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Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

This pub has always been warm and welcome for me and my friends. I visit this pub on average 3-4 times a week, and am familiar with all the locals there. The whole persona of 'yobs' at this pub is extremely incorrect and probabily posted by those who are deluded, especially richa06 who is upset by the fact it 'has gone from a friendly local' to being run by 'an utter incompetent who couldn't organise a piss up anywhere'....make your mind up son.

And a reason why they don't have such things as a dart board and pool table is because these things attract a younger image who only want to act like 'hooligans' after a few shandys.

Agreed that the toilets aren't the nicest in the world, but they are always clean, have locks on the doors, and always have toilet rolls unlike other pub/bars/clubs around.

There is another misconception that sub-standard spirits are sold for leading brand prices. I have never been there and saw 'glens vodka' or a knock-off whiskey there, and in fact they sell doubles for 20p more than other places sell singles.

It's funny how places like the Longford and Jenny Lind have closed down, yet when you look across the road and look at the Duke of Clarence it always had customers....but of course it's still a wonder how it hasn't closed down yet isn't it? I mean who would want to go to a friendly, reasonably priced pub with great atmosphere and attractive bar staff over somewhere else?


I have been to many other pubs around, and there are many pubs closer to home, but this pub is by far one of the best around.


23 Feb 2010 11:40

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