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Whitelocks, Leeds

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user reviews of Whitelocks, Leeds

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Came in here after a visit to the Pack Horse which is just around the corner. Couldn't have been more different. The place was busy without being packed, decent atmosphere and a good traditional feel. I liked all the polished brass and copper and the relatively high bar that allows the staff to look down on the punters :-)

Quite a wide ale selection but unfortunately I was working the next day so restricted myself to a couple. Had the Kirkstall Black Band Porter which I enjoyed, even though I'm not always a porter fan. And then a Kirkstall Yorkshire Pale Ale - excellent pint. Two good pints from a really local brewer and friendly efficient service.

on_the_brightside - 18 May 2019 12:06
Just by dint of the fact that you have to negotiate an obscure alleyway, this is a must visit and while modernisation has come, it's generally been of the sensitive variety - my slightly ridiculous fennel and orange imperial porter was tasty albeit a little off the scale. My partner enjoyed a robust IPA and for the most part, this remains a good place to come to.
BoehmBawerk - 15 Apr 2019 13:51
A great old pub with a good ale selection ,but near London prices.
ALBEERT - 21 Feb 2018 14:23
I like Leeds. I like Whitelocks. There's plenty of money sluicing about in this fine, international, Remain-voting city, and understandably the good folk who run Whitelocks would perhaps like some of that.

So, the prices are what you'd expect really, especially as it's a small place, and it can be filled with relatively few customers.

I had no quibbles then, about paying the going rate for fine ales in good company, and in interesting surroundings, during an afternoon family get-together last New Year's Eve. It was quite a wheeze, seeing ourselves from a variety of jaunty angles in all the mirrors too. (Oh, how we chuckled, tsk.)

I suppose that if I'd been of the train-spotter mindset, then I could have ducked down the alleys to the other pubs off Briggate, but that was low priority on this occasion.

I see that the vitrina-painted windows still say Turks Head, and I wonder what was materially gained, by changing the name to the mouthful that is Whitelock's First City Luncheon Bar all those years ago?

Whatever, it's eight-out-of-ten, and "see you again", from your faithful reporter.
Hulots_hat - 20 Feb 2018 22:46
Nearly missed this place as it is tucked discreetly down a side alley off a main pedestrian thoroughfare in Leeds. There is a small sign pointing the way on the street and luckily the sun was managed to find it's way there as well. Lovely old-fashioned decor inside with lots of shiny metal furnishings. Seemed to be mostly patronised by students and the after-work crowd. Great selection of ales, the Ilkley beer I had was lovely. Decent selection of food - I had Fish & Chips which were fantastic.
dyyony - 27 Jul 2017 10:24
I'd hyped this pub up in my mind. So I was a little disappointed after actually visiting it. Whitelock's has a lovely location hidden away up an alleyway from Leeds' main shopping street. The ale range was good, whilst not the best in Leeds. Ales during our visit were Ilkley Mary Jane, Theakston Best & Old Peculier, Timothy Taylor Landlord, Kirkstall Pale Ale, Wishbone Ginnel, North Riding US IPA, Riverhead Black Moss Stout, Bad Seed Session IPA, Wilde Child Hedonistic Existence & Treboom Summer Gold. Ciders are Weston's Old Rosie & Rosie's Pig, along with their Country Perry. There are no toilets in the pub. I believe this is a temporary thing. But you have to head further up the alleyway to the Turk's Head. Good pub. But there's better in Leeds.
blue_scrumpy - 3 Jul 2017 18:52
I did not find this pub as delightful as previous reviewers. It is a great historic old pub, long and narrow with fantastic mirrors and tileing to the bar. Service seemed a bit short and sharp. Not a pub you would stumble across, you have to seek it out.
Worth a visit. Bad Seed Brewery- Cascade, £4.30. London prices again.
rpf1955 - 27 Jun 2016 09:22
Now I know where it is, there's no excuse not to go. Its been taken over since my last visit and making the national papers.

A couple of Landlords today - in perfect nick.

Just a lot more busy now.
Mappiman - 29 Apr 2015 20:35
Incredibly historic pub which serves an excellent range of real ales and all that we had were in fine fettle especially those from Great Heck and Kirkstall breweries.
Steamer1 - 6 Apr 2015 22:19
I made a visit to this pub in December 2014 (together with 'er indoors) on a nostalgia trip to Leeds. I hadn't been in Whitelock's for over forty years but still remembered it being a bit of a gem then. It was with a bit of trepidation that called in (initially just to see if it changed much) and I'm delighted to report that it looks almost exactly the same as it did in the late 1960s / early 1970s when I used it as a lunchtime waterhole. The beer I had today was well kept (Theakstons Best Bitter), served at the right temperature and there were other tempting real ales to be had. Substantial sandwiches (in this case with thick slices of real ham) were had in front of a proper open fire. This is a very good example of a traditional city pub with a fascinating and quaint interior. The clientele I saw today were a wide range of age and background so, mercifully, it hasn't become a smart wine bar or a haunt for city slickers. If you get a chance, do make a visit.
ironhorse - 5 Dec 2014 20:53
A bit of a one-off hidden away along an alley besides the new Trinity Shopping Centre in town.

Apparently the oldest pub in Leeds, this reminded a bit of Ye Olde Mitre in Holborn with its narrow stairwell and unique character.

Similarly, the ale was cracking - I had a couple Kirkstall Pale Ales and a Blonde from Acorn Brewery - and each pint was as clean as a whistle.

Also had a bit of food, too, which was decent - loved the stained glass shutter window that separated the bar and the kitchen!
plymouthpirate - 28 Apr 2014 13:02
I was on my way from the Hop to the station when I got sidetracked and decided to walk on a little further, then I discovered this proper hidden gem which is tucked away from the shopping area of Briggate.

Very narrow inside just like outside....wooden floors, plenty of brass & the most amazing tiled bar front you'll ever see. This is a quality pub, dates from 1715 and obviously has been preserved with lots of love, care and hard work.

8 ales on the pumps, all from guest breweries....I went for Kirkstall Breweries Kirkstall Pale Ale @ 4%....again another decent pint.

Busy at 3pm with locals....plenty of chatter and good Yorkshire banter.

Yet another pub far too many miles from my home that I would love to have as a local.....absolutely quality. I'm back in July and will definitely be back in here.

10/10 from me.
lezford - 14 Apr 2014 11:37
Were served warm flat premier lager tonight - left it and went to the pack horse
bramma - 8 Mar 2014 00:27
The oldest pub in Leeds according to the sign. One long room with a curved metal bar that means you are looking slightly upwards when you order your pint. Excellent selection of ales and food available if hungry. Gets busy due to location but we didn't have to wait Longford a table. Definitely worth a return visit
DuchyBoy - 29 Dec 2013 19:35
Came here last year in the Summer with my brother. I found it to be far too narrow for standing near the bar. Ended up sitting outside on the wooden benches. Can't remember what the beer was like but it was a touch expensive.

Annoying bloke mithered us, a we tried to have a pint. Wouldn't return in all honesty.
realalerules1983 - 13 Sep 2013 18:41
Not the easiest to find, but worth seeking out. My fav leeds pub.
Mappiman - 18 Apr 2013 20:40
Enjoyed some great Ale....Mlestone Rich ruby,Ilkkley Fireside Porter and old Raby Ale as well as some great food...if you can find this gem amongst the building works in Leeds ait well worth the trip!!!
Lookey - 3 Nov 2012 23:07
Beer excellent; food delicious; service quick and friendly; well-preserved interior. Only downside was the tired toilets.
Kenny260556 - 16 Oct 2012 22:16
Rather hard to find at the moment due to the building work going on in the vicinity, despite being a regular port of call when we are in Leeds. For my money this is one of the best city pubs, with a good range of ales, friendly service and a buzzing atmosphere. Always worth the effort, an oasis in the city centre and long may it remain so!
Stamfordian - 16 Apr 2012 12:46
Pub closed Monday night, no warning. Obviously considers itself far too important for Joe Public, they were having a "team meeting". Not impressed.
Wilson_MacDonald - 18 Jan 2012 19:34
Down an alley off the main shopping street this long old style bar seemed pleasant enough. Started to fill up quite rapidly from openng. Had a decent pint of Ilkley Black.
anonymous - 8 Jan 2012 11:04
Very enjoyable time there on the 30th December. A good few pints of the Three Swords (Kirkstall) in excellent company. Service was spot on.
mch1907 - 2 Jan 2012 20:13
Dont tell too many people about this pub,it gets crowded enough,and rightly so.10 real ales,all in tip-top condition,super food and,yes,bar staff with a sense of humour.I read somewhere about a guy who had his wedding reception here and would not go back ,even for a drink,great!That means one less person to push through to get to the bar!One of the top 25 best pubs in Britain according to the Independent newspaper,no argument from me!
johnboyleeds - 18 Aug 2011 13:21
If you're having trouble finding this on Briggate, there is a pub sign hanging above Northern Rock - the door is down the side. Magnificent example of an alley pub, very much in the style of the "entry" bars in Belfast. 10 ales on handpump, at least 7 local micros and 2 or 3 of the more national brands - all very well kept. Superb interior with ancient mirrors, brass, tiling, heavy velvet curtians and toilets up what really amounts to a ship's ladder. All in all, well worth any amount of time you can spend here, but if there has to be one criticism, it would be that awful pungent "cleaning" smell that you seem to get in some pubs these days, this one coming off the glass-washer machine sitting prominently at one end of the bar. Other than that, magnificent.
Gristy - 26 Apr 2011 14:03
Hmm, this place used to be one of the best real ale pubs in Leeds but really is struggling to justify its lofty ambitions. Once renowned for top notch food and top notch ales this place has taken a battering recently due to a lack of investment which really is a shame as most folk will have fond memories of this typical "loiner" pub.

As mentioned this pub is very small and space can be very hard to find to sit down.
Jimmy_Saki - 17 Jan 2011 12:30
Definitely unique but I got the impression that leads to a number of I want to be seen in here types. Prices rather steep as well; more than down south! On a winter evening space inside was at a premium. So much so that another customer knocked half of my beer over me then walked away as if nothing had happened. Think I'll visit again in summer to try the benches in the alley.
foamy - 13 Jan 2011 18:33
got married last Saturday at Leeds Town Hall and had our wedding reception in Whitelocks private room. Bev the manageress promised us home made pasties, quiches etc. What we got was cheap supermarket food, stale pizzas and no deserts whatsoever. The CD machine broke down half way through our first dance, very upsetting then continued to turn off all through the night. The bar staff admitted it has been wrecked for ages. We were told that our belongings would be safe in the room as the door would be locked etc as we were collecting it the next day. When we returned next day another party was in progress. The staff had shoved all our presents and cards in boxes. We had presentation boxes missing, all the flowers from my wedding cake were gone, pens and drawing books for the kids were gone and a few bottles that we didnt drink were gone. We got no apology and the manager was downright evil to us.
I will never go back there not even for a drink. What a bad end to such a fantastic weekend...
Acebikerchick - 16 Nov 2010 18:58
fantastic pub good selection of real ales and excellant food well worth visting
tench1230 - 7 Nov 2010 18:27
Awesome pub tucked away in the back streets off the main drags - well worth searching out. Very well kept range of local beers - the Leeds Midnight Bell was 10/10
twineyboy - 10 Oct 2010 21:26
It's necessary to be possessed of a certain lithe sinuosity in order to be able to insinuate yourself up or down the yard and into this pub. I like the fact that I can never find the door either on entering or leaving ! 19th century decor, 21st century prices. Modern manners maketh man and woman. And both sexes, gentle reader, are seen to comport themselves in a seemly manner in this ancient hostelry.

DerekDrinkforbrains - 21 Jul 2010 12:10
Charming and very historic pub which I always visit when I go to Leeds. However I think I had the dullest pint of beer ever on my last vist. Not the pub's fault as it was in good condition but the Everards Flourish tasted of absolutely nothing. Why brew a beer so thoroughly insipid?
scoobslabrador - 7 Apr 2010 10:35
Historic I suppose, but has 'pubco' written all over it. I give it the benefit of the doubt every time I'm in Leeds, and every time, I wish I hadn't! After 40 years of visiting the place I ought to know better, but it's iconic in a Leodensian sort of way.
arihall - 13 Mar 2010 17:39
Steve2905 - to compare Whitelocks with the Ship Inn is like comparing chalk and cheese! Yes of course it's cramped because its very old, listed and probably one of the finest 300 unaltered pubs in the whole of the UK. IMHO there is absolutely nothing special about the Ship Inn since some idiot removed the fabulous and enormous shipyard photos that used to adorn its walls.
bigjim778 - 13 Mar 2010 17:08

Whitelock’s is certainly a pub with character. In some ways seems to be almost a clone of the Ship Inn, (which is currently not BITE listed), located in another narrow alley a bit further up Brigate.

But for my money, the Ship is better.

OK … Whitelock’s has a good selection of beers … the Leeds Pale was top notch … and the staff were pleasant and efficient. As previously reported, it has interesting architecture and fittings The downside is that it is *VERY* cramped, specially as a large part of the pub is curtained off and reserved as a dining room, even when food is not being served. Even in the middle of a quiet Thursday afternoon it was impossible to find a seat without overhearing other people’s personal conversations. For me, that made it rather uncomfortable. It is definitely not a pub that I would visit if I wanted an intimate tête á tête.

steve2905 - 12 Mar 2010 03:57
Interesting but seemed a bit rundown to me - decided not to eat there but worth a visit to see the interior.
siamesesal - 13 Feb 2010 18:31
Its been a few years since we were last in this pub.The pubs still a good place to come and have a few beers but it's no where near as good as when Nick ran the place the staff were good good crowd was the best pub in Leeds still a ok pub for a night out but not the best.
barman6 - 4 Feb 2010 10:36
If you're a fan of pub architecture you'll love this, long narrow pub in a long narrow lane, the stained glass windows advertise 'luncheons' talked to friends of mine that have remarked that it's completely unchanged as far as they could remember and that's no bad thing! The beer I had was in very good form.
Abteilung - 29 Jan 2010 20:22
Turks Head yard looks like a dead end - we had to ask someone and sure enough a alley presented itself, wasn't obvious! Great pub; the interior is something else and maybe 5 or 6 interesting ales of which Leeds and Ossett were represented. Staff were a bit 'laddish' but didn't bother me, beer and surroundings were great.
Booze_Allen - 26 Jan 2010 20:09
I have been coming in this pub for well over ten years and have always had a passion for the pub, the beer is good and the interior is absolutely amazing. The bar and the tiled walls are an amazing sight and there isnt many pubs like this left, however the landlady and staff have a TERRIBLE attitude which is very disappointing and im afraid to say i will NEVER step back into this pub until the present management vacate.
stevenlufc - 13 Dec 2009 21:35
Quite frankly a must for pub aficionados; full of character, fascinating interior (think it's in the CAMRA National Inventory), albeit with a small, unspectacular range of well kept beers.
Dartitis - 10 Nov 2009 14:32
Took some finding but well worth it! Lovely Victorian interior with original fittings, Friendly bar staff and good choice of beers, Tetley cask fine. Will be back.
bazbeer - 24 Oct 2009 15:46
this is the jewel in Leeds' crown - in pub terms anyway. As a southerner I just love the narrow lanes off the busy street like the one this pub is on.
malo66 - 8 Sep 2009 18:39
Nice tiled bar, mirrors and leaded windows etc. But the white ceiling and brightish lighting detract from these features a bit and it felt a bit lacking in atmosphere:-as did the curtained off table area at one end. Felt like a pub with an identity crisis. Still, lovely clean pint of copper dragon and nice enough beef sarnies. Probably a remarkable survivor given its location right in the city centre.
tarkatherotter - 2 Sep 2009 14:48
Magnificent, is how I'd describe this place. No other word seems appropriate. Gorgeous Victorian interior and a peaceful outdoor alleyway area which were both good spots for a pint. Copper Dragon Golden Pippin was in terrific nick, and this stands out as one of the best pubs I've visited in Leeds, possibly only eclipsed by Foley's on the Headrow.
ChrisP87 - 21 Jul 2009 21:11
Busy pub with friendly locals. It was so busy that we had to sit in the alley. Beer reasonable, but nothing special.
simontheeditor - 12 May 2009 19:39
The Whitelocks was my favourite of the pubs I managed to take in during a visit to Leeds over the Easter bank holiday. Fantastic Victorian interior virtually unchanged since 1895, great stained glass windows and collection of brewery mirrors. Slightly surprised by the previous few comments on the beer choice. Perhaps I struck lucky by visiting during the CAMRA cask ale week, because as well as the house ales of Theastons and Deuchars IPA, there was Moorehouse Pride of Pendale, Davenports Spring Fever , Black Sheep Best, Golden Pippin from the Copper Dragon Brewery, Lees Hopping Mad and Lancashire Amber.
And another big plus is its hidden location down an alleyway in the middle of the department stores. So if you have to accompany the wife shopping, take my tip and give her as long as she wants in Harvey Nicks whilst you sneak off for a couple of pints.

Gann - 15 Apr 2009 22:52
Totally ignored by bar staff. Waited several minutes to be served and then gave up. Dull selection of beers anyway.
doncaosdelanada - 11 Apr 2009 16:38
Whitelocks is a gem of pub as many have already posted. Long may it be preserved as an "oasis" in the heart of Leeds!
malo66 - 12 Mar 2009 11:59
Very busy with the post-work crowd on a Friday afternoon but could see why - good, well-kept beer and a well-preserved old building.
daveinbrum - 2 Feb 2009 19:49
Charming, if cosy interior (when busy). At the risk of being churlish I feel they could be a little more adventurous in their selection of ales and would echo Mr Bonsers comments in this regard. That said, I would not put anyone off visiting to experience the character of the pub.
mikey64 - 31 Jan 2009 10:35
Late review from November. Enjoyed the interior in his friendly pub down an alley off the shopping area. Beer good too.
gillhalfpint - 17 Jan 2009 19:20
John, if you look in the 'about us' section of whitelocks' website, there's a bit about the 'putting back the character' work Chennell and Armstrong have done, including restoring the food menu in the 'top bar' to what it was before the previous owners replaced roast beef and the like with those traditional Yorkshire favourites er, nachos and pasta. Whitelocks is a pub of course, but it is also famous as a 'luncheon room'. C&A only have a 15 year lease though, which seems rather short to me.
Albert_Campion - 3 Oct 2008 15:24
Delightful old pub hidden down a narrow alleyway off Briggate, one of the main pedestrianised shopping streets in Leeds centre.

Old brewery mirrors, wood pannelling and a marble bar counter contribute towards a splendid cosy atmosphere.

The pub is listed in CAMRA's National Inventory of Unspoilt Interiors.

There's a smallish bar, serving a number of real ales and a separate restaurant, popular with suits at lunchtimes.

Some of the pump clips were turned round on my recent lunchtiime visit - but beers on were Deuchars IPA, Abbott, Broadside and Theakstons Best - a selection which one might consider disappointing nowadays.

Further down the alleyway, virtually next door is what is described as its "sister" pub - Ma Gamps - which was not open when I visited and which I can't say I've noticed on earlier visits.

There's outside seating in the narrow alleyway.

The 2009 GBG makes reference to "concerns about the future of the pub's interior" and points out that a support group - Friends of Whitelocks - has been formed. On my visit, a blackboard notice stated that the pub was now in the hands of a family company - Chennell and Armstrong Limited of York - so perhaps these concerns have now been addressed. Does anyone know ?

In any event, do visit this pub if you get a chance - it's a gem
JohnBonser - 3 Oct 2008 12:51
A Leeds institution, and always worth a visit (if you can find it). Six real ales on today, but settled for a very nice pint of Nick Stafford's Hambleton Ales 'Nightmare Stout'.
rpadam - 1 Sep 2008 22:19
Excellent pub hidden down the allyways in Leeds city centre. The rised bar means that the staff tower over you when they serve fine real ale. In my opinion though the smoking ban has improved eveyones health but it has taken away some of the charm of Whitelocks. I like this place at its dingy smokey best. Used to do cracking roast beef dinner but haven't tried it recently. Keith Waterhouse's favorite pub. High praise indeed.
PaulShaneTributeAct - 13 Jun 2008 13:31
Very Harry Potter. Suitably dingy, grimy and odd. Good beer range and good quality. Bar maid must have had a bad day as she had a face on her like a smacked trout. Apart from that well worth a visit.
BobBoiston - 17 Apr 2008 17:45
A contender for the title of most famous pub in Leeds and rightly so. Like several nearby pubs, it is approached by a long, narrow, almost Dickensian alleyway, part of which is used as an outdoor drinking area.

The interior is cosy and atmospheric, consisting of a small bar and a separate dining room. The décor is all wood and mirrors, which gives the place great character.

Seven real ales on my visit: Old Peculier, John Smith’s, Speckled Hen, Black Sheep Bitter, Deuchars IPA, Theakston’s Best and Milestone ‘Olde Home Wrecker’. The quality of the OHW was good, if not the best. It was served a tad cold, which may have contributed to my sense of it being relatively tasteless for a beer of 4.9%.

Young, friendly bar staff.

Fairly quiet on my visit, though I can imagine how busy it gets at times.
A ‘must visit’ pub though.

aleandhearty - 9 Dec 2007 12:20
It's famous, ancient, very interesting but oh so small and crowded. They have better beers now than the Scottish & Newcastle stuff they used to serve. Well worth going out of your way to visit.
Cibalia - 11 Nov 2007 07:35
Lovely staff, real ales, outside space and antoque loos!

One of the best pubs in Leeds
juansgirl - 20 Sep 2007 13:05
Spent yesterday afternoon in this pub and had a great time. Nice outdoor seating area greets you as you walk up the alley. Very unusual inside with a restaurant area on one side of the pub and a drinking area on the other side. As well as the beers Ordinary listed, 4 guests were available: Harvistoun Ptarmigan, Tom Woods Bomber County, Dr O'Kells IPA and Milestone Loxley Ale. I had all 4 and they were all superb, especially the IPA which I can reccomend if available. All priced at a very reasonable £2.50 a pint, excellent value for such a central pub.
Sharp - 8 Sep 2007 17:56
Called again Sunday and the chice of beers is back on with Skipton and Saltaire brewers featured as well as the favourites of Deuchers, J.Smiths and Theakstones. All in 8 hand pulls. Never fell out with this place, but back on the must call list.
railnut - 14 Aug 2007 10:01
Hard to find (I had to ask a policeman!) down an alleyway (I think they are called something like a ginnel in Leeds but what do I know I‘m from the Smoke), this is a great find. There is history seeping from every fixture and fitting, much of it original I’d bet. A shame the loos had been modernized at some point but perhaps they were very basic before.
There were plenty of ales on last night, including Old Peculier; York Brewery Yorkshire Terrier; John Smith’s Cask; Abbott; Deuchars IPA; Batemans XB; and Ruddles County.
Another in my “I wish it was my local” category of pubs.

Ordinary - 18 Jul 2007 22:10
A must-see if you're doing a pub crawl in Leeds - this place probably hasn't changed in the last hundred years. I'd also recommend this as a place to eat as the meals are in the £5-£6 price range and hearty portions are served. Decent selection of beers, although as others have noted not all of the pumps were operational on my visit.
pubcollector - 28 May 2007 21:43
nice to see the top bar open saturday nights, quite worringly everytime i come here which is quite a lot, most of the pumpclips are turned round, they are either selling a lot of real ale, or just cant be bothered, to have all the pumps working, i am not sure which it is.
birstallblue - 27 May 2007 13:04
Called in the other day and very few hand pulls available, Theakstons being the main with Deuchers and John Smith the others. Hope this is temporary and not a trend.
railnut - 22 May 2007 10:00
pretty good city centre drinking
thetwococks - 9 Apr 2007 20:06
I always visit here when in Leeds for work. Great bar, great choice of beers, friendly service, and great prices (speaking as a southerner!!)
hockey - 12 Mar 2007 20:46
This is a magnificent pub right in the city centre. Like several Leeds pubs, it is hidden away in an alley but this only adds to its charm! The traditional pub is a long ground floor affair and they are re-launching an upstairs eating part in March 2007. Do visit, if you are in Leeds.
malo66 - 23 Feb 2007 14:31
The beer range and quality has improved over the last few years, but unfortunately the pub menu has become quite bland (though the quality of the food is fine, I hasten to add) and can't claim to be a luncheon bar anymore. On Saturday nights, they occasionally open the back bar, but I've only been in twice in the last ten years!
fairport79 - 16 Feb 2007 00:15
I love this pub. Classic little hidden gem. Good beer and atmosphere. Unfortunatly under new management it seems to be getting a little shabby, and needs slight restoration now. Still worthy of a visit as is a must see.
JJames - 27 Jan 2007 14:12
Wonderful old pub with good beer althought only 1 real ale available when we visited (Deuchars).

Food looks nice, but did seem a little bit pricey for Bar food.

It does smell a bit damp when you first go in but you cant smell it after a while. Not bad enough to put you off food or drink though!

The tabels are Very highly polished. They must buy brasso in bulk!

Delly_WhoRU - 22 Jan 2007 09:50
It has very recently changed hands, but still seemed to be doing well enough, particularly when a group of four or five raucous drunks removed themselves after which it became a very civilised pub. Deuchars in fine condition, good food, decent wine.
joegreen - 11 Dec 2006 13:49
Beautiful example of pubs that have otherwise long gone elsewhere. Hidden in an alley off Briggate and long and thin in shape and faded copper brown in colour, it's an excellent location for a traditional lunch or for a couple of pints in the evening. The real ales are usually John Smiths, Theakstons bitter and OP and Deuchars IPA plus four guests, although on at least two occasions I've been and there has been no ale or even draught beer! May it survive for many more years though.
foffo_spearjig - 27 Oct 2006 21:45
All time classic pub, but very small and does get very busy. Try and visit when it's quiet so you get a change to check out the decor.
graham2 - 8 Oct 2006 18:46
A true old school city pub. Undoubtedly the best in Leeds, and not just for its unimaginably fortuitous location. Well-kept interior in general, but with just enough wear and tear. Good beers, but small, so you'll probably want to sit outside. Food tasty. Staff variable.
thedts - 5 Sep 2006 03:35
This is a pub i went to whenever i was in Leeds ,the best in the city and very good food ,get`s busy at lunch times,my last visit was in March when i went to visit the ancestors,my next will be in September when i go up for my 60th birthday.It`s one of the things i miss since i moved to Poole ,good food ,and very good ale and a good atmosphere,i remember the old landlady many years ago ,Anastsia Altracter Bently ,anybody else remember her she was a great character.
staggerlee - 28 Jul 2006 01:32
Possibly onr of the best city centre pubs I have ever been too (and I've been to a lot!). Great selection of ales, intimae atmosphere, made cosier by the already described ornate interior. warm, and inviting with a coppery glow this pub is to be enjoyed - relished in fact over a slow pint.

mothola - 23 May 2006 11:58
Nice old-fashioned pub in a side-street by the city centre.
Uncle_Dunkel - 26 Feb 2006 21:06
Well worth a visit if only to admire it's ornate interior. Seven real ales on, the shape of the bar means it can feel a bit cramped if you don't secure a table. My pint of York Stonewall was a little past its best, but I'll certainly visit again.
Rich66 - 21 Feb 2006 22:50
Probably the best pub in Leeds. Hard to find but well worth looking out. Good, hearty food. Can get packed.
anonymous - 15 Jan 2006 16:55
Found this place on a recent trip to Leeds, or should I say, refound, as once there remembered it from several years back. Nice friendly bar, well-kept couple of real ales.
sexygoldfish - 5 Jan 2006 20:42
A symphony of mirrors, etched glass and plished brass. Whitelock's is a great leveller... Judges from the crown courts rub shoulders with students and shoppers. Very traditional pub – they still use knobbly handle-glasses here, although I have heard of a filthy rumour that they've 'modernised' the unapologetically old-fashioned dining rooms (loads of red velvet curtains and elderly waitresses that call you 'love')... say it ain't so!
Albert_Campion - 13 Dec 2005 16:16
remember this pub from my time up in leeds. Lovely place, cosy, if a little too quiet at times! Nice atmosphere and good food.
jordanreed - 23 Nov 2005 15:45
One of the best pubs in Leeds. Tucked away nicley. Cosy and a great atmosphere.
Pertwee - 1 Oct 2005 17:52
Like to celebrate with a pint of Old Pec here if I`ve come out unscathed from Nags Head,Duncan & General Elliot....the last 2 being Sam Smiths houses (so the pain is aided by Blood alcohol level!)...Always a very good standard of beer & its just a case of wondering whether its worth standing around like `a sardine in a tin`if its too crowded..LET BIG WILLY GO!
kierandinan - 1 Apr 2005 00:52
The best traditional pub in the city
Paul Blakeborough - 3 Sep 2004 08:57
About as traditional a it gets, super beers (try York Guzzler if it's on), friendly staff, hearty food and a load of space outside for the summer.

The wierd thing is that not many people know where it is, yet it's just off the side of Briggate, the busiest shopping street in the city
Ade - 14 May 2004 14:04
love the beef and red cabbage sandwiches - so good they are hardly there
DD - 8 Apr 2004 15:33
Ian Harlow - you are a complete liar. Just been in here and asked about the quiz - they aint had one for over a year. thanks a bunch mate. had to drink 3 pints to find this out.
Angry Paul - 8 Apr 2004 15:32
the best pub in leeds by far. great intimate feel to it. check it on a tuesday evening for the pub quiz, win a gallon of beer. also as said in andys quote beware of the lady food server!!cracking beef/pork sarnies.
IAN HARLOW - 9 Mar 2004 15:32
Magnificent City Centre pub. Beer range and quality are excellent.
John - 8 Mar 2004 13:35
good in the summer because you can sit outside, can never get a seat inside. nice original pub
banzai - 29 Dec 2003 16:14
Whitelocks is the bar at the Briggate end, the Turks Head is the bar at the far end of the yard. Very good selection of real ale & reasonable (i.e. Becks) lager
doug - 7 Aug 2003 21:32
it is nice to find a good old fashioned real ale pub in a city centre in amongst all the so called pubs that are nothing more than anonymous bland bars
be - 16 Jul 2003 15:44
The beer in this pub is, quite simply, brilliant. You cannot hope to find a better pint of hand pull anywhere. The bar sports a number of cask ales, with guest beers always on offer, and always perfectly kept.

The pub itself is also legendary; a 16th Century listed building hiding in Turks Head Yard. It did used to be called 'The Turks Head', but don't ask me why it was changed - I believe it was many years ago. Your surroundings are dark, despite dusty sunlight shining through the red velvet curtains, and you should get a prize if you can find the toilets without asking someone.

The staff are generally friendly and pretty knowledgable about the beers, but beware the abrasive woman who deals with the (lovely) food...
Andy - 9 Jun 2003 15:26

got anything to say about this pub?

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