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Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

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user reviews of Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

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This is a poor pub. A shame as it used to have character when I regularly visited 15 years ago and is in a good location on the High Street.

Went in on Saturday evening and all of the ale was off. So were all but two of the lagers - the most expensive two. The young chap behind the bar couldn't of cared less in his job and made no effort. The furniture is tired and falling apart and the place smelled.

We had one drink before moving on. A disappointment as it looks smart from the outside. There's not a great deal of good pubs in the area but this is certainly not one of the better ones.
Tourmalet - 1 Mar 2016 16:54
Could do well if they sorted the beer range out however.
rainlight - 6 Dec 2015 22:00
Looks nice and an improvement on the blandness of the area but they do not seem to have a clue really.
rainlight - 6 Dec 2015 16:20
Such a Shame was very excited by the opening of The Bloated Mallard, but had very dissapointing meal (all 3 of our meals were pretty bad).

I had already heard someone complain how bad her and her childrens food was, and since friends have said they would never go back in there as their food was also bad.

They could do so much with it as well, as they have a big garden and there isn't any pubs that have kitted their garden out with childrens equipment in this area. (like the Crown in Twickenham - great food and great pub for children).

Lets hope there is an improvement.
party32 - 17 Oct 2011 16:51
Can't quite make out the decor but good to see the Twickenham Ales and surprisingly not too overpriced.
boriss - 25 Jul 2011 21:37
Re-opened last night in is new guise. All very impressive and new pumps for Twickenham Ales Grandstand Bitter and Naked Ladies alongside Fuller's London Pride. Kitchen looks promising too. Good news. the DoC sign has been retained and was on display in the much improved garden.
richa06 - 16 Jul 2011 08:14
I worked at the Duke of Clarence in 1988 to 1989. I was on my OE from New Zealand and ended up at this pub. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Being only 20 years of age it was the first time I had "pulled" a pint and after much practice I got it in the end. The other staff were great and the kitchen staff were wonderful ladies. I lived in, so getting to work only took me 10 seconds! I am sad that some of the reviews do not give the Duke much praise, when I was there it full every night, and during the day. All the food sold out at lunch time. Evenings were spent enjoying the company of the locals that came to us. I had my 21st at the Duke of Clarence and it was the most amazing time of my life. Thanks to Mark Gill and his family. Mark, don't know what your doing now but you are always in my heart xx. The Duke of Clarence rocked my world for a year and I will NEVER forget it. Kim xx
kimfionabolitho - 30 Jun 2011 12:06
It's been shut for weeks undergoing a major refurb, must have found a load of shit left from the old place! Bloated Mallard = Inflated prices!
boriss - 26 Jun 2011 00:01
Apparently this pub has now been bought by the people who run The Bloated Mallard (or the Railway as it used to be known) next to Teddington station and it will be an over-21 establishment.

Expect a olde-worlde-type confectionary new name to replace one with actual meaning. How about, in homage to the number of times I've had to walk my bike through the park, "Thee Dyflated Tyrre" or would that be a let-down?
daveid - 26 May 2011 11:50
Tried to have a pint at lunchtime but it was all locked up - looks like it has closed.
klausthejester - 2 Apr 2011 15:17
The Clarence used to be the premier pub in the High street. Remember the days when Kevin ran the pub? Nowadays its just a dirty shell of the place it used to be.
Even the high hopes of the thai food served in the back have now been quashed and that venture has closed down. Whats left????
highstreetdrinker - 19 Oct 2010 13:10
Try to go elsehwere these days but hard to find a pub in Hampton Hill nowadays due to it's decline over recent years.
Made the mistke of sitting in the Beer Garden which was overgrown, full of dog ends, warped and buckled benches and tables. Half expected to see some old fridges a shopping trolley and a big steel drum lit up with tramps rubbing their hands over it for warmth.
Who wants to pay pub prices to sit in this....jump on the R70 and go to the Prince Albert.
Duke of Clarence one word, Lawnmower!

marchw - 22 Jun 2010 07:59
Ah, my local....its small, but friendly
T_Burne - 20 Apr 2010 21:17
Full of football louts !!!!! It is impossible to enjoy a pint with louts swearing and screeming. Never again ......
highstreetdrinker - 19 Apr 2010 14:12
The only reason I go in here is because it's next door and it's £2.50 for Pride. After tonight I probably will never go in again. Smelled worse than an old peoples home- it really stank of rank piss- and I got served a pint with an inch of froth. Can get chavvy on summer Friday nights, but that won't bother me any more as I'll be off to the Roebuck-it might be old but at least it doesn't smell like it!
boriss - 7 Apr 2010 21:20
This is the third time I have been in the Clarence in the past hand full of years or so but I was pleasantly surprised! Many many moons ago I used to pop in occasionally for a quick beer on my way home from work when there was an old Irish guy running the place. At the time I would only really stay fro one and then pop off home.

I have not been living in the area for years now but when flicking through beer in the evening I saw a few comments and I couldn’t believe how bad some people had rated this little pub! so I decided to pop in a couple of times to see for my self and to be honest there was not a lot I could fault! The bar staffs were chatting away with a few of the customers but when I walked in they soon hopped to attention and welcomed me with a very pleasant smile!

I paid what I felt a fair price of £3.20 two of the times but I did pop in one day at about half five and they only charge me £2.50! This apparently is what they do every weekday around that time for a few hours! I was shocked! I didn’t think that pubs could afford to be that reasonable these days!

The décor has not changed much but it’s like a classic car, it doesn’t need to be perfect to be right! I think it was the character of the place I liked the most! I was speaking to one of the locals that I recognized from back when I lived in the area and the new manager overheard our conversation and introduced himself to me! Looks quite young but seemed to have lots of fresh new ideas!

Despite the fact I do not live in Hampton anymore I think I certainly will be returning on a more regular basis! If I could give it 11 out of 10 I would!

GrahamD61 - 23 Feb 2010 14:02

MrMurray - 23 Feb 2010 13:29
This pub has always been warm and welcome for me and my friends. I visit this pub on average 3-4 times a week, and am familiar with all the locals there. The whole persona of 'yobs' at this pub is extremely incorrect and probabily posted by those who are deluded, especially richa06 who is upset by the fact it 'has gone from a friendly local' to being run by 'an utter incompetent who couldn't organise a piss up anywhere'....make your mind up son.

And a reason why they don't have such things as a dart board and pool table is because these things attract a younger image who only want to act like 'hooligans' after a few shandys.

Agreed that the toilets aren't the nicest in the world, but they are always clean, have locks on the doors, and always have toilet rolls unlike other pub/bars/clubs around.

There is another misconception that sub-standard spirits are sold for leading brand prices. I have never been there and saw 'glens vodka' or a knock-off whiskey there, and in fact they sell doubles for 20p more than other places sell singles.

It's funny how places like the Longford and Jenny Lind have closed down, yet when you look across the road and look at the Duke of Clarence it always had customers....but of course it's still a wonder how it hasn't closed down yet isn't it? I mean who would want to go to a friendly, reasonably priced pub with great atmosphere and attractive bar staff over somewhere else?


I have been to many other pubs around, and there are many pubs closer to home, but this pub is by far one of the best around.

sulphuric66 - 23 Feb 2010 11:40
I cannot understand how people like Chicago can have such a hatred for the Duke. I have been drinking in there for quite a while now and I think it is an absolutely fantastic pub! There may be a few things that I can accept as the décor may not be the most modern and sophisticated in the world, but it is a pub, if you do not take into consideration over tarted up bars with flowery wallpaper and serve your food on a block of wood because it is “fashionable” then they are all the same! A proper pub is going to have bench seats and the typical dark swirly carpets coupled with photos of places you have never even heard of! It is not going to be amazing but it is going to be comfortable! And somewhere you can relax and socialize! And yes the manager may be young but I personally feel insulted as you clearly just like to complain and have not actually met him! He is very welcoming; if he recognizes you he will greet you with a hand shake as you enter! He will even sit and have a drink with the occasional customer. He is certainly not pathetic and arrogant and to be honest stating he cannot manage his trousers is an incredibly ignorant and childish comment. I have no idea where the rumors that it will be coming up for sale soon come from, that is not correct! And the reason why the restaurant is always closed is because most punters preferred to eat in the bar area so they are planning on extending the bar area down to the garden. They have just employed a new chef recently and I would highly recommend sampling some of his food and as far as I am aware a new menu is on its way. It has a very friendly atmosphere and the regular customers young and old all seem to socialize together. “Hooligans” is certainly not a way to describe them! I have seen from time to time the occasional group have a drink before heading off to Kingston etc. but anyone who shows any disrespect is quickly and quietly asked to leave immediately and this rule has been kept to religiously for a while now. Anyone that feels the “Yobs” as you like to call them intimidating then try having a conversation with them! You will probably find them more courteous and polite than you think! The vodka and other spirits they serve are not a cheap brand they are the real McCoy. Yes there was a rumor going around many years ago about this happening and I do not deny that but the pub has a new owner and a complete new team of staff! Fosters is £3.10 actually and it has never been any more than that and if you arrive during the week between 3.00pm and 6.00pm they will only charge you £2.50 if you feel £3.10 is to steep for you. All in all I cannot fault it! It’s not perfect but you will not find anything else within the area that will beat it! I would certainly recommend it!
MrMurray - 21 Jan 2010 16:22
The Duke of Clarence has made a very good impression on me (first visit). They have very attentive and polite staff. The management are now trying to promote their delicious new food. This is the place for the BEST cod & chips. I popped in once at mid-day, they had beer on promotion at £2.50 for a pint between 3-6. Perfect place to have lunch in. Will be a regular. Recommend it to everyone.

M. Jones
m.jones - 17 Jan 2010 21:18
The problem is that the management are no longer bothered. The bar is filthy.......look around when your next in there......its pretty discusting!
Rumour has it that its up for sale soon so watch this space.
highstreetdrinker - 28 Dec 2009 14:08
Amazing how this pub has gone from a friendly local with a great landlord and good food to a complete and utter damp run by an utter incompetent who couldn't organise a piss up anywhere!
There's also the restaurant which is nearly always empty.
Somewhere along the line one would have thought that the 'management' might have got the message ~ some hope!
Thank goodness for The Roebuck, The Star and The Rising Sun who are steadily attracting all of DoC's previous regulars, apart from the young set.
Not one normally to wish any pub to disappear this one MUST be the exception.
It's such a pity that one can't post a minus rating.
richa06 - 18 Dec 2009 14:43
Gone downhill rapidly. Used to be a nice little place to go for a few quiet beers and to avoid the local hooligans who used to frequent some other bars in the area however they now appear to be frequenting here. What a shame. We used to sit outside the bar and have a few beers of an evening or at the weekend but now if you do this you are normally seated near some loud mouth yobs (male and female!) who think it is humourous to swear at or make fun of people passing by. Very intimidating bar now and noticed yesterday evening when passing that they have changed the seating outside and put some kind of trees outside too- looks very strange. What is the Manager of this place thinking? Ruined what used to be a nice little pub.
woohoo78 - 26 Sep 2009 19:46
O my gawd! AVOID....
Man_on_ground - 13 Sep 2009 19:27
....thats the trick ! you can only go in the week to avoid to avoid the yobs. Stick you head in on the last weekend of the month when the youngsters have just been paid to witness how these owners have really sold what was a nice pub, down the river ! AVOID !!!
highstreetdrinker - 19 Aug 2009 09:29
Didn't seem too bad but then I was going in at 7.30 on a Tuesday and sitting outside. Fullers beer, could probably be quite atmospheric as it's an old building. A shame.
rainlight - 18 Aug 2009 21:34
It can't get any worse can it?
HamptonBoozer123 - 13 Jul 2009 16:27
If you like to be chatted up by foul-mouthed youths who can't handle their beer, this is the pub for you. I won't be going back in a hurry!!!
astralstar - 11 Jul 2009 00:23
Agree with the last couple of reviews. Years ago used to be my regular, just been loosing the plot now for a while, good news is that it really can't get much worse....can it? It is a shame that it has hit such a low.
HamptonBoozer123 - 6 Jul 2009 14:42
After a horrible meal at the nearby Rising Sun thought we would have a change of scenary here. BIG MISTAKE, loud mouthed youths all outside and in the garden, place is dirty and un welcoming. Seems it is the place to go if you like being in the middle of young kids with bad language and the urge to cause trouble. All in all added to a bad day.
Ilikemybeer - 6 Jul 2009 11:32
It is very obvious that the Clarence is now operating solely for the young trade it welcomes in on a Friday and Saturday night. Gone are the days of a relaxing drink where you felt relaxed and safe. But dont let that put you off if you like the sight of kids fighting/throwing up and if you get excited by the sound of police sirens then this place is a must!! Its also the dearest pub in town and sells second rate spirits at premium price.....AVOID
highstreetdrinker - 29 Jun 2009 15:16
Charge for premium Vodka but supply a cheap brand!!!!

highstreetdrinker - 26 Jun 2009 16:34
Food here is absolutely awesoe in the conservatry out the back. If you like middle Eastern food, this is the place for you.
PerryGee - 4 Jun 2009 10:01
Decent enough pub. Limited choice of ale, only pride on when i was in though it was well kept. Barmaid is attentive polite and friendly. My only gripe is that they have a large conservatory laid out for dining which was completely empty and yet allow people to eat their dinners sitting at the bar. Not very nice while you are having a quiet pint to have someone slurping in your earhole.
nickthefish - 19 May 2009 04:49
...have the toilets ever had a coat of paint????
highstreetdrinker - 10 Jan 2009 15:02
A great little boozer, one of the oldest in the area. Prices are quite steep (approx £3.40 a fosters) but good atmosphere makes up for it. It quite small and can get quite busy on the weekends but it has a very homely feel to it and there's never any aggro in there. Good place to meet your mates on a sunday for a quiet hair-of-the dog. A good pub to start at also if youre going out on a banger.
whoagigi - 4 Oct 2008 14:19
Haven't been back since the rotting bench in the garden,or rather scrubland,collapsed under me last summer.Pleasantly surprised by the beer. Pity about the atmosphere. .More signs of life on Mars.Still it was a Friday night. Why do some pubs show sport on tv when noones watching ie some foreign game.Whats wrong with some music?
james2 - 4 Oct 2008 08:01
It's a shame but not the place it once was. A continuing change of bar staff and management, weird menus and so so cold, turn up the heat now and then would not go a miss. My suggestion is to head out of the door across the road to the Jenny Lind where you find most of the old Clarence regulars now.

Good note is the outside benches on a warm day but as we dont get those very often not really a benefit. Who knows might pick up
HamptonBoozer123 - 1 Oct 2008 10:23
Nice local pub on the high street with reasonable range of drinks. Sports screen but volume down - ( which is my preference!) Lebanese restaurant out back which does some unexpectedly lovely food.
SurreySteve - 25 Feb 2008 10:07
A not bad little pub, maybe a touch of paint and spruce up is in order as it's identical to when I first went there 10 yrs back!

A fantastic new Lebanese restaurant has opened up fairly recently, great food and reasonably priced. Not many middle eastern eateries in this part of SW London so a really great find. Think I'll be visiting the Duke a lot more in 2008 if this place stays open.
marchw - 8 Jan 2008 12:27
Comfortable pub which is easily better then the other disappointing pubs along Hampton Hill High Street. Admittedly this on it is own is not much of a positive review as the other pubs are very poor but the Clarence does a good pint and has a good friendly atmosphere. Almost the only choice on the High Street unless willing to head the the Roebuck
CharlesS - 16 Aug 2007 09:09
Yes, a quaint little boozer, smuggled among the shops in a busy little high street. Good service. A long thin pub due to its high street location, with a bit of garden area/patio out the back, for those fairer weather days! The 'Duke' is better than the 'Jenny Lynd' pub opposite I would say. TJ
TeeJay - 16 Jan 2007 00:08
Let's face it Hampton Hill High Street is not bursting with decent pubs. So out of the bunch this stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. If you are a footie fan they have just the right size screen on the wall, and if you don't like the 'game of the gods' there as plenty of places you can sit and not get bothered.

Not an ale drinker but overhead someone saying the beer was good.

If you are in the area you could do a lot worse.
anonymous - 5 Jan 2007 10:43
Little to add to my previous posting below in August 2005 - London Pride again in splendid form on late Friday afternoon. This pub ticks all the right boxes as far as I'm concerned - warm welcome, good beer and a traditional atmosphere - if only all High Street pubs were as good as this !
JohnBonser - 17 Jul 2006 10:18
An OK pub - Has some stiff competition, but is a pleasant enough stop off
TheGP - 9 Jul 2006 12:07
Cosy pub, relaxed atmosphere, super-friendly staff and good, well priced beer. Couldn't imagine anyone being disappointed with an evening here.
Rich_of_Hampton - 1 Nov 2005 02:04
Fine traditional pub - a bit like a country pub in town. The London Pride was on staggeringly good form and, since it was the happy hour ( between 5 and 7 pm ), it was only £ 1.95 a pint. Definitely worth visiting.
JohnBonser - 30 Aug 2005 12:30
Excellent - simple as that
sharpe - 9 Feb 2005 15:54
Cosy, nice little local pub. Small bar area, low ceilings. Always guarunteed to see at least 1 Hampton Hill local you know. Conservatory can be a bit cold. Nice beer garden for the Summer. Benches at the front so you can pose on a July afternoon.
pinot - 19 Jan 2005 13:25
Hello, I posted a comment c. 1 year ago about this pub. On that comment, I stated that I would like to talk with the management, without giving any details how to contact me. I never meant to be negative about the pub, It was just one of those things. My comments were about 1 night and 1 night only . Anyway, there are couple of things I would like to say:

a} when talking about the pub, it was talking ONLY about one evening. I have allways liked the place and the food. It really has that perfect english pub feeling that we all love. One of it's kind if you ask me.M

b) The management of the place are brilliant and have the highest standarts of how to treat their customers. They really do make you to feel like home.!

c) I'm dislexic and can't say or write what's in my mind in the correst English way. And as you all should know by know I'm not english so please forgive me very poor writing etc. I love this country and the people.

Anitta - 29 Nov 2004 00:34
The Duke is a decent pub - bit of a locals hangout but nice old fashioned atmosphere. Not sure what Anitta is talking about above - think command of English leaves a bit to be desired - if service was that bad then probably more constructive to raise at the time than put online. An unfair reflection of a decent long standing local pub!
Rich - 24 Oct 2004 17:42
Not a great selection of beer, but this tiny pub is ideal for having a few cheeky ones mid-week.
mike2004 - 31 Aug 2004 14:02
This is a cosy little pub that has a reasonable atmosphere but is mainly full of locals. The food in her is great -- and very good vfm.
daveyf - 6 Nov 2003 08:43
I just been treated so badly that I have no words. What I mean is that this pub I just been in, have different rules for us '
unimportant people' ,and different rules for people who are loud!! I'm sorry, I did not couse any problems and I did not expect to be treated like s..t.
I'm sorry, I felt that what I saw tonight was not right.
I hope that I can talk with one person from the management about it.
I hope you all the very best and hopefully can talk to you soon.

Anitta Koskinen - 5 Nov 2003 00:16

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