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The Woolpack Inn, Warehorne

This has turned into a favourite haunt. Curiously, when I first came here a number of years ago it looked like so many other gastro pubs; someone had come along, knocked all the internal walls down, cleaned it up and carefully washed away anything meaningful and characterful about the place, leaving a nice old building detached from its past, its ghosts, its timeline and any kind of atmosphere. Since then, Ramblinns have come along and have retro-fitted it. I say retro-fitted, but as I don’t know what it looked like before I’m not sure that this is the right term. It may never have looked like it does now, can never be re-connected to its past, but at least the décor and atmosphere have been addressed. Gone is the minimalist open plan Farrow&Ball look and in are the internal walls, nooks and crannies, cosy seats, bonkers steam-punked bits and bobs in glass, wood and brass (up-turned half champagne bottle candle holders, chain and copper pipe loo roll holders etc etc) and the atmosphere now warm, welcoming and convivial. It’s a bit restauranty, but you can still have a good pint here – well kept Tonbridge ales and a central pubby area. It has a gin menu and the wine I am told is good. The food is a big draw and the main earner (the days we live in I fear). But the food is also top notch and locally sourced. The staff are immaculate, there has been a bit of a turnover over the last couple of years but whoever comes in is always very very good, very attentive and friendly. Throw in the bucolic little village and the views of the church and across the marsh and the local walks and this place really hits the spot. Someone has worked very hard to make this place work and it shows.

5 Jun 2018 11:38

Mermaid Inn, Rye

...having been in again, what the bar area clearly needs is some of the tables removed. Lovely big fire place and what could be a very nice room indeed.

6 Feb 2015 12:49

The Crown, Stoke By Nayland

A tad gastro for my taste, but it's been done well and not done out in identikit Farrow & Ball greenygrey like so many up and down the country. The beer is good, the staff are friendly and the food very nice indeed, it has its own smokery so was always going to be a winner with me. Not sure it has the kind of atmosphere that would make me drop in for a pint of an evening, I was there for lunch and as such it hit the spot.

6 Feb 2015 12:28

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