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Peacock, Tower Hill

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user reviews of the Peacock, Tower Hill

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A very unusual pub for this part of the world. The architecture alone makes it worth a visit and as another reviewer commented, it has the feel of an old-fashioned working men's club, or possibly a 1930s roadhouse pub, about it.

The beer was good, the landlord asked what I thought of it and seemed to take a real pride in his cellarmanship. That said, he seemed the sort of whom a little would go a long way. I'm not sure if I could take him on a regular basis although this could easily be a regular haunt of mine.
djw - 9 Jun 2015 22:44
We'd been meaning to try this pub for ages, but reading some reviews on this site, didn't have high expectations so only intended popping in for a "pit-stop" early lunchtime before heading elsewhere . Of the five hand-pumps on the bar, only three were in use and we both opted for pints of Windsor & Eton Guardsman. However, after the first pint was pulled, the woman behind the bar told me the barrel had run out - no problem - I went for a pint of excellent Butcombe Bitter instead. We were about half way through our pints (walking is thirsty work!) when the pubs landlord suddenly appeared at our table - he asked who had had the pint of Guardsman and when my wife said it was her, he almost insisted that he replace it with a pint from the new barrel he'd just put on. He said he personally never liked drinking the last pint from a barrel and took some convincing that it wasn't necessary (my wife being the first person to complain about beer if it's "off"). He then took the trouble to stop for a quick chat with us. It goes without saying that following that, it would have been mean spirited not to stay and have another!

DaveE6 - 6 Mar 2015 17:07
No.No No

Walked into the main door only to have the landlord/staff shouting about how much money he has to three suits lapping up every word.
Beer choice excellent though so we stayed for a couple of beers.

Barked at when asked for the pub darts ? Why have the dart board if you dont want anyone to play?

So sat in the corner of this dark dingy pub. We left halfway through our second pint as the loud landlord was now shouting about being in the SAS or something and the talk was turning very racist which my colleague found extremely hurtful.

Nice range of beers, but cold cold dark pub and I imagine its a locals only BNP or EDL kind of place.
allornothing - 7 Aug 2014 12:56
A horrible, horrible dark hole of a pub. Rude landlord. Staff not welcoming in the least. Pub all about the locals (male), darts, big beer bellies, and 100 % polyester shirts with sweat stains under the arms. Also beware playing music on their juke box. Place has made me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian, teetotaller before it is too late. An earthly equivalent of Dante's 3rd circle of hell. Good choice of beers though.
st_buryan - 3 May 2014 09:57
I was here at about 1pm on a Tuesday lunch time. They don't (appear) to do food so perhaps that's why it was so quiet. Quite large downstairs, with a dart board as an attraction. (I didn’t venture upstairs). Had a slightly 'trade and socials' feel to it but I'd still recommend a visit. I had a very nice pint of Hackney Best. Not unduly expensive. Friendly bar staff too.
Doob - 27 Nov 2012 15:53
Fairly edgy kind of pub located in a nice Art Deco building. Only 2 beers were on - Hackney Best Bitter & Golden Ale. Although there are more handpulls and they may have been winding down for the weekend, with it being late on a Friday evening. Music was on a bit too loud for my liking. Upstairs the pool table was occupied by 2 people. There were several downstairs. But otherwise, there were few customers. Overall, not a bad choice if you happen to be in the area.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Jul 2012 12:16
Same pubs for the last 2 months as `Pub of the Day` very strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stroller - 11 Mar 2012 11:46
In here for an evening session in early December, and it did the job. A couple of unusual ales on tap plus a couple of standards, good range, excellent jukebox (free, if I remember rightly) and the place was unexpectedly not filled with pillocks in suits. A good pub in an uninspiring area.
cid - 9 Jan 2012 09:42
Been there once or twice, OK when you've got the upstairs to yourself for a game of darts, despite the lack of proper oches and sub-standard lighting compared to other venues, but as soon as someone gets on the pool table you might as well not bother. Also a bit irritating to be going up and down stairs every ten minutes.
slim1690 - 8 Jul 2011 01:37
Excellent pints, worthy of the Camra awards. Ringwood, Wads 6 and Redemption all on top form.
gmb6 - 30 Mar 2011 11:20
Beer badly kept and customers of the City Boy ilk. Not pleasant, not clever.
ericthered - 29 Mar 2011 13:29
Obviously a Marmite Pub, but we loved it. Great beer and friendly staff and customers. It was nice to see some unusual ales on too, as Gatelad said, it is not cheap, though average of what we seen of the area, there again, we stayed on the local stuff which was coming in at under £3.00 per pint and was very good indeed. Shame there is no outside area and it is closed at weekends though.
digby.smith - 28 Mar 2011 15:44
Not sure what you call the external architecture - it just looks "modern" to this old git! Internally I would describe it as scruffy but comfortable. Plenty of chairs and tables considering no catering. There were 4 handpumps with all beers available - I had the Woodford Wherry which was pricey at £3.40 for a 3.8% beer. Upstairs had dart boards where some suits seemed to have a regular contest going on. Nothing really attractive to tempt me make another visit but you couldn't fault the beer.
JBGatelad - 26 Mar 2011 09:57
god this is a dead hole. Thank god we only have to meet up here after work , I would kill my self if I had to stay here for more than 15 mins.

bendyboo - 23 Mar 2011 14:40
Donjuan. Well, all I can say is my personal experience was truly reflected here. I too was confused about the varying reviews, though having looked it seems many of them are from one line contributors who seem to run down every other establishment. Given the amount of CamRa Beer Awards, the Cask Marque, etc, I can only imagine the rather gregarious Landlord has put a nose out of joint somewhere, or of course, that some rival is making mischief; I strongly suspect the latter! It is a great shame some people cannot be grown ups.
bobbyredsocks - 16 Mar 2011 19:11
Is there any other pub on here with more mixed reviews?Its either the best pub in London or the worst.Someone is telling porkies
donjaun - 16 Mar 2011 12:41
We too had a great experience with the Landlord. We went in here to watch the racing and had an exceptional day quaffing gorgeous ales. Sadly, we discovered rather late that they did not have Sky TV and did not intend to screen the match; when the staff discovered what we wanted, they asked the Landlord, he immediately phoned other Pubs in the area to see who was showing the match. He even went as far as to nearly walk us the door of the other Pub as we did not know the street, now that is what I call service. We had a great day in The Peacock, the staff are very pleasant and accommodating, all speaking English, which is rare nowadays, the place is clean and tidy and a good range of fine ale, plus the standard lager (not that I drink it) all of which is. The only real issue is that they do not serve food, but once again, they recommended a local sandwich bar and allowed us to consume our fare in the Pub. Well worth a visit.
bobbyredsocks - 16 Mar 2011 11:38
Having just updated a few reviews in this area it seems that this place (and the landlord) gets mentioned quite a lot. Seems something is going on but my experience (admittedly only based on one visit) was a very good one as described below.
Rod_Hariga - 12 Mar 2011 12:33
Popped in here, and a few others in the city area, before a game at Dagenham (do I know you Essex Rider?) and was very impressed. Three well kept ales on from Ringwood, Hook Norton and a very hoppy Redemption. The barmaid was pleasant and chatty, informed us that the landlord was into his ales and offered CAMRA members a discount. When the landlord came in later she introduce us. He was enthusiastic and knowledgable about his ale and really welcoming. We said we were sampling a few pubs in the city and he gave us some advice on nearby pubs that we hadn't got on our list and even took us to one and bought us a drink there. Admittedly it was mid afternoon when trade was slow as most people had gone back to work but have to admit that I was somewhat amazed by the welcome. It was a real surprise to get a welcome like that in a city pub and I'd certainly use this if in the city during the week.
Rod_Hariga - 12 Mar 2011 11:32
what a load of bollocks
theguv1 - 10 Mar 2011 10:15
Excellent Pub with a very friendly atmosphere, the locals treat you as their own. Exceptionally friendly staff, who look after you very well and indeed. A good selection of ale; Ringwood Best, Hooky Bitter, Wadsworth 6X which is unusual for London and a great Local brew, we tried them all and they were spot on, also a standard range of lagers. The staff and landlord even went to lengths advising us about where to eat and other good al pubs to drink in. Top hole place.
barryburger - 10 Mar 2011 10:08
I`m with you Pat B. a PR team at work or staff etc, i`m smelling a great big Roland !!!
anonymous - 9 Mar 2011 16:11
have to agree with pat,i know this pub from old...and they just dont ring rating given
theguv1 - 9 Mar 2011 15:10
The extensive review below mine must be fake surely.

First ever comment.

Oh, and the one below that.
Pat_Bateman - 9 Mar 2011 14:36
I got dragged in here by a couple of mates who wanted to scratch a few pubs in the Fenchurch street Tower Hill area on route to a dire football game at Dagenham.
I have to say the choice of ales was first class , I tried two , Hooky and Ringwood and they were the BEST kept ales I have ever tasted in London, the bar stewardess a young blonde girl was also very friendly to us and wanted to discuss the good beer and good pubs in the area, we were introduced by the owner / the landlord, Gary, who was really a friendly guy with a Great Sence of Humour, he delayed going out to visit a colleague to speak to us, he made us laugh with his jokes about where he originated from ,then after a long conversation about Good Real Ale and the best pubs in London, was kind enough to take us to one of his few fave bars in the area, he there bought us each a drink.
The peacock is Very Clean and tidy and lager and cider drinkers are catered for, we didn't have time for food , but upstairs we were told there was a pool table and a Great Juke box if you like real ale with music , I might be in the minority for this ,but I do . Yes I was most impressed with The Peacock and will be back there again on my next trip to London.
Essexrider - 9 Mar 2011 13:51
Customers = brillant, great banter had with all - regulars and newbies to the area!
Staff = Excellent!
Juke Box = amazing, great selection or tunes!

All in all, a fab place will definately return on many occasions! Approved.
rindle - 24 Feb 2011 02:31
Please be aware that the last comment seems rather phoney!!!
beerintheeveningMod - 23 Jan 2011 22:27
Liked it so much, I am a temporary regular. Pleasant staff, respectable clientele of varying ages, all of whom seemed very friendly.

The ale it must be said is wonderful, the best I have had in the area and it is rather odd to see Ringwood in central London. The LocAle did it for me though, both the Hotspur and the IPA are a great pint. Well done.

whitenight - 20 Jan 2011 17:53
Got dragged in last Friday , if this was the last pub in the world I would stop drinking .
Not so much as the attitude from the "staff" its the whole dirty old man look you get when a girl walks they advertise for dirty old men as customers here? .Last time I will ever go to this dump.I mean it this time Jamie lol

hotlipz - 20 Jan 2011 13:48
i thought one of the main attractions of this pub was the constantly changing well kepts ales, well true the quality is still superb but the choice these days is almost always the same, the needless brash loud music (presumably for the benefit of the bar staff) and a really dire choice of bottled beers/ciders its really not worth a trek across town, far better places around this area.
moclips2002 - 16 Jan 2011 10:53
Not the worst pub in the area , but very very close.
Nice if you squint your eyes, hold your nose and try to think happy thoughts.
I suppose if the staff tried to lift their heads out of their magazines and thought about cleaning the tables, or low and behold serving the waiting customer and her friend , then it would pass for at least a half decent dirty dump!
bendyboo - 14 Jan 2011 19:39
In town for work, had walked past this pub a couple of times during the week and finally ventured in on Friday night about 11ish after work drinks elsewhere.
This is a little gem - a proper english boozer in the city!
Great ale (only 2 available but understandable when they are closed weekends) Had the Ringwood - was Spot on!
Got busier as the night progressed, which added to the already great atmosphere.
Nice mix of people, the jokes and banter with the staff over the bar was great, even chatted to a few of the regulars.
Unlike previous comments, I found the staff to be extremely friendly, chatting away to everyone and having a laugh whilst still serving quickly.
will hopefully be back in london soon for work and The Peacock will certainly be visited again, Great night. Ending my week in London with a bang!
Freds01 - 21 Nov 2010 16:14
really love to slum it sometimes.The Peacock is the kind of place you go when you feel low, because its just so useless , dirty and full of losers that you feel like all your problems can never be that low...ha ha .

Sorry bit harsh but it is true., bad beer, bad staff always empty .
hotlipz - 21 Nov 2010 14:00
Total sh1thoLE.

dont waste your time...
Staff are very good at ignoring you, dartboards are a joke, and as for light?..
.Some pubs should be turned into shops or offices, this is one that would be better suited as a McDonalds or a card shop...its Useless.
anonymous - 16 Sep 2010 15:34
I was also at this pub last Friday and also couldn't believe that they had 3 out of 4 pumps disabled for the evening. Maybe this is their way of stopping young suits from getting too drunk? Anyway thank goodness for the Guinness when the barrel was actually put on. But why oh why have only one pool table when there is ample room for more?
crumble - 29 Aug 2010 18:43
Very disappointing visit to this pub last Friday. Arrived at 5 o'clock on a Friday in the summer which I would have thought would be a busy night for them. Obviously they didn't think so as they had 3 out of 4 pumps turned around and said they were finished and not being replaced - at the START of a FRIDAY night!. Not wanting a pint of the other bitter we asked for a couple of pints of Guinness - this prompted some huffing and puffing as it meant the barrel would have to be changed - do they want to sell any beer here? Upstairs the pool table was busy with several suits having covered it with excessive coins to ward off any thoughts anyone else might have of getting a game. Overall, poor selection of beer, staff disinterested, no reason to go back. I guess the Guinness, when it came, was fine.
SPJ - 29 Aug 2010 18:10
As mention....Timing certainly is everything when at the Peacock. On the 2 occasions my mates and I have been here, we have arrived around 9.30-10ish to find it with a resonable amount of patrons and an average atmosphere...that is until bout 11 - 11.30 which i was told, that all the other pubs in the area are closed, we are the only pub open till 1am.
Before I knew it the place was packed, with a vast variety of people incl. young suits, the older crowd and even one of the staff who knocked off early was there chatting away to everyone.(even jumped behind the bar to help when it was busy and even collected the empties....even though they had finished their shift!! )

Extremely friendly staff, most places you go the bar staff hardly understand what you want....staff here all speak english!! 2 of them are british and a kiwi lass! They even knew our round of drinks better than we did!

Music.....a juke box to die for!

2 Dart boards and pool available (upstairs) which at about 12ish was closed off.....however they let my mates and I use the dart board downstairs!

I personally am not an ale drinker - but my husband tried the Redemption (apparently a new one the market and local london ale) says it was spot on!

We will definately be returning here when we are next in the area!!
Phlex - 21 Jul 2010 03:03
No 1 pub on BITE with a rating of 7.8. You must be joking. The manager must be getting his mates to rate it up as this pub has shot to the top from nowhere. Far better pubs than this abound.
ALAN.C - 20 Jul 2010 19:05
Not a Bar I would return to.
Asked the staff if we could play darts, and got the shoulder shrug, and "no we got a match on",so, erm when asked why we couldnt play before the teams turned up at 6, we got told" NO I SAID",..hmmm, nice attitude.
So usual east end bar,, dirty toilets, rude staff, old smell...erm, thanks., but I think there are a few classy bars close by so you wont be seeing me or the lads again.
REAL.ALEDARTS - 16 Jun 2010 15:46
blonde_babe69 - 16 Jun 2010 15:27
An avid darts player, I have decided to comment of all the Pubs I have played in recently.

This I would say is a true darts venue. Great (Blade 3) Boards (4), all well presented and lit, each fitted with Winmau Electronic Scoring. We had spent some time here and were disappointed when the staff pointed out there was a match starting at 6, fearing the worst we started to pack up, until the staff pointed out that there where more boards upstairs and even helped us carry out chattels and goods. A lovely little games area is to be found on the first floor, well lit and equipped.

It was good to see some local ale on the bar, which it must be said was delightful and cheap for the area, also and not the norm for the area, Ringwood Best Bitter, which was in excellent form. CAMRA discounts are available too, though not too well advertised! The only remark I can make of the previous posts is we found the staff lovely, helpful and all speak English, whilst we did not try the Doom Bar, having had it elsewhere, did PJH just hit the end of the barrel and not have the foresight to point it out?

All over one of the best venues we had been in. Welcoming, exceptionally clean, though a bit of paint here and there would not go a miss. Great ales at good prices and as the evening wore on, as others have said, it just got busier and busier.

ArryArrows - 8 Jun 2010 14:18
It would seem that, as with most things, timing is everything when visiting the Peacock. It was the second pub on our crawl yesterday afternoon and when we arrived at 1.30 it was very quiet. Service was quick and efficient, but the Doom Bar we had was disappointing. I'm sure that the time of our arrival didn't help, but we were left struggling to understand it's current rating.
PJH20 - 2 Jun 2010 23:00
Would have missed this place if it was not for the crowd smoking outside, it blends in to the office building so well. Happy we did find it though, it was so good we visited twice!

The first visit impressed us, whilst crowded and stocked with lager swilling suits, it was a relief to be acknowledged and served quickly by efficient staff. A choice of only 2 ales from 4 pumps, but as has been said before, that is the bad thing in the City prior to weekend closures. Truly excellent ales though, and one local from somewhere in North London (Redemption) a most quaffable pint indeed particular at £3.00.

We continued our Crawl from here and fond nothing really worth staying at. So, we returned to find if anything it had got even busier! We settled in for the late session, it didn’t close until about 1.30am and the atmosphere just got better. It was sadly late in the day when we noticed that the Juke Box was free on Fridays. The Juke Box, coupled with late hours, great staff, friendly customers and the best pints in the Crawl made our evening.

We will return, frequently!

caskmark - 2 Jun 2010 12:37
Was quiet the two occasions (mid week about four) that I tried the Peacock. Woodfordes Wherry then Doom were in good nick. Obviously lacked atmosphere due to lack of custom but not much of a welcome either from the bar staff. May one or both of us needed to try harder?
charlescask - 25 May 2010 20:32
I went to this place expecting the reviews to be incorrect; being in the trade myself, I find it hard to believe there is little wrong with any establishment. However, I have been proved wrong. Whilst I did not get to see the Landlord (on holiday), who people have said so much about, you get the feel from the customers and staff that he is just a natural publican.

I have not enjoyed a Pub so much for many years, it really was people of all ages, from all walks of like (suited and workers) rubbing shoulders together, really enjoying themselves and being well looked after. The staff are great, I wish I could find some as enthusiastic, and judging by what I seen that night, they love it so much they actually spend their evenings off there too.

It rightly deserves the score it has attained here and it’s entry in the Camra Good Beer Guide. Fantastic beer, fun staff and fantastic customers. Very highly recommended.

As an after thought, fix that gents loo! Well I had to find something wrong now didn’t I.

firkin9 - 1 Mar 2010 15:37
I think I may have been here on the same night as wendyk. I remember quing to ask the Landlord a question too! Does he work for the London Tourist Board part-time?

I came out of my hotel and happened upon this place looking for somewhere to watch the football. Sadly, despite a big screen, he wasn’t showing it, though they did have 2 darts matches going, so I can appreciate why. The Landlord, a very helpful, fun guy, kindly gave me directions to a place owned by his friend who was football obsessed, according to him. For that I thank him.

Whilst I was in here though, I sampled all the ales on offer, each and everyone was in perfect condition and very reasonable priced from what I had seen on my travels. The staff are excellent, polite and nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. Following the match in the Pub I was sent to, I felt compelled to return to thank him personally. Sadly, he was out at the time, but the Pub seemed busier than earlier? It kept getting busier too, it was then that one of the very friendly locals explained that this place last orders isn’t until gone midnight.

Luckily, the Landlord did return later, and whilst I said this to him personally, I felt I must shout it from this ‘roof-top’. This Pub, is all a Pub should be, the beer, banter and general ambiance are enough in itself, but added to great prices and efficient staff, etc, it really does take my top slot in the Pubs in the area.

knightout - 1 Mar 2010 13:41
Suggested by a friend - I'd walked past it hundreds of times and never thought about going in as it isn't the best from the outside. We weren't disappointed even though it was a miserable night. Susssex Best on which pleased the men greatly. I took the advice of other posters and asked the landlord if he knew of any good Indian Restaurants nearby. He gave me very detailed instructions to one of the best I'd ever been in and I've eaten in a few. Fantastic night all round.
wendyk - 25 Feb 2010 19:54
I happened upon this place by pure chance last Friday night. As it had no outside lighting on, but seemed to be in full swing, we were slightly confused, but thought ‘in for a penny’. It worked out that it was the Bosses birthday and both staff and customers seemed to be enjoying the fact. I asked one guy if this was a special event, his reply, ‘No mate, it’s The Peacock, it’s always open late, I won’t go anywhere else’. We were rather unceremoniously, dragged into the fun, and enjoyed it immensely. Even the somewhat harsh banter about the accents!

It certainly is, the most friendly place that I have found near my new found home and I look forward to visiting often. Though closed at weekends, which being from the north was rather a shock in my first week, the landlord, as it has been said before on this threat, took time to explain where to go and what to see. He even gives recommendations to surrounding establishments, which seems rather insane, given the competition between pubs and bars that anyone would actually do this. His rationale, sometimes you just want a decent pint and something different, which I cannot provide for. I have taken up one or two of his suggestions already and have not been let down by them.

I cannot sing the praise of him and his staff enough; friendly, efficient, jovial, just do not sum this place up. I would border on Outstanding, with of course, the best pint we had drank all night.

truenortherner - 20 Jan 2010 13:30
I have to agree with the pervious comments. What a find.

This rates in highly in my box ticking. One of the best pints I have had in this area, not that I visit that much. Friendly and efficient staff, and Yes, that barmaid is a cute little gem.

There was a game of darts being played at the back and some party upstairs, but the service ensured the fleeting visitor was not left out. I have no idea how the impromptu dance floor arrived, or why those dancing where so happy, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves a great deal.

It must be said, I will most certainly be back. A true drinkers drinker.

Top Marks to them all.

beermunster666 - 2 Oct 2009 11:50
Last Pub of the night, but what a find, shame we never crawled the other way.

This place certainly ticks all my boxes. Lovely, humorous staff, topped off with a gorgeous little Aussie girly. All fully capable of communicating in English and serving with the minimum of fuss, and a smile, despite the late hour. Seems it opens later than anywhere for miles. Even staff from other pubs where coming here after they’d closed, now that is a good sign.

Beer to die for, and yes JohnBonser, you really don’t see Ringwood much around here, not Bath Gem, which as a Guest was only £2.70. The Landlord has apparently just received his notification for the 2010 GBG too. Though he was initially missing, when he did appear, with his charming girlfriend, he made a point of warmly greeting locals and visitors alike. Being a real ale fan, I watched as he ‘converted’ some foreign tourists to ale, allowing them to sample each in turn, explaining where they come from and what made them different. It was a pleasure to watch.

To summarise, this is a great place and I’d hazard, not only for a late drink (could kick myself for not going earlier). Top Landlord (and Lady), excellent staff and service, even to the unknown and undoubtedly the best pint(s) we had drank all night. It was worth missing the train how for, but they even took time to ensure we avoided the scamming taxis outside and arranged a proper licensed mini cab for us.

11/10 for all their efforts. It was a pleasure to drink there.

MW81 - 29 Sep 2009 09:51
Largish city pub built into the corner of an office block, Ibex House - see photograph - and situated quite close to Tower Gateway DLR.

It's got quite a cosy, if unremarkable, interior with comfortable seating and wood pannelling. It's in marked contrast to most nearby City pubs where stand up drinking appears to be the norm and the most comfortable position you can get is to perch awkwardly on a high bar stool.

Also noteworthy ( and certainly unusual for the area ) is an upstairs room - no separate bar - with two pool tables and a dartboard.

Based on my recent visit, this pub attracts a wider customer mix than just "suits" from nearby offices.

The pub is listed in the 2009 CAMRA GBG and has also made some earlier editions.

Beers on were Harveys Best - £ 2.95p - and, unusually, Ringwood Best, the latter being a beer not often encountered inLondon, seemingly. The Harveys was in perfect condition.

I quite like this pub. If, like me, you prefer a bit more comfort and room than the average stand-up-to-drink City pub, you should look this one out.

JohnBonser - 25 Jun 2009 13:30
Hello people!! :)

How you doing??
We don't know who remembers us, but were in london at August 2008. We've been many times at the Peacock the dutch girls of bert!! And we're coming back!! We stay in the priemer Inn Tower Hill, the weekend of June 12th! So who remembers uss??????

Big kissssss The dutch girls
dutchgirls - 1 May 2009 21:12
10/10 for the best kept ales for miles

0/10 for having to shout above needlessly loud music on a fri eve which really isnt needed - wasnt that busy considering its location - maybe the music is driving punters away....

will not be back in a hurry unless the managment give out complimentary ear plugs (or until i've mastered sign language)

moclips2002 - 4 Apr 2009 11:28
Surprised it is still going given its bland environment. Needs some TLC. One of those pubs that you will quickly forget.

Tasty barmaid. Good range of guest ales. Dull interior though and can suffer from too many young noisy suits.
pc09 - 5 Mar 2009 14:51
My annual exodus to London and I just had to see if this place had changed. After many boring meeting I struck out to find; it had changed, but only for the better. It was crowded, but their prefect staff, served me in a timely and efficient manner and despite what looked like an arduous evening for them, they remained smiling and joking throughout.

New staff were noted, though it has to be said, she is as attractive and helpful as her predecessor and again, for a change in this part of the country, English. It’s so refreshing not to have to order in sign language. The Landlord and his wife were there later, apparently having been out for a few pints themselves; if I were them, I’d never leave.

This remains my top choice in this part of London and long may it reign.
I really can't rave about this place enough. How do they get so many different age groups and diverse people enjoying one place.
2pintsofbitter - 4 Feb 2009 14:11
This is without doubt one of the friendliest and best pubs I’ve ever been in within the M25. I was staying in this part of town on business last week and having a bit of a dreary time finding a decent pint. Thank god I found this place. It was a breath of fresh air, the staff, all of whom speak perfect English are polite, caring and go out of their way to be helpful and the Real Ale; Blacksheep, Sussex Harvey’s Best and Woodforde’s Wherry were truly outstanding, though as the evening wore on, they did start to ‘run out’.

I asked the Landlord why he as the place was so busy, was running down the ale, and he patiently explained that as they didn’t open at weekends, he’s be pushed to polish off a remaining firkin by himself. I thought this very fair comment and a true sign of a man who still cares about his ale. This has obviously filtered down to the staff, who as one run out were quick to recommend the next similar, and where spot on. He also advised me on the best pubs/pints around the area at weekends, even going to the trouble of writing them down and drawing a map. I really was taken with this man, and can clearly see why this pub has one of the highest scores in the area. Even I, who am not known for my comments on such sites, felt obliged to write.

Again, I hold this establishment in the highest regard and would heartily recommend it to any drinker looking for a great night and a fine pint. Top marks. Having just checked, they are rightly in The Good Beer Guide 2009.

bworcester - 4 Feb 2009 13:35
Just like HMT, I must have walked passed it countless times, it sadly just seems to blend in with the building. Which is must be said is a fabulous Art-Deco structure.

Whilst walking down the road from the Lords, having consumed a ropey pint or three of Young’s, I spotted this place still open and went in for a last one. As has been previously stated in appearance in nothing to rave about, it’s an ordinary pub, which doesn’t claim to be anything else. The staff however, are excellent, all speak English (even the gorgeous Polish girl, who I still don’t believe has only lived here 2 years), which makes a great change and nothing seemed too much trouble for them. They were jovial and chatty despite the lateness of the hour. I think I finally ‘fell out’ the door around twoish.

The ale though is the main point which makes me write. It’s truly excellent and very well priced for the area, far cheaper than the Lords. Having checked, this place is in the latest Good Beer Guide, though there was no signage to hint at that. Maybe they’re just too modest.

I think this Pub was the highlight of the drinking on my trip and will be visiting at every opportunity. A great shame I never knew this little treasure existed earlier in the week.

whacker1 - 5 Jun 2008 15:53
Knowing that I have walked past several times and never thought to enter, last Thursday (29 May), this reviewer thought it about time he finally checked out The Peacock. In all truthfulness, it’s no looker from the outside and indeed, is rather plain within. However, its basic no-thrills sensibilities actually work in its favour. I found it to be a pub that serves it purposes and what’s more, serves it well. The clientele is naturally made up of local suited office types and one suspects it can get fairly busy on a Friday evening. There wasn’t a great deal on the ground floor to grab my attention, aside from the obligatory fruit machine and plasma television. Up the spiral staircase and you are confronted with additional seating and surprisingly for the area, a darts board. Oh, and the toilets. There were three hand pumps in operation on my visit and the Black Sheep was both reasonably priced and refreshing. I’ll think I’ll visit again.
HTM69 - 4 Jun 2008 07:12
Décor – A pub with no pretensions. Toilets were clean and healthy which is always a good sign.

Staff – A refreshing change. All were English speaking, efficient and cheerful. Though the barman can be a little over friendly and ‘chummy’.

Pricing – Spot on, even cheap for the area. Ales were on a’ try before you buy, another good sign of someone who cares what they sell and despite it being Friday, Blacksheep and Harveys were on great form.

Overall – A little hidden gem. A fantastic mix of city workers from all walks and a great many regulars who easily mixed with everyone. No matter how busy it got, we never waited to be served and the staff new our round better than I did! This is a true example of the English pub at its best. Well done to the managers of The Peacock, you will see us again

jamie61 - 4 Dec 2007 15:03
I'm possibly being unfair to The Peacock as I visited on a Friday afternoon and it is closed at weekends so only having one pump of 3 working serving a mediocre Sussex Best can be understandable. Pump clips behind the bar suggest a decent range normally available even if they were mostly mainstream stuff. It was rather quiet and being a large single room this means little atmosphere. Bland interior, fold down big screen for sporting events, and a pool table upstairs.
Perhaps I need to try again midweek?
Maldenman - 24 Nov 2007 14:51
Having toured the majority of the area whilst on a course last week, this place saved the City from my eternal damnation. Reasonably well kept, but being worked on, friendly, efficient English speaking staff and a Landlord who is a hoot. Beer drinkers themselves the couple who run it explained they wanted to create a Pub where they would drink, and they certainly have.

The selection of beer was limited given it was late Thursday and they close at the weekend (something I still can’t understand) only Blacksheep and Jennings Cumberland available, two great beers and he was apologising? Sadly I can’t make this week when Tim Taylors, Brains SA and Flowers IPA are being served. As for pricing, I we were amazed it was far cheaper than the 3 Lords only 100 yards up the road.

Uncertain about the previous bar comments, this place is certainly a Pub with all the trimmings, Pool Table, Darts Board and a Juke Box to die for. The doors were still open at midnight, we finally left at about 1am and it still seemed to be going. The greatest oddity about this place was there were women drinking in here and they looked very comfortable with the place too.

I was told by some regulars that the management are new and have never run a Pub before – well they’ve got off to a flying start in my book. They were actually given people directions to other pubs and tourist information for weekend drinking, now that’s what I call service. This is one place in the City where I will certainly drink again, particularly as they intend to now intend open at weekends

2pintsofbitter - 13 Feb 2007 10:14
i do like this pub found it by accident on a crawl one afternoon midweek and went in for one , the place was dead 2 bar staff and us 2 ordered a pint played the fruitys then went up to play pool , lovely roomy area upstairs where the toilets are , nice drop of beer friendly bar staff and reasonable prices all add up to a good pub in my eyes .
i will return next time im up london on the beer
romfordir - 9 Jul 2006 18:50
A suits pub,but also a great pub for a weekday football match.
This pub is always friendly and the place is very decent,with a good clientele.
anonymous - 29 May 2006 16:58
A nice friendly pub, a few suits in but other than that a great atmosphere and the pool table upstairs was full. Good Guinness and the barlady, who was extremely friendly, even bought it over to us. Haven't tried the food yet but it looked and smelled good!
Hucks - 2 Feb 2006 13:17
A pub, not a bar. Recently refurbished. Pool table is a bonus. Good bar staff, really good place for a post-work drink.
SocialDrinker - 16 Apr 2005 14:52
A good English pub - not a bar.
No pretentious people, no worries.

anonymous - 23 Jun 2004 18:08
pool table
Pikey the Koala - [email protected] - 12 Jun 2003 19:36

got anything to say about this pub?

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