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Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

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user reviews of The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

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My first visit here last week even though I have walked past several times over the years.

On my way to Shepherds Bush for a gig so the wife and I stopped for a couple of pints.

Young's pub with 3 of their cask ales on the pumps which were Bitter, Winter Warmer and Special there was also Well’s Bombardier. Also 4 craft beers (mainly lagers) on the pumps along with a decent bottle selection.

Apparently the pub dates from 1850, there’s an impressive island bar with a tall bar back, stripped wooden floors, wooden tables and mismatched chairs. To the front is the outside area with benches and was mainly used by smokers on my visit (as I guess it always is)

Busy on my Thursday night visit with most of the punters seeming like locals. A decent pub, the food looked but one complaint from me is that the music was turned up just before 7pm and it was a far too loud however the bar staff didn’t seem to mind

Another tick for me from the 2014 GBG.
lezford - 23 Dec 2014 14:39
Pleasant and lively Youngs pub in the heart of Portobello Road with decent standard beers. Without trying to sound like Nigel Farage, I am slightly concerned by their staffing policy, having been served by two different people with little English, less knowledge of what drinks they were serving and, in one case, an apparent perplexity at the concept of British currency. To be fair, there was also a ginger English barman who looked right through me for 2-3 minutes (while I was waving my wallet) before serving someone else who'd just turned up. Decent but flawed place.
alesofsummer - 15 Nov 2014 21:03
Reasonably nice Youngs house in the heart of things on the Portobello Road. Service was average. Whilst the one barmaid was busy, I waited nearly 5 minutes before another barmaid appeared and immediately served a person who had approached the bar at the same time she had appeared. A simple 'who's first' would have sufficed. Watched the landlord throw out the local tramp with some amusement. Beers on were Youngs Bitter, Gold, Special & Porter. The Porter was in good condition. Worth a try if you ever pay Portobello Road market a visit.
blue_scrumpy - 23 Mar 2012 20:16
Despite a reasonably good selection of beers, this was was terrible. The foreign staff kept coming to our table, interrupting our conversation and asking if we'd like to order food. We had already ordered food, but they wouldn't leave us alone! What's more the staff looked unwashed. Their scruffy clothes, unshaven faces, and dirty looking appearance did not inspire confidence in their menu. The pub was busy, but they also kept bumping our chairs as they shuffled about the place- highly annoying! I will never go here again.
Richard_ReadingFC - 15 Jan 2012 10:49
We were tourist and it was a Saturday and guess where we stopped? Yep, here. a fiver for a pint, ouch, the ale, just ok. Packed place, dirty dishes everywhere, us foreigners everywhere. One pint and way from this discord!
richardo - 20 Jul 2011 20:24
I called into this pub last week as I used to frequent it a few years back and it was always very enjoyable.
How things have changed.
The staff didn't seem to understand a word I was saying, it was devoid of atmosphere and the food (burger) was abysmal.
I asked to see the manager and he was, for want for a better phrase, incoherent.
Would definately suggest giving this boozer a miss
johnoconnor - 19 Apr 2011 16:47
possibly the worst food i have eaten since i accidently poisoned myself by not cooking rhubarb correctly. had gammon egg and chips. meal had been warmed up and chips appeared to have been fried continuously as for the egg it would have passed if id requested cold and scrambled. on complaining that it wasnt edible i was told that no other customers were complaining and therefore i could have another meal.
as my wife and brother had ordered different dishes and come to the same conclusion we declined. no refund was given.
this place is obviously a tourist trap and although the pub decor is quite nice i would advise to eat elsewhere.
conrad43 - 13 Jan 2011 23:19
Went to this place and bought a curry. Unfortunately it was disgusting, tasted like curry powder mixed with water!!! My brother even found his egg and bacon was hard to eat (cardboard hard). My sister in law bought a steak and Ale pie and couldn't eat this heated up tripe because it was like a board. When she asked for a refund because clearly their meals were inadequate she was refused one . Eat here and waste your money!! Place itself looked nice...shame!

godfathercwq - 15 Dec 2010 14:15
I was pleasantly surprised by this warm and freindly pub. We stopped just by chance for a spot of lunch and had a very good feed. The staff were helpful and attentive, the food was of good quality and reasonably priced and the beer was served quickly. It seems to have something on most nights and we spent a few hours in the company of this bar along with the regulars, who were very pleasant and sociable.
Pintsriotssshots - 18 Jul 2009 16:03
This is a typical pubco pub, catering for the market trade. They had Youngs Bitter, Bombardier, and Deuchars IPA on. The Youngs Bitter was OK. Exceptionally friendly (Irish?) bar staff, but not quite so sure about the clientele. Usual courtesies, like a thanks for holding a door open, seemed lacking on three occasions during my visit. But I cant blame the pub for that. In any case, its an unexceptional pub with not much going for it except its location in the market, and the really nice bar staff.
RexRattus - 9 Mar 2009 13:16
Dirty pub with a dingy atmosphere and filled to the brim with tourists. Walked in, turned around and walked straight out again.
BobOs - 22 Feb 2009 18:31
Amazing pub when Carty owned it, you'd find the usual suspects in here...Bindon etc
May pop in for a pint and see how it is now
decanted - 19 Feb 2009 12:48
Not bad for a revamped Youngs. Good and welcoming staff - what a gorgoeus barmaid. A cosy getaway from the cold evening.
gonetolunch - 20 Jan 2009 23:23
What a nice experience.

A big smile and welcome from the barmaid as soon as I walked in. Excellent beers, if a little expensive. Nice customers. Excellent background music of 70's onwards indie. Pub was clean and warm and I didn't want to really leave. I'll definately be back.

Didn't try the food but it looked expensive.
willesden_seadog - 8 Jan 2009 03:27
This is a lovely pub. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere on saturday was wonderful. It is quite expensive drinks wise but i suppose you do have to take into account that its on Portobello Road. The staff were lovely and very helpful in recommending what to eat from the menu.
poob - 29 Sep 2008 12:51
Have not been in here for age`s it used to be a good bozzer shame to here its changed, the problem is the location (tourist trap) who ever owns it thinks they can get away with these prices,guys talk with your feet and walk on by.
Beersupper - 14 May 2008 10:15
Just what planet is this chopin character from? Next he'll be saying Red Stripe isn't filtered through precious rubies to make it so reassuringly expensive at FOUR POUNDS a pint.
Bouvard - 14 May 2008 09:44
Blimey no flies on you eh, chopin?

William_Plantagenet - 14 May 2008 09:37
What the hell are you damm idiots talking abut red stripe transport costs. Do you really think it comes from Jamaica or somewhere.
Listen you cretins, its brewed in Bedford. Thats Bedford Bedfordshire England.
Get Real
chopin - 13 May 2008 21:46
They serve Red Stripe?? Christ, isn't that best avoided anyway? I wouldn't touch that muck at TWO POUNDS a pint let alone FOUR POUNDS A PINT! I've never been there, but it sounds like a right rum establishment judging by these highly lucid remarks over the past few days. And to serve something laughingly called 'beer' at FOUR POUNDS a pint is plainly absurd. Mind you, I've seen Tony Blair elected and re-elected despite being a boss-eyed, duplicitous badmash, only to hand his ill-gotten empire of lending kings to a characterless, blithering Scot. Whatever next. They'll be selling canal dredgings as Guinness! Oh! They already do! Shame on them.
Raskolnikov - 13 May 2008 20:09
I used to like this pub because everyone called it Finches even though that's not the name. Even pointless glamour like that doesn't justify the price of their Red Price (which is over FOUR POUNDS).

RadiccioBluck - 13 May 2008 12:58
I think the Red Stripe pipeline under the ocean was proving too economical, so now the precious liquid is flown over in numerous cut-glass vials which are attached to the feet of migratory birds. Of course the shipping costs have to be passed on to the punter, so maybe this is why a pint of Stripe costs FOUR POUNDS?
Bouvard - 12 May 2008 22:17
I imagined having to blow the ruby dust and humming-bird feathers out of the froth on my Jamacican lager when I was told the price. Maybe it's augmented with cavaiar or possibly there is a pipe in the cellar which pumps it all the way from the West Indies.

Hmm, there must be some good reason why it costs over FOUR POUNDS a pint.

William_Plantagenet - 12 May 2008 17:31
Shame i'm not still the manager it was once a grand spot in the middle of the heavy hustle and bustle of the market never mind nice to see i'm being missed
Stuart_Down - 8 Mar 2008 15:09
2 pints of Waggledance please - "Sorry mate none on draught."
Ok we'll have 2 bottles. - "There's only one bottle."
Ok one Waggledance and one Banana Bread beer then. And a coke please. "We've only got diet coke."

But the barman was charming in the failure of the pub to be properly stocked and it goes to show a bit of charm can cover a multitude of sins.

Prime location. Very busy no music when was in there which lets it down. Pricey but you don't have to go there do you sunbeam?

I don't mind this place but it's not outstanding for anything.
terenced - 5 Nov 2007 08:13
Expensive toss - a mixture of yuppie tossers and dosser tosser locals
LadbrokeGroover - 12 Sep 2007 04:16
Most expensive pub EVER! 10.95 for all day brakfast,(had to have one,as I thought it must be the best ever-it was'nt. 3.70 a pint.This place has lost the plot.Not good
sadies - 24 Jul 2007 13:01
Typical cavernous Youngs' pub but manages to retain its charm. Prime Portobello Road location altho' some say (including mr terenced) that Youngs beer ain't what it was since the brewery change.

Original Rawnsleys' rightly draws attention to the large clock above the bar.

Reasonable service despite being v.busy.
terenced - 20 Jul 2007 10:10
Nice establishment.

Spacious, packed on my visit, though was to avoid the Saturday Rain...

Fair range on tap, and bar goes around in a long square

And yes come on boys, the clock needs to run above the bar again!
the_original_rawnsleys - 18 Jun 2007 16:17
They were polishing the Brass - Must be a new Gaffer.
Ale was still well above average so all is not lost.
Bar service pretty good as always. Looks as though the new intake of Barmaids could be almost as exotic as the last - which most would agree was a vintage crop. Wish they'd wind the Finch clock up though.
mib - 13 Sep 2006 21:54
Went down for the quiz but unfortunatly as they do not have a microphone if they anounced it to the front bar i missed it. Well at least i made a couple of quid on the quiz machine. The Waggledance was nice and so was the atmosphere. Mostly youngsters but seemed quite pleasant. Can see why its so popular.
tinsoldier - 19 May 2006 21:00
The Duke of Wellington will be showing ALL of the World Cup games live!!! Not Just the England games. We now have installed a large flat screen LCD television by the bar and a large plasma screen in the smoking section of the pub. Seats and tables can be booked at a cost of 10 per head which includes snacks, a pint of Young's Bitter and a 10% discount voucher on a meal after the game and a voucher entitling you to another pint of Young's Bitter.If you would like to book a seat to view any match please ring Scott on 020 7727 6727 and book as soon as possible as seating is definitely very limited. Hope to see you soon at the Duke enjoying this year's World Cup
dukeofwellington - 11 May 2006 20:48
Having had to travel many miles accross the country there is nothing i like more than to go in to a friendly pub where i can get good service and quality food & drink. I realise this pub has gone through a transitional period of late but it seems to be getting better and i think this pub is finally getting a name back for itself. Keep up the good work.
jjuk1 - 16 Mar 2006 15:21
Hello it is great to see everyone is enjoying there visit's to the duke. I would like to say a big thank you to all those of you who keep up to date with what is happening by using this site. Please email us at [email protected] with a short message telling us your likes and dislikes and what you would like to see changed or kept the same and we shall reply to your email with a voucher for 10 to be redeemed against any purchase. Thank you all once again for your support. Stuart Down
Stuart_Down - 10 Feb 2006 11:29
Was in this pub last night for a leaving do and I go in every now and then. It's really picked up I think - good pint of Youngs and still very much a traditional boozer - nice interior fittings, and it's spacious. As so many other pubs in the area have not only gone gastro but also lost their identity as pubs, it's good to see they've got it right with this pub. (The same can't be said for another Young's pub in Kensington - the Britannia - which they have managed to destroy and divest of anything that might remotely remind the visitor that it was once that great British institution - a pub). Bar staff in the Wellie were also highly polite and courteous too. Will be dropping in more. (I remember yonks ago when it used to be Finch's ..)
Ullage - 10 Feb 2006 10:39
Great Pub, nice to see the live music is back on there.
anonymous - 28 Jan 2006 22:57
Correction. The Elgin has Youg's bitter, it's the same 2.55 and, no surprise, it tastes better in the Young's pub.
oak_cliff - 21 Jan 2006 01:40
Very nice pub. Spent a pleasant half-hour there on the 30th December, with three relations.

Stuart and Gemma took time out to chat with us, despite being busy.

Best pub in the area. Will defineately go again.
Raykco - 31 Dec 2005 12:21
Having visited both the Elgin and the Duke the other night I observed that bitter is 10p more here. But it's 10p tastier too!

anonymous - 8 Dec 2005 16:49
I would like to introduce myself to you all i am the new manager of the duke of wellington, i would like to thank everyone for there comments and ask that you please keep them coming as i can not fix what i do not know is broken and i can not praise those who please if i do not know about it. the comment regarding us "ripping off tourists" i find a little harsh, there are three generes of people i feel, you have the client base which enjoys the surroundings of the Elgin and then there is the client base which enjoys the elite up market venues who i am sure would enjoy the electric on portobello road. you then have the in between clients who like the best of both worlds which i feel is the market we at the Duke cater for exceptionally well.we are a traditional pub with traditional values and we are owned by one of the country's few traditional breweries, on the other hand we serve an extensive food menu which is complimented by an equaly impressive wine menu. A customers have the option of table service or to be served at the bar. I hope to see you here at some time, if you ever have any comments while you are at the premises please ask for myself.
Stuart_Down - 24 Oct 2005 14:11
In Responce to anonymous.
The Elgin! More traditional, thats to your personal taste. Cheaper, yes but you also forgot to mention the downsides of the Elgin which i would not dream of publicly displaying on a website as i am not one to make slanderous comments such as "These guys are only trying to rip off the tourists!". the Duke Of Wellington is a completely different style of pub and is aiming for a completely different style of customer base than the Elgin which is as you quite rightly say is a traditional pub and looks wounderfull.Different stokes for different folks i think is the message here, but be carefull with the slander.
anonymous - 24 Oct 2005 12:52
Big Youngs pub, not that cheap but keeping some of its original decor as well as the large 'island' bar. Live music good on Sundays.
beeronaut - 30 Sep 2005 23:01
Traditional? Try The Elgin around the corner for more traditional. And as for the prices!!! These guys are only trying to rip off the tourists! Over 3.00 for a pint when you can get the same pint elsewhere locally for 2.75 - ludicrous!
anonymous - 13 Jun 2005 18:04
Just reopened after refurbishment. Still traditional Youngs pub but much nicer now and good food. Open to 12.
anonymous - 15 Nov 2004 16:08
Nice if you want to hang with the locals, but I think the toilets are the dirtiest in West London!!!
Not so friendly landlord and at 3.09 for a pint of Stella, say no more!
Merrick - 12 Jul 2004 22:21
Last traditional pub on the strip?! You forget the Portobello Star my friend, which is far superior incidentally. This still a decent pub though and worth a visit if you are passing.
Good for: If the Portobello Star is rammed, which does happen given it's small size.
thenationofjames - 27 Jan 2004 13:50
Acoustic-Music on sunday nights., always very good. The last traditional pub on the strip. Perfect for tourists and pub enthusiasts alike.

Sam - 3 Dec 2003 18:00
Where the old (and not so old) locals still feel at home, this place is a tribute to what once was before they made 'that' film.
With Live Music on Sundays and Fridays, it opens early on Saturdays to ply the Marketeers with breakfast... Great for spotting colourful characters on fine days!
Miles - 13 Feb 2003 20:40

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