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If you want to know about me, is a good place to start.

Beer in the Evening was once a hobby of mine. It can be a really good way to find a decent pub, to see what others have to say about a place before you venture in. A word of warning though - if someone's gushing praise or totally condemning somewhere, click on their name - if they've only rated the one pub, then you can safely ignore them :o)
Click on my name to see my comments on over a hundred pubs in the south east, and if you know somewhere good, why not tell me !

Here's MY rating criteria - other people rate differently. Me - I rate on beer. NOT food ! After all, that's what this website is about

0 - Somewhere that has personally insulted me. I've given this to seven out of 170+ bite ratings

1 - The absolute pits - claims to do real ale, but doesn't, and doesn't want you in there because you're not a local

2 - - The absolute pits - does do real ale, but doesn't want you in there because you're not a local

3 - The sort of place that couldn't do any better, even if it tried.

4 - The sort of place that could do better if it tried.

5 - A poor pub. Acceptable, but poor.

6 - The average pub.

7 - A good pub - with something above the ordinary, be it the location, the cleanliness, the standard and choice of ale.

8 - A very good pub - with something that appeals to me personally, be it pickled eggs, the beer selection, the friendliness of the staff and or clientelle.

9 - An absolute gem with something unique about it. I've given this to five out of 100+ bite ratings

10 - Reserved for the best pub in the country. Not given any yet.

Username: MankyBadger

Age: 60

Sex: male

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British Volunteer, Ashford

Has closed and been knocked down

20 Oct 2016 21:53

The City of London, Dymchurch

What a shame... the owners clearly are putting in a load of effort... and sitting outside are a bunch of teenagers pissed out of their skulls seeing who can shout swear word the loudest.
I won't be going back; won't be recommending anyone else does...

31 Aug 2014 20:47

The Carlisle, Hastings

Seven years since I reviewed the place - time to revisit. The ale was sour and the bar staff didn't seem bothered. They were more interested in short-changing. Pay with a twenty quid note; get the change from a tenner...
Will be another seven years until I go back...

20 Jul 2014 08:02

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