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Pub Widescreen Football campaign:

The pub is the second best venue for watching live football (after being at the stadium). The campaign is to educate and promote the correct use of widescreen programming on plasma TVs in pubs. There's no reason why the pub provide a second-rate television experience, just because they're the second-best venue, especially when the efforts in reaching first-rate standards is only a matter of mere seconds in adjusting the equipment.

Comments made on BITE are to inform technology and A/V-literates as to the availibility of true widescreen broadcasts in pubs, should they prefer a proper representation of the football delivered by the television channel.

Widescreen availbility is a good indicator of attention to detail, and the quality of customer-concern handling.


Seems The Queen's Head in King's Cross has bought the power to censor all negative comments made about them, making them appear to be well-run.
Oh dear.

This pub showed the Wimbledon finals on their new plasma TVs. Sadly, the image was distorted, since they weren't showing true 16:9 widescreen broadcasts. (Why do they spend money purchasing widescreen TVs if they're just going to muck up the picture??) I had a word with the manager and offered to help out, but she didn't appreciate any advice and simply rejected it all. This sent me the message that this pub was merely about the image, and valued "showing off" new technology as a way to lure customers in, but not actually knowing how to use it properly.

Despite housing a Sports Bar and having plenty of expensive plasma TV screens, this pub is still showing live sports in stretchyvision, i.e. distorted and with missing picture. I had a word with the manager, who was a friendly chap to talk to, and offered to help him out in sorting ou tthe problem. Unfortunately, he refused to do anything, despite not being busy, and with my solution only taking 10 seconds of his time to apply. Head to the Founder's Arms for live rugby in true widescreen, where despite not being a sports bar, their management know how to make full use of their equipment to present their customers the best experience, and don't merely have widescreen TVs to show off to punters.

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The George, Soho

*True* widescreen is available here for the football, rugby, etc.. [[W]]

4 Feb 2008 11:08

The Bailey, Highbury

True widescreen viewing is available here, if you fancy popping in for some footie.

24 Dec 2007 13:55

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

The Railway Tavern is now showing true widescreen football again (after a technical fault meant dodgy pictures for months). Anyway, it's now fixed, so enjoy!

22 Dec 2007 12:05

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