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Glamorgan, Croydon

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user reviews of The Glamorgan, Croydon

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Pub looks slightly run down but what do you expect when it's in the middle of, effectively, a building site?! Ok for one beer before moving on to the next pub...
Trev - 4 Dec 2015 20:02
Popped in for a quick pint to check the pub out as we've been past a few times over the years and always meant to see what it was like but never got around to it.
The landlord was friendly from the moment of walking in the door, engaging and chatty, get the idea that if you're an arse or drunkard then you'll be shown the door, but personally, for Croydon, it's nice to have a pub like this.
The ale was well maintained (I had the Doom Bar) and the lager was fresh and crisp.
Heard a few customers comment on how good the food was.
Will definitely return to try the food another time and as for the reviews commenting on the grumpy landlord, I simply think he doesn't put up with any crap and that pees off a few people, but do you really want to be eating and drinking in a pub with people like that?
salnajjar - 7 Sep 2015 22:24
Mysterious opening times so haven't got a ruddy clue what it's like have I? No good asking me old son.
terenced - 1 Sep 2015 09:41
Harveys, need i say more. Yes, Harveys. Sussexs finest export since, well, the South Downs uplifted, the little molusscs and similar laid down their heads in one final act and decreed; Yes, we will filter your water to provide you future humans with pure water to brew with. Thank you little molluscs. Your chalk legacy is all the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,that I at any rate, need.
Little chalk molluscs, we salute you, and invite you for a beer, only you weren't dead
500 millon years, and were probably not old enough at the time. What elae was the pre-Cambrian for, I wonder, but to provive, you and I with pure quality brewd ale.
All that Industrail revoltion stuff was, well, mere facilitation; in bringing us closer, in spirit, if not in time, to our little mollusc frinds. Well done, I say, and may deeper tectonic movements bring us closer to your understanding of the making of a proper pint. I'll drink to taht, and then some forwere it not for your little ridged shells and filratration Gills, we would never have gotten rid of the USA and Australia and still be drinking that ice-chilled muck. I jest, course, but merely to emphasise the magnaminity of your achievements, achieved, in the best possible way, subconsciouly.
albertfox - 19 Mar 2014 09:55
I've checked the hygiene food rating,that alone scares the living daylights out of me, I wonder if pubs with a low rating do any better when it comes to glass cleaning and line cleaning? Probably not methinks.
slerpy - 24 Feb 2014 18:47
Popped in on Christmas Eve and had a pint of Cronx Entire Stout. A nice place- bare boards, lots of wines, bit of a gastropub but a pleasant welcome from the big guy behind the bar and free mince pies. Hope to visit again.
jagsfan - 28 Dec 2013 15:12
First time visitors to the pub tonight - met up with friends for a pint and a meal. Nice beer (only two real ales, I understand there is normally a third) and a reasonable meal, maybe a tad pricey (£8.95 for chicken burger...but hey, it had guacomole on it, so it was fancy dan.) A small menu with some unusual South African dishes, but they started running out of some dishes early in the evening. Would go back - and maybe try the ostrich steak next time.
nickmurphy30 - 30 Aug 2013 00:06
I would say that people who use the pubs in the area would care, if you know nothing its best to keep quiet, try it Vic ,it will make you appear more intelligent, stick to the Sun and Redhill you fit in there!
slerpy - 16 Aug 2013 11:21
More pub staff news from old slerpy. Who cares about these people?
tradervic - 13 Aug 2013 10:06
Esther from the Green Dragon has moved to the Oval Tavern, probably the death knell that is needed to put this place out of its agonising existence, it simply will not have the ability to compete.
slerpy - 10 Aug 2013 17:52
Beerlover666 ,no trolling or abuse by me. I post you just follow in my slip stream , just saying the opposite to whatever I post. I visited the GLUMORGAN last week and it looks like things have got even worse, this vicinity could benefit from an half decent pub.Shame!
slerpy - 9 Jun 2013 18:27
When staff think they are doing you a favour serving overpriced food and drink its time to move on. wont ever be going back
alanhemingway - 9 May 2013 10:36
Got in about 17:00 one of the first in seems frendly and chated with couple of the customers. Food being served. Above average prices for Croydon
off_line - 7 May 2013 16:32
Why bother? It's cold in there, unwelcoming and pricey......when it' open!!

Go the whole way and become a restaurant.
markcr2 - 31 Mar 2013 14:25
Expensive, compared to what? Wetherspoons? Probably the least expensive ale in the vicinity. The Oval, Builders Arms, Porter & Sorter, Cricketers (Lebanon Road) are all more expensive. Await abuse and trolling in true slerpy fashion.
beerlover666 - 2 Mar 2013 15:40
A trip here last week was a major disappointment, poor service, an expensive pint of Harvey's ,not a particularly full pint EVEN after a request for a top up.One sign of a poor pub is a cut back in opening times compared to the norm. This place opens at 4p.m. on Saturdays and is shut on Sundays.
slerpy - 18 Oct 2012 12:53
Muncher - 18 Apr 2012 14:42
Tip-top pints of Harveys Sussex and Mordue Spring Tyne, definitely justifying this pub's entry in the current Good Beer Guide. I haven't personally experienced the owners' rudeness as expressed by other reviewers, though a couple of friends have also mentioned this to me, so there is definitely an issue there.
beerlover666 - 31 Mar 2012 21:03
This pub does great food but the service is either very good or very bad.

My friends went on Friday night and they said the waitress was very friendly and quick. Food was awesome.

I went again with them yesterday afternoon and the barmaid was just outright rude. No word of greeting, and when I asked what the guest ale was she looked at me like I was an idiot and said "ale". When I asked if it was a bitter or a pale ale or something else, I got a bored shrug and "bitter" in return. She didn't smile or make us feel welcome the whole time we were there, and we were the only bloody people in the place.

I'm only posting this review in the hope that the manager sees this and does something to sort this kind of service out, because it could so easily be such a great place to drink with a bit of politeness and the occasional smile.
steve5312 - 25 Mar 2012 19:31
I agree with many others here, the owners miserable customer skills detract from what could be a great gastro pub, I'd rather drink pints of fly fishing worms than go here.
singlemaltmale - 16 Mar 2012 10:58
This used to be a great pub but I'm so fed up with the owner, he is the rudest & most arrogant person I have ever had the misfortune to meet. What's the point of a pub with good food & beer having to put up with someone like that, like many locals I now go elsewhere, life's too short
fatherted1 - 20 Feb 2012 13:00
I don't live in Croydon but always go to thois gastropub when I visit. The beers are varied, tha bar is comfortable and the food is well prepared and generous in quantity. The S African specialities are the strong suit and the venison is the best I have ever eaten. The Sunday 5pm pub quiz is back, East & West Croydon stations are nearby and there's even Sunday parking in local streets for non-drinkers. The owners are very friendly, contrary to one or two posts here, and I know of no better haunt in Croydon, which is on the way up.
PS There's a very civilised outdoor smoking lounge for die-hards.
bigboy - 25 Jan 2012 15:58
I have been reading the comments about this pub and they are true, but moaning about working people stopping in for a beer is a bit daft, 'Stripey shirts? Perhaps biker jacket and big boots or something else might make you more comfortable? Go to the oval they are all waiting for you!

However the people running the pub are often short with their clients and people in general, and as the comments show people remember and do not want to come back no matter how good the food and beer is.

The food and beer is excellent so you can't knock them for that but they are a grumpy pair running a pub they don't want anymore and sadly it really shows.

lets hope someone who doesn't hate Croydon so much buys the pub! Because we are not all so bad and have no doubt kept them fed and watered for many years.
freebeerforall - 6 Jan 2012 19:12
This really is a pub to go to if you want a good meal, and I think the licensees give the food a higher priority than the drinks. However, the beer is well-kept and provides a good companion for the meal.

john_the_jester - 28 Dec 2011 12:50
Nice large pub with the added advantage of a beer garden. Lager quite pricey for the area. The pub is missing something though...
jdee - 17 Nov 2011 11:32
....and also because it is never open when local residents would use it most - i.e. Sundays and bank holidays.
beerlover666 - 30 Aug 2011 06:46
Unfortunately it is. The truth is that the majority of the local residents no longer go to this pub because of the sheer masses of office workers that take it over at times.
beerlover666 - 27 Jul 2011 13:03
To those who have commented about the "stripey shirt brigade" and how you'd expect that in City or Canary Wharf but not Cross Roads, keep in mind that the Glamorgan is right next door to the Bank of America Croydon office (the big mirrored-windows office building)...

vidarh - 21 Jul 2011 19:46
I go to this pub a lot, with friends and through work - lunches, leaving do's... the food is excellent and I like the location, not being bang in the town centre. Went there recently for a leaving do on a busy Friday night. Some of us ordered food - the landlord brought it out and when he served the last plates, my colleague asked me to ask for the sauces - which I did (and yes I was polite and said please!), to be abruptly told 'yes, yes, I've only got one pair of hands you know'! The barman overheard and came straight over to ask what it was I had wanted (he had overheard the response I got) and said sorry - no apology was ever forthcoming from the landlord himself (who always seems to be noticably sharp and irritable at busy times, though you'd think he'd be grateful for a full pub). Yes I understand it's busy and the staff are under pressure but I don't think that's an excuse to speak to customers in such a way. He was very rude (witnessed him snapping at the barmaid a few times earlier in the evening) and his attitude has made me (and my colleagues) think twice about using the pub again.
BBell - 5 Apr 2011 19:52
Went for a quiet meal the other Saturday night. Our peace was soon shattered by an excrutiatingly loud live band in the other bar, hired for a private party, which made conversation well nigh impossible. If we hadn't got so far into our meal we would have walked out. A shame, because the food, drink and service was very good.
Today, fancy a quick beer on the way chance, this time the whole pub is closed for a private party. No doubt another braying crowd of the stripey shirt brigade.....where do they come from?
No wonder the locals are decamping to the Builders, Windmill or Oval.
beerlover666 - 6 Nov 2010 16:05
...and wampy, is there such thing as a decent pint of lager (unless it's one of the proper Belgian or German ones)......?
beerlover666 - 31 Jul 2010 17:54
wampy, the point is that in the City (or Canary Wharf) you expect suits, and, yes I do go out in the City sometimes. To be fair the problem is not what people wear but how they behave, and it has to be said that a few of the corporate people are loud and somewhat arrogant. (that is not to say that the real locals are perfect either!). Several of my neighbours say that they will no longer visit this pub at times when it is busy, which is a shame. Cross Road is a mainly residential area so it would be really good if the pub catered more for the local residential community. Beer quality remains good to very good.
beerlover666 - 31 Jul 2010 17:51
I too am one of those awful suit-adorning ponces who by very definition clearly must have no taste in comparison to the world of those who step out in tracksuits, polo shirts, jeans and similar chav-wear, so most of you can ignore this commentary....!

On a recent visit to this place after a hiatus of what must be 3 years at least, it was much as I'd left it; i.e. spacious, comfortable, airy, and essentially satisfactory. 3 cask ales offered (Sharp's, Harvey's, Hop Back - the latter's Summer Lightning was in decent shape), which no doubt account for its current GBG entry status. Food appeared to be popular and it is no surprise that local workers choose to use the Glamorgan given the general lack of other worthy alternatives besides the Builders Arms (I used to work opposite when it was the Grouse & Claret - very different pub then, but still popular with the dreaded suits I'm afraid).

Yet, the place underwhelmed me. It has very little character or atmosphere; the decor is devoid of any interesting diversion, be it beauty or talking-point. It is clean and comodious, but ultimately dull. I should say the service is hardly sparkling with effervescent charm and enthusiasm either, although it was efficient enough.

By-numbers, but that does not mean by-pass.
TWG - 9 Jul 2010 13:28

Ive been drinking in this pub and its previous incarnations for the last 13 years.
And yes, i'm one of the local workers in the area - so please stop the "suit" bashing, if you dont like drinking in pubs populated by "suits" drink elsewhere !. Good job you dont livework in the city - you'd never go out !....

The pubs a good place to meet and provides a decent pint (both ale and now lager), customer service has improved over the years but the food is still a llittle pricey...

It does have a narrow barwalk way into the pool room, so please stop looking aggreived if you continually to get asked to move :-)

On the whole an enjoyable experience....

wampy - 6 Jul 2010 13:29
Noticed that this pub is deservedly in the 2010 Good Beer Guide. Just pick your time to visit to avoid the suits.
beerlover666 - 27 Sep 2009 19:59
The beer and food are both of a very high standard in this pub. as mentioned below, they always have Harveys and Explorer on, plus a guest, and I've never had a poor pint from them. The food menu is quite well priced considering the quality of the food on offer. They are clearly trying to focus on the food aspect in order to stand out from other pubs in the area and unfortunately this can detract slightly from the drinking side of things. There are plenty of seats for diners, but only a few tables for the drinkers to fight over.
A room to the side houses a pool table and TV, but there is no seating in this area, so unless your playing pool, there is little point going in there.
Worth going for a meal safe in the knowledge that you'll have a tip-top pint to accompany it.
Pubsignman - 7 Jul 2009 23:22
Consistently well kept beer (Harveys Best, Adnams Explorer plus a guest), good food and service. The pub could be great if only it was more of a locals' pub. Unfortunately it is often overrun with arrogant, braying corporate bores from the local offices. A difficult one, as it is good to see a thriving pub; come on, local residents, make more use of this pub!
beerlover666 - 30 Apr 2009 20:42
Went here last night for our anniversary. The food was awesome! The service was good - just a shame they ran out of Pinot otherwise I might have stayed a bit longer ;-)
The pub just needs a bit of warmth as the front bar looks a little tired and could do with some TLC.
Lulu72 - 29 Apr 2009 10:52
The beer here was excellent (Harvey's Best) when I visited on Wednesday there were another two on which I didn't try. Nice to find somewhere where the beer is well kept.
Miles007 - 27 Mar 2009 13:02
Have been in here a few times now for their entertaining fortnightly quizzes on a Sunday evening (you need to book in advance by the Friday, as a main meal is included). The Harvey's is consistently good, and there is a guest beer, usually Adnams or London Pride. The staff are always friendly, and as others have said, the food is of high quality.
john_the_jester - 18 Feb 2009 13:01
My last posting was a bit hasty, the owners are back again.

I hope they had a good holiday, I will not be troubling them in 2009.
gareth1011 - 16 Dec 2008 16:31
It looks like this pub is under new management, this can only be good news.

Went in today and couldn't sit down but this was because of the office Christmas parties. The beer was very good though and the staff rather more polite so will try again after Christmas.

Watch this space.
gareth1011 - 5 Dec 2008 16:29
Having had a meal here recently I must say that this is the pick of Croydon's pubs for food ( o.k. a tad pricey), a few decent real ales as well !
slerpy - 21 Nov 2008 13:26
Still the best pub in Croydon by miles - and Croydoner, there's no need for personal attacks.

Reserved signs seem to be placed on the tables to ensure they are kept available for diners - not filled up with the braying suits from Bank of America, who are thankfully dwindling in number.

Yes, it's more expensive than eating at the Porter and Sorter (a hole and no mistake) but if you have to pay a premium to have civilised company, somewhere nice to sit and great food - particularly steaks/ barbecues, then this is your place. Interesting selection of wines - don't drink beers, but my partner says they're well kept.

Well worth the visit - certainly the best pub (and some of the best food) in Croydon BY MILES!
BlondeAmbition - 18 Nov 2008 12:14
Have to say I was very disappointed with this pub, having heard some good things about it. Visited on a Thursday evening, and had to walk past a very busy Porter & Sorter to get there. The place was empty! The barman looked a tad put out that we had disturbed him and he would actually have to work. We ordered drinks, and asked to see the menu, which we were given on a tatty looking piece of card. Nothing appealed so we left, very dissappointed, and won't be going back.
helenof - 19 Sep 2008 02:24
Since it's refurb, this place has improved the quality of the decor, the garden and the food, which was all welcome. Unfortunately, although the management will give you a cheery welcome, it stops there. They are there to make money and nothing more and couldn't give a damn about the customer.

For example, two people walk in and sit down at a table for four. They are moved to a scabby table for two right by the door and the restaurant never fills up.

Example two. A group of people sit in the garden where there is a parasol at the table, is being sunny they not unreasonably put the parasol up. The wind then catches the parasol and because it is not properly secured to the base, it flies up and lands on the group of people breaking a glass of beer and soaking two of the people. The managers response is to replace the pint of beer but tell us that we shouldn't have opened the parasol.

Basically the guy's attitude (and that of his wife/partner/whoever) is absolutely disgusting. So far as I am concerned, this pub is now off the list of usable pubs in Croydon and given the small number of decent pubs in Croydon, that's quite a sacrifice.

Add top this, the cost of the food has risen and the quality dropped and perhaps you will see why I won’t be going there again.

gareth1011 - 1 Aug 2008 14:36
If food is your thing then look no further, you pay a premium price for fantastic food, the real ales are not to shabby with Harvey's on at all times. A great atmosphere and super friendly service.If only I could be bothered to walk here more often 10/10.
slerpy - 1 Aug 2008 13:23
The Glamorgan is my favourite Croydon pub. In my opinion it has the nicest interior, the best food, the best pint of Harveys and very good service.

I visit EVERY Friday for a fantastic lunch, passing five other pubs to get there. I haven't visited in the evening for a long time but only because I live far, far away.

The price is at the higher end of the scale but I believe it is worth every penny.
I hasten to add that I am in no way associated with this pub and my opinion is totally unbiased.

P.S. Boo-Hiss to 'Croydoner'(18 Jun) for making unnecessary, irrelevant and personally insulting remarks about the Landlady. You will not be missed with an attidude like that.
IUsedToLiveInCroydon - 23 Jul 2008 17:27
Croydoner, I agree to some extent that the food isn't as exciting or as high quality as when they started out, but there is no need for personal attacks e.g. paragraph 2.
beerlover666 - 3 Jul 2008 20:01
Was very excited when this place opened. Nice lick of paint had brightened the place up. And inside the food was expensive, but quality. A professional chef was working in the kitchen - the lanlord's brother. His Steak's were phenomenal. Where did it all go so wrong after that? Now we avoid the place at all costs. Moody bar staff. The professional chef has long since departed.

Surly landlady with a face like a bulldog licking snot off a nettle. The beautiful blend of Croydon charm and South African customer service. And do you think they've reduced prices to match the drop in quality? No they are still trying to pitch themselves at the high end.

Not so popular any more. They have started pretending to be booked out. When you walk into the empty pub of an evening, you will see "Reserved" placards on every table. they are tehre for tweo reasons - 1) to pretend to be busy and 2) To force you to sit outside if you want to eat food - because their helpful policy is that if you are sitting outside, they do not have to come and serve you - you have to order at the bar!

Word is getting round. People talk. Just as I told all my friedns to check the place out back in 2006, I am keen to urge anyone and everyone to avoid it now. I have also been on the receiving end of the same word of mouth.

Way Over priced, particularly considering the other venues in the near vicinity (hell - even the kebab and fish shop have better food and better service).

The paint is pealing, the cracks are showing. Shape up or ship out.
Croydoner - 18 Jun 2008 02:15
I regularly come here for lunch or for a bottle of wine in the evening but I personally avoid times when it's likely to be full of noisy office workers however it is great to see it busy because there aren't enough decent pubs in the area without going right into the centre. Great wine list and yes the menu is not extensive but better to have a smaller selection of things that are done really well. Home made burger and fat chips to die for. I am glad they don't show footy and that it pulls in a more discerning crowd who are happy to spend a bit more money to enjoy good food and wine in pleasant surroundings, thankfully it does not attract too many children as there's not kids menu or play area but I wish they would enforce a complete adults-only policy as there are enough other places to take kids leave somewhere sacred for thoes of us who don't want to hear a kid crying when we're spending a lot of money and want to enjoy lunch in peace. But the owners are very convivial and welcoming to all.
clarabel - 20 May 2008 12:57
Very average but high priced food and I had to send the beer back. The landlord seemed to think the bad beer was my fault for some reason.
You have to walk passed too many decent pubs (coming from Croydon centre)to get to this one, don't bother.
The repetitive positive postings of some members on here would suggest some liason with the owners.

Ale_Not_Be_Back - 20 Apr 2008 10:54
Beer quality still good - always Harveys BB and Adnams Bitter, plus a guest. Food also good, if a tad pricey.

The pub can get crowded with loud and sometimes badly behaved workers from local offices so it's best to visit when those people are not there.
beerlover666 - 28 Mar 2008 09:17
Probably the best choice for mid priced food in Croydon, always stocks Harvey's BB.
slerpy - 14 Mar 2008 20:57
The Glamorgan is a comfy cosy local and I enjoy popping in on the way home from work now and again.

The landlord and Landlady are great - very friendly and welcoming to all who come into the pub. The food is interesting, though limited from a veggie point of view, and the beer choice although limited to 3 usually has one interesting guest - plus the staples Harveys (ok) and London Pride (steady if boring).

Although I'm a football fan I like the fact that they don't show live football as it means the pub is always a good place to enjoy a relaxing pint.

If I had one complaint it would be that too much space is given over to eating, but this is a decent local pub and my area of Croydon is a richer place for having this pub here.

Tipping - 11 Mar 2008 15:59
I hadn't been to Glamorgan prior to its refurbishment, but can say it's a mandatory stop on my regular Croydon crawl; interesting (albeit small) range of well-kept ales (the Harvey's Sussex Best is always solid), good service, plus darts and pool facilities.
Dartitis - 20 Feb 2008 14:18
Stonkingly good home made burgers cooked to your liking. Harvey's best, Lancaster Bomber and Adnams on draft. so good I went twice in the one day.

The staff were good with my customer and I but a little off with one of his coleagues. I found it friendly though.
mproberts - 16 Feb 2008 11:08
Three real Ales: usually Harvey's and two guests - I've always found them to be in good nick - prices reasonable.
weakbeermonster - 5 Dec 2007 17:39
Excellent. First visit last week. Will be back. Interesting and varied menu. Great service. Well kept bitters and extensive wine list. A great find.
beer_or_wine_anytime - 27 Nov 2007 14:14
I really like this pub.; the food is excellent and the beer is almost always very well kept (on the one occassion when I had to return the pint they replaced it without question). It is very clean and well decorated. It is, in my opinion the best pub in Croydon.

However, though I have never suffered from rude service as described, it has often been indifferent and nowhere near as friendly as that in The Builders.

gelksy - 22 Nov 2007 14:00
Anonymous, 9 Nov: What utter rubbish. The positive comments are not from the bar staff or landlord. Ale quality is as good as ever and there are some decent guest ales. Unfortunately, the behaviour of the suits is, if anything, getting worse.
beerlover666 - 11 Nov 2007 18:43
Good to see the bar staff and landlord rating this pub so highly.
In my opinion, bad mannered staff and poorly kept beer.
'Ignore the suits' typical comment about people returning beer, the customer is always wrong!
anonymous - 9 Nov 2007 14:25
An amazing place. There is nowhere else like it in Croydon. Great food, great beer and great service.
alefairy - 31 Oct 2007 05:53
re Anonymous, 22 October - if you enjoyed the Brothers pear cider, you may wish to try real perry at a local beer festival.
beerlover666 - 23 Oct 2007 16:31
The best wine list in Croydon by miles (sorry, Davy's!) and some really imaginative food make this the best destination in the area if you are hoping to treat your tastebuds. Don't drink beer myself, but my husband always raves about the various different specials on offer, and is always thankful that it's not GreeneKing.

As for all the comments below, ignore the suits - eventually they'll realise that no one thinks they're big OR clever and will move on. Just visit soon - it's fantastic!
BlondeAmbition - 23 Oct 2007 11:39
FluffyRona - you are spot on! It would be good to see the red card shown to anyone who is rude to staff or other customers. Of course the owners have to run a business and make a profit but I'm sure that the locals would come back in droves if the "cavemen" were banished. Ale quality is as good as ever and the food is delicious.
beerlover666 - 22 Oct 2007 16:23
Superb pub in an unexpected location - much better than the alcopop pushing, blaring music venues on the other "side of the tracks" in Croydon. Great food and an excellent selection of wines and beers - check out Brothers pear cider which I've only ever had before at Glastonbury. Friendly staff who know what they're talking about and the best pub garden in the area - a real find.
anonymous - 22 Oct 2007 11:06
I almost want to do a Harry Enfield "calm down, calm down" in a Scouse accent. Having been in the service industry myself I have to side with the staff on the occassion alluded to in the earlier posts. Some people's behaviour doesn't do themselves any favours.......

I personally have had no issues with any of the newly arrived bar staff who are all as professional and friendly as their predecessors. The chef is also turning out some cracking grub. If you get a chance to try that great South African "delicacy", Bunny Chow, that's on the menu I would thoroughly recommend it.

All in all this marvellous establishment continues to put its rivals into a cocked hat. Bravo!
gtisi - 19 Oct 2007 20:07
Doodso and rodders 93 you are so wide of the mark that it's scary. I was in the pub on the day in question and I think the bar staff were very restrained and exceedingly polite, considering the appalling behaviour of the "suits" (of which you are probably members) who were rude,obnoxious and behaved like cavemen.

This is a lovely pub, a real gem, and if you guys choose to take your business elsewhere, fantastic news for the rest of us, who won't have to put up with boorish, loud and plainly unwelcome behaviour.

The bar staff are unfailingly polite, even under the severest of conditions (generally caused by people from your office - I have even seen an ignorant member of your team threaten a woman diner for looking at him 'in the wrong way'!).

New customers, please do come to what is undoubtedly the best dining pub in Croydon, and ignore the rantings of these people who would be better off in the Porter and Sorter. The Bunny Chow is spectacular, and the new chef's pancakes are meltocious.

And top marks to the enthusiastic, knowledgeable bar staff, who know their beers and their wines very well, and serve them with style.

FluffyRona - 19 Oct 2007 18:58
Why is the comparison necessarily wide of the mark? I would suggest that some of the office workers could also improve their manners, e.g. not taking on mobile phones while ordering drinks, not being so loud, not telling a local of 20 years+ that "we are important people, we're going to sit at your table whether you like it or not..."
anonymous - 9 Oct 2007 15:06
Comparisons between Norman Balon of the Coach & Horses and the portly Landlord who runs The Glamorgan are well wide of the mark. Is beerlover666 suggesting that by allowing staff to behave in a rude, hostile and arrogant manner, the Glamorgan in Croydon will somehow become a tourist attraction? Why not try serving the paying customers with a measure of civility and good manners.

eric_o - 9 Oct 2007 12:39
No, I don't condone rudeness. However, don't forget the (now retired) Norman Balon of the Coach & Horses, Soho - London's rudest landlord and a tourist attraction in his own right!
beerlover666 - 8 Oct 2007 08:00
Oh dear, we seem to have hit a nerve here, it looks suspiciously like the Glamorgan wants this site for praise only by friends and family. We register an honest but critical view about an aggressive and rude barman and this is met virtually instantaneously with double barrelled personal comments, wrongful to boot. No, not from the Bank of America and not in customer service, so not neglecting anyone by commenting, just a small group of middle aged men out for a lunch time drink, boring maybe, but not loud at all. The negative comment was about the rudeness of the service by new (as far as I know) staff and if you two (if you are two!) supporters want to defend gross rudeness from staff towards non-locals, then fair enough, that also sends a message to the rest of us what the Glamorgan is about these days. Cue, “you must have been asking for it”…
Doodso - 7 Oct 2007 13:54
Indeed,beerlover666. Incidentally, Doodso and rodders93, looks like you posted these from your work PC - should YOU also not have been serving your customers instead?
anonymous - 6 Oct 2007 11:13
Re "Doodso" 5 Oct - if by chance the "local office" is Bank of America, please do go elsewhere, preferably to the town centre corporate bore-bars, or the City or Canary Wharf, where you will fit in better. Don't forget that this is primarily a locals' pub and is not large enough for big office groups. I have not encountered any rudeness or poor service and the beer quality is as good as ever.
beerlover666 - 6 Oct 2007 11:11
this pub has benefited from one year's tolerance of ever decreasing customer service but today was the limit when the owner(s) saw fit to leave the bar in the hands of two trainees at their busiest lunchtime session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a reasonable request for service in the correct turn was met with a threatening response and an edict to take our custom elsewhere. We will do so!
rodders93 - 5 Oct 2007 14:13
Friday lunchtime, shockingly rude new male staff (Oct 2007). Landlord usually a pain but at least he knows how to serve. Group from local office won't go again, shame 'cos the Harveys is a treat.
Doodso - 5 Oct 2007 14:01
Beer, food and service remains as good as ever. Unfortunately, however, this pub is now regularly overrun during the week by gangs of noisy Bank of America staff. The locals have largely been driven away by these people and use the Builders Arms instead.
anonymous - 4 Oct 2007 21:36
Try visiting on a Monday or Tuesday evening as well, when the pub is much quieter.
anonymous - 1 May 2007 12:21
Great pub, shame about the arrogant, rude, loud suits who frequent this place early weekday evenings. Visit late evening or Saturday to avoid these people - the real locals are more likely to be there at those times.
anonymous - 27 Apr 2007 14:21
Very nice pub, got a bar area with a pool table, a lounge area, a dining area and a patio. Had a Tapa's style menu there which is good value and you get a hell of a lot of food.

Good staff, reasonable prices and a good atmosphere
Popsuruncle - 23 Apr 2007 10:24
Superb renovation - completely changed from the old 'Grouse & Claret' days! The food is sublime and reasonably priced too. Have only eaten during lunchtimes but the extensive evening menu just as good. Have found staff to be pleasant and attentive. Would highly recommend this gaff - a hidden gem in East Croydon.
eaglepub - 25 Feb 2007 22:19
It is the type of place that I would like to love, but having gone there a few times now, I always walk away with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth (and it isn't the beer). The beer is good, the menu a bit extravagant and a little pricey, and the atmosphere is 1 part local pub, 1 part yuppie wine bar, 1 part gastropub.
carsonspost - 23 Dec 2006 17:32
Just read the reviews below. Rest assured, there were no (crowds of) office workers at 7.45 when we rolled in to eat! These discerning bankers must be a lunchtime and early evening phenomenon.
Alph_river - 30 Nov 2006 00:11
Several of us ate here a few evenings ago, and found The Glamorgan to be a tip-top venue on several scores:

1. It's clean and bright without having suffered the currently ubiquitous "continental-moderne" makeover. It's fresh and friendly instead, and modern in a pleasing aesthetic.

2. The food was excellent value for money. The smoked duck spring roll starter, and creamy haddock risotto, (a special of the day) were artistically presented, and thoroughly appreciated. Others had similarly favourable experiences.

3. Theer's a choice of 3 real ales, as well as some interesting looking Belgians. I drank a decent pint of Black Sheep, but was slightly disappointed by a lacklustre pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin. (The pump clip was turned very shortly afterwards, so I assume the one I got was the cask-end, which would explain things..)

4. Although it styles itself a "Gastropub" an appellation which makes me run a mile usually, this is different. There is a clear drinkers' area at one end, and an eaters' area at the other. It does seem like a good restaurant when at table, unlike some eateries where ambitious nosh is served at inadequate tables. Not The Glamorgan: proper tables, cutlery, glasses and service.

5. Good service. Friendly, informed service. Service with a smile!

So. What's a spectacular place like this doing in Cherry Orchard Road, a spit from East Croydon Station? Your guess is as good as mine, but if you want to visit, go soon. My guess is they'll head for the west End and double their prices. They could, you know.
Alph_river - 30 Nov 2006 00:02
Re "anonymous" posting on 23 Sep 06 - totally agree with your sentiments. The opening hours are now 12-11:30 Mon-Thu; 12-12 Fri; 4-12 Sat; closed Sunday. Come on, locals...visit this pub and don't let the office workers take it over entirely!
beerlover666 - 30 Oct 2006 20:33
This place is a must. Excellent food and friendly staff. Can't think of any good reasons not to go and spend an evening there.
foodjunkie - 14 Oct 2006 10:21
Visit This Pub! (that's an order!)

Lovely friendly management and staff, wonderful ale, amazing food. Absolutely gorgeous.
alefairy - 27 Sep 2006 01:18
3 well-kept real ales, lovely food and good service. Criminally under-used by the locals; maybe because often the pub is crowded with loud Bank of America Computer Centre employees, indeed a couple of locals have said they've avoided going in for this very reason. A difficult one - on the one hand it's good to see a thriving pub, on the other hand it would be great to see the locals using it more. A hint - a good time to visit is at the weekends (Hours are 4 - 11 on Saturday,and 12 - 6 on Sundays)when the office workers are largely absent.
anonymous - 23 Sep 2006 18:04
Having recently visited The Glamorgan I can only sing it's praises. I loved the decor, the young couple on the bar could not have been more helpful and my partner and I had amazing food. All in all a great time and we even got to meet the two chefs at the end of the evening.
joubba - 3 Sep 2006 12:16
This is my local and it is now good to see the number of punters growing. Despite turning 'Gastro' it has maintained a traditional atmosphere and has a decent beer garden. It is the first pub where I have had to contend with a Morris Dancer's convention for bar service. Well worth a visit. Contrary to some opinion, the barman/landlord does have a sense of humour - it's just rather dry and sometimes hidden!

richiewright - 23 Aug 2006 13:56
No offence intended, 'anonymous'.

It's good to see other groups such as the Croydon Backgammon Club using the pub.
beerlover666 - 13 Aug 2006 12:39
It's so refreshing to visit somewhere different in Croydon. I've always found the service here exceptional, the food exquisite and I can't fault the beer.
I love escaping to The Glamorgan!
alefairy - 12 Aug 2006 03:59
I agree with the comment about the Bank America crowd and this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but I would imagine if it wasn’t for these customers during the day, the pub would be pretty quiet.

If I had been rude or arrogant to the landlady then of course, I would not expect a great attitude back. Unfortunately, in my case, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I have been nothing but polite and mannerly. How rude can one be when ordering a couple of drinks or food?

As mentioned earlier I totally agree with the “standing for no nonsense” attitude and I would imagine turning the pub around from a very run down pub into a “gastro pub” has meant that they have met some interesting people that used to drink in there when it was the Grouse and Claret. However, I still feel that the attitude I have received in there is not acceptable.

I am sorry if that offends you and I wish this was not the case, it has just been too much and I do not want to drink or eat in a pub that does not offer a polite attitude. Although, I must say the 2 other bar staff have been great.

anonymous - 10 Aug 2006 10:16
I cannot agree less with the post from "anonymous" below.

I have never encountered anything other than friendly service. Might it be that "anonymous" was rude or arrogant to the landlady? Quite rightly, she
stands for no nonsense.

The only problem with this pub is that it is sometimes overwhelmed by large groups of loud corporate bores from the Bank of America computer centre down the road.

The beer is well-kept as well and it is good to see Black Sheep and Harveys rather than the ubiquitous London Pride and Greene King IPA.
beerlover666 - 8 Aug 2006 19:39
It was a refreshing change to see, what was the Grouse and Claret refurbished and open in late 2005 as the Glamorgan. As a local resident in this area I was looking forward to using this pub. Although it started off well with the hospitality of the South African couple being warm and attentive, this has now turned into downright rude, in particular the landlady.

I have welcomed her direct tone when witnessing her dealing with unruly customers, but would expect a friendlier, customer facing attitude when ordering a drink or food. I suppose if your face fits...

I have eaten here on numerous occasions and the food is ok, but far from excellent. The previous comment of that “they are being let down by the quality of the meat” is, in my opinion true.

I am saddened to say that I will not be rushing back as I have had enough of the rude, abrupt and unfriendly manner.

I am sure this place will do ok, but if that type of attitude continues customers will not be rushing back.

anonymous - 8 Aug 2006 10:48
A truly fantastic gastropub.

I run the Croydon Backgammon Club here on Thursdays. The club members and I eat here every week.

The management team of Grant and Kate look after us very well and all the rest of the staff are efficient, fast and polite.

The food quality is fantastic I especially recommend the gnocchi or the Calves liver when it is on special.

The G consists of four distinct areas Garden, Restaurant, Bar and games room with high celings making the inside quite cool and airy during the summer months.

The restaurant has some very nice decor with tastful choices in artwork.

The bar serves a consistantly good set of quality wines and real ales. (A real cider would be nice hint hint!)

The games room has a nice pool table and large plasma and fruitie.

The garden recently finished has a raised seating area with around ten tables each table seats eightand have parasols.

The food prices are very good value you will get a three course meal for around £20 - £25 per person

The beers are slightly higher the usual prices by around 40p to 50p but well worth it to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

Danny_Gallagher - 29 Jul 2006 11:45
I haven't been for a while but will check it out again soon to see whether or not there has been any decline in standards since the fab quality earlier this year.

I know that some suppliers have changed - excellent fish was being bought locally from an excellent fishmonger and I know that's not the case now. That doesn't mean the quality is any different though... will check it out soon!

Also - what are the evening prices like now? I heard you could no longer have the good value lunchtime menu in the evening but this too could be one of those urban myths...

Will report back soon!
Eltrina - 24 Jul 2006 15:38
You must have been on a very very rare off day - the meat here is superb! Steaks so tender you can cut them with a normal knife - the T-Bone with roasted tomatoes on the summer menu is absolutely amazing. Great wine list which changes often and fantastic service. Theres no comparison with this and the Treehouse, which is full of pikeys and meths drinkers!
BlondeAmbition - 19 Jul 2006 19:34
I just had to go and see what you are all raving about.Yes I must agree on almost everything that's been said about this place. Yes, great looking place Good wines and beers and the couple who run it seem the perfect hosts.

But( I'm sure you saw a but coming)I can't quite rave as much about the food. Yes the menu is good on paper, showing imagination and the chef has real flare.Unfortunatly what let it down is the basic ingredients, namely the quality of the meat. So guys ,please dump your butcher he's doing you no favours!

Will try here again but if I'm looking a gastro pub I will probably stick to the tree house in the south end. And its near the crown and sceptre which serves fantastic fullers beers.

Bar_Bird - 18 Jun 2006 16:01

Don't tell everyone but this place serves some great food and if they all find out I'll have trouble getting a table every time I visit.

The lovely South African couple that run this place have managed to provide a beautiful oasis amongst the desert that is Croydon. This is the best place bar none to eat and drink: a good choice of bitters; a good choice of lagers; a variety of other drinks; some excellent wines; and, possibly the best food served in Croydon outside of a speciality restaurant.

Thank you Grant and Kathleen!
gtisi - 8 Mar 2006 10:01
Don't come here! This place is so fabulous, the food so amazing, the drinks great that I don't want it to be mobbed!

Grant and Kathleen, the people in charge, are utterly lovely, and it's the kind of place that deserves to be absolutely packed out every day and every night of the week - providing, of course that I can get a table. Just what Croydon needed - long may it continue to thrive!
FluffyRona - 1 Mar 2006 16:36
Just to correct my brother, the ales on tap were actually Harvey's Sussex Ale and a very nice pint of London Pride which i was consuming all night and which was as good as any i have had from a Fullers own pub. The other beer was an IPA which i didn't try, I don't believe they had any Adnams.

My food was also excellent. I had the "Sweetcorn and Chili Fritters" which, despite sounding like the veggie choice, was a very generous portion of chicken with sweet peppers, pitta bread, yoghurt and (obviously) sweetcorn and chilli. It was pretty spicy but very nice.
SiBarber - 9 Feb 2006 16:58
went in here for the first time last weekend. had previously avoided it in its former state as the 'grouse and claret' as it did indeed look a mess. all i have to say is i was incredibly impressed. lovely place, very bright and airy, food was lovely, and the cater more than sufficiently for Vege's like myself. Prices werent bad at all, and it was nice and quiet, the only downside being the beer itself, or lack of; there seems to be a concentration on Wine, which is all well and good, but the beer selection seemed to be lacking a little in what i would regard as the standard - only 2 ales permanently on offer; Adnams and Harveys, one guest ale which sadly wasnt worth remembering, Guiness (both the cold and 'warm' variety, i was offered) Stella and Carling (again, cold and not-so) and your standard selection of bottles (becks, corona, magners cider, etc). im sure there was another on tap but i was personally a touch disappointed at the lack of 1664, Grolsch or something in that kind of area. The atmosphere and food definately make up for it though, so get down there before the world discovers it.

note; i just remembered the kitchens stayed open for orders until well after 10, worth remembering if you find yourself hungry halfway through a night out and dont fancy a fast food or sitting down in a curry house. rock!
ercol - 3 Feb 2006 13:23
Croydon's first gastro pub about 4 mins walk from East Croydon Station! The sign and doors are painted in gorgeous duck egg blue/turquoise shades with a big letter ‘G’ on the pub sign poking out from the wall above the door.

Inside the décor is modern yet trad, gentle yet bright … The pub has 3 sections to it a pool table area for the smokers, a loungy leather sofa bit for non smokers and just having a drink, and then the rustic yet modern food bit which is also non smoking. The pub is fine about having children (and buggies) in it, although not too late into the evening if pos. They have Harveys and Adnams bitter on tap and a fantastic array of wines. And the food was out of this world - you can go for mid range £7-£8 (I had sweet African curry the first visit and crab risotto the 2nd) or more pricey £12-13 if you fancy some sort of pigeon breast or the like! There are veg options too. Food is served until 9.30 in the evening, but at the moment they’re trying Sundays 12-6 (and this is more of a Sunday roast option rather than the type of menu I’ve described).

I don’t want to over sell the place in case you’re disappointed when you get there but I really can’t quite believe something like this has arrived in Croydon, and I don’t think you will be disappointed. The South African couple who run it have come from running a similar venture in the Cotswolds so it doesn’t appear to have the teething problems of some such new initiatives.

Give it a go so we give the pub a chance of staying put in its new home of Croydon, and they give us the jazz and barbeques they promise in the Summer months...

Eltrina - 10 Jan 2006 19:08

got anything to say about this pub?

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