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Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

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user reviews of the Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

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A Taylor Walker pub. Sat outside and drew the Russian shop and sex aids shop opposite. Staff seem busy, not surprised.
rainlight - 29 Jul 2015 23:12
Decent enough place, acceptable pint of Pride, though not that many on offer after passing over Doombar.

Slightly dark, tired appearance to the decor, but the prices were OK for central London.
eddybeer - 10 Jul 2014 17:17
This could be a nice pub, nice space, situated centrally but constant turnover of passing through staff let it down - they don't know what they are doing, not very knowledgable (helps to have trained them in how to work the till) and really have a 'shrugging shoulders' attitude. Actually felt sorry for the duty manager yesterday on a busy lunchtime trying to cope with yet another new member of staff who just hadn't a clue.
celt7 - 13 Oct 2011 09:34
Just a warning - I had my wallet stolen in this pub on 5/11/2010. I believe another woman had her handbag stolen on the same night. The staff were fairly blase about it - I guess theft is pretty common in central London and it's a fairly touristy area. My hunch is that it was a systematic theft - me and my group of friends were sat at a table and approached by a young girl with short bleach-blond hair and asked if we felt the music the pub was playing was too loud. I think she was a distraction and the thief used their moment to take what they could.
reconnaissance - 9 Nov 2010 14:56
Called in this pub on Sat 12th Dec.09. found it by chance nr Goodge st station. typical old London pub. pleasant staff, good beer, food came very quick & was tasty, & not over the top on price. will call in again on our next visit to London.
tyremansteve - 14 Dec 2009 12:41
Nice enough if unremarkable single room pub. Serving Ldn pride, gk and duchars. Perfectly acceptable pint of pride. Only £2.50. Service good but lose marks for closing up - lights on, music off, at the stroke of 11.
doncaosdelanada - 23 Sep 2009 23:03
Fairly unremarkable Pubco pub, although well-appointed, well air-conditioned, and serving three or so real ales.
grecian - 25 Jun 2009 10:44
I quite like this pub and it always seems to be busy when I venture in. Deuchars, Pride and bombardier were available on my last visit along with a range of standard and premium lagers.

Iíve found the staff to be friendly and it never takes that long to be served no matter how busy.

Definitely recommended if in the area.
Strongers - 3 Nov 2008 15:55
Saturday afternoon, Only Deuchars and Bombardier on neither of which I like so it was a very very brief visit.
CambridgeBlue - 27 Oct 2008 14:06
Me and my friends have drank in this pub for years and have always found the staff to be very polite and friendly. Rob, Pete and Sofia have been around since what seems like forever and are always happy to look after us and any other staff seem to follow their lead. Many a cold evening has been whiled away with the pleasant chat and soulful ditties that flow out of the music system. I don't go into pubs on my own very often but am happy to go to the Fitz' as I know I won't be disappointed. They have cracking food too and do a Pie and a Pride for £6.50. What more could a guy ask for. Luckily, my 'hat blows in' quite regularly!
RichPhoenix - 9 Oct 2008 17:15
You are welcome Robb Graham. I'm an easy man to please, cold beer and hot food. I don't like dirty pubs where the regulars manage the atmosphere and where the staff sigh and whinge. All these things were issues in my visits, I'll drink around the corner it doesn't matter to me but you did ask. You can rattle all the brewery twaddle you like. Crap is crap. Instead of buying me a drink, can I just have the money to spend elsewhere?
spaceman - 20 Sep 2008 12:57
Nice spot on Goodge Street to watch the world go by. Beers are decent. The only down side was the noise coming from one table or regulars who were treating the place as if they owned it. Seemed to be irritating almost all the customers. Will give it another try.
Magellan - 16 Aug 2008 12:44
Thank you Spaceman for your illuminating review of my business.

At the Fitzrovia, we are very pro-active about dealing with any bad experiences that our guests may have and try to ensure that these are minimal.

I appreciate that this pub may not be the sort of place that you would frequent but the many people who do come to us again and again obviously feel very differently.

I have noticed from your other reviews that you are a stickler for good service and for this I applaud you. I can assure you that we offer our guests some of the best service and standards in the area. Our real ales are Cask Marque approved and we are applying for a Platinum Award for our beer quality and knowledge.

I would be very happy to buy you a drink and for us to sit down and discuss the foundation of your, rather vague, review in more detail.
RobbGraham - 30 Jun 2008 16:10
If this pub was a bird it'd be the bug faced scratter with the Croydon face-lift you try and snag at closing time. It'll do, but you are lowering yourself partaking. Much better pubs in the street, in your street, in my street, in every street. Wouldn't go in if me hat blew in, keep looking.
spaceman - 30 Apr 2008 13:04
ok pub gets very crowded these days
westyw9 - 15 Apr 2008 14:20
Popped in again saturday because they have been advertising a real Ale festival. Neither of the Cask ales available so stooped for a fair pint of pride then left for a better selection elsewhere.
CambridgeBlue - 13 Apr 2008 16:23
Have not visited for a while but decided to stop off for a meal and an ale or 2. Staff friendly but the menu has changed for the worse so will be finding another place to eat in the future.
CambridgeBlue - 23 Mar 2008 00:04
Went in on the saturday after christmas for an early evening meal and a pint.
I cannot fault the food, Ale or the bar staff although there was an issue with the tills causing some problems when paying.
A small tip for the bar staff, get rid of that awful IPA and replace it with something a little more like ale.........
CambridgeBlue - 2 Jan 2008 15:04
Very crowded and noisy on an early Tuesday evening, but the overall atmosphere was reasonable (i.e. people wanting to be there, rather than thinking that they ought to be seen there). Unfortunately the Batemans Rosey Nosey was conditioning and the London Pride was nothing to write home about, but will try again next time I am in the area.
rpadam - 19 Dec 2007 00:44
This is the best pub in the area, always very busy.
Ale very good and the food is best value for miles around.
CambridgeBlue - 12 Nov 2007 11:06
The Fitzrovia is a brilliant pub central to our office and we would not go anywhere else. The food is amazing and at great value, as are the lagers and Real Ales. However, as valued regulars of the Fitzrovia, we hope we still are, we are a bit concerned about the standard of service we now receive since our very much loved Chrissy left us. The staff don't smile, they have no interest in who we are nor do they keep the pub clean and tidy. A staff review is well needed, bring back Chrissy or goodbye Fitzrovia...
anonymous - 13 Sep 2007 17:45
Sorry there was no ale Snowdog, but I am very committed to providing my customers with the best possible product.

The cellar cooling breakdown was countered by my kegs being iced and the fact that they go through a remote cooler meaning my lagers and other draught were ok to dispense.

However, I found with the ales that icing the casks meant they could go from too cold, to the right temperature, to too warm in a very short space of time meaning a poor pint for the majority of my customers.

Because of this, I suspended the sale of ales until a new cellar cooling unit was fitted. Unfortunately this took a little longer than expected but ales are once again on sale at the Fitzrovia.
RobbGraham - 6 Sep 2007 15:27
the best pub in the west end !!!
anonymous - 28 Aug 2007 23:13
In point of fact, there have recently been difficulties with the equipment in the cellar: this is why there was no real ale available, as was explained in a notice on the bar. To me, it reflects well on the pub that they would not resume sales of real ale until its quality could be guaranteed: many pubs would not be so scrupulous, apart from the fact that there are plenty of pubs which have no real ale anyway.

Much improved since the refurbishment late last year, which included the provision of a disabled toilet.
Martinl - 22 Aug 2007 21:50
What can you say about a pub that does not have any rela ale on? Is this bad cellarmanship? I thought this pub was disappointing.
snowdog2112 - 21 Aug 2007 08:31
this is a great little pub and the manager does a fab job. my friend emma and i have known robb for many years and i have no problems recommending the pub and the excellent service we received there. good on you mate, see you soon.x
Lynda75 - 20 Mar 2007 23:12
The worlds most emotionless barman works her! No words spoken during order or payment, not even a facila movenment at all. Beer was just as expressive, one and gone.
DirtyPanda - 9 Feb 2007 06:38
I have spent many years in many pubs and I can categorically say that this is one of the greatest pubs I have ever frequented!!!!!

The staff are exceptionally friendly and welcoming and I feel completely at home whilst there - especially with my reserved table (thanks Chrissy). I tend to pop in every lunchtme and most evenings after work and it is always a pleasure.

Cold Beers, decent fruit machines, the infamous "Golden Tee" golfing simulator, air-con for the Summer months and spanking new decor!! What more can you ask????

To anyone who doesn't share my opinion, you are just wrong (Widescreen and friends!!!). Going to the pub is not about watching the bloody TV!!!

The last couple of weeks (during the refurb) have been awful as I have had to attend other establishments and have missed the Fitzrovia hugely!! Roll on the 30th November!!!!

EDSP - 29 Nov 2006 11:55
This pub is THE place in Fitzrovia to go for an after work drink-up!
The staff are extremely friendly and the manager greets you from behind the bar, rather than propping it up. It has a great atmosphere and is probably not the kind of place for the stuffy, ale swigging nimby's that usually frequent this site.
If you are an office or retail worker, employed in this area, and under 50: Get your gang round there and see how well looked after you get.
It's having a refurb in November so will be even better come Christmas!!!
anonymous - 6 Nov 2006 01:35
I tend to agree with Conniwot. Thank you Widescreen - for alerting me to pubs that I should give a miss.
5thearlofwimbourne - 7 Sep 2006 13:16
Martinl, blame $ky for not converting their popular-with-pubs rolling sports channel to widescreen!
At least the channel doesn't show live sport, or else I'd be even more peed off.
widescreen - 22 Aug 2006 22:05
Well, well, well: what have we here? I recall this as the Valiant Trouper, and then a fake Irish gaff, Finnegan's Wake I think. Tried it a couple of years ago when it first became The Fitzrovia and found it lacking in atmosphere apart from in the literal sense of heavy hanging cooking smells. I happened to be passing on Saturday and noticed there was a wheelchair access ramp so tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Couldn't stay long as there is no disabled toilet but the fug of fat smoke has at least been cleared. In fact the menu, concentrating on a selection of pies, looks promising. One or two real ales on offer, I had four pints of London Pride and after the first being borderline "take it back" stuff the other three were fine. I could well have got the first pint of the day, as anyone after real ale in this part of the world could well have headed straight for The One Tun.

It being a Saturday afternoon, had one eye on Sky Sports News: could have sworn the people on screen looked a bit distorted though......
Martinl - 8 Aug 2006 18:07
Service without even a hint of a smile. Felt like I was putting them (the staff) out by drinking in their pub.
stevenk - 2 Jun 2006 17:00
I have never in my entire life experienced such awful service, incompetence and downright rudeness in any pub in London. Ordered food during a very quiet period on a Sunday afternoon, waited 30 minutes for it, when it arrived it was stone cold. Brought it back to barmaid who said she would warm it up and bring it over! No thanks. I asked for a refund and she very rudely refused. She then rang the Manager who authorised a refund which was slammed on the table. No apology, nothing. To add insult to injury the beer was crap.
keep_it_green - 28 Nov 2005 11:18
While it is not known for certain (Orwell, Dylan Thomas, Wyndham Lewis?) who first used the term Fitzrovia, it is certainly well documented that it was based on the artists and writers who met in the Fitzroy Tavern. The earliest record in print of the use of the name is Tom Driberg's column in the Daily Express in 1940 which references the Fitzroy Tavern. This pub has simply appropriated the name. Not that it matters. The Fitzrovia is a light, pleasant and spacious single room pub with no definable character, but certainly not without some charm. There is plenty of seating both inside and out. There is a choice of three cask ales from a rotating list of nine. The London Pride is dry hopped in the cask and, even though served a little too cold, is possibly the best Pride in London.
SilkTork - 16 Aug 2005 20:38

The area Fitzrovia was not named after the pub the Fitzroy Tavern. Learn the local history 'Fitzrovian'.

For those that are interested:

In the 18th Century, Charles Fitzroy purchased the land in the 18th Century then throughout the 19th century the square was developed and although during the 2nd World War, some of the south side of Fitzroy Square was damaged, many of the original buildings still exist.

Eventually, around the 1930's area as a whole became known as it is today - Fitzrovia.

For those you don't give a sh*t about the history of the area and want a decent beer - 'The Fitzroy' isn't a bad pub and the grub is half decent, although I would recommend The Smugglers Tavern (Warren Street) and The Prince of Wales Feathers (also on Warren Street) for a less touristy atmosphere.

nutbag_uk - 22 Apr 2005 11:26
Best in the area. Not sure what the name has to do "Fitzrovian" but it is far better than those pubs mentioned
One Tun: Expensive and cramped
Northumberland Arms: Four tables? terrible service
Cambridge: Cheap and dirty
Fitzroy Tavern: Crap beer, manky little hole and poor range of food
Rising Sun: me a favour!!! Rather drink on the street.
Excellent, cheerful staff, good food and very clean.
anonymous - 9 Mar 2005 16:42
I don't understand. "The Fitzrovia", named after Fitzrovia, an area of London which was named after the Fitzroy Tavern which is a much better pub just a minute around the corner. It seems like not very much thought or knowledge of local history has gone into this oddly-themed pub.

A few years back, it was an Irish theme pub called "Finnegan's Wake". To remind you that it was an authentic and fun place where you couldn't fail to have a great time, it had the words "Good craic" painted on the wall in Celtic-style writing. Bad though this was, it was better than it is now. At least it was clear to all that it was a tourist-trap of a theme pub.

Go to the Fitzroy Tavern or the Newman Arms instead. Or the One Tun. Or the Northumberland Arms. Or the Cambridge. Or the Rising Sun...
fitzrovian - 3 Mar 2005 15:46
Great for a drink after work or for a quick lunchtime bite. The Roasts are great and they have GK IPA on tap. Love it.
RichPhoenix - 21 Feb 2005 16:34
This has always been a real drinkers pub so I was surprised to get an excellent meal in here. The food is generally the same as most other pubs in the area but is so much better and it looks fantastic. Was served by a guy who may have been the manager. He seemed to know what he was talking about and recommended a pasta dish which was surprising...until it arrived. Have been back a couple of times since and always eat a meal.
RichPhoenix - 12 Feb 2005 23:48
One of the best places to go for a beer outside on a summers evening. Also one of the few pubs that has nice seating outdoors. Indoors is usually pretty average.
RJK - 8 Nov 2004 20:06
Wonderful atmosphere for beerdrinkers, hell raisers and Dr Who fans alike!
MrBojangles - 6 Nov 2004 14:24
Ordered a pint of Bombardier which was okay. Food was served promptly and was okay. Pub was very busy at lunchtime. Visited better (and worse) pubs in the locality. Staff friendly.
Simon - 5 Nov 2004 07:32
Very very dull pub. A very depressing place at closing time
TheGP - 21 Sep 2004 14:07
Popped in one evening and had the warmest bottle of Budvar known to man. Gave up after a few swigs. Place also stank of cooking oil.
Jack Knight - 24 Aug 2004 17:29
Balderdash - simply the best pub in toon!!!!!!!!!
berniewinters - 16 Jul 2004 17:04
V.nice cheap booze good atmosphere

Steve l - 16 Apr 2004 10:51
although i agree with ruby partially, they keep their real beers very well.. the london pride is spectacular.. and i've drunk it in a lot of places.. also they do a great roast beef sandwich with roast spuds and gravy at a very resonable price (served off the hotplate at lunch time so great if you're in a hurry)
ched - 14 Nov 2003 19:26
I think there must be a golden rule in cities that pubs on or visibly near major thoroughfares are dull. The Fitzrovia is a perfect example, located just off of Tottenham Court Road. Can get crowded and the clientele appear to be a consistantly changing mass of people.

Try the filled baguettes. My ham, cheese and bacon sarnie looked and tasted like a doorstop.

Sooo much better nearby. Go to the One Tun for a much more authentic British pub.
Ruby - [email protected] - 25 Jul 2003 13:53

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