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My names Sam, I live in South East London, and im a student. and as such, i like to drink, and do it preferably in the largest quantity possible, at the lowest cost. yes. but more importantly, im in a band. and when were not rockin out like bastards, were in the pub talkin about how we rock better than any other bastard. mmmmm bastard.

Username: ercol

Age: 36

Sex: male

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The Builders Arms, Croydon

best pub in its area. cosy, good selection of beers and very friendly, even if it can get a bit busy on friday/saturday nights. may well find it lacking a bit in representing the younger generation, but its by no means an 'old man pub'. only problem id say, is that when the new licensing laws came in, they got given a permit to stay open late. however, sadly according to the manager, people were still leaving at 11 and it didnt make paying the staff worthwhile. however they still have it, so who knows whether they may re-impliment the plan in the summer months. Rock!

3 Feb 2006 13:31

The Glamorgan, Croydon

went in here for the first time last weekend. had previously avoided it in its former state as the 'grouse and claret' as it did indeed look a mess. all i have to say is i was incredibly impressed. lovely place, very bright and airy, food was lovely, and the cater more than sufficiently for Vege's like myself. Prices werent bad at all, and it was nice and quiet, the only downside being the beer itself, or lack of; there seems to be a concentration on Wine, which is all well and good, but the beer selection seemed to be lacking a little in what i would regard as the standard - only 2 ales permanently on offer; Adnams and Harveys, one guest ale which sadly wasnt worth remembering, Guiness (both the cold and 'warm' variety, i was offered) Stella and Carling (again, cold and not-so) and your standard selection of bottles (becks, corona, magners cider, etc). im sure there was another on tap but i was personally a touch disappointed at the lack of 1664, Grolsch or something in that kind of area. The atmosphere and food definately make up for it though, so get down there before the world discovers it.

note; i just remembered the kitchens stayed open for orders until well after 10, worth remembering if you find yourself hungry halfway through a night out and dont fancy a fast food or sitting down in a curry house. rock!

3 Feb 2006 13:23

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