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The George, Soho

*True* widescreen is available here for the football, rugby, etc.. [[W]]

4 Feb 2008 11:08

The Bailey, Highbury

True widescreen viewing is available here, if you fancy popping in for some footie.

24 Dec 2007 13:55

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

The Railway Tavern is now showing true widescreen football again (after a technical fault meant dodgy pictures for months). Anyway, it's now fixed, so enjoy!

22 Dec 2007 12:05

'Round midnight Jazz & Blues Bar, Islington

This pub originally the wrong setting on the Sky Digibox meaning the pictures looked fat and distorted on their plasma TV. But the manager was helpful and actually listened to his customer's concerns (unlike many other managers in other pubs), so with a little advice from me, the widescreen setting on the Digibox has now been corrected to provide the *full* widescreen picture without any bits missing! Come here to catch the Premier League on Sky Sports in the way it's meant to be seen!

5 Nov 2007 20:10

The City Pride, Clerkenwell

*True* widescreen live sports is available at this pub, unlike many other pubs with so-called widescreen [[W]]. Excellent! Come here to watch the Premier League without any bits missing! Find out more about true widescreen availability in pubs in my profile.

2 Sep 2007 19:04

The Bell Inn, Salford Priors

*True* widescreen viewing for live sports is available at this pub. [[W]]

26 May 2007 13:23

Sibthorpe Arms, North Mymms

Extremely friendly and helpful staff, especially when I was asking about the different ales on offer. Nosh was very yummy, although they've recently changed their menu.

21 Apr 2007 23:41

The Harrier, Hatfield

This pub had 6 widescreen TVs showing Sky Sports, but with 1/3 of it missing off the sides of the screens, so I decided to conduct my usual Customer Concern test on this pub. I asked one of the ladies behind the bar to see the manager. She was very helpful and friendly and did as I'd asked. Out came another lady, who claimed that she WASN'T the manager, but asked how she could help, anyway. I told her how the pictures on the TVs were short and fat, but before I could explain that it was due to their Sky Digibox being incorrectly set up, she stopped me and said she wasn't willing to do anything for the benefit of a single "non-regular". Additionally, she just told me to sit down and finish off my drink - all without a smile. But the irony was that the request of this "non-regular" would have benefited all of the punters, including the poor subscriber-payer of the Sky Sports.. which is probably the manager who I'd failed to speak to.

Unfortunately for the residents of South Hatfield, the results rating of the test wasn't very high with this kind of attitude. And as far as I'm aware, there's still plenty of action missing from the TV screens. A complete shame about the obvious discrimination of regulars and non-regulars, too.

On a brighter note, the bar-lady who I'd initially spoken to quickly rushed out and apologised to me for the other lady's behaviour.

21 Apr 2007 23:33

Woodins Shades, Liverpool Street

Plenty of new plasma TV screens, but unfortunately completely wasted by being fed a non-widescreen picture making everything look fat on them. Both the subscription payer to Sky and the customers are losing out, and staff didn't seem too bothered, despite my raising the issue several times. I might try one more time now that Hamish has gone (not that I have anything against him - he's just not as... efficient in getting things done)

15 Apr 2007 18:08

Tommy Flynn's, Camden

Despite having multiple widescreen TVs at this pub, and making such a fuss about the football, last Sunday's FA Cup quarter final was not shown in true widescreen at all, but in fattyvision (pseudo-widescreen). Hop over to The Crescent to see 1/3 more of the picture. I wasn't going to speak to the manager, if he's anything like how he's been described in previous posts.

12 Mar 2007 19:17

The Walkabout, Finchley Road

A nice place to go for the live sport atmosphere. No plasmas here, but all their main TVs are widescreen CRTs, plus they show the main sports channels in true 16:9 widescreen (when available), unlike some of the other "status-conscious" pubs in the local area where customers lose a third (more) of the action even on the plasma screens. In addition, they have a massive projector screen downstairs and small monitors in the loos, so you're never too far away from the footie. If their featured live sports coverage isn't your thing, they also have Sky Sports News on every other screen so you can keep an eye on the other scores. No complaints about food/drinks/service.

25 Feb 2007 22:26

The Sports Cafe, Birmingham

Who? Me?
When I was last in, half their screens were showing the premiership footie in 16:9, and the other half showing the six nation rugby in stretchyvision. I had no idea if it was because they were using BBC1 analogue or what, but I left a message with the manager, anyway.

16 Feb 2007 00:55

Golden Lion, Soho

*True* widescreen viewing for live sports is available at this pub. [[W]]

9 Jan 2007 23:23

3 One 7, Hampstead

I've had some reports that the pub's Sky settings may have been reverted back to non-widescreen. I'll have to follow up and try and get confirmation of what the actual aspect ratios in use are.

26 Nov 2006 21:21

The Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

Martinl, blame $ky for not converting their popular-with-pubs rolling sports channel to widescreen!
At least the channel doesn't show live sport, or else I'd be even more peed off.

22 Aug 2006 22:05

The Bar at tcr, Tottenham Court Road

Spaino, doesn't like the widescreen issue has been sorted - they were still showing stretchy-vision the last time I took a peek.

6 Aug 2006 00:36

The Nags Head, Great Linford

This pub has now been successfully converted to showing true 16:9 pictures on their widescreen televisions. Come here to catch the Premiership action in its FULL (and unstretched) glory!

1 Aug 2006 21:22

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

I gotta say, I would also prefer a 4:3 CRT to a 16:9 plasma showing distorted 4:3 pictures! :)
Well, I would hope that I'm not the only reviewer for any pub here on BITE, so the all-round picture will build up from other contributors. I personally think the TV IS an important aspect, so combined with other reviews of other aspects, it can only be a good thing.
I probably WOULD take a look at the composite issue, but you've got to remember that the cause could be anything from the Sky Box settings to the type of cable being used to whether the SCART socket is actually RGB enabled, etc... My current campaign has an easy diagnosis and fix, and the improvements are far more dramatic than fixing dot crawl, for example.
BTW, name me any pub using a dodgy HDTV/SCART combo on their primary screens so I can have a good old laugh at their stupidity. Probably best to email me rather than post on here.

15 Jul 2006 19:37

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

Can't quite agree with the comment of the last poster, only because people don't visit a restaurant to enjoy lampshades, but people do make a point of going to the pub to watch the footie. Take the comment as an endorsement of the pub - a place where people can enjoy the football fully... not with 1/3 of the picture missing.

12 Jul 2006 17:24

The Bell, St Albans

Bit of a bummer.. management eventually decided to stick to 4:3/4:3L format, mainly because they only had one W/S TV on site, and several 4:3s/projectors. The plasma looks really weird now, with fat pictures AND black bars on the top and bottom. At least they had an idea of what was going on, unlike many other places.

29 Jun 2006 14:26

The Sports Cafe, Haymarket

Reported to be showing High Definition TV for their sports games. NICE!

13 Jun 2006 17:23

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