly messianic tone to some of the reports on The Harp.The TT Landlord is well kept and shifts in vast quantity and the bar service is like poetry in motion ,uber efficient even when the pub is packed and the barmaids are always very friendly.However the beer range is restricted ,always featuring Harvey's Best (oaky but distinctive),Black Sheep (dull) besides the TT Landlord.Morris Mayhem(bland GK brew) was guesting and when this ran out Sharp's Doom Bar made an appearance,now so ubiquitous and frankly unexciting despite the hype.So despite sampling all the brews on offer ,the group I was with gravitated quickly back to the TT Landlord.The news of the break from the Punch tie is welcome but no change yet.A more imaginative selection of ales is now required to place the Harp back at the top of the pick of central London boozers.

3 Jun 2009 10:46

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

What a wonderful pub.Well kept selection of real ales,with Harviestoun's Bitter and Twisted guesting and top quality.The pub grub is wholesome,tasty and good value .This is a real community boozer with a friendly welcome for strangers and is a hive of activity even at lunchtime.There is an informal library of popular books for locals,and lots of conversation with no extraneous noise.Great beer garden .A real hub of the local community,this is what all small pubs should be aiming for.The good people of Stafford are very lucky to have this gem.

3 Jun 2009 10:22

The Radford Bank Inn, Stafford

The pub chain that owns this place have grasped defeat from the jaws of victory.This is the only canalside inn between Penkridge,Stone and Fradley Junction and is situated on probably the busiest canal in the country.Lots of wealth foreigners hire boats and private owners have craft valued up to 150grand.And what does this pub offer ? No real ale,a beverage unique to these isles,only pished up fake lager.A pub interior dark and unwelcoming and set up for meals,and a drinking area inaccesable from the front door.Absolutely awful,this place needs gutting and returned to a more original form like a real pub with proper pub food and the taking will triple in short order.Dont take any notice about the sign on the road saying real ale is coming.Take a 10 minute walk to the Spittal Brook to see what a real pub can be like.

2 Jun 2009 17:28

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

Much deserved winner of CAMRA South Herts Pub of the Year,wonderfully relaxed boozer serving tip top ale.Maldon Gold was great and they usually carry a brew from the Red Squirrel Brewery which is turning out high quality ale.The Red Squirrel bitter was excellent and the small brewery in the back now produces Oxt' Ale which was pleasant and only costs 2 per pint at lunchtime and early doors.Best pub in Hertford,one of the best anywhere in the country.A real gem.

29 May 2009 11:11

The Old Barge, Hertford

Very attractive pub with good seating outside in a quiet corner of Hertford next to the River Lee navigation.There is now a much larger selection of real ale available,often around eight with a mixture of larger breweries (ie TT Landlord) together with some microbrewery output.Ales are well kept ,throughput is good and the range is everchanging.It would be helpful if the board listing the beers available was kept up to date and also included a note of the beer style together with the ABV for anyone unfamiliar with the brew in question.
Atmosphere in the pub is friendly,bar staff helpful and only loud noise is that of conversation.Last thursday of the month is trad jazz evening which brings in an older crew of fans.Hertford is fast becoming an excellent town for real ale with The Old Barge,Old Cross Tavern ,White Horse and the Six Templars (AKA Six Asbos) all serving quality real ale.

26 May 2009 10:14

The Wolseley Arms, Stafford

Clean looking Vintage Inn with their standard menu,so most punters are here for the food.However you can drink in the area close to the bar and the staff are friendly.Very well kept TT Landlord ,which was a pleasant surprise but probably not the sort of establishment for a really heavy session.

22 May 2009 12:09

The Star Inn, Penkridge

Attractive looking pub from the outside and a friendly welcome within.Range of Marstons real ales with very well kept Cocker Hoop.Didnt try the food but most other customers were eating and it looked good,and the mixed grill was seriously large.After 9pm The Star becomes a real community pub,darts can be played and there is a good atmosphere.Possibly the best pub in Penkridge.

22 May 2009 12:03

Plaza, Rugeley

Former cinema with a typical Wetherspoons fit out,the real ale range and quality was very good.Two beers from the recently opened Limestone brewery in Stone were excellent ,high marks for their golden ale named Foundation Stone.Staff friendly and the clientele was a notch up from the usual drunks who inhabit so many Wetherspoons.Clean and tidy ,definately worth a visit or two.

22 May 2009 11:57

Vine, Rugeley

Attractive looking multi roomed pub with a friendly welcome and very well kept ales,the draught bass was in tip top condition.The main bar looks out to the front,there is a pool/games room to the left of the entrance and two back rooms,one used by the younger set with a juke box.Charming boozer and much better than some of the other town centre bars.

22 May 2009 11:50

The Vine, Ware

I've been in the Vine on many occasions in the past and have enjoyed the food and the beer but I am very sad to say that standards have slipped alarmingly.Last Sunday there were insufficient waiting staff,the food was indifferent and sauces had been bulked up with flour rather than the correct ingedients.There are normally 2 real ales available,usually Abbott and a microbrewery ale.However my Champflower ale by Cottage Brewing was cloudy and none too crisp probably as they werent shifting it in any quantity.Very much a foodie pub but you can just go in for a few drinks,I can only hope this was a one off slip in standards and not a permanent degredation.

22 May 2009 11:43

Rye House, Hoddesdon

I really like the strict policy on children in The Rye House.They are only allowed into the pub if eating with their parents and must stay seated with them at all times.All children out by 9pm ,and food orders for family groups will not be taken after 7.30pm.If brats want to run around and cause mayhem ,then they and their parents must be based in the garden.If only more pubs would be this strict and stop the "creche" mentality spoiling so many pubs.Well done.(BTW I have two childen in case you thought I was some moaning single.)

8 May 2009 13:33

The Anchor Inn, Tamworth

Anchor Inn has now reopened but there is often a large gathering of smokers in the car park infront of the entrance ,some looking quite mean and swilling wife beater.A pub for the brave.

7 May 2009 17:23

The Fox and Anchor, Wolverhampton

This is a Vintage Inn foodie pub with a standard menu.However they do have some real ale and I sampled the UBU from Purity which was pleasent.Most punters in here will be eating but you can drink in a lounge area to the right of the entrance as you walk in.Tidy interior and good terrace outside looking out over the canal.

7 May 2009 15:14

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Absolutely outstanding city centre boozer ,quite difficult to find behind the station.However full range of Holden beers and the wonderful Bathams Bitter all on top form make this pub a pleasure to drink in.Very easy to get thoroughly pissed in such a friendly atmosphere,even the vicar shows up to keep an eye on his flock.There is also an everchanging list of guests beers many of which are from close to the West Midlands.If only more pubs were like this......

7 May 2009 15:08

The Old Fox, Birmingham

Very good city centre pub close to a lot of action.Well kept selection of real ales and the front bar is traditional ,attractive and gives a great view of the totty staggering about on their high heels as they weave between the bars in the streets outside.Fortunately the traditional look of the Old Fox keeps the bar free from lager swilling pub crawlers.The tranny bar up the road will catch out a lot of pissed lads later in the evening because the cab rank starts outside.

7 May 2009 14:54

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

This bar probably needs to find a single identity rather than try and please all comers.No complaints about the range and quality of real ales with What's the Fox's Hat from Church End the pick but I would imaging the beard and sandal CAMRA brigade would find the atmosphere offputting.There is a lot of top totty in this place but most of the pub crawlers were shipping lager by the gallon and the acoustics mean that you have to shout to be heard.Cant believe this is a relaxing place to eat and some of the seating is too much like a lounge rather than a bar.Why do gay men have to make a public display of their affection for each other ?However great place for quality ale in the regenerated Gas Street Basin area.

7 May 2009 14:44

The Boat Inn, Minworth

Called in to find pub clips advertising Old Speckled Hen,Tetley Bitter and a mild.On ordering was informed by downbeat barman than only the mild was available unless we wanted bottles of Abbott.Chose the mild,Aston Dark,which was clear but sour and well past its best.Yuck.Pub very quiet and regulars smoking outside looked unfriendly.This pub seems to be dying on its feet and doesnt look like surviving under the current regime.Banner by the canal crowing about a range of quality ales very misleading.

7 May 2009 14:23

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Top town centre boozer.Heavy quaffing of the York Brewery Springtime inside this attractive old pub.Piped music started off rather hip hop but thankfully reverted to quality from the 70's,80's and 90's as the pub began to fill.Very friendly landlord explained he wanted to get 5 handpumps working but was having difficulty in operating more than two at present ,then gave us a very large bowl of free scratchings.Cue more quaffing.The stairs down from the bogs are steep if you are a bit worse for wear ,but thankfully no one went A over T.Probably the best pub in Tamworth and quite a bit of totty call in on their town centre crawl.

7 May 2009 14:16

The New Inn, Buckby Wharf

A few real ales available and the Frog Island Bitter was on good form.The food is substantial but is lacking in quality and not very memorable.Friendly staff and a good place to catch televised sport especially after a lot of the diners will have moved off by 9pm,when the pub reverts to a more " boozer" atmosphere.

7 May 2009 14:04

The Narrow Boat Inn, Weedon

Very pleasent garden at the back overlooking the Grand Union Canal.Bombardier was fine but didnt spend much time in the pub.

7 May 2009 13:59

The Walnut Tree Inn, Blisworth

A local pub for local people.Public bar very unwelcoming with chav seated at bar with his large dog ,at least on a lead,but lunging at me while ordering.(The dog that is.) Smokers committee at the front door also offputting.Phipps IPA on handpump was indifferent and we decided to leave rather than risk a meal.The proximity to a caravan site probably explains the issues with this place.Might be your cup of tea if you want to catch some local bands at the weekend.

7 May 2009 13:54

Old Royal Oak, Hillmorton

Absolutely awful Hungry Horse chain pub and a major disappointment in such a lovely old building.No real ales available and the pub was full of clinically obese bloaters and their equally unhealthy offspring gorging themselves on the 2 for 1 meal deals.Attractive bar maids can in no way make up for this apology for a pub.Avoid.

7 May 2009 13:45

The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne

Wonderful traditional boaters boozer,go in the entrance off the canalside to find the small back bar with the friendly atmosphere are real coal fire.Good selection of real ales including Frog Island Bitter and the bar food grub is good value and well cooked.The front bar from the car park is a bit dull but no worse than the rather corporate feel in The Navigation near by.

7 May 2009 13:36

The Giffard Park, Giffard Park

Part of the Sizzler chain the food was cheaply priced but the portion sizes were also small ,so not real value for money.At least there was some real ale available and Young ordinary was OK.Quite a few young lads swilling lager but not in sufficient number to cause an aggressive atmosphere.Dull establishment.

7 May 2009 13:26

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Excellent selection of well kept real ales with at least 4 micro brewery ales together with good TT Landlord and other widely available ales.The pick was Raspberry Fool (Caledonian) and Pirates Gold which were spot on.Tradition pub interior ,fast service and even on a Friday night the pub doesnt get too crowded ,so no scrum at the bar.Friendly place to drink and a good place to laugh at the fate of the mugs next door crammed into the Slug and Lettuce,drinking their overpriced tastless fake lager.
The Falcon is the best pub in the area by a country mile.We will be back.

7 May 2009 13:19

The Three Locks, Stoke Hammond

Much improved by the refurbishment but why the pretentious new name ? Very dull selection of real ales straight off a pubcos main list ,not a local micro brewery ale in sight which would be more appropriate at this foodie pub which prides itself on sourcing locally.Black mark for the price of ale,3.20 for a pint of Theakston Best ABV 3.8% is taking the mick.And that was the most exciting real ale available!!
Didnt try the food but heard good reports from other diners.

7 May 2009 13:05

The Lamb, Berkhamsted

Disappointed to find that there were no ales from the Tring Brewery ,but it looked like the next barrel wasnt quite ready.Had the ubiquitous London Pride instead.Good pub to watch Sky sports coverage,a real town centre boozer and friendly enough for strangers to the area.

7 May 2009 12:56

The Coach and Horses, Rickmansworth

Best pub in Ricky with a very attractive interior,and sensible two bar arrangement one for the youngsters with large screen sport TV the other for drinkers and diners with nooks and crannies.Range of real ales ,I had the Hare Raiser which was good and was offered a promotion voucher of buy 3 pints get fourth free.Excellent idea.Didnt try food but menu also looked good.Friendly welcome.

7 May 2009 12:50

Rye House, Hoddesdon

Efficient food service with very reasonable pricing including 2 for 1 deals.Pub clean but dull choice of real ale in Greene King IPA and Abbott. However IPA well kept .Clientele reflect the area but doesnt lead to any unfriendliness.

7 May 2009 12:44

The New Navigation, Langley

Despite the sign hanging outside,there was no real ale available.However the welcome was friendly from the landlord and barman who are trying to make this pub a real community boozer.Sunny back bar by the canal towpath and generous free grub on Sunday lunchtime was much appreciated.If trade picks up real ale may make an appearance ,until then clean pipes mean Guinness and Stella are OK to sup. .Bogs could do with a good clean.

6 May 2009 17:10

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

To reply to sphinx11 ,the problem is that while up at the bar I noticed that everyone behind the bar serving any pint of real ale,keg beer or lager was pouring pints where the liquid PLUS the head was still below the top of the pint glass.This practice has been noted before by other posters and ,unless you want to prove otherwise,it does appear to be a cynical "policy" to boost revenue.I would always ask politely for a top up,but what should I do when I see every other pint being served short ? Hence the comment in my post. Possibly a quiet word with everyone working behind the bar may solve the problem if I assume you are connected with the management of this pub.

17 Apr 2009 15:54

Le De Spencers Arms, High Wycombe

This pub has all the potential to be a great pub,petty location and interesting old building.However it is badly let down by poor management.The landlord is bumptious and there was a very sour faced women serving behind the bar which put a dampener on proceedings.The pub is dirty and needs a thorough deep clean.The beer was a disappointing range of Fullers ales namely London Pride and Gales HSB and Seafarer.The HSB was poorly kept and a very short measure was pulled and not topped up.I dont know why this is a Good Beer Guide entry ,nor why there is a cask mark accreditation.Also the rioja was sour and old but was at least replaced on complaint.The food took an hour to arrive but was very good,the problem is not enough people in the kitchen preparing the meals.Regulars do get served before stangers waiting patiently at the bar.The worst problem is letting small children have free reign anywhere around the pub interior while their chavvy parents spend hours drinking.This is meant to be a pub not a creche,and does lead to the feel of this place being an estate pub.It's difficult to find and not worth the bother.

16 Apr 2009 10:53

The Bree Louise, Euston

Excellent selection of around 10 real ales,with most from micro breweries.The 50p discount per pint for CAMRA card carryers is also appreciated.We had a good turnout here on Friday evening and sampled a wide range of beers.There is a list of whats available on a blackboard above the fireplace listing the beers by ABV.It would be really useful if a brief description by beer style (ie mild,bitter,best bitter,pale ale,golden ale,IPA,stout,porter,barley wine) could be included on this blackboard because many drinkers will be unfamiliar with the micro brewery ales available .Didnt really want to spend a lot of time quizzing the bar staff on what beer style is available when buying a large round especially when the pub is busy.However the bar staff here are very friendly,helpul ,polite and will give you a taster if you are unsure about a particular beer.A very good evening was had by all and will most definately be using this pub again.

30 Mar 2009 11:53

Woolpack, Hertford

One of the better MacMullen pubs in Hertford.The Cask Ale was fine for a session and the Country bitter was also well kept.The pub is clean and tidy with a chatty barman and a friendly atmosphere.However mid week the pub is quiet although the karaoke on Fridays brings in more custom.The proximity to the Six Templars probably accounts for the loss of trade,but if your looking for a quiet beer or two ,the Woolpack meets the bill.

30 Mar 2009 11:32

The Six Templars, Hertford

At least this Wetherspoons doesnt suffer from their usual pissed pensioner syndrome.In fact this pub is popular with students and under 30's which makes the atmosphere lively even on a normally quiet midweek evening.The decor is standard Wetherspoons and very corporate,so this is no place for drinkers who like to inhabit real boozers.However there is normally an interesting selection ( up to 5) from microbreweries and last time out I sampled an excellent few pints of Alchemy from Oldershaw.Ignore the regular Pedigree,GK IPA,Courage Best etc and try the obscure ales and you may be pleasently surprised for under 2 a pint.

13 Mar 2009 12:43

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Most Wetherspoon's are full of pissed up pensioners.The Ship of Fools is different.The pissed up pensioners here are ethnically diverse.The internal decor is tired and although the lavs dont smell,they certainly are grim.Two people behind the bar is OK when quiet but causes long waits when trade picks up.However the SoF has two redeeming features.Firstly the beer quality is good , they normally carry around 5 guest ales either from microbreweries or a range of seasonal beers,such as five winter brews before Christmas.On Tuesday the Honeydipper from Freeminer was on good form.
The other saving grace? It's a lot safer inside this pub than outside on the mean streets of West Croydon.

6 Mar 2009 13:08

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

This is a great pub ,a real east end boozer.Busy right through a Friday night ,with a good number of regulars toghether with real ale quaffers and students but no after work suits.New punters popping in throughout the session and I suspect this is a popular watering hole before grabbing a curry in Brick Lane.The beer quality is excellent with Crouch Vale Brewers Gold on top form and shifting in huge quantity.Sharpes Doom Bar also good.The pub interior is small and attractive and it is possible to drink out in the quiet street .There was an excellent Motown music selection playing which added to the lively atmosphere.Very small bar so be patient while waiting to be served.The regulars do get preferrential service but who cares,it great to have a community pub like this still alive and indeed thriving.Most definately worth another visit.

2 Mar 2009 12:02

The White Horse, Hertford

Glad to report the pub is back to great form.The beer quality was exceptional with the full range of Fuller beers complimented by Butcombe Bitter,Hooky and Adnams Southwold Bitter.All ales sampled in top condition and there was a very pleasant couple behind the bar,friendly and polite.The building is very attractive with a low ceiling and traditional pub features.The bar to the left of the small front door is the regulars haunt,while the bar to the right is slightly larger but very intimate.A few months ago the White Horse seemed to be in a steady decline but the recent turnaround is attracting more punters.The Old Cross Tavern has a more exciting range of ales but The White Horse is now firmly back as the the second best pub in Hertford ,a real gem.

27 Feb 2009 10:21

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Three of us decided to meet here to have a few pints and something to eat before heading off to watch the Palace.One of our number got bogged down at work ,so two of us arrived when the pub was quiet busy and most dining tables were taken.This is a large pub with plenty of room and there were a lot of Palace colours on display but no roudy behaviour.The beer quality was good,Cocker Hoop the pick among a wide range of Marston's (and related breweries )ales,the food was acceptable served by a very pleasant waitress.However while at the bar I noticed that there is a deliberate and cynical short measure "policy" operated by all the bar staff.Every pint is just short of the full pint,even lager,but the amount is not blatant and few people realise they are being short changed. While up at the bar,a gay decided to come on to my fellow Palace fan without invitation.When I got back with the drinks the gay ,if you will pardon the expression,buggered off .On leaving this establishment with the other Palace fans to catch the 19.40 to Norwood Junction ,the clientele mix seemed more limp wristed than earlier in the evening.

The bar staff are surley and also serve regulars ahead of anyone else waiting at the bar.We have decided that as straight men we dont want to be propositioned and will revert to our old haunt The Ship of Fools at West Croydon and catch the train to Selhurst.
Why dont we drink at the ground? Have you ever tasted the appalling keg fizz beer in the Red and Blue bar ?

25 Feb 2009 10:32

The Navigator, Ware

The Navigator from the outside looks like a rough town centre chain boozer in the Litten Tree/Walkabout mould.However once inside ,it's a lot better and the food is exactly what it says on the tin ,and reasonable value.However the real ale was a very disppointing selection with the ubiquitous Greene King IPA,Bombadier and Adnams Bitter.Two people on the bar was fine when the pub was quiet but totally insufficient when busy especially when one bar person was also making coffee/cappuchinos/deluxe hot chocolate etc resulting in a very long wait at the bar.Pub generally clean but you sense that the chavvy element would lower the tone once they have consumed more than 2 pints from the wide array of fizzed up tasteless lager.Probably why there are bouncers outside on Friday/Saturday night, to keep the rude boys in .

16 Feb 2009 16:03

The Black Horse, Hertford

This pub deserves to be better supported by the good people of Hertford.On a recent visit thankfully Batemans XXXB was on ,so much better than the bland Greene King IPA and Abbott.XXXB was well kept ,but no complaints from those drinking the GK beers.Pub very quiet but clean and tidy.Definately worth using either before or after a match at Hertford Town FC,as the club bar only has gassed up fizz / pasturised stout for sale.

9 Feb 2009 10:51

The Queens Head, Maldon

Very good selection of ale which was well kept.There were six real ales on the menu,including two from Farmers both of which were spot on.Great views over the tidal river and although we did not eat here,the food did look good.There was a lot of fish on the menu,as might be expected from the location.Pub busy but very quick bar service.Very difficult to find a place to park in this popular spot.

9 Feb 2009 10:42

The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon

This pub is a real gem.Excellent Farmers beer straight from the barrel,friendly service and polite brewer ready to update drinkers on how the brews were coming along.Pucks Folly was spot on ,very bitter finish.A real pub,open fire,no extraneous noise apart from convivial conversation.

9 Feb 2009 10:33

The Doric Arch, Euston

This pub really divides opinion,but the beer quality can't be faulted.Yes there is a smell at the front door but this doesnt drift upstairs to the bar.Lavs are clean and for a station boozer ,the pub is functional and tidy .Bar busy until 7pm,but after that quiet and convivial and the bar staff are friendly and chatty.Only major negative, 3.15 for Summer Lightning is taking the mick.Would use this pub again if at a loose end in Euston .

4 Feb 2009 12:28

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