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Username: james2

Age: 63

Sex: ?

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The Longford, Hampton Hill

I agree with past comments.Good customer service,plenty of room, not noisy and very clean.Yes, i was the only one in there.Atmosphere! There's more hospitable atmosphere on mars.It feels like you gone to a party and noones turned up.How does a plce like that stay open.?This must be the first time i say yes to converting a boozer into flats.At least there will be some people in them.

4 Oct 2008 08:37

The Star, Hampton Hill

The best tasted off.To frightened to complain because of the local element.This is certainly the deep South of Hampton and I was in no mood for a lynching.Retreated from the hostile stares to the beer garden.A dirty tent and a bench on the main road clutching my stale pint.Enough said!

4 Oct 2008 08:18

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

Haven't been back since the rotting bench in the garden,or rather scrubland,collapsed under me last summer.Pleasantly surprised by the beer. Pity about the atmosphere. .More signs of life on Mars.Still it was a Friday night. Why do some pubs show sport on tv when noones watching ie some foreign game.Whats wrong with some music?

4 Oct 2008 08:01

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