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Castle, Acton

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Pretty much unchanged for a decade (unlike the surrounding area which has been transformed into a mini-Manhattan skyline-wise). Not much more to say about it - had a pint of Toast Marmalade which was a struggle to drink, like trying to drink a pint of Marmalade so suppose I got what I asked for.
Snarling_Mallard - 17 Mar 2019 00:39
Clueless Spanish barman charged me £5.45 for a Butcombe 3.8% ale. I told him it was wrong, he said no so I said at that price no thanks, how much is the Pride, £3.75. He then had a go saying what's he now going to do with the pint he poured. I asked if there was a supervisor about , he refused to find one. Eventually another member of staff showed him he was wrong. He gave me back my original pint short measured for the £3.75 - with a very sour apology. The bloke has no customer service skills and was adamant he was right when he was wrong... even told me it was that expensive because it was imported. Someone ordering a round could well be out of pocket by a tenner or two. You have been warned.
Snarling_Mallard - 9 Jun 2016 00:20
Some fair comments here I think.

Snarling Mallard's sums up my own observations best I'd say.

As some have said, you feel fairly safe, but at the same time you mind your own business.
eddybeer - 19 Feb 2013 11:09
Just thought I'd update this pub. It's been redecorated recently and done out in a rather unconventional (very) dark brown. Funnily enough that doesn't make it gloomy. It's actually quite cosy, with lots of slightly silly lampshades. They've chenged the furniture as well with some odd little chairs and sofas

The Pride's still there but now it's often joined by a guest beer. It was Butcombe bitter the other day and it was just fine.

The food is more or less what you expect from a pub, but none the worse for that. It's not too expensive, with most main courses at just over a tenner. The exception is the steak, which on Friday night was definitely worth the extra.

It still gets very full early on Friday night, but the crowd tends to drift away by about 8 and you can get a seat.

I think it's an improvement
Royed - 26 Feb 2012 19:13
Fullers as noted below, as per usual, all the offerings are more than drinkable but a bit pricy, particularly for this area which is basically an industrial park surrounded by motorways.

Large interconnecting rooms with adequate seating, loos accommodation seemed a bit small for the size of the pub, large ceilinged smoking area with seats and tables.

If travelling via North Acton Underground (Central Line) ensure you take the left hand route out of the Tube Station whereupon you will see the pub near opposite; taking the right hand exit leads to an alternative universe where street signs seem to have been removed, possibly in fear of alien invasion, the road layout appears to bear no relation to the arrangement in the A-Z of a few years back, and the only passerby you can find to ask for directions is a distracted looking Australian who seems nearly as uncertain of his exact location as you may be yourself.

_grobag_ - 24 Nov 2011 15:50
Three ales on tap: Pride (as always) plus last weekend Mighty Atom & Bengal Lancer IPA. Top quality jazz is back on the first and third Sunday each month.
oak_cliff - 8 Nov 2011 19:47
Served a perfectly passable pint of Pride; food looked OK - served until 9.30, and e were there at 10.00, so we couldn't order. Probably not the greatest pub you'll ever meet, but it's clean and feels safe - and easily acessible from the North Acton Holiday Inn Express.
fawkescat - 6 Aug 2011 21:24
Working in the neighbourhood, I visit the Castle now and then, mainly for lunch and I used to think it was a ratehr nice oplace, especially since the change of management. The food used to be well above average, but recently it has been absolutely dreadful. My last three meals were disasters, with very poor value for money.
ragnagna - 6 Aug 2010 14:19
Was here late afternoon yesterday. It's a Fullers pub with only London Pride and ESB on offer. I chose the last bottle of Westons Organic cider. There are separate drinking areas, all with TVs showing football. The outside patio has plenty of seating and also has a TV. There is also at least one fruit machine and a games machine. Service was good. Some of the clientele were a bit more questionable. Food is served and can be eaten in the separate room at the rear. Trying to negotiate through this room to the toilets can be a bit of a challenge, as the tables and chairs make the room a little cluttered.
blue_scrumpy - 19 Jun 2010 15:08
Large-ish Fuller's house with three kind of sections and a heated outdoor area for the smoking fraternity. The food is reasonable enough pub fare but the ales (the usual Fuller's suspects) can be a bit hit & miss and not always available. Apparently Lady GaGa dropped by for fish & chips while doing her Wembley concert not long back. They could also do with fixing the door out to the patio - it's been like that for years now. It's okay to drop in to if you're in the vicinity - though to be honest it is pretty much the ONLY pub in the vicinity. Can get a bit leary on Friday early evenings.
anonymous - 21 Apr 2010 18:33
Large pub with covered patio (with TV) and unsheltered garden area, separate dining area at back, Sky and ESPN, Pride (3.10) and ESB on the pumps. Efficient and friendly service. Didn't see any music listings my visits to this area are generally early-midweek evenings so don't know what crazy Fridays are like.
oak_cliff - 14 Apr 2010 10:37
Re: "anonymous - 2 Feb 2010 19:33".

Having read this rather personal post I should like to point out a rather obvious inconsistency, a tongue in cheek correction and a rather obvious pointer as to whom actually made it.

1: The poster stated:

"The managers name is unkown (sic) although I know what he looks like".

Yet in the last sentence the poster then stated:

"the current manager "Mike" needs to go".

The author of the previous post then rather ironically wrote:

"Dont (sic) let this Mike character fool you".

This sentence is ironic, because the poster actually seems more bothered about other people tendency towards foolishness rather than avoiding a rather hilarious example of their own.

2: Until reading "anonymous's" post I had absolutely no idea how to spell the previous manager's rather exotic name, and I've been coming to the pub for quite some time. I however understand that the previous poster has actually managed to spell this exotic name (pronounced "Chead-ham") absolutely correctly.

In conclusion, It would take quite a suspension of disbelief for someone who claims to only visit the pub only on Tuesdays to get this 100% correct, that is unless of course they had enjoyed previous access to a written/printed spelling of this name.

3: The previous poster wrote:

"I see this so called manager with his "trophy girlfriend" what is she about 10 years younger than him??"

I understand the "trophy girlfriend" is in fact 13 years younger. I wonder if this fact would increase the level "anonymous's" hysterical indignancy?

4: "anonymous" wrote:

"after they did go there was another gentleman called Sunil he was only the holding manager as he called it, he was a great bloke, always chatty and I dont (sic) think I ever came in and didnt (sic) see him either working or the other side of the bar, either way he was always there."

Now I'm no Sherlock Holmes, yet subtracting the poster's mention of previous managers (in an attempt to give their assertions some supporting reference), and the latter mention of this poster's target of ire, only one person is actually named in a good light.

In conclusion I feel the identity of the previous poster's identity can be determined via the rather elementary process of deduction I have set out above.

Castlefan1 - 12 Mar 2010 17:18
The managers name is unkown although I know what he looks like, he does talk to people but only if he can be bothered, I come in this pub every tuesday and the staff are friendly enough, I dont se him on this particular day, on the other hand when I come in on other occasions I see this so called manager with his "trophy girlfriend" what is she about 10 years younger than him?? The staff work very hard, all I see this guy doing iis talking trying too be the big I am, in my personal opinion II think he is up himself. There was a couple who were the managers before him, I do kno the names Matt and Cigdem, absolutley lovely and it was a shame to see them go, after they did go there was another gentleman called Sunil he was only the holding manager as he called it, he was a great bloke, always chatty and I dont think I ever came in and didnt see him either working or the other side of the bar, either way he was always there. It seems Fullers seems to always get unlucky with lazy managers on occasions, the current manager "Mike" needs to go. I will continue too visit the pub as the staff always make you feel welcome. |Dont let this Mike character fool you, I dont like him one bit, and I am entitled to my opinion.
Commenter - 2 Feb 2010 19:33
First time of visiting this pub, do not park in the car park opposite beside the bank, nice clamping guy advised me he does clamp. Totally agree with Pinkgirl30's comments, really friendly bar staff, Mike is manager, introduced himself when I was being nosey looking around the pub, (he thought I needed the bathroom) really nice separate section for eating and judging by the size of the burgers that passed me on Friday night the food is good value and quality. Crazy Friday night is a good description, the band (Pier 54, got given a business card as I was talking to drummer about booking for a party) were excellent and it did not take long to get the dancers up strutting there stuff. And yes a male member of staff was wearing a rather fetching dress which the regulars thought perfectly normal. Good selection of wine and complimentary marshmallows for toasting on the open fire. Excellent seating area outside and despite being on the edge of the A40/M40 you would think that you were somewhere far more exotic. Do pay a visit on a Friday especially if they continue to have live bands, far more entertaining than just a juke box.
misstj76 - 16 Nov 2009 15:09
The Castle is an alright pub,good for the 'middle of nowhere' north acton if you work or live nearby.
The management & staff is cool,always got time to stop and talk to ya,got the odd theme night and quiz night BBQ on a friday evening
The odd brawl too if ur lucky! I witnessed one myself,back at the end of june, friday night one little blonde bird and her little ganster mate from da carphone warehouse hq across the rd was having a ruckus with some blokes in the street.It was nutz!Not a pretty scene,girls & blokes Cops come down,the poor blonde lass got a broken wrist and a knocked up shoulder to boot!
Overall it is a nice boozer
Castle_Goer - 20 Jul 2009 19:54
Nice pub - good beer and excellent food. Next time I visit London I won't miss it.
lucasbg - 26 Apr 2009 20:13
I have been visiting this pub now for some 4 months and have been very pleasantly surprised. I have visited with friends, my partner, and yes by myself. I know a lone female in a pub on an industrial estate. But this pub i have found to be one of the more welcoming and genuinely friendly that i have ever visited. I believe the manager to be a guy called Mike who has helped me outwith directions and also made sure i was ok when i have visited by myself.He has always had a smile and willing to talk about some of the drfinks he sells. Im a real wine lover and have found the brief chats we have had to be informative and and always done with humour. I have chosen to write this because when i visited on the weekend with my partner, a lady and gentleman who had brought their baby nephew out for the day were having problems feeding the child. The lady behind the bar went over and asked if she could help,she then sat with the child and adults and finished offf feeding the child. How many establishments would show this commitment to customer service. This pub also can go from a quiet drink on a weekend to a crazy friday night i was there on comic relief and i must say the boys looked great in skirts. Well done to this place didnt know were else to write or comment so i thought here was as good a place as any. Go visit you wont be disappointed.
pinkgirl30 - 1 Apr 2009 15:34
Agree with other postees about avoiding on Fridays. But apart from that, it's a very nice pub with good beer and excellant food
Britbeerisbest - 26 Aug 2008 15:27
Nice enough pub on a quiet Sunday evening but a bit packed on Friday nights. The only problem is that twice now when I've been in, the Pride's been off.
Royed - 28 Apr 2008 21:31
Have stayed at the holiday inn opposite many times and this place is very handy for a great tasting pint of Fullers, 8/10
fat_beer_badger - 26 Mar 2008 22:33
This is ok. I visited it early on a Saturday evening and was there for about an hour and a quarter. They served the the best London Pride I've had in a while, although I did have to ask for a top-up on one pint as it was a bit short.
fuzzfeast - 11 Dec 2007 18:04
Awful. Full of Carphone Warehouse employees talking absolute rubbish. Avoid at all costs, especially on a Friday night.
Heeler - 1 Dec 2007 23:03
Still a good pub, now with ESB permanently on draught! Another criticism though: they don't seem to know that the licensing laws changed to allow 30 minutes drinking up time!
robhealy - 20 May 2007 12:32
Not exactly sure what happened New Year's eve but it was closed for a few days and then reopened as if nothing had happened...
robhealy - 6 Feb 2007 11:25
Bad sign - New Years Eve - Fire engines outside and a sign in the window a couple of days later stating the pub is closed due to electrical and water problems. Smell of burnt-ness from the side of the pub & upstairs looks very uninhabited for a change. Not looking good. Any news anyone?
robhealy - 3 Jan 2007 06:55
We liked the food and drink here and found the staff pretty friendly. We enjoyed a nice grilled sea bass and equally nice smoked haddock fish cakes. We did find ESB on tap and downed a couple. I must agree with some of the previous reviews about the smoke - one of the smokiest pubs I have ever been in. (And we sat in the non-smoking section!)
on_tap - 8 Nov 2006 23:33
Was good to revisit this place that was once my local. The refurb looks good, it needed doing and it's heaps better.
Prices still hurt, but we should be used to things like that in London.
Shame my favourite, quiet sofa area is now non-smoking. Shame for me perhaps only, what with me being a stinky smoker type person.
anonymous - 31 Aug 2006 15:56
I work at North Acton station and must say, I've been quite suprised recently.. the pub has been refurbed and they've got a nice beer garden with a retractable canopy. One criticism: They don't do ESB on draught... only in bottles @ 2.90

robhealy - 17 Aug 2006 17:48
This place is a hole. Because they are the only pub in North Acton, they can get away with over charging for bad beer and microwaved food. They haven't decorated in the 7 years that I have been working locally and you come away feeling like you've smoked 50 fags. Dont go here, get on the tube and go to Ealing or Notting Hill.
anonymous - 8 Dec 2005 11:37
Full of BBC types and very busy on a Thursday early evening, definitely a 'few drinks after work' establishment. A few big plasmas dotted around. A major problem here tho is that there appears to be absolutely no ventilation whatsoever and it's horribly smokey to the point where it almost makes your eyes water. This is quite a large pub and would be far better if it weren't for the smoke which would certainly deter me from ever considering eating here. Good pint of ESP tho and served in its own funky glass but that's sadly not enough to tempt me back cos I like to breathe.
Cleversaz - 17 Nov 2005 22:49
Good, reasonably priced food (quite a long wait for it on my visit though and it wasn't that busy). Child friendly and Jazz bands on Sunday lunchtimes. Terrific atmosphere though perhaps not for you if you like things really loud and lively.
realalesnob - 10 Jun 2005 15:04
A decent enough place. Quite characteristic from outside.

Some good ales in there and plenty of room. Is the local for a lot of companies nearby so gets rammed on a Friday evening with Carphone Warehouse employees.
casemore - 26 Nov 2004 11:40
well, a family atmosphere, right next to the bbc studios gets frequented by the likes of eastenders regulars and casualty actors
fred - 12 Oct 2003 03:54

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