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JJ Moons, Tooting

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user reviews of JJ Moons, Tooting

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This is a rather small Wetherspoon's just across the road from Tooting Broadway tube station. On Saturday 3rd October we paid a visit and found it pretty busy, with an England Rugby World Cup game playing on the TV. Both the beer (Zinzan World Cup Drop bitter, Welton's Red Rose mild) and food we had were good, and the service was very friendly. As mentioned in several other reviews, this seems like a real regulars' pub, and very cosmopolitan. A nice atmosphere, we thought.
beermann - 5 Oct 2015 12:08
This pub is a nice enough Wetherspoons. It has four major areas of clientèle. The total regulars - many Paddies and West Indians but lots of Saxons and Mauritian as well, and all middle-aged at least. Then there's the students from South Thames College (right over the road) and St Georges Teaching Hospital (about a kilometre away). The students don't stay long but they seem to have a lot of fun. There are also a few local shanks. If you smoke you'll be harassed by them outside. They sometimes come inside and be warned they'll try to nick stuff. Also, every Thursday, Springfield Mental Hospital opens its psychopath ward and inmates head straight for Jj Moon's. Don't argue with these guys and gals. They'll eat your hot corpse.
offramp - 21 Nov 2013 14:48
Tooting Chav trash heaven
ROBERTA - 7 Aug 2012 14:32
Pleasant enough Wetherspoons and seemingly the only one open before 12 noon on a Saturday in the Tooting Broadway area. Service was pleasant. The customers were all men. But they were from a mixture of age groups. Some were watching the live World Cup rugby. The interior is typical Wetherspoons and is long and narrow. Beers were Maxim Andersons Best Scotch, Hook Norton Flagship, Ruddles Best, Wharfebank Treacle Toffee Stout & JW Lees The Governor. One real cider - Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon was also put on for me. Not a bad option for morning drinking in Tooting.
blue_scrumpy - 16 Oct 2011 16:40
JJ MOONS i call it gods waiting room to die its full of oap's and benefit scroungers for a weatherspoons bar i thought it was un clean and the staff are rude,close this place down its a death waiting to happen turn this place into a nice bar get rid of the scumbag crackheads and alcoholics hanging outside this place wandsworth council should shut down i saw a rat or mouse and the thing was dead and the staff told this person to shhhhh a filthy nasty pub CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN
sabrina500 - 8 Jun 2011 15:13
Many years ago there was a fatal stabbing in this pub by elderly gentlemen over a game of dominoes. The atmosphere in here can change very quickly and it can attract the nastier element of Tooting dole scum. But the staff do try. I was in there in January lunchtime and had a nice pint. i did want to visit the
Tramshed but that was closed due to there being a Mother & Toddlers group being held there in the afternoon!!!
mgahan - 7 Jan 2011 14:26
Many years ago there was a fatal stabbing in this pub by elderly gentlemen over a game of dominoes. The atmosphere in here can change very quickly and it can attract the nastier element of Tooting dole scum. But the staff do try. I was in there in January lunchtime and had a nice pint. i did want to visit the
Tramshed but that was closed due to there being a Mother & Toddlers group being held there in the afternoon!!!
mgahan - 7 Jan 2011 14:26
Many years ago there was a fatal stabbing in this pub by elderly gentlemen over a game of dominoes. The atmosphere in here can change very quickly and it can attract the nastier element of Tooting dole scum. But the staff do try. I was in there in January lunchtime and had a nice pint. i did want to visit the
Tramshed but that was closed due to there being a Mother & Toddlers group being held there in the afternoon!!!
mgahan - 7 Jan 2011 14:26
Hi - first time I visited this pub was in June of this year. When I went in I asked the barman if this was a men only pub because it was full of old drunken men, looking like they were waiting to die. I was shocked! There was not even one other women there. This was 4pm. I bought drink and sat down and I found all the old men where looking at me. I felt very uncomfortable. They were like zombies.
Later I visited the ladies toilet - you could not believe what it looked like, it was like a mortuary. And it smelled like one too.
I meet some friends there again last night and it has not changed since June. Twice is two times to many. I'm never going back again.

If I was you I would say away! Don't go there mate
Jenny79 - 20 Nov 2010 17:00
Truely dreadfull place full of yardie would be's and scum of the highest order. Earthquake please.
mortimerfluff - 20 Jun 2010 11:56
A below average Wetherspoon although the staff are more friendly than many. Have you ever met anybody that has participated in the Award-winning Training? Although it doesnt seem so, the clientele are mostly friendly.

Ideal if you want to consume copious quantities of reasonably-priced beer. As usual, stay well clear of the Guinness - where do they get this stuff from?

Unfortunately, your consumption of copious quantities of the reasonably priced beer means that sooner or later a visit to the toilets is necessary.

Alas, if you thought the pub was bad you shouldnt be too surprised by the state the toilets. Tim Martin publishes a bloody great magazine each month praising Wetherspoons wonderful toilets - does he need to piss? Or is there a private one for Tim?

I probably dont need to tell you this but somebody has to counteract Tims spin. They are dreadful! How often they are cleaned is anybodys guess. The staff manage to avoid this onerous task by not bothering to inspect them. For some reason its nobodys job.

Manager, its your job - get it sorted!

meict - 10 Feb 2010 16:45
Ducked in here for a quick one to see if it's as bad as its sister pub up in Balham - it is.

The best JDWs are those where they take over an already impressive building but this is at the bottom end of their scale which is very low indeed. It's a deep narrow pub which looks like it was originally built to be a shoe shop. Bar is on the left with (as usual for JDW) a decent selection of beers. The prominent presence of wine on tap though gives a clue to the sort of clientele the pub us hoping to attract.

There is the usual collection of JDW furniture and fittings but these sort of pubs have no character at all and no amount of refurbishment will change that.

The clientele are also standard bottom end JDW - the very young, the very old, chavs and alkies.

I suppose these places need to exist but I certainly won't be darkening its doors again.
murgatroyd - 12 Sep 2009 08:55
apologies, i meant the round oak..

either way, where the pound shop is now (opposite primark) is where wetherspoons should be and they could actually make a killing.
thomasgx1 - 2 Sep 2009 14:24
nice breakie and pint this am-sexy barmaid too!
mikeyn - 1 Sep 2009 22:07
FYI Jack Beard's is officially six feet under. Now a decent pub with nice clientele. The pubs of Tooting are at last representing the changing demographic. Goodbye low-lifes!
I guess most of JB's lot are now drinking in Spoon's. They are welcome to each other :)
monkeyboysupreme - 29 Aug 2009 12:32
It became the Rounded Oak after being Gordon Bennet's, and that should be pound shap, not shyp.
offramp - 15 Jul 2009 08:54
the old jack beards is now a pound shop? duh...get yr facts right before you post
hazeleyes - 10 Jul 2009 18:50
do you know what? they spoons should've bought the old jack beards (now pound shop) and turned that into a spoons like the one in wimbledon. They'd have made a mint.

instead this turns out to be the worst end of the spoons group along with the one in balham, i often forget they even exist.
thomasgx1 - 17 Jun 2009 17:01
Older men all very smartly dressed for Sunday lunchtime - just like the old days. Nowhere near as unpleasant as previous writers suggest. Everyone polite and courteous. Bar staff attentive and quick to clear tables. Fortyniner was perfect. Ladies loo acceptable, but gents had no locks - which is about standard for most places nowadays.
southfields - 30 Mar 2009 18:17
scary !
mikeh1 - 9 Mar 2009 16:45
Sorry - may I apologise to Jack Beards for being the worst pub I've ever been in. This place smells like a combination of a changing rooms and a morgue. Impressive image I know....

It gets better. I swear the locals wash in Tennants Super and drink anti-freeze, as there is no reason why the great unwashed would turn up to this pit of despair unless they were high on the 'freeze or sniffing glue, petrol, lighter fluid, etc. serves beer. It's a Wetherspoons in Tooting, the reknowned abyss of decent hostelries. Hard to believe I lived here for 3 years with only one decent pub in the entire region....
rampantwurzel - 8 Dec 2008 22:53
You know sometimes, when you see pubs that don't charge the earth for drinks and you wonder what they have cut back on? Step inside this boozer and you will soon find out. The decor and punters and staff are almost one terrifying cliche. If anyone wonders where the pondlife have resurfaced after the Mitre's re-branding as the Long Room...well come on down.
FARUPNORTH - 29 Sep 2008 16:31
Walking home from a night in the ramble, my mate and I were heading our separate ways by the tube- "one more?" go on then, lets pop into the wetherspoons.


I had literally sat down with my pint and a guy asked me if i had a problem with him. I informed him that i'd never laid eyes on him in my life. he asked why I'd knocked into him then. I responded that I didnt think I had.

Lovely stuff.

What a shithole
Stout - 4 Sep 2008 17:17
Pleasant enough 'spoons - the usual mix of punters and the Marstons Old Empire was spot on. Reasonable choice of beers and quick service.
chick - 16 Aug 2008 15:23
still a dump,not often i go into a pub where your shoes actually DO stick to the carpet. UGH!!!!!!
onehunglow - 8 Aug 2008 21:14
Never again in a million years
TJ247 - 5 Aug 2008 23:36
The Wetherspoons in Streatham is far better than this. It's almost pleasant. The toilets are nice, the place is specious and the garden is great - heated and leafy. Amazing for a Wetherspoons. This one is shit though.
Groovehound - 29 Jul 2008 00:13
One word thrice over - CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!
Sprue - 27 May 2008 16:42
Yes the place has a strange smell (a combination of death and p*ss) yes the clientel look like they have come straight from collecting their pension/dole, yes it looks as if it should have been kncoked down years ago but it's a weatherspoons. There really should be a seperate section on this site for weatherspoons pubs. Everyone I've been into is a mixture of the damned and the near dead crammed into nasty surronding dinking whatever they can get their hands on but thats what weatherspoons are for isn;t it? You know what they're like before you go through the door so you can't treat them like a normal pub you have to give them special treatment as they're not really pubs they're weatherspoons drinking establishments. Commenting on how run doen and nasty they are is a bit like saying a fishmonger stinks of fish. Yep they do but it goes with the territory. This place is slightly better than some other weatherspoons I've been into but compared to a pub still not nice.
theoneandonlyjoe - 14 Apr 2008 11:00


How can you possibly say that??? Have you seen "The Full House" at Hemel Hempstead or "The Matchmakers" at Bow, east London? There are others including the one just up the road at Balham.
wyndham - 13 Feb 2008 20:00
It's probably the worst pub in the JD Wetherspoon Chain, and yet at the same time, from a beer perspective at least, it's probably the *best* pub in Tooting!

Food for thought, I'm sure you'll agree.
bennunn - 13 Feb 2008 17:27
i love this review its so spot on. Horrid horrid horrid it should be knocked down
petey.p - 3 Jul 2007 16:07
One word . . . . NO!
donaldmaster05 - 10 Jun 2007 15:49
I walk past this pub on when heading into the centre of Tooting and walk past it again on my way home. In fact, after going in for a quick one last summer I'll continue walking past it until I'm 70 years old and waiting to die. That way I'll have something in common with all the regulars.
gusdiamond - 13 Mar 2007 16:48
Does what it says on the box?
Full of wheezing old men spending their pension.
The place stinks of stale smoke and spilt beer.
The best bit about having a pint in here is me being the hardest man in the room, even though I'm 5 foot 2 and built like a marshmellow fence!!

monkeyboysupreme - 12 Feb 2007 18:22
Does what it says on the box. Reliable real ale, reasonable prices, cheap edible pub food. Can't knock it! Those with vanity issues about being seen in the same place as their parents (or granparents) needn't bother darkening the doors. There's plenty of flashy lager-lounges willing to rip them off.
Alph_river - 11 Sep 2006 10:56
its bearable for a few cheap sly ones. If you can't put up with the ( expected ) clientele, don't go !. Handy for the tube but not a regular watering hole !
anonymous - 31 Jul 2006 16:51
I saw victoria silvstedt in here. news flash: she's very fit in the flesh

she loves the 'Spoons and is particularly complimentary of their 2 meals for a fiver offer.
anonymous - 7 Jul 2006 12:02
This pub has been criticised for things that are out of their control (how can they stop people drinking because they are old??) and the clientele aren't aggressive or loud or drunk.

I think reviewers have confused the fact that this pub has a loyal customer base, who I have found to be quite friendly. The pub is a bit dark inside which I suppose could make it look sinister, but really that's it!

I visit occasionally for some good and cheap food, with a cheap drink. To some extent you do get what you pay for in terms of quantity, but their burgers are definitely bigger than a McDonalds of the same price.

The one criticism I do have of this pub is that the non-smoking area is at the back of the pub, next to the toilets and fire escape. When the fire escape is left open, the smoke gets sucked through the pub into the non-smoking section and out the fire escape.
buzwad - 29 Jun 2006 15:32
Not nice
anonymous - 28 Jun 2006 09:37
How th F*** can such a place exist?
I don't care that the drinks are cheap!
Its an old drunks hang out!
Well worth a visit.....if you feel like traumatising yourself!

Rating -1/10
GamerAsh - 16 May 2006 14:09
Ah! The fine establishment affectionately referred to as the Headquarters of the Tooting Wine Appreciation Society........ see the winos outside the doors at five to eleven in the morning! Marvel at how they're still there at five to eleven at night! Even the lure of decent cheap beer can't make up for this horror................
anonymous - 31 Mar 2006 18:59
I've been to this pub on many occasions. It's nothing special, but what would you expect from a small 'Spoons pub? The staff are friendly and good to the task of severing ever more drunk punters.

There is quite a strange atmosphere in there sometimes as the beer seems to take over people's minds, but for a cheep deep down and dirty night it's an experience to say the least.

herbaltea - 15 Mar 2006 13:33
Cheap drinks, bar staff are quite friendly. However, one of the bar staff was telling me about the stabbing they had and the drug dealers they get going in the loos. Avoid, unless you fancy a cheap drink and a laugh at the drunk old men!
theadz01 - 6 Mar 2006 10:21
Resembles Kurtz's Compound in Apocalypse Now. Avoid!
BobbyV - 23 Feb 2006 18:34
I can't see any reason to go to JJ Moons when you have some much better choices down the road.

A pub for sad/crazy/old pissheads.
jcreedy - 23 Feb 2006 17:28
I've just heard reports of a great fight in here last night, flying beer barrels etc. Who needs the Chinese state circus in Wimbledon when you have JJ Moons in Tooting
fatshirt - 31 Jan 2006 10:24
I agree, this pub has been slated and unfairly from my experience.
anonym - 19 Jan 2006 01:37
Brilliant brilliant pub. Fantastic selection of real ales (well kept), Friendly staff, tasty food, rich mix of customers, handy for the station.

Can't understand why so many negative comments !!!
fatshirt - 17 Jan 2006 13:11
Tooting Broadways finest! Unless your accustomed to packing a knife-proof vest, mace and a nightstick, just don't bother. Sooner it shuts, the brighter Tooting will be!
Dr.T - 9 Dec 2005 12:11
You know all the chavs and hoodies running around Tooting and its surrounding areas, making peoples lives a misery? Well come to this pub and meet the grandparents - cos they're just the same, only older, uglier, smellier and stupider than their vile offsprings offpring. What a shithole! Frustrated, worthless tossers, chavs, chavettes, petty villans and foul mouthed aggressive losers throughout with the exception of the occasional temporarily slack jawed innocent who has accidentally walked into this hellish underworld.
mr_sound - 6 Dec 2005 23:53
Unbelievably bad. You can catch the wiff of stale, old alcoholics as you walk past on the opposite side of the street.

Very cheap (food and drink) but generally offensive in almost every way.
mydogminton - 8 Nov 2005 11:00
Just don't bother...... You only need to walk past the entrance to see all the detritus of society inside! Beer cheap, but pretty awfull also.
primalpete - 1 Nov 2005 14:00
Sort of pub where the round includes a taxi number...
redrocket - 24 Aug 2005 21:42
Almost had a pint there the other night. I say "almost", 'cos two punters started screaming at each other and you could cut the atmos with a rusty knife. No thanks. I lenjoy real pubs with real characters and real ale but this was liking stepping into the ninth circle of hell..!

I may attempt a beverage when it freezes over.
E1_Norton - 14 Feb 2005 17:29
The only pub in Tooting where real people go, all the other 'pubs' and 'bars' are populated (or should that be polluted) by either wideboy knobheads or yuppie a**eholes
anonymous - 17 Jan 2005 08:16
I'm a chain smoker, and still cannot even set foot inside. If you can see the bar through the smoke you have to fight your way past all the elderly winos. The pub reeks of stale booze, vomit and BO. The loos are so filthy you will be glad for the reek of the bar. It's also filthy and in need of a refurbishment. If you have 10 pints of wife-beater you will still feel sober compared to the old soaks that frequent this hell hole. The worst Wetherspoon in the country, surely. With all the lovely bars that there are in Tooting, why go here? AVOID AT ALL COSTS! 0/10
adam74 - 20 Nov 2004 11:05
Arranged to meet someone here a couple of years ago.. turned up and the place had been cordoned off by the police. Has had a couple of 'incidents' through the years, but retains a rough charm. Full of characters - elderly Jamaican men animatedly discussing cricket,a shifty guy selling cigs from a duffel - bag or geezers having a quick pint while the missus pootles around Sainsburys across the way. Great for a cheap drink and theres a cash machine outside, but not somewhere to go on a first date if you ever want to see her again.
beeker - 22 Jun 2004 14:46
Small pub, clientle reflect the rich diversity of Tootings populace, fine selection of real ales, good place if you wish to converse.
tony - 17 Jun 2004 16:17
must be the worst Wetherspoon there is, much more like the usual local - plenty of smoke, smelly loos. Only the cheap beer and food encourage a stay
lout_from_the_lane - 4 Nov 2003 13:36
no nuisances,poseurs,poofs,office wallahs or students.great.
thanks for the recommendation pete.
giles - 31 Oct 2003 14:42
Has not, in general, lived up to it's opening night several years ago, when a mixture of every ethnicity and social group known to man, from professors to street people (sartorially identical) engaged in a tug-war on a real rope down the centre of the bar. For a moment, a vision of Sarf Heaven, sadly never repeated...
Dai B - 16 Oct 2003 18:59
Wetherspoon's pub opposite the tube station. A little bit rough & ready, but handy for cheap food with the usual facilities offered by Wetherspoons. It's best to go with someone.
Dave Harley - 8 Jul 2003 19:01
Full of tramps from the station, they can get lager cheaper in there than the local "offie"

Pete - 4 Jul 2003 12:11

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