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I am a beer and pub connoisseur of some experience having lived in Kent, Sussex, Yorkshire the Midlands and Brussels and travelled
through Belgium, France, Holland, Germany and most parts of the UK.

I am basically a CAMRA-minded real-ale drinker, but on the liberla wing as I also greatly appreciate
continental styles such as Weissbeer, Trappist (bottled conditioned ales are real ales!) and , yes, Dunkel.

Username: Uncle_Dunkel

Age: 60

Sex: male

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Grand Central, Brighton

Has been subject to a rather nice retro makeover, stretching to snob screens. But, as others have noted, you can do better for choice and price nearby.

24 Sep 2015 11:26

The North Pole, Canary Wharf


4 May 2014 15:05

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

A Tale of Piracy on Dry Land
The Sting(o)

Wandering alsong the Thames Path one fine spring day, having already called at my old haunt, the Prospect of Whitby (on excellent form, BTW), I notice a new kid on the block...the Captain Kidd to be precise.

It's a Sam Smith pub.

I cut my drinking teeth in Sam Smiths..although a southerner. I went to Uni in Yorkshire and their brewery best was on sale for 49p a pint, back in the day, I consider them a good value brewery, or used to...

Nostalgic rambling over. I went in and stated peering at the bottled beer selectoion. (Britains most mystifying real ale brewer seem to have lost interest in actual hand pulled real ale some time ago). They had a new one called Yorkshire Stingo.

I only had about 7 quid cash on me, utility I optimisitcally assume that would cover just about any bottled beer. I was wrong. I was wrong. The barman removed the top and asked for 12.45. Feeling stung, I demurred, and ambled towards the exit, only to find him physical blocking my path

He stated that the price, which he had nor seen fit to pre-warn me about, was on the price list, which if course was written in minuscule type and hung in the darkest corner in accordance with the standard scam perpetrated by most pubs. He ...Australian and at least 20 years younger than me ...also informed me that I was a "rookie".

After I delivered him a number 3 Paddington Bear (rhyming slang for stare), I was allowed to leave without injury.

Two words: "trap" and "tourist".

3 May 2014 20:05

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