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Black Horse, Pluckley

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user reviews of Black Horse, Pluckley

please note - reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors, so don't take them too seriously.

The negative comments being made here about the Black Horse are likely being made by the same serial pest using multiple names. Paul and Sarah have been perfectly fine every time I ever stopped in for a pint and a feed. The same negativity about the pub was here before they even took over and I personally think Sarah is a terrific host. Best idea is to ignore anything we all say and go find out for yourself.
Skinner - 29 Jun 2013 08:22
Wow! I have been thoroughly entertained by the ding dong going on in these reviews! Just like a script from Emmerdale..... Anyway, after a Monday afternoon visit to this pub I can only report that I find this place rather pleasant with a nice pint of Spitfire served, although no cider other than the universally derided Strongbow. A lovley example of military hardware by the huge fireplace also cught my eye.. We also felt rather welcome and had a pleasant conversation with the barmaid during our visit
Buster_M - 24 Jan 2013 22:28
Came down from London to the Black Horse Pud and had a GREAT meal, friendly stuff, good beer, what else do you need? Don't understand the bad comments about this place. The landlord and his wife were there all the time and very welcoming. Must be a local probelm.
kev1 - 21 Mar 2012 12:00
I just need to reply to the comments below who say that Paul and Sarah are great people. I really believe they are and each time I have met them they are pleasant, friendly and appear keen to make sure our visit is pleasurable. Our favourite times to visit are Friday or Saturday night or Sunday lunchtime. But (BIG BUT) they are not there; nowhere to be seen; the staff do what they want - some are pleasant and professional some are not. But our landlords would not know as they are not there. The most important times in the life of any pub and they are absent. I think they the view running a pub as a 9-5 job. Its a great shame as I really do want to see our village pub being a vibrant, popular place - bringing in people from miles around.

One good point is that they have a new chef who turns out a good fare.
privateersman - 10 Sep 2011 12:16
You freak mmm different....

Oh the fun we could have, have all those tiny grey cells been devoured by the snow?

villagelocal - 18 Jul 2011 20:30
As we have said, Sour Grapes. Its the bitterness thats in your mouth not ours.
tbh - 18 Jul 2011 19:37

Sour Grapes Julie, is that all the pair of you could come up with, oh dear how sad, never mind at least the weather is good so plenty of passing trade, oh no its been raining for ages silly me.

What was the News of The World headline, oh yes “Thanks and Goodbye” the sooner we say goodbye too these two the better, shouldn’t be too long hopefully.

Still the other pubs around are all doing ok so maybe they should stay, who knows, still soon be snowing over half way through the year, sorry, but at least that will give the snow queen something else to play around with........

villagelocal - 18 Jul 2011 14:35
Sour Grapes Julie.
tbh - 17 Jul 2011 20:35
I had family from Spain and other parts of the UK staying , so 3 couples walked to this pub on a Saturday evening for a quick drink. One of my family does not drink and ordered a milky coffee (latte) and the bar staff gave her just a normal coffee. When she asked for more of a milky type coffee the landlord took over, Paul and said he would make it. He then turned to my family member and said "Stop starring at me" in a hustile tone which my family member replied "Sorry did not realise I was". He then stated that the coffee machine was broken so no coffee. So ended up with a coke instead. However, not 10 mins later the coffee machine was being used to make a coffee for another customer. The landlord was really rude and my family member was not a young cocky person but someone who is in their 60s. Agree with the comments on Sarah being a Snow Queen or could even be a fish wife the way she barks orders to staff and customers. The turn over in staff at this place is at quite a high level and it is no wonder. I am also sick of having my drink touched and saying "Shall I get you another one" even before you have finished your drink. Sarah needs to stop doing this. Well that is the last time for me and I shall not give it another chance, let alone a second glance. It is not people having gribes it is in fact the way you are treated. It is really appalling. For the passing Sunday trade, please don't be put off give it a try but villagers who would and could use the pub more frequently don't. Ask yourself why. This is the only local pub I know with no locals. We all can't be wrong.
Pubfriendly - 17 Jul 2011 17:53
Reading previous reviews I am wondering whether there might be two Black Horse pubs in Pluckley. I have visited the one next to the church - the only one as far as I am aware - numerous times and always found the hosts, Sarah and Paul, and their staff to be polite and helpful and the service they have provided first class. I can only guess that there is a grudge element at work within some of the adverse comments.
TRUESIGHT - 13 Jun 2011 10:01
How can you bar the locals, some twice and not expect a bit of a backlash, as others have said in the right hands it should be a lovely pub its just that Paul and the Snow Queen are the wrong people.

Plenty of other nice pubs in the area though so dont let this one put you visiting the area.
villagelocal - 2 Jun 2011 10:40
But at least the new fence looks nice, even with the bright yellow danger unsafe structure signs all over it, adds a bit of colour, shame the new ish photo doesnt reflect the pubs current condition.

Ahh well if you will continue to upset the locals what do you expect, at least the licensing officer and the local police pop in and around localy now...
Couldnt_stop_laughing - 19 May 2011 17:02
Went back to this pub to give it one last chance and the place is appalling! Paul and Sarah were no where to be seen for a good 2 and a half hours. When they did finnaly make an appearance, they just made themselves a cuppa and pissed off back upstairs, they didnt even say hello to the locals. They have employed new staff that dont know what they are doing. They still havent worked out that they need to do some work themselves. This pub (if in the right hands) would be fantastic, such a shame its run by a lazy man and a psychopath!

This pub will not be visited again untill it has changed hands.. (I give it 6 months!)
kentman - 16 May 2011 16:27
Went on the 2nd May for the Hog Roast - have to say that the food was really good as well as the atmosphere. Paul and Sarah were really friendly chatting to everybody, making sure that everybody was well fed and having a good time. As someone who hadn't been to the pub for several years I was really impressed.
Hett1 - 3 May 2011 22:31
Mixed bag this one. Had a good Sunday afternoon there with a good beef stew, all was sweetness and light. Dropped in more recently for a couple and the atmosphere was a little more varied to tense. A big place that needs a bit of a careful scrub up, especially the areas round the back which look like something from the 70s. In a bad way. Atmosphere is more important though and something just ain't quite right.
Billyfish - 3 May 2011 20:19
Not been here before and normally take internet comments with a big big pinch of salt but oh my goodness what an experience you should go just for the comedy value if nothing else its just well indescribable in polite language a funny experience, not for the faint hearted.....
so_so_sorry_we_stopped - 3 Apr 2011 22:38
Well what can you say, if you were passing I would just keep going it’s a lovely traveller’s pub so if you want too teach your kids some new words feel free.
Couldnt_stop_laughing - 3 Apr 2011 22:07
Paul and Sarah are great people and deseve a lot of credit for their hard work.

I've known Paul a number of years (probably 35 !) and he is a MASSIVE Manchester United fan. If you're passing please pop in and talk to Paul about the Red legends of the past and present, he is a wealth of knowledge about all things United.
red4life - 2 Apr 2011 20:09
I am gobsmacked! They got rid of Joe! Never again will we go ito this pub! They have lost the plot! Good chance it will have a sign "under new management " soon!
Nikschick - 30 Mar 2011 22:25
Paul and Sarah couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery ! thank goodness for the chef Joe !
Nikschick - 27 Mar 2011 17:48
My daughter and I visited this pub on two occasions about 4 months apart. Paul and Sarah remembered us from our first visit and made us extremely welcome. They were unfailingly kind and polite and good hosts, telling us about the local legends etc. We ate there on the second visit. The food was delicious and we are looking forward to going back again. I cannot understand the previous bad reviews. We found this pub one of the very best we've been to, and historically interesting too.
steamfreak - 17 Feb 2011 13:48
Loving darling buds of may, hubby treated me to a valentines weekend in Pluckley. Have read locals reviews but come from Cambridge so don't kn ow past history other than as the Hare and Hounds in Darling Buds Of May. Had an outstanding meal, found the atmosphere terrific. The open fires and warmth of the place so comfortable.The Landlord and his wife were more than accomodating and really friendly. Made us feel so very welcome an d gave us loads of local in fo. Locals may have personal axes to grind but as a visitor, cannot fault the place. Well done to both of you. Will not hesitate to recommend you.
bulldog59 - 15 Feb 2011 19:33
I just couldn’t stop laughing, my mates been apparently barred from the Black Horse after a falling out with the landlady, it all started after some old boy had threatened to call the police as he was unhappy with some of the activities of the local youngsters, the next thing the landlady says to the old boy you’ve had 3 pints we know who the drink drivers are we have CCTV maybe we should call the police. Anyway once I had finished taking the piss out of him I had to laugh some more.

Take care and drink aware you may be being watched….

Couldnt_stop_laughing - 11 Feb 2011 10:39
Had a meal at The Black Horse last week just had the Sunday roast which we found to be very tasty and good value for the money. The service was prompt and curteous would recommend to friends and family.
Tinkerclement - 3 Feb 2011 21:07
Not even the charms of a good barmaid cant save this pub now!!!!! the horse has already bolted!!! damage done!!! ITS ALL OVER. Sad but true. Archie Willet could be landlord yet!!!!!!!!
outandabouts - 21 Jan 2011 13:38
This pub has so much potential! Its just a shame Paul and Sarah have no idea and in my opinion, quite frankley are too lazy! On the other side, they have employed the right staff, one in particular Kate. She's always there happy and laughing and will really look after you! I believe she's half the reason this pub is still going! She knows more about whats going on than Paul and Sarah. Its got to point where only go in when she's working, the atmosphere is great in there when she's about! As I said, this pub has alot of potential. I hope Paul and Sarah can see this and do something about it.
kentman - 17 Jan 2011 09:42
I agree with the last two comments. This pub has had a chequered history. I had high hopes for this pub and indeed it seemed that Paul and Sarah were going to give it their best shot. Unfortunately, the problem seems to be Paul and Sarah! Prehaps they are not landlord material? I have decided not to frequent this pub anymore, with no atmosphere, cold, serving food to only who they consider desirable - it won't be missed.

It is a shame, I love the building and really wanted it to work, afterall it should be the heart of the village.
Pubfriendly - 7 Jan 2011 15:00
A lovely pub great location just a shame it doesn’t keep regular hours, doesn’t always serve food and yes is sometimes freezing. Staff are mostly nice just as well as you rarely see the landlord or landlady. Paul and Sarah have managed in just a few months what took Kevin years too do, empty the place.

Come back Kevin and Sonja all is forgiven please

villagelocal - 4 Jan 2011 23:59
The Honeymoon is truely over!!!! We have been in several times since the new owners moved in back in the summer and are disapointed that things appear to be on the slide so quickly. We were made to feel very uncomfitable when a kind hearted local was torn off a strip by the landlady in front of everyone for lighting the fire as we were dining in our winter coats!! she then proceeded to give us a well rehearced sales pitch regarding the local /organic sourcing of the food which was rather intense and rather embarrassing!! That said the food was resonable and the Hobgobin very drinkable. The Barmaid although pleasent looked thorouhly miserable.We put this down the sub zero temperatures she was having to endure!!
outandabouts - 4 Jan 2011 13:38
We were in the other night at about 8:30. We asked if they were serving food. The surly barmaid gave a sharp intake of breath as she looked at the clock. Turned back to us and stared as if we were being weighed up. Then said "oh I suppose it will be OK". Not a good start at all. I am concerned that the good start that Sarah and Paul made is now a bit of a honeymoon. We have been in several times now since they took over and very rarely see them. I don't think they see how their staff are treating customers. My belief is that they should be in the bar leading by example. The evening staff, sometimes polite and sometime surly will determine the success of this pub.
privateersman - 23 Nov 2010 22:43
We Pluckley Bell Ringers are very pleased to have the Black Horse as our local - especially now that Hobgoblin is on tap! It's a lovely building, set in the village where the Darling Buds of Mays was filmed, with exposed beams and inglenook fireplaces. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the food is good! We recommend it :-)
PluckleyBellRingers - 7 Oct 2010 19:00
The Black Horse has some excellent, well kept and superbly tasty beer (currently Hobgoblin, Spitfire and Green King) and the new owners and staff offer a nice welcoming atmosphere. We've been to a couple of functions there recently and the food was very good indeed, politely served and very fresh and tasty.
TheWinder - 27 Sep 2010 15:19
Following the funeral of our mother, in Pluckley church, we chose to celebrate her life with family and friends (ranging in age from 20 months to 80 years) here. Sarah and Paul provided a lunch-time finger-buffet for 90+ people, with welcome drinks of sherryporteverages; and teacoffee throughout the afternoon.

The food was fresh and sourced from local business. It was delicious and beautifully presented. We were impressed with attention to food hygiene regs., which meant that the buffet was continually replenished from the kitchen. Catering was perfect, with only a small amount of food left over (which we were given to take home).

The staff were delightful and everyone commented on how welcome they were made to feel. Requests were met immediately and with kindness and consideration.

In addition to generous space, for our guests, in the the restaurant, we were invited to use the beautifully kept garden, as the weather was warm and sunny.

The occasion was about as perfect as it could have been; and we would recommend the Black Horse at Pluckley, for private parties, gatherings or business presentations. Our grateful thanks to Sarah, Paul and their professional team, for turning what could have been a very sad occasion into one of warmth and enjoyment.
rb6822 - 26 Sep 2010 17:04
I recently attended my sisters wedding at the Black Horse, Having read previous reviews on the pub i was a bit sceptical. But having recently taken over the present landlord and landlady and their staff were very friendly and polite, they made us all feel very welcome. The food served was very delicous and i would go back for more. I would not hestitate to NOW reccomend the Black Horse to people i know. Thanks for a great evening
kazmcd - 1 Sep 2010 09:30
We recently held our wedding reception at the Black Horse, on the 20th Aug 2010, luckily for us the pub was under new ownership. Paul and Sarah did an amazing job as they only moved in on the 13th Aug 2010. We are very thank ful to them and their staff who gave us an amazing day to remember!.
We also returned for sunday carvary and this was also very nice too!.
We would reccomend the pub to anyone, and judging how busy the pub was it seems as tho word is speading quickly!.
Gareth & Suzy
GarethSuzyLane - 30 Aug 2010 16:30
The Black Horse is now warm, bright and friendly. In the 2 weeks since the new landlords (Paul and Sarah) have taken over, there has been a liveliness and a welcoming atmosphere that just makes you want to go back. The bar staff are friendly and professional and customer service appears to be their watchword. Good pub food on offer using local produce. Pluckley is a beautiful small village and is completed by a pub like the Black Horse at its heart. Well done guys!! I am really looking forward to the Black Horse becoming the well-renowned Kentish pub it once was.
privateersman - 30 Aug 2010 07:35
Pub has just been taken over by new owners who were really friendly and welcoming.

We had some food which was good traditional pub grub, a lot better than some of the rubbish you get served in some country pubs!

We were only in Pluckley for two days, however we were happy to spend both evenings in the Black Horse.
barbal - 20 Aug 2010 23:36
Don;'t know why I feel drawn to this pub, but I've only ever stayed for a cup of coffee (usually delivered with the maximum of surlines by aforementioned pony-haired barman). I guess the grumpiness of staff helps to support the assertion that the pub is haunted. Would love to try the Dering Arms for food, but always closed in the afternoon..
Cate4U - 2 Aug 2010 17:04
Popped in for a pint and a sandwich and all was fine. My only gripe was a bloke with a laughable girly pony tail blatantly smoking in the bar and walking to and fro the kitchen. Disgusting.

nickthefish - 31 May 2010 08:19
Diabolical. Surly staff. Empty beer glasses left all over the place with no effort to clean them up at all. Asked for an orange squash and was given an orange juice (out of the tap and was disgusting) and subsequntly informed to pay £3. When I enquired ''How much?'' I was told ''It's the countryside'' as if that gives them a right to offer a Mayfair premium, hauty service, the right to rip you off and give you drinks you didn't even order! If you're in the area. Go to the Dering arms insteady where you'll fine fabulous sevice in a charming, historical situation.
gooey - 18 Apr 2010 17:35
There is something very odd about this place. It is an extremely attractive and interesting building with a big garden with shade and sun available in the summer. In the village centre but a quiet location betwixt the church and the 2 village shops. Setting is very pretty. The history and alleged ghostly past puts it firmly on the tourist trail as does the Dalring Buds of May tie in. You would think with all this going for that it would be a welcoming pub with good food and beer but it isnt. The staff are at best disintered and at worst downright surly. It was so bad i abandoned my plans to eat, enjoyed an OK pint in the pleasant garden and moved on.
Snowy3uk - 14 Jan 2010 17:07
I visited this pub recently and I just had to comment because it must be the strangest place I've ever visited!!! Firstly, the staff were extemely hostile towards us from the minute we set foot in the door. It was like the film warewolf in London, when the two americans visit a village pub and everybody looks up and glares at you! Its like, nobody wants u there.
We didnt eat there so i cannot comment on the food, we actually only went there to investigate the villages hauted past which strangely the locals did NOT want to talk about, they didn't answer many questions they just mumbled something about a map u can buy from behind the bar.

At the end of the night a very loud man came it and shouted at us "WHAT HAVE WE HERE THEN- WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING??!!" and more or less told us to get out even though it wasnt quite closing time. Very very weird people!!! It was a very strange place to visit and i really wouldn't recommend it to anybody (well, other than the locals because they seem to be the only people welcome!!)
There was one lady who was O.K behind the bar who spoke to us but most of them seemed too busy 2 even look at us let alone enter into a converstation with our group.

All i can say is... enter at your own peril!!
hanhan24 - 11 Oct 2009 09:15
Echoing previous comments concerning the Black Horse, this pub seems to generate an atmosphere of disinterest and possibly aggression towards customers.

Recently we planned to enjoy a family evening meal at the Black Horse. Upon entering the bar area we were greeted by the sight of bar staff slouched over the bar engaged with what I presume to be other staff members, in “fruitful” conversation using language that was totally uncalled for and out of place.

To then encounter a free roaming Boxer dog (which I believe belongs to the pub) which had to be manoeuvred past before reaching the bar led me to consider that this might not be the best place to spend our evening.

At no time during our brief attendance at the Black Horse did any of the staff ask if they could help/assist/serve us, being far more interested in continuing their own conversation. Attracting no attention from the pub’s staff we duly departed and made alternative very acceptable arrangements elsewhere.

Reading a number of comments concerning the quality, or rather lack of it, of staff, service, food and management I consider we probably had a lucky escape.

We will certainly never be visiting this pub again and I would not recommend anyone else to do so either. Clearly a major problem exists concerning the management and running of the Black Horse.

helpfulobservations - 28 Aug 2009 15:47
this pub was definitely one of the best meals out I've had in a long time, he food was delicious and delivered on time, and was well cooked, prepared, looked good and was very tasty. I don't know what this rubbish is about flies on the food, but it certainly didn't seem like the kind of place that would deliver food with flies on it, and personally, i agree with the manager, it does sound like someone trying to get a cheap meal...

As far as i can tell, a lot more customers go away happy, satisfied, and full than go away complaining and grumbling.

i well and truly enjoyed my time at this pub, and it is definitely worth visiting.

matthewjames - 13 Aug 2009 01:33
Visited the Black Horse today and could not belive how below standard not only the food was but the service.
My partner ordered a prawn cocktail, which came to our table with little Marie Rose sauce, WHITE thin sliced Tesco value bread and an excuse for a wedge of lemon. I ordered crab with avocado which was presented much the same, very average indeed for over six pounds each! We then were presented with our mains, i had the off the bone ham salad, old brown salad leaves, hard new boiled potatoes, hard boiled egg which was grey around the yoke and a splodge of coleslaw, just all horrible, the ham was insipid and plated up in a slap dash manner. My partners roast beef was ropey too, roast potatoes were old and tasted like they had been warmed through, not cooked fresh!
DO NOT EAT AT THIS PUB... its just disgraceful, the chef is obviously not passionate about his work and couldnt give a damn if the people that are paying his wages walk away happy or not. On this occasion i would say do give up your day job!!!
lisa2702 - 9 Aug 2009 17:11
What should be a lovely country pub in a lovely village but seems to have a flat and rather unpleasant atmosphere. A scowling female behind the bar and what appeared to be a licensee on the punters' side of the bar - drinking. He just kept glaring at us - obviously unhappy about having a group of men whom he didn't know come in. Never going back. It's not just the fault of the duty tax on beer that pubs are suffering. They suffer because of people like these idiots.
JimQ - 19 Jul 2009 18:52
Stay away unless you like a fight to round off your visit to a pub!

Stopped here for lunch last week and would never go back after the shocking service we received.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and the pub was just not geared up for it. The bar staff were doing their best but it appeared that there were just 3 people serving drinks, taking food orders and waiting on tables.

Our food was ordered at 1:40 and we went to the large beer garden. On the way there, we were told to pick up some cutlery but the there was none left. We asked if there was any more and were told someone would bring it to us. After waiting for 1 hour, I went to the bar and was told the food was literally just being done so went back to the garden and waited again. Another half hour passed with no food and no cutlery brought out! I asked again where the food was and once again the food was on it's way! I told the bar staff that this wait was a bit long and someone should have informed us it would be this long and was told to tell Julie.

FInally, after an hour and 40 minutes the food came out and some was brought by Julie. She asked if we'd like to see the proprietor which we said we would. We ate our food which was lovely although there wasn't much veg and 6 roast potatoes served up for 4 people!

Just like the cutlery, the proprietor never came out to us! We went into the bar to see why no one had come out to us and Julie went to get him. I don't know what had been said to him or what he'd been drinking or more likely taking but the owner came down and he had the shakes.

We were told we hadn't been waiting for that long even though I showed him my receipt with the time on it and were then told we had been rude to the staff. Not sure how as they were too busy to even talk to.

We didn't get an apology, just an argument and having been told that we were liars (with black and white proof that we weren't) were offered a fight and told to go.

As we left, the proprietor then made a scene at the front of the pub for everyone to see still calling us liars. Finally, one of the regulars who appeared to be drunk then offered another fight!

Needless to say, we won't be going back!
Love_A_Lager - 17 May 2009 08:42
Avoid this pub. Used the Black Horse for the odd drink before and liked the setting and the pretty building, so we thought we would give it a try for food.

We bought a drink and ordered our food, from a limited menu. After waiting for an hour, we enquired how long and was told it would be with us shortly, but we do serve people who have booked first (when we ordered the food, there was no mention of this or a long wait). After 1 hour and 40 mins it arrived. The food was fine apart from 6 roast potatoes in a dish and a small dish of vegetable to share for 4 people! No apology for the delay, so we asked if we could have a free drink because of the wait. The lady said we had to speak to another lady, who did come over and said she could not, but would you like to see the proprietor. We said yes. Some 40 mins after this, we still had not seen the proprietor.

As we were now ready to leave and had no apology for the length of wait for our food, we went from the garden into the pub and saw the lady who said she would get the proprietor. Two minutes later an agressive man turned up, who's opening line was "I hear you have been complaining" and said we had not been waiting 1 hour and 40 mins. When he was shown the receipt clearly showing the time of ordering his line was we were told about the delay at the time of ordering. I explained if that was the case, we would have had our1 drink and gone elsewhere. At no point did we raise our voices or say anything other than we had an excessive wait for food, but the proprietor, then started telling us to F*** OFF and threatened to hit me, if we did not leave his pub. This man made himself look a complete fool in front of other customers in his pub. I cannot believe in this climate, an independant pub, treats its customers in this way.

As we then left the pub, another man, which we can assume was the proprietors friend ( who appeared drunk), was screaming at the top of his voice you have not paid all your bill (which we had, as you pay as you place your order).

This pub does not deserve to stay in business.
house987 - 11 May 2009 19:49
I certainly won't be going back.. I met some friends there for lunch on Sunday and they were very inflexible. There was a limited menu of main courses - my friends each ordered a main meal but I just wanted a small meal or snack as I was having a large meal in the evening. They wouldn't allow me to have a children's size roast and weren't prepared to offer anything else so I sat there with a cup of coffee!

Had there been anywhere else to go, we would've left as they aren't customer friendly at all. This is clearly the problem - they are one of only a couple of pubs and therefore get most of the business without trying.

Very disappointing.

PinkPanther - 19 Feb 2009 16:27
Would be a good pub if it had a good manager. I took friends tehre for a meal and the food was covered in flies. When I complained the bar manager said that we were only doing this to get a free meal. He then offered to fight me. The manager was drunk which I have always found this to be a sign of a bad establishment. This is the worst service I have ever experienced. I'm sure the spirits who live there will be looking for a new residence.
eastkent08 - 20 Jan 2009 19:33
A good place for a pint, and if the weather was better the beer garden would be a smashing place to sit.
But in all honesty (and in no way running the place down at all) there's nothing about the place that puts it above the local competition. It's a good pub in an area of good pubs.
MankyBadger - 4 Oct 2008 23:24
warm atmosphere, pleasant bar staff and friendly locals. spooky things happened with a mobile phone while we were there. it kept turning itself on and off.
twizzle19 - 13 Feb 2008 19:54

got anything to say about this pub?

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