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Moved in with the future "Mrs Fat Beer Badger" this year (2013) so pub ticking has been reduced somewhat, been recording visited pubs since 2002, but 3233 now(01/01/11)..Interested in visiting any pub anywhere, but especially interested in hunting thru the Spoons directories.
Work on the trains and would like 2 start a campaign 4 a pub within 2mins walk of any uk rail station,always useful!!
all the best 2 all u beer belly's out there!!
FBB :-)

Username: fat_beer_badger

Age: 43

Sex: male

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The Little Jack Horner, Stockport

Sadly closed, now a Korean restaurant

31 Mar 2020 20:17

Courthouse, Mansfield

Since 2015 this pub has been run by Hawthorn Leisure

31 Mar 2020 19:31

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Good Evening All, just to let you know of a situation that happened a couple of weeks ago here. Below is a copy of my email to our local CAMRA branch. My girlfriend contacted Wetherspoon and just got a non apologetic response literally "blaming our party"

The fact it was two of us having a quiet after-work drink this made me pretty angry, so just to let you all know if you want a quick beer in the last hour of opening expect some abuse from the "heavies"..... OR DON'T BOTHER!!

I have to advise you all of an incident last night at The Commercial Rooms, Corn Street
Myself and my girlfriend were having afterwork drinks in the place, which has opening hours until 0100.

At 0020 the bouncers came round and told my girlfriend to "hurry up" her drink as they were closing. This being at the same time as I was being served drinks at the bar!

After bringing drinks back to our table I then questioned their actions at the bar, and was told by the bar staff they are "a law unto themselves"

In the meantime they selectively let some customers( usually women wearing very little) in and physically "pushed" others back out through the pubs swing doors.

They also carried on aggressively telling people to drink up and "get out" while they let people in and the bar staff carried on serving!

My girlfriend was very shook up and when I went in to try and find the manager I was physically pushed by a bouncer back out of the pub.

We spoke to the door staff next door who work for a separate company and they said they are always hearing complaints from customers who have experienced similar.

This has been a re-occurring problem for years now at this one particular JDW establishment, and the "heavies" that they employ really let down the good efforts put in from the majority of the staff that work there...

Needless to say I shall never return

We even spoke to police who were on patrol and almost laughed it off saying that it's private property and up to the pub how they run it

7 Apr 2016 21:11

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