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The Avenue, Southampton

A cosy pub with a good choice of real ale.

Once inside the front door the drinker is welcomed by an old fashioned dark oak bar area which is very welcoming. The back rooms of the pub give clues to the fact that at some point this must have been a genuine 'public house' as the little rooms really give the impression that this was once somebody's house. This feature is a big plus.

If I still lived in the area this would be a cracking local and when I come down to soton I make an effort to go there.

My only criticism is that they have removed the billiards table from one of the back rooms and replaced this with a couple of sofas. Having said that the sofas were comfortable.

There isn't much of merit in Southampton these days, but by visiting this pub you will be rewarded with a decent relaxing night out and ensure that one of the few positives in this once great town will remain for many years to come.

12 Mar 2008 12:29

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

In 100 years time, when historians are writing a history of great pubs in the early 21st century the Bull and Gate will be the gold standard.

This is a great pub where the priority is beer. But what follows from this is priceless and cannot be gained from any market research or focus group activity. The atmosphere is always warm and enjoyable, the landlord is friendly and the layout of the pub, including the island style bar, contributes to the cosy feeling in this excellent pub.

The Young's beers are still fine and kept very well (Best, Special and seasonal ale)and the prices are very reasonable too.

I've never been here during major sporting events but I can imagine how this cosy pub would generate a great atmosphere.

This is the type of pub you could spend all day in without any hassle - I have done before while drinking winter warmer.

I cannot recommend this pub highly enough - a blueprint for what a pub should be like.

(See the great Roger Protz quote on the posting from John Bonser - says it all really)

11 Mar 2008 16:36

The Glamorgan, Croydon

The Glamorgan is a comfy cosy local and I enjoy popping in on the way home from work now and again.

The landlord and Landlady are great - very friendly and welcoming to all who come into the pub. The food is interesting, though limited from a veggie point of view, and the beer choice although limited to 3 usually has one interesting guest - plus the staples Harveys (ok) and London Pride (steady if boring).

Although I'm a football fan I like the fact that they don't show live football as it means the pub is always a good place to enjoy a relaxing pint.

If I had one complaint it would be that too much space is given over to eating, but this is a decent local pub and my area of Croydon is a richer place for having this pub here.

11 Mar 2008 15:59

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