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Plough and Furrow Inn, Smallfield

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user reviews of the Plough and Furrow Inn, Smallfield

please note - reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors, so don't take them too seriously.

Fine pub with good good, and child friendly - in a rural area.

Beer quality is excellent and the staff are efficient and courteous.

Good for a trip out from Horley and/or Redhill.
randolf7 - 13 Jul 2016 11:06
Ok, sticking my head above the parapet again, quite prepared for all the "must be a child hater, why doesn't he go somewhere else" sort of posts that are bound to follow.
Called in yesterday and enjoyed a few pints, lovely staff, good beer etc, great decor. Today I called in and had the local mums club. For two hours, (as much as I could stand) Four adults and eight children shouting their heads off and running around the place playing hide and seek (the children) whilst being totally ignored by their parents. Asked the bar staff if this happens regularly and was told yes, with raised eyebrows. Thank you, I'm sure that all the parents who bring their children in will be glad to know that I'll be going elsewhere in future.
There we go, now happy to get the abuse that's bound to follow, thank you.
arfajob - 12 Jul 2016 17:13
When is the play area promised when the new owners took over, going up? As business has picked up does this mean the new owners are going back on their word & not installing a play area? We're coming into the summer months soon & it would be nice to see something for our children.
Kennedys - 9 May 2015 17:01
Just been to the Plough & Furrow for the third time since new owners & refurbishment & what a fantastic change. Roast dinner had by 2 adults & 2 children (both under 7 years old) & you couldn't ask for more accommodating staff. Food was plentiful, hot, good selection of vegetables & at a reasonable price. Drinks were served to us at the table & even the bill was brought out to us - we didnt have to stand at the tiil/bar to pay. Good atmosphere & welcoming. Whilst yes its a shame about the play area - its coming back next year when the weather is better. Certainly worth a visit. This is just a personal opinion & certainly not one that I intend to get into a message thread over.
Kennedys - 2 Nov 2014 13:56
Andy1984: I agree with you about the previous management. They were so hospitable, friendly and welcoming, as were the other employees. The mood in the pub now seems somewhat flat and uninviting.
I see that lindawedlock123's comments re. stuart_t / Mark Jones have gone unanswered? Something too hide maybe Mark??!!!
As this site requests reviews I shall give mine. The removal of previous management in my opinion is a mistake. The mood feels tense, quiet and subdued in the pub now as opposed to the previous upbeat atmosphere when the pub was reopened. The new landlord and landlady are trying to hard to please which comes across as false. The owner 'stuart_t aka Mark Jones appears cowardice in his failure to respond to accusations that he has falsified reviews.
Give the place a miss and head into Horley.
redman5099 - 25 Oct 2014 00:25
Andy1984: I agree with you about the previous management. They were so hospitable, friendly and welcoming, as were the other employees. The mood in the pub now seems somewhat flat and uninviting.
I see that lindawedlock123's comments re. stuart_t / Mark Jones have gone unanswered? Something too hide maybe Mark??!!!
As this site requests reviews I shall give mine. The removal of previous management in my opinion is a mistake. The mood feels tense, quiet and subdued in the pub now as opposed to the previous upbeat atmosphere when the pub was reopened. The new landlord and landlady are trying to hard to please which comes across as false. The owner 'stuart_t aka Mark Jones appears cowardice in his failure to respond to accusations that he has falsified reviews.
Give the place a miss and head into Horley.
redman5099 - 24 Oct 2014 21:59
Being local and on occasion drink and eat in the plough, , the new decor is lovely much brighter than before. The new landlord and land lady kylie ans Lori were nothing but friendly and polite and always mad you feel welcome. But it's seems that they have been removed and replaced with don't get me wrong a friendly chap but it doesn't feel as welcoming as before. I do appreciate changes but to say in one breath high chairs and pushchairs are not welcome in this pub and to remove the playground, and reading the new review which says you will be replacing the playground next year seems to me like contradiction. The food started of really well but I'm not sure if there has been a recent change in the kitchen but the food has gone down hill and I won't be returning anytime soon.
Andy1984 - 24 Oct 2014 08:21
We would just like to introduce ourselves we are Jack and Kelly the new landlord and landlady of The Plough and Furrow we would like to put ourselves forward as your personal point of contact for any questions or comments. We are aware that the pub since opening has perhaps taken a wrong turn in the direction that it needed we are here to put it back on track and give Smallfield a pub to be proud of.
We are the parents of the baby which seems to have caused some controversy, We live upstairs and unfortunately at the moment through the bar and to the left of the kitchen is the only way to get upstairs safely at the moment this will be rectified in time but I would like to clear up that in no way was our child Jaé Jaé in any danger or breaking any health and safety regulations sorry if he caused any undue disgust.
Just to clear up some of the comments below we will be putting up a brand new play area next summer for the children and we want to make the pub a comfortable and happy environment for young, old, families and couples alike.
We have arranged a series of coffee mornings next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30am to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have and to fill you in on any upcoming events we have everyone is welcome and we will have free tea/ coffee pastries and squash and biscuits for children. We hope to see you all there
Jack and Kelly.
JackKelly - 23 Oct 2014 12:57
Call me what you like Lindawedlock123, the purpose of this website is to give honest reviews of pubs. I went in The Plough for the first time in four years and enjoyed the experience, that is all I was trying to say. If you can't accept that, and that I am no way related to the current management then that is your problem.

arfajob - 22 Oct 2014 19:35
arfajob? Or should I call you Mark Jones?!! Funnily enough, the wellebeing of a child in a Public House behind the Bar and in a Kitchen was at the forefront of my mind. I was a little too distracted to give my opinion of the tonic water that I drank, but I'm sure it was very nice. For that, well done the Plough for serving a terrific Tonic Water. There you go arfajob / Mark or whatever your name is. Happy now?!!
Lindawedlock123 - 22 Oct 2014 19:06
Oh dear, here we go again! Because I had the audacity to post an honest review actually praising the staff, I am now accused of making it up: "positive comments are made up in an attempt to lure people in on false pretences" I assure you that these were my honest impressions of the pub. Why do you assume that anyone who posts a review contrary to yours has made it up? It may be that I was just lucky, but I cannot post a negative comment just because it's popular. I too am a resident of Smallfield, and have been for many years,
I notice that apart from a quick remark about the decor, you have failed to give any review whatsoever of the pub? Quality of the beer, food etc? I assume that you were so disgusted that you walked out without trying any of the goods on sale?
That said, an explanation of the post from Stuart t both as a customer and manager of The Plough would be appreciated? What about the "disgusting" baby? How about it Marc?

arfajob - 22 Oct 2014 10:42
Firstly: I'd like to comment on stuart_t's posts for this pub. It seems that he posted on 19th Oct as 'Mark Jones - new operator of the Plough & Furrow' and on the 3rd of October as a customer, funnily enough giving a rave review of the place!! It begs the question how many of the other positive reviews for this Pub are from Mr Jones on this site as well as other sites???
This said, my Husband and I visited the Pub recently. Being Smallfield residents, we chose to try out our new local. When we first walked in, we were pleasantly surprised with the refit and comfortable feel of the place. However, we were disgusted (& I don't use this word lightly) when we saw a gentleman carrying a baby behind the bar and into what I assume to be the kitchen area as this is where food was being brought out from. Surely there are health and safety issues there?? I've seen and heard a lot of negative views about the pub and can only assume these are genuine and the positive comments are made up in an attempt to lure people in on false pretences that this pub simply can't deliver.
Lindawedlock123 - 20 Oct 2014 14:55
I can only speak as I find. I visited The Plough and Furrow on Friday lunchtime with an old friend of mine for a pub lunch.
Although there were only two hand pumps on the bar, the Hobgoblin and Doom Bar were in excellent condition, and at £3.70, I didn't think that this was too expensive, as it is on a par with almost every other pub in the area.
We decided to eat, as the pub was rapidly filling up with diners, and both of us opted for the 8oz (might have been 10oz, I honestly can't remember) steak, which arrived quickly, beautifully cooked to perfection, for £12.75.
I was really surprised to see some of the negative comments posted on here, as I had really good, attentive service, with pleasant staff to deal with, perhaps I was lucky not to have "the red haired waitress"? The décor is a vast improvement over the old style, being light and clean and I for one was glad to see the removal of the TV and gaming machine.
There is a children's menu on the rear page of the main menu, and there is a poster advertising a weekly quiz night.
I will definitely be going again, such an improvement over the old management, which just goes to prove that you can't please everyone!

arfajob - 20 Oct 2014 10:10
Hello Junglenast, my name is Marc Jones and I am the new operator of the Plough & Furrow. I personally thank you for taking the time to post your review as we genuinely take all reviews as an aid for understanding and training. The team and I are working very hard to ensure the Plough is a great place for food & drink and I am saddened that we have failed on your recent visit. I fully apprecaite that its been a difficult transition for some locals in the area to accept the changes we have made and i understand this. I have been operating pubs for many years now and I am committed to fixing the points that need fixing and your post has highlighted some of our short comings. I will work with the team to ensure the food standard and service should be what all customers expect to recieve. I hope you can give us another chance to change your perception of us and to that end i will send you a personal message to encourgae this. Regards, Marc
Stuart_t - 19 Oct 2014 22:21
My partner and I are local and have been going to this pub/restaurant for the last year. We used to love meeting there with family and friends and regularly took the children there for an amazing roast on a Sunday. We thought we'd let the new owners settle before we visited, first time back was last week. So many people have had such bad things to say about The Plough in the last few weeks but we decided to take no notice and even thought it might be down to people not liking change. My GOD they weren't wrong!! Firstly we visited to have an evening meal, the man behind the bar was polite and quite nice really...not bad...until we met the red haired waitress, she was so rude, made us wait ages before coming to ask us for drinks and then even longer to take our orders, when we asked how the meat was cooked we were told 'it comes how it comes', total shock by now, we didn't speak to her again, not even to tell her about the raw chips, food was not even to a satisfactory standard and looked as if it was thrown on the plate, I mean...who can't cook chips?!!!....thought fair enough maybe she's having a bad day. We went again a few days later just to give it the benefit of the doubt, same again I'm afraid except food was worse, waitress was even ruder, couldn't get more than one drink, completely ignored us so we paid and left. What a horrible, miserable, rude woman. The other staff were nice enough I might add. I don't like the decor, it's all a bit mis-matched but each to their own so it doesn't bother me too much. No kids playground and no fruit/quiz machines. Would not recommend unless you want poor quality food, one drink and to come out feeling like you want to hang yourself. I am so disappointed.
junglenast - 19 Oct 2014 20:47
Point proven i am affraid.

The pub has been there a lot longer than the current regime and gone through worse times.
I hope it survives this grey time and gets back to its glorious self sometime in the future.

SteveTaylor1977 - 10 Oct 2014 12:58
Is there some force field around Smallfield that stops the inhabitants leaving the village to visit other pubs ?
The last time I looked there are still 40,000+ available in the UK despite the current accelerated rate of closures.
But visitors to this pub seem only capable of posting one review.
Smallfields, more a case of Small Minds me thinks !

jimshoppenus - 10 Oct 2014 12:53
This is hilarious!! Somebody who works at the pub must be responding to all these villagers’ comments! It seems that as soon as a review is made there is an instant response from a mystery reviewer!
I regularly stay in Copthorne when away from home on business. I often used to use the Plough as it was always lively and fun along with having friendly locals to have a bit of banter with.
I went into the (library) sorry pub yesterday and it was empty!
I can see what the new owners are trying to achieve but feel they have chosen the wrong location. I hear the locals are not happy or impressed and can see why.

SteveTaylor1977 - 10 Oct 2014 12:38
I have visited the Plough & Furrow on 3 occasions since the refurbishment. The decor was relaxing, service was excellent, food delicious (and very good value) and was made extremely welcome by all.
I think it is exactly what Smallfield needed (and I speak as a local) and I shall certainly be recommending a visit there to all my friends.
Can't wait for my next lunch/ evening trip there!
jennycave - 10 Oct 2014 12:19
Pint of Stella and a glass of wine £9.60!!!

I nearly spat my pint out when she told me the price!

Not the same feel as before and seemed dead compared to how it used to be.
RICH1962 - 10 Oct 2014 08:11
Me and wife went visited this place for the first time since its refurbishment yesterday and can only praise what they have done. We have been a Smallfield residents for many years and have used this place regularly. We enjoyed the previous owners hospitality but always thought the decor was tired and needed an uplift. It now looks and feels really clean and fresh with out being over the top. Food was good and the service was excellent. We can't help feel that the new owners are being unfairly judged on a lot of the reviews posted on this site. Our children are grown up now but we saw high chairs being used and there is a child's menu in place. The landlord and landlady were very pleasant and attentive They did explain that climbing frame removal was a safety issue, not a statement. We certainly feel that the changes should be celebrated and not put down. We will certainly be using it more often. Well done!!
Stuart_t - 3 Oct 2014 17:41
“Time not well spent”
There are some very contradicting views on here and unfortunately I have to side with the negative ones.
My Husband and I have been regular patrons to the Plough for a number of years. We tend to come for the renowned roasts on a Sunday or to sit in the garden during a nice summer’s day.
I can see the pub is no longer child friendly and has lost a touch of its village pub feel. It’s sad to see the pub now seems to want to only cater for a limited type of customer.
I do fear for the venue. It does seem the local village people are being pushed out so that a new clientele can come into the pub. I wonder how the pub with cope in the dark winter months without the locals.
Hopefully the pub will settle down and again be a nice venue for the locals. Only time will tell.

Brenda1 - 2 Oct 2014 12:08
What a wonderful surprise we had when we walked into the newly opened Plough and Furrow. The place looks incredible, warm, inviting and the atmosphere was great. My family and I came for dinner and were blown away by the menu choices and the quality of food. We had the pleasure of meeting the new landlord and landlady and found them to be charming and so welcoming. There was nothing that was to much trouble and it was really nice to see a couple looking after and caring about our village pub. It's fair to say there was a concern in the village that the pub wouldn't be the same, however it's not the same it's 100% better. The staff where much more friendly than they ever have been before. I will return to this pub as much as possible and will be telling all my friends and neighbours. Well done to the landlord and landlady you made us feel very welcome and you certainly showed us that a smile costs nothing. You put our minds at ease that our village pub will still be the only place we want to go.
redman5099 - 30 Sep 2014 10:13
Visited family this week and made an excited trip to their local village pub because it's recently opened under new management. The removal of the children's play area should have given the game away. Do not bother if you have children - your NOT welcome! Such a shame :(
Amanda734 - 27 Sep 2014 20:58
Oh dear! How a once popular family friendly, village pub can decline overnight is shocking.
No longer is there the always friendly greeting, personal touch and service from the humorous landlord with his infectious laugh. No longer are there the simple little touches that brought the village and community together in enjoying themselves i.e. the weekly quiz night, the weekly poker night and not forgetting the ever so popular Karaoke night once a month. It seems that someone has decided to cash in on somebody else’s hard work over years and strip everything that made this place so popular.
At the rate that pubs are now closing, due to the ever increasing prices it maybe worth noting how to make a customer feel valued. Manners cost nothing. I overheard a gentleman mentioning that he had to wait nearly 10 minutes before being acknowledged, let alone served. The response from the landlord was to sarcastically tell him in front of other patrons that there were other establishments he could and should go to!
I really feel for the future of this pub. Maybe it is the norm nowadays to just be treated as a number.
However if you prefer to be made a laughing stock in front of your friends and (few) customers in a place that feels sterile with no atmosphere this will be heaven.

ontherocks - 25 Sep 2014 15:05
The Plough & Furrow has recently re-opened, and to say I am disappointed would be a colossal understatement.
You either need to have no children or personality to be allowed into the secret club. I’ve heard that they are trying to turn the once nicely run family village pub into a venue that is normally found in Chelsea! They have also managed to botch this up; the once nice granite bar has been replaced with plywood.
The village pub characteristics of TV’s, games machines, themed nights and children’s play area have all been removed. They have been replaced by lovely looking clocked wallpaper. I fear the only thing the loyal long serving punters will be looking at is the wallpaper while they wait to get served a pint! The cowboy bar was left unattended for 5 mins before I was served my one and only warm pint of Fosters.
I had a brief look at the menu and all though pretty to look at the £18 charge for a burger caught my eye. I opted to leave that one.
Although my children have grown up, I have been advised that any child entering the pub would need to be vetted, gagged and sat in the corner unable to move unless given the nod of approval from the sergeant from behind the bar. The village pub has gone and the Police station has opened!
I would stay away from this want to be wine bar unless you have a personality disorder or enjoy sitting in silence staring at the clock.
Feeling aggrieved
Richard Barnes

RICH1962 - 25 Sep 2014 14:14
anonymous - 10 May 2014 11:41
Fabulous little pub.
Amazing fire. good service. food oaky . we will return.
As for the cake charge . perhaps you should have brought a cake from them so it wouldn't have spoilt your day. a few quit could have made for a great day. I don't go to costa and ask for a cup and some hot mike to make my own coffee........ get a grip.

pub100pub - 9 Feb 2014 10:58
Nice pub, food very good, some staff particularly lady from New Zealand lovely. Sadly the young girl with dark hair and glasses can only be described as surly and rude. Therefore will be leaving a long while before we return.
CMW511 - 1 Feb 2014 07:24
Dear oh dear. I wouldn't pay a CACKEAGE charge either. I have always found the toilet facilities at The Plough clean, and tidy and have never been asked to pay to use them. Not suprised you went elsewhere 200 and then you have to pay to use the toilets!! outrageous.

On a sensible note, think how much money you are saving by eating your own cake instead of a menu pudding. 1.75p instead of 3.75p sounds like a bargain to me.
youcanrunbutyoucantride - 14 Feb 2012 17:36
When spending over 200 pound for a group booking most pubs would provide a celebratory cake or round of drinks. When we were confronted with a 1.75 CACKEAGE charge we we were amused at first but upon realisation of exactly what it meant decided to place our business elsewhere. A complete disgrace

Utilityman1990 - 22 Oct 2011 21:44
Re: comments below about a cakeage charge

If you ran a pub and had a birthday party of 20 people in who were all going to eat a cake they had brought in instead of a dessert what would you do?? All of this pubs desserts are homemade and incredibly reasonable at 3.75. But for a table of 20 in these circumstances you would be losing 75:00. Does that seem like sacrificing business over a trivial issue??
This is probably the friendliest pub in the area with superb food, great staff, a charismatic landlord and is a welcoming place for children. Im failing to see why people would give this a miss purely because of a slice of supermarket bought, e-numbered to hell, stale, tasteless cake. In the end all pubs have been hit hard through tax on beer and the current financial climate. Its people like you who nitpick at everything and withdraw your support that so many pubs are closing.
Luckily, this pub is packed every friday, saturday and sunday. Does quiz nights, poker nights, weddings and is a vital part of the Smallfield community. And, very rare for the local Horley area, it isnt a pub full of louts and idiots.

spooney - 17 May 2011 02:34
This pub serves good beer and good food at reasonable prices. Especially inviting in the summer with the kids as the garden and play area are excellent.

Sadly the pub atmosphere lacks something and does not match the other couple of pubs within a two mile radius. It is of course personal choice.

The banter about the "Cakage Charge" is a farce and a turn off. I thought they must mean a Corkage charge but was soon corrected. We decided to go elsewhere and the local pub selected actually provided the cake as a complimentary gesture as many restruants do. 1.75 per head for a paper plate and the loan of a knife is taking the perverbial mickey.

It seems that when this is challenged it is not well recieved and it is surprising in these difficult times that business is sacrificed over such a trivial issue.

From the comments posted it seems that it would be desirable for the landlord to cease allienating his pub from loyal customers and capitalise on the opportunites that he is obviously missing.
01Denman - 6 Jan 2011 13:05
Read with interest the comments about the birthday cake. Our party of twenty took two cakes into the pub. We were told that one cake was OK but two would probably result in a loss of dessert trade. I explained that we would stll eat dessert although one or two would obstain. All worked out OK in the end. On my next birthday, Gary bought out my cake and got the whole restaurant ( 50 people plus) to sing me happy birthday, made my day.

Remember this those who criticise, this pub is a business and is there to earn a living for the owners. I can remember only three or four years back when the place was a no go area for most of the village population due to the unsavoury clientel. It changed hands a few times but never managed to loose the poor reputation. Thank goodness Gary, Mike and Lyne had the courage to take on the challenge. Thankfully due to their determination and hard work the village has got it's pub back again, and what a pub, great food, excellent service and a warm friendly welcome. And so what if they do charge for cakeage, easy way round this is to cut the cake up and take it home with you. This pub has so much going for it and for the village, if it goes we will all miss out, not just Morris.
youcanrunbutyoucantride - 1 Jan 2011 18:59
The pub itself is a bit dated but the food more than makes up for this, been here twice recently and both times have had lovely meals- really good. The pub also has a nice patio area.

LMKI - 2 Sep 2010 22:24
Note comments from Morris54 and i have to say I totally disagree with them.
Would you be allowed to take your own food into any other restaurant and be allowed to consume it using the establishments cutlery, plates etc??? i think not.
Lots of places charge corkage if you choose to bring your own wine, so why not a cakeage charge?
i have checked with Gary and he was very accommodating when i asked about it and even offered to supply a homemade cake for us (better than the mass produced cakes available in the supermarkets). This personal touch is what keeps us coming back to this great family run pub.
MrsAnonymous - 17 Jan 2010 20:15
Nice location, decor good. No longer a country pub more of a restaurant.
Inviting atmosphere with reasonble menu and prices.

Party goers and "Cake Eaters" beware. This establishment, unlike many others, who appreciate a large booking, will add to the experience by offering a small complimentary cake with candles etc presented by the staff to add to the occasion.

Not at the Plough & Furrow. Here they make a "Cakeage Charge" of around 1.75 per head explained away as being a charge to cover loss of profit from those who eat the cake instead of having a dessert.

Bearing in mind that probably only 50% of people will eat a sweet anyway and that the choice at this location is limited, 1.75 per head on top of the other charges is unreasonable and comes as a nasty surprise.

In fairness we did not pay the charge as we noticed the announcement of it, which had not previously been mentioned, before settling the bill. The Jovial landlord, Gary, with whom we had previously had a good relationship very noticeably changed his attitude after being challenged over this riduiculous charge.

We have visited once since and again witnessed the sign announcing the charge and overheard less than complimentry comments from other visitors who undoubtedly will think twice before partying at this location.

Having visited on both Sundays, with the family, and during the week as a threesome it is surprising that the management at this establishment are prepared to loose loyal cliental so easily and without the slightest mention of regret or apology for the arising situation which certainly put a dampener on what would otherwise have been a very pleasant party. Turnover from our little family would have amounted to arounf 120 per week and whilst the team at this location have done well; being in the country it would be expected that they would realise that the "Bird in the hand" is worth looking after as once thay are "back in the bush" other locations can benifit from the available resulting turnover.

Morris54 - 14 Sep 2009 07:57
Pub was ok but not as good as The Jolly Farmer just down the road.
I visited the pub on a day of torrential early Autumn rain and was pleased to find a warm welcome and a glorious fire. I was served an absolutely cracking pint of Flowers IPA (Courage Best was also available) and, whilst I wasn't eating myself (cannibalism has never been my thing), those who were dining expressed themselves very pleased with the quality of the food. It's good to see this pub coming into its own again after a spell in the doldrums - I will certainly call regularly.
peterwarlock - 5 Oct 2008 08:20
Great atmonsphere and good to relax. This pub has been renamed the Plough and Furrow and refurbished both in the people that go and the interior. It has both a Restaurant area and bar with sat. TV and music.
Wednesday is quiz night, but not too serious.
Food is good standard stuff and a good price.
I am still trying to figure out if I have been unlucky with the red wine or not - stick with the named brands. Gary, who manages the place, is very friendly as are the rest of the staff. If you hear a loud laugh from the other end of the pub it will be Gary.
max01 - 2 Oct 2008 16:22
Used to be terrible, terrible place very much favoured by members of the "travelling community" ;) Last time I went there a few years ago we pulled in to the car park to be confronted by a lorry that had been set on fire, needless to say we swiftly moved on. From the comments hear it would seem that the place has been turned round somewhat, I may give the place another try soon and let you know what I thought of the place now.
BrianBlessed - 21 Jan 2008 01:28
anonymous - 9 Jul 2007 00:26
what a find!! very pretty from the outside with a big garden and play area which the kids loved! food was lovely and according to my husband the beer was clean and reasonably priced. staff were very friendly and welcoming. will be recommending this one to friends!!
geraldine57 - 9 Jul 2007 00:10
great pub, friendly helpful staff, very good food and beautifully decorated interior. the garden is a perfect place to relax on a summers day. defo going back soon...
Clare87 - 9 Jul 2007 00:05
anonymous - 1 Jul 2007 20:57
Staff not rude, not too busy road, food is good.
Do bother, good pub
anonymous - 1 Jul 2007 20:34
very rude staff, on a busy road, food not good.
Don't bother. rubbish pub
robertjacqueline - 15 Jun 2007 11:46
CASSIE01 - 11 Feb 2007 15:09
Excellent pub. Food was great and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
mike47 - 11 Jan 2007 16:42
Great Gastro-Pub! Newly refurbished and changed the name to the Plough and Furrow. Truely good food and a modern interior while belies it's quaint exterior. Good atmosphere & great service.
lizad96 - 22 Aug 2006 09:01
Oh. It is now the Plough & Furrow and is wine bar trendy in appearance. Sofas, nice lights, that sort of stuff. In a country pub. Rubbish.
anotherpintplease - 22 May 2006 20:47
Under New Management as of 10/02/05. Check it out!
anonymous - 9 Feb 2005 20:35

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